Check Out M.M. Lafleur’s NYC Pop-up While You Can!

100_5577                                           100_5597

I was first introduced to M.M. Lafleur earlier this year at Baublebar’s pop-up during a collaboration event. M.M. Lafleur is both a luxury fashion brand, but also, very much a high fashion label. You can always shop online, but until Nov. 3rd, you can also check out their pop-up in Soho, 91 Grand Street. Look below for their remaining upcoming events!

100_5560       100_5570       100_5571

There is a wide variety both at the popup and online, lots of cuts, fits, silhouettes, and colors. You can check out the full selection here and see just how amazing the styles are, from the Mae to Michaella to Yoko to Sophia. Also available at the popup are great selections of belts, blazers, cardigans, and scarves. With M.M. Lafleur you are getting amazing quality, but at a more affordable price, as compared to the high-end luxury designers.

100_5562                                                   100_5564

The design team is packed full of experience. You have a former head designer for Zac Posen, who also worked with major brands such as Jason Wu and Theory. The fabric is nothing but the best as it’s shipped from top mills in both Italy & Japan. The belts are high quality leather. M.M. Lafleur’s ethos, as they say, is simple: to make the purposeful woman look and feel beautiful. Learn more about the brand here!

100_5565                                   100_5578

There is a lot rave about with this brand. There is so much versatility. The colors are very much on trend for the upcoming fall season, with options of lilac grey, peacock blue, oatmeal, aubergine, mayan red, charcoal, black, cinnamon and more. But what is great is that the colors are not just geared for the upcoming seasons, it will also work throughout the year. You can wear with or without tights/hosiery, dress up in heels or down with flats, and you could even pair with a light jacket or sweater if need be.

100_5582                                                     100_5593

There are a few specific upcoming events for the pop-up’s final days:

  • Friday, Nov. 1st, 6-8 pm: Shopping Event for Women in Law
  • Sat., Nov. 2nd, 1-3 pm: Keep Calm & Carry on with Hitha on the Go
  • Sun., Nov. 3rd, 2-4 pm: Building your Personal Brand

100_5594                                  100_5577

So while it’s sad the pop-up vanishes after Nov. 3rd, it doesn’t mean there are not amazing opportunities to shop online. This team knows a woman doesn’t just try on one dress and tada!, that it’s the winner. When you shop online, you can select up to 4 dresses to have shipped. You then have 7 days to make your decision. Shipping is on Lafleur, both ways, how awesome is that?!? You only pay for what you keep! M.M. Lafleur is working diligently to find tailors to partner with across the nation. For now, in NYC, there is Beyond Bespoke. So if you need to make any tweaks, you can receive a discount from their tailor partners.

yoko                sophia                   sarah

If you have questions, you can easily contact the team or check out the FAQs page.

michaella-cinnamon-detail                       lydia-celedon-1                 felisa

PRAS3: Punk Clearly Has a Wide Interpretation!


Don’t get me wrong from my title! I thought the episode was great and I saw a lot of well-crafted and well-designed pieces. I am just not sure how many truly encompassed the punk attitude and spirit, i.e. just tacking some safety pins on a look! Project Runway All-Stars Season 3 is clearly going to be filled with twists and shocking eliminations. I don’t see many bad designs going home, just those who didn’t meet the challenge!

So yes, PRAS’s started out with the fun intros & meet and greets. It seems as if there were so many from Season 10-Melissa, Christopher & Elena. I am intrigued to see which designers will make for some dramatic TV! Will it be Seth Aaron and Jeffrey, or really Elena and anyone, haha, but perhaps Irina?? Who knows, but as a devoted fan to PR, all shapes and forms, I am hooked and ready for this season!


Alyssa Milano is this season’s host and judge. She promptly greeted the designers at the start of the episode, forewarning that this season there is no IMMUNITY! So every week, each designer must be on their A++ game! Alyssa then provided details for the 1st challenge — to create your own version of a punk-rock runway look. Punk is not a new trend, but really was brought to the forefront this past year, as it was also the trend featured for the 2013 Met Gala. Punk rock icon, Debbie Harry, served as the guest judge this week. And in a last minute surprise and twist, she decided to wear the winning look for a future event. So with about a day to work, what else was in store for the designers this week?

pras3-ep1-episode31                                              pras3-ep1-episode28

So the designers were off to Mood, but never left?? Yes, the designers had to give up their many Parson’s workroom comforts-lots of space, a lounge, etc. Needless to say, working in the basement at Mood was a tight space, thus lots of floor and in-between the aisle work was going on. Right off the bat, we saw traditional designer no-no’s: biting off more than you can chew, as with Elena, and time management, as with Melissa. Zanna to the rescue!

Zanna Roberts Rossi, Marie Claire‘s Senior Fashion Editor, will serve as the designers’ mentor this season. And so what did Zanna time produce for the designers? I thought she gave some great advice, a little cliche, but very typical for PR — keep an editing eye, time management, don’t play it safe, and of course, remember the challenge! The designers were then onto the runway day, which was also done right at Mood, crazy! This season, the accessories wall is hosted by QVC, makeup is provided by Mary Kay, and haircare from Alterna. We saw some interesting designer processes during that past day — Ari turning pant legs into shorts and using those pant legs as sleeves?? Also, what I guess made Elena’s look what it was, she had the model wear the jacket backwards. But we clearly saw this suggestion was made by her model, so funny! So how did these designers fare for their 1st all-star runway?


Well, as I already mentioned, I saw a lot of great looks, but I don’t think most with this punk challenge. I was all over the place with my personal picks for top and bottom so I will just critique and go over what the judges picked. I agreed more with the bottom picks than the top. It was hard to pick a bottom because really, no designer in the bottom had a completely horrible look, it was just all about not meeting the challenge. I love Melissa so I was surprised to see here there, but if she works better with time, I don’t think she will re-visit the bottom anytime soon! But from her last PR go-round, we know time management was always her Achilles heel. Viktor’s look was designed so well, I mean that jacket was pretty phenomenal. But as the judges pointed out, it wasn’t really punk, it was almost too perfect, and the two pieces didn’t seem to work well together. Finally, with Ari, I agree with the judges’ decision to eliminate her first. The look was pretty far removed from punk and for me, was just blah. But for the judges’ top picks, I was a bit more in disagreement.

pras3-ep1-episode25                 pras3-ep1-episode23                    pras3-ep1-episode24

I guess though, it was also hard to select a top 3. I liked many of the safe looks, but I questioned if they were truly punk. I 100% agreed that Seth Aaron should be in the top and really for me, he was the clear winner. His look was so punk, so stunning, great fit, I mean the list could really go on and on. I think the most out of place top pick for me was Jeffrey though. I didn’t really love this look. It seemed a bit bulgy too me, but I also didn’t get the punk nature of it. I welcome any explanations for that! And so with Elena, while I didn’t agree with her top 3 placement, it almost came as no surprise that she was in top 3 and also won the challenge this week. I mean, how many times during the episode were we reminded that she never won a challenge during her first sting on PR?!?

pras3-ep1-episode26                 pras3-ep1-episode22              pras3-ep1-episode27

I look forward to this season! If you missed my intro piece for the designers, here is that link. Also, just as a reminder, we do have back on the judging panel this season, the stunning Georgina Chapman of Marchesa and Isaac Mizrahi. Here is the full list of the highest ever in PR history prize package, worth over 3/4s of a million dollars! I forgot one off the list from my 1st post:

  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire and a position at the magazine as Contributing Editor for one year
  • the opportunity to design a collection to be sold on QVC
  • Next Generation technology and office space from HP and Intel to help grow their business and bring their creative vision to life
  • a year’s supply of resource® Natural Spring Water and an all-expenses paid, luxurious trip for two to South East Asia courtesy of resource® Water
  • professional hair styling and photography for all of the designer’s upcoming fashion shows throughout the year, courtesy of Alterna Haircare-Wow, this is pretty awesome!!
  • from Mary Kay, an entire year’s worth of beauty products for their fashion shows as well as professional makeup artist services for their debut show-Another wow prize!
  • a cash prize of $150,000
  • complete custom sewing studio to launch the winning line from Brother Sewing and Embroidery

pras3-ep1-episode34Wow!! I love this prize package because there are so many practical and useful aspects. Thanks for reading, remember to stay fully updated with Fashion Nexus by liking on Facebook or following on Twitter. I of course have another great giveway ongoing, so by liking on Facebook, you are automatically entered!


If You’re in NYC-Check out the Yumi Kim Sample Sale!!

You might remember a recent piece I write on the featured designer brand Yumi Kim. If not, that’s okay, here is the link so check it out! Yumi Kim specializes in fun floral prints and feminine mystique. So whether you are stocking up for next spring or you want to mix things up for the fall, this is a sample sale you should check out!

100_5551    100_5553      100_5556

There are dresses (shorter and longer), rompers, blouses, shorts, skirts, shoes, handbags, jewelry and more!

100_5558                           100_5545

Check out the flyer below, but here are the basics:

  • Sale started Oct 23rd, but is going on until Oct 27th
  • The location is Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, ground floor
  • The hours are Thur-Sat from 11 am-8 pm and then Sun from 11 am-6pm
  • All sales are final
  • Both cash and credit cards will be accepted

This sale is up to 75% off prices. So you can shop for dresses & rompers for $60, tops & bottoms for $50. Yumi Kim is making an imprint in the fashion industry and has been featured in major fashion magazines such as Glamour & Cosmopolitan.



100_5541                                       100_5542

100_5543                                    100_5550

All About Project Runway All-Stars, Season 3!


It was so great blogging about this most recent season of PR that I couldn’t resist also blogging about the all-stars season. I wrote an intro piece as well for the past regular season, picking early frontrunners and all; I was 1 for 3 :(. This time, I think I will just stick to my personal rank of fave to least fave, current bios and some recent design images. Let’s get started!

Irina Shabayeva                                   B0rwcCF                         Season 6 Winner

Since her time on PR, Irina has cultivated breathtaking bridal collections. She has also been busy designing for celebs such as Carrie Underwood and Selena Gomez.

carrie-underwood-irina-shabayeva                                         pras3-irina-portfolio28

peoples choice awards 14 060111                                                                   pras3-irina-portfolio23

Melissa Fleis                                   rdQYLF3                          Season 10 finalist

Melissa grew so much during her last stint on PR. I can’t wait to see what she brings this time around! She’s created a few collections since her time on PR. Also, she’s had a fair share of press from several publications such as Coterie & Refinery 29.

pras3-melissa-work00             pras3-melissa-work02             M_FLEIS__W0A2575_YELLOW_DC_3

Christopher Palu                                              seNBorB                  Season 10 Finalist

Chris was amazing the 1st time around on PR so I’m sure we are in for some great designs this time too!

68214_517802324905502_1445129759_n                              375874_504582969560771_1443336605_n

486661_504582732894128_92918263_n                                                   564077_504582689560799_581508148_n

Seth Aaron Henderson                                             KGpZeA9                 Season 7 Winner

Seth Aaron has definitely kept busy since his big win on PR, lots of press and several fashion week collections. I even see some expansion into menswear, as well as Seth Aaron touch for womenswear.

pras3-seth-work20              pras3-seth-work19               pras3-seth-work10

Viktor Luna                                                  P34gmgm                                Season 9 Finalist

Viktor took his moving works of art while on PR and has created some wonderful pieces since then. I see that Carly Rae Jespen and Keri Hilson have worn his pieces, so congrats to Viktor!

photo_23-234x362                                              photo_1_2-406x406pras3-viktor-work7                                                                   pras3-viktor-work5

Jeffrey Sebelia                                                                4070_original                         Season 3 Winner

Well Jeffrey already impressed me so much on PR, way back when, but wait, he is designing for kids now!! How Cute!

pras3-jeffrey-work20                 pras3-jeffrey-work16           pras3-jeffrey-work9

pras3-jeffrey-work8              pras3-jeffrey-work3          pras3-jeffrey-work13

Mychael Knight                                                Vls5IGl                                   Season 4 Finalist

Read all about Mychael here! Lots of work to report, celebs such as Jennifer Hudson and 112 have donned his looks. I just remember Mychael being on PR and all of his looks were always so cool and sexy. So I can’t wait to see where his design work is at now!

pras3-mychael-work3                   pras3-mychael-work7              pras3-mychael-work1

Ari South                                        ac60c603-a1c7-44e8-84b5-8d9cb35c148d_project-runway-all-stars-andy-ari        Season 8 Finalist

Yes, you see this right! It’s one thing to report how a designer has grown with their work, but Ari clearly changed and grew in other ways too! I can’t wait to see how Ari works this time around!

pras3-ari-work1                   pras3-ari-work2         pras3-ari-work13

Daniel Esquivel                                                      hdofZPl                              Season 11

pras3-daniel-work1                 pras3-daniel-work2        pras3-daniel-work3

Korto Momolu                                                  M4c2jyC                                     Season 5

pras3-korto-work4               pras3-korto-work6                    pras3-korto-work3

Elena Slivnyak                                                             Hyn5Glk                   Season 10

pras3-elena-work1                  pras3-elena-work2              pras3-elena-work3

The host this season is Alyssa Milano who will I guess also be judging or at least on that panel. Zanna Roberts Rassi will be the mentor or the Tim Gunn of PR. Each week, the two remaining judges, Isaac Mizrahi & Georgina Chapman, will be joined by a guest judge.

Also this season, just as with the current PR season, there is another big prize package, worth almost $1 million!!

  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire and a position at the magazine as Contributing Editor for one year
  • Next Generation technology and office space from HP and Intel to help grow their business and bring their creative vision to life
  • a year’s supply of resource® Natural Spring Water and an all-expenses paid, luxurious trip for two to South East Asia courtesy of resource® Water
  • professional hair styling and photography for all of the designer’s upcoming fashion shows throughout the year, courtesy of Alterna Haircare-Wow, this is pretty awesome!!
  • from Mary Kay, an entire year’s worth of beauty products for their fashion shows as well as professional makeup artist services for their debut show-Another wow prize!
  • a cash prize of $150,000
  • complete custom sewing studio to launch the winning line from Brother Sewing and Embroidery

CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SEASON!! Remember, keep up with all things Fashion Nexus by liking on Facebook and/or following on Twitter!

Project Runway’s Winner: Not Mine, but Still Well-Deserved!

So alas, Project Runway Season 12 has come to an end. I have had so much fun this season, watching, blogging and of course, dream come true, attending the finale during MBFW at Lincoln Center! Blogging about the episodes and interacting with so many other fans made this season all the more enjoyable. It was also just such a surreal experience to be at Lincoln Center on that amazing finale day!

pr12-ep14-episode_02    pr12-ep14-episode_06     pr12-ep14-episode_04

All the judges, including guest judge Kerry Washington, looked amazing!!

So how did this season wrap up? Who won?!? Well let’s not jump the gun. Let’s begin with the reminder that the designers had a new look to create. Yes, this was something to do just days before showing at MBFW! This is the Tide Challenge. The designers were to design a high fashion look that you can toss right into the washing machine. What I’m sure was also difficult is that the designers had to toss out a look from their 10 look collections. Ah, decisions, decisions! The designers were off to Mood, still with their GoBank cards, with a budget of $250. So with one look to create, lots of finishing touches to make, model castings, and the make-up/hair decisions to consult about, the workroom was of course pandemonium!

Tim made his routine visits, patting Bradon on the back, instructing Alexandria to break up the monotony, reminding Justin to keep the looks fresh, and finally, making sure Dom kept an editing eye. A few other workroom notes-Alexandria already made so many pieces and was somehow making more, CRAZY!! Dom talks a lot, while Bradon runs around a lot! It was also nice to see Alexandria be so nice, she shared a zipper with Dom. So from the workroom craziness we can move to backstage, right before the show is to begin, and yes, there was still chaos!

I will say the backstage this season wasn’t as crazy as it was in seasons’ past. We didn’t see Tim saying it was preposterous that the designers weren’t ready. There were a few speedbumps. Justin’s model broke an ankle so he had to get a substitute and re-work the look. Bradon was repeatedly freaking out about the models not eating or drinking near the garments and it turned out, the freakout was warranted. One of the models spilled coffee down a silk dress, ahhhh! Bradon, in tow with a hairdryer, saved the day and the look. So how did each designer do and what did the judges have to say?

0i8WzmS                   1J0wAYB               7aEwHGE

So let’s start with Justin, who was in 3rd place. We saw last week that his inspiration was about the transition of being deaf to finally being able to hear. I can tell you, from being at the show, the crowd was most into this collection. There were some great aspects, the cool 3d prints, great silhouettes, lovely back details and I enjoyed the diversity and versatility present in the collection. I’m not sure what his Tide look was, but the test tube, unconventional material look, was stunning. I still think there was a lot of white.

a6XO6HW            CalEPHY                   jLkQQeq

The collection could have used a pop of color, something to perhaps better explain that feeling of hearing for the 1st time. When Justin showed 3 looks last week, the story made more sense with those 3 looks. I’m not sure if the order he chose this week best translated his story, but it was still a very inspired collection. Also, I would have put my muse model, the one the judges see during deliberations, in a different look. I think the judges felt there was something missing from this collection and they were right.

we7vis3Sl8kNcqqOGQE6aTest tube look

Moving on now to 2nd place, a personal shock for me, was Alexandria. I’ve said my piece about her. I didn’t care for her collection. It’s not my style. It’s clearly one Heidi loved, but all of a sudden the other judges being so gushing seems a bit suspicious for me, but she didn’t win so I won’t vent too much!


I liked the dress made of phonebooks for the unconventional look. This is akin to newspaper looks we’ve seen in the past, but I do think she put innovation in the more appropriate place, the rest of her collection. The looks with a bit more simplicity I enjoyed more, but when the looks were overly busy or oddly draped with the pants, I just wasn’t impressed.

OjIneM8     Unconventional look-phonebooks  8JbucWm

A2zR2W3                                                                       az9U4Ok

IIf5tp7                                                                      hCVYRNk

I was equally as shocked that Bradon was in 4th place though! I know why, this collection was one that you had to love fully or that you didn’t. Nina thought it was disjointed, but I didn’t see that at all, I thought it was cohesive. Maybe the one bright blue tye-dye sort of look didn’t fit in the best with the rest, but that hardly calls for labeling as disjointed. Zac didn’t enjoy the shinier pieces, but I thought it made perfect sense for his story. It wasn’t just the 1st sign of spring, it was the 1st sign while snow was still on the ground. The shiny represented the icy backdrop.

5sAQEKC  Tide washable look   b4I2wOL unconventional

The Tide look was pretty special for such a quick look to create and wasn’t just a basic dress; it had the elements of high fashion. I was impressed and saddened that the judges thought this was a 4th place collection, but he had a great season of many wins so congrats to Bradon!


P8IxoQ7                                                                       oU1zmyV

yVE1f9R                                                                      LL92yds

So I’m sure we know who the winner is, Dom! But before my thoughts on her collection, let’s take a look at those prizes again because Wow, aren’t they pretty amazing! This season’s champion will receive $150,000 from GoBank, the award-winning new bank account made to be used on a mobile phone; $50,000 of next generation technology from HP and Intel to help enable their creativity and launch their new business; a year’s supply of Resource Natural Spring Water and an all-expense paid, luxurious spa retreat for two to the exotic Maldives, courtesy of Resource Water; a chance to design and sell an exclusive collection at Belk; a complete sewing and crafting studio from Brother Sewing and Embroidery; a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine; a 2014 Lexus IS 350; a $100,000 fabric allowance from Tide Pods to inspire fashions that truly pop; and a $50,000 styling contract with L’Oréal Paris. It is a prize package worth more than half a million dollars.

0QSf25y                                HdO2d3OMYFhs8b

So congrats to Dom because this is huge! Dom’s collection was all about retroredux, so lots of angles, lines and innovative prints. The judges fell in love with her prints and saw how much she challenged herself so the win was well-deserved. If I couldn’t have Bradon as the winner, Dom was my 2nd choice. Sometimes when a designer works with prints it’s not as exciting, but when the designer makes their own prints you have to admit that it’s worth a little something extra.

qJniKqmRLS85lc                       TWumAzS

XvphhCb                                                           Z6icG5o

I enjoyed her use of color, especially the bright purple. While the prints were great, I don’t think so many looks needed to be full on prints. The one thing I loved about the Tide look was that it wasn’t all print! The one thing I remembered from attending the show was that in one look you could see the booty! It now makes sense seeing it was the door hinges unconventional look.

7nCWh2s  Tide washable look     6ywUJ1O  Hinges unconventional look

So next week we will get to see the reunion show, which should be interesting. I plan to blog also for Project Runway All-Stars so please make sure to keep up with Fashion Nexus! The best way to do, Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter! And yes, as always, still doing Giveaways so by liking on Facebook you are entered into this current Giveaway below.


Project Runway Collections: The Best of the Rest

So I’m sure we all know the drill by now and if you don’t here it is. The final 3 or sometimes 4 contestants show during MBFW at Lincoln Center. But, this is open to the public and so to keep the final contestants a secret, other eliminated contestants still get to show. So this season on PR, we know the final contestants are Bradon, Dom, Justin and Alexandria. But, Helen, Kate, Jeremy and Alexander also showed collections. I decided why not show some of the highlights from each and rank them in order of my fave to least fave. Enjoy and also let me know your thoughts!

#1-Kate Pankoke                                     AGrYcCF

bd0HPNr             ejrWxsg                mvqAfsj

Kate’s collection was so attuned with a woman’s needs. They represent staples I could see in any woman’s wardrobe, including mine! It was high fashion, but also had commercial appeal, basically a wearable collection. These are my favorite pieces, so lots of black and white, but she also had a pop of color, red. To me, it’s clear, Kate knows what women want and how to dress them to make them look confident, bold and sexy, but still classy.

s0XROMC                    SkoyNdl                      uxoBlYO

#2 Alexander Pope                                              YOfaH8G

viQvUjH               iHKX5rv           iWjMSRf

I loved Alexander’s use of this dark blue color; it was so mysterious and eerie as it worked with other colors, prints, and really the overall collection. I also thought many of his silhouettes were innovative and fashion forward. It was also evident, he knows how to put on a show and send down a showstopper. This 1st piece above, with the headpiece, it blasted open when the model hit the end of the runway. Great show!

#3 Jeremy Brandrick                                        H60SBRq

kcRDAL1              VnjAF7M            FyyYZLT

I will give props to Jeremy. He did make strong efforts to make his looks more modern and with sex appeal. I just don’t think he was all the way there quite yet. Personally, I didn’t find this as a major issue, but I could see the judges bringing it up from looking at some of the pieces in this collection. But I was very proud of how far Jeremy has come so I think that is admirable.


#4 Helen Castillo                           UWB52EV

DM9fo5S           lvOsZLl              MCSpG4S

Maybe the other designers stood out to me because who knows, maybe they had more time. I just don’t think some of her silhouettes were well thought out. I don’t think the print worked with the use of red. I was a bit underwhelmed.

I can’t wait to see who the winner is! Remember, if you enjoy my Fashion Nexus posts, like on Facebook or follow on Twitter. Liking on Facebook now will enter you in my current GIVEAWAY!!



Joyce Pilarsky & Her Wearable Floral Art Empire

Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-002              Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-014              Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-025             Fashion Week Brooklyn has come and gone. But for Fashion Nexus, there is still time to share and write about some of the amazing talent who presented during FWB. One designer, a true visionary, who certainly stood out, was none other than Joyce Pilarsky. There is no way that the stunning floral creations she sent down the runway were forgettable!

Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-005                  Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-018                Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-022

This Spring 2014 collection of course showcased some amazing floral motifs, but also utilized a lot of great and bold colors-lime green, orange, lavender and more! Each piece truly had it’s own story. The individual elements really came together so well for each overall look. The silhouettes were both modern and innovative. I enjoyed the use of asymmetry and cut-outs. I felt as if each look that came down was like a fun present I was getting to unwrap with my eyes-looking at all of the intricate details, seeing how well the piece looked from all angles and finding additional surprises for each look with the lovely jewelry that accompanied it.

Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-028    Photo Credit for All Spring 2014 Images-Shawn Punch

I look forward to seeing more from this artistic innovator, creator and designer. Joyce hails from the Philippines, but it was such a pleasure being able to see her couture designs while attending FWB. I’m sure we have all heard of the “Renaissance Man”, well Joyce can have the title of “Renaissance Woman.” She is not only a designer, but she also sings, writes, models, and was a former beauty queen. Joyce of course loves wearing her own creations, which is such a joy to see. I like that the way she describes her pieces. Those descriptions are exactly what the pieces represent-sexy but sophisticated looks for confident women. While daring, they really are looks you can have such fun with. It’s of course fun to wear wearable art, right!

Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-033                                                                                 pilarski-199x300

Joyce has been very busy developing her brand and presenting her bold collections. In 2010, she presented her jewelry collection in collaboration with Fashion Designer John Guarnes in Philippine Fashion Week 2010. In 2011, she presented her Holiday collection at the Philippine Fashion Week and in October that year she presented her summer collections. In 2012, global fashion show organizer and model Jessica Minh Anh picked Filipino designer Joyce Penas Pilarsky to join other creative fashion houses from USA, UAE, France, Austria, Spain, Poland, Malaysia, and Vietnam at the International J Summer Fashion Show on the 30th of July, 2012, on the Seine, Paris. She also presented last year at FWB so it was great that she decided to come back this year!

a8ea90_39ea34e2a09f6d227d564fef0a67bbf1 (dragged) 3                                    a8ea90_de232199fda572d2f74212e008edc47d (dragged) 1

The posts higher up are her looks from the Spring 2014 show, but mixed throughout are past creations of hers from other collections. It’s clear she has developed an aesthetic, her own voice, what she wants to represent and where she sees herself in the fashion realm. It was such a true pleasure being able to meet and speak with her while at FWB. She radiates such positive energy and she was such a joy to be around. Make sure to keep up with Joyce-contact information; Twitter.

a8ea90_de232199fda572d2f74212e008edc47d (dragged)                                 a8ea90_de232199fda572d2f74212e008edc47d (dragged) 4

a8ea90_de232199fda572d2f74212e008edc47d (dragged) 3                                 a8ea90_de232199fda572d2f74212e008edc47d (dragged) 2

It’s Now Perfectly Clear Right? Heidi Leads the Charge for Project Runway!

I think I knew all episode that this battle for one final 3rd spot would be a moot point. I knew the judges would not pick just one. I knew this partly because I was very sure Heidi was still not ready to let Alexandria go and yes, I was right! But more on that later. First, a quick Fashion Nexus Giveaway note as always! Below is my current weekly giveaway, Pretty Polly natural tights, a Belk Teddy Bear and dark teal snakeskin lipstick case. So make sure you like Fashion Nexus on Facebook to enter! But now, back to PR!


So we start off with the traditional challenge setup, but of course there were a couple of new twists as this season clearly loved doing. Each designer gets a $9,000 budget and must create a 10-look collection for Spring 2014. The first twist was that one look must be an unconventional material look, so nothing that is similar to fabric! We later learn that for whomever shows in the finale, they must also face another new challenge. A Tide spokesperson introduced the challenge and it stems from their partnership with the CFDA. Each designer is to create one new look from a washable fabric or something that can be put in the washing machine. This challenge is “Washable Fashion.” I think this is very interesting because I know with the very few extremely nice and high fashion pieces I own, maintenance can be difficult. So the concept of high fashion and also being able to wash it with your other clothes, GENIUS! I can’t wait to see this incorporation. I did attend MBFW for the PR finale, but I was not aware of this aspect so I’m excited to see which looks met this challenge.


So this episode is mostly about the battle for who else will show with Bradon and Dom. But first, here is my recap on what we saw from the earlier stages of Bradon and Dom’s collections. Tim went to visit Dom in Philly. It was great to see she was still working a regular job while working on her collection. Some people have to do this to make ends meet! Her inspiration stemmed from one of her fave movies, “Bladerunner”, and is all about retrofuturism. She created a lot of watercolor/ink drawings which she had produced as her fabric. Retrofuturism is all about angular lines meeting curved lines. Her unconventional look will be made from metal holders.

Bradon’s course was very different. So as Tim saw in LA, while on his visit, Bradon’s inspiration was upstate NY and their long hard winters. It was all about capturing the feeling of flowers pushing up and thru the snow, a clash of nature so to speak. It’s the feeling of bright springtime and yes the vibrancy of florals, but cast against the icy and metallic frost of snow. This was a great collection and in my opinion, should still be the winning collection!

Quick side note, what in the world happened to make Tim Gunn experience such a bad fall. Poor guy, with his immaculate face scarred by such awful cuts! This was not evident when I saw him at MBFW so I’m glad he had a speedy recovery!

So let’s start with the bad news first for the final 3. It was Helen who was the only one eliminated this week. We start with Tim’s visit to her in Union City, NJ. Her inspiration was clairvoyance, knowing the unknown. Like Dom, she too created a print from a digital image of her boyfriend’s eye, which she too used as a fabric throughout her collection. She then took this softer print and infused it with the bold and aggressive red for her other fabric choice. We didn’t get to see much from her unconventional look, which was shower mats, but it really turned out nicely from what I saw. But seeing the three pieces she sent down the runway this week, I completely agree with the judges sending her home. The collection I just don’t think had the required level of polished construction and if these 3 looks had this issue, I’m certain all of her looks did as well. This wasn’t as evident from where I was sitting during MBFW, but was very evident this week. I thought the silhouettes weren’t that innovative and the fits were also unflattering. Just overall, as the judges said, not well executed.

-project-runway--sea4              -project-runway--sea1               -project-runway--sea2

Now onto some still frustrating news for me with that of ALEXANDRIA! I just do not get Heidi’s obsession with this lady. I will say, I felt badly for her this week as it was clear Helen had Dom’s support and Justin had Bradons’, but really Alexandria had no one. But all of that aside, this collection was very boring to me and did not doing anything to stand out when I saw it walk the runway. First, taking a look back from Tim’s visit to San Mateo, CA for their visit. The inspiration is supposed to be about edginess, strength and being modern. It was her take on a neo-nomadic punk look, an urban warrior. She mixed prints with solids and there was a lot of mixing of pieces, lots of layering. I will admit her looks did have a lot of detail, but this is not something you can see unless you are on the front row. It’s also hard to see when the model takes her quick trip down the runway. The collection simply put, didn’t pop! If you are doing a collection that is understated, you still need something to capture the attention, perhaps a bold print or color. But all we saw from Alexandria was black, white, stone gray and nude. As I mentioned earlier, I knew 2 designers were not going home this week, but it’s clear that Alexandria has 1 major fan and that has been her saving grace this season, Heidi. There is no way Alexandria will win unless Heidi somehow makes that happen. I promise, Alexandria’s collection is not much more than what was seen this week. For her to win, would be a true PR travesty! It’s not that her clothes were that bad, but they were not show-worthy and I don’t think they deserve the win this season!

-project-runway--sea3                 -project-runway--sea7                  -project-runway--sea5

Finally, the good news from this week, the shining beacon of hope, Justin made it through and was by far the one of this group who deserved it the most. I still don’t see why he had to fight for a spot from last week, but it was evident he had to show. Tim’s visit to Justin in Raleigh, NC allowed us to see his early work with the 3d printing, some of which took over 100 hours to create from what really looked like a vending machine! Also, his unconventional look, a test tube gown, wow! But it wasn’t until I saw his 3 looks walk the runway and heard his inspirational story for this collection that it all resonated for me. A collection showcasing his journey of being deaf to hearing for the 1st time after 18 years, it was very inspiring and such a great story. Justin too had some issues to overcome with the use of a lot of white and more sportswear oriented pieces, like Alexandria, which could easily translate as boring! But he overcame these issues. He used a bold print. He amped up the looks with bold hair and make-up. I’m still not sure if he has enough to win. I was impressed, but I will say, there is a lot of white. But luckily for him, he also has great details, which really are still easy to see-cutouts, 3d appliques and more!

-project-runway--sea8               -project-runway--sea6             -project-runway--sea9

I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds next week, who will win?? What are your predictions? Remember, if you like what you are reading on Fashion Nexus, like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter.

More from Ted Rossi in Spring 2014

Recently, I took a trip back over to the Ted Rossi showroom to check out his recent work for Spring 2014. All I can say is WOW!! Okay, well I can say more than that, but if I had to sum it up, WOW works! There was so much to look at that I was just in awe. I could hardly stop myself from taking so many pictures as you will see from the tons throughout this post. Now remember, just a little while back I did a featured piece on the Ted Rossi brand, so for some great reminders on the history and basics about Ted Rossi, check it out here! But for now, let’s take a look at all the new and fun pieces, which will soon be coming out!

Shop Ted Rossi here! Follow Ted Rossi on Twitter! Additional shopping options here! Like Ted Rossi on Facebook!

In my last piece, I briefly mentioned and showed a couple of pictures from a new collection within the Ted Rossi brand, “Gotham Decay.” You have to check out the great additions to this line!

100_5306                                  100_5312

1st picture-Brooklyn Graffiti tote; 2nd picture-Brooklyn Graffiti crossbody

The Ted Rossi brand is all about being bold and Gotham Decay certainly doesn’t stray from making a bold statement. From the graffiti print to the rich infused colors to the chic modern feel, these pieces are all about being bold!

100_5304                           100_5308

1st picture-Hologram bracelets with bullets & Graffiti double bullet bracelet & pyramid bracelet

2nd picture-bottom right corner, Hologram envelope; right above it, Brooklyn Graffiti crossbody

Gotham Decay still mixes it up a bit, so it’s not all about the graffiti prints, but you can also find more classic and basic pieces.

100_5292              100_5296

1st picture-top left, Hologram Diva tote in white; bottom left, Colorblocked Rockstar101 clutch; top right, Cobra Bullet satchel in black; bottom right, Cobra Ultra Glam clutch

2nd picture-Colorblock Envelope clutch in black and white


Hologram X-Treme Studded mini bag

From Gotham Decay we moved onto the delicate, but still statement-making Spring 2014 collection, “Pretty in Pastels.”

GD S14 Pastel Homepage JPEG

various Cobra Bullet, Cobra Double Bullet, Cobra Double Pyramid, and Cobra Pyramid bracelets

There are also still some great items from the Holiday/Resort/Summer 2013 collections to showcase.

100_5343                            100_5341

100_5334                        100_5328

100_5299                        100_5302

100_5339                      100_5331

And as always, on top of amazing new collections, there are always the luxurious, classic and staple pieces that will always fit perfectly into one’s own personal accessories collection.

100_5354                  100_5316

100_5350                                               100_5345

100_5352                              100_5351

100_5349                  100_5326

100_5322                100_5320

Project Runway is now Big Brother, Expect the Unexpected

This week’s PR was full of twists, right down to the last minute. I’m not so sure they were all needed, but we know this season loves the dramatic flare so it wasn’t a surprise. Quickly, I do have another GIVEAWAY on my blog so check it out and Like Fashion Nexus on Facebook before Oct. 7th to enter!


So this week’s challenge was to help determine who was going to show during fashion week. The designers were off to the Sweetbriar Nature Center’s butterfly house to receive their challenge. L’Oreal‘s latest product is voluminous butterfly mascara so the designers were told makeup and nails would be integral to the overall look. The designers were to create an avant garde look inspired by butterflies. They were then off to Mood with a suggested budget to spend $500. I’m not even sure why there would be a suggested budget because this is the last challenge right? So I say, spend what you have left and it seems the designers did just that. We got to see as they handed over their GoBank debit cards the large amounts being spent, well over $500. I will look at this again when I discuss their avant garde looks; it really makes you think!


So this was a 2 day challenge and the designers were working hard. They came in on the 3rd day, the runway day, to a big surprise……..a new challenge. It’s not too surprising since in PR history, when the designers get 2 days on a challenge, they end up also doing an additional look somehow. But, this was a 1st in PR history. This would be a 2nd challenge entirely, so no relation to the avant garde look. The challenge was a Make it Work one. Each designer had to select a losing design look from this season and turn it into a winning look.

For me, as long as Bradon went to fashion week I really didn’t care who else went. That is who I am rooting for and I saw his final collection, and I believe he should win this season. So the first step was accomplished and he was the winner this week. It was quite evident that he was going as all of the judges loved both of his looks. Bradon spent $984 to create his avant garde cream look with tubing appliques. This was money well spent and it could easily sell for way more than this. Bradon took a risk on the make it work look and chose Sue’s placemat dress. So not only did he choose to work with unconventional materials, but really very little fabric to make the transformation. But he did a great job with the asymmetrical look in black; it was very chic. But Bradon was not the only one who the judges were totally smitten with this week.

Runway6                                                               Runway11

Dom also hit 2 homeruns this week in the judges’ eyes and I agree. She followed the challenge and created an amazing avant garde look of print craziness. I have to say it wasn’t until her jumpsuit was revealed that I really fell for this look. I’m not sure I could pull off those 2 pieces together, but I would totally wear them separately. Dom spent the least this week, $628, but really, could you tell?? Dom’s transformation look was Jeremy’s Belks look. She created a new, modern jacket with a boatneck blouse underneath, and a basic black pencil skirt. Again, I really didn’t love it until she revealed what was underneath, but overall she did great this week. She very much deserved to show at fashion week!

Runway1                                                             Runway7

I was confused though as to why the judges really needed to have all of the remaining 3 fight for the last spot. I still would have sent Justin home last week, but I thought he did great this week with both challenges. His avant garde look of a black cocoon like overcoat and a white frock underneath was stunning. He did this rope effect and it was just really cool. I thought, yes he spent the  most, $1167, but with proper finishes this dress and coat would sell for well more than that. He also did great with the transformed look. He picked his own dress and really created a refined and chic black dress. So I still don’t get why if the judges loved these 2 looks, and they did, why is he fighting with the other 2 for that final spot??

-project-runway--sea                                                            Runway9

I know when the judges looked up close they noticed some imperfections with his avant garde look, but really, is this that big of a deal? I mean his look was at least avant garde, whereas Helen and Alexandria’s looks were arguably not. Helen created a fitted tangerine gown with a rippling effect. This was not innovative and is something that can be seen from so many other designers. She spent $1057 on fabric, but there is no way that dress would go for more than $500. Alexandria’s look was a black fitted gown that had a shredding effect. To me, it looked very sloppy, as do most of her looks. But I think we finally saw why she has stuck around all season……HEIDI!! Heidi is clearly a fan and I think she was not ready to let her go and that is why we are stuck with this 3 way fight for the last spot. But does it make any sense that no other judge fought for her and no other designer selected her as a contender and yet now she might get to show?? I know guest judge Emmy Rossum liked her avant garde look, but she stopped defending her during final deliberations so it really was just Heidi. I just don’t get it and it’s not like these ladies transformed looks received higher praise.

-project-runway--sea                                                             Runway2

Helen selected Kate’s look from last week and I don’t see how she remained true to Kate’s original look. She took away the print on a print challenge?? And what did she do, oh, the same thing she did last week, a crop top and fitted skirt; what, is she channeling Miranda?? It was kind of boring as was her other look. We then turn to Alexandria’s transformed look and I will say, she did make the plaid pants, from Miranda’s former design,  look way better with the leather inserts on the side. But I didn’t care for the tank top or vest. I just think it was odd that judges couldn’t agree on either look for either of these 2 ladies, yet they are fighting for a last spot?

Runway10                                                                 Runway8

I’ve seen the final collections from all 3 and honestly, I don’t know who would get that last spot. I would say for sure no to Alexandria, but not if Heidi gets her way. The crowd loved Justin’s looks, but I thought Helen’s pieces were better. Justin just had too much white so it wasn’t as exciting for me. So I would be fine with either Justin or Helen. I guess we will see next week unless PR throws in another twist and allows both or all 3 to show!