Happy Birthday to Pono by Joan Goodman!!

1st-bday-cakeYes, typically birthdays are celebrated with cakes & presents, but the statement making jewelry brand, PONO by Joan Goodman, decided to celebrate their 10th birthday or rather anniversary, a bit differently. PONO is launching, for Spring 2014, an anniversary collection — La Hanau, which is the Hawaiian word for “birthday” (keeping with a brand name trend, as PONO is the Hawaiian word for “goodness”). This collection is a new-retro take on some of the brand’s best sellers and family favorites. This special collection will be composed of 13 “especially opulent” items in the jewelry brand’s signature materials.

PONO has certainly become a fave jewelry brand of mine since starting my fashion blog. I urge you all to check out my past pieces — an intro to the brand and a special update about their Holiday Sample Sale. But for a brief recap, PONO started off with button-making, but now is all about offering a variety of bold & luxurious jewelry — so literally going from buttons to bangles. The brand is more than bangles though as it offers cuffs, chokers, and necklaces too. In fact, they are especially known for their signature chain-link necklaces. And as far as signature materials go, the ones utilized are horn, wood, metal, shell, & Italian resin. So it’s safe to say, PONO certainly has reason, RESIN to celebrate!

PONO-La-Hanau-01The fact of even having a 10 year anniversary, from their launch in 2004, to celebrate is one thing. But I’m sure while creating it, brand owners and sisters, Joan Goodman & Barbara Barnett, enjoyed thinking back to and reminiscing over their 20 collections and 75 shows. Collaborative efforts have also risen from this brand with a special line of jewelry for Slater Zorn, the fashion brand for the sports fan! It also must be a fun trip down memory lane thinking about all of the great press, such as magazine features in Vogue Italia to Harper’s Bazaar to Nylon to Cosmo. But print is not all, there has also been some stunning features with TV media/shows, such as The Good Wife, Girls, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and more. “PONO is my go-to source for elegant, chic jewelry”, explains “The Good Wife” costume designer, Dan Lawson. “I have collaborated with Joan on several projects and she never fails to have the perfect piece to not only finish a look but to MAKE the look.”

76350_176343619048290_815232_n                b9ef6c11089f346bd31609e9a181611e            88946230079564321_1381163307In looking at some of the specific pieces for this collection, you can certainly see a nod to the brand’s history. For example, one of the brand’s signature pieces is the “Antonia link”, which came to surface in 2007. This necklace has evolved each season, thru updated techniques and new hues. And of course, it’s part of this collection (1st picture below). So let’s take a look at a few items!!


ANTONIA Necklace — Italian resin classic chain necklace

(available in Matte White (pictured above) & Pebble)


ILENIA Necklace — new square link necklace in Linen


ANA Choker — Italian resin classic chain link choker

(Available in Mercury (pictured above) & Matte White)


SAILING TO TAHITI-Italian resin/Tahitian necklace, Latte


GALAXY II — Resin & polaris bead ball choker in Latte

This collection will be available in the Spring at museum and specialty stores nationwide, as well as online at the brand’s new e-commerce website, which is now up & running! All PONO products are made in Italy. Item prices range from $25 to $800. The brand in entirety is available in 300 retail outlets nationwide, such as Henri Bendel, and 16 museum shops, such as the MET, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, New York’s Museum of Art & Design, The Barnes Foundation of Philadelphia, and most recently the new Parrish Art Museum in Watermill New York. For more information on sales, please contact Helaine Szabo at 212-216-0022 or Helaine_PONO@bobbitrim.com.

IMG_7143 (1)











Best Dressed from the 2014 Grammy’s!

Red carpet season continues and up now, the 2014 Grammy Awards. The night is typically filled with daring looks, ones of a unique spirit, and really just a mix of so much — it can be sexy, fun, flirty, the sky is the limit! Here are my fave looks of the evening, ENJOY!



The Grammy’s seem like the perfect time for a different mix of gowns — risky, unique, etc. So for me, for this year, Katy gets props for this literal musical # she selected for a gown — a cream-colored, silk tulle gown from Valentino’s Spring 2014 Couture Collection. She paired with this look some great burgundy jewelry pieces by Ivy – spinel & diamong earrings and rings. You will also notice a wonderful nail gloss as well; you have to think of everything, right! And so Katy is wearing CoverGirl Outlast Nail Gloss in Everbloom, in a bubblegum pink hue.

katy-perry-earrings                                                 katy-perry-rings



Taylor has a very well put together look — a form-fitting, short-sleeved, gold lamé gown by Gucci Premiere, which is comprised of a crystal mesh overlay & gemstone detailing at the neckline, arms, & waist. I mean there is very little to dislike about a gown with such clean lines, except I think I read Tay said it was a bit scratchy! She completed her chic look with complimentary jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz — diamond drop earrings & a diamond ring & Jimmy Choo heels.

taylor-swift-earrings            taylor-swift-ringtaylor-swift-3-290BTW, T. Swift also looks great in her performance look for “All Too Well”! She is wearing a nude sheer overlay Alberta Ferretti dress with a jeweled & sheer bodice. She completes her look with matching nude Arika Nerguiz heels and Cathy Waterman earrings.




I often do not know every designer detail when I do my best dressed lists and Nancy is the one for me this time. But really, it doesn’t matter. Regardless, this is a stunning and sexy mini and hey, at the Grammy’s, you are free to show the stems! This is such a fun look with the printed sequins and complete with shimmery pointed-toe pumps. Job well done!



Ahhhh!! I love Bonnie McKee and I had no clue she co-penned “Roar”. So on top of a great song, she then pulls of a great look for the Grammy’s and I love it!! She looks glamfab in this sapphire blue gown by Memeka by Gustavo Cadile, which comes complete with a full train. So happy for this gal; she deserves it!



Miranda looks glamorous and effortlessly chic in this popping red, plunging neckline gown by Pamella Roland. The delicate satin twist at the waist is a perfect touch! She keeps in the “red” family by using a burgundy Judith Leiber clutch. But for the jewelry she mixes it up — silver bracelets & dramatic earrings by Kimberly McDonald for Forevermark.

miranda-lambert-earrings                                                                        miranda-lambert-bag-bracelet

alicia-keys-blue-dress-grammys-red-carpet-best-dressed-h724alicia-keys-earringsALICIA KEYS: Cobalt or royal blue gowns always grab my attention as it’s my fave color! Alicia doesn’t disappoint in her selection of this custom-designed, silk jersey gown, with a plunging neckline by Armani Prive. It features a black beaded Swarovski bow detail. She doesn’t go overboard with her accessories for this look either as she is wearing a stunning pair of Stephen Webster “Deco haze” green agate earrings with black and white pave diamonds.



Anna strikes the perfect balance of sexy and not going over-the-top in this blush pink Azzaro gown, which combines details of a crystal detailed bodice, impressive thigh-high slit, & caged bustier. She is perfectly accessorized with a Joan Hornig alligator cuff, Chimento diamond earrings, and metallic silver Barbara Bui pumps.

ciara-pucci-grammys-red-carpet-best-dressed-h724                   CIARA

Ciara found the perfect way to dress fabulously while also in maternity style. She is wearing a skintight sparkly Emilio Pucci gilded rose-gold custom gown. Gown details include a laced-up neckline & an intricate tangle of sequined filigrees.

1390784634_natasha-bedingfield-560_640                          natasha-bedingfield-grammys-2014-red-carpet-04NATASHA BEDINGFIELD: Natasha is wearing a tangerine colored gown with a loose blouse that is by Christian Siriano. This is a very minimalist look in a jersey drape, but very modern as well. She does a a great mix with metallics and gold accessories by using this shimmery Emm Kuo clutch and Samantha Wills jewelry.

157_2445_350       HUNTER HAYES

I have to include at least one dapper guy on my list, right! And tonight, that one such guy is Hunter Hayes. He looks very handsome in this Tom Ford suit, sans tie, love it!














UTG’s Next Set of Designers are Up for Grabs!

Under the Gunn, aka UTG, is here for another week, a new slate of designers, and a new challenge. So last week 8 designers were up and only one went home, leaving for this week’s group, 2 of 7 going home. At this point, for this week’s challenge then, I’m sure the pressure was amplified. But I think with that in mind, the challenge operated with a bit more freedom this week, less limitations.

Last week, the designers had only 6 fabrics to work with, none of their choosing, and definitely some pretty unique fabrics — a horse print, red/black flannel, etc. This week though, as Mood exploded onto FIDM’s lawn, the designers had a lot larger of a selection. There was one drawback though — they only had 30 seconds to grab what they could. The rest of this week’s challenge operated pretty much in the same fashion as last week — each designer needed to show their point of view as a designer and only had 6 hours to do so. It was the same thrive or fail/make it work challenge.

UTG01-ep2-episode22So as this week’s work process began in the very spacious FIDM workroom and with the mentors right outside discussing portfolios we saw/learned a few things. Mondo knows one of the designers, Stephanie, so we were left to see how that would impact his selection decisions. Designer Rey started off with a great deal of chatter. And then with Isabelle, we saw her quickly make her way into the Brother sewing room, but I’m sure as we know from later on, obviously that was no indicator of her speed or time management!

It was then time for the mentors to come around to check each designers progress. This week’s Brady, or the one each mentor seemed to want was Sam. The mentors were eager to see how menswear designer Nicholas would translate his work to womenswear. We saw that Amy sure grabbed a buttload of fabrics, but was able to weed out the losers of the bunch. Isabelle started showcasing her wacky side, which would be fine if it just stayed in the cute-wacky zone, but again, as we see later, it doesn’t! Asha picked out a stunning ombre burgundy/red fabric and so the mentors were eager to see how she would utilize it. With Rey, the mentor’s concern was perhaps overdesign. And then finally, with Stephanie, the mentors wanted to make sure she pushed herself and didn’t play it safe.

UTG01-ep2-episode15So two quick vent points before getting to the runway and mentor selections and first up, is Isabelle’s complete disrespect for the timing process. There can be no doubt in PR history that when they give a time limit, the designers must adhere to it. We’ve seen Tim have to push a designer along right at the end, maybe repeat himself a few times, but literally going into the sewing room, giving several firm orders to stop, and having to pull the model away, I’m sorry, but that was just ridiculous. It would be one thing if Isabelle only does this once, but from future scenes we see that she does this again. And I’m sorry, I don’t care how great her work ends up being, I’m not rooting for a rule breaker! It’s unfair and very disrespectful to this entire process for her to blatantly disregard the rules & time parameters. She can’t raise a language barrier issue, pretend to be that oblivious or even that wacky. And then oh, we can’t forget she was still trying to mess with her dress in the hallway, she was swatted away, and then did she really jump up & down in a hissy like a 5 year old, SO OVER IT!

My other quick vent point is about mentor Nick and I just felt so bad for him this week. I thought he was being so involved each week, mentoring all of the designers, even though there were no teams yet. I hate that he had such a hard time being picked and for the 4 he ended up with, I think they are going to be in great hands. I have a lot of respect for Mondo as well, but I don’t think all of the best pairings were made between these 2 weeks. And just with Nick specifically, I think they were forgetting his impressive resume, the fact he teaches at FIDM, and he just has more experience. This makes me wonder how this will impact the ones I think made the wrong decisions, or how their mentor will actually mentor them and help them grow. But nonetheless, I’m anxious to see!

UTG01-ep2-episode12It’s now runway time and really I was overall unimpressed this week. I’m not sure why the designers thought this was the overall stronger group. I believe they were at a far better creation advantage since they had so many more fabric choices to work with. So here is the runway breakdown based on the mentor selections.

Nick chose 1st this week and right along with Anya & Mondo, Sam was 1st selected. I loved Sam’s oversized sweater, but I wasn’t a big fan of it’s pairing with his skirt. I think for me, his pieces would work better as separates, but he definitely has the goods. I think Nick might have worked well with Sam, but I don’t doubt Mondo’s capability here so I’m excited to see how these 2 work together.


Anya was up next and surprisingly chose Nicholas. Again, he was surprisingly wanted by all 3 although I’m not sure why. Nicholas’s tunic was just so boring!! I think when we get back to one larger group, if he doesn’t step it up in a major way, he will not last long! None of the mentors really work with menswear so I’m not sure who would be best to help Nicholas translate to designing for women, but I guess we shall see how Anya measures up!

under-the-gunn-recap-nicholasAnya’s team was now full and Mondo only had 1 spot to fill so he allowed Nick to go again as he still needed 2 designers. I feel so bad and I’m just going to say it that he got stuck with Isabelle. And this is the sad thing, her black dress was not bad. There was a great shimmer detail to the fabric and the back was just stunning. Two designers played with shape to the skirt and Isabelle did that far better than the other. But again, she seems really difficult to work with and doesn’t seem to want to adhere to the time parameters. I just hope she doesn’t drive Nick bonkers!


Mondo really let Nick go as he wasn’t sure how to decide between I think he said 2 designers and he said Nick’s decision didn’t help. So we were left to watch him contemplate and he ended up choosing Asha. I’m surprised he didn’t choose Stephanie since they kind of already knew each other. And again, this group to me, on the whole, was not impressive. Asha’s burgundy ombre look caught my eye, but not in a good way. She had a great fabric and really could have knocked this out of the park, but I surprisingly agreed with Anya — this look just showed too much skin.

utg-rr-ep2-ad-fSo we were down to 3 designers — Stephanie, Amy, & Rey. And poor Nick had to make one final decision, leaving 2 to go home. I thought this was an easy decision though and I would have selected Amy. I had her in my intro piece as an early fave. Her portfolio was so fun and modern. I was very surprised that someone a little older could really design with such a fresh and youthful take. And her dress this week, it was fun, had great details, and her open-back was done beautifully. Maybe the print was a little safe, but I think she made it work. I also think she could have worked well with Nick.

-eaf2576e203bb72cBut he chose Stephanie. I won’t say this made no sense, but I was not impressed by her grey dress this week. It looked lop-sided and everything else just felt so safe and not unique. Everything about the dress, the cut-outs and all, just seemed to be something I’ve seen. However, she is with Nick and in good hands, so hopefully he can help her to amp up her designs.


This leaves Rey also left, going home. He seems like a nice guy, but I too wasn’t a fan of this look. His printed pants did have a great fit, but the blazer was just all wrong for me. It was way too slouchy and I thought the V-neck was a bit too deep. And even though the pants had a great fit, I really didn’t respond that well to the print. It kind of looked like tree branches. I think he should have gone with a solid color since his blazer had so much going on.

under-the-gunn-recap-reyAnd let’s give a quick shoutout to the wonderful job by the various styling and accessories sponsors here:

  • Benefit Cosmetics — so many models had such clean, fresh looks; the smoky eye on Asha & Isabelle’s model — to die for!
  • Blowpro — great job with the structured ponytail for Amy’s model
  • Francesca’s — so many great black booties, sunglasses; dying over the heels for Amy’s model; & glad something for Nicholas’s look standout and that was the black clutch!

Can’t wait for next week!! Until then…..














UTG: Is Project Runway meets “The Voice”?!?

Ok so maybe Under the Gunn, aka “UTG” is not like The Voice, no singing, but there was a similar aspect or two when it came down to the team selections. But most certainly, UTG started off in true PR form with the meet & greets and then out comes Tim. He of course doesn’t just say “Hello”, but rather brings out the mentors and really gets right down to business.

images   MEETS  The-Voice1When the mentors — Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra, & Anya Ayoung-Chee — come out, we find out that eliminations are not just for the designers, but the mentors too. If a mentor’s team of designers are all eliminated, so to is the mentor. Only 1 designer and 1 mentor will win Under the Gunn. But this week was all about forming the mentor’s team and the 1st challenge.

Under-The-Gunn-Key-Art-VerticalSo really a mentor’s group is just that, it’s not like a season of team challenges. The designers were reminded this is an individual competition. The 1st challenge was basically a “show us who you are” challenge. The designers were given a Mood tote bag with 6 different fabrics — gold/shiny fabric, black/white polka dot, black/red flannel, horse print pattern, black knit & a bright blue knit. The look had to show who they were as a designer and only these fabrics could be used, as many different ones or little of each. This challenge was also about seeing how the designers coped with this level of pressure as they only had 6 hours!!

There were 15 designers though waiting for instruction, but only half competed this week. We will see the other half next week. But each mentor’s group will only have 4 members so that means 3 are eliminated right after the 1st challenge. So the 1st 8 designers were off to their new workroom at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, aka FIDM. We got to see the lovely Francesca’s accessories wall. But after a few oooo’s & ahhhhh’s, it was time to get to work!


The designers were all having mini-freakouts and the mentors were also starting their work. They began to look thru the designer portfolios and discussions of who was already catching their eye! We started seeing what each mentor wanted — Nick wants versatility; Mondo wants a risk-taker; Anya wants to see clear aesthetics/visions. While Tim came to check in on the mentors, it was actually the mentors who came to check on the designers’ progress.

So from the mentors workroom visit, here is what we saw — they all still want Brady!; they want Oscar to find an element of surprise. They were worried about Melissa only using the polka dot fabric. We kept hearing Anya ask the most ridiculous question ever, about if the designers, first being Michelle, were nervous! We get to Camila and a point was made about 3 designers using the black and gold fabrics. This seemed kind of pointless, there were only 6 fabrics for each designer to choose; there was bound to be a little commonality. They questioned how much Blake could show with just an LBD. Shan sort of came to the forefront as a potential front-runner since he created a bomber jacket. And finally, Natalia, who was a great big ball of energy, was definitely showing the most nerves this week.

UTG01-ep1-episode17So it was nearing the time for the final runway moment. Natalia decided to change up to a braiding technique during pretty much the final hour. But other designers too threw in some last minute additions — Oscar with a hat and Brady with name stitching on his crop top tee. Now though, it’s the moment that counts and who impressed on the runway.

My favorite look was Blakes’. Yes, it was just an LBD, but it was done beautifully. There were some great details as well from the straps to the back, and it really just had such a great fit. I was then in a toss-up between Michelle and Shan. Michelle’s look was also very chic and had a great fit. But I wasn’t sure if I loved all of the cut-outs with use of the gold fabric, but it definitely had a great futuristic vibe. Shan’s LBD dress was also great and really rivaled Blakes’, but you have to give some credit for him also making a jacket! For me though, as much as I loved that ability, I didn’t like this particular one with the crazy mix of fabrics, but then again, he was working with what he was given.



Next is Brady and while I would probably never wear that look as it came down the runway, I would wear some of the pieces separately. He also created a lot — the tee, skirt, and jacket. I can just see who is girl is and it’s not me, but I don’t hate that girl! Oscar was next for me and there were a few aspects I might have changed, but I liked the potential I saw. He did use a few too many accessories, but he is all about glam and chicness and I like that!

tvfash2112       OSCAR’S LOOK

The bottom for me was Natalia, Melissa, & Camila. With Camila, I do agree with the mentors and she just created something she knew how to do with the slashed detailing and it really wasn’t that spectacular. I also didn’t care for the length or the flapper bottom. Natalia’s dress, I mean yes, it was way to short! But I think if it was longer, it wouldn’t have been such a bad dress. I liked her mix of the blue & black fabrics and I think the braiding technique somewhat worked. So Melissa’s problem was just using the black/white polka dot fabric. It really wasn’t special and you can find those pieces almost anywhere. If she even made the top out of the blue fabric or used some other fabric it might have worked.

under-the-gunn-melissa                MELISSA’S LOOK

It’s always sad with elimination time and Melissa was the 1st and only to go this week. The decision made sense in light of her limited vision this week. There was also a concern for Natalia as she was the last one standing, but then, in a surprise move, Mondo invited her to be on his team and Nick did as well. It was definitely a surprise moment since she too had a not so great look this week, but I think it was right for her to stay. The potential is there and I think Nick will be a great mentor for her, especially in light of her time management issues.

-4c471b03cb9d5136      NATALIA                     UTG101-Look-3-BackSo this is where “The Voice” comparison comes in. No the mentors were not choosing blindly, but they did get to voice who they wanted on their team. But if more than 1 mentor wanted a designer, it was then the designer who chose. This is where some concern came in for Nick this week. I think some designers made the wrong choice by not going with Nick, but he did end up with 2 slots filled, Natalia & Oscar. And I think he will work great with both. He also will have 2 slots for next week and that leaves him a lot more choices versus Anya, who quickly filled up 3 of her 4 slots this week!

-b760643af52bf577               Brady                    img-thingBlake’s Look

I think it was a bad move to fill up 3 slots because 7 designers are still to come next week; it’s just a big risk. Anya did score a great pick though with Brady and I think they will make a good team. Shan also joined her team and while I was sad for Nick, since I know he wanted him so badly, I am intrigued to see how Anya’s design abilities will help Shan develop his?? And then finally, Blake picked Anya, and again, I’m not sure if this was the best match, but I’m interested to see how Anya will mentor her designers!

tvfash4112          CAMILA’S LOOK

Finally, let’s look at Mondo’s picks and I think he started off well with his 2 picks. I still was surprised he was going for a 3rd to fill with Natalia, but Mondo is not looking to shabby. I think his best pick was Michelle and I think they will be a good pair. I’m still not sold on Camila, but I want to see what else she able to create/design and maybe Mondo can get that out of her.

under-the-gunn-michelle             MICHELLE

So 2 must go for the next episode and I wonder how that will all come about, CAN’T WAIT!!












Red Carpet Best Dressed for this Week’s 2 Award Shows!

Yes, it is still very much awards season and this week there were 2 more to add to this list — 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards & the 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards. I was happy to see that a few who didn’t make my Golden Globes best dressed list more than made up for that with a couple of more chances! So 1st up, the SAG Awards list!

156_2331_350          AMY ADAMS

Wow!! I love this popping royal blue look for Amy and glad she chose it! This gown is an illusion dress by Antonio Berardi featuring cut-outs, a very unique neckline, and a sleek, wraparound gold belt. She paired her look with Cartier jewels, specifically, Cartier’s “Tutti Fruitti” earrings featuring sapphire, emerald and diamonds, as well as a Platinum Cartier “Ana” ring featuring diamonds, turquoise and amethyst. She also wore a pair of metallic silver heels by Jimmy Choo.

156_2294_350          ANNA GUNN

Anna looks like a sparkling shining star in this navy sequined Monique Lhuillier gown embellished with tiny beading. She paired her look with matching sapphire drop earrings by Irene Neuwirth and a cool box clutch, by Edie Parker, marked with the hit AMC series’ logo — Breaking Bad.

156_2343_350     KALEY CUOCO

I have to include one look on my best dressed list that looks like a Disney princess gown right! And Kaley certainly looks like a princess in this dove gray, strapless, silk crepe mermaid gown by Vera Wang featuring a classic bustier neckline and silk organza pleated skirt. Her few accessories are all shiny and silvery including her jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz and a Ferragamo clutch.



Sofia is not donning her traditional mermaid style gown, but this strapless, sequined, gunmetal gown by Donna Karan Atelier is certainly not a bad alternative. According to the designer, the dress was inspired by “antiqued liquid metal.” She continued her glitz & glam trend with a diamond-and-emerald Amrapali necklace.



This nude & white lace Marchesa look is breathtaking and Elisabeth wears it well. What really makes this look standout for me is the nude flower embellishments sprinkled here and there on the gown. Also worthy of a standout mention is the diamond Martin Katz jewelry Elisabeth is wearing to compliment her look.



Why yes, I will pick 2 back to back lace looks, although Nancy’s brings the shimmer & sparkle. This is 2 for 2 with looks from Nancy and just as her Golden Globes look made my best dressed list so to did this long-sleeved, form-fitting, blush-colored sequin gown. She accessorized her look with emerald jewelry, including some large diamond earrings.



Katrina always knows how to pick great looks and this one sure doesn’t fail! It’s a Grecian-inspired, black and gold embellished, sleeveless gown by Badgley Mischka. She paired her look with a black satin clutch and David Yurman gold jewelry.



This look reminds me somewhat of Isla’s bridesmaid look from Wedding Crashers. And hey, I loved it there and in this more updated version too! She transcends time in this silk crepe satin gown from Oscar de la Renta’s pre-fall 2014 collection. She completed her soft look with a shimmery box clutch by Salvatore Ferragamo and large jewels with hints of emeralds, which are by Bulgari.



I’m a big fan of Malin’s hit show, Trophy Wife, and also of this stunningly bold look — a black and nude, deco-beaded and crystal embellished gown by Naeem Khan with a tiered ruffle sleeve, from the designer’s Spring 2014 collection. She keeps with her chic & trendy look by accessorizing with a black Jimmy Choo clutch & Neil Lane jewelry.



Anna decided to stick with a clear trend for this SAG Awards, navy & blue! This is a very simple look, but elegant nonetheless — a navy blue, silk, asymmetrical shoulder gown with cream detailing from Sophie Theallet’s resort 2012 collection. She kept with this minimal-style look by wearing a few jewelry pieces by Waris Ahluwalia for Forevermark Diamonds.

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet
JAMES MARSDEN: I have to include some best dressed males right! James looks quite dapper in this Valentino tuxe and is a MUST to include on my best dressed list!
Sandra stood out in this strapless, tiered and ruffled, oxblood-colored, floor-length gown by Lanvin. She accessorized with a silver belt, black Roger Vivier clutch, and elaborate earrings by Fred Leighton.
1389923257_margot-robbie-560                     19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - ArrivalsMARGOT ROBBIE: Margot has really caught my eye during this awards season and she is now, 2 for 2! The Critics’ Choice awards were the perfect time to change things up and go for stunning, but maybe not with a gown. Margot took the risk and it paid off well with this black jumpsuit by Elie Saab that included sheer, floral-embroidered sleeves. She paired her outfit with a matching black clutch by Alexander McQueen & Ileana Makri jewelry.

1389923952_kristen-bell-560  KRISTEN BELL
Kristen looks glamorously fab in this floor-length, black Pamella Roland gown with a halter neck and keyhole opening. She paired her look with a teeny tiny black Edie Parker clutch and minimal jewelry by Norman Silverman.
Aisha was the host for the evening and was right on trend for the night with another elegant floor-length black gown. Her look specifically was a long-sleeved, black lace Tadashi Shoji gown. She complimented her look with some shiny diamond jewelry by Nanis Italian.

19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Red Carpet
19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals             SARAH BOLGER
Sarah is working this fitted strapless red floor-length gown by Safiyaa. She also went for some bold silver accessories with a necklace & bracelet by Avakian and a Smythson on Bond Street clutch. Her Casadei heels are just barely peeping out, but they are visible so also worthy of a mention for the overall look.

Saying Hello to “Under the Gunn” & Goodbye to “PRAS”

I’ve never been satisfied with only 1 season of Project Runway a year. Well then came PRAS, which I still have my qualms about, but it at least gave me somewhat of what I wanted. Of course now, maybe we won’t need a PRAS EVERY YEAR! WHY? Because now we have “Under the Gunn.”

tim-gunn-anya-ayoung-chee-nick-verreos-mondo-guerra-under-the-gunnSo as PRAS closed the curtains for season 3, Lifetime’s new show UTG unveiled it’s 1st showing! From writing/blogging at this point, I have not watched the 1st episode yet, but I wanted to do a fun intro post to kick things off — discuss the outline of the show, maybe see who my early faves are, etc. But first, since there was a reunion special for PRAS, I have to say a few parting words right!

So the reunion started off with a recap of the finale presentations. Ultimately I still agree with Seth winning, despite all the more detailed backstories given. But Korto is not without other good news since she announced she was pregnant so CONGRATS to her!! We also saw a bit more on the Elena story I always thought they were pushing this season — her dark horse title, never winning a competition her season, etc. I think the producers really wanted to push her as the winner, but couldn’t after the final collections were made. Her collection just wasn’t that great.

PJAS3We also had to relive the Chris/Viktor argument. I still think Viktor overreacted. He gave a few bits of advice to Chris, yet somehow that made his garment suck?!? Ahhhh, no, I don’t think so! But not all drama, we got to see some extras from some of the designers’ wins — Debbie Harry will be wearing Elena’s punk jacket on tour; Jeffrey did costume work for Lifetime movie Flowers in the Attic; Viktor made Alyssa his cocktail print winning look, which she said she would love to wear.

There were some un-fun parts as we saw about Daniel’s horrific-looking car accident; I’m glad he’s okay! Oh and wait, another surprise announcement, what is in the PR water because Zanna also announced pregnancy news. So DOUBLE CONGRATS to her since she’s expecting twins!! Irina was very quiet during the show so it was nice to see some attention finally shift there. We of course had to relive the “bridal” catastrophe. Although I still contend that dress was not bridal and it could totally have been worn on the red carpet! And as she said, I don’t see why she was not given the chance to move forward when other designers this season got 3rd and 4th chances.

But to end on a positive note, it was back to Seth and he said he just finished his QVC line. Also, he will be partnering with Mary Kay to work on a collection so that is great news! I look forward to seeing some of these designer’s names in the future because I think a few will have some continued successes!

But now onto the highly anticipated new reality design competition, UTG! Tim Gunn has been such an integral part of PR and I am very excited to see him in a new role. He is now passing his mentor-ship role to 3 former PR alums — Mondo Guerra, Anya Ayoung-Chee, and Nick Verreos. This is all with the goal of proving they have the vision and business savvy to mentor and manage a fashion empire with 15 new up-and-coming designers under their watch.

TimGunn                    UnderTheGunn_NickVerreos                 UnderTheGunn_MondoGuerra

UnderTheGunn_AnyaAyongCheePersonally, of these 3, I love Nick the most so I am definitely rooting for him. Although Mondo did a great job with his design time on PR, so I am excited to see how he does as well. Now with Anya, this is a whole different story for me. I will say, not a fan, but I am interested to see how she copes with this type of show. She could barely sew on PR, but somehow pulled thru & won, so let’s see if she can self-teach her way thru the business of fashion too!

Each mentor will have a team of designers they must manage, coach and, when necessary, knock down with tough love in order to lead them to runway success. This new crop of designers will face the critiques of designer Rachel Roy, celebrity stylist Jen Rade, creator of some of the most iconic red carpet looks in Hollywood, and TV fashion correspondent and Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi.

UnderTheGunn_RachelRoy                    UnderTheGunn_JenRade                 UnderTheGunn_ZannaRobertsRassiThe show’s sponsors are: Lexus, Marie Claire Magazine, Benefit Cosmetics, Blowpro, francesca’s, Brother Sewing and Embroidery and ROWENTA. I have to say, I love francesca’s. I have shopped their for years, always considering the boutique vintage shop as almost a hidden treasure. But I’m so ecstatic they are making their way to the forefront on as big a platform as this show! Their jewelry and accessories are some of the most fave pieces I own with my personal collection so I think they will do a great job with complimenting the looks this season!

In the first two episodes, the process is, Tim will present a race-around-the-clock challenge to the fashion hopefuls. The three mentors will measure the skill level of the contestants and duke it out to determine which four designers will land on their teams. Then, Tim will present new challenges that will test the mentors’ ability to bring out the best in their designers as they guide them through the competition. But remember, only 1 designer and 1 mentor will win and I am EAGER to see how this all plays out! And this is what they win:

  • a cash prize of $100,000
  • a sewing and embroidery studio
  • an all-expense paid trip to Paris
  • Blowpro styling products
  • the opportunity to design the uniform for Benefit Cosmetics’ field team members and unveil the ensemble during a national press conference in New York City
  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine
  • a one-year position as guest editor for Marie Claire
  • a 2014 Lexus vehicle
  • and the opportunity to design a collection sold exclusively at Francesca’s.

Pretty decent prize pack!! So you can look at all the designers on your own and do so right here, but these are the few I was impressed by the most when looking at their past work, bios, etc.

OSCAR GARCIA-LOPEZ:                                                      UnderTheGunn_OscarLopez

I mean, all I can say from reading his online bio & looking at his portfolio of work is WOW!! His story seems like such a real-life struggle and thru hard work and determination, he is finally living his dream. For his work, I mean the eveningwear is stunning. I could seeing it rivaling some of the many gowns I’m seeing on the red carpet season now! Very eager to see his work develop and hope he does well on the show!




AMY SIM                                                   UnderTheGunn_Amy

So first off, wow, this lady is over 50! I am shocked because she certainly doesn’t design for the over 40 crowd, nor does she look her age! I see from her past work she is very versatile with her range — menswear, dresses, pants, jackets, blazers, etc. I love how fun, flirty, & feminine her looks are and look forward to seeing her on UTG!



NATALIA FEDNER:                                                                              UnderTheGunn_Natalia_Fedner

In just reading Natalia’s online bio she seems like a ball of energy and of charm. So much of her portfolio were sketches and I wish I could have seen those actual pieces, but regardless, she still had a few actual looks that were eye-catching. I am all about gorgeous back details and I saw one from her that was STUNNING!




BRADY LANGE                                                 UnderTheGunn_BradyLange

I can say I didn’t love every look in the portfolio, but there were a few that caught my eye and definitely make me think there is something about this guy! From reading his online bio, it sounds as if he might be a handful, but hey, that’s reality TV!












The “Collectionary”: The Dictionary for Collectors & Their Collectibles!

The past and it’s remaining products will always have important meaning. This is just one of the many reasons people collect. An item might hold some meaningful significance. The collector might have a strong sense of history. The point is people collect and aren’t likely to quit anytime soon! This goes from items such as stamps to coins to shoes to music. So how does “The Collectionary” fit in here?

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 7.41.40 AMThis site was developed to create a dictionary of everything in the world that people collect. Many sites of collectible items are all about buying and selling, but where is the learning?!? The Collectionary seeks to provide a way for people to learn about the collectibles they love. And it’s name is literally the fun play on words by combining the 2 words — collection & dictionary.

The Collectionary invites you to browse & enjoy the site, which is filled with so many amazing collectibles. There are so many different pages for many different items to browse/join, aka “Collectionaries.” You find a collectible and you join that page and have fun walking down memory lane, learning, or just seeing all that is available. There is everything from Star Wars to Guitars to Batman to Elvis.

ygtjsqmuo1aj1rgotlnp                    abxmaeewkt64hrhlai0d                 wgojzceemyyywxwj3sljThere have been other sites who’ve written some great posts about The Collectionary, such as Rock Guitar Power & Geektastic Podcast. Also, make sure to check out The Collectionary on their Facebook page as well! Now, I’m sure you might be asking, Fashion Nexus is a fashion blog, so where does fashion fit in here??

In fashion, rather than collectibles, we say “vintage.” And yes, The Collectionary has a page to join, dedicated solely to Vintage Fashion. Here you can browse items in a variety of collections, such as the following: (but remember, new collections can always be added!):

Fabulous Fashions of the 50s                                            ccur0nybcqjnxnudtksc

dgxebebpxxbj5up8g4m5                                     x7n7bv0lpeg4rnp9todz

Era of Post WW2-early 60s (1947-1964)                                      khm1zohxhulse4yw4ath

sxcqluv6i9z9p8ydin3a                                     x14tqdpiyiji3qfzflbc

Punk/New Wave/80s era (1977-1989)                     n4elcui8qud7546mjcy7



s1idtcte6ysqttxivovs                                     xvv5mjmmvlobj2p2wxxw

“Dresses”                                           ji12kxqdqwvpmgojt8vf

gzog1u7u82j3jp7yp4r4                                     rlmzla1ozvvjygxdeqkb

Vintage Floral Patterns                                        pntymkzq62emmc9agzzk

rzoesmmgkgp4zy30ngbc                                     xumn9orkjkcaxvy0ey2h

Men’s Vintage             fcxdxfzoxycnkom12p9c

hqcrtjjw0fari3tc2dzs                                     tsdv8hhrs1fpl81pncjj

Vintage Cocktail Attire                                       adhf29tlgyzmfggvzhak

azvtyqdsya88fypicxcw                                     cfrbpobmnaidcdthkuab

This is just a small sample; there are many more vintage fashion items here! So each Collectionary page/type of item will have expert collectors, aka “moderators.” They help in adding the cool and new items to the site. This goes for all collectionary pages, not just vintage fashion! Hey! If you see a page you enjoy, it might be looking for moderators so you can check and apply if interested.

If you want to learn more, check out The Collectionary’s Terms of Use page. Also, The Collectionary is a product of YellowDog Media, Inc. which was founded in 2009 and is backed by Harrison Metal Capital and Accel Partners. And so just to end on a fun & positive note, here are some more fun fashion images to enjoy!!

eramtegxoszqlqbht98j                                     faw2it3u2mhnbsu52tqq

icmdrjj4x7g2seobijnm                                     oezqchafd4l3uvprcjvl

s5ocvrozxregksmcsnrv                                     sreknc2ztuex3rx6acmo

y22ecuojgzh6ejbwv2of                                     ztas51dh5laezdazqpcf
















Best Dressed List for the 2014 Golden Globes!!

Wow! So this best dressed list for the 2014 Golden Globes was a hard one to whittle down! There were a lot of great dresses, but I’m confident in my top picks for the evening and so I created a TOP 13! Plus, the lovely co-hosts of the evening, Amy Poehler & Tina Fey, really did showcase some great looks so check those pics out at the end of this piece. I also included a few dapper looking gentlemen and the wonderful designers who made them look so good. But after rummaging thru over 150 images, this is my BEST DRESSED list, ENJOY!!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


Kate is wearing a glamorous gunmetal metallic mermaid gown by Zuhair Murad with silver beading galore! Her elegant accessories include 7-carat black-and-white diamond earrings by Chopard and a black Edie Parker clutch. Her celeb hairstylist was Sascha Breuer who created this punk-inspired diva look.

155_2221_350                         naomi-watts-2-290

naomi-watts-3-290NAOMI WATTS & LIEV SCHREIBER: Just call Naomi & Liev the Tom Ford duo! Naomi’s Ford look is a haltered white gold shimmery gown with subtle sheer cutouts at the waist and going down the back. The neckline of the dress is embellished with a chunky gold necklace, which perfectly coordinates with her Bulgari accessories — a vintage serpent bracelet & gold python clutch. She also is wearing metallic silver Jimmy Choo sandal heels.

Liev’s Ford look is a classic black tuxe; how can you go wrong?!?

155_2130_350             LILY RABE

Lily looks stunning in this embroidered nude-colored ballgown, with sheer black overlay, from Georges Hobeika’s Spring 2014 collection. Her minimalist yet elegant jewelry is by Lorraine Schwartz.

155_2103_350   MADISON WALLS

I am not sure who Madison is wearing, but it doesn’t matter; she looks BEAUTIFUL! I love that she went for a bit of a traditional sparkling beaded gown, but what is perfection is the pop of turquoise color! I believe her earrings are Chelsea Girl–Turquoise Chandelier.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals                    71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsREESE WITHERSPOON: Reese went for a very minimal, yet chic look in this teal floor-length Calvin Klein number with a Y-back. The gown is custom silk crepe and she looks great. She accessorized her look with some lovely Harry Winston diamonds.

155_2062_350   NANCY O’DELL

What best dressed list would be complete without a bright pop of color like Nancy’s royal blue Marchesa hip-hugging gown. The low-cut neckline is just wonderful with great touches of floral embellishments. Her diamond jewelry also can’t go unnoticed — intricate cuff, earrings, etc — all by XIV Karats.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


There are so many great things to say about Michelle’s oyster stargazer fil coupe gold sequined/embroidered hi-lo gown by Oscar de la Renta. See! And that is just some of the descriptions. Everything perfectly coordinates — the muted gold Christian Louboutin heels and Bulgari jewelry (gold/pink flower earrings) included.



You have to give props to newcomers, especially when they looks as breathtaking as Sosie does. I love this taupe Rhea Costa gown with a lace bodice. She also knows how to accessorize with some lovely Neil Lane jewelry. Sosie is Miss Golden Globes 2014 and is the daughter of Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon.



Another stunning newcomer, from the Wolf of Wall Street is Margot Robbie. She looks very sexy in this plunging deep-V neckline, silk crepe Gucci gown. And that is not all to say about the gown; it’s embroidered with crystals and emeralds and also has an even sexier thigh-high slit. She decided to keep with an emerald theme by wearing emerald Christian Louboutin heels. She completed her look with some elegant Van Cleef jewelry.

155_2101_350        CARLY STEEL

Carly is another great look for me and yay since she just tweeted me all of the information I need to update my post! This stunning dress is by Sherri Hill. I love the flowing white bottom and even more the gold sequined sheer neckline. The shimmery white gold clutch by Aruna Seth and Dao Fournier jewelry are also the perfect accessories to complete the look!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


In keeping with some great looks with pops of color I had to include Taylor’s lingerie-inspired emerald green silk gown by Thakoon. She paired her sexy look with Chanel jewels, more specifically, the “Camellia Bouton” diamond bracelet and the “Mademoiselle Ruban” diamond ring.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


Black, white, florals, how can you go wrong? I love this floral column Reem Acra gown from their Fall 2013 collection. Zoisa looks great and even better with her gorgeous jewelry by Ofira & Lorraine Schwartz.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalscate-blanchett-3-290CATE BLANCHETT: Cate looks very classy in this black lace & tulle high-necked Armani Prive gown with an open back. The look is also perfectly completed with diamond jewelry by Chopard.



Amy had a few great looks for the evening and this was just one. She looks chic in this black asymmetrical bodice Stella McCartney with a midriff keyhole cutout. Her jewelry accessories are perfectly suiting — a Karla Welch for Jacob & Co. cuff and Jacob & Co. earrings.

tina-amy-1-350x700       tina-amy-2-350x700I wasn’t a fan of Tina’s red carpet entry look, but she won some fashion points back for her on-stage looks. My most fave was the silk Georgette deep V-neck burgundy gown with multi-crystal beading by Carolina Herrera. She paired the look with some elegant Cartier jewels. I’m not sure of the designer for the bustied red gown, but it still looks great, very Madonna a la “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And she continued her Cartier theme jewelry evening with this look as well.

Amy’s looks on-stage were also continued high-fashion. Her 1st look is a forest green Cady gown by Stella McCartney with encrusted lace panels down the side. She added matching chunky gold cuffs (including one by Karla Welch for Jacob & Co. I’m not sure of the 2nd look, but a classic black floor length gown with white edging and to top it all off, her gorgeous drop diamond chandelier earrings, she just looks so glamorous!


Jesse Tyler FergusonLeonardo DiCaprio in a classic black tuxe by Giorgio Armani. Also in Giorgio is Jesse Tyler Ferguson.













Snow Queen & Jack Frost Show — A Fashion Show Like No Other!!


1459967_429843117117742_786343578_n   1393711_429843277117726_742551153_n    11217_429843267117727_1796825867_nWhen most people hear the phrase “fashion show”, they are likely to think clothing, dresses, etc. But you have to remember, the fashion realm is so vast and so now, when it comes to shows, the sky is the limit! Think about what makes a look, yes there are the clothes, but there are also shoes, accessories, and of course, make-up & hair! So with that, if you are design artist for make-up & hair, you can create an amazing show!

1455847_429843270451060_1543041678_nTawni Michelle of Dramatizon Make-Up has done just this. Tawni has over 12 years of experience with make-up design. In reaching this high level of experience, she decided to venture out on her own and start her own business. She provides make-up design, at affordable prices, for a wide variety of situations — head shots, editorial, fashion shoots, etc. You can learn more about Dramatizon on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram; handle is @dramatizon.

1528699_446568562111864_1145280498_n   1424486_446568985445155_263773262_n    1536481_446568772111843_1968497923_n

1482787_446568692111851_1366298327_nBut rather than sticking to the traditional format of working with apparel fashion shows and merely providing make-up, she is now making the show be about the creative make-up design. And I have to say, it’s so stunning and so phenomenal! Her latest monthly show at Sky Room NYC, Snow Queen & Jack Frost, was simply awesome. I am so glad I was able to attend. Throughout this post are the various images from the show, before, during, & after. ENJOY!!

1013241_446577195444334_400634671_n                   1497752_446577092111011_269246835_n                  1506917_446577422110978_1360453446_nSo who was the team behind this fantastic show. Well first, there is the beautiful hair design, which was by Fallon Fitzpatrick — Fallon Fitzpatrick Hair Design. She has over 10 years of professional hair experience and does cuts, coloring, styling, & more! You can book an appointment with her at Y Gallery, Soho/NYC, but she also does freelance work. Check her work out on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! As you can see in the various images from the show, the work done on the models’ hair was all so intricate & detailed. I was blown away!

1383773_446569342111786_1418432873_n  1601361_446568488778538_1274552824_n     1530562_446577942110926_429934924_n

399256_446569035445150_1459749238_nThe models all worked lingerie/bikinis by Gigi Carnett. These looks were all so sexy and worked very well as a part of this show. The various accessories the models were wearing, crowns, necklaces, etc, were provided by Jenny Winters. It can’t be overlooked also that the head model was none other than NYC native and Big Brother 15 houseguest GinaMarie Zimmerman. I can’t tell you how starstruck I was since I love that show and rooted for this gal last summer! It was also such a pleasant surprise that another BB15 houseguest made an appearance to root for GM, Amanda Zuckerman. I hope to do a fashion feature with both of these ladies soon on Fashion Nexus!

1512650_446568802111840_266262066_n   The Lingerie    1515024_446576772111043_1078929511_n


1512436_446569212111799_722624440_n                  GM & AMANDA              1506872_446577695444284_569158485_n

1489048_446569328778454_1386651364_nOne final mention, since all throughout my post are images of the show and promotional shots for the show, and that is Isadora B. Photography. Isadora offers a wide variety of photography services. You can check out her work on Facebook & Twitter.

So back to the one who put this altogether, Tawni of Dramatizon. You can’t deny how creative this work is. And the best part, this is only from 1 show. There has been so much more and will be so much more. Dramatizon’s mission is to bring the beauty, drama, flare, and FIERCENESS to everyone. The Dramatizon team can certainly do that! I can’t wait to attend another show and see more work from this team and their creative design work!

988776_690491237636890_122584165_n                  941486_681824095170271_1193829351_n                   1184945_646697245349623_162345016_n


1238778_646697265349621_1880020423_n                   1098492_646696902016324_880573210_n                  552594_631943376825010_259880686_n










And the PRAS Season 3 Winner Is………

pras03-ep10-episode17Well I’m sure by now we all know the answer — Mr. Seth Aaron! I must say, even though he won his season, this came as a surprise to me, more specifically a good surprise. I really thought all season Elena would somehow win. She had the “rising from the ashes” storyline all wrapped up — she didn’t make it her season, she never won a challenge, she was in the bottom some, etc. So yes, color me surprised! But then, last week, as I was planning for upcoming fashion week shows, I was told Korto was just added to a venue I’m attending. I then thought, hmmmm?, maybe she won. So again, for me, really surprised & CONGRATS to Seth Aaron. But how did this all come about?

pras03-ep10-workroom27Alyssa started off the show with MOST of the fun details for this final challenge. Each designer was to present a 6-piece collection inspired by their own heritage — Elena-Eastern Europe/Ukraine, Seth-Europe/Spain, Korto-West Africa/Liberia. The first twist of the show was the designers ONLY had 4 days, ahhhhh! The designers were then told of their amazing venue for the runway presentations — the United Nations headquarters — WOW!

The designers were then off to the headquarters to speak with delegates for their respective countries to learn and gain some inspiration. Sketching then began — Seth was thinking of architectural elements, Elena was focusing on a color story with use of the Ukranian flag, & Korto was thinking back to traditional means of fashion design in Liberia. The designers finished off day 1 by shopping at Mood, planning/organizing, and freaking out a bit over time, well maybe that was just Elena, haha!

Day 2 was centered around Zanna’s visit, her final one, tear, tear! She gave some standard words of wisdom — remember to edit, think of fit, etc. There were more interesting jabs I think though during this montage sequence. Elena was picking at Seth, needing a better editing eye, so laughable! And Seth wondered if Korto would have that jaw dropping moment? The other main part of Zanna’s visit was she brought not only helping words, but actual helpers. However, this would only be for 24 hours! So Chris came back to help Korto, Jeffrey for Seth, and Viktor for Elena.

pras03-ep10-workroom7We then moved onto Day 3 and Alyssa was again there, 1st thing! Of course, she wasn’t empty-handed; she had a twist! Theodora & Callum is an accessories brand that features scarves inspired by international travel. Each designer would have to make a 7th look and the fabric would be the scarves. At least 50% of the look had to come from the scarves. Elena was having another freakout because remember, she hates prints! Luckily we didn’t have to listen to her for too long, THANK YOU Viktor!

pras03-ep10-workroom1It was then time for the helpers to go and for Day 4, the final day, to begin! The models had their fittings, the workroom was looking so messy, and I think we learned that the most universal color for international design was YELLOW! The “morning of” brought the usual routines — last minute alterations, additions, styling, etc. The guest judges were co-anchor for CBS“This Morning”/Editor-at-Large for O Magazine Gayle King and renowned designer Zac Posen. So let’s start with 3rd place — Elena.

pras03-ep10-episode9For the rankings of these 3 designers, the judges were 100% right. With Elena’s collection, it was all too much of the same thing, a lot of repetition. You might see this in a collection of 20+ pieces, but for only 7 pieces, repetition should be very discrete/minimal. I agreed with Gayle, I think she only designs for a certain woman of which I am not. Her jackets/coats might be well made, but then she makes them in a dull yellow & grey, which are just very hard colors to wear. I was just far more impressed by Korto and Seth and I think the judges debated between the two, probably for quite a bit.



pras03-ep10-episode7Korto came in 2nd and she should be proud. She had some shining moments. I thought her collection spoke most to her Liberian heritage. The backs of most of her looks were so gorgeous. I thought this type of woman had such an easy breezy vibe. Korto knows who she is as a designer. But I wonder if with this collection and perhaps the reason she came in 2nd, was if it pushed the bounds enough? In a show, you want to see at least 1 “show” piece. But regardless, I look forward to seeing her present in February for NYFW!



PRAS_EP310_0745-898x1350                                                                                                PRAS_EP310_0776-898x1350Seth’s collection was just amazing, sheer genius! I do not know how he did all of that in only 4 days! It was so modern and really was architecturally inspired, wearable structures! Seth also has a clear vision and client in mind and I like this girl. But I don’t think his type of client is as narrow like with Elenas’. He also has such a great idea for details. So many of his looks had nice touches and ah-ha moments. His collection was also very editorial and would photograph well from all angles!



PRAS_EP310_0593-898x1350                 -9622167feca0aed0                  -9f6a467c141a976dSo PRAS is now at an end and so we move onto Under the Gunn this week — GET EXCITED!! But we do get the PRAS reunion special next week so that should be interesting!!