Intrepid by Ao’c: Fashion, But with a Cause

INTREPID by Ao’c had a big year in 2013 and I think & hope 2014 will be even bigger! I first learned about INTREPID when I attended Nolcha Fashion Week’s Fall 2013 presentations back in September — check out that post here! The founder and designer behind this burgeoning fashion brand is Aerin O’Connell. It’s so admirable that this brand is making time to focus on both growth and giving back!

Intrepid logo Black                                                                                         62-682x1024INTREPID collaborated with More Than Me Foundation with TUNIC FOR CHANGE. For a low price of $29.99, you purchase an eco-friendly tunic made of 100% hemp, each with unique embroideries. All of the proceeds go to benefit the More than Me Academy. The foundation works with community leaders to identify the girls who are at the highest risk of being sexually exploited to ensure that education and opportunity, not exploitation and poverty, defines their lives. They pay tuition, provide school lunch, and work with the school and community to get the job done!

mtm_tunic_backSo INTREPID recently presented a collection, a mix of R2W & eveningwear, at probably one of the coolest locations ever for a fashion show — SkyWalk, Grand Canyon, AZ. This was in late 2013 for the J. Autumn Skywalk Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh. This was a very symbolic collection for the brand; it was truly from-the-heart. Aerin said she was able to create from such a different realm with this collection. She looked at all of her past experiences and this was about a transition, a time for freedom, perfectly symbolized with the release of a dove!

INTREPID Dress at J Autumn Show1

J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOC (3)J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOC (14)J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOC (15)

J Autumn Fashion Show by Jessica Minh Anh - Intrepid by AOCThese looks all have such richness in the color tones and would look stunning on the red carpet! It was so hard to choose a few faves so the plus-side, you can see way more images! I had the same vibe when I saw the various looks presented during Nolcha Fashion Week. Again, I loved the colors here! I also loved the great mix of chic, elegant, and casual day-wear looks.


This look is probably my most fave of the collection. It’s simplistic, but very chic. It would transition so easily from day to night.

PBN_2389-sINTREPID experienced a great deal of press from this show because not only was Jennie Garth in attendance, but she also walked in the show!! Jennie looks great in this fitted look and I love sheer long-sleeves, great touch! Check out the full video of this runway presentation here.


But of course this isn’t the only great INTREPID press; there is more, from US Weekly features to celebrity sightings such as with Olivia Munn. The brand is definitely making moves and you can keep up-to-date by making sure to Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter. For additional contact information you can also check out the brand’s customer service page. Fashion Nexus wishes INTREPID by A’oc the best of luck in 2014! I can’t wait to see you present again!!










BURKHALTER Couture by Stephanie Burkhalter

I recently attended a truly exciting event, “Bikinis & Couture”, a fashion show presented by NYC Fashion Runway, at the Dream Hotel Downtown, Ph-D Lounge. Now, I recently wrote about the “Bikinis” portion of the event when I featured Kasia Roginska for KARO swimwear on the blog. So now it’s time for the “Couture” portion, which featured the designer brand, BURKHALTER Couture by Stephanie Burkhalter.

burkhalter-campaign-2013                                                                 StephanieThe various images throughout this post are of Stephanie’s most recent haute couture collection, which were presented during the event. The inspiration behind the collection is that of a transportation to a fantasy world — “where leaves become rose petals, art deco meets childhood dreams, and her dresses underline the full richness of every true woman.”

And just who is this woman?? It’s a woman who is “sensual, yet strong, sophisticated, yet playful…” Stephanie has certainly achieved these inspirational goals.


1452312_10152042097909254_224964310_n                    NYC-Fashion-Runway-Burkhalter-Couture1b                1483118_669931503026980_1915853446_nI like that this collection has the elements of fantasy and playfulness, glam and sophistication, yet it also wearable for many women. It could be a Hollywood woman, celebrating the glitz and glam while on the red carpet, or a confident NYC woman who is ready to hit the town for a hot date or a night out with the girls! This collection is all about intricacies and the underlying details, so make sure to pay close attention to each look!

NYC-Fashion-Runway-Burkhalter-Couture2  Also check out past collections for the brand, such as the Paraiso Collection P/E 2013, which is filled with a variety of RTW, shoes, and jewelry.


1476020_10152042096179254_464276605_n                    1450206_10152042099149254_1121889901_n                    999305_10152042097019254_1394723608_nSo just who is this talent behind the couture? Stephanie is a fashion designer born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. She graduated at the Institute Marangoni in Milan. She has traveled all over the world with her international modeling career thru Ford Model Management, based out of NY.

62473_10152042096559254_51702390_nShe started Burkhalter Couture, to design one of a kind creations, of which she wanted the works to represent joy, glamour, luxury, and beauty. The brand is not just another label, but “also a person that gives you the most intense sensations.” Stephanie “welcomes you in her dream and brings you to her magic paradise where all the women are the true flirty, sexy, spicy stars of her story.”

nyc fashion runway (32 of 59)

580813_10152042098704254_1653194835_n                     NYC-Fashion-Runway-Burkhalter-Couture1                    1394434_10152042097184254_1326834917_nI also would like to make mention of a few special credits for the show and various images seen in this post:


Lauren Ashley of NYC Fashion Runway & Reagan Richards

Shannon-Davis-Styling-Team-Rosalina-Biddle-Cher-Chic1Shannon-Davis-Styling-Team-Shannon-Davis1J-Guerra-Makeup-Artistjpghairstylist team & last picture, J. Guerra for Make-up

Davina-giving-introductions     Here, we have (left to right), Kara Landau, the Australian Celebrity Traveling Dietitian, & Davina, of NYC Fashion Runway



Exciting Updates For the Passionate & Innovative Designer Kenley Collins

1454766_10152126700786874_1181591451_n                                                                     1457736_10202003308838342_15567068_nIt’s safe to say the multi-talented designer, Kenley Collins, is working hard in the fashion world and is here to stay. I previously wrote an amazing piece about Kenley and now I’m so pleased to showcase to you all her most recent and fabulous work! Please read the earlier piece, but here is the brief rundown on this major talent.

Kenley emerged in 2008 when she was a finalist on Project Runway Season 5. A few years later she made a stint on the 1st season of Project Runway All-Stars. But Kenley has not rested on her laurels. She has shone like the sparkling star she is since her time on PR. She often releases collections that demonstrate her aesthetic and style — bold, retro, feminine fashion. My previous piece was all about her Grease Pink Lady collection. Well now, GET READY, and enjoy the perfectly inspired Marilyn Monroe collection. Also, enjoy the many images and if you get a chance, tweet Kenley how stunning they are because really, they are!

Here are the various individual pieces and pricing information. You can shop the line online under What’s New.

545864_10200820201934391_728056272_n                                        1381817_10200807981708893_1990066365_n

1383810_10200820301416878_2126136186_n                                        1396024_10200816623124923_461880236_n

1452099_10200820224414953_580480422_nI certainly see Marilyn when I look at these pieces; in fact, I’m sure it’s the point. But I also 100% see Kenley’s gifted hand and creative mind in this pieces. I would know if I saw it that each one was a Kenley Collins original! I see a nod to the past in these pieces, but with a fresh take. Black and white is classic and the pops of royal blue are sheer perfection. Anyone who would wear these pieces is certainly a woman who knows fashion and style, and that is someone who wants to have fun! Take a look at these gorgeous editorial images Kenley shot.

k2-0982424e9a7a5af081c4c76d5d111d8f                                        935546_550576651697827_1979133949_n

1380277_10103760272106403_296329574_n                                        1385528_10103736752075733_1870243820_n

1422907_10151693006517016_1526957291_n                                                                     1452497_10200848885291457_586789564_nOnline, Kenley still is offering other pieces so check out her Dresses, Separates, Accessories, Vintage, and Sale categories. Another fun way we get to see Kenley showcase her talent is with the unique and custom dresses she makes for none other than Nickelodeon pop starlet Ariana Grande. Ariana has been on my best dressed list, as well as many others, so I’m sure for future events, while wearing Kenley pieces, she will continue that trend!

529411_10200460785029193_331033313_n                                        549572_10200597468606197_486018548_n

1174917_10200477262561121_1908252887_n                                        1176140_10200585265541128_1705610480_n

1235457_10200506843380623_1534573103_n                                        1238721_10200507447355722_454340674_n

1374877_10200713015414795_1970433354_n                                        1380567_10200658031040220_1790316693_nJust as with all of Kenley’s other work, when Ariana is wearing a Kenley Collins original you will know it! So one final little piece of fun, Kenley is still demonstrating her talent in more ways than one. She is still having a great time while designing window displays for the candy emporium, It’Sugar, with candy clothed pieces. (various locations)

1457736_10200854445390456_1739761831_n                                                               971323_10201420148449366_777924638_nHere are a few images from Kenley’s launch of the Marilyn collection, which was at SlapBack in Brooklyn. You can also purchase Kenley’s pieces there.