Top 10 Go-To’s for NYE — Under $50!!

There are just 5 days left before it’s NYE! What are your plans? More importantly, what are you wearing? If you are still in need of the perfect outfit, check out my top 10 list of go-to places for NYE attire. The best part is I’m looking out for your budget and these are all for under $50! Most of these places still have some great options from the $50 – $75 range as well, so you may keep that in mind.

Please note, these are online so with that purchase, make sure to express ship to receive before NYE. Or, you can always visit the actual store and see if you can luck out. Tip — Call Ahead! They may be more in the store, but then again, you don’t have to pay for shipping! Here we go, enjoy!



  • Asymmetrical flutter-sleeved foiled dress in shimmery gold$49 — ruching, hidden side zip
  • Asymmetrical flutter-sleeved dress in black (same as above) — $49
  • Sheer-Pieced Tube dress in white — $40 — also available in black; strapless/sweetheart neckline

94_784_7443_766                       94_194_7634_766                      94_194_7696_058

  • Knit Sheath dress in royal blue — $35 — color piping; unique seaming; capped sleeves
  • Leather Corseted Strapless dress in royal blue/black — $49 — ruched skirt
  • Ruched LBD — $44 — gorgeous open-back with thin backstrap across the top

#2 — FOREVER 21


Semi-Sheer Black Jumpsuit —  $33


Beaded Grey Romper — $30


Sheer Navy Blue BodyCon Dress — $23


Navy Blue Sequined BodyCon Dress — $28


Black Dress w/ a Beaded Neckline — $30 


Burgundy Dress w/ Cowled Back — $20

#3 — MACY’S

QMack Black Sequined Dress – $30

Calvin Klein Faux Leather Dress — $50

Jessica Howard Jeweled Neckline Sheath Dress — $45

Jessica Simpson Asymmetrical Metallic Dress — $48

Ruby Rox Belted Strapless Dress — $40

                            Trixxi Tulle Dress – $40 – Keyhole Back Cutout

#4 — SEARS


AX Paris White Bodycon Dress — $49


ForPlay Elena Sequined Tube Dress — $48


Kardashian LBD w/ Lace Sleeves — $31


Kardashian Red Dress w/ Cutouts — $31

#5 — Charlotte Russe

301531479_008_1                         301497700_160_1            301528992_001_1

  • Glittered Bodice Maxi Dress w/ Sheer Skirt — $35 — chiffon skirt
  • Blue Cut-out Midi Bodycon Dress — $27 — scoop neckline & long sleeves
  • Black Sheer Ottoman Midi Dress — $27

301546899_001_1                  301541223_008_1                   301541173_156_1

  • Asymmetrical Cut-Out Dress — $29 — bodycon;
  • Cutout Color-Blocked BodyCon Dress — $27 — white in the front to create color-block
  • Sheer Blue BodyCon Dress — $27 — sheer long-sleeves; scooped neckline;

#6 — BEBE (tons of dresses under $100!)


White Lace Dress – $50 – also in black & red


Metallic Silver Dress – $40 – Circle back cutout


Back Cutout Dress – $50 – Many Colors


Mockneck Blue Shimmer Dress – $45


Blue Ottoman Tank Dress – $49  


Ribbed Red Dress – $36 – Keyhole Back Cutout

#7 — KOHLS




  • Lauren Conrad Silver Sequined Sheath dress — $37 — available in black also


  • Chaps Color-Blocked Sheath Dress — $43 — ponte construction; pleated details






  • Vera Wang Pieced Shift Dress — $23 — also available in black; chiffon trim; stretch fabric; scoopneck
  • Black Vera Wang Flocked Sheath Dress — $47 — lace detail; scoopneck

#8 — Belk


  • Tahari Champagne Sheath Dress — $40 — sleeveless; boat neckline
  • muse Color-Blocked Sheath Dress — $32 — concealed back zip; boat neckline
  • Vince Camuto Spike Capped Sleeve Dress — $37 — cowl neckline

#9 — Francesca’s


  • Portofino Violet Maxi Dress — $30 — deep V-neck; gorgeous open spaghetti strapped back
  • Swindon Beaded Dress in Stone — $40 — spaghetti strap;



  • Blairstone Rhinestone Embellished Neckline Dress — $48 — chiffon; hi-lo;
  • Catania Blue/Black MaxiDress — $30 — textured bodice; adjustable spaghetti straps


Quinn Matte Sequined Dress — $40 — faux leather sequins in a geometric pattern; scooped neckline

#10 — H&M


Sheer Black MaxiDress — $18 — sheer chiffon skirt


Black Chiffon Dress — $35 — Back Cutouts


Dark Blue Fitted Dress — $40


Black Draped Dress — $30










Did the PRAS Designers Id a New Trend for 2014?!?

Ahhhhh……No! I mean in reality, nobody could, in just 1 day, on the spot, find some big, new fashion trend for next year. It just isn’t possible. I was eager to see what the designers would come up with though. Overall, I wasn’t that impressed. My first thoughts when I heard the challenge was okay, no sheer effects, cut-outs, lace, or peplum. So when I saw a couple of those aspects, I was left SMH! I only loved 1 look, but I don’t think any fully met the challenge.

So this week’s challenge was given by PR judge & creative director of Marie Claire Nina Garcia. The designers were to pair up with some influential fashion bloggers to identify a new trend for 2014. I loved the pairing with the fashion bloggers because what people like us do is just so great. It’s always great hearing what people from all over the world have to say. Blogging is a great platform, even if NYFW doesn’t agree!

But back to the challenge — so Pantone’s color of the year, for 2014, is radiant orchid, or wild orchid. The designer’s look had to incorporate this color. The prizes for this week were also great. The winning look would be personally endorsed by Nina Garcia so we know what that really meant, she would pretty much decide the winning look! But that look would then be shot in a video for the home page of StyleHaul, which could be seen by over 50 million subscribers. Pantone also joined in on the giving — $10,000 prize and a chance to visit Brussels, Belgium and stay in the Pantone Hotel there.

mainpage_slider_blog                                     pantone-color-of-the-year-2014-radiant-orchidSo StyleHaul played a huge role this week as the StyleHaul bloggers worked with the designers to create this fresh, new, trendy look. PR brought back the tradition of the winning designer from last week picking first. And then each designer thereafter would pick which designer would select next. I’m not sure how necessary that was since all of these bloggers were amazing! You can’t deny that, I mean altogether, they have over 6 and a 1/2 million Twitter followers, CRAZY!

pras03-ep8-workroom15                                     pras03-ep8-workroom3

pras03-ep8-workroom6                                     pras03-ep8-workroom5






The designers had a $200 budget this week. Some funny tidbits for me this week — Elena having chainsaw fun and driving the other designers crazy!; Elena picking on Chris’ trend yet she was really just focusing on a peplum-style jacket, not that much more innovative!; finally, Viktor talking about Chris’ use of the olive green, ummmmm did he forget his dress from just last week??

This week’s guest judges were of course Nina, but she was also joined by Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein and one of my fave PR alums, the most successful ever, Christian Siriano. Zanna came by for her usual weekly visit and made sure to encourage the designers’ work processes and to think bigger. So how did that all work out?

pras03-ep8-episode7                                                                                                pras03-ep8-episode12I had no clue what would happen this week, who would win, who would go home? I didn’t think any look was that forward-thinking, but I did like 1 look nonetheless. I thought Seth’s fitted knee-length dress was very chic. I thought he incorporated the radiant orchid color well. I also liked the leather capped-sleeves, nice touch. Color-blocking, it’s not something I see as some big new trend for 2014, but I thought the look had such clean lines. I’m not a designer so maybe the color-blocking with the in-seams was at least pushing the boundary somewhat.


The judges disagreed as Seth was in the bottom 3. But no designer this week got full praise. Although the judges did seem to really love Korto’s white vested-suit look. I actually didn’t like the use of the orchid color. For me, having to fight to figure out how something is featured isn’t doing the color justice. In fact, at first, I had no clue where the color even was. It was clever, but for me, the point should have been to feature the color and I didn’t see that here. I didn’t really see anything new or innovative for a trend either, a white suit?? But the judges ultimately declared Korto as the winner.


Elena’s focus this week was surprise surprise, on another jacket, and working on texture. She created a peplum-style shape to the jacket and incorporated the orchid color as part of a textured print. I think had this print been a bit darker, not so bright white, it might have worked better. The judges took issue with some proportions, but really disagreed on if it was a winning look. A couple of the judges were a fan, while Alyssa and Nina were just not sold. Again, Nina was the deciding factor this week, so without her full support, there was no way you could win.


I’m a fan of Chris, but the bottom 2 made sense this week. I know he can bounce back so I’m not worried! Lace is such a big trend right now that it really couldn’t be something much more innovative next year. I do think it’s more of even a staple trend and I’m sure we will see it for many years to come. The military aspect I guess was the twist, but if I’m not mistaken, I think even on PR a few seasons back, lace and military was a trend used for a challenge. Of course after my lengthy venting from last week, I am still not a huge fan of this olive green color, but I don’t think it looked like the swamp thing! I also wish he had done something a bit more with the color than the orchid clutch. But I’m so glad he was safe. I couldn’t take him going home since Irina was eliminated last week.


It was sad to see Viktor go, but that is the tough part with a season such as this one, too many great designers! I really didn’t see a clear trend from his look this week. I think his vision was just a bit hazy. Of course the leather moto jacket was awesome, but it really didn’t work with this black babydoll dress. I think a jumper would have worked way better and if he could have done the splattered orchid print on the jumper, the look probably would have been outstanding!


What will happen next week?? I can’t wait!!









This is Still Project Runway All-Stars, Right??

So I’ve made the argument before that PR shouldn’t have an All-stars every year. It kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. But if they are going to do this, they should really remember the definition of the term All-Star: best of the best; a star performer or in this case designer. I don’t know in what universe what transpired this week makes any logical sense. It just doesn’t, plain & simple. But like I’ve thought all along, I think this season has already been carved out for someone. I feel all during PRAS season 1, we knew Mondo was going to win. And then the same thing for season 2. I felt pretty certain Anthony Ryan was a shoe-in; it came as no surprise. What are your thoughts?? Who do you think I’m thinking of!?!



And before we get to the individual image critiques, I want to share some images I quickly discovered in all of 5 minutes. Pictures of what you say?? White dresses, that yes, could go bridal, but were nonetheless stunning on the red carpet. That whole quip this week about white dresses not being on the red carpet was crap. I guaran-frickin-tee, these judges probably loved many of these dresses I’m showcasing, but I guess to find an excuse to get out a front-runner, it was an easy go to!

kate-hudson-white-plunging-back-gown-at-SAG-awards-celeb-red-carpet-fashion                                                             article-2320672-19A6E054000005DC-749_634x865More on that later! So the designers were whisked off this week, by helicopter no less, to QVC‘s headquarters in Westchester, PA. The challenge was delivered this week by QVC program host Lisa Robertson, who also served as a guest judge this week. The instructions were to create a stunning and glamorous red carpet gown. The winning look would be worn by Lisa for QVC’s star-studded gala broadcast for the Oscars. The designers were told the dress needed to be very versatile — had to walk well for the red carpet, ability to stand/sit with ease, look good on TV for the live broadcast & photograph well. Also, the winning look this week would have a version sold on QVC later on, probably after the Oscars broadcast I think.

Snow-White-Celebs                                                                 GGThe designers sketched away, right at home, in Isaac’s studio at QVC. He also stopped in for a visit and told the designers to “Go for it!” & “Pull out all the stops!” The designers were then off to Mood with a $300 budget. This was a 1 day challenge so yes it was filled with freakouts, mainly by Elena as per usual. PRAS also aired a personal share moment from Viktor this week. He apparently has told only his partner, not even his family, but on a show aired to millions, he comes out that he is HIV+. I applaud Viktor for his courage, but I’m not sure where this came from, very left field. Mondo had a similar touching moment during his season, but it seemed to be more in place when it all happened. I’m not sure if PR was trying to repeat that moment, but it was a bit confusing for it to come out now.

The guest judges this week, along with Lisa, were Mondo Guerra (PRAS 1 winner) and talented actress Elizabeth Moss. Zanna made sure to really push some buttons this week when she told the designers that she wasn’t seeing all-star quality this week and I sort of agree. This was an odd week and I didn’t see a clear top and bottom. I had only one designer I clearly placed in the top, my winner and then one I clearly placed in the bottom and who I think should have gone home. Everyone else just sort of drifted in the middle because there were both good and bad elements to each look.

pras03-ep7-episode1Let’s start with Irina and let me get a bit more venting out of the way, haha! Irina’s look was not a winning piece this week, but should not have been the look that sent her home. I was rooting for her so I’m very upset she’s gone. As you can see throughout this post, white dresses are often on the red carpet. And her mermaid gown was more off-white if you ask me. Yes, it ripped. I think the walking aspect was a bit difficult this week. She didn’t quite meet the mark all the way, but still in no way think should she have gone home. Gowns are hard to do in 1 day and this was something, done right with time, that could easily be worn on the red carpet and be on many’s best dressed list. You wouldn’t have to say “change the color and material to make it work”, which I think Alyssa said to do in order to make Viktor’s work more appealing. Why not just change the entire design? But I was surprised Irina even came back on PR. I don’t think she needs this show, whereas other designers might!


I will move to Elena next, since I had issue with her scale-like gown, but I don’t think she should have been in the running to go home. I will say, at least Irina stuck up for her gown, whereas Elena couldn’t muster any support. Her gown was different, it was a risk. I applauded those efforts. The details were great, but I don’t think they photographed well. I also think the shape was off-putting and it needed to be a bit longer. But other than that, it was at least something different, something unique.


Next up, let’s look at Seth Aaron. I always look at Buddy TV. They do a slideshow and rank their looks. As I’ve said and they agreed, Irina shouldn’t have gone home. But they had Seth in the bottom two?? I had a hard time ranking this week, but I think Seth’s look was fitting there or definitely bottom 3. It wasn’t a bad look, but it just wasn’t glam enough for the red carpet. It looked comfortable, easy to walk-in, but hey, Lisa still wants to fit in with the rest of the glamorous A-list celebs while at the Oscars and this dress wouldn’t have done the trick.


Speaking of a lack of glam, let’s look at the winner this week, Korto. This look, while also not horrible, just didn’t translate to Oscar red carpet. I mean, red carpets happen for so many events. Maybe this could have worked for a movie premiere or charity event. But this is for the Oscars and this look is going to fade away that night, guarantee! Adding a sparkly belt doesn’t make this a glamorous red carpet dress. I love that she went for that bold tangerine color and I wish somehow the top could have been just as bold. But the taupe mixed with tangerine just didn’t work.

-project-runway-al3l-So my winner would have been Chris. It could have used a tweak here or there, but this dress worked for the Oscars red carpet. It was a gown, floor length & tulled out to the  max and was stunning. I think the model looked like she was walking just fine. It also had the leather details, which did modernize the look. I also loved the navy blue color and think it would have been most fitting for the night. Lisa would have looked great in this, much more so than Kortos’. Maybe QVC was more about selling the winning look than the gala?? I could see Korto’s being easier to sell than Chris’. But why, because Chris’s gown is just that special and really would only work for a few special situations. Korto’s gown I think has more commercial appeal so that was probably the driving force this week.


So that leaves Viktor, who for me, should have gone home. That olive green color was ghastly. I typed in olive green on google for the red carpet and very few images showed up. The color just doesn’t work. I’ve shared those images as well. But I typed in just green and yes, a few more appeared. But that was more of a forest green or emerald green, something more bold or bright. Color aside, this look also had too much going on, wings, ruffles, etc. I was not a fan. This was the losing look this week, Viktor’s confession aside. I hope that had nothing to do with his staying, but I just don’t see how if someone were Irina’s look and someone wore this one, that Irina’s look would come off worse.

-project-runway-all-No sense, but oh well, onto next week. I’m rooting for Chris now, let’s go!


celebrities-white-dresses-at-met-costume-institute-gala-red-carpet-trend                                     2010-sag-awards-red-carpet-dresses-white-500x436

2010-Emmy-red-carpet-dresses-white-500x415AND YES, SOME, IF NOT MANY OF THESE ARE A BIT BRIDAL AS WELL!











2013 American Country Awards — Best Dressed!

So country music has a lot of different award shows — CMAs, The Academy of Country Music Awards, etc. And then of course, we are now into the 4th annual showing of the American Country Awards. I’m not sure where traditional red carpet standouts were — Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry. But that doesn’t mean that this red carpet wasn’t without it’s shining stars! We had everything from glamfab floor length gowns to sexy mini’s, which fit perfectly for the venue, Vegas baby! So here are my top looks!

American Country Awards 2013 - Arrivals

KELLIE PICKLER: Stunning, heavenly, elegant, yet still being able to look quite sexy in this look — all things I can say about this mint green, bedazzled fringe, couture Badgley Mischka floor length gown. You then add in the plunging deep-V neckline, which is done perfectly and also with a sheer cut-out and jeweled waistband, AMAZING! She just looks great, plain & simple. I also really love the bold silver cuff bracelet.

American Country Awards 2013 - Arrivals

LUKE BRYAN & CAROLINE BOYER: I have to dub this couple the “red carpet season” winners. I think every best dressed list I’ve done, for country music awards, these two have been on it. Since Caroline didn’t rock an LBD, Luke I guess opted for an all black ensemble. But it works and the “no tie” was a great choice. I can never seem to find who Caroline is actually wearing, but as always, she looks gorgeous. This deep-V neckline white floor-length gown with striped sparkled lines is just breathtaking.

American Country Awards 2013 - Arrivals

JAKE OWEN & LACEY BUCHANAN: Jake & Lacey were another stunning duo for the evening. Jake is donning a classic slim-fit tuxe. Well classic with a twist since it’s a navy blue suit. But these country guys sure do know how to find some stunning ladies that dazzle on the red carpet! Lacey looks great in this hip-hugging and deep red bandage floor length gown. I’m not sure, but it looks like Herve Leger by Max Azria. If it’s not then my apologies! Her silver jeweled earrings and bracelet are also perfect touches to complete this sexy and chic look.

Best-Jewel                 JEWEL

It’s a night of LBD domination! Jewel’s sparkly, strapless number, by Jovani, is definitely at the head of hat pack. The sheer lace under the bodice is also stunning. She looks great and I think she just had a baby so that is a double wow. The silver Jacob & Co. jewelry and silver Rupert Sanderson high heels add that extra special dose of needed sparkle as well.



Thomas looks great in this slim fit grey suit, but what did I say about LBD domination?? So his wife, Lauren, must have gotten this memo for the evening! This fitted metallic black minidress is so sexy and Lauren is definitely rocking the look.

Best-Sara-Evans                   SARA EVANS

Sara is bringin’ sexy back! I think this is a great & sexy LBD look. The oversized black buckle is the perfect Country addition & accessory also! I also love the oversized gold earings and gold/black little clutch.












BURKHALTER Couture by Stephanie Burkhalter

I recently attended a truly exciting event, “Bikinis & Couture”, a fashion show presented by NYC Fashion Runway, at the Dream Hotel Downtown, Ph-D Lounge. Now, I recently wrote about the “Bikinis” portion of the event when I featured Kasia Roginska for KARO swimwear on the blog. So now it’s time for the “Couture” portion, which featured the designer brand, BURKHALTER Couture by Stephanie Burkhalter.

burkhalter-campaign-2013                                                                 StephanieThe various images throughout this post are of Stephanie’s most recent haute couture collection, which were presented during the event. The inspiration behind the collection is that of a transportation to a fantasy world — “where leaves become rose petals, art deco meets childhood dreams, and her dresses underline the full richness of every true woman.”

And just who is this woman?? It’s a woman who is “sensual, yet strong, sophisticated, yet playful…” Stephanie has certainly achieved these inspirational goals.


1452312_10152042097909254_224964310_n                    NYC-Fashion-Runway-Burkhalter-Couture1b                1483118_669931503026980_1915853446_nI like that this collection has the elements of fantasy and playfulness, glam and sophistication, yet it also wearable for many women. It could be a Hollywood woman, celebrating the glitz and glam while on the red carpet, or a confident NYC woman who is ready to hit the town for a hot date or a night out with the girls! This collection is all about intricacies and the underlying details, so make sure to pay close attention to each look!

NYC-Fashion-Runway-Burkhalter-Couture2  Also check out past collections for the brand, such as the Paraiso Collection P/E 2013, which is filled with a variety of RTW, shoes, and jewelry.


1476020_10152042096179254_464276605_n                    1450206_10152042099149254_1121889901_n                    999305_10152042097019254_1394723608_nSo just who is this talent behind the couture? Stephanie is a fashion designer born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. She graduated at the Institute Marangoni in Milan. She has traveled all over the world with her international modeling career thru Ford Model Management, based out of NY.

62473_10152042096559254_51702390_nShe started Burkhalter Couture, to design one of a kind creations, of which she wanted the works to represent joy, glamour, luxury, and beauty. The brand is not just another label, but “also a person that gives you the most intense sensations.” Stephanie “welcomes you in her dream and brings you to her magic paradise where all the women are the true flirty, sexy, spicy stars of her story.”

nyc fashion runway (32 of 59)

580813_10152042098704254_1653194835_n                     NYC-Fashion-Runway-Burkhalter-Couture1                    1394434_10152042097184254_1326834917_nI also would like to make mention of a few special credits for the show and various images seen in this post:


Lauren Ashley of NYC Fashion Runway & Reagan Richards

Shannon-Davis-Styling-Team-Rosalina-Biddle-Cher-Chic1Shannon-Davis-Styling-Team-Shannon-Davis1J-Guerra-Makeup-Artistjpghairstylist team & last picture, J. Guerra for Make-up

Davina-giving-introductions     Here, we have (left to right), Kara Landau, the Australian Celebrity Traveling Dietitian, & Davina, of NYC Fashion Runway



Which PRAS Designer is Getting Animated!?!

Well, more accurately, which designer’s dress is getting animated? That’s right, this week, the winning look will find itself animated, seen by millions for a top-rated and long running cartoon sitcom. So what is it and what are the details?

Host Alyssa Milano got right to business this week by providing the challenge right off the bat. To celebrate Fox‘s hit cartoon sitcom, The Simpsons, the designers were able to work with an animated client, none other than Marge Simpson. The designers were to provide a new look for Marge, something she could wear out for an anniversary date with her hubbie Homer! She wanted it to be sexy, actually she said easily removable, but also she made sure to say “No Green!” Again, the winning look would be animated and worn for a future episode of the show. So the designers were off to work!

Marge SimpsonAs per usual, this was a 1-day challenge and the designers were given a $200 budget to shop with at Mood. Once the designers were back in the workroom, we saw that Marge sent them a fun present — a pair of Simpson sneakers! Before the freakouts, let’s get to the little drama this week because what is PR without some drama!

Viktor and Chris worked together last week. Viktor was in the bottom, while Chris found himself in the top 3. Viktor was giving Chris the silent treatment early on the episode, wah, wah, tear, tear! He claimed Chris didn’t offer him as much help as he gave to Chris. But the last time I checked, Chris didn’t tell him to put that fringe on the back of the jacket. I’m not sure what Chris’s help would have done to make that jacket better! But anyways, all was well in the end and Viktor did the right thing by apologizing for his childish behavior. Right alongside the drama, we also saw some major designer freakouts this week!

We saw Chris freaking out right from the handing down of the challenge; the wheels were already turning. He started out with 2 dresses, finally focusing on his print option. He was second guessing himself a lot. But while Chris was second guessing, Seth Aaron was 5th, no 6th guessing! That is right, Seth worked on 6 different dresses. How he managed to finish is still mind boggling to me, but he made it work!

pras03-ep6-workroom2                                        pras03-ep6-workroom18There were a few special guest judges this week — PRAS season 2’s winner Anthony Ryan Auld, successful designer for the trendy brand Alice + Olivia, Stacey Bendet, and talented actress, Abigail Breslin. Zanna offered some insightful thoughts during her mentor time this week — thinking about the client, Marge, she is animated in a yellow color, where she is going, etc. So which designers followed the words of wisdom??

pras03-ep6-episode22In my opinion, NONE, haha! Don’t get me wrong, I loved several of the designs. I just thought they were more red carpet-worthy than a dinner date for Marge. But hey, when they showed the winning look animated, it looked great and I am sure it will look great in the episode. So who was in the top this week and who ultimately won?

I’m so happy to not only announce Irina was in the top this week, but that she also won! I know Zanna gave her the push this week, to aim for the top & the win, but I felt she could have done both way before now. But we can’t control the judges all the time! I loved the color — deep purple. It still read a bit fancy to me, but I think the shorter length helped a bit in that arena. The reveal and movement down the runway was also amazing!

-project-runway-a6ll-Irina was joined by Korto and Elena to round out the top 3. I wasn’t sure if Viktor might have sneaked in somehow, since his look was a bit more date night than red carpet. But after having a 2nd look, I think the black color and details just didn’t pop right for this challenge. If Irina hadn’t won, I was pulling for Korto though. I think the shimmer in her fitted cocktail dress would have looked great animated. I also didn’t mind Elena’s red floor-length gown, but it really did seem more fitting for a red carpet than dinner. The jacket, while great, was not needed. I think if she had focused on a few standout details for the dress, she could have won. But the back of the dress was gorgeous!

-project-runway-a3ll-    Viktor’s look

                  Korto’s look                    -project-runway-al5l-

-project-runway-al4l-                                                                                    pras03-ep6-episode6So that was the top, Viktor was safe, leaving Jeffrey, Seth Aaron, and Chris in the bottom. Chris was quickly saved with his floral print cocktail dress. The judges were right, it didn’t need the belt. The print just didn’t work here. It read a bit more dated housewife than a woman who wanted to be out celebrating. It was so sad watching both he and Seth struggle this week, but luckily, both are safe for next week.

-project-runway-a2ll-Seth’s floor length violet gown was not horrible, it just wasn’t for this challenge. It also is something you can find so easily in the fashion market right now. It wasn’t special, but I’m sure Seth will be back on track next week! So that means the 1st PR winner for this PRAS cast was out this week, Jeffrey. He did win last week, but this was his 4th time in the bottom. I’ve looked at his childrenswear work and maybe he’s been out of the game too long. His dress this week just didn’t translate well. The neckline looked sloppy, and while Stacey Bendet was focused on the shoes, I barely even saw them until she pointed it out. But the orange heels really didn’t help this look at all.


Seth Aaron’s look

                          Jeffrey’s look          -project-runway-all-

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All About KARO Swimwear — Unique, Sexy, & Bold Swimsuits

It’s not summertime, but why not get into a warm mindset and at least dream since it’s so cold right now! And what’s the best way to do this? — taking a look at some amazing swimwear pieces from the unique brand — KARO Swimwear.

This brand is inspired by jewels, natural stones, pearls, and crystals. You can definitely see this inspiration come alive in each custom and handmade look. So a little while back, I wrote a snippet about the brand during its presentation for Nolcha Fashion Week. I’ve since talked with the phenomenally talented designer behind the brand, Kasia Roginska, and I knew I had to do a full piece. A few lines and images just wasn’t enough.

164600_616939921678080_242394559_n             Kasia-Roginska-Karo-Swimwear            page2-img1ksBefore we get to the various images, here is a brief background for Kasia. She was born in Krakow, Poland. As a child, sewing and fitting outfits for dolls was just the beginning of an emerging passion, which Kasia is now fully developing. After graduating from fashion design school, her family moved with her to the USA — CT. She took a break from fashion design, but it wasn’t long before her bottled creativity needed a bigger outlet. It was just this past January that the idea for KARO swimwear blossomed — SO EXCITING!!



The pieces are just so great because they are so different with the unique details of pearls, jewels, or crystals. Another great aspect of the pieces is that they certainly embody a confident and sexy woman. It’s so great how daring and risk-taking each piece is, whether it’s the cut or the bright color or bold print. And the stamp for KARO, what Kasia wants to have stand out, is that there’s also possibility of matching shoes and accessories. So as you look thru the images, take note of the handbags, totes or decorated high-heels and sandals!

DSC00161                                        DSC00159The various images are of KARO’s most recent Spring 2014 collection. The brand hasn’t even been on the scene a year and has already been presented three times so you will see images from Nolcha fashion week, Fashion Week Brooklyn, and the most recent fashion show for NYC Fashion Runway’s “Bikinis & Couture” at The Dream Hotel‘s Ph-D Lounge.

CORAL LACE: one piece w/ nude lining      image6

The deep-V neckline is decorated with strands of green dyed quartzite chips forming a fringe look and it’s hand-beaded.



This is a haltered applique suit with details of Swarovski crystals, purple flowers, and large imported turquoise rhinestone connectors.

PBN_2630-s                     CLEOPATRA                              PBN_2616-s

This is a two-piece suit with a large collar of chunky glass, metal, and jewels.

page1-img8-ks          MULTI-COLOR ANIMAL PRINT              PBN_2511-s

This is a purple, lime green, &  turquoise animal print 2 piece suit. The top has attached, a handmade purple amethyst crackle stoned nugget, two tiered necklaces. The bottoms are scrunched back with a two tiered layered belly necklace.

1374813_616929898345749_1879704688_n                     BUMBLEBEE                          imag2e

This is a one piece suit with black and yellow accents & a haltered top. It’s decorated with three large black rhinestone pieces, which are imported from Europe.


imag8eThis is a peach colored convertible bikini/monokini with detachable mid-piece. The bottoms are ruched and accented with beautiful leopard print flowers and Swarovski crystals.

1385532_616931268345612_933755052_n                                                                                      page1-img4-ks

kasia-roginska-198x300                 AMETHYST MONOKINI             1375702_616934948345244_219255341_n

This is a plunging amethyst satin suit with silver braided halter straps around the neck. The Brazilian cut bottoms are accented with silver tone jeweled flowers.



This is a beautiful, ultra feminine, sea foam lace suit with chunky freshwater white pearl layered necklace and scrunched bottoms.


Here we have a retro polka dot 2-piece suit with triangular cups and decorated with red Swarovski crystals and two large black rhinestone broaches.

PBN_2714-s                ZEBRA MONOKINI                         PBN_2695-s

This zebra print monokini is connected by semi-precious pink dyed stones.

1384394_616938575011548_1069781326_n                     WHITE SATIN ORCHID                 image1

This is a sensual white satin orchid suit with silver tone metal & green manmade stone connectors. Each artificial orchid has a purple freshwater pearl inside the blossom. The bottom is a Brazilian cut & scrunched and the top has triangular cups.

PBN_2658-s                    SNAKE SUIT                                      PBN_2660-s

Here we have a bold approach to beach attire — it’s a bandeau top with a snake connector, scrunched back bottoms with snake connector rings. The snake is detachable and can clip on in many ways or worn without!

NYC-Fashion-Runway-Karo-Swimwear1The pink blossom suit has black onyx stone accents on the straps and inside each flower. The connectors are rhinestone butterflies.

There are additional pieces to the Spring 2014 collection so make sure to take a look. But here are a few other pieces from the various shows that I liked!

imag4e                     image                        NYC-Fashion-Runway-Karo-Swimwear2I would like to also mention a special thanks to the various photographers who shared their images with Kasia:








Get Ready! The PONO Annual Holiday Sample Sale is Here!


image001PONO by Joan Goodman is a designer jewelry brand I have certainly fallen in love with. I wrote a piece awhile back on the brand and I enjoyed learning about the brand, the designer and of course, the amazing jewelry pieces! It’s been great to keep in touch and so I’m happy to announce their annual holiday Sample Sale, which starts now, December 2nd.

It’s a pretty lengthy sale duration period so make sure if you are in NYC to get out to this sample sale! You have from December 2nd until December 13th. The location is 347 W 36th Street, Ste. 405. As you can see from the flyer above, everything is going to have some major discounts attached, 50-80% off. One of the great things on top of great deals is that the designer, Joan Goodman, will also be around. I find that is very touching and I know as a shopper, I would love to meet the talent behind a designer fashion brand so I hope any customers enjoy that experience! Joan is an obviously talented designer, but also a very kind and welcoming individual. She will be sure to make your shopping experience a great one!

P1193                                        P1202There is going to be a great selection. I will be sure to tweet some additional photos as the sale endures, so if you don’t already, make sure to follow Fashion Nexus on Twitter. You can follow PONO on Twitter for updates as well. What you see above will certainly be available for purchase — a bold colorblocked choker for $40 from the original price of $205; also, the Masai necklace, on sale for $75 from an earlier $205. And as you can see below, the Italian resin colorful cuffs are on sale for $10 from an original price of $50.

SAMPLE SALE Cuff PicThe sale is for weekdays only from the 12/2 to 12/13 period and the hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. If you have any questions, you can contact by phone at 212-216-0044. You have the chance to find some bold pieces at this sale so now is that time for you to find jewelry you can fall in love with and make a statement! You certainly wouldn’t be alone in doing so, remember, PONO has been seen on TV with the hit CBS show, The Good Wife.

76350_176343619048290_815232_n18658_265602985777_6722576_n     Arboreal Goddess Bracelet                18658_265603010777_7873640_nSo get out and shop away. Also stay tuned for additional sample sale updates. I will also be doing additional posts on the brand for the Spring 2014 season.