Last Fashion Week Journey Recap! :(

This is my last recap for NYFW/MBFW 2014 season, for S/S 2015 collections — so sad! It’s been great recapping about some very stunning and amazing looks for both women and men next year. So without further adieu, let’s start this final recap with bold menswear designer brand Luar Zepol!


With antique chandeliers lining the ceiling and a backdrop of ringing school bells and dark primitive music, Luar Zepol’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection debuted at Webster Hall. Designer Raul Lopez kept to his signature aesthetic of raw avant-garde menswear, but also experimented with new methods that combined edgy metal pieces with patchwork and colorblocking designs.


Lopez’s mixture of materials, such as plastic and tarpaulin, with the mechanical walks of the models gave a feel of wild utilitarianism. In previous seasons, Lopez has explored themes ranging from tundra to space. However, for his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, he went with a forest atmosphere, chirping birds with hues of grey, brown & dark blue to tell his story.


Similar to previous collections, Lopez did not fail to engage viewers with his creative structure and unique uses of a multitude of fabrics. Luar Zepol’s style is unapologetically original, and his constant manipulation of what we consider wearable, shows promise that Lopez will continue to create groundbreaking collections.


Next up, Hanley Mellon.


Husband-and-wife team Matthew Mellon and Nicole Hanley Mellon looked to Kenya for their first presentation, encompassing earthy tones & bold patterns. This was definitely an abstract take on cultural inspirations and with a very diverse lineup indeed!


This collection has a lot to offer from chic separates to trendy dresses, but all still very on point with the cultural inspiration. The rich tones of browns and burgundies are spot on, and are quite unique for a S/S collection.

Hanley Mellon - Presentation - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

Special guests in attendance — Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia, socialite Tinsley Mortimer, TV personality Kelly Bensimon; Executive Director of the CFDA Fern Mallis; Indian American designer Waris Ahluwalia, & stylist James Aguiar.
The pieces will captivate you from start to finish, something new & unique around every corner. Enjoy!


Finally, let’s check out dynamic menswear & womenswear designer, Ricardo Seco.


Seco’s S/S 2015 line is sporty New York City meats urban Mexico. Entitled, “Dreams,” the collection stays true to his Mexican origins, with influences of the warm-toned Wixárika tribe, and is still grounded by New York City’s effortless and simple styling. Typically Ricardo is all about menswear, but dabbling with a few women’s looks last season, he now evenly divided his presentation between both sexes. Seco described these girls as the “women versions of his menswear.”


“These women are not worried. They are strong. They just want to feel good,” Seco said. Without a doubt Seco’s women carried plenty of boyish elements throughout the collection. The looks are stylish, yet relaxed in fit. There are high stylin’ and profilin’ elements mixed with basic tees and bomber jackets.


Seco’s man was just as “boyish.” His men would find themselves in the in-between, the transition of a young boy to adult manhood. From the fabrics to the color palette, the collection as a whole was extremely coherent. “New York City is the city where you can see everything. If you can dress in New York, you can dress everywhere,” Seco said. “You can see a lot of the previous, urban ‘Ricardo Seco’ in this collection, but you can see a lot of my country here too. Touch of Mexico in New York style.”


Special guests in attendance were actor Eric West & former international pageant queen Stefania Fernandez.


Katty Xiomara for Nolcha — OtterBox Innovation & Flirty Frocks!


Award-winning Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara presented her Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Nolcha Fashion Week recently, in New York, specifically Eyebeam NYC.


Xiomara also had a big unveiling with the OtterBox® dress. This dress encapsulates a lot of what Xiomara’s collection is all about — chic separates, flirty dresses, trendy hits, hint of a vintage vibe, and modernized looks. The dress closed the show, unveiling Xiomara’s collaboration with the mobile accessories company, and their Alpha Glass™ technology, an all-new fortified glass screen protector for cellular phones.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is overcoming obstacles,” Xiomara said.  “Creating an ensemble from glass screen protectors provides a unique challenge for me as it is something that has never been done.  Alpha Glass compliments my style perfectly, blending elegant and refined taste with an understated strength.”



 Xiomara is typically known for her geometric patterns, but for this collection she took the art form of a “chocolatier” as her inspiration. She melted geometric shapes, creating more organic forms. The resulting printed patterns are very captivating, so mesmerizing!
With this, the color blocks were exposed of their rigidity, leaving the structure bare and originating a set of intertwined lines and points, outlined by wavy cut-outs.
The result was subtle and lighter, offering her consumer “organic geometry in wire frames.”

The collection was a futuristic and retrospective mix, with a very lucid and practical take on the urban woman.  Just like a chocolatier can’t predict the shape of an individual chocolate, the silhouettes bloom uniquely throughout the line. I loved that each look was so unique, but was still a collection of pieces that belong together — each integral to the presentation’s story.


White color and smooth materials were a constant, with black outlines and striking cut-outs seen consistently in the line. Pops of color are always great, and needed to provide a breath of fresh air for a collection. But black and/or white looks are great staples to have in any collection and in one’s own wardrobe.



Speaking of pops of color, there is a great use of it in this collection. There are softer hues in pastels such as rose pink.


Still a softer tone, but with a bit more umpf, is a color such as blue or purple.


And then in full on daringly bold hues, there is spicy tomato red!


Celebrity supporters who came out to the show wearing Katty Xiomara included, Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries), Sammi Hanretty (Actress),


and Kristen Ruhlin (Actress).


Also in attendance, former American Idol singer & actor Constantine Maroulis


& photographer Jo Lance.


There were so many amazing looks in this collection that I have to show off a few more! It was so hard to narrow down to just a few faves. But hey, there is no harm, no foul, in showcasing more great looks by Katty Xiomara. And again, all in all, looks that are super fun, very girly, feminine, flirty frocks that any woman would instantly fall in love with!



The fabrics utilized in this collection were the perfect choices. There is lots of lovely lace, which I love! There is some sheer overlay, which is always a nice modern touch. Shimmery fabrics add some special sparkle to several of the pieces. The silhouettes and styles are also great, ranging from basic dresses to more escalated looks, and even to trendy separates.



And finally, what I adore about this collection are the details — ladylike collars/high necklines, fitted waistlines adorned with chic belts. There are also pleats and asymmetry for stylized detail effects.



Nolcha Recaps — Sophisticated, Sultry, & Sexy Looks for the Ladies!

Nolcha Fashion Week has a little something for everyone! When it comes to great looks for women, you can choose from chic, full-on fashionista pieces to sensual & alluring numbers to bold, confident frocks. Let’s begin with a few looks that are so polished, very sophisticated in nature with Charles & Ron.


These pieces are quite exquisite. The collection encompasses a lot of styles & silhouettes. Taking for example this look above, very formal in nature with a full ball gown skirt — it’s divine! The prints for this collection are superbly eye-catching and stunning.


This print seen above is featured on many looks in this collection. I love seeing it on a basic dress silhouette and then on a maxi as seen below. It all works! These pieces look to be so well made, high quality, creating a very polished overall look. Charles & Ron is sticking by their signature here, feminine silhouettes adorned with modern graphic prints.


Keeping in line with a well put together ensemble, head to toe, there are some great accessories to catch one’s eye as well. There are many handbags, totes, and clutches paired with the looks — perfectly coordinated!


Another highlighted feature is this white netting, as seen above over a fitted floor-length dress and then below over a LBD. It’s intricate, very detailed, and very in tune with this overall collection, the other looks, the underlying theme.


Prints alone are great, but there is also a great use of color mixed in. Lots of black and white, but the varied pastels in rose pink, lavender, tangerine, and light teal are truly mesmerizing.


This collection is phenomenal. It’s graphic and chic fashionista style. There is an infusion of many great elements here and they all combine so well, so fabulously! LOVE!


Next up, let’s spice things up a bit, show off a little sexiness with Rinat Brodach.


The collection is called “How to expose the Heart”.  It was inspired by the dilemma of exposing and protecting the heart. Rinat wears her heart on her sleeve. The inspiration was taken from everyday life where the heart is exposed, passionate, happy, sad, scared and vulnerable. This exposure leads to pieces that exhibit such confidence, also high quality design technique!


The draping around the areas of the heart show us different situations and feelings from exposing the heart to protecting the heart. Sometimes art doesn’t make sense, ’cause it comes from the heart. But Rinat’s draping is very much her signature, and she does it so beautifully. Her pieces tell a story, and everything from the draping to the simplistically minimal style draws you in. You want to know more.


The materials used for this collection also add into this story. Everything is of such high quality, captivating in nature. You wonder what is used right! It is different kinds of jerseys with some amazing textures on them, Cotton Satin, and Cupero. So not leather, but it’s great that the varied fabrics leave the eye & mind to wonder!


I think it is great that Rinat echoed her signature, doing what she does so well with high-fashion construction and drape, and using this signature to further tell this collection’s story. The draping and construction conveys a mode of expression, inspiring women to lead from the heart and to bring out the inner sensuality, with the feeling of confidence and security.


What makes this collection so intriguing to me is how understated the pieces are, yet still they are so captivating. It’s because of great technique in draping, high quality, great fit, and a clear story that grabs one’s attention.


PBN_5433To complement these looks, Brodach collaborated with jewelry designer, Orly Ruaimi, to deconstruct Rinat’s concept of “How to Expose the Heart” (SS/2015) to its literal foundation, the arteries and veins of the human body. Copper pipes, with their stunning visual presence and metaphorical connection to the body’s blood flow, became the building blocks for the collection. Additional sterling silver finger shields were incorporated by jewelry designer, Schentell Dominique Nunn.

Moving on, let’s take a last look at a designer who infuses feminine sex appeal and culture into her pieces, Sofia Arana.


Sofia Arana is another designer who is not afraid to showcase a little bit of sexiness with her pieces, but at the same time, they are super girly, fun, and flirty! You can see her Puerto Rican heritage & culture infused into each piece, from the prints to the colors to the silhouettes.


This yellow & grey floral print is a featured print for this collection. I love the flirty feminine vibe it gives off and the cutout is just a great touch! This piece perfectly encapsulates Arana’s vision of a basic, classic shape, or silhouette, but adding her own signature, modern touches to keep up with today’s trends.


Her lace detailed pieces are some of my personal faves, also keeping with today’s trends, especially with the use of sheer overlay. Sofia also loves to keep with a vintage appeal and I think she has really stuck by her true aesthetic with this collection, but just taking it to the next level.


The pieces have just such a great flare, a lovely vibe. You would be able to wear these pieces at so many different places, dressed up, dressed down, on the streets, to a cocktail affair!


Sofia’s signatures are being whimsical, yet a classy style for the young woman who appreciates casual elegance and a romantic vibe. All of these pieces take a new spin on this signature, a new twist that continues to stand with modern times and today’s trends.


I love this print, have to feature it again! This look is probably one of my faves and would be great to dress up for a summer night out, or even pair with some flats for an on the go busy NYC day.



All in all, the pieces are for women who like to have a little fun when getting ready, are infused with a great confidence, and are not afraid to be a little flirty, a little sexy in the styling.

I also have to highlight ANTM cycle 10 model, Stacy Anne Fequiere, workin’ it for NYFW 2014, always great seeing her strut her stuff and do her thing!





Special guest celebs were Jessica Pimentel & Madeline Brewer of OITNB!













Project Runway Firsts this Week

There are 2 firsts worth mentioning — Zippergate & a really stern critique from Tim Gunn. Before getting to those specifics, let’s set the backdrop with this week’s challenge instructions. The episode was all about creating a makeover. Keeping a “make”over in mind, Tim Gunn had global makeup artist and Mary Kay makeup consultant Luis Casco alongside to further discuss the challenge details for the week.


The designers were off to Washington Square Park in search of a muse. They had to look for the average, everyday woman, not a model. Working with their client, the designers were to create a look that would give their muse a makeover. The prize for the winning designer/muse pairing was a feature for a Mary Kay ad in Marie Claire magazine. Finally, a challenge with an actual prize! Was this the first for the season??


They had 30 minutes to find someone and then 30 minutes to chat & sketch. It is NY, so at first we were seeing a great deal of “NOs”! Sean seemed to be having the most difficulty, but was finally able to locate a winner. It was then off to Mood to begin this 2-day challenge, with a $200 budget. Later in the 1st day, Luis Casco would make a consultation visit with each designer & muse to figure out a beauty look for the makeover.


Getting back to the workroom, an early focus was set on Kini, who was having another case of designer’s block. It started while at Mood and continued on as Day 1 endured. Luckily for Kini, this was a 2-day challenge and he had plenty of time to get back on track. It was Alexander who was out of luck this week and with the 2-day challenge not being of much help. His bad news was delivered on Day 2, not leaving much time to re-focus and re-work his look. This situation was also the 1st of two Project Runway firsts in this episode.


Tim time was certainly par for the course in most aspects. But when it came time for Tim’s talk with Alexander, it was definitely a PR first. Tim said this was one of the most “hideous garments he had ever seen.” This was quite shocking to me! Tim should be very honest in his critiques. But I can think of many other times such extreme words could have come out of his mouth. I 100% disagree that out of every PR look we’ve ever seen in the workroom and during Tim time that this was the most hideous! In fact, this statement even could have been uttered a couple of times this season!


Alexander’s major freakout moment was certainly warranted. But he soon shook it off and was back to work. He was not quite ready for model fitting time, but he was able to explain his new vision. Mostly we saw a lot of happy models during their fittings. There were some great pairings made, lots of fun interactions between the designers and their muses.


The morning of the runway brought us the 2nd PR first for the week, now being dubbed as “Zippergate”! The designers were running around with last minute adjustments and fine tuning as per norm. Somehow as Char’s model was getting dressed, the zipper popped all of the way off, leaving the model’s entire side exposed. The problem — it was time to go to the runway so the designer’s work time was up! We have seen plenty of times where Tim has had to give stern warnings about time running out. Tim said had this been any other week, with regular models, the dress would have been left as is. The model would have walked fully exposed on the side.

But this week, with non-models walking the runway, he didn’t feel it would be fair to this young lady as she was a guest. Char had an extra zipper she could easily put in so Tim presented to the other designers a question, if it would be okay if Char were given 10 extra minutes to insert the new zipper. Of course the other designers, being put right on the spot, in front of all of the models, said “Yes.” As soon as they got to the holding room though, they were all soon quick to question their decision. They knew it would have been awkward to have made a fuss in front of everyone. And they couldn’t take back their decision, but it was a question of fairness as all are given the same amount of time each week. It’s a PR mandate that when Tim says “Let’s go to the runway” that time is up! Char coming back to the holding room was certainly AWKWARD!


The judges also took notice that the runway started late. Heidi asked Tim about what was going on, but he requested to discuss it after the runway and initial critiques were given. Two lovely guest judges joined the panel this week, actress Michelle Monaghan and TV host/model Asha Leo. The top & bottom 3 seemed fairly obvious. But even with 3 clear looks for the bottom, it was still a bit difficult as all of the model muses seemed to love their makeover looks.

I did want to give a quick shout-out for Sean’s look, still sticking with the season of fringe! I thought he really listened to his muse Lelia. She is an actress and singer. This black fringed dress could work as an upscale performance look or at an industry premiere of some sort. She looked elegantly stunning. I loved the sheer neckline. It was as if Sean had channeled old Hollywood retro glam to create this delightful number.


I’m not sure why this look wasn’t given any top 3 consideration, especially since Emily’s look wasn’t unanimously loved for a top 3 spot. Also Mary Kay shout-out for Sean’s beauty look — great pop of red for a bold lip!

As mentioned, Emily’s flamenco styled look made the top 3. The judges at first seemed to not all be in agreement about this placement. But Emily’s muse, Julia, was certainly a fan! She may have even helped in changing a judges’ mind or 2 about this look. Emily & Julia had an instant connection over a French fashion designer Thierry Mugler. Their amazing bond led to this dramatic creation and it was clear Julia loved it!


The judges still thought it was a bit too costume-y. Many were not a fan of the ruffles, but thought the use of red was a great choice. However they did agree since Julia was so in love with the look that this was a positive. Nina said it was Emily’s best work so far this season. Shout-out for Emily’s Aldo shoes selection — perfection with these black heels.

Even with early onset designer’s block, Kini still managed to gain another top 3 placement. A full on jeans look is not my cup of tea. I’m not sure if I would wear this look, but it works for his model muse. Originally she was not a fan of a jean on jean look, but soon changed her tune.


There was still some mixed judges reviews. Most thought the look was cool, but maybe a bit too serious for a date night. I’m not sure where that train of thought was coming from. It’s not as if this look was super formal. In fact, it was fairly casual, which is quite fitting for date night. I wouldn’t see it being out of place at a regular, everyday restaurant or bar. Maybe the heels gave it some sort of escalated appeal, but the heels were for the runway. This look would work and be just fine with flats as well.

This left Korina rounding out the top 3 and being the clear winner for the week. Her model muse was Shelby, a ballerina. And in this look Korina created for her, she was definitely a bad-ass ballerina. Let’s first just dedicate a full on lovefest for how great this royal blue leather/houndstooth mix jacket is. I mean who would not want this jacket! The whole look was just so chic and really worked for Shelby!


But the greatness doesn’t just end with the jacket. When the jacket comes off, there is a super cute, feminine frock. It was a LBD with so many nice touches — razorback and crinkle pleats. Job well done Korina and very much well deserved win! Shout-outs also for Korina’s choices with Philip B. hair, super chic & sleek, & Mary Kay, another great bold red lip!

I hated seeing Amanda in the bottom 3, but she was having an off week. I knew she wasn’t in danger of going home and not all of the news was bad for the look. The judges didn’t think the length of the black leather vest worked with the dress, but all loved the vest nonetheless. Another great aspect with this look was just how much Amanda’s model muse Eva loved the look. The judges also agreed the direction was right, but the execution was off.


The dress was very short in the back and Nina mentioned the hem was off. Zac thought the look was a little outlet mall-ish. Shout-outs though for Mary Kay makeup look with a great smoky eye & Philip B. hair for luscious waves!

The bottom 2 was quite obvious. Being that it was Char & Alexander it does leave the mind to wonder how Zippergate impacted the results. Say for instance Char’s model had walked the runway fully exposed. Would she have gone home instead of Alexander with some clearer execution issues? My guess is no. The judges didn’t know about the zipper issue when placing Char in the bottom 3, but seemed to know about it before making their decision on sending Alexander home. They knew she was given 10 extra minutes to insert a new zipper, but the zipper wasn’t their issue.


The judges didn’t think Char paid much attention to who her client was. Her model muse is a pre-school teacher and this look didn’t seem quite fitting. Char mentioned her muse’s husband being a rock musician and her needing looks for his shows. But Nina was quick to pipe in that there is a way to look cool, look sexy, but still be sophisticated and appropriate. The judges also added in the fit was off, it was too short and had too much going on with the peplum jacket. I agree! I will say I love these sexy heels from Aldo, but not for this look. It kind of made her look a little hoochie-ish.

Ultimately, the judges had more issues with Alexander’s look and it being too plain, not matching of the $200 budget given. This left fan fave, designer Alexander, going home. He went a wrong direction this week and then ran out of time trying to re-work a new look. This new ensemble had some execution issues and was very blah. His model muse Marisa seemed to be okay with it, but the judges were not letting that impact their decision. They also learned about Tim’s harsh words and that Alexander had to start over.


The judges were also not a fan of this new look being so Spring-like, but with wintry, heavier fabrics. I wonder though had Alexander stuck with his original choice would he still have gone home? I get Tim was not a fan of the look. And yes, some of the shapes on his original piece did resemble amoebas. But the reason I ask is because at least there was something to his original piece; it might not have come off as so boring, too plain. Another PR mystery left unsolved!

Next week, it seems we are back to many types of challenges we’ve seen numerous times this season — unconventional & teams!







Nolcha Fashion Week Recaps — Varied RTW Styles for Women

Continuing on with more Nolcha Fashion Week posts, lets check out a few of the designers presenting from the “Ones to Watch” collective show. This group is a talented bunch, emerging designers who are certainly going places.

First up, Gregory Apparel for S/S 2015, presented by Rachel Gregory.


This collection encompasses some very feminine & flirty RTW options for women in 2015. There is an ease about the looks due in part to the minimal silhouettes and soft pastels such as rose pink and sky blue. This sky blue deep V-neck dress below is probably one of my most fave pieces. It’s chic, easygoing, and for a woman who wants to be confident and carefree — that’s me!



The delicate, easier going vibe of this collection is not just about the lighter hues, but also the lighter weight fabrics, such as crepe. The fits of the fabric create a more relaxed fit, but all in all, still a very chic and well put together, polished look.


The bold pops of red, as seen above, was a great choice to add for these Spring pieces. It pairs very well with the stone and cream tones.


This is another fave of mine with this collection, very delicate, not over the top, a look that really encapsulates the underlying theme of this presentation. The looks are all so graceful, delicate, and understated, one of my most fave styles, simplistic minimalism at its best!


Love a great, fun dress with some pockets — it’s a detail that comes in handy!

Next up, J.Burgos NY with business glam for S/S 2015!


I love this look below, it’s a great look to showcase the elegance amplified this collection encompasses, thanks in part to the structure and shimmering satin fabric. The emerald jewel tone coloring is also a wise choice in demonstrating how luxe and glamorous many of these looks are.


Mixing in quite well with the emerald jewel tone are bright pops of tangerine orange. It definitely livens up the presentation, showcasing a more bold, daring side to the collection.



Some of the pieces definitely present a bit on the sexier side, a very sensual, alluring quality, such as with this black and white look above.


Separates aide to the business or professional vibe this collection has to offer. As seen above, there is a modern pencil skirt in a pretty blush pink and ruffled skirt. Or as seen below with a look, if paired with a basic black blazer, it could work great for being on the job. And then sans jacket, it transitions great to a date night or happy hour look!

The emerald leopard print is featured on a couple of looks, a print that dresses up quite well a basic look or classic silhouette.


And finally, there is B’venaj, presenting for S/S 15 a modern, urban RTW ensemble of looks for women.


A great aspect of this collection is the ability of taking the brand’s woman on all walks of her life. There are upscale, more glamorous looks, and then ones you could wear to work, a modern professional vibe. The collection runs the gamut for sure!


B’venaj utilizes color so well, also prints. Whether its the bright tangerine orange, the light blue, or red, all are used quite stunningly and are very eye-catching. What’s even more brilliant is the combo of solids with bold, dynamic prints.


A few of the looks feature a modern trend in silhouette — crop top & skirt. The crop tops work with both fitted skirts and of a more fit and flare style.


The looks are very chic, so sophisticated. But even with such polished looks, there is still a sexy, confident vibe to the pieces. This is all done very tastefully, quite appropriate to add more versatility to the collection.


B’venaj presents some truly amazing pieces for women, but luckily, there is a little something to offer for the men as well!



Nolcha Fashion Week’s official sponsors include: Dasani, Franciacorta, DON Q Rums, Adrian London Skincare, OtterBox, SUBWAY, Defiant Whisky, Bella Forma Wines, and Neulook. 






Nolcha Fashion Week Recaps — Eveningwear & Project Subway Fun!

One of my most fave parts of NYFW is attending the Nolcha Fashion Week shows. I always see such bright, emerging talented designers. So many of the looks are always super captivating. I have a great time mingling with other fashion industry insiders. And also, a lot of great sponsors and partners take part in the series of events. This is why I wrote so many intro posts on Nolcha. And I am of course now very excited to start showcasing some images and look details for the many designers who presented their S/S 2015 collections at Nolcha during fall fashion week 2014!

So for my first piece, I have to start with the breathtaking and alluring eveningwear and more formal looks I saw. Also, Project Subway was back, and those looks are super creative and fun, thus, a CAN’T MISS! Up first, Mariana Valentina and her Spring 2015 entitled collection Le Jardin Persan.


Mariana Valentina’s “Le Jardin Persan” is a collection inspired by two films. The first portrays a mystical garden where there are fantasy-like women who live there, and then blossom into beautiful vines and exotic florals.


The other film focuses on a Persian warrior empress, from the times when the gods and goddesses ruled the world.


 Persian warrior empress and vines may seem to be a mismatch, but it’s so NOT! It’s a classic play on hard & soft, which Mariana does beautifully. The looks incorporating vines and/or exotic florals really help to demonstrate Mariana’s signature of being elegant, yet sensual. She uses a lot of sheer effects in these looks, all done very tastefully and beautifully, but still present a woman who is full of confidence and not afraid to be sexy and daring.


What creates the wonderful intersection between Valentina’s differing worlds for this collection are the use of sheer effects. The soft and strong pair magically to create some truly luxe and gorgeous looks. The black asymmetrical look below is my most fave look and I believe very much encapsulates the underlying meaning of this collection. I would be proud to don this look and I’m sure the it would garner me much attention!


Mariana really has done a great job with this collection. I’m IMPRESSED!! She has stuck to her true aesthetic of sexy simplistic minimalism. The beauty in many of these pieces were the details, whether it was how the sheer effect was making your eye wonder or your eye being caught with the placement of embellishments. Get to know more about Mariana with a few other features on her already up on Fashion Nexus!


PBN_7430  Next up, MIMI TRAN!

Let’s check out her collection for S/S 2015, red carpet & eveningwear looks to the extreme! Definitely not a bad thing!


Mimi Tran knows luxury, Hollywood glamour, and high fashion. This is what she is known for and she does it all so well. If you are looking for a formal gown for an event or red carpet, or even a look for a pageant or prom, there is no doubt you could find something to instantly fall in love with from Mimi! There are a lot of unique and distinguishing aspects to Tran’s work. This is what will set you apart and stand out at whatever formal event you are at!


Red carpet or evening looks work great in black and white. It’s hard to go wrong with those colors and with any collection surrounding formal pieces, you must be able to create some stunning looks in either color. Mimi has done just that, whether it was with a white floral tethered gown as seen above, or a circular beaded number as seen below, which also incorporates another great trend for any major red carpet event — Sheer effects!


Black and white aside, there was a great pop of color use as seen below with royal blue, personally my fave color!


Another great aspect to this collection is all things SHEER! Sheer effects are a trendy staple I’m sure we are going to see for a long time to come and not just on the red carpet. But you have to still be clever with how you are incorporating sheer overlay into your looks. You have to make the trend your own. And that is what Mimi has done here. She was really strategic in how she played with sheer and the use of it with her looks. It created for some great intricacies, especially when paired with luxe gorgeous beaded embellishments.


Formal looks are not always floor-length, so it was great to see Tran’s signature work utilized with a shorter, sexier look. The shorter looks are still full of Mimi Tran glamour and feminine appeal, still showcasing a boldly sensual and sexy vibe!


Mimi Tran did a great job with remaining contemporary and creating some truly beautiful creations for red carpets and formal events around the world. Check out my intro feature on her brand as well, up also on Fashion Nexus!


Finally, let’s take a look at the 2nd annual Project Subway creations for Nolcha! This go round, Project Subway challenged the up and coming designers, F.I.T. students, to construct one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by vegetables found in a SUBWAY restaurant — spinach, onions, tomatoes and all!

The winning look, onion inspired dress & coordinating hat by Veritee Hill!


The judges chose the winning design based on creativity, originality, beauty and best representation of the vegetables. As a reward, Veritee will receive a $1,000 cash prize and have his/her original design displayed at a New York City SUBWAY® restaurant.



Eveningwear bright red delicious tomatoes anyone!


Spicy, bold, and sexy structured green pepper mini!


Yes! Incorporate the subway logo, great idea!!



Is this garment using an actual product??


Voluminous asymmetrical banana peppers for all!


Lots of green, but carrots anyone!


Greens — could be lettuce, maybe a slice of draped cucumber!


How about a little lace with your lettuce!?!

A celebrity panel critiqued the designs, including: Johnny Wujek (celebrity stylist), Bella Thorne (actress), Nastia Liukin (Olympic champion), and Russell Westbrook (pro basketball’s MVP of fashion and SUBWAY Famous Fan).



Check out some other celeb images from Nolcha Fashion Week!


Russell Westbrook & Rocsi Diaz, ET Correspondent


Nastia Liukin








Art Institute of NYC, Spring 2015 Student Show – What Wondrous Works!

The talented students of The Art Institute of NYC recently put on their Spring 2015 student show at MBFW, The Theatre at Lincoln Center. One of AI’s underlying missions is “Creativity for Life.” And with this amazing student presentation just put on, I’m positive these young designers will not be running out of creative design juices anytime soon! It’s great they are in an environment where their creative ideas can flourish.


There were 12 students who presented mini-capsule collections. Nearly 100 students lent a helping hand in making this show a reality. Let’s see what this bright dozen have in store for Spring 2015!

455079592.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000      NASSIM SHADMANI

Black silk charmeuse & lambskin draped slip dress


Mauve double-faced charmeuse and black lambskin column dress


Black double-faced satin silk draped dress

455078134.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000       ANGELO ROSA

Black lambskin studded tank dress with charcoal jersey & tulle skirt

455076960.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000          455074034.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

455078788.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000    FLAVIA NUNEZ

Designer also, Charles Anthony — Satin & faille triangle wrap dress



Off white & light aqua triangle dress


Off white & taupe tailored jacket with light aqua shorts

455078568.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000     YOHANNA GURSEY

Two-toned orange jacquard chiffon pleated bubble dress with jeweled mesh bodice

455077494.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000        455074392.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

gold jacquard and blush beaded clutch; Gold jacquard jacket with blush beaded mesh shell top & full length gold jacquard ball skirt

455078498.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000      JOSE MEDINA

Metallic silver lame pant suit


Metallic deep V-neck peplum top with hot shorts


Champagne satin dress with pleated organza sleeves

455078308.jpg_312_0_1655.28358209_3000   JOSHUAN APONTE

Iridescent embossed patent leather bodice (sheer cutouts), with an indigo sheer pleated skirt evening gown


Pale salmon and turquoise jersey hip-picket dess


Taupe charmeuse and canvas trapeze dress

455078210.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000     CECIL DOVE

Copper cropped jacket with black satin side pocket pants


Raw edge Petrol gauze & print crop top under olive zip front jacket & chartreuse satin lemon hot shorts


Gold sheer metallic top with stone satin & petrol gauze pants

455078768.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000   KIBONEN NFI

Sequin trimmed printed crop top with contrast-hem full skirt in matching print


Black printed bow neck crop top with matching high-slit full-length skirt


Asymmetrical orange, mix printed tufted top with matching printed pant

455078384.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000    NAREESA SHORTER

Lime green crop top with light lemon yellow asymmetrical circle skirt


Blue crochet duster over “Much Love” tee with lemon origami skirt


White jersey knit tube top with Jodhpur style pants & blue knit suspenders

455079244.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000   TORY VAN THOMPSON

Black double knit jersey tee with black wool canvas crop pant with gray pleated overlay

455078602.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000  MICHAEL TORNATO

White Canvas belted kimono with grey window pane joggers


White vinyl insert sweatshirt over long white zip front shirt with white cropped canvas trousers

455078460.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000        LAVAN CHXEIDZE


Perforated black poplin and print dress


Shredded tank with long linen striped shirt over polka dot boxer with side kilt

Additional runway presentation details –







  • AI President – Jennifer Ramey
  • Dean of Academic Affairs – Dave Moughalian
  • Chair of Fashion Design – Amanda Lovell
  • Financial Services – Daniel Lorenzo & Roz Palmer
  • Nails – Jacqueline Saulsbery for INM Nails


  • Jurors – Victoria Nulman, Jacqueline Mallon, & Gita Omri
  • Models — Q Management, MSA Models, Adam Models, Major, & Identities
  • Shoes – Delman, Nina, Clarks, & Birkenstocks



Fashion Week Journeys — Some Fun in the Sun!

Fashion week for S/S 2015 is almost already making me forget about the bitter cold winter that is ahead. There is a lot of bright color and fun looks in store for next year so I’m already counting down the days — LET’S GO!

454865522.jpg_0_1_3000_2001   CZAR BY CESAR GALINDO

Czar by Cesar Galindo is preparing us quite well for S/S 2015. The plan — to make us forget about a cold, dreary winter by showcasing a full of zeal, colorfully bright, sparkly celebratory collection for spring & summer. The pieces are vibrant and vivacious, and they have a distinct Latin & African underlying inspiration. As seen above, hairstyles were tightly pulled back in a braided ponytail, very simple, very chic!


This collection can simply be summed as FUN! You could don at a vast array of locales, a beach or pool party to a high profile Manhattan or Miami club. The pieces look luxe, very high quality. There are varied lengths ranking from knee-length to maxis. There is also variety in the silhouettes, crop tops, fitted looks, and comfy chic. Not in the mood for a dress, keep an eye out because there are plenty of separates to choose from as well!



Shimmering brilliantly, these dresses have a dynamic, nearly hypnotizing energy to them, with hundreds of fish-scale sequins dancing in the light, in conjunction with the movement of the wearer. Many looks are in bright optic solids, but there are also some stunning pattern prints, in mosaic, bohemian vibes.  The heels were also quite eye-catching, various colorings of snakeskin, open-toed heels & booties.


African art clearly defined the style behind the jewelry. A mix of statement gems and stones with thick necklaces come close to the neckline. Often incorporating a polished stone or even contemporary acetate, some looks forgo the jewelry all together, allowing for a completely carefree attitude. Certain looks that were simplistically minimal in nature, were definitely spiced up a bit with these statement-making jewelry pieces.


Clearly these looks are so bold, very dynamic. They are photographed well and look great from all angles. The looks are very inspiring and certainly encouraging to get us all thru a quick winter!


454980252.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000    GEORGINE

Georgine’s S/S 2015 presentation began with thunder and darkness, but it was not soon thereafter that summery hues and airy fabrics took over the runway. Light music thumped in the background as Georgine’s audience was taken away on a beach vacation straight out of the 70s. The specific inspiration was the glamorous demimonde who descended onto Saint-Tropez during the summers of the 1970’s.

Wearable retro bathing suits were certainly featured, parading down the runway and off to the beach with towels, or to a cabana, draped in a glamorous silk and lace coverups. Speaking of towels, looks were accessorized with mink tote bags and beach towels as well as leather clutches in the shape of surfboards in collaboration with Max Steiner Design. Women certainly love high fashion, that includes beachwear, more specifically beachwear sophistication. There’s a great deal to choose from here with sexy deep-V necklines, bold prints, and soft mint green looks.


Georgine Ratelband deviates from her usual dark color scheme for this collection, choosing instead to feature beach-y shimmery metallics and bright mints, oranges, and pinks. Luxurious gold was a major component of the collection, with standout looks including a gold silk trench perfect for a breezy summer day. The mint green was also a great tone utilized for this collection. The way it was mixed in with golds, nudes, rich creams, and in prints was refreshing; I loved the softer easier vibe with a pastel such as this or in taupe.


After showing off a sea of summery shades, the collection did revert back to Ratelband’s usual dark, structured image. Several stark ensembles completely in black, including a black silk organza lace dress with leather detailing, were impressive. A brand is nothing without staying true to it’s signature. It’s great to see current trends and modern updates, but I think it’s smart to mix in with what you know. And with black signature basics like the looks below, Georgine clearly knows structure and how to make their version of an LBD or black ensemble stand out.


The models’ hair was as relaxed as the majority of the collection, left down and wavy or covered by intricate turbans, floppy hats or flower hairpieces, all created by Ric Pipino for Melville Pipino Salon.


The makeup stayed fresh, with no heavy eye-makeup distracting from the effortless ensembles, created by Gordon Espinet with the MAC Pro Team.


Special guests included Kimiko Glenn star of OITNB, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of The Real Housewives of NYC, country singer/songwriter Stephanie Quayle, actress Edy Ganem of Lifetime’s Devious Maids, singer Katy Tiz, and actress Bianca Santos.


These looks are definitely for a similar type of clientele. And what I enjoyed most was that it takes that woman on a journey. It follows her on the go. The muses of this collection included paragons of style such as Bianca Jagger, Slim Keith, Gloria Guinness and Loulou de la Falaise. Also influenced by the photography of Slim Aarons and Helmut Newton, GEORGINE has crafted gorgeous bathing suit inspired evening wear, elegant beaded chiffon caftans, and trench coats worthy of a stroll down both the boardwalk and Fifth avenue alike. Georgine is providing for their clients looks to take them to a cocktail party, a beach or pool get-together, a Sunday brunch, an evening affair, and/or more!


These looks have a vintage feel, but certainly stand on their own and are quite unique. I see them as a breath of fresh air and I would be ready to take in a little sun proudly with any of these lovely looks!

Event PR — Mao PR




ART HEARTS FASHION presentations feature collections from the worlds freshest and artistically inspired designers in support of a great cause. Established in 2011 by designer and philanthropist Erik Rosete, ART HEARTS FASHION has grown to become a premiere platform for designers to showcase their collections in a contemporary runway setting.

Check out Jaslene Gonzalez, Cycle 8 ANTM winner workin’ the runway!

Art Dreams ANTM_0

This season ART HEARTS FASHION is presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation and will feature collections by:

  • Mister Triple X: The SS/15 “Pair-A-Dice” ColleXtion will feature bold tropical prints and monochromatic undertones in a Stepford Wives retro-future inspired presentation, continuing the journey of the Mister Triple X story told through fashion.


  • Control Sector: In an increasingly digital world, CYBER BULLY (SS/15) is the result of an interpretation of our physical experience being filtered through the electronic layers of reality.

Control Sector MBFW SS15 Cyber Bully Runway

  • Gregorio Sanchez: Will present a sophisticated and classy SS15 collection which features ethnic inspiration from Mexico, India and Bali.


  • Shrekahnth: Will present an SS/15 pret-a-porter collection featuring uniquely inpsired patterns and prints with an ethnic flare. Juliette’s inspiration is drawn from Aztec and Masai civilizations.


  • Hallie Sara: Hallie Sara’s iconic SS/15 collection is comprised of a sumptuous selection of luxurious materials — for which she is best known– intelligently crafted into sophisticated, sensual silhouettes that blur the lines between the timeless elite and cutting-edge hip.


  • Altaf Maaneshia: Will present a Garden inspired high-end fresh and contemporary SS15 collection roused by structured and fashion forward cuts.


  • MTCostello: The sophisticated line by Michael and Stephanie Costello will present will present SS/15 “Illuminati Collection” an exquisite and esoteric line inspired by ancient mysticism.


  • Furne Amato: Will present his SS/15 Evening In Space Collection which is inspired by a Space Odyssey.


From Edgy Street-wear to Couture Creations, guests will enjoy a journey of style told through fashion. Leghila’ handbags from Italy will be featured throughout the presentations showing that diversity and class can be carried throughout various genres all of which will be featured on LeJolie.


Special guests included Angela Simmons & Elizabeth Savetsky.







Skingraft for S/S 2015 – Enjoy “Santa Sangre”!

Skingraft showcased its recent S/S 2015 collection for MBFW at Lincoln Center and the runway was set on fire! Okay! No! Not a literal fire, but the collection did focus on the elements of blood, smoke, earth, and bone. The pieces were inspired by Santeria and Mexican prayer alters.




Skingraft explored the collection’s various themes and ideas thru a presentation of signature brand prints and silhouettes. The brand also showcased this exploration thru its traditional capabilities of working in both dynamic and bold menswear and looks for women.



A lighter mystical side of Skingraft is in store for Spring 2015 and its unveiling comes in the form of sheer silks,


nylons, — very dynamic, sleek, bold looks



and mesh fabrications. — great updated twist for chic streetwear, such a modern vibe.


In addition, this collection features a print collaboration with NYC based blood artist Jordan Eagles. You can’t deny Jordan’s talent and his collaboration with Skingraft clearly produced undeniable striking looks. The audience was captivated from start to finish!



Special guests in attendance were as follows –


Will.I.Am — far right

Perez Hilton           455065992.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000



Jerzy London, Whoopi, & Stacy London


Ally HIlfiger, Skrillex, & 2 Chainz


Philip Bloch & Telana Lynum

Model Shaun Ross      455064756.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000

Additional presentation details –





Skingraft know hows to strike the balance of practicality & wearable looks with that of modern fashion. The brand’s talent is bar none, creating such a memorable presence, both at fashion week and in the fashion world. The Skingraft brand encompasses so many talented capabilities, to design so well for both men and women, to be so versatile with lots of separates to dressier looks — all in all, such a dynamic, fashion-forward brand!





You Will be Charmed, I’m Sure, by Erin Fetherston!


After seasons of showcases, Erin Fetherston returned to the runway to present her S/S 2015 collection. The Erin Fetherston girl is sophisticated, girly, refined, elegant, & polished. And hey! I am one of them! I would literally wear every outfit that Fetherston has ever put out and of course, specifically what came down the runway for S/S 2015 I was amazed by this presentation at Lincoln Center for MBFW! A great deal was seen, such as crisp whites and playful citrus-colored lace filling the runway with dark satin juxtaposing gorgeously.




The collection, entitled “Moonlight and Roses,” epitomized feminine fashion with floral and butterfly prints. What I most enjoy about Erin’s work is that you know the Fetherston girl and you want to be the Fetherston girl. The looks are so effortless and chic, and stay so true to her signature aesthetic. But there is no doubt that her work is still modern and what women today want to wear. Much of the show kept in line with many recent trends including high-waisted skirts, satin shorts and dark, sheer fabrics.



To add texture to a collection filled with smooth pieces, lace was a prominent feature, most notably showing up in a multitude of crop tops.



For inspiration with this collection, Fetherston offered, “I was looking at old videos of my shows, and feeling nostalgia for how beautiful things are in motion,” she said backstage at Lincoln Center. “I wanted to see the models bring them to life again.” It was the right time for a runway revival, given that nearly every piece aligned perfectly with Fetherston’s own aesthetic. A green-and-pink rose motif was inspired by 1960s botanical prints from her grandmother’s personal collection.


The “maxi” silhouette was key this season, but little shorts were a big story, too. They were done in black satin and paired with a rose-print tunic, or with a crop top in lime-colored metallic jacquard.


So glad some “Charmed I’m Sure” pieces lingered from the F/W 2014 season!!



This butterfly print was girly, fun, and cute-sy, definitely one of my fave aspects of this collection. Of course, there really were so many to choose from!

While many looks were cut close to the body, there were pieces with more volume. An organza tiered minidress, for instance, was almost trapeze-like, with black and silver metallic stripes.


For hair, the look was inspired by a young Kate Moos. The hair look of sleek & stylish buns, created by the team from Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa, was quite intricate, yet had such a chic, simplistic ease. Woody Michleb, Red Door Spa Creative Director and National Training Director for Hair Style, and Amy Michleb, Red Door Spa National Training Director for Hair Color, were the lead stylists backstage at Erin’s show.


Moving on with the beauty looks, the nails were another lovely aspect. Since the collection was so feminine, manicurist Gina Edwards used KISS Products to create a classic, girly nail. The nail was crisp — a bright white — in a classic oval shape. A thin gold stripe at the tip made it even more chic and fashion forward.


With her ability to create a fresh, innovative look from what are largely expected springtime staple trends, Fetherston’s collection provided an airy yet elegant look regardless of the coast.

Special Guests in Attendance included —

455204614.jpg_373_0_1978.2238806_3585        Cory Kennedy, model

AndrewAndrew, DJs         455204636.jpg_364_0_1707.28358209_3000

455205314.jpg_360_0_1703.28358209_3000      Olivia Somerlyn, actress


actresses Willow Shields, Lilla Crawford, Serinda Swan, & Cassie Scerbo

455205350.jpg_349_0_1692.28358209_3000     singer Ariana DiLorenzo


Andrew Bevin of Teen Vogue & Maxwell Losgar

455206600.jpg_455_0_1798.28358209_3000      Luigi Bianco


Scott Lipps & Gabe Saporta


Once again, unbelievable collection, filled with so many looks to instantly fall in love with. These are such refined an polished looks, very chic, and for the young, modern, trendy woman.


I’m Charmed, I’m Sure, just as I hope you all are!