JUNGWON — Breathable Outerwear

20150509_150650It was such an immense pleasure that the dynamic outerwear brand, JUNGWON, invited me recently to their new boutique. Located in the heart of Tribeca, the breathable outerwear brand is further expanding as now you can not only shop online, but in their new, fun-filled shop. The brand is all about designing contemporary, yet timeless jackets that offer a chic twist on classic outerwear.


JUNGWON has always been about high performance, and again, breathable outerwear. The jackets and coats are meant entirely to be practical and functional, but also fashionable. All in all, they are very high quality. They are also waterproof, windproof and wrinkle-free.


What I enjoy a great deal about this brand is that it offers lots of options for customers. You have more neutral, everyday color options say in a black or nude, but then you too can spice it up a bit with more vibrant colors such as bright blue, tomato red, and sunshine yellow. There are options also with that of raincoats, trenches, or capes, and this is for both men and women!! Check out the sales page!!


With a continued focus on sustainability and fair trade practice, JUNGWON integrates recyclable materials and is locally made in New York City collections. You can check out the brand’s previous and current collections by clicking here.


JUNGWON is a compliment to any fashion commuter, stylish parent, or coat lovers’ wardrobe. Check out the sales page!


Make sure to check out the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I’m sure you will enjoy seeing their latest updates and pieces just as much as me!


“London Calling” for This Fashion Mogul

halflucidLONDONcollectionAuthor. Jewelry designer. Fashionista. Fashion Blogger. Journalist. Traveler. Writer. This in a nutshell describes the amazingly talented Kendra L. Saunders. There is of course more to say than this, and that is why I am very thrilled to introduce my Fashion Nexus readers to this creative spirit. Specifically, I am dying to show off the latest pieces for her jewelry brand, half-lucid Jewelry. Kendra was so kind to feature my fashion blog on her blog, Kendry Bird. And I am of course more than happy to support another strong woman in the fashion industry. So throughout this post, I hope you enjoy seeing the pieces for Kendra’s London Capsule Collection for half lucid Jewelry.


“Camden Market” Babecatchers — multicolored tassels

Kendra was excited to travel to England. She says “England had a charismatic effect on my creativity, inspiring me to look at the world in a new way.” The materials she used to make these jewelry pieces directly hailed from her travels. The collection was inspired from 2 distinct sides of London — ” (1) the gray, foggy and beautiful colors of an evening in the city, and (2) the colorful and frequently exotic world markets.” These earrings are truly statement-making and eye-catching.

“Fox Fox Sake” Boho Swingers


half lucid jewelry pieces are unique, 100% handcrafted, recycled, and/or resourced jewelry. The 2 main types of earrings are Babecatchers and Boho Swingers. Babecatchers are bold and show-stopping. They are custom-made and can be done in almost any color, and you can also choose the size of the tassels. In addition, you can further customize your danglers by incorporating ribbons or beads.


Islington’s Wings — black & white Babecatchers

Boho swingers are lighter weight earrings that are all about movement.

“Brick Lane” Boho Swingers — yellow tassels


These pieces are very one of a kind, truly stunning, very captivating. The London inspiration comes in loud and clear. I could see the pieces working well with both casual and upscale looks. These pieces would be super fun when styling a look for any occasion, day or night.


So again, Kendra is a lover of many worlds. She is definitely a fellow fashionista and blogger. We connected over a mutual love of Project Runway. She has conducted many interviews with designers. Make sure to check her out across the social media spectrum — Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.


Kendra not only writes for her blog or about fashion, but she also has penned a few novels — Inanimate Objects, Death and Mr. Right, Geminis & Past Lives, and Overlapping Visions. Coming soon, The Unlove Spell and Dating an Alien Pop Star.

41zo_bydnIL-212x348       DMR-cover-FINAL1-210x327

             Gemini-and-past-lives-cover-updated-210x351     IO_cover_front-205x318

Kendra is a true talent, flourishing with creativity. I would keep my eye on this one. I have no doubt she is going places!



Snow Queen & Jack Frost Show — A Fashion Show Like No Other!!


1459967_429843117117742_786343578_n   1393711_429843277117726_742551153_n    11217_429843267117727_1796825867_nWhen most people hear the phrase “fashion show”, they are likely to think clothing, dresses, etc. But you have to remember, the fashion realm is so vast and so now, when it comes to shows, the sky is the limit! Think about what makes a look, yes there are the clothes, but there are also shoes, accessories, and of course, make-up & hair! So with that, if you are design artist for make-up & hair, you can create an amazing show!

1455847_429843270451060_1543041678_nTawni Michelle of Dramatizon Make-Up has done just this. Tawni has over 12 years of experience with make-up design. In reaching this high level of experience, she decided to venture out on her own and start her own business. She provides make-up design, at affordable prices, for a wide variety of situations — head shots, editorial, fashion shoots, etc. You can learn more about Dramatizon on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram; handle is @dramatizon.

1528699_446568562111864_1145280498_n   1424486_446568985445155_263773262_n    1536481_446568772111843_1968497923_n

1482787_446568692111851_1366298327_nBut rather than sticking to the traditional format of working with apparel fashion shows and merely providing make-up, she is now making the show be about the creative make-up design. And I have to say, it’s so stunning and so phenomenal! Her latest monthly show at Sky Room NYC, Snow Queen & Jack Frost, was simply awesome. I am so glad I was able to attend. Throughout this post are the various images from the show, before, during, & after. ENJOY!!

1013241_446577195444334_400634671_n                   1497752_446577092111011_269246835_n                  1506917_446577422110978_1360453446_nSo who was the team behind this fantastic show. Well first, there is the beautiful hair design, which was by Fallon Fitzpatrick — Fallon Fitzpatrick Hair Design. She has over 10 years of professional hair experience and does cuts, coloring, styling, & more! You can book an appointment with her at Y Gallery, Soho/NYC, but she also does freelance work. Check her work out on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! As you can see in the various images from the show, the work done on the models’ hair was all so intricate & detailed. I was blown away!

1383773_446569342111786_1418432873_n  1601361_446568488778538_1274552824_n     1530562_446577942110926_429934924_n

399256_446569035445150_1459749238_nThe models all worked lingerie/bikinis by Gigi Carnett. These looks were all so sexy and worked very well as a part of this show. The various accessories the models were wearing, crowns, necklaces, etc, were provided by Jenny Winters. It can’t be overlooked also that the head model was none other than NYC native and Big Brother 15 houseguest GinaMarie Zimmerman. I can’t tell you how starstruck I was since I love that show and rooted for this gal last summer! It was also such a pleasant surprise that another BB15 houseguest made an appearance to root for GM, Amanda Zuckerman. I hope to do a fashion feature with both of these ladies soon on Fashion Nexus!

1512650_446568802111840_266262066_n   The Lingerie    1515024_446576772111043_1078929511_n


1512436_446569212111799_722624440_n                  GM & AMANDA              1506872_446577695444284_569158485_n

1489048_446569328778454_1386651364_nOne final mention, since all throughout my post are images of the show and promotional shots for the show, and that is Isadora B. Photography. Isadora offers a wide variety of photography services. You can check out her work on Facebook & Twitter.

So back to the one who put this altogether, Tawni of Dramatizon. You can’t deny how creative this work is. And the best part, this is only from 1 show. There has been so much more and will be so much more. Dramatizon’s mission is to bring the beauty, drama, flare, and FIERCENESS to everyone. The Dramatizon team can certainly do that! I can’t wait to attend another show and see more work from this team and their creative design work!

988776_690491237636890_122584165_n                  941486_681824095170271_1193829351_n                   1184945_646697245349623_162345016_n


1238778_646697265349621_1880020423_n                   1098492_646696902016324_880573210_n                  552594_631943376825010_259880686_n










Get Ready! The PONO Annual Holiday Sample Sale is Here!


image001PONO by Joan Goodman is a designer jewelry brand I have certainly fallen in love with. I wrote a piece awhile back on the brand and I enjoyed learning about the brand, the designer and of course, the amazing jewelry pieces! It’s been great to keep in touch and so I’m happy to announce their annual holiday Sample Sale, which starts now, December 2nd.

It’s a pretty lengthy sale duration period so make sure if you are in NYC to get out to this sample sale! You have from December 2nd until December 13th. The location is 347 W 36th Street, Ste. 405. As you can see from the flyer above, everything is going to have some major discounts attached, 50-80% off. One of the great things on top of great deals is that the designer, Joan Goodman, will also be around. I find that is very touching and I know as a shopper, I would love to meet the talent behind a designer fashion brand so I hope any customers enjoy that experience! Joan is an obviously talented designer, but also a very kind and welcoming individual. She will be sure to make your shopping experience a great one!

P1193                                        P1202There is going to be a great selection. I will be sure to tweet some additional photos as the sale endures, so if you don’t already, make sure to follow Fashion Nexus on Twitter. You can follow PONO on Twitter for updates as well. What you see above will certainly be available for purchase — a bold colorblocked choker for $40 from the original price of $205; also, the Masai necklace, on sale for $75 from an earlier $205. And as you can see below, the Italian resin colorful cuffs are on sale for $10 from an original price of $50.

SAMPLE SALE Cuff PicThe sale is for weekdays only from the 12/2 to 12/13 period and the hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. If you have any questions, you can contact by phone at 212-216-0044. You have the chance to find some bold pieces at this sale so now is that time for you to find jewelry you can fall in love with and make a statement! You certainly wouldn’t be alone in doing so, remember, PONO has been seen on TV with the hit CBS show, The Good Wife.

76350_176343619048290_815232_n18658_265602985777_6722576_n     Arboreal Goddess Bracelet                18658_265603010777_7873640_nSo get out and shop away. Also stay tuned for additional sample sale updates. I will also be doing additional posts on the brand for the Spring 2014 season.