UTG Designers Create “Fast Fashion Fixes”

This week on Under the Gunn, there was a lot going on within the challenge. Benefit Cosmetics, the beauty sponsor for the show, was an underlying inspiration. Benefit was founded on the grounds of solving the everyday woman’s quick beauty problems/issues. With that in mind, the designers were asked to solve a new client’s fashion need — quick/easy fashion solutions. And by client, it was your average everyday woman so really this was also a challenge designing for the everyday woman — what this show calls a real world or “real woman” challenge.



Shan was partnered with Brittany, a young mom who was ready for a figure flattering makeover so she could start dating again. Oscar was paired with Dani, a very petite young woman who wanted a look that was age appropriate and sophisticated. Blake got matched with Ruzena, who desired a look that would give her a more feminine feel. Sam’s client was Norah, a young professional who wanted a bit more edge and modernity with a day look so that she could easily transition it for the nighttime. And finally, Asha was put with Erin, a curvier woman who wanted a sexy party dress for her upcoming birthday, a look that would be special and also make her look more slim. With that, the designers were off to Mood with a $200 budget to begin this quick fix challenge in 1 day.



The designers were ready to begin their work at their FIDM home — their workroom. The mentors were also all ready to begin their initial meetings with their remaining designers. Sam’s talk with Mondo & Tim wasn’t a great start for the young talent and so he was left to begin again from scratch. Asha’s client seemed to want it all, the bells & whistles. And so Mondo & Tim were quick to remind her to keep an editing eye. Blake too was demonstrating some early struggles and not sure of a specific direction to take.

Obviously the major drama this week was surprisingly not amongst the designers, but a shocking issue that arose between designer & client. Shan’s initial look was an immaculately designed shimmery sequined top. It looked great and during his fitting with Brittany we saw how amazing it looked on her. It was later that night, with one hour left to work, that Anya came in with some troubling news. Apparently, Brittany was allergic to the coating of the sequins or some aspect of the top. She had broken out in hives. She hated doing this to Shan, but she was not going to be able to make this work. She truly needed another issue solved and Shan truly had to solve it very fast. I think somehow he could have been given a little extra time. This was a first in PR history so an additional hour or 2 I think would have been fair. But luckily for Shan, he didn’t need it!


What I appreciated so much from Shan was his true can-do attitude and spirit. This would have been nice to see perhaps from another designer last week who thought she was in the worst position ever. Shan embodied true professionalism this week and for that I’m happy for his dual wins this week. The judging panel was joined by Annie Ford Danielson, the Global Beauty Authority for Benefit Cosmetics. She took part in awarding Shan 1 of his 2 wins this week. Benefit has been randomly handing out $1000 for various “kudos” moments. And this week, for truly working with this quick-fix mentality and exemplifying the Benefit brand and doing so with fun/laughter, Shan was awarded this $1000 prize, very well-deserved.


Since were on the Shan train, let’s take a closer glance at his new look for Brittany. I’m happy Shan was in the top and I’m happy for his $1000 win from Benefit, but I’m still not convinced this was truly the winning look this week. But it definitely was worthy of being in the top. My issue with this hi-lo dress is there is really not much design to it; I don’t see Shan’s aestetic. What makes this dress great is the polka dot print. You will notice under Shan’s look I put in a couple images of Anya from this week. Do you notice anything similar?

Anya too is wearing a basic hi-lo dress with a great print. It’s also belted just like Shan’s is. I know Shan was running out of time this week so I give him the credit for making it work, but full credit for the win?? I’m just not quite as convinced. He also didn’t make this look until the morning of, was perhaps Anya and her garment the true inspiration for his quick creation?? SHOUT-OUTS to Francesca’s this week for the chic clear clutch & also to Benefit Cosmetics for the subtly dramatic beauty look — the winged smoky eye & nude lip.


UTG_111_12092013_AT_0782c               UTG_111_12092013_AT_0588

Although since my choice for the win was missing from consideration I am so happy Shan won over Asha. I just do not get how this look was in consideration for the win. I think it should have been between Oscar & Shan. I don’t see how Asha’s look is some “wow factor” birthday dress. I put a few images of myself under Asha’s look of my last 3 birthday dresses. If I were going to a designer to make me a birthday dress, I would want something more than a shimmered drab look. Yes there was some sparkle, but what is with this boring golden brown color. The color doesn’t pop, but neither do the criss-crossed straps or the ill-fit. Asha was quick to point out the judges loving Natalia’s poorly constructed looks, but here, I see some major fit & construction issues so jump right on that train then Asha & I guess enjoy the ride!

I don’t get why Asha didn’t work with leather or something more bold & sexy for this clearly larger than life woman. Erin had such a big personality and I don’t think this look was matching to that personality & spirit. SHOUT-OUTS to Blowpro for this lovely side-swept wavy do & for Francesca’s with the gold fringed bangle, golden metallic strapped heels & gold clutch.


122            131             1452347_10201906653643315_1999888071_n1Clearly I was not on the same pages with the judges this week since Oscar was somehow only safe, oh wait, I think my differing view with the judges is almost every week now, haha! I am baffled every week at what Oscar can do in 1 day. I mean this green with envy gown is just stunning!! I would not be surprised to see this at some major red carpet event. And trust me, it would not be on the worst dressed list with accusations of being too dated! Dani, guest judge Annie, myself, and I’m sure a ton of other women would gladly line up to wear this look. When you are wearing a luxe gown, it is hard to not look a little older, but that is the point. You want the sophistication. You want the maturity. And that is exactly what Dani wanted in her look this week, something to make her look older since she is so petite.

And what is with this claim of the looking missing sexiness?? It’s asymmetrical, but the cleavage here is not hiding. And also, did we all see the thigh high split?? I don’t think they need to encourage Oscar to put in more sexiness. Let’s not forget a few weeks back, I added in the images below, but the dual split for his day to night look. I think Oscar should stick to what he is doing because some of these judges are cray cray this week! SHOUT-OUTS to BlowPro for this amazing up-do, Benefit Cosmetics for the dramatic smoky cat-eye & nude lip; & Francesca’s for the nude platforms & gold dangling earrings.


utg-rr-ep9-ogl2-f                                                                                                      utg-rr-ep9-ogl1-fMoving onto the un-fun part of my blogging duties — the discussion of the bottom 2, first being Sam. 🙁 It’s hard seeing Sam in the bottom because I have him pegged for a finale spot and that better happen! There are only 5 designers left so someone has to be in the bottom. Since the judges were oddly head over heels for Asha this week, I think this somehow left Sam in the bottom. I don’t quite get all of the harshness for this look, but I will say it is not one of Sam’s stronger pieces. The judges seemed hung up on the day look being for some high-power profiled job, but all Norah said was she wanted a day look that could transition to night. I could easily see this look, paired with some flats and that it would work at a large # of jobs. And then when the sun goes down, slap on some heels and Norah could easily go out to dinner or drinks with a date or the girls. The judges also seemed hung up on that this look wouldn’t work at the bar, it wouldn’t stand out. I think the judges were missing the day to night concept, a look that would transition, not boldly work for just one aspect of the day. You are never going to find a look that perfectly works for some high profile boardroom and be the look of the night at one of NYC’s hotspots.

SHOUT-OUTS to Francesca’s for the bold turquoise clutch & BlowPro for the long & luscious wavy locks.


This leaves me sadly to report that Blake was the one who had to go this week, double 🙁 :(. I’ve heard all of this talk about how everyone feels each mentor will somehow magically end up with 1 designer to go to the finale. If that is the case then it was inevitable between Shan/Blake with Anya & Sam/Asha with Mondo, that one of those 4 would be out this week. I personally would have picked differently, but the judges decided upon Blake. Blake has struggled a bit throughout the season and it was pointed out he had never won a challenge. But I thought he had some shining moments as well so I’m sure he will gladly take those and continue his successes from there.

The look for this week though, for Ruzena I did take notice of something with the neckline. I thought perhaps a different silhouette or shape, but when I think Jen said something about flipping the print around, adding the bolder color to the top of the look, I kind of thought that was some good advice. But what was great and really for everyone this week was that all the clients seemed happy; no one looked uncomfortable or disappointed. And at the end of the day, if Ruzena was happy that was the important thing. SHOUT-OUT to BlowPro for the side-swept wavy locks!


So with 4 left for next week, are we in for a shock in that maybe a mentor will be completely out of the running or will Sam or Asha be on the chopping block, can’t wait to find out!

Ruffian for Fall 2014 — “Rapture”


Ruffian presented their Fall 2014 collection at Lincoln Center/Pavilion. It’s entitled “Rapture” — an exploration of monastic opulence, tailored volume, & sober religious silhouettes, which have lavish sumptuousness.


Therese black double crepe dress with ivory silk crepe inserts, and also an ivory silk ruff collar


Black double crepe Knight dress w/ combo in hand embroidered Abalone sequin


Orlando dress in black double crepe w/ ivory silk crepe piping

The exploration of volume here was quite intriguing! The effect is done quite beautifully in sleeves, collars, and even looking to the fullness of the skirts. It’s a great way to take a traditional silhouette and add in a modern flare.


Wedgwood blue silk satin-faced organza Axelle blouse & wedgwood blue Hanbok skirt w/ red silk double duchess satin trim


Ivory Schumacher silk Gosamer Axelle blouse & ivory Schumacher silk Gosamer Hanbok skirt

There are a lot of great aspects to this collection, one being the bright & bold pops of color. I love it all from the icy blues to the dramatic reds to the golden chartreuses.


Chartreuse Poppy Watteau dress w/ a blush silk double duchess satin siding



 Chartreuse silk satin-faced organza Axelle blouse & a Pagan pant in a pixelated floral digital print crepe

Color is not all this collection offers, there are also some stunning prints. The picture right above is of a pixelated floral digital print that is used throughout the collection. But also, as pictured a few times below, there is a unicorn collage print, which I think is stunning — wearable art as I would call it!


Orlando dress in a unicorn collage silk digital print duchess satin


Ruffian red crepe de chine Demi-bow blouse; Retourner jacket in a unicorn collage silk digital print duchess satin; & a Ruffian red silk double duchess satin with red crepe de chine Hanbok skirt w/ outside binding


Black silk satin-faced organza Axelle blouse; reform skirt in a unicorn collage silk digital print duchess satin

So below are a couple of more images of the pixelated floral print, but what is also amazing about this print is the sequined effect it creates. It takes a classic black look and adds a spark, a shimmer to really make the looks pop!


Valmont blazer in black double crepe w/ pixelated print & crepe binding; & the Orlando gown in black double crepe w/ pixelated floral digital print crepe piping


Aragon dress in pixelated floral digital print silk crepe de chine & capelet in hand embroidered Abalone sequins

The collection is full of separates, which is always a great aspect for any brand; it creates versatility. There are blouses, skirts, & trousers. But also, there are some outerwear-type pieces — jackets, blazers, & coats. It definitely gives this “Rapture” collection that extra umpf!



Demi-bow blouse in ivory silk crepe de chine; Bishop bomber jacket in the unicorn collage silk digital print in duchess satin; & a Hanbok skirt in black silk satin organza


elle-ruffian-fall-2014-rtw-01-de-47413104                   elle-ruffian-fall-2014-rtw-10-de-67585506-xln                     Ruffian-Fall-2014


UTG Team — Come Together, Right Now!

That’s right, on Under the Gunn this week it was all about coming together — the mentors & their working together, the designers coming together from various mentor teams, & hopefully, the mentors & the judges not being on different pages! It sounds all harmonious right? Well almost, all but 1 pairing that is. So what challenge caused all of this coming together?!?

UTG01-ep10-episode15                                     UTG01-ep10-episode17This week was all about Francesca’s, owners of the season’s accessories’ wall. And all I can say is it’s about time! As a huge fan of this retail boutique I was very excited the store was serving as this week’s inspiration. Two designers were set together and from that they were to create 3 looks, a mini collection. The collection needed to embrace the Francesca’s customer, be on trend, unique, and special. The Francesca’s customer is a fun and confident woman, who knows trends and is not afraid to dress boldly; I guess that’s me, right, haha!

FrancescasSaleThe pairings were as follows:

  • Sam/Blake
  • Asha/Natalia
  • Oscar/Shan

UTG01-ep10-episode8                                     UTG01-ep10-episode12


So this meant that the mentors would all be working together as well, Anya with both Nick & Mondo, as well as just Nick & Mondo. The designers & mentors had a tough road ahead since this was a 1-day challenge. And with that, the pairs were off to Mood with a $450 budget, still without their mentors if I’m not mistaken!

The FIDM workroom certainly had it’s fair share of drama this week, mainly with Asha & Natalia in their pairing, which I will discuss later. It seemed as if Nick could have sparred some with Mondo during their critique with the ladies, but Nick decided to keep quiet. But speaking of boy drama, we did get a little something something between Sam, Shan, & Oscar — CALM DOWN GUYS, HAHA!


The judges panel was full this week, with all 3 main ladies in tow — Zanna, Jen, & Rachel. Tim was also there and joining as well was guest judge Sei Jin Alt, Chief Merchandising Officer for Francesca’s. So where to begin this week, hmmmmmm, let’s start with guys’ duo who were I guess 2nd or safe, but still deserving of some high praise — Sam & Blake!


Sam & Blake were one pair who worked great together and it’s the great teamwork that is half the battle in any team challenge. I was so happy for Blake since he was in the bottom last week — way to bounce back! I am of course always proud of Sam and was as always impressed by the work done here. When you pick a bold print, you never know how so many judges will receive it. Sadly with so many this week, all it takes is one lower score and you are out of the top. But the guys should feel proud & accomplished for a job well done.

I love the easy, breezy vibe of this collection. I certainly think it embodies the Francesca’s woman. The silhouettes are fun and flirty. SHOUT-OUTS to Blowpro for some amazing hair looks — messy ponytail & side braided ponytail, but also to Francesca’s for some bold accessories — statement heels, blue clutch, turquoise bracelet, stunning drop earrings, & a statement making red necklace.


Let’s move on now to the winning pair this week — Shan & Oscar. This was another JOB WELL DONE! It was great that with this 1st look, the modern jumper/overalls, that the guys thought of the functionality concept they just did last week as the straps were adjustable/movable. I wasn’t as in love with the blazer as the judges were, but it was definitely done in a stunning & bright bold turquoise color, which was a great choice. But what stole the show for me was of course Oscar’s multi-printed haltered maxidress. And even more brownie points — the maxi had pockets!! I can’t tell you how much I love when a dress has pockets!! But I too just love maxidresses; they are effortless, comfortable, versatile, and so chic. And Francesca’s always has some great ones to choose from and I have no doubt that Oscar’s maxi will perform well in sales.

The judges were clearly not going to make an easy decision when it came to the winning designer this week. I was so touched & moved when Oscar told the judges Shan should win, I mean how selfless is that. Oscar knows the feeling of having a few of those 5k wins in the bank and it was just so nice what he said about wanting Shan to have that moment, for his family. Shan too had a nice gesture in saying they should split it, which was also very admirable. This clearly showed great teamwork on both parts and great respect the 2 had for each other as well.

SHOUT-OUTS to Benefit Cosmetics for some wonderful beauty looks, great bold red/tangerine lips; also to Blowpro for some flowing wavy locks!


Now onto the losing team this week, with one designer going home — Asha/Natalia. I will say I’m a much bigger Natalia fan than Asha fan so you may have to excuse my rant, but I have to say a few things here! Doomsday was of course the initial thought with this pairing and that is fine. But if a designer can truly and authentically act professional and just make it work, it doesn’t have to spell Doomsday! Of the 3 pairings, both Asha & Natalia have certainly had some bottom moments and construction issues. But in the last group challenge, everyone thought Nick’s group was doomed and they won, with Natalia’s help I might add. I don’t think Oscar carried her & Stephanie, who is FYI, now eliminated. Also, it appeared as if nobody wanted to be paired with Natalia at the start of the episode and with Asha drawing what she considered a short straw, I’m sure she felt down & out. But get over it!! We even saw later in the episode how other designers, ahem Sam & Shan, started backtracking on some negative views of Natalia. I think had Asha given this a real chance, not a “faking of the funk” as she called it, things might have not been so disastrous. And even if it was still the inevitable end, it could have been one on a higher note. Asha might say she got a bad edit here, but I’m just not seeing how she did anything here to make this work. And if that was a bad edit, boy did they have a lot to choose from.

I’m not sure if Natalia’s slight swan song was the reason she ultimately went home; I mean she really fell on her sword. She said Asha should stay. That she didn’t want Asha blaming her departure on this pair challenge, more specifically on Natalia. And I would say with a 100% certainty, had Asha gone home this week, she would have blamed Natalia. I’m not sure if she thought the public would feel sorry for her, but I don’t think she is receiving much pity, at least not from me!

I hate Natalia going, but I do think Asha should have gone instead or as well. Asha pretty much called the shots with this pair. The collection lacked cohesion & that was because there was no evidence of any true collaborations, either before or during the Mood shopping trip. In fact, all I heard was Natalia repeatedly asking questions and Asha saying “No!” It seems to me if you are going to take the more dominant stance in a group challenge, you should be held just as accountable for your actions. Asha claimed to have done most of the work and if that were true that is just one more reason she should have gone. I think the work was more evenly spread, just my humble opinion!

Both ladies had some construction issues and specifically Natalia was called out for the bustier on the 1st look, her printed dress. But if you look at the design, the concept alone, I think Natalia should have stayed on those grounds. If you had a problem with Natalia’s print, remember, Asha picked most of the fabrics. And while Natalia’s dress had the issues up-front, I still think her dress, which had a stunning back, and the teal shorts she made for the 2nd look are more commercial and Francesca’s friendly then Asha’s dashiki. Asha created the 3rd look, the crop top and asymmetrical skirt. While very commercial, I don’t think either embrace the Francesca’s woman. And the clear loser here for Francesca’s was this dashiki; you would never see something like this in the boutique.

Rant over, sorry for the length, but I was just not happy this week, with the outcome or Asha’s attitude.

SHOUT-OUTS to Blowpro for the wavy golden brown locks & Francesca’s for the amazing belts & nude-strapped heels.


Next week looks as if the designers are working with the average woman, so not models, should be interesting!!








UTG — All About “The Showdowns”!!

Yes, this week, battles, duels, showdowns, all the same and they were all over the place this week on Under the Gunn — mentors, judges, & designers. So what brought on all of this drama? Well first, let’s take a look at the challenge. The designers received their directions this week at FIDM. The idea stemmed from a partnership with Glade this week and their latest fragrant product — Glade Plug-Ins Customizables, which allow fragrances to be switched up! The designers were asked this week to have their looks make a switch. Right on the runway the look had to transition from day to night — multifunctionality was key!


With that, the designers were off to Mood to start their 1-day challenge, with a $250 budget. I noticed the mentors did not go this week so I wonder why?? Everyone gets back to the workroom and quickly we saw Nick and Tim with another mentor job description discussion! Tim counseled Nick to pose questions versus answering and we saw this play out later on in the episode, quite well if you ask me. An issue of co-dependency was brought up this week with Nick & his designers, which I question a little bit. I can see the angle slightly with Natalia, but I think Oscar is clearly doing his own thing. But personally, I like Nick’s hands-on approach versus Anya’s vague commentary & plastered smiley face approach.


But pretty much from the get-go, we knew the direction this episode was heading in — all about Natalia! I will get into specifics in a bit, but in my opinion, this was just the wrong episode for all of this drama. I don’t pretend to know how production might be involved in all of this, but throwing someone under the bus and wishing for them to go home when they were in the top — WRONG TIMING! Why not do it last week when she was actually in the bottom?? It’s also weird with timing since the other 3 bottom looks were fully agreed upon by the judges as being “bottom looks”; I mean there were some issues the judges adamantly discussed with each look & really not many if any positives. This reminded me of an episode of ANTM — one cycle, a model had professed over and over again feelings of wanting to go home. She ended up on top that week, while others who were loving the experience were in the bottom. But, one of the safe models quickly brought this to Tyra’s attention. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well & was clearly an issue of poor timing. That is how I feel about this pointless drama this week. And I get Mondo being upset, but Anya, really?? Her questioning Natalia’s talent is just sooooooo amusing to me, but we won’t get into all of that again!


The judging panel was missing Zanna this week, but in her place was guest judge Macklemore. I guess he picked a good week with all of the drama! Even with a clear-ish top & bottom, there was some major drama after all of the deliberations. So basically, after everyone had left the runway, Mondo & Anya stayed behind to speak of their disappointment this week. They not only didn’t think Natalia should have been in the top, but they also thought she should go home. The judges were needless to say in shock, but clearly didn’t regret their decisions. They all seemed to be in agreement and I thought answered the 2 mentors very well for why they made the decisions they did this week. Again, I reiterate bad timing for this drama to play out and it still doesn’t make much sense to me. Also, I’m not sure if this happened when the episode aired, but when I watched later, a poll flashed on the screen and the public agreed, overwhelmingly, with the judges this week, 76%. So they too were clearly in disagreement with Anya & Mondo.


The only designer I still wish I could have seen more from this season was Brady. But everyone else, I agreed that it was their time to go. So even if this had all happened last week, I still don’t see how Stephanie should have stayed. And Nicholas, I mean I won’t get into all of that again, but it was his time to go as well. So let’s take a look at how everything stacked up this week, safe zone first!


I’m still not sure how Sam’s look was the solo safe look for the week; it was pretty awesome! And I will say this every week, but it was so SAM! Each week, I am so happy to see Sam’s work & to see that he is not changing who he is as a designer, but rather growing. The day look was perfectly casual & chic, and what a print! And then to change it up to this sexy, yet still cool look for the evening was just fantastic! Shout-out to Benefit Cosmetics for this fresh beauty looks, effortlessly gorgeous!



So now to the looks in the top & heck let’s just start with the winner — OSCAR!! I’m a fan. Every week I am in awe and if he is not in the finals I will be shocked, disappointed, sad, and just an array of other feelings. What he can do in a day just blows my mind! His day look, I mean it’s sexy for day, but you can’t deny that it’s well made & perfectly fits the woman he designers for. Then you flip some details for the night look & it shines like a night sky full of shimmering stars. Clearly, well deserved win! Shout-outs to Francesca’s for the statement making heels & stunning black clutch; Blowpro for the side-swept bangs updo; & Benefit Cosmetics for the ever so slight smoky eye, perfection!



So Natalia, yes the one who all the drama was about this week, actually came in 2nd place. You would have thought for all of the craziness her look would be in the bottom, but that just wasn’t the case and shouldn’t have been the case with this look. Yes, there was a bubbled issue with the front of the day look, but many other looks had construction issues this week too. Asha said this was “Forever 21”?? Ok, please take me to whatever Forever 21 has this. Yes, they specialize in bodycon dresses, but their dresses are very short and of very little quality; that is not the case with Natalia’s dress, in either way it’s worn. Was the dress over the top or full of bells & whistles?? No! But who said it has to be. It was minimalism, which can very easily be applauded. I loved the cowl-neck for the day look & I thought the night look was effortlessly easy-going and could work for dinner, dates, drinks or dancing! Shout-outs to Francesca’s for the perfect black heels; Benefit Cosmetics for the smoldering gray eye; & Blowpro for the up-do with casually falling pieces!



The final top 3 look was Shan, but again, I’d rather have seen Sam! But Shan’s look was okay, not overly exciting for me. I think it was Anya & Tim who suggested to Shan about not using black, but I am not a fan of the mix of black with this plaid. I just didn’t love either look fully. For day –I loved the silhouette & it had a great fit, but I didn’t care again for this plaid. Then for evening — I loved the side cutouts, but I didn’t care for the godet zippered effect. Either way, even if not in 3rd, his look should have been safe. Shout-outs for Francesca’s with the great strapped heals & gorgeous statement making jewelry (Love the necklace!); Benefit Cosmetics for the smoky eye & lightly pink lip; Blowpro for the messy, but still chic ponytail.



Switching things up, no pun intended, let’s look at the bottom looks. The one the judges quickly saved was Asha, although I thought it could have been a bit more deliberated. All episode, Asha was putting Natalia down and was very much into her own look; I think that was a delusion. This look was just not great — poor construction, poor fit, very boxy. The concept of the transition was okay, but it added even more boxiness to this look, which didn’t help matters any. I’d say Asha should worry about herself from now on out, because for me, she was my vote to go this week. I don’t see a clear vision from her as a designer and I think she needs to step it up! Shout-out to Francesca’s for the cool shades & orange side satchel;



So that leaves Blake & Michelle for the bottom 2 looks, which very much saddened me as I’m a fan of both! So with Blake’s day look I was happy we saw some pants because it’s not often we do on PR. The judges said something about the shape, but again, if I’m not mistaken, I think Anya said something about the fit of the pants — so was that 2 pieces of bad advice this week?? I loved this print BTW! Moving onto the evening look, yes, it was short, but other than that, what was the issue?? This is why Asha made more of a bottom look for me and not so much Blake! Shout-outs to Blowpro for the curly up-do; Benefit Cosmetics for the smoldering grey eye; & Francesca’s for the gold jewelry & black handbag.



Ughhhh, this sucks to write this week, but sadly we have to say bye to Michelle. I don’t agree with all of the Natalia drama, nor do I agree with this decision. I don’t get why the judges don’t see who Michelle is as a designer. I was very happy to hear her say she knew last week, that look, was outside of her wheelhouse. The day look was a very casual and easygoing look. The silhouette seemed to perfectly fit the LA lifestyle & woman. The transition for the evening look didn’t work quite as much for me and I know Michelle liked the color palette, but for some reason, I think a mix with a bolder color or print might have helped here. I’m all for nudes & browns, but maybe a little color diversity could have made the look pop a bit more. I think the judges used the word “boring”, which I don’t agree with, but maybe a different color story was the answer??


So I wonder if next week, will we be in for even more DRAMA!!?? A pairs challenge is forthcoming & this time, unlike the last group challenge, the designers are being mixed around, dum dum dum — SOUNDS INTRIGUING!!

Emerson — A Family Affair & Fashionable Fabrics!

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

It was so great attending Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan’s Spring 2014 presentation last September. And as always, it was great to attend again for the Fall/Winter 2014 show, seeing even more impressive designs — STILL IN AWE!! The collection was presented during MBFW/NYFW at the Pavilion/Lincoln Center. Very high praise as this was the brand’s 6th time showing — CONGRATS!!

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

The inspiration for the collection, I guess sort of it’s title, was “Break the Mold.” The brand’s signature is a rock vibe meeting of a romantic feel. But for this season, a hint of contrasting darkness with soft pastels was added, very dramatic & eye-catching! Jackie’s personal take on the collection — “I was inspired by strong women who are breaking the mold; shattering the idea that women are supposed to dress or act a certain way. I’m not into the whole “princess” ideal at all; I want young women to just be themselves without worrying about what others think. I also loved the TV show American Horror Story: Coven, and you can see a bit of a witchy vibe reflected in the collection.”

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

This collection is just massively impressive; it’s a lot to take in & look at, which for me, is not a bad thing! I see these pieces and I think of all the separates, all of the combinations that could be made with each of the pieces to create even more different looks. I love it all — from the intricately detailed, yet chic casual day looks to the fun & flirty dresses that could take you to a large number of events. And then also, there are some immaculately stunning gowns, which I want to see on the red carpet now!

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

The individual & specific variety of fabrics really stand out for this collection, showing off the versatility of silhouettes and stunning colors. There are custom prints — the Spectral Duchess Satin (inspired by a glass ceiling, use of black, white, & navy) & then also the Emerson plaid silk twill, which is comprised of black, white, & lavender.

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Some of the novelty fabrics include — Shattered Glass (silver lace, black sequins); Chain Knit (chiffons in black, lavender & mauve); Window Pane Chiffon (specialty black chiffons); Various other chiffons — champagne, silver, dot; also Knits — blush pink, textured stripes; Leathers in Black lambskin; Grid Wool in black & creme.

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Standout pieces include:

Coven black sequin legging w/ chiffon cutouts

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Custom cut Shattered Black Sequin Appliques

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Grid wool cape coat w/ leather piping

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Coven black sequin gown w/ custom sequin stripes w/ side cutouts & godets

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

Specialty Chiffon combo Doctrine dress

Emerson, February 7, 2014 NYFW Fall 2014 Lincoln Center

There were a few VIP attendees who came out to celebrate this stunning collection’s presentation — Leigh Lezark of The Misshapes; Jacquie Lee from NBC’s The Voice; Stefanie Scott from Disney’s Ant Farm; Diana Guerrero from Orange is the New Black; Shaun Ross; Tashiana Washington; Eric West; Fiona Byrne of The Byrne Notice; Andrew Bevan from Teen Vogue;

EMERSON BY JACKIE FRASER-SWAN Fall/Winter 2014 Collection       All wearing Emerson SS14 looks

index                                                                                         EMERSON BY JACKIE FRASER-SWAN Fall/Winter 2014 Collection



Emerson-Fall-2014       Emerson+By+Jackie+Fraser+Swan+Fall+2014+Details+40-BYbdUMj2l


UTG Designers & Their Beach Party!!


That’s right! This week on Under the Gunn, the designers started off at the beach! Of course you might think fun in the sun & let’s go surfin’ now, but……..naturally, the setting was just part of the challenge! This week, Tim Gunn, in his nifty flip flops/sandals, delved out the designer instructions for the ever-popular UNCONVENTIONAL challenge. The materials?? — All the decorations and beach items used to decorate for the beach party! The concept was to create a beach-inspired look perfect for the LA beach woman. It was a free-for-all with the run & grab for materials, so how did it all pan out???


The designers were off to the workroom to begin their 1-day challenge. It was quickly time for the mentors’ round-up and we saw some early frustrations! Mondo & Sam were experiencing some difficulties. Sam was stuck in a rut, pretty much, and Mondo was urging him to go a different route. Nick too had to step up with his designers and was really doing a great job in handing out words of wisdom. Oscar had 2 looks, which Nick advised were not working, and so Oscar had to work with a change of design direction as well.


The models soon thereafter came in for their fittings. It was quite a different vibe this week. Many designers were feeling out frustrations and as always, in a crunch for the time. But the mentors worked a bit differently; they left the designers to just work it all out. The morning of the runway quickly approached and a lot of craziness & doubts were still running rampant, leaving the viewers to wonder how the top & bottom would fall into place for the week!?!


The judging panel was oddly enough a repeat from last week as Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman joined celebrity stylist Jen Rade, Marie Claire editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, well sans Zanna I guess, but also, designer Rachel Roy. Again nice to see Georgina since we missed her ever so much on PRAS!! So the materials this week were beach-y items. Tim was quick to remind the designers at the start to think outside the box, don’t be literal with the materials, and let their meanings transcend what they actually are. So what did this all mean for the finished products??? Let’s begin with the “safe zone”!!


The designers started out the episode with a re-hash of the Anya/Nicholas debacle from last week. The designers were upset about the surprise accusations, but the mentors seemed to be all on team Anya, even Tim! I guess all is well that ends well because Anya’s team was safe & sound this week. There were definitely a lot of great looks this week, but I have to say, Blake’s look of woven table liners and straw decorations should not be forgotten. The less colorful items seemed to be on top, I guess with a more streamlined focus to construction and with that, Blake’s belted look certainly fit that bill. I think this is a major Blake come-back so wishing him luck for next week! SHOUT-OUTS to Francesca’s for the gold dangling earrings & multi-colored bracelet & Benefit Cosmetics for the golden eyes & lips for a, haha, Golden beauty look!


Shan on the other hand I think should feel a bit lucky because with maybe 1 judge scoring differently, his beach umbrella & inflatable raft look could have been in the bottom. There was hardly any design concept here. It was also quite boring! Many of the top looks weren’t there because of a bold color or overly-dramatic sentiment, but were there because of innovative design-work & great construction, considering the materials used. But Shan’s look didn’t encompass any of this! SHOUT-OUT though to Blowpro for the lovely side-swept do of flowing beachy waves!


Continuing with the bad news, let’s look at the actual bottom looks!

I was not sure who was going home this week for the bottom. I know who I wanted, but 2 designers I enjoy watching were here in the bottom, one being Natalia. She again worked with a braiding technique for her raffia & beach umbrella look, and I could see where she was aiming, just disappointed with a lack of time as she was so rushed. This look kind of reminded me of her 1st look of the season, a bit under-developed, a little short, but it had potential. I still see that with Natalia and unlike someone such as Shan this week, I at least appreciated her concept for some design! SHOUT-OUT to Blowpro for some more luscious flowing beach waves!


With Natalia safe I was still on pins & needles, wondering if another designer fave of mine, Michelle, would be out this week?? Luckily….. No! However, the judges were still not in love with her brightly color-blocked look of inflatable rafts! With colors such as hot pink & bright sky blue, the look could go either way in a judge’s eye. Many past PR designers were known for looks of bright colors and off-the-wall prints, and were praised, ahem Mondo! Could it look a bit junior, a little too youthful, maybe, but I thought there were a few positives here. The fit was great and I appreciated some color in a sea of nudes & tans. I also liked the use of the colors in a color-blocked set-up, which is an ever-popular trend. I guess better luck next week to Michelle, but glad she is still here! SHOUT-OUT to Blowpro for a gorgeous straightened side-swept look!


With Natalia & Michelle safe, that left Stephanie rounding out the bottom & ultimately going home. I never root for someone to go home, but Stephanie has yet to have a standout moment yet. With that said, Michelle has so it made more sense in my eyes that it was Stephanie’s time. She had a great idea with the “melting of leis” and it was certainly a look that inspired fun with popping colors. The differences for me, with this look and that of Michelle’s, was some issues with construction, fit, a less modern silhouette, and Stephanie’s was far more junior. SHOUT-OUT to Francesca’s for the nude sandal heels.


It was great to see Oscar in the top again, especially after his rough start. His structured look of a beach mat and straw fans made my jaw drop; I was in awe!! I think that is the point with unconventional challenges, to make the mind wonder and I applaud Oscar for doing just that! The look was just so chic, clean lines, & superb construction considering he was using straw fans! SHOUT-OUTS to Blowpro for the retro beach look of golden waves; Francesca’s for the elegant golden hoop earrings; & Benefit Cosmetics for the bold & dramatic beauty look of a slight smoky eye & glistening nude lip.


It had to have been a tough call this week for the top, but Oscar didn’t make top 2; Asha was the fortunate runner-up this week. I definitely was impressed with this textile printed look of straw decorations, woven table liners, palm leaves, & leis. It’s always nice to see a designer branch out, be innovative and that is what Asha did with creating her own print/textile. SHOUT-OUTS TO Benefit Cosmetics for the slight smoky eye & pop of color on the lip; & Francesca’s for maybe the fun printed clutch, gold necklace, & gold cuff (not sure if any of this Asha created, but I’m sure one of the 3 items is from Francesca’s!)


But the big winner this week was the comeback kid, no more Mr. Safe, Sam! And I mean big as in he not only won for best look, the 5k, but also the random 1K Benefit Cosmetics gives out this season. This week, the prize was awarded for the look the judges thought was the most fun & free spirited, and that, along with the top look was Sam. This was again nice to see since he too had a rough beginning! But really the judges slacked a bit on adjudicating by letting Mondo pick the winner between his 2 designers. We’ve seen this as Anya has chosen twice now between who to send home. Big difference though in picking a winner versus who to eliminate — Mondo’s designer is still here and I can’t imagine this made Asha feel to great! But back to Sam for his well-deserved win….

His fit & flared look was created with the use of a bamboo beach mat, a beach chair, & a pineapple (check out the clutch!). This was definitely a fun look and perfect for any willing beach bunny! SHOUT-OUTS TO Blowpro for the side-swept loosely fit ponytail; & Francesca’s for the statement heels & cool shades!









Son Jung Wan Presents “Re-composition”


Son Jung Wan, for Fall/Winter 2014, presented several looks for which I would clearly label as walking works of art. Her specific inspiration for the collection was from abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko. Rothko worked with expressions of various emotions in his artwork thru his wide use of color. And color is certainly not lacking with SJW!

38                                               tumblr_mzm2xhWfTY1qcg3zwo1_1280You see a lot of blues (royal), cold & darker, like the Arctic Ocean.

h-623_w-3660h-6653_w-360There is also luxe golds, rich & full of history, admiration, & desire.

h-6423_w-360h-6243_w-360Mid-tone gray is also utilized, also giving/providing a sense of luxury with the collection.

h-623_w-3620h-623_w-3860And finally, ivory, set to convey expressions of tradition & grace.

h-6233_w-360h-6253_w-360Alongside a vast use of color, there was also utilization of a wide range of fabrics. Many looks incorporated a mixed use of materials. For example, colorful furs accompanied alongside metallic details. A signifier in many of Rothko’s works was the blurred color boundaries and that is presented in SJW’s collection by way of unfinished edges. This collection is all about modernity, but in a new way.

h-623_w-3630h-623_w-3670In a Rothko work, on his canvas, emotions spanned from joy to sadness. Son Jung Wan “wants to paint her collection with colors of emotions as Rothko did.” You can’t deny the artistic quality in all of the looks, whether it’s the fabrication on fur or shimmer of a metallic detail. Imagination and creativity flourish throughout this collection.

h-623_w-3604h-623_w-3601Here are a few other faves of mine from this collection that caught my eye. The mixed use of fur throughout, the versatility with the separates, the color schemes when paired together all are just STUNNING!


h-6223_w-360h-6213_w-360A few special guests were in attendance for this fabulous show — from Real Housewives of NY, Kelly Bensimon; (Kelly is wearing a Son Jung Wan Day Dress & Fur Coat); from new talk show “The Real”, Adrienne Bailon; (Adrienne is wearing a Son Jung Wan beige winter coat); from Gossip Girl, Kelly Rutherford; & from Radio Disney, Jake Whetter.

Son Jung Wan - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014                   Son Jung Wan - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014                    Son Jung Wan - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Son Jung Wan - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014





UTG Designers Take on Steampunk & Avante-Garde

russ-turner-steampunk-portraits1                                     steampunk_outfit_by_livingdreaddoll-d3edpaqThis week’s challenge was all about creating an avant-garde look that was also a look of the “steampunk” genre. From my little understanding of steampunk, it seems to be about juxtapositions — the Victorian era meets the Industrial Revolution, Retro-Futurism, etc. After being given the challenge, the designers were left to sketch and be inspired while on their visit to Travel Town in LA’s fun-filled Griffith Park — the trains, the elements, inventions, & more! They were given 30 minutes to sketch and could also collect some useful articles to incorporate into their looks — washers, wires, old clocks, piping, gears, funnels, & more.

Travel Town - Los Angeles       locomotive-1024x682The designers then received a little bit of good news to start of the challenge — a $300 budget for a 2-day challenge! But with any good news, the designers should also expect the stakes are going to be raised. Longer amounts of time also means higher expectations, more pressure, and we could see this as the episode progressed. The mentors also received some good news — they got a trial trip to Mood with their designers! I think they may get repeat trips, no major issues to report. Of course, since this was a 2-day challenge, the mentors didn’t even see their designers until Day 2 so was the Mood trip a trade-off?

There were a few sideline topics to report during this episode — Tim took note of how much better Nick was doing, little designer spats here & there, nothing out of the ordinary. And yes, we know this episode was about steampunk, but just like with some past heavy-focus to Nick, this week it was Anya’s turn! Anya had 2 designers in the bottom last week so she knew the spotlight would be on her team this week. We saw some early signs of hesitancy & uncertainty with Shan for this challenge, but it was Nicholas who faced the most difficulties.


Blake mentioned that kind & sweet Anya was gone this week and this was mostly true, although I’m not sure that was a bad thing! In previous weeks all I’ve seen Anya do is say vague and generic comments to her designers combined with a gigantic smile. I questioned her mentoring abilities and I’m still not fully convinced of them, but at least this week she gave some actual direction. Although I find it quite hysterical and ironic that she would question anyone’s sewing skills. (Yes, Anya outright asked Nicholas if he made the looks in his portfolio, DRAMA!!) She couldn’t have forgotten her season and lack of sewing abilities that quickly!


As much as I have my doubts with Anya, I too am not a fan of Nicholas. I never thought he should have stayed over Brady and that will always have me scratching my head as to why Anya made that choice. I also don’t think he deserved a chance to stay last week. He should have been eliminated because even with another chance, he didn’t utilize it to the fullest. I’m not saying he is a horrible person or designer, but I think his vision is not fully developed yet. It seems a bit lack-luster and just not a good fit for this type of show. He lacks the WOW factor. He also doesn’t seem to be as excited as other designers are about this opportunity. Thankfully when Anya was given another chance to choose, she made the right decision!


This week’s guest judge was Marchesa designer & PRAS judge Georgina Chapman. I’m not sure of the match to steampunk, but since she was so absent on PRAS, I guess it’s nice she made a visit to UTG! Now I have to be honest, I’m only aware of steampunk because of this episode and being able to connect past images I’ve seen with this episode, kind of like Shan. I can only judge based off what I liked and what I thought best met the challenge so you will have to forgive me if I’m lacking of any true steampunk knowledge! Let’s take a look at the “safe” zone this week!


I was so surprised that Michelle’s look was safe this week. I bet it was a close-call for her being a top contender. The show effect was certainly there, the avant-garde vibe with the structured collar, glass vase up-do, & flowing train. This blazer/jacket was also pretty sweet, especially the stained glass effect. I would love to know the negatives here so I say re-count or let’s implement a top 4 next week! Shout-out to Benefit Cosmetics for the hot pink smoky eye & Blow profor the amazing glass encapsulated up-do.


With most of the weak links now eliminated this competition is only going to get tougher. There are a lot of talented designers left and Sam is certainly one of them. What I love most about Sam is that I always can see him, his aesthetic, no matter what the challenge is. Each week I’m so eager to see what he creates! Shout-out to Francesca’s for the combat-style boots & old-school pilot goggles if they provided them, but also BlowPro for this naturally messy ponytail, perfect for someone who just took flight!


Asha’s look was not quite there for me this week. I only saw avant-garde because it looked as if a bunch of elements were just thrown together — structured bodice, flowing train, & mix of prints. I also didn’t quite get the steampunk elements when I compared this look to the other top looks. I don’t think the plaid, while very Victorian era-like, mixed well with the lace. It definitely found its home in the right place, SAFE! But I’m sure Asha will push for more next week. Shout-out to BlowPro for the flowing & chic up-do with the purple netting & Benefit Cosmetics for the modest smoky eye & nude lip.


Let’s stick with bad news train and since I already discussed Nicholas we will continue with his bottom 3 look. It was hard to hide with my earlier commentary that Nicholas went home this week, but comparing it to the other looks this week, it certainly was no surprise! Just as Isabelle’s past look of thrown-about netting didn’t make a look avant-garde, neither does thrown-about tubes or wires. Just like most of his other looks, this shirt-dress was just not up to the challenge; it was boring, lackluster. It also didn’t seem as if it would really take 2 days to complete, especially if you look at all of the work done with the other looks. At least there was some drama and something special to this look & that was with the Shout-out for Benefit Cosmetics, the smoky eye & partially applied lip, BlowPro with the messy side bun.


I was not surprised Stephanie’s look was in the bottom. I know she came off a team win last week, but up until that point, she had mainly been in the bottom. I think if she doesn’t step it up next week, she is out! This look was a bit like Nicholas’, it was very safe, very boring. And that’s been her problem all along. She just needs to crank it up, not a bit, but a lot! Shout out to Benefit Cosmetics loving all of the smoky eyes this week!


So clearly I didn’t think Blake should have been a contender for the bottom 2 and I’m not even sure this was a bottom 3 look. I do agree with the judges though and I know Blake even admitted a lack of clear vision for this look. Blake has had some great moments during UTG so I hope he remembers that & stops doubting himself! Shout-out to Benefit Cosmetics for the half in half make-up look & to BlowPro for messy side bun up-do!


Ahhhh I was so rooting for Natalia this week and I’m so happy for her that she made top 3 and was a contender for the win. I fully thought this look encompassed both avant-garde & the steampunk vibe the best; she definitely had my vote! I was just so impressed by this mechanism gadget, the incorporation of an invention I think screams STEAMPUNK! A lot of looks also used lace this week and it just didn’t work, but for Natalia’s incorporation I think it did. Great job!! And also Shout-out to BlowPro, love this full-on look of gorgeous flowing curls!


So this week’s winning look came from Shan, who was certainly a surprise since last week he was in the bottom & he was showing some doubts early on. I wrote warrior down as I was watching & so I’m glad the judges picked up on that as well. The separates-look worked well for Shan and I’m not doubting its top-3 placement, but I think it was a bit lacking for the avant-garde vibe, although there were some great elements. The cut-outs on the sleeves and around the knee were definitely one such example. Shout-out to Francesca’s for matching brown booties, BlowPro for the messy curly up-do, & Benefit Cosmetics for the chic nude lip & cat eyeliner look.


And finally, rounding out the top 3 this week was Oscar. I thought this look worked perfectly for both avant-garde & steampunk. In fact, as soon as I saw it, I thought about Back to the Future, part 3, you know, when they went back to the western era, all of the trains, steam, clocks, and invention work going on. But this was clearly a modern take on all of that and yes, it rode the line of costume & avant-garde, but to me, that is the point. Avant-garde is subjective and I’m a fan! This look has it all — drama, flare, and heck, even a clock as the belt buckle, how cool! I also loved the colors of this golden embossed plum purple. Shout-out for some more great boots from Francesca’s & Benefit Cosmetics for the matching purple-infused beauty look.


Best Dressed at the 2014 Oscars — Lots of Silver, Shimmer, & Sparkles!!

The 2014 Oscars were spectacular. And alongside a great show were also some superb red carpet looks. Let’s take a look at a few of my faves!



Naomi I feel will always be on my best dressed lists. She just knows how to pick stunning dresses & how to always look fabulous in them. And this short-sleeved beaded white gown by Calvin Klein 100% proves this. The back slit perfectly showcases her black CK sandal heels. A few more perfectly matching accessories are the exquisite diamond jewelry & metallic two-toned clutch from Bulgari.


naomi-watts-necklace             naomi-watts-bracelet               naomi-watts-bagACCESSORIES CLOSE-UP: Bulgari diamond necklace & diamond serpent-inspired bracelet; black & white geometric clutch


JESSICA BIELJessica looks so elegant & chic in this shimmery strapless Chanel Haute Couture gown, with a modest train. The shimmer continues with Jessica’s pick of diamond jewelry from Tiffany & Co., the Blue Book collection.

jessica-biel-earrings                                                 jessica-biel-bracelet2



Emerald-cut aquamarine and diamond Tiffany & Co. drop earrings set in platinum from the Blue Book Collection; Round- and marquee-diamond cluster Tiffany & Co. necklace; Emerald-cut aquamarine and diamond Tiffany & Co. bracelet from the Blue Book Collection; Round diamond Tiffany & Co. bracelet; round- and princess-cut diamond Tiffany & Co. platinum bracelet


JENNA DEWAN-TATUMThere were a lot of trends at the 2014 Oscars and Jenna seemed to fit the bill for one that is all over my best dressed list — soft hues with some shimmer — taupes, greys, off-white, etc! This Reem Acra gown is breathtaking, everything from the shimmery sheer bodice to the exaggerated skirt. Love it!

1393800296_maria-menounos-560_640                               maria-menounos-3-290MARIA MENOUNOSMaria is another who is often found on my best dressed lists and it’s because she has some great style. Take for instance, this sparkly silver capped sleeved gown with a fitted bodice & flowing train by Johanna Johnson. But Maria knows the look doesn’t stop with the gown; you have to complete it with some fabulous accessories. And here, she does just that with matching ashlyn’d clutch & subtle diamond jewelry — Jack Vartanian earrings, & Dove, Demarco, & Le Vian rings.


GIULIANA RANCICGiuliana looks like a princess in her off-white/grey Paolo Sebastian gown with a beaded bodice and taupe tulle skirt. And of course every princess needs a little extra frosting so she added some touches of diamond jewels from Forevermark.



Some might have thought Emma played it safe, but I disagree! This black & shimmered grey gown by Vera Wang was what I call simplicity at its finest, minimally chic. Not every gown needs bells & whistles to be stunning! Emma played up her look a bit with many accessories — Anita Ko ear cuff, Chanel bow ring, Repossi iliac custom rings, Bouchoron upper knuckle-ring, Solange hoop earrings & triple-side diamond rings, Jessica McCormack star hair pins, & a shiny silver Anya Hindmarch clutch.



AMY ADAMSAmy was another who went with a simple, yet elegant and exquisite look for the evening with her custom Gucci navy silk crepe tuxedo-inspired gown. Going with the trend of minimalism, are just a few touches of accessory sparkle, with that of Tiffany jewelry. We also can’t overlook this lovely up-do, which was styled by Renato Campora for Kerastase. The combo of Kerastase mousse, gel, & hairspray all went into creating this sculpted French twist.

amy-adams-earrings                                                 amy-adams-braceletACCESSORIES CLOSE-UP:Tiffany & Co. drop earrings featuring rhodochrosite, lapis, turquoise and diamond from Blue Book Collection; Yellow diamond Tiffany & Co. bracelet from the Blue Book Collection; Tiffany Metro diamond band rings

03c887b0-a26f-11e3-a16f-a394e4559bf0_JenniferGarner              JENNIFER GARNER

Jennifer went with a bit of old-school Hollywood glam in this silvery shimmered tiered fringe gown by Oscar de la Renta. The matching silver clutch was also by Oscar de la Renta. There is more silver, just a hint/peek, from the bottom of the gown and those are Brian Atwood platforms. Finally, for a few touches of silver & diamond jewelry, we can look to Forevermark for doing another wonderful job in completing this glamorous look.



Two Forevermark diamond bracelets; White gold and diamond Forevermark ring; Embellished Oscar de la Renta “Goa” clutch


TARA LIPINSKIYes, that is correct, Tara is on my best dressed list and yes, we are still at the Oscars, not the Olympics. Tara seems to be right at home on the red carpet & I’m sure my best dressed list is not the only one she made. How could she not in this flowing white & silver floral strapless gown by Rani Zakhem. I mean, it’s just amazing and it’s perfectly paired with a silvery shimmered Swarovski clutch.

158_2694_350361x5413MARGOT ROBBIEI started watching the Oscars before I looked at all of the red carpet photos and I kept wondering, where was Margot!! I now see why I kept missing her, no more blonde, now she’s a beautiful brunette — playing on my team now, lol!! But gorgeous locks aside, I have to say how much I adore this fitted black gown from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. It might appear to be a little laid back, but the shimmered bodice is a great detail, but so to is the wrap-around bow back detail. I love back details on a dress!!

oscars-charlize-theron-h724      CHARLIZE THERON

Charlize’s structured black Dior gown, with illusion straps, is dramatic risk-taking at it’s best, for me. The partially sheer train, the structured bodice, and the spot-on fit, are all fantastically on point for me. It’s also a dramatic detail to have sole focus on one major piece of jewelry, the 31-carat Harry Winston cluster diamond pendant, STUNNING! Charlize’s beauty look was the exact opposite and was not dramatic nor overdone, but rather subtle and conservative. Her make-up stylist Pati Dubroff for Dior Beauty did a beautiful job with I’m sure many Dior products, including the Dior addict fluid stick in Frisson.


ASHLEY WAGNERYes, still at the Oscars, not the Olympics, but how odd that 2 figure skaters are making my best dressed list, and Ashley is the other one! I guess being able to pick stylish outfits for figure skating lends a hand to picking stylish gowns for red carpet events! This is a lovely gold sequined look from Mark Bouwer. Hot red lip, side-swept locks with a hint of retro-glam, yea, Ashley seems right at home!


KELLY OSBOURNEKelly looks quite fitting in this ironically fitted white Badgley Mischka gown with golden shimmered overlay. The golden accessories continue & still look just as great with a Judith Leiber clutch and pieces from Solange for LoveGold.



I can’t lie! What actually caught my eye first with this look was the stunning Rau Wolf clutch, LOVE!! But I can’t overlook the just as stunning fitted black gown by Camilla Staerk, complete with a deep V-neck and diamond encrusted pendant. The other diamond touches are some wonderful pieces by Forevermark. Karen, great job my dear, you look lovely!!


ZAC EFRONI always try to include some dapper looking guys on my best dressed lists and so my 1st of 2 is Zac! He looks very handsome in his complete tuxe look, shirt & tie included, all by Calvin Klein. His shiny black dress shoes are from Johnson Murphy. And you can see just a peek from his 1967 rose gold vintage Rolex from Wanna Buy a Watch?

oscars-red-carpet-0686th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsMICHAEL B. JORDAN —  And last but not least, there is young Michael, who looks great in this black Givenchy tuxe & embellished dress shoes. We can also see a sneak of his matching Piaget watch. He alongside many of the ladies, went with some extra sparkle and is wearing Forevermark earrings & Gentleman Collection by Dave Thomas for Jason of Beverly Hills collar detail work.