Tony’s & CMT Awards

Double the pleasure, double the fun, as is the case with my recent best dressed list, featuring my fave looks from both the 2017 Tony Awards and the 2017 CMT Awards. Enjoy!!

Carrie Underwood

Sara Bareilles

Liu Wen & Zac Posen

Clare Bowen

Sally Field

Wearing an elegant Christian Siriano

Denee Benton

Rachel Bay Jones

Tina Fey

Tina Fey in Sally LaPointe

Carly Pearce

Cynthia Erivo

Cristina Ottaviano

Cristina Ottaviano

Taye Diggs & Amanza Smith Brown

Amanza is wearing a stunning floral lace Jovani gown

Cobie Smulders

Amy Brown

Glenn Close

Bee Shaffer & Anna Wintour

Lady Antebellum

Ben Platt

Hunter Hayes

ASOS blazer & shirt

Jacob Davis

PR — The Finale

So yes, finally getting around to blogging about the final eps of Project Runway and definitely just happy to get it over with at this point. I got behind on the episodes, but ultimately, I wasn’t feeling these final few shows of the season, all in all, quite disappointing. And the way everything ended up with the final 4, it certainly wasn’t making me jump to my computer to blog away. But as an avid PR fan, blog away, I must, and I did want to applaud one designer I was happy with this season — Kelly. She was my winner for the season. More on that later, but first, a bit on the episode before the finale (yep, definitely not dedicating 2 separate posts for this finale!).

pr14-ep13-episode15So of course as the almost finale began, it was clear Edmond would be saved, despite the edit attempts of it all being drawn out. Tim Gunn save used. The designers were headed home with 9k to create a 10 look collection. The Tim visit of course came sooner rather than later and the designers were quite eager.


Tim advised Ashley to keep her hand natural when designing and not to go too matronly. For Candice, he made sure to warn her about over-designing, to keep an editing eye. Kelly found a fan in Tim, but he asked that she make sure her looks had a luxe feel, not to go the cheap route. And finally, with Edmond, he was left with a lot of work to do as not much had been accomplished.


The designers were back to NY, Kelly feeling as if she was done, while Edmond still had 3 looks to complete and he was not even unpacking! Tim came by shortly after everyone had settled into the workroom. He told the designers they would present 3 looks to the judges for feedback. However, one of those looks had to be brand spankin’ new, created just in that 1 day. The designers were then headed to Mood with a budget of $250, which could be used in any way to enhance their collection. At Mood, we saw some zipper wars and Edmond somehow racking up a whopping $395, way over budget!! It was then again Tim-time.


Tim instructed Kelly to think of proportion and Ashley received this same critique. With Edmond, it was all about what to present to the judges. And with Candice, there was worry over cohesion. So at this point I would cut to the judges’ critique on the 3-look presentation, but I will save that for my final discussion on each collection. So instead, I will skip to the next segment right before the final collections were presented at Fashion Week. After the judges’ critiques, the designers had 2 days to get to work and many had lots of work to do, well…..according to the judges.


The final episode of the season began with Tim allowing the designers to hit up Mood once more. Tim himself would do the shopping. Ashley & Kelly only took part, with no objection from Candice or Edmond. Tim later went over the judges’ notes with each designer. Brian Bolain of Lexus popped in to let the designers know they could make use of 2 Lexus coops to arrive in style for their shows. Lots of last minute craziness was of course occurring in this episode. But as per usual, everything seemed to go off without a hitch. And the guest judge on the presentations of the final 4 was country music superstar Carrie Underwood.


So without further delay, let’s get to the most important part of the finale of PR — the fashion week presentations. Ashley won, but I am going to begin with my choice for the winner, Kelly!


After the judges’ initial critiques I was afraid Kelly would drastically change up her collection as Candice did and that would have been such a shame. Kelly is a really cool designer and this is a very hip collection. I am not sure I can rock all of Kelly’s looks, but they do make me kind of want to try. Kelly is all about experimentation and she very much makes me want to experiment with my own fashion choices.


Kelly was the designer who stayed most true to herself. She has such a clear vision. She has a type of girl and this girl will go and buy these pieces. She has a unique spirit and you can see that in her work. Her styling was also very spot on, just such great work on the accessories, the hair (Sally Beauty), and the makeup (Mary Kay) — it was all spectacular.


When it came down to the judges thoughts, early on, Nina was quick to quip that she couldn’t tell what garment was made in only a day, because what she saw, it was hard to tell. She also said that this didn’t feel like a collection that was 9k worth. How the judges could think this, but somehow feel as if their winner Ashley’s collection looked like 9k, mind boggling! Like seriously! I think the tip to amp up the styling was a good thought, but overall, Kelly was lacking in judges’ support and the producers when it would come to naming her as the winner. There were other plans in mind!


But overall I applaud Kelly for staying true to herself all season. She was a dark horse and coming in 2nd was a huge accomplishment for her. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this talented lady in the future!



I wish Candice had channeled some Kelly vibes when it came to her final presentation. I will still keep an eye out for Candice in the future, but her major downfall in this finale was listening to the judges in their initial critique. Her collection could have used some downplay, but taking out most, if not all of the drama, spice, and intrigue was a major mistake. She had some highlights still, but her moment felt much more blah without the full on Candice I’m sure we all wanted to see.


If the winner was always going to be Ashley, even if Candice had gone full on in her presentation, it wouldn’t have gotten her the win, but it would have made her way more memorable. Having seen what was there before, it just really made me want more. I really just wanted to see that big ole’ dress she made, hoop skirt and all walk the runway!


And I think the last minute changes led to some of what the judges later critiqued on, which was fit issues. I’m not sure what the judges were going on about with cohesion. I totally still saw Candice in what she presented. And had she done it the way she initially intended, I think the cohesive elements would have in fact been stronger.


I’m sure she will present again and I’m sure she will not let anyone hold her back this time! But another great bit of work here from the Mary Kay team, Sally Beauty squad, and Just Fab accessories!



Edmond, sadly, was the throwaway of the final 4. He started out so strong this season, but started to lag in the final few challenges. Tim Gunn had a save to use and thus he was saved. But based on this collection, it was not needed. The judges’ critiques early on were about ampin’ up the sexy vibe they had come to know from Edmond. But that was my biggest issue I had with his final pieces — where and who was Edmond??


I’m not sure based off these final pieces if I could pick an Edmond original out in the future. This collection left me wondering who he is as a designer. There were some pretty dresses here, but nothing inventive or too creative. In fact, the one piece I adored the most from Edmond, below, is the one I see as the least like him of the bunch.


More gorgeous work from Mary Kay, Sally Beauty and the Just Fab accessories!


This work reminded me of Edmond’s Just Fab challenge win — the sexy red dress. It was a gorgeous dress, so sexy, so wearable, but a bit of a snooze-fest in the way of being unique. Nothing really here knocked me out of my socks or was that intriguing. I wasn’t taking too many 2nd glances. I’m sure a lot of women would want to wear some of these dresses, but likely wouldn’t know who they were wearing. It wouldn’t me memorable enough for them to want repeat looks by the designer.



This leaves us with discussing the winner of Project Runway this season, Ashley. I have loved so many of Ashley’s looks this season. But as the season dwindled down, I became less and less of a fan. There always seemed to be so much drama and so many tears. I was kind of over it after a bit. And then came her final presentation — a first ever for PR, a plus size collection. I applaud the effort and I was happy she went for it, but to me, she came up sub-par.


I know I am not the only one to think this or to even say it, but Ashley won this season solely so PR could get the headline — “First plus-size designer wins PR.” It was all about the press and the headline because it surely wasn’t about these pieces. It was an okay collection, but there were so many fit issues and so many flaws. There were very few standouts. I was also unimpressed by the repetition — lots of crop tops and skirts — yawnnnnnn!


And the only way I think 9k was utilized on this collection was because of the headpieces. They were gorgeous and looked more thought out than some of pieces. But yes, we sure had to hear enough about them. I think Ashley missed out by not using any prints, but many of these pieces didn’t feel luxe to me. And I again point out the flaws — all of the shorts were so ill-fitting.


The color palette didn’t lend a hand in that department either, so many baby pinks and light teals, left the collection lacking in a rich, special quality. The exception is this look below, which was oddly enough the one she banged out in a day. The deep color was beautiful and the overall quality was heightened.


One other standout was the floral motif skirt below and it was a bit of a showpiece, but one of very few that looked like work was put into it and even some of that 9k.


I digress again, it seemed as if the end was predetermined — that a larger vision was in the midst. It’s happened before where the winner was a bit questionable and I’m sure it will happen again in the future. But for an overall disappointing season, I didn’t expect much here.


A final rant/note then on reunion episode, which of course was filled with some laughs, drama, and intriguing aspects. But of course the focus was back to the most drama-filled episode this season, we all know it, the “Mean Girls” episode. And yes, I use quotation marks because I questioned the episode back then and still question the big deal over it now. I loved that it was pointed out that the girls were all being judged, yet none of the guys got called out for not picking Ashley. I don’t care if they had a plan to not do so. If she was such a great designer, one whom everyone should have wanted to work with, how only the female cast should take the blame is beyond ridiculous. She didn’t lend much to the creative process and her look was pretty much crap that week. It was one of the worst ones, so she should have taken some heat on this. She had already gotten one free ride from the Hallmark challenge, so to see her put out another bad look on the runway was clearly an issue in my opinion. It seemed to me as if all of a sudden, just this episode, those few girls were dubbed as mean girls, no mention of this before and really there was no evidence of anything shown in the episode where these girls were badmouthing Ashley or treating her so poorly. If the drama was there, the producers would have shown more. It was such a stretch. And then poof, it was all soon forgotten. No more mean girls the rest of the season, yet somehow, in the reunion episode, it was all brought up again.

Very much ready at this point for All-stars, next season, anything to get true competitive juices flowing again!

Best Dressed, A Little Country Style

So mainly this Best Dressed list is comprised of looks from the 2015 CMT Music Awards. But I have a couple of other looks that I wanted to include on this list as well from other red carpet functions, ENJOY!

Danielle Bradbery


Danielle is dazzling in this molten, embellished Patricia Bonaldi mini. She is sparkling and shining all over!



Carrie Underwood

Carrie is working her post-baby bod in this Thomas Wylde mini, showing off her legendary gorgeous stems! She accessorized with silver Jimmy Choo heels, a metallic Deepa Gurnani clutch, and Kimberly McDonald jewelry.

Jenna Dewan Tatum


Jenna looks lovely in this magenta Zuhair Murad dress laced with peekaboo panels. The details here are quite exquisite. She paired with her look an oxblood clutch and Neil Lane jewelry. Her styling, as always, was by Brad Goreski.

Cassadee Pope


Peekaboo lace panels was a fave of mine, clearly! Cassadee too looks amazing in her lace paneling look, but hers was an antique-looking, golden mini by Mikael D. Coordinating with her look was a shiny silver Swarovski clutch.

Her styling was provided by Townsend Style and Fashion Forwards LA.



RaeLynn’s look was quite bold, but I was definitely intrigued. This multi-colored, brightly printed Gabriela Cadena dress is stunningly gorgeous. It’s hard to take your eyes off of it!

Rumer Willis


Rumer kept it simple, very minimalistic, but in a great way. It’s not always about the bells & whistles! Her stark white, fitted dress was from House of CB. And she paired with her look lavender Stuart Weitzman heels, a metallic Salvatore Ferrgamo clutch, and Doves jewels.

Hunter Hayes


Hunter Hayes looked quite handsome, rockin’ his grey suit, sans tie. He is also wearing an Omega watch.

The Swon Brothers


The Swon Brothers were quite the dapper pair, dressed in all black, quite casual, but great pieces for their looks. I was a huge fan of theirs on NBC’s The Voice so I am happy to see them doing so well!

Florida Georgia Line


Florida Georgia Line was another good lookin’ pair on the CMT red carpet. Not coordinating like the Swon Brothers, but each gent doing his own thing, having his own style.

Bella Thorne


So my first non-country Best Dressed pick was the beautiful Bella. She was attending her new MTV show’s premiere in L.A., Scream. Her luscious side waves were courtesy of Neutrogena. She donned a sexy black Mugler dress, paired perfectly with black Stuart Weitzman heels and XIV Karats jewelry.

Anna Faris


Anna was too rockin’ a sexy mini, her pick, a shades of silver, embellished Rubin Singer dress. Her accessories were a metallic Jimmy Choo clutch and matching mule sandals. She was attending the premiere of Jurassic World in Hollywood.

Best Dressed — 2014 CMA Awards

Always fun being able to sift thru the surplus of red carpet imagery post any award show! In fact, some of my most fave moments since doing my best dressed lists have been from the country music scene. So of course, it’s always a pleasure when it’s a country music award show night! And the 2014 CMA Awards were no exception!

What mostly caught my eye for the night were the more understated looks, the great fits, interesting cuts, and the intriguing little details. I also was drawn to many entirely black looks, all with such a regal and luxe quality. So here are my faves, ENJOY!

Danielle Bradbery


I instantly fell in love with this black floor-length dress from Danielle. She is young, but this plunging V-neck look with a train was very much age appropriate. It had just the right amount of a sexy, mature vibe, but done very tastefully.

Bradbery’s head to toe look is stunning, every detail, from the jewelry to the slight smoky eye to the dress! So kudos to Danielle’s stylist, Amber Lehman, and her make-up artist/hair stylist, Tarryn Feldman. I’m a huge fan of a side-braid and I love seeing it done here so elegantly. Her styling & beauty team did an excellent job here, PERFECTION!


1415231185_lucy-hale-560  Lucy Hale

Hale was certainly sizzlin’ in this fitted and belted boldly bright red Romona Keveza gown. As you can see below, this dress is amazing from all angles, especially the back, love the cutout! She spiced her look up with a black and silver fringed clutch from Inge Christopher.


Every detail was thought out with this look, including some amazing jewelry pieces — Black Diamond Drop Earrings by Norman Silverman’s Diamonds, and rings from both Melissa Kaye Jewelry — Cate Ring, and Porter Lyons — Midi-Crypt Ring. From Melissa Kaye there is also the Ellie Large Earrings.


Kimberly Perry  1415234826_kimberly-perry-560

At first glance, I thought this was the 1st of the many all black looks on my best dressed list. But upon further observation, I now know it’s a navy blue Gustavo Cadile gown, with a sheer sweetheart neckline. Kimberly always looks gorgeous, this look obviously being no exception. I’m convinced any look she chooses will never not be anything but SHEER brilliance, full pun intended!


Brandy Clark

Black fitted gown + shimmery & sparkly + sheer effects =’s A hands down best dressed look for sure! With all of these elements it would be hard to go wrong on the red carpet. And Brandy certainly didn’t! This dress is glittering gorgeousness and I love the partially sheer long sleeves. I’m very happy she chose this stunning number from Pamella Roland.


Luke Bryan & Caroline Boyer

The number of times this dazzlin’ duo has graced my best dressed lists, couldn’t even tell you. I never know the designer details, but that doesn’t stop me from giving these two a nod. Luke of course looks handsome, hard to go wrong with a black suit with a black tie. But Caroline always catches my eye. This gal knows how to pick red carpet looks. I love her choice for this event, stark white, high slit, and slight embellishments!

Kimberly Williams-Paisley


Designer talent Romona Keveza is pulling double duty for this red carpet as Kimberly is also donning one of her phenomenal pieces. Kimberly made an excellent find with this navy blue lace gown with a train. It has a great fit and she is workin’ it!

Thomas & Lauren Rhett


This pair is another dynamic duo who look great together on the red carpet and know how to stun us all. In fact, I feel like these looks could work as if Thomas was the President and Lauren as the 1st lady. Lauren’s red gown is the perfect example of old-school glamour. Thomas too looks quite dapper in his classic black tuxe.

Phillip & Rebecca Sweet


So many great duos for this red carpet, and this pair I could not overlook! The two coordinated well, but not in a too cute, matchy-matchy sort of way. His ivory jacket, her eggshell dress, looked great together. The detailed sheer shoulders for Rebecca’s look didn’t go unnoticed either. This understated look is breathtaking!

1415234857_chaley-rose-560  Chaley Rose

I’m a huge Project Runway fan so seeing that Chaley is donning a look from the brand Johnathan Kayne of course made me super excited. The designer talent behind this brand is Kayne Gillaspie and if I’m not mistaken, Joshua McKinley also co-designs, making the two a powerful design team!

I think Chaley looks unbelievable in this printed gold floor-length gown. There is a bit of vintage appeal in the look, but the overall vibe is still very modern. I’m happy Chaley discovered this dynamic design duo and went with this dress.

Aubrey Peeples


There is boho chic, well this is boho glam. Aubrey found the perfect balance of mixing casual and elegant pieces into one great red carpet look. Her stylist, Tara Williams, did a fantastic job putting this entire look together, the outfit and the accessories.

Her luscious waves were courtesy of Sam Wade. And her wonderful make-up beauty look is by Laura K. Godwin.

Lily Aldridge  1415235105_lily-aldridge-560

There is always room on the red carpet for a full-on sexy hot number, such as this black dress with not only black all over, but also sheer effects. It’s by Calvin Klein paired perfectly with black Stuart Weitzman heels. Lily’s diamond jewelry is from Jen Meyer.

Lily’s styling & beauty team is red hot, which is to be expected from this scorchin’ look — styling by LaMarque NYC, makeup by Quinn Murphy (perfectly bronzed), and hair by Bryce Scarlett, flowing waves!

1415229380_cassadee-pope-560   Cassadee Pope

There was something about Cassadee’s look I just couldn’t shake. I love it! It’s a great red carpet look, simplistically minimal black top paired perfectly with full shimmery metallic silver floor length skirt. It appears to be separates, but is indeed a lovely dress by Aidan Mattox. Cassadee said her statement-making Stella & Dot necklace was the perfect piece to tie her whole look together, and I agree! It’s the right bit of embellishment to dress up the top, provide a little extra sparkle!


Maddie Marlow & Tae Dye

Romona Keveza was not the only designer pulling double duty on this red carpet. Actually, in this case, it’s more like triple duty. Kayne Gillaspie & Joshua McKinley of Johnathan Kayne created these wonderful pieces for Maddie Marlow & Tae Dye. Marlow looked retro glam in this belted navy blue number with a sweeping train. Dye went a little softer with a long-sleeved lace column dress. Though not coordinating, both still looked great!


Lennon Stella & Maisy Stella

While Lennon chose a black Free People mini, her little sister chose a LBD with a statement collar and a ruffled pink hem, actually made by her mom, Marylynne Stella.


Hunter Hayes

And what best dressed list would be complete without a solo number from a handsome young gentleman. Great modern twist with this dark navy blue tuxe, sans tie!

2013 American Country Awards — Best Dressed!

So country music has a lot of different award shows — CMAs, The Academy of Country Music Awards, etc. And then of course, we are now into the 4th annual showing of the American Country Awards. I’m not sure where traditional red carpet standouts were — Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry. But that doesn’t mean that this red carpet wasn’t without it’s shining stars! We had everything from glamfab floor length gowns to sexy mini’s, which fit perfectly for the venue, Vegas baby! So here are my top looks!

American Country Awards 2013 - Arrivals

KELLIE PICKLER: Stunning, heavenly, elegant, yet still being able to look quite sexy in this look — all things I can say about this mint green, bedazzled fringe, couture Badgley Mischka floor length gown. You then add in the plunging deep-V neckline, which is done perfectly and also with a sheer cut-out and jeweled waistband, AMAZING! She just looks great, plain & simple. I also really love the bold silver cuff bracelet.

American Country Awards 2013 - Arrivals

LUKE BRYAN & CAROLINE BOYER: I have to dub this couple the “red carpet season” winners. I think every best dressed list I’ve done, for country music awards, these two have been on it. Since Caroline didn’t rock an LBD, Luke I guess opted for an all black ensemble. But it works and the “no tie” was a great choice. I can never seem to find who Caroline is actually wearing, but as always, she looks gorgeous. This deep-V neckline white floor-length gown with striped sparkled lines is just breathtaking.

American Country Awards 2013 - Arrivals

JAKE OWEN & LACEY BUCHANAN: Jake & Lacey were another stunning duo for the evening. Jake is donning a classic slim-fit tuxe. Well classic with a twist since it’s a navy blue suit. But these country guys sure do know how to find some stunning ladies that dazzle on the red carpet! Lacey looks great in this hip-hugging and deep red bandage floor length gown. I’m not sure, but it looks like Herve Leger by Max Azria. If it’s not then my apologies! Her silver jeweled earrings and bracelet are also perfect touches to complete this sexy and chic look.

Best-Jewel                 JEWEL

It’s a night of LBD domination! Jewel’s sparkly, strapless number, by Jovani, is definitely at the head of hat pack. The sheer lace under the bodice is also stunning. She looks great and I think she just had a baby so that is a double wow. The silver Jacob & Co. jewelry and silver Rupert Sanderson high heels add that extra special dose of needed sparkle as well.



Thomas looks great in this slim fit grey suit, but what did I say about LBD domination?? So his wife, Lauren, must have gotten this memo for the evening! This fitted metallic black minidress is so sexy and Lauren is definitely rocking the look.

Best-Sara-Evans                   SARA EVANS

Sara is bringin’ sexy back! I think this is a great & sexy LBD look. The oversized black buckle is the perfect Country addition & accessory also! I also love the oversized gold earings and gold/black little clutch.