Project Runway Showcases the Battles of the LBDs and Red Plaid Pants this Week

It was so odd how many similar themes were present this week with the designers. Two designers both selected a dark red plaid to make a pair of pants-Alexander and Miranda. Odd choices if you ask me. Another puzzling theme for this week was that the top 3 were all comprised of LBDs. If anything, this week showcases just how many trends and silhouettes are so common in today’s fashion world. So for a designer to make it they need to showcase what sets them apart!

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100_4951                        pr12-ep7-episode6

Back to PR, the designers got to visit shoe heaven this week by going to Marie Claire‘s fashion closet. Shoes are such an important fashion accessory, and I too, often coordinate and plan my outfits around what shoes I want to wear. This week’s challenge was fairly simple, pick a pair of shoes to serve as an inspiration for a look. The suggested budget was $200. Alexandria selected first while the rest had to buzz in first and correctly answer a fashion quiz question. This week’s guest judges were Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco and Marie Claire’s Editor-In-Chief Anne Fulenwider.

pr12-ep7-episode17                                                                 pr12-ep7-episode3

This is a pivotal point in the PR process. Its the halfway point. The Tim Gunn save was used so there is no longer any safety net for the designers. If you are out, you are out. This week’s runway was a bit perplexing for me. I even saw when the judges critiqued the top, it was not a full on lovefest. I thought many of the designs were basic this week and it truly were the shoes that stood out. However, I guess that could have been the point because you want the dress to compliment your amazing shoe, not overpower it. I didn’t really know who my top and bottom would have been, but overall, I agree with the judges’ decisions.

Top 3: Alexandria, Helen & Ken                                pr12-ep7-episode18        

pr12-ep7-episode20                                                                        pr12-ep7-episode22

Actually, I selected Ken as this week’s winner, but I am glad he was in the top 3 at least. He always showcases his ability to design sexy, chic and fitted garments. I too, loved the textured fabric he chose. It gave the piece a little something extra rather than just being a plain old LBD. Peplum is such a modern trend so it was great seeing that as well. This dress really did work with the black gladiator strapped heels. Helen’s sleek knee-length LBD with a black cape was the judges’ selection for the win this week. I am not sure if it worked best with the black bootie with a studded toe, but it was well constructed and had a great fit. I think keeping it basic worked for Helen this week so we will see if she can keep up the momentum. Alexandria rounded out the top 3 with her black LBD, which had lace detailing and cutouts, both of which are also dominating modern trends. The judges thought it was the perfect fit for the thigh-high gladiator sandals, but I thought it was, as Zac said, a bit pedestrian. However, it was clear that simple and chic won the day. The few other designers who pushed the boundaries and took some risks, likely ended up safe because with 5 on the judges’ panel, I am sure some liked a piece, while others did not.

Bottom 3: Jeremy, Bradon and Miranda                                    pr12-ep7-episode19

pr12-ep7-episode23                                                                   pr12-ep7-episode21

The judges certainly were in agreement about the bottom 3. When Jeremy designed his piece for this week, I could really see that concept working with the thigh-high black boots, with a gold chain down the side. The final product, however, didn’t work. The chiffon argyle sweater was not really flattering. I know it took a lot of work and time, but the pay off was not great. Jeremy’s looks are very hit or miss so it will be interesting to see if he can stick on the correct path for the duration of the show. Bradon was another designer who spent a lot of time on a technique, this week a boil effect, which too, didn’t yield a great final result. However, Bradon exhibited this pattern last week. He finds these great techniques and kind of puts the challenge aside. Bradon’s shoe selection was a pair of gold sequined leopard flats. I agree with Nina in that an A-line dress would have worked better. I am sure Bradon can bounce back as he was on the top several times. I was surprised from the judges’ comments that Bradon was the bottom 2 and not Jeremy, but there was no way sending someone home who was previously in the top over someone that’s never been there, Miranda, would make for a sound decision.

Miranda’s aesthetic really hasn’t come through for me this season. She often repeats failed silhouettes, like crop tops, pencil skits or jackets. I am not sure she has the range to make a great collection at this time. Her shoes were a basic pair of red patent leather flats. She and Alexander selected the same fabric and then both made pants. However, there were some differences in the style and fit. I am not sure whose really came out first on the runway, but Alexander’s look did seem chic, modern and luxurious. Mirandas’ just seemed to be almost the H&M version of a high-end look. It just wasn’t executed well. I am also not a fan of a polka dot and plaid print mix.

Excited to see the workout fun for next week and what the challenge will be!

All About Yumi Kim: Flower Power & Feminine Mystique

logo                                            ykabout-us_1

If you are a young woman, looking for fashionable variety, such as modern prints, fun florals or even vintage silhouettes, then look no further than the Yumi Kim brand. To be quite honest, I do not own a floral printed garment myself, but after learning more about Yumi Kim and seeing all of these amazing options, I know now I really need to fill this gap in my wardrobe! There is a wide selection to shop from-tops, bottoms, dresses and jumpers. You can shop from YK classics, must-haves, best sellers, last chance, on sale, and new items. YK is fast approaching its 5-year mark, but I definitely see longevity and more success in their future!

lastchancespring_copy                         yumi-kim-kim_s-must-haves

YK designer is Kim Phan. She always had a desire and passion for fashion and creative expression. Even at a young age, she was designing and revamping vintage clothing. She moved to NYC and launched Yumi Kim with no formal training, just her desire, motivation and creative impulses. The brand name is partially derived from one of the loves of her life, her Yorkie, Yumi. Inspirations for this brand are vintage silhouettes and accents, with touches of urban and modern feminine mystique. Phan is also a major fan of florals as patterns and incorporates them into many of her designs. Phan says, “Flowers are so girly and playful. They really accentuate the bright, fun mood I try to channel in my clothing, and makes every girl feel pretty”

yumi-kim-bottoms                             yumi-kim-dresses-teal_lilac_floral

It was in the fall of 2008 that Phan opened her 1st flagship store on the lower east side of NY, 105 Stanton Street. Soon thereafter, she opened another location on the Upper east side, 1331 3rd Avenue. She fills her stores with a medley of her favorite accessory designers, and cool vintage finds, mixed with handpicked home gifts that accompany the entire Yumi Kim collection. Yumi Kim can be found on Hollywood’s hottest starlets and stylish girls worldwide. Yumi Kim can be found in Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, and premium boutiques across the country.

yumi-kim-jumpers                     yumi-kim-tops

There are a lot of new and great ventures coming for YK. Next year, Phan is launching a new line, Blessed Peacemakers. The company will also open some new locations. This fall, YK shoppers can expect more Fall florals. The prints will be in cool teals and warm golds to match the chilly fall breeze. As far as patterns, there will be mod-inspired geometric to aztec prints available.

yumi-kim-summer-sale                      yumi-kim-shop-tops-dresses-rompers-classics

I really encourage you all to check out Yumi Kim online. Some interesting links to visit are as follows. Check out YK press, such as the brand being featured in Cosmopolitan and Glamour. With any questions there are a wide variety of forums, general contacts and social networks to check out. If you need help with sizes, check out the YK sizing chart. Finally, learn more about fashion, YK and Phan by checking out her blog.

yumi-kim-shop-best-sellers-dresses-tops-rompers-spring                    yumi-kim-new-arrivals

2013 VMA Red Carpet Stars: Basics, Trends & Groups Dominate

There is always a lot of talk after the Video Music Awards air on MTV. This year is no different as there were some outrageous and outstanding performances. With the award ceremony aside, I would like to point out who I thought was outstanding on the red carpet. My faves consisted of those who kept it simple with some basic fashion staples. I also enjoyed those who continue to rock the ongoing trends of summer florals, sheer effects or cutouts. And finally, 2 female music groups caught my eye and were in fashion harmony within their respective groups. Sadly, I have no males on my list, so to the guys, step it up!

(photo credits to Just Jared)

5th Harmony                                         fifth-harmony-mtv-vmas-2013-red-carpet-01

Starting with my pop ensemble of ladies, 5th Harmony, who also caught my attention at the Teen Choice Awards. Again, they really shined through here, as well. I love how these young fashionistas mixed their fashion staple color of black with the pops of yellow. It really showed these ladies can stick to trends, but also have splashes of summer fun! I like how each lady can be a part of the overall group aesthetic, but still showcase their own personality, whether rockstar diva or being fun and girly.

Danity Kane                                     danity-kane-mtv-vmas-2013-red-carpet-02

My other group of standout ladies is the recently re-united Danity Kane and wow, did they hit the red carpet with a bang. No one looked as though they have even missed a beat. They all looked super gorgeous and sexy-chic. Great color choices were made with the always reliable black and white in the pieces. I liked the pairing of blazers, some leather usage and great accessorizing, such as with Aubrey’s trendy black and white clutch. left to right: Shannon wore a 2 piece crop top and short look from Versace with a stylish white with black trim blazer. Aundrea kept it simple, but still fabulous with a Prada top and leather skirt. Aubrey’s long sleeved white hi-lo dress is by Thomas Wilde. Dawn’s Gucci white romper was paired perfectly with a chic black blazer.

Ariana Grande          ariana-grande-mtv-vmas-2013-red-carpet-05                 ariana-grande-performs-at-mtv-vmas-preshow-2013-video-04

Ariana looked amazing in both her red carpet and on-stage looks. I love that she is not afraid to dress like is a young girl who just wants to look great and have fun. Kenley Collins designed her red carpet floral frock and it fit Ariana and the occasion like a glove! Her performance look I’m sure lit up the stage and she looked great in this sparkly lavender mini-dress.

Selena Gomez                   12e1320f-0449-4887-9ab6-b13e95a46685_SelenaGomez

Selena is definitely going thru a style evolution. She is really showing growth from her Disney days and fun/girly outfits. I wrote a piece awhile back, actually my 1st piece on Fashion Nexus, about some very mature and bold looks Selena had been donning for her world premieres for Spring Breakers. She has done it again here with this navy blue gown by Atelier Versace. The detailing along waist and up the slit was a great addition. She was certainly not scared to go bold with choices of a thigh-high slit and a cutout of half of her bustier area, which was done in a lace and sheer effect. Her jewelry was by Lorraine Schwartz.

Naya Rivera                                         143_1568_350

Naya looked stunning in this floor-length black gown with very sexy side panel cutouts, which opened the most around the waist. This look is vintage Paco Rabanne.

Allison Williams           143_1565_350

I loved Allison’s pick from Valentino. This offwhite, long-sleeved dress with lace detailing looked amazing! If a look could be both sexy and conservative at the same time, this is it. She paired it with simple black pumps by Christian Louboutin and earrings by Paige Novick.

Shailene Woodley                                Shailene Woodley

Shailene’s look was very fun and caught my eye because it stuck to her very laid back red carpet style, but yet still had some glam and chicness to it. Her black crop top was paired with a beaded and fringed purple kaleidoscope skirt by Pucci. She paired the two piece ensemble with basic black pumps by Casadei and a Chad Ypon bracelet.

Protecting the Work of Fashion Designers, Part 2: Design Patents

A few weeks back, I began a series on discussing the various laws that afford protection to fashion designers. There might seem to be a wide array of options for protection, but that this is not really the case. Each area, copyright, patent, trademark, etc, are all laws for different aspects within a designer’s work and have very rigid qualification standards. This piece is a more in depth look at the area of patent law with regard to designer protection. More specifically, design patents. There are 5 main questions a designer must consider before attempting to obtain a patent:

  • Will my design meet the patent requirements?
  • How much protection will I be afforded?
  • Is it worth the time?
  • Is it worth the cost?
  • Will the design still be relevant, in terms of success and sales, when the design patent is granted?

The Standard

Before even attempting to obtain a design patent, one must see if their design meets the rigid requirements. There are two types of patents. First, there is a utility patent, which protects the way a product is used and works, such as machines. Second, there is a design patent, which protects the way a useful product looks. So right from the definition, is a requirement in the product being useful. Further, there is a requirement that the article be new, original and ornamental. Thus far, with fashion, clothing has not had the most success, but there are a few success stories.

viewerOne such example is from True Religion, a brand of denim/jeans. The patented area is solely to the ornamental stitch pattern applied on the jeans. The design patent gives the owner the right to prevent others from making, using, or selling a product that so resembles the patented product that an “ordinary observer” might purchase the infringing article, thinking it was the patented product. But this brings up the next question a designer would need to consider, what is actually being protected?

What is protected?

When it comes to obtaining a design patent, it doesn’t mean a designer still won’t have to work at maintaining that protection. Take a look at the design patent example with Stella McCartney. A design patent was granted for the successful mesh polka dot dress from the brand, the “Lucia.” The only portion of this dress that receives protection is the dotted portions, including the dots. So while yes, if another dress had the other areas in a different fashion or form, but still utilized the sheer cutout polka dot style as Stella does, it could be infringement. The key component is that a court would likely require that for infringement, the competing garment would need to utilize dotted portions of the same shape and pattern. In examples such as with Stella McCartney, or True Religion, the design patent is very narrow, only to the patented portion, which may or may not disallow others from still designing similar pieces that is not deemed infringement.

smOther Factors

There are several other factors that a designer must consider before moving forward with acquiring a design patent. It may be that their work meets the requirements and could offer some protection, but the remaining factors all go to 1 main question, is it all worth it in the long run? One such factor area to consider is with that of time. It could take up to a year or even longer to be granted a design patent. If the designer chooses to continue selling a piece before then, there is still all that time where no protection is being granted. A designer might consider holding off on a piece that could receive protection and this goes to a 2nd factor.

This factor being, if waiting with all that time in this process, will this design still be relevant? Fashion trends and style are always changing and evolving as seasons change and upon new trends emerging. A piece that might work now in Fall of 2013, may not be a trend or succeed as well the following year. Most likely, a designer would want to patent a piece that is truly a staple with fashion, a piece that would rarely go out of style and a garment that could be worn for a long time to come. Looking back for example to the True Religion jeans-jeans are items that will always be worn and generally don’t vary much in color so the chances of jeans not being relevant are slim to none. Even in the case of Stella McCartney and this dress, it is also the case that this dress could be relevant and successful for many years to come. I am sure the dress is offered in other colors, but even just with black, a woman’s need for a great black dress to be included in her wardrobe will always be a necessity. Trends such as sheer effect, polka dots and cutouts are also seemingly trends that will be used in garments for many years to come. Finally, a designer must consider cost. This process would likely require the use of an attorney and all of the filing fees. This cost should be weighed against potential success of the patented garment and if it fits within the designer’s budget.

There are some modern case examples one could look at and a few perhaps appear that the design patent and process do yield a certain amount of protection to designers. Victoria Secret released the bra, 100-way strapless convertible bra. However, Katherine Plew alleged that this bra was covered under her registered design patent. The issue was that the loops on the bras, whole not placed in exactly the same location, did create a result of arranging straps that was effectively the same. This case ended up settling.

There was also the case with LuLu Lemon and their accusation that Calvin Klein was selling yoga pants, which were infringing upon their design patent. LuLu’s design patents were encompassing of a waistband for one pair and then the styles of the yoga pants for the other pairs claimed as infringing. This case, also ended up settling.

1                                        3

In summary, the prospects of obtaining a design patent should be considered when the innovative work involves a product having unique ornamental features. There are recent cases that demonstrate that a designer can protect their designs thru this process, but the designer must still make certain that their own design fits the requirements. The possibility of obtaining other forms of intellectual property protection, in addition to the design patent, should also be considered.

The Project Runway Designers Go Glamping, So What is That?

pr12-ep6-episode1                                               pr12-ep6-episode18

Well, apparently, glamping is one way that Project Runway can finally have an episode that is more Kumbaya-like than spewing all of the drama! But no, really, glamping is glamorous camping. I am not sure about the glamour part, but experiencing nature really did seem to calm these designers down. It was great seeing them have some fun by zip-lining or whitewater rafting, or just sitting around the glamp-fire roasting marshmallows. Even though nature was cleansing and relaxing for the designers, I am not sure it was a benefit to all when it came to finally finding inspirations for their pieces this week. This week’s challenge was to create a look, of any kind, that was inspired by nature and the activities experienced while glamping. The look was not to be worn while in nature, just inspired by, and so it still needed to be high-end and editorial. This was a 1 day challenge and the suggested budget was $300. Allison Williams, from the hit TV series Girls was the guest judge this week. She did a great job and offered some excellent thoughts and critiques for the designers. So before I get to the top and bottom looks, there were a few interesting workroom events to discuss.

pr12-ep6-episode7                        pr12-ep6-episode22

One such workroom event was that really there was no drama this week. It was a nice change of pace from the past several weeks of fussing and feuding we’ve seen. I think the only snide comment was from Ken, who was still a bit upset with Alexandria from last week, and he called her a tiger. I can’t feel too badly for Alexandria because it was still quite evident this week that she is not there to make friends or even be friendly or slightly cordial. I think it was Karen and Helen who asked her how her work was going and she barely responded and walked out of the sewing room. I am sure the show’s process is chaotic, but is it that hard to be somewhat nice? So with a fairly calm workroom this week and everyone appearing to have had a refreshing glamping experience, it would seem that the runway show this week would be phenomenal this week right? WRONG! But apparently phenomenal enough that the all important Tim Gunn save was used!

Bradon’s Look:  -project-runway--se3a  Judges’ Bottom 3:  Ken, Karen, Justin  

-project-runway--s1           -project-runway--se4a       -project-runway--se2a

I have to say I was very underwhelmed this week. Justin and Karen I felt were a shoe-in for the bottom 2, but I think that 3rd spot could have gone to more than just Ken. I think Bradon and perhaps even Kate should have felt very pleased with their safety this week. Bradon’s look was so reminiscent of his 1st week’s look and was barely put together in time. I am hoping this week was just an off week and he is back on track for next week! I didn’t have the same problem with Ken’s look as the judges, but I did feel it was a bit safe. While it did fit great, it just didn’t seem to push the boundaries. But as far as the bottom 2, Justin and Karen, the judges were spot on. I am not sure ultimately who I thought really deserved to go home and I could have understood the judges’ choice to send either home. Justin’s look, while very risky, bold and experimental, just really didn’t work. I thought it looked like someone walked thru a spiderweb. It was not polished at all. However, I kind of applauded his effort and hard work that was clearly put into the garment versus Karen’s very basic ombre sunshine yellow strapless maxi. I didn’t even notice the boots she paired it with until later and that was very perplexing. I am just not sure after seeing the many other garments, and all of the work, what she spent her time with this week in making this dress. It was just so basic. It really didn’t matter as Justin was the one chosen to go home, but, drumroll please, Tim used his save. It was a very sad moment and emotions were really flying all over the place. I am just not sure this save should have been used so early. I do like Justin and I did like some of his earlier pieces. However, I just don’t think his aesthetic and point of view has formulated itself yet. So far, he hasn’t had a WOW moment. However, Tim felt strongly about using his save, so I respect his decision.

Judges’ Top 3: Alexandria (winner), Jeremy, Alexander

-project-runway--se7a                        -project-runway--sea8                        -project-runway--se5a

So the bottom was seemingly a no-brainer this week, but the top group, more so the winner this week, was a bit more perplexing for me. I would have never put Alexandria in my top 3, much less deemed her the winner this week. I do see why the judges probably put her in the Top 3 as the runway was a sea of long gowns this week, and so her sportswear garments did stand out in that respect. I just wasn’t a fan of the droopy drop-crotch pants and the denim top seemed very ill-fitting. I thought Jeremy’s breathtakingly elegant and fully inspired, bias cut cream gown was by far the better choice for a winner. It was so touching how he made a garment with a love letter he had written. Alexander also did a great job this week. I have not been a fan of his, but I was very impressed with this navy blue and black fitted gown. I will say, the bottom did seem very heavy and perhaps even difficult to walk or move around with, but overall, it was still very beautifully crafted. I also wanted to throw a quick honorable mention to the person I would have added to my Top 3 and that is Dom. I have slowly been coming around to her work and I really enjoyed her piece this week. The print was great and the neckline was very elegant and classy.

My honorable mention, Dom:                                -project-runway--se6a

Until next week….!

Slater Zorn: You Can Dress in Style and Root for your Team!

image002                                             img_about_concept

Attending sporting events, no matter the type, is an outing that so many people do all the time. It could be college or high school students showing their school spirit. It could be alums of an institution who will always root for their former school. It could be parents or grandparents who attend games and enjoy being a part of their families’ school life. A variety of people attend and there is also a variety of outlets-high schools, colleges, professional teams, or even local teams such as little league or traveling teams (those not affiliated with a school or institution). Most likely, at any of these types of events, no matter who you are, you want to support your team and wear their colors to demonstrate that. Slater Zorn is just the place to help out with this task. You can look through and shop for a variety of clothing and accessories available to both men and women.

slide_4                       img_about_concept_03

Slater Zorn is all about luxurious and high quality products that can help one to show their loyalty to a team. For women there are tops (white collars and sleeveless blouses with collars), sweaters (sleeveless, cardigans, V-necks in cashmere, zip capes, sleeveless vests, houndstooth jacket, turtleneck sweaters, crew neck sweaters, and more), dresses (tank dresses with a chevron print) and jewelry (collaborations with PONO by Joan Goodman for options of long resin link necklaces, shaded short resin link necklaces, bangles, and more). For men, there are stadium shirts with basic white and collars, khaki shorts, and sweater options (cable knit crew neck, striped sleeve with quarter zip, and houndstooth and 2-tone vests). There are also a variety of accessories, such as leather belts, ribbed scarves, striped scarves, striped socks, caps/toboggans, wristwarmers, and more. You can also find some great style ideas to help create your ensembles.

IMG_3969_300dpi_Crop2_Close   IMG_8819_300dpi_v02_large  IMG_9881_300dpi_v02_Crop2    ShortShadedNecklace_Purple_1024

A great aspect of many of these items is that they work both for game days to everyday. The looks are also very luxurious as they are made with high quality and durability to last beyond a single sporting season. Most of the fabrics used for these products are the very finest wools,  geelong, New Zealand merino or Scottish cashmere. The founder of Slater Zorn saw her own love and passion for sports and thus, grew this concept and brand.

Beth Wittig is the entrepreneur and designer for Slater Zorn. She really is an avid sports fan and was always excited for her children’s participation in the events. She, like many families, saw that attending sporting events was a regular outing for the family and found the inspiration for Slater Zorn. She says, “I wanted to dress in colors and clothes that supported my team, and I was determined to do it with style.” Slater Zorn was launched in December of 2012. The name is a combination of her and her husband’s mothers’ maiden names.

Dress_3   IMG_9124_300dpi_v03_crop2   IMG_9143_300dpi_v02_crop2   IMG_9228_300dpi_v04_crop2

This brand is truly an amazing concept and I know even in my own family, there are so many types of sporting events that all of the family attends. I have many friends who are also just avid sports fans, whether they are rooting for a fave professional team or for a previous college attended. One might worry about wearing the correct colors, or still finding an item that looks great. Slater Zorn is a great online boutique that can assist one in finding colors to show support for their team, and doing so all while looking stylish.

IMG_9467_300dpi_v02_crop2   Shorts_5   Untitled-3     Untitled-13

The Dream Team’s Shining Stars v. The Drama Team’s….well, Drama!

Quick Note: I am so excited to announce that I have 2 amazing Giveaways coming up! Stay tuned next week for a special hint, but I will begin both very soon. You can get a headstart by Liking Fashion Nexus on Facebook, which will also keep you apprised of when the contests will begin! But now, back to the Project Runway drama….


So it was so evident that this week was going to bring nothing but drama, especially with a challenge centered around unconventional materials and working so within teams of 3! But wow, who knew Sandro would come back, yikes! I will get to that later, so this week’s challenge was I guess in part sponsored by Lexus, great product placement! The Lexus could serve as an inspiration for the collection, but was not a requirement. The designers were placed in teams of 3 and were to make a luxurious and high-end mini collection of 3 looks. While each designer within the team was responsible for their own look, the team as a whole was responsible for cohesion and formation of a collection. The unconventional materials to make the garments were to be purchased from 2 of 3 places: a specialty food store; a vintage wallpaper shop; or, a combo homegoods/party supply store, Surprise Surprise. The suggested budget was $1500 and this was a 1 day challenge. Here are the team breakdowns and some thoughts as the show developed:


  • Kate, Jeremy, Karen: This team decided to visit Surprise and the food store. Their aim for the collection was modernizing the 1920s or a futuristic Gatsby.
  • Justin, Dom, Helen: This team visited the food store and wallpaper shop. Their theme was likely the most derived from the Lexus, very architectural, structured, clean lines, etc. Their big Tim Gunn lecture was that of a suggested $1500 budget, they only spent $600. That is such a wow factor! I think they could have at least gone to $1000.
  • Alexander, Miranda, Bradon: This team visited the wallpaper shop and Surprise. I wasn’t getting much from their theme, probably the most simplistic, but that isn’t really a horrible thing-white as a color, keeping the designs modern and chic.
  • Sue, Ken, Alexandria: Okay so the major drama really only came from this one team. But what do you expect when you put 2 of the biggest personalities in 1 boat! They were arguing even before they left to shop, arguing at checkout, arguing at the 2nd location and of course, arguing in the workroom. We finally got to see some direction for the collection-metallics, black, silver, I guess going with modern, chic, luxurious looks in black. The team went to Surprise and the wallpaper shop, even with a reluctant Ken. I think the team finally took a break from arguing when Tim came by, but then of course, he really let them have it. Sue’s issues of lack of knowledge on sewing and not knowing how to work a sewing machine came about again. Tim was upset the most with this group because they were using curtains, very little unconventional material. Ken was smirking and Tim called him out and his response, even before the runway was throwing Sue under the bus on her lack of sewing skills and that this was all she could really do. I could really write a whole post just about this team and their drama, but I guess that is all you really need to know-DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA, the whole time!

That is enough of that drama so now back to some more, Sandro’s return! Tim Gunn just waltzes in the workroom with Sandro. Remember, the guy who stormed out last week even though he was safe! He was very calm, very apologetic. He seemed genuine, but also recognizing he couldn’t genuinely handle his emotions, well more specifically temper. I don’t think he was going to win so I guess it works that no one went home last week and it allows someone else a chance to move further. So how did the top and bottom shape up this week!


Well there was only a winning team and losing team, leaving 2 teams safe. The judges got the top and bottom right. With the team of Justin, Dom and Helen being safe, I would say they were a bit lucky. I thought their collection was a bit drab and boring. It showed that they only spent $600. The other safe team was Alexander, Miranda and Bradon. Now as much as I loved Bradon’s immaculately gorgeous flowing white goddess gown, I was underwhelmed by Alexander and Mirandas’ pieces. Miranda’s deep V-neck minidress was at least not a crop top this week! It was a bit safe. I don’t care for Alexander’s over the top aesthetic and puffiness and bulgy effect always present. It was obvious though which team got it the most though and who just didn’t gel.

The winning team was very deservedly Kate, Jeremy and Karen; we will nickname them “The Dream Team.” All of their looks really embodied the challenge of being luxurious and high-end. Jeremy’s gorgeous knee-length fitted dress was a shining star and the glittered sides were spark-tacular! I was finally excited to see a great piece from Karen; it really was a standout. The dress had so much texture, a great fit and I sort of thought of a color-block effect, but just with different materials as was done here. Kate did another surprise piece, showing off her sexy and edgy side. Her short minidress was created so well and the deep V-neck was a great touch along with some sheer cut-outs on the side. It was hard to pick a winner, but again I 100% agree with the judges that Jeremy should have won.

pr12-ep5-episode27          Order of Looks: Kate, Sandra, Jeremy

Better picture, smaller, for Karen’s Look since above is of the back!                   pr12-rr-ep5-karen-f

The losing team of Sue, Alexandria and Ken was quite a different story. We already know to nickname this team, “The Drama Team.” As always and as the judges said, when a team doesn’t work well, it shows most in the work. Sue’s garment wasn’t finished when in the hallway about to go on the runway, yet magically appeared on the model for her to walk. We later find out the model sewed the top on in the bathroom! The dress just looked like a grey mini with some mesh thrown on top. Alexandria’s look was definitely sloppy, but it was at least more interesting with the draped effect of the skirt and somewhat structured neckline. I didn’t mind Kens’ dress. To me, it was the best one. It had a great fit in my opinion. There was just never a clear vision for this team. I will say Ken was very opinionated as always, but we all know from watching Alexandria’s private diary room confessions that she can be diva-like as well. I guess she can dish it, but can’t take it, or she would just rather stick to talking behind people’s backs. Drama aside, it was clear Sue, no matter what her method of sewing is, was not working. Her garment wasn’t complete. She even had help from her teammates. And yes, we know some of the work had to be started over, but that was because the team bought the most conventional materials, i.e. curtains, in an unconventional challenge. I think its clear teamwork is not in many of their futures. I do agree Sue’s piece was the weakest and she should have definitely gone. Hopefully, Ken can simmer down some and get back on track and I will still root for him. I would also like to keep a woman on my top list this season so hopefully Alexandria can also regroup and give Kate a run for her money!

pr12-ep5-episode25 Order of Looks: Sue, Ken, Alexandria

Get Carried Away by the Fashion in The Carrie Diaries!

I have noticed as of late that many tv shows are really stepping up their game when it comes to wardrobes and costumes for the show. I am a fan of shows such as Gossip Girl, The Carrie Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, etc and I have taken note of some great fashion pieces I am seeing. I want to do a series of posts on these shows, some of my favorite outfits and touch base on the individuals responsible for making these amazing wardrobe decisions. First up, The Carrie Diaries!

The Carrie Diaries is preparing to start in its 2nd season this fall and if the fashion is anything like that from season 1 then I can’t wait! One of the main individuals behind finding these great pieces is the ever-talented Eric Daman, Daman is an emmy-nominated costume designer, television personality and author. He has left his mark on the fashion world by helping to showcase such great fashion on major shows that are also some of my personal faves, such as Sex and the City, and Gossip Girl. And of course now, The Carrie Diaries. I am going to work hard to touch base with this amazingly talented man with such a creative eye, but for now, take a look at some of my favorite outfits showcased in The Carrie Diaries, season 1.

index   The Infamous Carrie Bag, splashed with neon paint!

The purse is a Mark Cross, “Scottie”, small satchel. Its the perfect basic black handbag, perfect size, not too big or too small.

All great dresses and right from the start, the very 1st episode. First, there is the TopShop sequin skater dress. Paired so perfectly with the bold neon orange heels by Alice & Olivia. 2nd pic, the ever-cute pink and polka dot dress, vintage, by Arnold Scaasi dress, which was altered a bit for AnnaSophia Robb, and a Theory crinoline was added to it. 3rd pic, another vintage Scaasi dress in black with a multi-colored sparkle effect. The outfit was complete with a green denim jacket from H&M.

report-card-sweater  Grey report card sweater from Urban Outfitters

carries-pink-shirt-peplum-skirt  The color blocked top is by Eva Franco, its there Alice top in red and baby pink. Topshop herringbone peplum skirt in charcoal grey.

grey-hearts  Grey sweater with hearts and arrows by TopShop

mouse-dress   Topshop contrast black and white collar dress

green-cutout-dress  Green cutout dress from Urban Outfitters

carrie-green-dress   Ballerina water green dress by Georges Chakra

Maggie-Sequin-Dress  Sequined dress by ASOS

dorrit-bunny-sweater  Topshop knitted bunny mirror in grey and black

carrie-yellow-top  Ariel yellow knit top by Darling Clothes

carrie-alphabet-sweater Grey Topshop alphabet sweater

maggie-sweater Rebecca Taylor Intarsia sweater in neutral colors

carrie-sequin-one-shoulder-dress  Edge by Mac Duggal, one shoulder sequined mini

Carrie-Diaries-AnnaSophia-Pink-Neckace-and-Paintbrush-wrap-top  Paintbrush print blouse by Ungaro-silk

Carrie-Diaries-AnnaSophia-Black-and-Gold-Star-Dress- Topshop Star gold glitter dress

Carrie-Diaries-AnnaSophia-Black-and-white-houndstooth-coat  Via Spiga Carso belted coat in a houndstooth print

Carrie-Diaries-AnnaSophia-Cassette-Tape-print-skirt  Cassette Tape print skirt for Modcloth

Carrie-Diaries-Pink-Polka-Dot-Pumps-Heels1   Kate Spade lisa pumps in hot pink and polka dots

Carrie-Diaries-AnnaSophia-Floral-Pastel-Dress-with-Collar  Alice & Olivia, Lollie, belted embellished collar dress

carries-pink-backless-pleated-dress1  Pink tulle open back dress by Sherri Hill

Most of these looks are no longer available. Wow! I guess Carrie fans did some major shopping! I can’t wait for season 2!

Get Excited: Phillip Lim’s Target Collaboration!

Since everyone in the fashion universe is posting about the Phillip Lim collection collaboration with Target, I wanted to bring some attention to it myself on my blog. Whether you are a Phillip Lim or a Target fan, I am sure you will find some great pieces for this collection. You can start shopping in-store or online on September 15th. (Yay!! that is the day after my birthday, oooh, maybe I will go birthday shopping!) The collection will encompass both apparel and accessories. Price points for apparel are between $19.99 and $299.99, while accessory prices range from $19.99 to $59.99. Here are some of the pieces I am most excited about!

2013_08_phillip-lim-for-target-2-thumb                                       phillip-lim-for-target-3

phillip-lim-target-19               phillip-lim-for-target-4

phillip-lim-for-target-6                phillip-lim-target-12

phillip-lim-target-14                phillip-lim-target-16

There seems to be a lot of great pieces and this is just what I like. You check out these links, NY Racked, StyleCaster and Teen Vogue for more pics! I love the variety. I think for fall there are some great trends in colors for the season-navy blues, green, red and warm yellow. There are some great prints that are also perfect for the fall season. There is great color-blocking as a trend with the navy blue and green, which looks spectacular! I also love the traditional and always classic basic black pieces that can easily be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe! I may have to make a couple of purchases on September 15th! What do you think, will you?

2013 Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet Review!

Yesterday, Sunday, August 11th, the annual Teen Choice Awards was conducted. And of course, with any major awards show, there was some great fashion to be seen on the red carpet. The young men and women showed some great variety from the more traditional red carpet glam and flare to that of the very fitting fun summer frocks for this type of venue and award-show format. For me though, those who usually standout didn’t quite catch my eye, it was those that are a bit more unknown or up and coming that shined the most. So here is my faves of the night, enjoy!

Photo credits to Just Jared Jr.


I have to start with the incredibly brave Lea Michele, who made her first major appearance out last night, from the most recent tragic events surrounding her longtime boyfriend, Cory Monteith. She could have worn a trash bag and made my list, but she proved that whether she is working a super diva, full on glam red carpet look, or even something as simple as this fully pink number, that she will always look beautiful, inside and out.


Katie Cassidy probably wore one of my most fave dresses of the evening. This Zuhair Murad mini is the perfect fun summer color with hot pink and as a major fan of the ever-trendy lace details, this dress was top-notch! I also love that she paired the dress with a classic black heal from Christian Louboutin.

Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Show            Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Show        Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

Lucy Hale was the co-host of the event and donned several different looks while co-hosting and for her red carpet arrival. This first look, a perfect for summer look in baby pink by Phillip Armstrong, Camilla K earrings, and a Chanel ring was so fun and fresh and I thought it exuded youthfulness. The 2nd look, a sky blue with a keyhole cutout by Angelys Balek, tangerine red Sergio Rossi heels, Marina B earrings, and rings by Kara Ross and Sophie Hughes, also all looked amazingly fresh and sweet. And finally, with Lucy’s red carpet arrival look, this 2-piece white dress with Stuart Weitzman heels, Topshop earrings, Sophie Hughes ring and a matched white Kotur clutch.

2013 Teen Choice Awards - Press Room                                                                 ashley-benson-shay-mitchell-teen-choice-awards-2013-05

The PLL gals were all in fine fashion last night, including co-host Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, which you can read details on below and of course pictured above, Shay Mitchell. She embodied fashion for me with this completely sexy black and white, deep V-neck jumpsuit. She brought the summer fun to her feet by mixing it up with a metallic gold pair of heels.

Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

Carly Chaikin also hit it out of the park with this sparkled Naeem Khan mini with nude Brian Atwood pumps. She showed you can never go wrong with a dress full of glitz and glam and sparkle!

skylar-astin-anna-camp-teen-choice-awards-12                                                                             skylar-astin-anna-camp-teen-choice-awards-18

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin get my shoutout for best fashion couple of the evening. Pitch Perfect is probably my new most favorite movie ever so I was excited to see it celebrated at the awards last night and that the stars hit the red carpet in style. Anna is wearing a classic and breathtaking mint green dress by Pucci, with shiny silver Rupert Sanderson heels. I love that Skylar is keeping it real, with his classic black jacket, skinny grey pants and even super fun navy and light blue sneakers!

2013 Teen Choice Awards - Press Room                                                                         Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals

While Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen are not real-life couples, they are on-screen and both looked great as well. Troia wore a elegant look by Elisabetta Franchi, white Casadei pumps with some glam jewelry by Melinda Maria, Kami Lerner and ELAHN. Keegan certainly was putting his best fashion foot forward in a Ralph Lauren suit, classic white Ted Baker shirt, and black Christian Louboutin dress shoes.


Holland Roden gets an A+ for her great summer look in sunshine yellow. This sheer effect laced mini is by Marchesa Notte and white Manolo Blahnik heels. The whole look is topped off with the perfect Edie Parker clutch, Jacob & Co earrings and a ring by Pomellato.

fifth-harmony-teen-choice-awards-2013-055th Harmony, recent contestants on the X-factor, all get some major mentions from me. It was such a great mixture of red carpet glam, from fun prints, to geometric shapes, to classics in white and black leather. I definitely think this is not only a group of major singing talent, but miniature fashionistas!

Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Arrivals                                                                  brittany-snow-tyler-hoechlin-teen-choice-coup-05

I love my Teen Wolf boys so both Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin get my male fashion nods. Tyler Posey looks great working his denim jacket. And yes, the men do look great in their jacketed ensembles as Tyler Hoechlin dons a classic black leather jacket.