Le Couture Odyssey: Pre-Show Post, Let’s Go!

RLR_logo_large (1)Le Couture Odyssey is a fashion show experience and is being presented by RLR Style Firm. The show is on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 and here are all the fun details for the presentations.

_1029755I was honored and so elated when I was asked by RLR to be an official blogger for this amazing event. I am there in spirit and happy to share with this pre-show posting all of the excitement to come! And of course, after the the designers showcase their presentations, I will be here to share those images and other event photos. And of course, feel free to share any photos or tweets you want to @rlrstylefirm.

So as you can see above, Le Couture Odyssey is being hosted by Miss Judi Jai, who was recently on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. She is also no stranger to the fashion arena or the runway as she also models herself. There is also a great lineup of mini-events prior to and after the show — cocktails!, Best Dressed contest, shopping, mingling, music, and more! It sounds like a great night for those who are attending. Make sure to share the fun by tweeting your amazing sightings and pictures taken to @rlrstylefirm.

So the post-show posting will go into more detail on the designers, but here is just a taste of what’s to come!

1947563_orig                        828

2272546_orig                                        5326031_orig





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iusb_760x100.7860103                  ALEX CARTER



HOUSE OF COLLETTE: Images coming after the show!!

So just a bit of background on RLR. They are a full service styling firm that provides a world class image consulting services for their clients. They have amazing relationships with talented designers and boutiques so that they can bring to the public the highest quality shows and events. The fashion shows are designed around the concept of “Inspired Fashion.” They want each of their guests to leave knowing they have experienced something unique, inspiring, and fabulous! Check out their styling page, which covers photoshoot sessions, wardrobe styling, and celeb styling.

This event is also working to serve a great cause. RLR is proud to be partnering with A.N.G.E.L. Inc., Angel Autism Network.  With your help we will be donating 10% off all ticket sales directly to  Angel Autism Network. All charitable contributions to this amazing organization go directly to the families of autistic children.


And no event is complete with the hard work, contributions, and support from sponsors!

5096016_origMake sure to check out Haute2Wear by clicking the logo above. It’s the fashion blog for the everyday fashionista!

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Stunning Looks for the 2013 AMA’s Red Carpet

I always find my best dressed lists are so different than the other websites I read, but that makes me happy! I love showcasing those who look stunning and who rocked the red carpet. Because to me, that is the only thing a best dressed list should be about. So congrats to the amazing top looks I’ve compiled below!



Ariana looks fire-y & fierce in this floor length, sparkling red, strapless Dolce & Gabbana gown. The dress looks as if it were made for her. She kept the accessories very simple and they were the perfect touches with diamond Tacori jewelry and a black Jimmy Choo clutch


LAUREN MAYHEW: Lauren is definitely on my red carpet radar. If you remember this wonderful piece I wrote about her red carpet fashion style. So at the 2013 AMAs, she wore this stunning black dress with a sheer black train. She was styled by Rosy Muto and the dress was provided by StylePR. The jewelry designer for her diamond jeweled pieces is Athra Luxe. This is good to know because I want the ring now! Her jewelry was styled by Brittany Casale. Lauren you look gorgeous, great selections!



I’m glad one Cyrus got it right on the red carpet! I love this long-sleeved sparkling white minidress from the Rachel Zoe collection. The black and white striped heels were a great addition. This is just an overall minimal and chic look — I love it!

ama-2013-05ONE DIRECTION: The guys look stunning and sexy in their various shades of grey & black. I can rarely ever find designer information for menswear looks so yay because I have the lowdown. Left to right Zayn Malik is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana black turtleneck, H&M grey jacket, and black Doc Marten shoes. Louis Tomlinson is wearing a Topman jacket in black and a grey Dolce & Gabbana top. Liam Payne is sporting a printed grey H&M shirt and a grey Burberry trench. Harry Styles, looking stylish, is wearing a black Saint Laurent shirt, black Burberry jacket and a metallic Lanvin flower pin. Finally, Niall Horan is wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana jacket and a grey Sandro tee.

559358e3-7006-4fd1-b965-ee71acd79bef_MaiaMitchell               MAIA MITCHELL                                           austin-mahone-maia-mitchell-amas-2013-red-carpet-05

You can’t go wrong with an LBD, right? Well maybe you can, but Maia certainly didn’t with this black long-sleeved Armani mini. And it’s apparently velvet, which I usually do not care for, but I can barely tell! I also love the printed sheer back cutouts and so I had to show front & back images. I wish I knew who made the black cuffed heels because they too are great with this outfit, but oh well, great job Maia!

ama-2013-10         AUSTIN MAHONE

Stunning in black, looking great solo amongst the many groups I have in this post!



Danity Kane‘s theme — massive sex appeal — and their mission, ACCOMPLISHED!! Aubrey O’Day, slits, deep-V, but hey, if you got it, flaunt it. I think she looks great in this sexy red number with black cuffed heels. Aundrea Fimbres, a bit more demure, but still a very open neckline and side thigh high slit in this long-sleeved black gown. Many were white tonight, but Dawn Richard stood out to me in her long-sleeved, floor-length gown with thigh-high slit. Another trend of the night, cut-outs, but again, Shannon Bex impressed me with this black, floor-length, haltered dress with side cutouts of three lines. Great job ladies!



White and cutouts, a common trend of the night, and Christian works both well in this low-cut, white column Maria Lucia Hohan gown featuring cutouts at the waist. I thought all of her accessories added just the right amount of glam and sparkle, keeping it classy and not overdone — Jimmy Choo silver clutch; Lorraine Schwartz diamond jewelry and sparkling silver Christian Louboutin heels.



To me, minimal looks also make statements and that is what Jenna is doing with this bright orange, floor-length, deep-V neck gown by Raoul. Her Neil Lane jewelry was also quite stunning as well as her silver metallic Ashlyn’d clutch.



I think this cute couple made my last best-dressed list and they have done it again. I love the black with shimmering studs and beads on both of their looks. Gorgeous couple!



All about the groups tonight and Fifth Harmony doesn’t disappoint. The ladies are usually more coordinated, but still expressing their own style, but you know, there is no rulebook that says groups have to match perfectly. I like seeing a bit more style expression from each. Normani Kordei just looks STUNNING! This sparkling black jumpsuit is hot, hot, hot! Lauren Jauregui is mixing it up with a longer black look with a sheer skirt, but I love the sheer floral neckline. Dinah Jane Hansen, a bit similar to Lauren’s look, both rocking sheer skirts, but she took the floral print there instead of the neckline. The top is all about the basic leather peplum top. Ally Brooke, probably the most risk-taking of the group, is wearing a jumpsuit as well, with a bold print in green, light blue and brown. And finally, Camila Cabello, is looking sweet & sassy in her red long-sleeved mini!







PRAS Designers Partner in Crime to Take on Bonnie & Clyde

PRAS designers get the team/pair’s challenge marching orders this week and so we know what this means, sheer brilliance or utter disasters! I think we got a mix of both, some great looks, no major freakouts, but certainly some interesting collaborations!

So this week was all about Lifetime’s promotion of its new mini-series Bonnie & Clyde, starring Emile Hirsch. It also stars Sarah Hyland and Holliday Grainger who gave the designers the instructions for this week’s challenge. The designers were to work in pairs and create young modern looks inspired by the 1930s and the B&C duo. They were to capture the glamour and romance of this era in both a menswear and womenswear look. The designers were judged separately, but the looks needed to still be complimentary. One designer in the duo would tackle each look for this 1 day challenge.

bonnie_and_clyde_guns_a_lThe PRAS designers definitely showed some maturity and brought some surprises with this pair challenge. Christopher won last week so he got to choose first and selected Viktor. They worked so well and were very helpful with each other. This was so nice to see and definitely was seen with all of the other duos, which was surprising since it would be a solo win, not a team win. Viktor got to choose who would select next and so he chose Seth Aaron who decided to work with Jeffrey. Jeffrey was clearly down this week from his many bottom placements, but Seth Aaron was right by his side, pushing and encouraging, which was so great to see! Jeffrey then chose Irina who selected Mychael. And so, we were left with Korto and Elena, who ended up working very well together. Korto balanced some of the Elena crazy!

bonnie-and-clyde-lifetime-1Elena was of course a bit bothered that Viktor didn’t pick her so I wonder where this frenemy setup is going! Zanna came by for her rundowns and basically encouraged the collaborative partnerships and to use that support for editing eyes! I did feel badly for Jeffrey with his model fitting. His model’s measurements were a year old and Jeffrey was close to finished with his fitted jacket so that blew that he had to make so many changes. But as Irina pointed out, you have to take those moments in stride and move forward.

The gorgeous Georgina Chapman of Marchesa was absent this week so more guest judges arrived to the rescue — former PR and PRAS designer Austin Scarlett, famous supermodel Bar Refaeli, and modern designer Elie Tahari. It was of course sad to see anyone go since there is a lot of talent this season, but the top and bottom were pretty much on point. The winning look would receive a film credit for the film series.

pras03-ep5-episode2It was hard this week to fully grasp the top and bottom because it seemed as if the judges weren’t in complete agreement and that some elements of the garments the judges liked, but for others aspects, they didn’t. Elena and Korto were in the safe zone this week, but who was in the bottom?

I thought Seth Aaron’s popping purple trench coat look was pretty great. I saw the 30’s in the lines and silhouettes, but there were modern touches to it and I loved his attention to details this week. I also thought Alyssa was a huge fan, but then we heard from the other judges who just thought it was a bit too much and that surprisingly placed Seth in the bottom. He was quickly saved and so it came down to Viktor and Mychael in the bottom.

pras03-ep5-episode7I would hate seeing either go, but I did find issues with both garments. Viktor’s look, the fringe was over the top, the cut of the jacket was so wide and a bit off-putting. But menswear is hard to do and is not ever been done very well on this show. Mychael was out this week, which was sad, but his menswear piece was also not a standout. The gold and leather was an odd combo, the jacket was also very short and it just read feminine, not menswear. So adios to Mychael, but what did the top look like this week.

pras03-ep5-episode5                                                                     pras03-ep5-episode15I am glad Irina finally was in the top, but again it was confusing with the feedback. Some liked the masculine leather jacket, while other judges didn’t. I think hands down her sequined top and flowing gold skirt were flawless, but she did find herself nonetheless in the top. Congrats! I was rooting for Christopher this week because his dark red or burgundy sheer, deep V-neck dress was just stunning. But I think the judges were impressed with Jeffrey for his comeback and with a decent menswear look so he got the win with his grey elongated trench coat. He is back on track so the question is, will he stay there?!?




Tune in next week and also remember to keep up with Fashion Nexus by liking my page on Facebook for more upcoming GIVEAWAYS!


















Exciting Updates For the Passionate & Innovative Designer Kenley Collins

1454766_10152126700786874_1181591451_n                                                                     1457736_10202003308838342_15567068_nIt’s safe to say the multi-talented designer, Kenley Collins, is working hard in the fashion world and is here to stay. I previously wrote an amazing piece about Kenley and now I’m so pleased to showcase to you all her most recent and fabulous work! Please read the earlier piece, but here is the brief rundown on this major talent.

Kenley emerged in 2008 when she was a finalist on Project Runway Season 5. A few years later she made a stint on the 1st season of Project Runway All-Stars. But Kenley has not rested on her laurels. She has shone like the sparkling star she is since her time on PR. She often releases collections that demonstrate her aesthetic and style — bold, retro, feminine fashion. My previous piece was all about her Grease Pink Lady collection. Well now, GET READY, and enjoy the perfectly inspired Marilyn Monroe collection. Also, enjoy the many images and if you get a chance, tweet Kenley how stunning they are because really, they are!

Here are the various individual pieces and pricing information. You can shop the line online under What’s New.

545864_10200820201934391_728056272_n                                        1381817_10200807981708893_1990066365_n

1383810_10200820301416878_2126136186_n                                        1396024_10200816623124923_461880236_n

1452099_10200820224414953_580480422_nI certainly see Marilyn when I look at these pieces; in fact, I’m sure it’s the point. But I also 100% see Kenley’s gifted hand and creative mind in this pieces. I would know if I saw it that each one was a Kenley Collins original! I see a nod to the past in these pieces, but with a fresh take. Black and white is classic and the pops of royal blue are sheer perfection. Anyone who would wear these pieces is certainly a woman who knows fashion and style, and that is someone who wants to have fun! Take a look at these gorgeous editorial images Kenley shot.

k2-0982424e9a7a5af081c4c76d5d111d8f                                        935546_550576651697827_1979133949_n

1380277_10103760272106403_296329574_n                                        1385528_10103736752075733_1870243820_n

1422907_10151693006517016_1526957291_n                                                                     1452497_10200848885291457_586789564_nOnline, Kenley still is offering other pieces so check out her Dresses, Separates, Accessories, Vintage, and Sale categories. Another fun way we get to see Kenley showcase her talent is with the unique and custom dresses she makes for none other than Nickelodeon pop starlet Ariana Grande. Ariana has been on my best dressed list, as well as many others, so I’m sure for future events, while wearing Kenley pieces, she will continue that trend!

529411_10200460785029193_331033313_n                                        549572_10200597468606197_486018548_n

1174917_10200477262561121_1908252887_n                                        1176140_10200585265541128_1705610480_n

1235457_10200506843380623_1534573103_n                                        1238721_10200507447355722_454340674_n

1374877_10200713015414795_1970433354_n                                        1380567_10200658031040220_1790316693_nJust as with all of Kenley’s other work, when Ariana is wearing a Kenley Collins original you will know it! So one final little piece of fun, Kenley is still demonstrating her talent in more ways than one. She is still having a great time while designing window displays for the candy emporium, It’Sugar, with candy clothed pieces. (various locations)

1457736_10200854445390456_1739761831_n                                                               971323_10201420148449366_777924638_nHere are a few images from Kenley’s launch of the Marilyn collection, which was at SlapBack in Brooklyn. You can also purchase Kenley’s pieces there.










Samantha Chang: Contemporary & Fashionable Lingerie for the Modern Woman

So there is lots to discuss with this fashionable lingerie brand by Samantha Chang, but first some important SAMPLE SALE news. Below, please find a flyer for the brand’s fall/winter sample sale, which starts today, Nov. 20th. If you enjoy this post/the images or looking at the various pieces online, you are very likely to find many high quality products offered at great deals during this sample sale. Click the flyer to enlarge! The location is 171 Madison Ave, Ste. 307.

imageSo who is the face behind the brand, Samantha Chang? Well, she is originally from Hong Kong and has always had a love for fashion, creative sparks, and art. She eventually moved to the US, where she attended the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduation, Samantha started her own business with a contemporary ready-to wear collection that was immediately purchased by Barneys New York. Four years later, Samantha launched her lingerie collection at Bergdorf Goodman and Fred Segal. Lingerie has developed into Samantha’s passion.

home_ballet_slip                                                img_2955Moving onto the brand, there is a lot to offer. The collection is feminine and includes uncomplicated silhouettes with beautiful details and finishing. Samantha incorporates comfortable fabrics, harmonious colors and playful prints. Samantha’s customers enjoy wearing her creations for lounging, sleeping and entertaining! Versatility is pivotal with this brand as the Samantha Chang woman can use as underpinnings, daywear, streetwear, and eveningwear. There is something for every occasion so listed below, with accompanying images, are the various types of items within the collection/brand.

classicbabydoll              CLASSICS                                        classic-babydoll-shadowrose


angelkimono-black_1                        SILK W/ LEAVERS LACE                    charlotte-black_1



blackorchidkimono                                       lilac_bloosom_silk_robeweb


home-croppedloungejacket_pant-slate_1                             HOME APPAREL                                stiecardigan_pant-black_2_2_1


meetme...chemiseblkweb           MEET ME @ MIDNIGHT                  meetmeatmidnt_cami_boyweb


wbra_boyshort-plum_3                    MEET ME @ MIDNIGHT 2   


Mydaily                 MY DAILY


ModernVintage          MODERN VINTAGE                mv-chemise-purpledream_1


wbra_brief-cherryredsm                                         ALL LACE                                  meetme2-chemise_thongnusm_1

Many of the above collections, My Daily, Meet Me @ Midnight, etc, are consistently replenished. But Samantha also creates new lines to show during the spring and fall. Each piece is created with hand-picked laces and are a reflection of high quality. Environment and consumer responsibility is important to the brand so that is why the Modern Vintage essentials collection is made from 100% pima cotton, hangtag free, no woven labels, and packaged in 100% recycled material.

As far as Samantha’s most recent work, for the Spring/Summer of 2014, she introduced a signature luxury silk collection entitled “Urban Glamour.” For now, the current collections are available at premier lingerie and contemporary boutiques around the world such as La Petite Coquette, NYC, Journelle, NYC, Alla Prima, San Francisco, CA, My Boudoir, San Francisco, CA, La Mode Lingerie, Houston, TX, Lulu’s, Manhattan Beach, CA and more. Click here to locate a store near you! For any brand inquiries, click here for contact information. The brand is also on Facebook and Twitter.

img_slide_00                                        softjerseyballerinagown_robeweb

Samantha Chang has a strong celebrity following – Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Stephanie Seymour, Christy Turlington and more. Samantha Chang’s sexy silk babydoll chemise was seen on Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives and her printed mesh pajama set was seen on Jennifer Aniston in Friends. There is a great amount of press for the brand as well, as it’s been featured in InStyle, Maxim, People and more!

SC-Instyle-Sept'13 emailcopy









What’s Going on with Kate Pankoke for Elaya Vaughn?

headshotkate                                                                       PJRKPSo Kate Pankoke was a recent designer contestant on Lifetime’s hit show Project Runway. In fact, she was a contestant on both season 12 and season 11. I enjoyed both of her stints on the show. I was very much honored to see her final runway collection presented during MBFW this past September. Despite her not winning Project Runway, she will always be a winner in my book!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Kate. She was such a delight. I’ve also enjoyed learning more about Kate through her work as creative director for Elaya Vaughn Bridal. I’m pleased to share more information about this stunning brand, it’s upcoming line for next year, and we can’t go without paying a bit of tribute to her standout moments on Project Runway. So here is the brand basics for Elaya Vaughn, and also a bit of background on Kate.

4dc50df70afdf148bd28fbf4d62e0e28                                elaya-vaughn-lovely-jeweled-empire-waist.previewThe brand was launched in 2010. As Kate describes the brand, “it’s more than a brand; Elaya Vaughn is an Experience.” She wants to make sure the wedding gown selected by her client, the whole process, down to the big day, is truly an unforgettable experience. She ensures that each gown consists of the highest quality of materials/embellishments, such as silk Swarovski crystals and metal coil boning. Kate’s strongest attributes play right in hand with her work for the brand.

As was seen on Project Runway and as can be seen from her work (images in this post), Kate is all about artful femininity — a true focus and commitment to fit for each woman’s figure. I could go on and on about how breathtaking her work is, how effortlessly the work appears, but that in reality each piece is consumed with very hard and detailed work. Rather, I am going let these images continue this story so enjoy!


A-line gown comprised of silk satin-faced organza with a tulle skirt overlay. The bodice & tulle skirt are trimmed in delicate Alencon-style lace appliques and a scalloped lace hem.

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE AKIANA

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    AkianaFA voluminous ball gown with tiers of silk satin-faced organza and with an asymmetric draped bodice that is accented at the waist by a grosgrain ribbon & beaded silk organza flower.

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE ELLOISE

ElloiseB                                                                                            Ad1This is a ball gown of cascading tiers of gathered & pleated silk taffeta ruffles with sweetheart neckline accented by rhinestone edging. The waist also has a asymmetrical beaded rhinestone applique.

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE JUNE

A-line gown with asymmetric draped strapless bodice, also with a silk satin-faced organza that overlays a floral print.

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE GWEN

Alencon-style lace A-line gown with a neckline & hem trimmed in a delicate scallop. Also with tulle skirt overlay.

Elaya Vaughn | Carolina | 2013                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE JORDYN

579682_445515482203162_1554397252_n                                      Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogStunning drop waist gown with corseted bodice comprised of silk duchess satin culminating to a voluminous tulle skirt

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    JordynFTHE DAISY

Silk satin-faced organza mermaid gown with a seductive close-fit, a corseted bodice that hugs the body and is paired with a silk chiffon & silver beaded fringe shawl.

DaisyF                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE ZOE

Strapless gown encrusted with Swarovski crystals with a gathered tulle skirt creating an A-line silhouette.

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE DARLA

A romantic draped tulle gown with mermaid skirt that wraps asymmetrically

DarlaF                                                                                   DarlaB

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE MARIA

Detailed tulle ball gown with a pleated chiffon bodice overlapped by a draped tulle tank. There are 2 abstract beaded rhinestone appliques which accent the shoulder and then the waistline. The skirt has 3 asymmetrical tulle tiers.

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE GISELLE

Silk taffeta drop waist gown with a neckline and applique on abstract bow, which is embellished with rhinestones. This is a trumpet skirt with a cascade of ruffled tiers.

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE DAPHNIE

A-line gown with a silk charmeuse bodice accented by 2 rhinestone appliques & a lace-up back; also with silk satin-faced organza skirt.

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogTHE MARLO

Slinky silk charmeuse gown with silk chiffon accents and a wrapped tank bodice with sheer straps.

Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | Catalog                                                                                    Elaya Vaughn | 2013 | CatalogAnd to end, here are some great Project Runway memories. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Kate next — a future RTW line, more bridal, more eveningwear, the sky is the limit!!


KatePankoke-620x913                                                                    slide13-ytv-Project-Runway-Heidi-Dresses-08-Layana-Aguilar-Kate-Pankoke-jpg_010522


-project-runway--sea                -project-runway--sea2                   -project-runway--sea1MBFW COLLECTION

bd0HPNr                                                             Kate7


Kate10          PR1214-3565-900x1350          PR1214-3589-900x1350


Ring Ring: PRAS Designers, School is Out, Time to Get to Work

Ring Ring!

So we start out this week with a field trip on none other than a school bus! Most designers were having fun acting like they were back in school. But one designer, Christopher, went back to some unpleasant memories. As you will see later, pain and hurt served as a great inspiration for him this week!

The designers pulled up to a very well known creative arts elementary school in NYC, P.S. 212.  Of course Alyssa was there to provide this week’s lesson, oh wait, I mean challenge! So the challenge is an oldie for PR, but a goodie – unconventional materials!! Alyssa said it was time to let your inner artist run wild and get your creative juices flowing with this playful challenge. Generally with the unconventional challenge, the designers get 30 minutes or so to think, plan, digest, grab, etc. But not for All-Stars! They had only 4 minutes to run into the school, grab their backpack and gather materials from a designated classroom. On your mark, get set, go!

pras03-ep4-episode4With such a short time, there was probably no planning. It was all what looks good and what can I get my hands on. So the designers filled their backpacks and were back to the workroom to then figure out what to do with what they grabbed. They didn’t get right to work though. How could the designers resist not playing with their jump ropes! Of course with any unconventional challenge we saw tons of panic attacks, tears and some drama!

pras03-ep4-episode3I think Mychael probably was freaking out the most. His materials were not working right and time was running out for him. He finally said something that has always been on my mind for the day of the runway shows – talking about when the designers are getting their models hair & make-up ready, he just sighed and was like “I don’t care, ain’t nobody got time for that”! Korto also brought some tears and freakout moments as her time was running low too, but she thought it was near sabotage because her model was taking too long in hair & makeup. I’m not sure about that, but Elena wins for the waterworks queen, or at least that is what her fellow designers basically said.

Zanna even had to comfort her in the midst of doing her designer check-ins. But before we get to the runway critiques, we have to mention Zanna’s additional incentive for this week’s challenge. The designers did consultations with Mary Kay makeup artists for their new line, At Play. The winning look would be featured with the winning designer in tow, for an exclusive Mary Kay ad in Marie Claire. All of the looks were donated afterwards to P.S. 212 for an auction to raise money for the school! So what was the runway show like this week?

pras03-ep4-episode26Just as with any unconventional materials challenge there were some spectacular looks and then those that looked like arts & crafts projects. Guest judges this week were PreciousGabourey Sidibe and Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie. While I agreed with the bottom looks this week, the top was a bit of a head-scratcher for me.

-project-runway-a7ll-       Irina’s look            -project-runway-a3ll-      

Seth Aaron’s look

I thought Seth Aaron and Irina did great work this week and was surprised that neither made it to the top. I figured Christopher, and his black binder dress, would be there. His look, with his inspiring anti-bullying message was so structural and chic. It truly represented strength. I’m glad he won and I thought of the judges’ top 3, he should have won. His dress would also photograph the best for the Mary Kay ad.

pras03-ep4-episode15I wasn’t so sure about Viktor’s look of rulers and playmats. I thought the judges might think like me – I loved the back, but I wasn’t so sure about the front and the segmented placement of what I think were playmats? But I felt okay with Viktor in the top and coming in 2nd since it drove Elena crazy! We heard all episode about how she showed him how to do the fringe effect with the rulers, but I’m sorry, did I miss that part? Did they show this? Either way, it’s fringe, it’s not an original design concept!

pras03-ep4-episode18Elena rounded out the top 3 with her binder and pencil cases look. I disagreed, but how did I know it was coming? Duh, we heard all episode how she didn’t do well her season for the unconventional challenge, call it irony! I didn’t hate her piece. I would have placed it as safe, but the judges like her work so to each their own! But the bottom picks were pretty much on point and as we saw right at the end, pointless!

-project-runway-a5ll-          Elena’s look              -project-runway-al1l-   Jeffrey’s look

Why pointless? Well, no one went home. I think they could have made a cut. Jeffrey was in the bottom now for a 3rd time with his jump rope and binder look. It was playful, but perhaps a little too playful since it didn’t cover much. Korto now found herself in the bottom for a 2nd time with her rubber balls and rubberbands look. The direction was there, but the execution failed. Multiple times in the bottom could certainly be grounds for an elimination. I’m glad though Mychael didn’t get the short straw, even if his crayons and construction paper look was total arts & crafts. But in the end, no elimination, so I’m predicting now that a double elimination is in the designers’ future.

-project-runway-al2l-       Korto’s look                 -project-runway-all- Mychael’s look

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This Thing Called Fashion Law….

images1I am in law school so of course I am asked all the time, “What type of law do you want to practice?” When I first moved to NY, I said entertainment law. But I often explained it as a multidisciplinary practice or a variety of different types of law that encompass it. I now say I want to work in fashion and with fashion law. I get the same puzzled looks and further line of questioning — “What is Fashion Law?”

I still explain the multidisciplinary concept. Fashion law encompasses contracts, corporations and intellectual property (copyright, trademark, design patents, etc.). I also quickly mention the field is still evolving. The east coast, right here in NYC, already started to help develop this field and the study of it. But the west coast has also found its niche as well. I think with this trend of fashion law programs at law schools, the field will develop a clearer vision and maybe, just maybe, the confusion will start to clear up.

Fashion-Law-Event-Jornada-Derecho-y-Moda-Museo-del-TrajeFordham University School of Law launched the Fashion Law Institute, several years back and is the world’s first center dedicated to law and the business of fashion. The Institute offers training for the fashion lawyers and designers of the future, provides legal services for design students and professionals, and makes available information and assistance on issues facing the fashion industry. This program was founded by fashion law pioneer Susan Scafidi; she literally created the first fashion law course!

logo-sprite400_500_3pxMost law schools are still in the earliest of stages when it comes to fashion law and that is just offering the course — Fashion Law. But when you are at a school that offers half a dozen fashion law-related courses, it makes the study, the practicality and really the field much more clearer; you can better understand and grasp what fashion law is. The courses offered are — Fashion Law; Fashion Law & Finance;  Fashion Ethics, Sustainability, & Development; Fashion Modeling Law; a Fashion Law Practicum; & Fashion Retail Law. So right there you can see what else is encompassed by fashion law — ethics, business development, finance, retail, modeling, etc.

But one school on the map was hardly getting the message across. The west coast, Los Angeles to be specific, is now staking a claim to the development of fashion law. Loyola Law School, just this week, officially approved the launch of the school’s fashion law institute at its LA campus. LA also has a booming and thriving fashion industry, as is clearly seen in NYC, and so now LA will have its share of fashion-minded lawyers.

lawThe Institute will allow law students the ability to get a certificate in Fashion Law by taking four fashion-specific courses.  The focus will be on issues such as industry-specific contracts and law related to celebrity endorsements. Students must also take classes in related topics like intellectual property. The certificate will be available to the class of 2015. Courses already on line are — Fashion Law; Fashion Law Business Transactions; a Fashion Law Clinic; & Fashion Modeling Law. I’m unsure if these were already being offered, but I’m sure more courses will be added or further developed with the certificate now in play.

I am in love with this concept and Loyola will be encouraging exactly what I am doing right now — interacting with nonlawyers in the fashion industry and getting real world experience with emerging designers. Fashion law is growing and I’m sure in the next few years, more people will understand the practice better. Hopefully more institutes will continue to pop up, but it’s still great that so many other universities at least have fashion law as a course. More and more firms and attorneys are dedicating work to this field.

For me, wanting to work in this field, I am grateful that my school, New York Law School, offers Fashion law and most, if not all, of the intellectual property courses. It would be nice to have 1 or 2 more though! But I’m also thankful to have started my blog and really get out there to meet people in the fashion industry. I’m looking forward to the road ahead.










PRAS Designers Are all About Some Cocktails — Cheers!

So this week, the designers were toyed with just a little! They were all so excited, as I would be too, because they were going to Jay-Z‘s hot NYC club, 40/40. It was supposed to be all about fun and enjoying a relaxing night. But hey, this is All-Stars, so haha, the joke was on them! Although, at least they got to enjoy 1 drink, even if it was for their challenge this week.

pras03-ep3-episode10                                 pras03-ep3-episode2Alyssa was of course at the club to hand down the designers’ marching orders for this week. There was a list of cocktail beverages and each designer would choose one. This cocktail would serve as the inspiration for, drumroll please, a cocktail dress! The designers could take inspiration from the ingredients, the mixing process, the color, etc. They sketched at the club, but then were off to Mood with only a $100 budget for their 1 day challenge. Wow, kind of rough!

pras03-ep3-episode6                                        pras03-ep3-episode8Speaking of rough, let’s talk about the cocktail selection process. Mychael got to choose first since he won last week. But then, he and every other designer had to choose who to toast to, meaning who would go next. I definitely think strategy took part in this as Seth Aaron and Irina were the final 2 standing. But I don’t know how necessary that was. It wasn’t as if any drink would really not work as an inspiration. Hold on because there is a bit more roughness the designers had to endure.

pras03-ep3-episode5                                         pras03-ep3-episode7Zanna time of course consisted of her firm words of encouragement and wisdom. But this time she also added a twist for this week, no pun intended. No cocktail dress can go without a little garnish right? Of course not! So each designer had to now make an accessory to go with their cocktail dress. They could use their own fabric, another designers or somehow make something work from the QVC wall.

One other little side note from this week — what was with all of the references to copying or designer imitation this week? It was all a bit odd. Jeffrey said Korto’s look was a bit like Isaac’s resort collection from a few years back. Elena made a quip about Viktor’s dress being similar to Alexander McQueen. But maybe she was too quick with that quip since the judges referenced I think Balenciaga when critiquing her piece. I wonder what everyone else thought about this or if it even registered. Let me know!

pras03-ep3-episode15But now onto the top & bottom. This week, the judges were joined by the accessories queen, Rebecca Minkoff and renown interior designer Nate Berkus. I wasn’t entirely on board with the judges this week, but I can see their logic. I think one big surprise for me was that Irina was not in the top. I loved her shimmery gold cocktail dress, inspired by the Strawberry Fields concoction. It certainly looked luxe to me, nowhere near the $100s she spent. So how did the judges pick their winning look this week?

-project-runway-a5ll-                                                                            Strawberry-FieldsI wasn’t sure if the judges would really like Christopher’s “The Rose” inspired dress, but I’m glad they did. Alyssa handed down another twist during deliberations and said she would wear the winning look. When this happened I thought, well that means Chris is out of the running to win, but she decided to wear 2 top looks? I think he should have won this week, but I will settle for top 3!

-project-runway-al6l-                                                                   top_gwen_roseViktor actually won this week with his “Tiger Eyes” inspired look, which was a bit shocking to me. One because how did the judges tire from their Elena kool-aid, haha! I for sure thought since she was in the top again that she would win. Plus, it didn’t seem as if the judges were all in agreement over Viktor’s look, but regardless, he won. I didn’t get it because it was a bit sloppy looking to me around the hem and the slit, but he did do a divine job with the cutouts.

-project-runway-al4l-Speaking of cutouts, Elena also created a quite fetching “Sardinia” inspired cutout dress. It was well constructed and chic. The seaming detail was also eye-catching. It wasn’t a surprise she ended up on top. I thought I remembered hearing the designers talk about color as an inspiration. I didn’t see that with most of the looks. But inspiration doesn’t have to be  literal. This worked well for some of the designers. But not so much for others since I think the bottom designers went a bit more for literal inspirations.

-project-runway-al7l-                                                                  imagesKorto’s Summer-inspired cocktail dress was first up for the bottom. She went with a green and yellow print to show inspiration from her cocktail. The judges quickly took her out of the elimination running however. There focus for who to send home was on the other 2 in the bottom — Jeffrey and Melissa.

-project-runway-all3-I wasn’t sure if Melissa would get a 3rd chance. Even though she’s been in the bottom a lot, there was still a wearability factor for her pieces. Whereas Jeffrey’s dresses, who also has been in the bottom twice now, didn’t have that capability. His Le Exotique  inspired dress this week was just very dated. With a lower budget, he really should have paid more attention to his fabric choice.

-project-runway-all1-But it was Melissa’s Sunset-inspired cocktail dress that was tossed aside this week. I would have voted Jeffrey out, personally, but the judges, I guess, were out of chances for Melissa this week.

-project-runway-al2l-                                                                                jamaican_sunsetExcited for next week, can’t wait! Remember, keep up with Fashion Nexus by liking on Facebook! By liking, you are entered into the amazing giveaways I will have going on. This week’s giveaway can be seen below!









Lauren Mayhew: A Multi-faceted Talent & Fashion Standout on the Red Carpet

MV5BMTM1OTMwNTkyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTEyMDMwNw@@._V1_SX214_CR0,0,214,317_                                                                                lauren_mayhew_2645814So of course there were stunning designs that caught my eye during Fashion Week Brooklyn. But one thing that caught my attention was from the 3rd night — it was the host & Emcee, Lauren Mayhew. She looked great. She showcased one of her many amazing talents by performing a few songs acoustically. And her emcee skills were also phenomenal as she did so with such ease and confidence.

Of course I introduced myself. Lauren and I have communicated a lot since then. I’m ecstatic to share with my readers all about what Lauren is up to now and some great fashion moments she’s had, which we discussed. But first, let’s remind everyone of Lauren’s many past accomplishments!

So it should come as no surprise the amount of talent Lauren possesses. There is first, her amazing voice. She was in the female pop group PYT, which featured songs in one of my fave movies, Center Stage. Next we move onto her acting career. Lauren put herself on the map by starring or with featured roles in productions such as Guiding Light, Raise Your Voice (Hilary Duff also starred in), and American Dreams. Moving onto a bit more current type work for Lauren are her hosting gigs, she has been an on-air correspondent for “Access Hollywood” and network fights for the WWE. Lauren is really thankful for being able to work with the WWE because of how well put together the events were and her amazing travel experiences.

pyt                              004RYV_Lauren_C_Mayhew_001Recently, acting-wise, Lauren was featured on Dexter. She was also in a compelling film, Ashley, which also has starring roles from Michael Madsen and Nicole Fox, past winner of America’s Next Top Model. I’ve watched the trailer and definitely plan on checking out the film. Lauren describes it as very genuine, with raw elements, because it addresses such an important and relevant issue — bullying.

Lauren is still pursuing music, but now as a solo artist. She also produces with her music as well. She’s licensed her work to several TV shows, such as The Hills, The Voice, Dance Moms and more! Just this week, she released her latest music video for her latest song, “One More Try”; check it out now.

So of course I write this post to not only showcase Lauren’s talent, but her love for fashion. Below you will find some of my fave red carpet moments for Lauren, but also some of hers!

Lauren+Mayhew+Dresses+Skirts+Strapless+Dress+2vx6tIHmUpcl    This gorgeous cobalt blue dress is by Jovani. Lauren was styled by Rosy Muto, a celeb fashion stylist with Style PR. Lauren pays important attention to the fit of a dress and this is a clear winner for that!

Lauren+Mayhew+NYLON+Celebrates+December+January+rbUfEcNd1NNl         Lauren wore this Bebe fitted dress to a Nylon & Bebe winter party, which she thought was such a perfectly fitting and festive choice. She enjoys looking sexy, confident and bold with her looks. This shimmering gold mini certainly accomplishes that! This look was also styled by Shadow PR.

2012 Rolling Stone American Music Awards After Party held at Rolling Stone Restaurant & Lounge (RSLA)    Lauren had an amazing time at AMAs in her custom-made Stephanie Villarreal dress and Lia Sophia necklace, which she thought really spiced up the ensemble. Stephanie Villarreal is one Lauren’s favorite designers and she also very much enjoys the jewelry brand Lia Sophia.

lauren-mayhew-ok-magazine-pre-grammy-party_3489602    Here, Lauren wore Armani Exchange and was styled by Shadow PR.

lauren-mayhew_3465378   Lauren wore this plunging neckline LBD to the ‘Burned Soul’ cast and crew wrap party held at Hemingway’s Lounge in Hollywood.

Raise+Your+Voice+Premiere+cI7IVSed8G8l   Lauren enjoyed both her sparkling dress and jewelry (by XIV Karats in Beverly Hills) while attending her film’s premiere, Raise Your Voice. She thought the blushed rose gold color and diamonds were the perfect match!

lauren-mayhew-mr-pinks-ginseng-energy-drink_4123523                A sexy & standout fave of Laurens’ by Blaque Label

Lauren+Mayhew+55th+Annual+Grammy+Awards+0SqHkw_bSXXx        This shimmering number is another Blaque Label design, a brand that is one of Lauren’s faves because they really make you shine & standout on the red carpet. The shoes are custom-made by EMMETT, a Malaysian designer.

I enjoyed getting to know more about Lauren and I’m sure my readers will too! We wish her the best of luck with all of her future endeavors!