Happy New Year from Fashion Nexus!!


NYE is right around the corner, but there is still time to shop or get inspired for what your NYE look will be for the upcoming festivities! Here are some looks that I think have just the right amount of sparkle, shine, and pizazz. ENJOY! And of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!



Ombre Sequined Tank Dress

570119924_1738_normalAllover Sequined Shift Dress


Zebra Sequined Velvet Dress


e3a00cebf9075d8a83575e21bbe36c73  Sing the Hits Dress

496dbda5ff120b90bf710263bc9d0f25Free Day Fab Dress

Sparkling Saturday Dress  0ba32c831edbde0d5107daf1a6e11a18



Black Caviar Beaded Sheath Dress

Beaded Gown



Navy Sequined Mesh Dress


 4 — BEBE


Foil Lace Midi Dress

Embellished Midi Dress 




Black Embellished Pencil Dress

68100381_normalLittle Mistress Mink Embellished Maxi Dress


Little Mistress Gold Embellished Lace Dress



Ramsey Sequined Boatneck Dress



Corina Gown

alice_and_olivia_CORINAKEYHOLEBACKGOWNWITHSLEEVES_blackgold_2_jpg7 — H&M


Sequined Dress

hmprodBeaded Romper


Sequined Romper



LC Lauren Conrad Beaded Mesh Dress


Helene Blake Sequin Lace Dress


1 by 8 Embellished Lurex Shift Dress



Lady of the Hour Romper

38381-pink-martiniSpotlight Dance Sequined Dress


Elisa Dress  elisa1_1

11– FOREVER 21


Sequined Abstract Pattern Dress

55878844-02212 — RAMY BROOK


Brady Jumpsuit




Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Fashion Nexus!!


Christmas? Hanukkah? Other holiday parties to attend? Get some ideas right here on Fashion Nexus. And of course there is still time to shop! Check out & enjoy looks of festive holiday colors in red, green, and the like!




Adrift on a Cloud Dress in Emerald


Indigo All Out Dress


Lady Love Song Dress in Emerald



Printed fit and Flare party dress with flocked dot illusion

EJ4M6943_Front-440x564Mixed Media extended cap sleeve dress with dot and floral lace in Navy



Lorain Lace Tank

IL5080CA40516_blk-cl-w460Fair Isle Holiday Sweater

#4 — KAS NY


Devona — Lace & Sheer



Lace Blithe Jumper

#6 — KOHL’S


Indication by ECI Embellished Jumpsuit


Croft & Barrow Embroidered Holiday Tees


#7 — H&M


Sleeveless Dress


Knit Sweater



Nouveau Sheath in Midnight Ride



Karolina Dress

#10 — FOREVER 21


Lace-Trimmed Haltered Maxi Dress


Embroidered Cutout Maxi Dress




PRAS — Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make me a Match

Find me a find, catch me a catch. This was the name of the PR All-Stars game for this week. Alyssa announced that the designers would be designing looks for Match.com singles who were going on a first date. So while Match.com was matching singles, PRAS was matching designers. That’s right — team/pair challenge. And it was last week’s winner Sonjia who got to play matchmaker.

pras4-ep7-episode2Sonjia picked Dmitry for herself. They would be working with 1st date duo Helen and Craig. Sonjia then paired Fabio and Jay together, who would be working with the only same sex pairing, Bryce & Tarek. Next up, Samantha and Michelle, working with singles Raquel & Arvind. And finally, Justin and Helen, who would be dressing Becca and John. This challenge was definitely a quick one, with barely a day to create these looks as the dates were that night! Yikes! There was a great incentive though as the winner would receive a pampered prize pack with a luxury spa day for 2! For the most part, the designer pairs worked seamlessly well and even the dating pairs all seemed to have had a nice time.

pras4-ep7-episode10With a $300 budget in tow, to divvy as each designer pair saw fit, the designers were then off to Mood. Not much drama came about with this challenge, except for the Samantha/Michelle pairing. Michelle was very adamant that she was not a menswear designer and was quite vocal about how unfair the set-up was. I’m not sure why, but couldn’t the designer pairs have tackled both looks together, instead of each working on only 1 look? Maybe there wasn’t time to divide the workload that way, but Michelle ended up working solo on the menswear look. It seemed as if she would be in store for a major downfall and possible elimination this week. She was even sick on top of being crazed over having to do menswear. In fact, I wasn’t sure if she was actually sick or if this challenge was making her sick.

pras4-ep7-episode14Zanna came by for her visits, making sure the designers kept in mind these clients were real people who would be going on real dates. Another nice touch for these 1st date couples was that Biosilk would be providing hair care services for the actual dates and the runway show. After the dates, the pairs joined their designers for the morning of the runway, regaling of how well their dates had gone. It seemed as if we were in for a tough runway because everyone loved their looks. But this week the judges’ panel was adding a little sass via guest judge OITNB star Laverne Cox, so I had no doubt the judges would critique, and critique they did!

pras4-ep7-episode18The judges critiqued each look. And because I felt one designer pairing was not given enough praise, I will gladly discuss each look as well! I will start with Dmitry & Sonjia because I was baffled at how their looks were just SAFE! Puhhhhh-LEASE!


I guess since there was technically a winning and losing pairing, maybe that had some bearing on keeping Sonjia out of the running for the win. But it seemed even if she had been judged solo and not a group score, the judges still were not all loving this bold turquoise look. Although I never think the judges are on the same page. But the panel seemed divided over the midriff cutout. I don’t get why though. The cut-out, the details on the bodice, that’s what made this look. If that cutout were not there, this look would have been a bore like some of the other pieces we saw this week.


Biosilk/Chi hair care shout-out — Sexy, flowy waves

I applaud Sonjia for creating a bold piece. Some of the other looks were not all that special and at least she put some true designer effort into her work. I also love that she made use of such a great color choice. She was really trying to make her girl standout! This piece had just the right amount of sexiness to it. Sonjia struck a great balance.


I didn’t peg Dmitry for a win this week, but I thought he did a superb job in tackling his menswear pieces. His pants were the only ones that fit well. I’m not sure why or how Laverne loved Justin’s menswear pieces more than this. Oh wait, I think she was distracted by the male model, not the clothes. Because had she been focused only on the look, Dmitry by far did a more superior job.

-project-runw6ay--allI’m not sure what bells and whistles the judges were wanting for a hetero-male first date look. But of all the menswear pieces, Dmitry had one of my more fave looks. I liked Jays’ a bit more for menswear in general, but if I were looking for what I would want my man to wear, it would be more akin to what Dmitry designed. And I think he really did add some special touches to this sweater to make it more than just an ordinary, average sweater.


Biosilk/Chi Hair Care Shout-out — Handsome, refined, love the hair!


My next fave pairing, the judges top pairing, was Jay & Fabio. I think what likely kept Jay from the win was maybe the jeans, they were a bit ill-fitting. But for the judges, I think they wanted to award Fabio for his risk-taking design. But Jay put in just as much design effort with this jacket. And even in baby pink, it works for man! Very happy he did the sleeves in grey though, smart move Jay!

-project-run7way--allMenswear is a bit more difficult to tackle in such a short time-frame. And for Jay, he clearly didn’t want to rest on his laurels. He wanted to do more than a shirt and a pair of pants. And he did by also making a jacket. With a bit more time, Jay’s look could have been so much better, but what he did in the time he had was amazing!


My winner for the week was Sonjia, but based off this winning duo the judges picked, I see why Fabio’s look made the most sense for the win. I don’t think every man would love this look, it’s very stylized and just wouldn’t work for every man.


I even remember the judges saying they thought of scrubs when looking at this look so I’m still not sure this win made the most sense. But what was nice to see was that this look was very Fabio. He was the designer this week that I could see the aesthetic translate from womenswear to menswear. Both Jay & Fabio did great work with their menswear pieces, very fashion forward and fashionable. And yes, men can be fashionable too!


So oddly enough, with the Michelle/Samantha pairing, it was Samantha who ended up with the worse-off look.


Michelle was able to tackle her fears and somehow salvaged a workable look. Michelle’s look was not perfect, but the top was quite intriguing. The zipper details created for some special touches. I had 2 main issues with this look. One, both the top & the pants shouldn’t have been so loose. And second, the pants didn’t fit quite right. The judges’ focus was on the ankle area, but mine was on the crotch. Needless to say, they needed some more work.


Michelle isn’t a menswear designer though, so with that in mind, she did an okay job.


But it was Samantha who was saved by what I am guessing was a higher group score, keeping her safe from elimination. I think had the judges just been scoring these looks as solo pieces, Samantha would have joined Helen in the bottom 2. I can’t believe this is all Samantha came up with for this challenge. Even making use of a crop top, this look had nothing sexy about it at all. And that’s surprising because Samantha is a sexy urban designer.


The judges focused on the crop top, namely the boob-issue. But the skirt could have used some focus as well. It was way too long and was very boring. Helen & Justin might have been given a second chance since no one went home this week, but Samantha was given another chance here too.


This left Justin/Helen as the bottom pairing for the week, although in an anti-climactic decision, no designer went home. PRAS is taking a holiday break, so in a sense, I guess this was a timely gift for both designers.


I’m not sure who the judges would have ultimately sent home. My guess would be Justin because the judges seem to love what Helen does way more. They also found some saving graces with her separates look this week, as did I. The front angle was god awful here though. I agreed with the judges, very pajama-like and it made this beautiful woman look so much larger. And no one wants to look bigger!


Biosilk/Chi Hair Care Shout-out — Love the gorgeous curly locks!

But the shorts were a nice touch, something different and what a woman might wear to look super-sexy for a first date. The open-back was also gorgeous. And again, what likely would have saved Helen from elimination this week had the judges actually sent someone home.

Mary Kay beauty shout-out — sun-kissed look, gorgeous, stunning!


Helen wanted to initially design the menswear pieces, but Justin thought he was rescuing Helen and doing her a favor since he has done menswear before. But Justin didn’t do much after making the decision to design a menswear look. He created a shirt and a pair of pants. Nothing special, nothing unique. You could find this anywhere. And I know his guy said he loved J. Crew, but that doesn’t mean you should settle. Just like with Samantha’s client. She said she loved crop tops, but that doesn’t mean if you can’t execute one you should just do it to do it. As a designer, you have to listen to what your client wants, but also infuse your design aesthetic. Justin didn’t do that here.


There was even some execution issues to top off Justin’s lack of design. The pants were too tight and Justin’s client even said the shirt didn’t fit right. But again, I believe menswear is way harder to do in this sort of atmosphere, such short time frames. It’s very rare on PR we ever see well-executed menswear pieces. But if you are going to do it, you need to do more than this!


So remember, PRAS is off next week, Happy Holidays!


PR All-Star Designers Roll the Dice


This week on Project Runway All-Stars, the stakes were high as the designers rolled the dice, taking on a fashion gamble. The gamble being it was the roll of the dice that would set-up each designer’s challenge details for the week. One dice encompassed fabric, the other for what occasion the designers would be creating for. So the runway became a gambling table and each designer made their rolls.


The order of the rolls truly made no difference this week, but Fabio having won last week took his turn first. Then each designer unnecessarily chose who would roll next, leaving Dmitry to go last. Here is what everyone was set to create for the week —

  • Fabio — Masquerade Ball look, made of denim
  • Sonjia — Bachelorette Party look, made of brocade
  • Samantha — Awards Ceremony outfit, made of brocade
  • Michelle — Gallery Opening piece, made of lace
  • Justin — Gallery Opening look, made of silk
  • Helen — Another Awards Ceremony ensemble, made of brocade, unofficial fashion face-off with Samantha
  • Gunnar — Masquerade Ball look, made of brocade
  • Jay — Sunday Brunch outfit, made of denim
  • Dmitry — Gallery Opening piece, made of velvet


After sketch-time, the designers were off to Mood with a budget of $150. There were lots of brocade looks this week and also a few fabric concerns. Dmitry was quite unhappy with having to work with velvet. I wholeheartedly understand, not a fan of velvet myself! Everyone was then back to the workroom to begin this 1-day challenge. Work began with a little bit of fun & play at the QVC accessory wall, but that quickly faded this week as some claws started to come out!


I found only 2 aspects of this episode intriguing or interesting. The results ended up being predictable, but I was interested to see how the judges would formulate the top & bottom 3. But the other intriguing aspect was seeing some drama this week. Hey, now I would rather an episode be great because there was a bunch of truly phenomenal looks that graced the runway. But that didn’t happen in this episode so I was only left to enjoy some drama!

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.16.28 PM

First up, there was Sonjia v. most of the designers. Apparently the fabric she wanted to work with was not a brocade. Now Sonjia said it was in the brocade section. And all we saw was the designers voicing their opinions and Sonjia ending up changing her fabric choice. I’m sure the powers that be somehow behind the scenes confirmed that the fabric she initially wanted to use was not brocade. Although just like last week with some Sonjia fabric drama, I’m not sure what all the fuss was about. Neither of her selections this week were worthy of such attention.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.16.31 PM

The other bit of dramatic tension this week was Helen v. Jay. Helen went over to Jay to offer him some friendly advice, saying his Sunday Brunch look was more akin to that of a club or party girl look. He took offense, overreacting a bit, ending up call her a Beee-yatch! Now on one hand, I agree with Helen in the sense that Jay’s look did not read Sunday Brunch. But waiting to call him out in front of everyone, especially his model, probably not the best timing. Also, this is a competition, if Jay wants to shoot himself in the foot, at this point, let him. And then with Jay, overreaction, but did we really expect anything less. I guarantee the same thing would have happened with pretty much any other designer v. designer scenario. Actually, at least Jay said his response back to her face. Many of the other designers probably would have just saved their reaction for their private sessions, not having the guts to be so vocal and upfront with their response.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.25.11 PM

Oddly enough, way less dramatic, was Zanna-time! She added some incentive for the designers, what good that did I’m not sure. But the winning look this week would be worn by Alyssa in an upcoming feature for Marie Claire. She urged the designers to forget about the hands they were dealt and to push forward, to be super creative.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.16.52 PM

The judges panel was finally lessened to only 4 judges this week, also seeing a return of Georgina who has been missing for quite a few episodes. The guest judge for the panel was CFDA winner Michael Bastian.


The top & bottom for the week pretty much made sense. But as I mentioned earlier, I was intrigued to see how the top & bottom would develop. There easily could have been a few switch-ups and I wouldn’t have been surprised. But let’s look at the top 3 first, although it seemed more like a top 2!


Sonjia was the winner of the week. I’m not sure I see this as the best look for Alyssa in Marie Claire. But she did just what she was supposed to this week, she designed a sexy look for a Bachelorette Party, made of brocade. This gold fabric to me was quite hideous, in fact, I agreed with Justin; it looked cheap. But somehow, Sonjia actually made this work. I think a different fabric choice would have still been leaps & bounds better with this design, but making it work, where others designers simply did not, this was what led to her win.



Mary Kay shout-out, love this bold red lip & cat eye! The look was sexy and fun. There was a bit of shimmer giving the outfit a special touch, but I still think Sonjia could have pushed a bit more. This was not her strongest win, but deserved in my book because other designers this week simply failed to step up their game.

Chi Hair Care shout-out, love this fishtail braid!


Michelle rounded out what I’m only calling a top 2. She could have won, but making the hip area bigger, way wrong move! Only working with lace had to be hard; it’s very sheer. But Michelle worked wonders with layering. And what was even more great about her work this week was that she took some odd color choices and really paired them together to create a very eye-catching piece.


But as I said, the bigger hip area was the wrong move. I think a more fitted look, maybe even a little shorter would have hit the mark, making Michelle more of a contender for the win. I also think this type of look would be way more fitting for Alyssa in Marie Claire. But with the design choices made, Alyssa must have not been so in love with it. She embraced the fashion gamble this week though, whereas other designers did not, so kudos to her for that.


The judges then placed Helen in the “top 3”, although from their critique it didn’t sound so lovey-dovey to me. This look was not all bad, but it wasn’t all good. I agreed with Georgina, it had way to much going on. The 2-piece aspect just didn’t work with the slit and the neckline. So not only did she have too much going on, but the elements didn’t work well together.


A few edits though and Helen too, just like Michelle, could have hit a home-run. She also did a great job with sticking to her challenge details. She had a difficult fabric choice and made it work for not only her look, but the event at hand, an awards ceremony.


Mary Kay beauty shout-out, gorgeous shimmery eye and subtle red lip. But ultimately, what didn’t work for me here was how all of the elements came together; it just made the look less luxe.


Justin lucked out having been in the bottom 3, but not the bottom 2. Just as with Helen though, the look wasn’t all bad, but did have quite a few things wrong with it. The dress was too short. I didn’t quite see it being such a grand design concept for a gallery opening. The sleeves also didn’t pair well with his choice of neckline. And I agreed with the judges, the proportion seemed off.


But the look did have some positives, which is why Justin deservedly was not in the bottom 2. I really liked this print — it was very Justin. The back was gorgeous. And I commend his starting off points. Had the look been longer, drop the sleeves, keep the neckline, BAM! Justin would have already been way better off.

Another Mary Kay Beaut Shout-out — Lots of great, bold red lips this week!


Fabio ended up in the bottom 2 this week, which was quite a shocker coming off of his win last week. I didn’t think his dress was deserving of such harsh criticism, but I think the judges took some serious offense to his choices for the week. He didn’t embrace working with denim. He chose a fabric that barely even resembled denim. His styling was also way off this week, perhaps a bit too much, the grey eye, the pearl necklaces as a head wrap.


Isaac took the most offense with Fabio’s work this week, ultimately feeling like Fabio dropped the ball. This part I agree with though. Even had Fabio not been in the bottom, he was only aiming for the safe-zone. He won’t win this season with that attitude so hopefully next week, he steps it back up.


This left Gunnar rounding out the bottom 3, and ultimately going home this week. This was not a huge surprise. The past few weeks he’s struggled with executing his design concepts. He has some great ideas, but PRAS was not the place for him to allow those ideas to flourish.


There was just way too much wrong here for him to escape elimination again. The fit was way off. The bodice had no structure to it, very unflattering. He selected some interesting fabric choices and had an intriguing idea, but again, he was not able to execute it. Sad to still see him go though. Gunnar seems like such a great person and I don’t doubt his talent. But time restraints are clearly not his friend!









So Let’s Talk, VS Fashion Show


The models, the looks, the performances, all unbelievably amazing and stunning! What a show! For the 2014 Victoria Secret ‘s Fashion Show, Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo, Adriana Lima, and all of the VS models hopped the pond to work their wings in London. Here are some of my most fave looks and the gorgeous models who rocked them on the runway!


Karlie Kloss strutting right alongside her BFF Taylor Swift, one of the many great performers for the VS show!


T.Swift & Maria Borges — Another fun performance, different model, both still look fab!!
Ariana Grande!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lindsay Ellingson — What a mystical fairy nymph is she, beautiful shimmery wings, great mint green color, LOVE!


Lindsay Ellingson — Making a grand entrance for sure as she’s fully opening her cape, stunning golden over-sized wings, shimmer gold & sparkle all over, What a look!


Candice Swanepoel — Looking stunning in this sexy, lacy bra & panty coordinating set, perfectly coordinating also with her dark feathered angel wings!


Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio — wearing coordinating red and royal blue $2 million Dream Angels Fantasy Bras, Ed Sheeran, strumming away!


Joan Smalls — I’m loving these lacy black numbers, but adding some polka dots, netting, the hosiery, dying over this one for sure!!


Jourdan Dunn — lace bra and panty set, silver bustier and shoes, and mauve, semi-sheer fairy wings. Jourdan is for sure a mystical fairy-like Angel here — Love it!


Karlie Kloss — I think Karlie got many of my fave looks, but also some of the better ones, including this rose pink bustier set. And my, how fun are those petal-like wings!


Adriana Lima — Loving this sheer voluminous mini skirt, another gorgeous black, lacy, polka dot #!


Alessandra Ambrosio – Black looks ruled the night, so you have to then include this sheer black 2-piece set. Alessandra works the entire look, including the thigh-high hose and those stunning great lace-up booties!


Doutzen Kroes —  Over-sized wings, gold accessories all over, light shimmery silver look, how Angelic, pun intended!


Josephine Skriver — Leopard, bold neon colors, such a fun VS look!


Elsa Hosk — Rockin’ the “PINK”, Such a rock-star vibe & look here!


Kasia Struss — Can you say lacy all over! Love this bands of lace look!


Alessandra Ambrosio — Exotic cotton candy fairy, very fun pops of light blue & pink!


Stella Maxwell — Mint green, so unexpected, but loving in so many of these hot VS looks!
Sui He — soft, exotic, a vintage feel, great set!
Candice Swanepoel — another model who rocked many great looks on this VS runway!
Devon Windsor — such an eye-catching bodysuit here!
Cindy Bruna — And since again, black numbers ruled, have to end with another sheer, polka dot number!



London Calling to the PR All-Star Designers

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 2.47.01 PM

No wars or battles declared, just some fierce outerwear looks to come down the runway. PRAS was not on last week. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! But I’m super excited it was back on this week and not just because I love the show — it’s all for selfish reasons! The challenge for the week was all about outerwear and I am on a quest for a new coat. It was great to get some ideas from this episode so thanks PRAS designers!!


PR was also all about Paddington Bear and London this week. The episode began with the huge announcement the designers would be off to London. The reason for the trip to London was to celebrate the arrival of Paddington Bear to the big screen. But of course to also get the details on this week’s challenge and gain some inspiration. Once in London, the designers met Zanna at Paddington Station. To their total and utter surprise, they were also greeted by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York!


Zanna and the Duchess reminded the designers that Paddington Bear was famous for his duffle coat. Also, since they were in London, to remember the weather definitely made the need for a great coat a must. So this week, the designers were asked to design an outdoor coat. For an added incentive, the Duchess offered to wear the winning design. They were then off to take a tour of the city, to take in the sites, soak up the atmosphere, and gain some inspiration, while sketching.


After their tour, the designers were off to the Mood of London, MacCulloch & Wallis, with a budget of what worked out to be $324 US dollars. Sonjia was loving all of the different, unique fabrics, so much so that she really couldn’t make up her mind as to what fabrics she wanted to use. This created some tension with Ben since he also wanted to use a fabric Sonjia was debating over. Sonjia won out, although I really don’t get all of the fuss over this lackluster light grey fabric — total snooze-fest!


Before heading back to the states to begin this 1-day challenge the designers took in one final sit-down with Zanna and the Duchess. They took in some afternoon tea at the luxurious Intercontinental London Park Lane.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 2.47.56 PM

But down-time was soon over as everyone headed back home and to the workroom. Dmitry was upset his neoprene had not traveled well; it was now all crinkly. Ben too was still a bit upset over having to change-up his fabric, but was quickly getting over it and finding peace with his new brown plaid fabric.


It was then Zanna-time! She was worried mainly over Dmitry & Ben’s work. For Dmitry it was a matter of him getting all of his work done. For Ben, it was not having his look be too cartoon-like. I was then surprised at her harsh final words for the designers. She said she gave them an all-star experience with their trip to London and she was not in return seeing all-star quality with their work. She said to not embarrass her in front of the judges. I was shocked because she mainly seemed to give positive critiques. So come on PRAS, if you want dramatic effect with Zanna’s words, it has to match what we just saw during her critiques!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 2.48.16 PM

Once again, no Georgina! But filling in the judges’ seats as guest judges were actress Debra Messing and singer/songwriter Karen Elson, who was also named British Model of the Year.


The top & bottom pretty much made sense. Lately I’ve been in disagreement with the judges as to who wins each week and who goes home more so than who actually lands in the top & bottom. Since my main disagreement this week was over who went home, let’s start my discussion with the bottom 3.


Jay was in the bottom 3, but not in danger of going home. This made sense and I assumed as much. It was no surprise he landed in the bottom. His coat/vest combo had way too much going on. And for me, if I could pick any 2 colors I would never want to wear on a coat, it would be this light grey and mustard yellow. So seeing both colors in one jacket, needless to say, I was not a fan!


Jay had some great ideas, but he really shouldn’t have used them all in one look! Different colors and a more simplistic design, he would have rocked the runway.


I knew Samantha would land in the bottom this week. In my book, she should have been the one to go, but I had a sneaking suspicion it would be Ben who was out, whether I agreed with the decision or not. I get both looks had some design problems. But with Samantha, she also had execution issues and a very poor fabric choice. And idk what Alyssa was smokin’ by saying she loved the back of this jacket — it was lopsided! Also, this was not Samantha’s first go-round with poor execution issues.


Love this Mary Kay beauty make-up look, great dark smoky eye & daring burgundy lip. But back to this not so thrilling coat, the judges were 100% right in critiquing her poor fabric choice. I get her story with it and how it related to London and the ornate details. But this is a show where a barely there print is just not going to cut it on the runway. I don’t buy that out of all the gorgeous London fabrics this was the only one she could find. I get that she loved it, but with a 2nd stint now on PR, knowing on the runway your fabric choice has to pop, her decision made no sense.


So even though I have my long list of reasons why Samantha should have been the one to go, I knew unfortunately it was going to be Ben. It’s almost as if this season you can easily predict who is going to go, whether it’s from prominent feature in the episode or a certain judges clear dislike of a designer. And yes, there has been some obvious judges’ dislike of designers this season. I think Isaac was the one who very much wanted Ben’s elimination.


This is not to say Ben’s jacket didn’t have any issues. The flounce was off-putting. And yea, I’m not sure why he was so into these clear brown vinyl pockets. If he wanted to play with textures, he could have done that with the pockets, but kept in a solid fabric choice, perhaps even throw in a pop of color.


But I did find some positives with Benjamin’s coat, which is why to me, this was not the worst look this week and was not the one deserving of the axe. The judges thought the coat was junior and drab, which actually makes no sense. Generally junior means fun, not boring, so I don’t get those two adjectives being used together when describing this coat. I liked his fabric choice — way better than the light grey he originally wanted. I think he lucked out there! But no flounce and no clear vinyl, Ben could have made this work. I’m not sure what Samantha could have done to make her coat work at all outside of a whole new design in a whole new fabric.


QVC shout-out, love these black booties! Predictability was the clear name of the game this week. And knowing that, it didn’t make me understand the bottom, but the top I got. I hated seeing Dmitry miss out on another win, but at least this time, his 2nd place made sense. I think his previous 2 looks were by far more deserving of a win. But this jacket was still worthy of a top 3 placement. There was something so artsy and luxurious about it. It was definitely deserving of runway show and praise.


The tulle was intriguing and Dmitry really made it work after his neoprene disaster. But I was left to wonder the practicality of the jacket. Would it serve it’s purpose it keeping one warm? Michelle mentioned something about a stiffness and so I also wondered if this jacket would be one you would want to wear? I’m sure it would be, but maybe just for show, for a special occasion. And over Fabios’, there was something more regal about the the look.


So Fabio was the outerwear victor this week. Also with Chi hair care shout-out, chic bun, and Mary Kay make-up shout-out, bold burgundy lip and smoky eye. Fabio did some great work this week. He made a great coat and yes, coat, not a dress as Dmitry kept calling it. The color-blocking was great, the mixing of textures, it was all fabulous!


I’m not sure I see the Duchess in this coat, but plenty of women would love to wear it nonetheless. I agreed with Debra in that it wasn’t something I had seen before. And of all the coats that came down the runway, it was the most innovative.


Justin’s coat was too amazing this week. It looked very practical in terms of being a fully functional coat, well until the model walked back down the runway.


I’m not sure why you would want to wear a coat with such a fully exposed back. The front closure was great, but the design didn’t work from the back. There was just so much that was great about the coat until the back so top 3 made sense, but no win! The pop of burgundy with the lining was another terrific detail. The wraparound scarf was perfect, but ahhhh, the back, just can’t let it go!

Very excited about this rolling of the dice next week, can’t wait!







What’s Hot for Prom 2015?!?

That is the question and we are waiting on all of you young and beautiful ladies to give us the answer! This is the first of many Prom 2015 posts to come. And so first up is a poll, showcasing some popular trends for Prom 2015. We want to know the verdict straight from all of you readers, fans, and the like — What are you loving for Prom 2015?!?

Fashion Nexus is super excited to be collaborating with Mac Duggal for the upcoming prom season! Mac Duggal is a modern, high-end, luxurious dress and gown brand. Featured in this poll are some of Mac Duggal’s most popular looks. So again, let us hear your voice. Which dress do you love the most?!? The poll is at the end of this Top 10 list, so don’t forget to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

61866D Platinum-PC


This breathtaking gown features both an elegance and a vintage flare, from the beautiful sweetheart neckline to the all over lace applique. Sheer illusion cutouts peak out on the sides and front as more lace trims the edges. The open back looks absolutely amazing with lace that wraps around. Just when you thought this dress had it all, a lovely tulle skirt jets out above the knees with more lace detailing sporadically interspersed.

61866D Platinum-BK

10055R BlackNude-PC


This full on lace dress looks striking with floral embellishments, in both black/nude or lemon multi-color. The sweetheart neckline features a lace appliqué along the front and back. Exposed corset boning looks severely chic and sexy! Crystals sparkle on the lace for extra shine and shimmer. The skirt flares out above the knees and features layers of tulle on the sides.

10055M LemonMulti(1)


1922A Black-PC

This black or nude number features a high bateau neckline, shimmering with layers of sequins that wrap around to the completely open and low back. An intricate sequin pattern continues to swirl along the bodice and onto the sheer illusion waistline. All along the overlay skirt more vine pattern lines of color-matching sequins sparkle.

1922A Nude-BK

10016M NudeRed

#4 — 2 Piece Short & Flare Dress

With a lace appliqué featured throughout the nude dress and atop the skirt, light-catching sequins glitter along the floral embellishments. From the wide straps to the sweetheart neckline, the crop top features a corset bodice for maximum hold and comfort.

4152M PlatinumGold-PC


Crop tops are of course all the rage! This phenomenal 2-piece also comes in royal blue and black. It’s super-stunning as is sparkles and shimmers from head to toe. The high collar sheer neckline and capped sleeves are embellished with color-matching sequins and stones. A slight chevron stripe style beading flows along the sheer skirt.

4152M Royal-BK

48261H BrightJade-PC


With color matching stones and silver beading along the strapless sweetheart neckline and bodice, you will look picture perfect as you make a grand entrance in this Jade ball gown. A satin wrap around belt is featured high along the waistline with a silver rhinestone clip in the center. Layers of jade colored tulle create an expansive ball gown skirt that elegantly falls to the floor.

65107L NeonCoral-PC


This gown comes in bright neon coral or royal blue, featuring a bateau neckline with crystal embellishments around the neck that then lead into the back. More crystal stones continue to decorate the sheer neckline. The bust is fabulously ruched. The skirt features a chiffon breakaway skirt over silk material with a high leg slit.

65116L Mint-PC


Flowing and angelic, a prom dress has never looked this demure and this elegant,  offered in mint green, coral, or white! The gorgeous bodice is embellished along the strapless sweetheart neckline with sequins and AB stones that perfectly capture the light. Elegant beading clusters around the center, as ruching is revealed all along the empire waistline. The long flowing skirt sweeps across the floor, while a breakaway chiffon skirt layers over. A high leg slit is the final touch for this exquisite gown!

65116L WhiteSilver

40380A Red-PC


In such striking colors of red and black it’s no wonder that this long prom dress is a royal gem! A modest bateau neckline features an intricate design of silver embellishments. AB stones and silver sequins sparkle along the front and then trim the open back. A sheer illusion bodice leads into a stretch jersey skirt and high leg slit on the side.

40380A BlackNude-BK

10022M RedNude-PC


Spring has sprung with this gorgeous gown in the three fabulous colors — red, ivory, and sunshine yellow! Taking a cue from simplistic styling, this beautiful prom dress features a bateau neckline, sheer bodice, and chiffon overlay skirt. Lace trims the edges along the neck and sleeves, with a lace appliqué that embellishes the entire bodice. A ruched empire waistline ties into a neat bow in the back to show off the spectacular circular opening. However you do not have to tie the bow up in the back as it can hang down long.

10022M IvoryNude-BK

 TIME TO VOTE!! HAVE AT IT & ENJOY!! (Once you vote, you will be able to see the results, Just click “Back” to head back to Fashion Nexus!)

Which dress is your fave?!?

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Carleen Pop-up at Erica Weiner’s Brooklyn Locale

Carleen x Erica Weiner pop up lookbook (dragged)

Erica Weiner, vintage jewelry-maker extraordinaire, is going to be hosting a pop-up for Carleen, a vintage-minded women’s clothing line, created by Brooklyn-based designer Kelsy Parkhouse. This exciting venture began on Nov. 21st, but don’t fret, it is up & running until Jan. 1, 2015. Erica Weiner has 2 locations, but the one you need to know about for this exciting collaboration is her shop in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn — 360 Atlantic Avenue.
Carleen’s pop-up will host highlights from the Fall 2014 collection. In addition, there will be an exclusive version of her hit Utopia Sweatshirt, customized with the phrase “WEINER.” “Our shared obsession with historical ephemera and American manufacturing tradition made this event a no-brainer,” says Weiner of the partnership with Carleen.

Parkhouse has also exclusively created for this pop-up several one-of-a-kind outerwear pieces incorporating vintage quilts and textiles—a motif that has become a trademark of her three-year-old line. Weiner’s Brooklyn store will be the sole New York City retail outlet to showcase Parkhouse’s Fall 2014 collection!!


Designer Kelsy Carleen Parkhouse grew up in Long Beach, California. She later moved to NY where she competed a BFA in Fashion Design at Pratt. Afterwards, she founded Carleen, using the five looks from her thesis collection (which was built around quilts and vintage textiles) as the starting point for her line. In the mythology of the line, Carleen, like her ancestors, feels the “pull of the unknown and leaves home to experience new places; while simultaneously exploring craft, handiwork, and the meaning of the domestic space.”


Erica Weiner is of course being a gracious host in allowing the Carleen pop-up. After earning her degree in Art History at Vassar College, Erica Weiner toured the world as a theatrical wardrobe assistant and worked as a sample-maker in the New York City fashion industry, all the while making jewelry as a hobby. Her vintage-inspired earrings and necklaces caught on with friends and colleagues, and before long she had a her own business and a full-fledged cult following. She opened a store in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood in 2010, where she began selling antiques alongside her collection. A second retail location in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, followed in 2012.


lindsay 2

Despite offering different products and price points, the two brands are so complementary—both have a focus on storytelling through their designs, and bring a touch of nostalgia and kitsch to modern, wearable products.

Additional Pop-up Details:

  • Store hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 7; Sunday 12 – 6
  • Phone: (718) 855-2555
  • Email: store@ericaweiner.com

Some additional Carleen looks —







WCM’s Overstock Blowout Sale!

Huge sample sales and the like are all around NYC. And one such sale I’m excited to announce to my Fashion Nexus readers is from that of Roma Industries, with major brands on board such as WCM Belts, Nanette Lepore, Isaac Mizrahi, Kooba, Rochet, & more! This great sale begins today! The basics are all on the flyer below —
  • Location — 12 W 37th Street, 10th floor
  • Dates — Dec. 1 – Dec. 12
  • Times — 10am – 6pm
Overstock Sale Flyer
Roma Industries is a design, manufacture, and distribution accessory company for women and men. They work with a few major fashion brands such as Nanette Lepore, Isaac Mizrahi, & Kooba, as well as their own in-house line, WCM Belts.
So what’s in store for the masses at this major blowout — belts, bags, wallets, card cases, bracelets, scarves, gloves, jewelry, and other small leather accessories galore! Everything is up to 70% off. And if you have any questions, the # to contact is (212) 268-0723.
WCM continues to flourish as a design-based brand for the elegant, trend savvy, modern woman, cutting edge, yet maintaining a classic core. WCM is a niche of its own, tying trend to quality, uniting modern with classic, interpreting runway for the everyday.


Excited and can’t wait to check out this sale live and in person! I hope if any of you are in NYC that you can make a stop by this phenomenal sale.

Holiday Overstock Sale Photo