Which PRAS Designer is Getting Animated!?!

Well, more accurately, which designer’s dress is getting animated? That’s right, this week, the winning look will find itself animated, seen by millions for a top-rated and long running cartoon sitcom. So what is it and what are the details?

Host Alyssa Milano got right to business this week by providing the challenge right off the bat. To celebrate Fox‘s hit cartoon sitcom, The Simpsons, the designers were able to work with an animated client, none other than Marge Simpson. The designers were to provide a new look for Marge, something she could wear out for an anniversary date with her hubbie Homer! She wanted it to be sexy, actually she said easily removable, but also she made sure to say “No Green!” Again, the winning look would be animated and worn for a future episode of the show. So the designers were off to work!

Marge SimpsonAs per usual, this was a 1-day challenge and the designers were given a $200 budget to shop with at Mood. Once the designers were back in the workroom, we saw that Marge sent them a fun present — a pair of Simpson sneakers! Before the freakouts, let’s get to the little drama this week because what is PR without some drama!

Viktor and Chris worked together last week. Viktor was in the bottom, while Chris found himself in the top 3. Viktor was giving Chris the silent treatment early on the episode, wah, wah, tear, tear! He claimed Chris didn’t offer him as much help as he gave to Chris. But the last time I checked, Chris didn’t tell him to put that fringe on the back of the jacket. I’m not sure what Chris’s help would have done to make that jacket better! But anyways, all was well in the end and Viktor did the right thing by apologizing for his childish behavior. Right alongside the drama, we also saw some major designer freakouts this week!

We saw Chris freaking out right from the handing down of the challenge; the wheels were already turning. He started out with 2 dresses, finally focusing on his print option. He was second guessing himself a lot. But while Chris was second guessing, Seth Aaron was 5th, no 6th guessing! That is right, Seth worked on 6 different dresses. How he managed to finish is still mind boggling to me, but he made it work!

pras03-ep6-workroom2                                        pras03-ep6-workroom18There were a few special guest judges this week — PRAS season 2’s winner Anthony Ryan Auld, successful designer for the trendy brand Alice + Olivia, Stacey Bendet, and talented actress, Abigail Breslin. Zanna offered some insightful thoughts during her mentor time this week — thinking about the client, Marge, she is animated in a yellow color, where she is going, etc. So which designers followed the words of wisdom??

pras03-ep6-episode22In my opinion, NONE, haha! Don’t get me wrong, I loved several of the designs. I just thought they were more red carpet-worthy than a dinner date for Marge. But hey, when they showed the winning look animated, it looked great and I am sure it will look great in the episode. So who was in the top this week and who ultimately won?

I’m so happy to not only announce Irina was in the top this week, but that she also won! I know Zanna gave her the push this week, to aim for the top & the win, but I felt she could have done both way before now. But we can’t control the judges all the time! I loved the color — deep purple. It still read a bit fancy to me, but I think the shorter length helped a bit in that arena. The reveal and movement down the runway was also amazing!

-project-runway-a6ll-Irina was joined by Korto and Elena to round out the top 3. I wasn’t sure if Viktor might have sneaked in somehow, since his look was a bit more date night than red carpet. But after having a 2nd look, I think the black color and details just didn’t pop right for this challenge. If Irina hadn’t won, I was pulling for Korto though. I think the shimmer in her fitted cocktail dress would have looked great animated. I also didn’t mind Elena’s red floor-length gown, but it really did seem more fitting for a red carpet than dinner. The jacket, while great, was not needed. I think if she had focused on a few standout details for the dress, she could have won. But the back of the dress was gorgeous!

-project-runway-a3ll-    Viktor’s look

                  Korto’s look                    -project-runway-al5l-

-project-runway-al4l-                                                                                    pras03-ep6-episode6So that was the top, Viktor was safe, leaving Jeffrey, Seth Aaron, and Chris in the bottom. Chris was quickly saved with his floral print cocktail dress. The judges were right, it didn’t need the belt. The print just didn’t work here. It read a bit more dated housewife than a woman who wanted to be out celebrating. It was so sad watching both he and Seth struggle this week, but luckily, both are safe for next week.

-project-runway-a2ll-Seth’s floor length violet gown was not horrible, it just wasn’t for this challenge. It also is something you can find so easily in the fashion market right now. It wasn’t special, but I’m sure Seth will be back on track next week! So that means the 1st PR winner for this PRAS cast was out this week, Jeffrey. He did win last week, but this was his 4th time in the bottom. I’ve looked at his childrenswear work and maybe he’s been out of the game too long. His dress this week just didn’t translate well. The neckline looked sloppy, and while Stacey Bendet was focused on the shoes, I barely even saw them until she pointed it out. But the orange heels really didn’t help this look at all.


Seth Aaron’s look

                          Jeffrey’s look          -project-runway-all-

It will be sad to see someone go each week, but that is how the PRAS cookie crumbles. I can’t wait for next week!







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