PR Designers Order Classics with a Side of Modern Twists

pr14-ep4-episode3So before the designers headed off on their 1st trip this season to Mood, they met with Tim & Mary Kay global makeup artist Luis Casco on a NYC dock. Why?!? To receive their challenge of course! The challenge this week was to take a classic design and add a modern, unique twist to it. Meeting on the dock was to allow the designers the chance to take in the gorgeous city views as inspiration. In addition, as Luis was there to provide the challenge details, this of course meant it was a Mary Kay challenge. Each designer would receive a makeup consultation to give their modern designs a modern beauty amplification.  And finally, to incentivize the designers (which I think was needed!), the winning design would receive a cash prize of $5k and their look would be featured in a Mary Kay ad in Marie Claire magazine.


The designers had 30 minutes to sketch and then it was off to Mood with 45 minutes to shop and a budget of $250. Tim reminded the designers as they got back to the workroom to be mindful of time as this was a 1 day challenge, but they also had to do meetings with him, consultations with Luis, and of course do their model fittings. As the designers started working, we saw Gabrielle anxiously awaiting for Tim to come by and Amanda in doubt. I totally got where Amanda was coming from with being in the bottom so much. I stick by what I’ve said in previous recaps though, Amanda should not have been in the bottom 2 for the Hallmark challenge and her bottom 3 placement last week was ridiculous. Not being in the bottom would have been a much needed confidence booster for her!


Tim-time highlights, Swapnil going from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Breakfast in Vegas! Also, Blake was baffling Tim! But overall, Tim was energized about the work he was seeing! For model fittings, Laurie was given a new model — not sure why?? But much sooner, rather than later, the morning of the runway came about and it was chaos as usual. Gabrielle was having sewing machine troubles, while Blake was dealing with cuts and blood stains on his garment. Yikes!


This week’s guest judge was Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka!


I was actually quite impressed with the runway this week. I had a hard time myself picking a top 3. Most of the judges’ top 3 was understandable, but my top 3 consisted of Candice, Ashley, and Laurie.


I saw Ashley’s look come down the runway and I was like, Wow, so pretty! This was feminine, fashionable, and the back was GORGEOUS! I think the skirt could have worked a tad shorter, but overall, this look was super impressive! Shout-outs — JustFab for the stunning accessories, killer heels & coordinating white clutch; Sally Beauty for hair, lovely side-swept wavy do; & Mary Kay for the beauty look, very natural, slight cat eye, love it!


Laurie’s look was also a stand-out for me. I loved the volume on the top and the eye-catching print for the pencil skirt. Heads would definitely turn as this look walked the streets! Shout-outs — JustFab for the sexy heels and oversized envelope clutch


The judges top 3 differed from my own, as did their winner. Hands down, Candice should have won this week! How the judges picked Blake’s look over this one is mind-boggling to me. This look was bad ass, phenomenal jacket, and what a fit!


The best part, not only was it a great look, but it was also well-made, unlike the winning look. Come on judges, let’s reward execution as well as design!


Shout-outs — JustFab, love the heels! Also Mary Kay, love this bold red lip!


Even though Swapnil was not in my top 3, he still did an amazing job this week. And with the judges’ top 3, this should have at least came in 2nd! I love a LBD and I would for sure rock this one. It was super sexy and the back was quite alluring. I love when a look is captivating from all angles.


Blake rounded out the top 3 and was the winning look. I’m still not sure how this happened. I don’t think Blake should have gone home, but he even thought his look was in the bottom. That should kind of tell you something. If he couldn’t even be confident at first, how should we as viewers buy that this was not just in the top 3, but also the winning look??


The judges even admitted this look was poorly constructed, which even further confuses the result for me. I am eager to see more from Blake and I’ve loved a lot of what he has done this season. His look last week was my winning look and was far more deserving than this dress. I’m sure it will photograph well and the color use was great, but still not a winning look for me.


Shout-out, Sally Beauty, spectacular fishtail braid!

Before getting to the bottom, let’s look at the rest of the safe designs. Kelly’s look was quite interesting this week. I was impressed that she made a great pair of pants, especially after seeing so many horrific ones last week. But the more I look at her top, the more I love it. The styling threw me a bit, but this top had such great details, making it more than just a shirt & a pair of pants.


I will give Joseph & Merline some credit this week for showing signs of improvement. They really needed to at this point. Joseph’s black look was well-made and had a great fit. It wasn’t overly brilliant, but better than his previous work so good for him. Merline did amazing work with this jacket. I couldn’t fully see what was going on underneath the jacket, so not sure of my feelings there, but again, a vast improvement from not just last week, but all of her previous work.

pr14-ep4-jcp  pr14-ep4-ml

Shout-out — Sally Beauty, love Joseph’s messy updo

-project-run5way--sea   -project-ru1nway--sea

Edmond did a good job, little short, but much better than last week. Not top 3 material, but I appreciate a comeback. Jake’s look on the other hand was was a trainwreck. It was way too short and there was nothing innovative or original about this look at all. Hello, Tom Ford!! Shout-out to him with Sally Beauty though, love the sexy, gorgeous waves!


Lindsey came in third from the bottom. I pegged this as a bottom look as well. I don’t think she should have gone home, but my notes here were that the skirt could have been shorter and more of a crop for the crop top. I didn’t get the pairing of these 3 pieces. If the focus was on the inner pieces versus the outer, then I say ditch the outerwear. The judges were correct in saying that this ready as thick and it did swallow the model. Shout-outs Mary Kay for this stunning burgundy lip & Sally Beauty for another pretty side-swept wavy do!


I actually feel bad for Amanda at this point. Clearly the judges, producers, or someone does not like this girl. Why did they put her on the show then! I mean 3 weeks at the bottom, that is a lot. I think of all her bottom 3 placements, this was the most deserving, but seeing Jake escape the bottom then in light of the judges’ critiques this week, I’m baffled. I have seen Amanda’s previous work and I know she is better than this look. I actually plan to see her presentation with the House of Perna for NYFW in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait! I will continue my support of her despite the judges’ misguided bottom placements.


This left Gabrielle being eliminated this week. If I had it my way, Jake would have gone. So for everyone being upset over her early elimination, I believe the better answer or solution was not Amanda then being eliminated, but rather Jake. Gabrielle’s jacket was not that bad, but it was not a saving grace for the overall look.


The white dress was so basic and to then not be well-made was not a good thing. I hate seeing her go at this point, but I’m eager to continue to follow her work outside of the show. But from her body of work, I didn’t see her making top 3.


Shout-outs — JustFab for the metallic silver heels; Sally Beauty for the beautiful loose updo and Mary Kay for a stunning beauty look, nude lip & smoky eye.

PR Takes a Vacay!

Well….not exactly! But with time spent on the Celebrity Cruise line this week, as well as designing exotic location inspired looks, everyone was definitely embracing the vacation spirit. The designers met Tim aboard the Celebrity Summit (great little brand promos here!), as well as the President & CEO of Celebrity Cruise, Lisa Lutoff Perlo. I’m sure the designers were hoping for a small break in the craziness after the unconventional materials challenge last week, but no such luck as this week was the dreaded team challenge!


Each duo was called upon to create 1 look, a luxurious, high-end piece that could transition from day to night, all while embracing the spirit of the destination which would serve as the inspiration for the design teams. The button bag made it’s return to name the teams. Each team would then pick their suitcase, naming their destination inspiration. Inside each suitcase were fabrics capturing the spirit of that particular destination. Here is the breakdown for each pairing —

  • Amanda & Gabrielle with the South of France
  • Ashley & Candice, Venice
  • Lindsey & Jake, Hong Kong
  • Laurie & Swapnil, India
  • Kelly & Blake, Greek Isles
  • Edmond & Hanmiao, the Caribbean
  • Joseph & Merline, St. Petersburg


After snacking on some delicious cruise treats and sketching, the designers were off to the workroom to continue work for this 1-day challenge. Back in the workroom were some additional fabrics the duos could make use of, solid fabrics courtesy of Mood. There was a quick squabble between Amanda/Gabrielle and Blake/Kelly over some fabric, but it was clear from the get-go which teams would lead in the awards for drama in this episode!


The underlying problem for these teams, as well as for almost every other PR team challenge episode, was COMMUNICATION. Edmond was encouraging Hanmiao to actually communicate, but all she seemed to know how to say was “Shut-up, let me think.” They truly could not agree on a direction. Joseph took charge on his team’s look and Merline kind of sat back, let it happen, and really didn’t do much else. And with Lindsey & Jake, since early chats weren’t being received properly, all communication just kind of halted completely. More on this later, but for now, let’s check out Tim-time!


Tim applauded a few, but his main critiques were on the more troubled groups. For Edmond & Hanmiao, it was Edmond who wanted to go the swimwear route. Tim seemed to encourage this, although he failed to mention this during the judges’ critique, who didn’t really love the idea! Go figure! He warned Joseph & Merline about their look being too matronly, which clearly this advice was not taken. And for Lindsey & Jake, by Tim validating Lindsey’s ideas, I guess Jake couldn’t handle being shut down. Jake had spent most of the day talking down to Lindsey and shooting down her ideas. However, he came up with nothing to add in return. I don’t think Jake could handle Tim being more in agreement with Lindsey and he shut down. Boohoo! Had he been able to actually then re-group and work with Lindsey, maybe their look could have won.


Guest judge this week, Tracee Ellis Ross

The morning of the runway probably showcased the craziest bit of drama in the entire episode. Hanmiao’s bathing suit was not looking good, not finished and not great quality. With no discussion, Edmond started whipping up a new swimsuit. When Hanmiao caught wind of this, she quickly took the model into the bathroom to sew the model into her swimsuit. With time running out, Edmond was left with no choice but to send Hanmiao’s suit down the runway. CRAZY!! Both were in the wrong here, but this trainwreck of a duo really had no sign of hope!


Moving onto the runway, I will begin with the only safe look, Blake & Kelly. I was SHOCKED at how this look was not at least in the top 3. This was actually my winning look. The looked screamed destination or resortwear. I could easily see with the change of accessories how this jumpsuit would transition between night & day. What’s even more baffling was pretty much every top look this week had some criticism. So I’m curious to know what 1 judge hated this look so much because that is my guess as to how it missed being in the top! Shame, shame!


Sally Beauty hair shout-out — gorgeous up-do!


Ashley & Candice not only landed in the top 3, but both were this week’s winner. Usually in a team challenge, there is only 1 winner. Both did work so well together and couldn’t choose a winner themselves, so it was a pleasant surprise that the judges didn’t either. As soon as I saw this was in the top 3, I figured the judges would pick the look as the winner.


The judges called out Amanda & Gabrielle for having too much going on, so I’m not sure how that critique was overlooked here. You have mixed prints, oversized bottoms, cowl neck top, a huge one at that, and a jacket that covered everything all up! For me, I loved the pieces individually. A more simplistic, solid top would have worked just as well for this look since there was a bold, floral jacket. I just wasn’t a fan of it all together. But with all the drama in this episode, I very much loved seeing two strong, confident women work so well together and not be afraid to take some risks!


Of the judges’ top 3, I would have picked Lindsey & Jake. It was a little literal for me with Hong Kong and I wasn’t head over heels for the shorts, but the look just worked for me. The shimmering gold was a runway stand-out. The look had such great movement. As the judges pointed out, the fabrics were a huge benefit here, but I am still a fan! Lindsey had a breakthrough moment here and it was such a shame that the Jake drama had to pull away from that!


Shout-outs, Sally Beauty for the beautiful top-knot bun & Mary Kay for the stunning makeup look!!

I will say with Lindsey & Jake, it was such a nice “in your face” moment for Jake that this look landed in the top. He was so dismissive to Lindsey at first and then decided to let her do all the work. He thought the look would for sure land in the bottom and I’m sure he planned on blaming it all on Lindsey. Well ha, in yo face and not so much!!


Shout-outs — Another gorgeous bun, courtesy of Sally Beauty, and bold beauty look from Mary Kay!

Swapnil & Laurie rounded at the top 3. I am going to bring up Amanda & Gabrielle again. So it seemed the judges didn’t like their top, fine with the pants, putting them in the bottom. Yet the judges with this look, liked the top and sari, but not the pants, and this somehow means top 3?? Let’s face it, the pants here were not great, not at all! To me, the pants threw off the entire vibe of the look and were not made well at all, so I just couldn’t get behind this look.


I will say the sari was done in a great print and the top was exquisite. But I look back to Tim’s words when Swapnil conveniently picked India as an inspiration for the challenge. He said the standards would be higher at that point. I expected more from him and I didn’t get that from him with this look.


Gabrielle and Amanda were in this week’s bottom 3. I didn’t see this as a bottom look at all though. The judges’ focus was on the top, which the top portion was a bit wonky. But I thought the side bit with the underlining print was cool. And with all the pants that came down the runway this week, these were the best IMO. Also, the judges thought a little too much was going on here for just a top and a pair of pants — really?? I’m not sure about that, but seeing the other bottom 2 looks, it was clear these ladies were going to be safe so it all worked out in the end.


Next up for the bottom 3, Joseph & Merline. I was fine with the judges sending Hanmiao home, but really Joseph or Merline could have been eliminated and I would have saw no great loss. This lavender look was not only boring, but also not well-made. And if I’m not mistaken, was this fabric not the same as the lavender fabric from the 1st challenge. Mood must be really trying to get rid of this one!


This was definitely more of Joseph’s look than Merlines’, but neither designer gets a pass from me. Even if this dress was perfectly made, it would have been nothing special. And to say it wasn’t the best because you had to help your teammate, I mean really, what more were you going to do here!?! But Merline had some issues too. She sat back and said nothing to benefit the creative effort. And if Joseph had to help her that much, it makes me question her capabilities then as a designer. She wasn’t making anything that complex, just a cape.


This leaves Edmond and Hanmiao rounding out the bottom. And of course with Edmond having immunity, he was not in danger of elimination. Hanmiao was the eliminated designer. Even if Edmond could have been eliminated, I didn’t see that happening here. He’s been in the top twice, just a better body of work. I know the swimwear concept was his, but it didn’t seem as if Hanmiao wanted to do anything here unless it was her idea — her way or the highway. She drew the sketch, yet didn’t want to execute the look. She didn’t care for the fabrics. Edmond was right though, had they used a bunch of solids and nothing out of the suitcase, they would have been called out. And clearly she was out of her element in making the swimsuit. Edmond should have mentioned making a new one, but her going behind his back and forcing this swimsuit to go down the runway was not the best of ideas. Two wrongs do not make a right!


Sally Beauty shout-out — luscious waves!!

I actually thought the swimsuit Edmond was working on would have been better, but what was with this skirt!! It’s a surprise these 2 got anything accomplished. Time must have really been an issue here. I do think they spent a lot of time arguing and trying to figure things out. Clearly, the work suffered. Zac pointed out that Edmond stopped work on his skirt to create another swimsuit. But more work was not going to change the fact that this was a boring yellow skirt, nothing special! But as I said, it didn’t bother me that Hanmiao went home. Edmond made attempts to work as a team and she did not. Had she tried I believe a different outcome would have resulted!







2015 TCAs — Best Dressed

The 2015 Teen Choice Awards were held this past weekend, and naturally, tons and tons of major celebs were in attendance. Many graced the blue carpet, but here are my faves, ENJOY!!

Nina Dobrev


Nina was super chic & sexy in this look. Here are all of the fashionable details —

Chloe Lukasiak

attends the Teen Choice Awards 2015 at the USC Galen Center on August 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Chloe was sassy and stylish in her palm tree printed Sabo Skirt top and forest green LUBLU Kira Plastinina skirt. Other look details included —

Katie Stevens


Katie was red hot, fiery, and sexy in this crimson red Lorena Sarbu floral printed minidress. To complete her look —

Laura Marano


Laura, stylish and elegant in —

Lea Michele


Lea is full of smiles, radiantly glowing in this strapless red, white, and blue floral dress by Monique Lhuillier. Completing her look —

Lucy Hale


Lucy is electrifying in this plunging V-neck black and blue embroidered Julien Macdonald minidress. She accessorized & styled her look with

Eva Gutowski


Eva looks like a red carpet pro in this stunning turquoise sequined mini from Henri’s Cloud Nine, but a Jovani creation!

Candice Patton


This is a dress I’ve actually featured on another best dressed list, but I can’t help but to dub it that way again for Candice! Full look details —

Haley Ramm

Haley looks chic and sophisticated in this tea-length, rose pink, floral printed Adrianna Papell dress. So sweet! Other look details —

Dove Cameron


Not sure of the designer details on this one, but I nonetheless love this sky blue sequined dress. Dove looks beautiful!

Fifth Harmony

speaks onstage during the Teen Choice Awards 2015 at the USC Galen Center on August 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

These ladies always know how to rock sexy, fierce looks! Here is the breakdown for each gorgeous lady — (left to right)

  • Dinah is wearing a Candie’s navy blue mesh top, Alice and Olivia printed pants, and D’Orazio & Assoc accessories.(PR firm)
  • Ally is wearing a black off the shoulder N Nicholas top, Elizabeth & James white skirt with a high slit, and Candie’s shoes and accessories.
  • Normani is wearing a Candie’s sheer top and shoes, Ellery navy blue skirt with mid-slit, and D’Orazio & Assoc accessories.
  • Camila is wearing a black Candie’s crop top and heels, a Christopher Kane black skirt with thigh high slit, and D’Orazio & Assoc accessories.
  • Lauren is wearing a Karen Millen black jumpsuit and D’Orazio & Assoc and Candie’s accessories.

Greer Grammer


Another stunning look I am missing designer credits for, but you can’t go wrong with a LWD, well at least not like this! Greer looks amazing in this fitted LWD with a mid-riff cutout. Great choice in the bright pops of color with hot pink heels & a salmon clutch.

Gina Rodriguez


Gina look magnificent in this crocheted gunmetal Alberta Ferretti dress. Accessories include —

Gregg Sulkin


Gregg is handsome and sexy as ever, decked out in Emporio Armani!!

PR, Ep. 2, Another Clear Winner!

For Project Runway’s 2nd episode, we not only had the traditional unconventional material challenge, but by the runway’s end, another clear winner had been announced. Before all that, let’s hash out the episode details.


The designers met Tim at Hallmark, alongside Amy Merchant, Director of Branding for Hallmark Signature. Amy explained that just as with fashion, cards too can be pieces of art with stories to tell! In that spirit and for this unconventional materials challenge, it was only natural that the Hallmark Signature greeting cards be the materials used for the designers’ looks. The designers ransacked the Hallmark store, very quickly with only 2 minutes to shop, as they looked for inspirations and card embellishments that would potentially assist in embellishing their own creations this week.


It was then time to head back to the workroom for this 1-day challenge. There was some sorting and even designer sharing of the greeting cards. Although Edmond wasn’t quite so keen on sharing his thoughts or vision for the challenge. He even hesitated in sharing his plan during the behind-the-scenes interview! There was no singing this week in the workroom, but there was a little drama with Swapnil and Blake. Okay boys, to your corners!


Next up, Tim-time. Overall, Tim was thrilled with the designers’ ambition, but he cautioned the designers to watch their time. He worried more with time for some, such as Amanda, while others, he was worried about too much muslin or looks being too busy. Model fittings then seemed quite rushed, with focus on tight fits and worry over shortness.


By night’s end, Amanda was still in struggle-mode, while others were over the glue gun burns! The morning of seemed just as chaotic, with Hanmiao not sure what direction her look was supposed to go on, Gabrielle’s dress not opening, and Amanda calling out a manatee penis! It was then time for the runway, and joining Nina, Heidi, and Zac this week as guest judge was actress and producer Ashley Tisdale.


This week the judges named a top 4 and only a bottom 2. However, being that the judges weren’t all in agreement about this top 4, or at least one of the looks, I think they should have and definitely could have named a bottom 3. I’m not sure it would have changed the results, but a couple of designers could have too used stern warnings.

-project-runw2ay--sea    -project-run1way--sea

Ashley definitely got a word of warning from Heidi. It seems as if she did the same thing that sent one designer home this week. If Ashley didn’t have immunity, would she have been in the bottom? Yes. Sent home? Who knows?!? But Joseph for sure could have easily landed in the bottom with this oddly shaped, boxy skirt.

-project-runway--sea    -project4-run3way--sea

Merline too could have been a bottom contender. This look was sloppy, very arts & crafty, and even a bit in shambles. Gabrielle’s look too seemed to have some workmanship issues, definitely a short look! I see the work and vision here though, but I think she got caught up in it. But compared to her grey bland look from last week, I was happy to see more creative vision here, even if the vision wasn’t fully realized. (Great JustFab heels though, shout-out!)

-proje6ct-runway--sea     -project-runw8ay--sea

Lindsey had a great start here as well, a vision, but I didn’t totally buy it. This look seemed a bit stiff, but I saw more here than the basic romper from last week so I’m hopeful. Jake’s look was a pretty, sparkly look, but not much more than a LBD. I wanted a little more here. This look just seemed a little safe. But I did love the fabulous JustFab accessories, metallic silver heels & a black clutch.

-project-run9way--sea    -project-run8way--sea

Candice had a little disco-ball fever with this metal-esque look. I thought it looked well-made for this type of challenge. Hanmiao too had an intriguing look. I thought the shape & fit was off, but the way she utilized the cards and organized them, it made her look very eye-catching.


Laurie was actually in my top. I loved this gold, shimmery frock. The top/bodice was exquisite. I thought it was fun, playful, and flirty! Keep up the good work Laurie!


But onto the judges’ top and to the clear winner of the week, Edmond. This bridal look was divinely elegant. It was as if art was coming down the runway. And way to help with pushing the brand Edmond; I’m sure Hallmark loved this! Heidi was right to point out so many great things about this ls look, such as the volume, proportions, and yes, even sexiness.


Shout-out for the nude heels, courtesy of JustFab. And Nina was 100% right here, this was such a special moment!


Blake may have been blunt earlier on in the episode, but going from last week to this look, it was massively impressive. Yes it was glitter mania. And you will either love it or hate it. But you have to look at this dress for what it is. It’s a fun party dress. You could rock it for a birthday, or even as Nina suggested, New Years. I’m sure you would stand out and sparkle all night!


I can see why Swapnil was in the top. I think both the top and the bottom here were phenomenal. However, I disagreed with the judges’ love of these 2 aspects as a combo deal. I felt such a disconnect. But I am head over heels about this crazy, cool floral embellished skirt.


Kelly rounded out the judges top 4. I still say a bottom 3 would have been better. But Kelly did do some great work here with this detailed crop top. The hoodie on the back, it was all just so stunning! I wasn’t crazed over the fringe skirt, but Kelly was another who took a big leap from the previous week’s look, so Kudos to her!


So in the bottom, only 2, Amanda and David. We all know Amanda was struggling with her skirt, meaning time was not on her side this week. The skirt was a little crazy, but I don’t think this look was as bad as the judges were going on about, especially in light of at least 2 other designers who I mentioned earlier, Merline & Joseph.


This top was pretty special. I’m not sure what was so special in certain other looks that kept them out of the bottom. But Amanda should have kept it more simple with the skirt. I’m glad she didn’t leave this week though!


Shout-out for this lovely side-swept updo, courtesy of Sally Beauty.


This left David going home. For almost any other challenge, I’m not sure the decision would be the same. But he really showed very little creativity with putting text on sparkled muslin. This is the same as when in the past judges have called out designers for using table cloth and shower curtains. The whole point is to use unconventional materials and David failed to do that.


I will give a shout-out though for David on all fronts — love the JustFab heels; Sally Beauty luscious waves; and natural, minimalist Mary Kay make-up look.

This might be one of the best bottom looks ever eliminated, but by not following the challenge guidelines, not thinking outside of the box, the judges could not ignore these facts.


#WCW — All Things Lauren Conrad


So for this Wednesday, this #WCW, I am dedicating it, fashionably speaking, to the ever–talented, extremely gorgeous, forever fashionista Lauren Conrad, aka LC. I have been a fan of this lady ever since her reality days on Laguna Beach and The Hills. At first, I was always captivated by her own sense of personal style. Literally any outfit I would spot her in, I would want!




As soon as learned of her design work though, I knew I would be hooked on her own creations as well. So whether it is LC’s higher-end line in that of Paper Crown, or her more RTW pieces thru her exclusive line with Kohls, I have been and forever will be a fan.



Her collection with Paper Crown is for those who want to have fun…and look lovely while doing so. Lauren Conrad’s designs are a modern take on classic style, with an emphasis on fabric fit to create staples for the contemporary women’s closet.



The collection is composed of romantic dresses, feminine blouses, chic day wear, and tailored basics. The result: an understated elegance that is both effortless and sophisticated. There are even bridal pieces now with LC’s bridesmaid dress collection.


It was founded in 2010 by Lauren Conrad & Maura McManus. Now on its impressive 17th collection, the line shows 5 seasons and 6 to 8 deliveries a year, completely designed by Conrad. Her love of fanciful design elements that transcend the boundaries of everyday fashion are beloved by customers & fans alike.The paper crown brand continues to grow, while maintaining an aesthetic that is fresh and  forward with a feminine charm.


Scattered throughout this post are images from current pieces by Lauren Conrad, on sale at Kohls. Also, I have images of my own personal items that I own from her various collections!





LC also has a lifestyle blog, encompassing decorating, crafting, fashion, and more! Lauren has added “best selling author” to her resume after signing multiple book deals with Harper Collins. Lauren’s first novel, “L.A. Candy” debuted #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List for over a month. Since releasing this first best seller, Lauren has released “Sweet Little Lies,” “Sugar and Spice,” “Lauren Conrad Style” and “Lauren Conrad Beauty,” all of which have topped best seller lists. Lauren then signed another book deal for series titled “The Fame Game,” penning her final books titled “Starstruck” and “Infamous.”





As if this lady was not already multi-faceted enough, Lauren has also teamed up with BlueAvocado, a sustainable lifestyle products company on a mission to inspire millions to reduce their ecological footprint with “cool products for a hot planet.” Lauren has since designed two eco-collections for BlueAvocado, which include stylish prints and new products that expand the company’s food-on-the-go product portfolio to include home storage, travel and cosmetic accessories.



Clearly I’m a fan and I hope to in the future read more of LC’s books, own more of her pieces, and maybe, just maybe, attend  a fashion show or presentation of hers!



Project Runway is Back in Action!!

And as always for the 1st episode, there is lots to report! Lots of designers. Lots of looks to grace the 1st runway. And lots of other show details from designer intros to workroom beginnings. So let’s get right to it with the 1st challenge of season 14!


Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn met the group of 16 designers at Madison Square Garden to give them their challenge details. It was nothing out of the ordinary, very typical for a PR 1st challenge. The designers had 1 day to create any garment of their choosing, as long as it represented their designer POV. There were a few tiny catches — limited fabrics (courtesy of Mood) and only 3 minutes to shop, and by shop I mean to run around Madison Square Garden as the fabrics were scattered over the arena, draped over the seats. Each designer could only take 4 textiles. And since the designers were only provided with a limited number of fabrics, these choices could be ones the designers would not typically work with or might not be familiar with using.


The designers got a little crazed running around the arena, lots of snatching and definitely some aggressive behavior. But it was then off to the workroom where everyone got settled into their workstations with some friendly hellos and getting to know each other a little better. The mood of the room came down quite a bit though with some of the designers questioning their fabric choices and a major PR first!


Three designers, David, Swapnil, and Merline, did not bring their designer kits. Needless to say, Tim was shocked as this had never happened before on PR. Those designers were left to the kindness of their fellow castmates. I’m assuming everyone was given a helping hand as nobody seemed to have any further issues. A bit of other drama from this 1st episode, #projectmusical. Merline was singing about the workroom, definitely being dubbed as the season chatterbox. All fellow designers seemed quite annoyed to say the least!


The fun and laughter came to a quick end as Tim Time came around. There was a mixture of nervous designers, questions from Tim, and even some praise. Notably Tim had a disconnect with Edmond and some disagreements with Hanmiao. But overall, Tim left the designers with some firm notes. He was very disappointed and wanted the designers to turn their lumps of coal into diamonds!


As time for the first runway rolled around, it was also time for some of the season’s intros. The entire runway and set for the runway had been re-invented. Accessories this year were provided by JustFab. Mary Kay Cosmetics were back to provide makeup services. And new for this year, Sally Beauty was on board to work as the hair team.


As in previous seasons, the runway was being judged “anonymously” and the Tim Gunn save would return. The 1st guest judge of the season to join Heidi, Nina, and Zac was Hannah Davis, model and soon to be host of PR Junior.


With regard to the massive 1st runway, I was not in total agreement with Heidi’s statement that it was so spectacular. There was definitely some highlights, but I kind of agreed with Tim’s earlier sentiment of disappointment. Many of the safe designers were just that, lucky to be safe. The bottom 3 I couldn’t say I disagreed with, but I believe a few other designers could have easily found themselves to be in the bottom. I will give one honorable mention that was in my top, but forgotten by the judges, and that was Swapnil’s sassy royal blue frock. I love this color choice and the bodice was intricately created and detailed. In the midst of mediocrity, Swapnil certainly stood out for me.


Another quick honorable mention, Amanda. The more and more I look at her design, the more and more I like it. But what I wanted to point out was a shout-out for her work with Mary Kay and Sally Beauty. We see a lot of updos on PR, so to see a fresh, gorgeous hair look that is down, I had to give some props here. But also, I thought the sunkist, bronzed beauty look was a great pairing with her flirty, girly, fun look.


Ashley was the clear winner though this week. This look was so chic, very fashionable. I can’t imagine any young fashionista wouldn’t be over the moon to wear this piece!


Ashley not only created a rave look, but she stood out with hair and makeup as well. This lovely chignon updo by Sally Beauty was spot on. And the bold burgundy lip by Mary Kay was a great touch.


I was 100% in agreement with the judges here, top 3 placement and winning look. I loved that Nina pointed out the texture. This was so impressive for a 1st look and I’m happy Ashley was given immunity for next week. But I would hope she doesn’t need it!


The other 2 designers in the top I was more on the fence about. Edmond’s black tube dress with a train, showcasing a bright neon color, was very much a turnaround from Tim time. But I’m not sure about the neon fabric on the train as Hannah pointed out as well. In fact, several of the designers made use of a yellow under-fabric so I’m guessing it might have been the most prevalent of the fabric choices at Madison Square Garden. Clearly Mood was trying to get rid of this busy color! I believe it was Nina that was quick to remind her fellow judges that this was not overly innovative, a tube dress with a train. I might have responded differently without the neon color, maybe a royal purple or cobalt blue, but I get that Edmond was working with what he had. I appreciate his ability to “make it work”!


Merline rounded out the top 3 this week, but I was not so gaga over this one. I loved the use of color. And there were some nice details, but I just wasn’t over the moon here. Just as with Edmond though, I know Merline did a lot to make this work. I would just hope for the future we see less chat and more work. It will only serve to improve her work.


Nobody wants to be the first to go, but this is PR and each week there is a bottom 3 and one must go. Of the bottom 3, I was so surprised to see Blake become a part of this, so I’m happy he was saved. I loved Blake’s audition pieces, so I certainly didn’t want him axed first. This print could be a lot to take, but I think it was a bold, daring choice, which I applaud him for. However, there was a lot going on here and with such a busy print, too much wasn’t going to work. And again, we see this god awful yellow color as part of an under-fabric, which really didn’t make much sense. So I don’t disagree with the judges on this one, but I’m hopeful we will see better from Blake in the future!


This left Hanmiao and Duncan in the bottom 2. The judges felt Duncan didn’t do enough and when it comes down to designers not doing enough versus doing too much, the one who doesn’t do enough generally goes home. What saved Hanmiao was the judges did get her aesthetic, which was not a vibe they received from Duncan. I actually believe if Hanmiao had ditched the jacket she would have been safe. The dress on it’s own wasn’t altogether terrible, but with the matchy-matchy coat, it was too much. The dress still had some issues, but I’m guessing with sole focus on the dress, it might have been better. I know she demonstrated a stubborn side with Tim, but Duncan firmly stood by his design with the judges. On top of doing too little, it just wasn’t going to clearly work out in saving Duncan.


Duncan selected a stunning bun updo, which I loved for this look. I also liked the back. But other than that, this gown was a hot mess. If you are going to just drape, you have to do so superbly. And this wasn’t it. Duncan accepted his elimination well though; he left with his head held high.




Project Runway Returns!

hp-images-pr14-newLifetime’s hit reality series, Project Runway, is back for it’s 14th season this Thursday, August 6th!! As an avid fan, I know I am excited!! How about you?!? I wanted to put together a little intro piece for this exciting event, discuss the designers, the season details, and more! So for all you PR fanatics just like me, ENJOY!!


There are 16 designers coveting and competing for the PR title this season. Not only is the competition for the title, but a host of prizes including:

  • $100,000 to launch his or her business
  • a Celebrity Cruises® modern luxury vacation
  • a year’s worth of products courtesy of Sally Beauty
  • the opportunity to consult with Sally Beauty to create a limited edition “FingerPaints” nail color collection
  • a 2015 Lexus RC 350
  • a complete sewing and crafting studio from Brother Sewing and Embroidery
  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine, and
  • from Mary Kay, an entire year’s worth of beauty products for their fashion shows and professional makeup artist services for their debut show.


In addition to the always impressive and talented judges, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and mentor Tim Gunn (and his save!), top names in the entertainment industry sitting as guest judges this season include: Bella Thorne, Kiernan Shipka, Tracee Ellis Ross, Paula Patton, Ashley Tisdale, Shiri Appleby, Constance Zimmer, Ciara, Mel B, Coco Rocha, Lisa Perry, and Hannah Davis.

So let’s meet the designers —

Amanda Perna: 28, Delray Beach, FL


Amanda’s studies included The University of Alabama, as well as a first internship with Oscar de la Renta. Her strengths, putting together cohesive collections, mixing colors and prints, as well as thinking outside the box.



More on Amanda & her brand The House of Perna

Gabrielle Arruda: 27, New York, NY 


Gabrielle hails from NYC and studied at the infamous Parsons, The New School for Design. Her strengths include time management and designing pieces that reflect her style and accomplish the task at hand. She has a modern and feminine sensibility infused into her designs.

pr14-ga-pastwork12  pr14-ga-pastwork8

More on Gabrielle

Hanmiao Yang: 27, New York, NY


Hanmiao’s strengths include being a fast learner and time management. She pays attention to detail, can work under stress, is a problem solver, and being a multi-tasker.

pr14-hy-pastwork3  pr14-hy-pastwork10

More on Hanmiao

Edmond Newton: 37, Atlanta, GA


Edmond’s strengths lie with evening wear & high fashion. He’s been trying to get on since season 1, is this is time??

pr14-en-pastwork2  pr14-en-pastwork4

More on Edmond

Jake Wall: 36, San Francisco, CA


Jake’s strengths include that he is a fast learner, impeccable with time management, pays attention to detail, can work under stress, is a problem solver, and can multi-task.



More on Jake

Joseph Charles Poli: 37, Las Vega, NV


Designer strengths include creating a strong silhouette, fit and tailoring.



More on Joseph

Blake Patterson: 24, Los Angeles, CA


Designer strengths include designs, fabric selections, craftsmanship, and creating something amazing!

pr14-bp-pastwork4  untitled

More on Blake

Swapnil Shinde: 34, Mumbai, India



With a 4th time in auditioning, Swapnil is ready to show off his exquisite skills in patternmaking.


More on Swapnil —

Merline Labissiere: 32, Savannah, GA


Merline attended SCAD. She is very conceptual, tending to think outside the box, both with designs and the colors she uses. Architectural elements come out in the way Merline designs patterns.



More on Merline

Laurie Underwood: 29, Chicago, IL


Her designer strengths include creating looks that allow women to stand out, while fitting in at the same time.



More on Laurie — (brand is Wanda Grace)

Lindsey Creel: 28, Austin, TX


Lindsey feels she is strongest with patternmaking, sewing, and ready-to-wear.

pr14-lc-pastwork1   pr14-lc-pastwork5

More on Lindsey, M.E. Shirley

Candice Cuoco: 27, San Francisco, CA


Candice was honored to win the SF Best Emerging Designer in 2013 and nominated for Designer of the Year in 2014. She feels and interprets everything deeply. “Women are emotional creatures and to pay close attention to the meaning behind why I create is my strength.”

pr14-cc-pastwork2  pr14-cc-pastwork11

More on Candice, House of CCUOCO

Ashley Nell Tipton: 24, San Diego, CA


Designer strengths include sewing construction, thinking outside of the box, and problem solving.

pr14-at-pastwork9  pr14-at-pastwork3

More on Ashley

David Giampiccolo: 31, Hollywood, CA


David is highly client centric, focused, and based, so he strives to make my designs comfortable and mix street wear with a touch of couture.



More on David

Duncan Chambers-Watson: 25, Auckland, New Zealand


Duncan’s designer strengths are tailoring, knitwear and patternmaking.

pr14-dcw-pastwork2  pr14-dcw-pastwork5

Kelly Dempsey: 31, Boston, MA


Kelly is confident, with a designer strength in that of creating her own individuality, picking and choosing what she wanted to learn along the way, leading her to the designer she is today.

pr14-kd-pastwork1   pr14-kd-pastwork4

More on Kelly with Keli Couture