Project Runway, Shame, Shame, Shame!

This is going to be a hard post to write. I am still in shock regarding this week’s turnout. Generally on competitive shows such as PR, I’m not a fan of bringing back contestants to mix with new contestants. However, with Kate, I made an exception because she was sadly part of last season’s forced team concept, which really didn’t work at all! Kate came back though and was better than ever. Recently, I even saw her MBFW finale collection and I was blown away. I for sure thought she made the final 3. So how did this all happen? Where did it all go wrong?

pr12-ep11-episode07                                       pr12-ep11-episode14

This week’s challenge was the now infamous HP & Intel textile design challenge. The designers create their own textile, this year on the HP Rove and then incorporate it into a garment of their choosing. This year there was a bit of a twist. Each designer met with a next generation innovator. That innovator was to serve as the muse, the inspiration, for the designer’s look. No client, no model, just a muse. The winning designer would receive an HP technology suite, inclusive of a Split X2 and a new rove. The innovator paired with that designer would also receive the same prize package.

So off went the designers to Mood for a 2 day challenge and suggested budget of $100. The designers the past 2 weeks seemed a bit more eager to spend. I guess they haven’t looked at their balances too much over the season and just stuck with the suggested budgets.  I guess it’s pretty cool that with GoBank and their app, they offer a pretty cool quick slide feature to easily check one’s balance. So I would say next week, the designers should look at this and not be stingy if the challenge merits it! So how did the designers fare with their prints and in the workroom.

pr12-ep11-episode19                         Helen’s Look             

I really only have 1 workroom thought this week and yes, it’s the same one every designer seemed to complain about this week-Helen. Boy does she ask a lot of ?s and she does seem to need a lot of guidance. What was such a shame this week was that all she ended up with was a crop top and long skirt. The print wasn’t even that great, stars?? And how that related to her innovative modern artist muse is still not clicking for me. I know she was in the top this week and based off the other designs it made sense because there is a top 3, but for me, that was by default.

-project-runway--sea             Alexandria’s look

What was also a factor for my disappointment this week was Alexandria’s look. She did something with brick and whitewash in her print?? You could barely even see it in her look, as in was that boring! But look at this again, so sloppy! How she was safe again is just beyond me. This lady must be a cat because she’s had like 9 lives. I think she has a friend in a high place, as in all it took was one judge to give her a bit of a higher mark and she was no longer in jeopardy! She hasn’t been on top in awhile. I saw her finale collection also and it wasn’t great. So my “send home” list would have included her above Kate who undeservedly went home.

pr12-ep11-episode15            Dom’s look

Before getting to the actual bottom, I will say this week there was only really a top 2 and I agree with the judges in that Bradon and Dom’s looks were outstanding. I do think Dom deserved the win so great job to them both. Bradon’s tight black fitted dress paired perfectly with his modern bomber jacket. The print was electric. The mix of the blue, black and white, inspired by his BMX rider going thru the city was amazing! Dom’s print and use of color was also so bold and daring. I loved her bodycon dress in bright pink, black and white. The lines showing connectivity among people was also inspiring from her innovator who brings funds to entrepreneurs around the world. So top 2 were deserving, but I’m still perplexed by the bottom.

pr12-ep11-episode17     Bradon’s look

I will say Alexander’s look was on my bottom and so while sad he had to leave, it was who I would have picked, after Alexandria. I know the muse was important and that his innovator was a chef, but it didn’t have to be so literal as in cake and latticework. I don’t think the print was horrible, but I didn’t get the white cross on the front. I get breaking up a print, but it just didn’t work for me. If I had to go then to the next poor look, it would have been a tie with Justin and Kate. I liked Justin’s print, but it didn’t work with that strapless gown silhouette. That print was great, but likely hard to work with and he just didn’t know what to do with it. Kate’s print, I know you couldn’t see, so I’m not sure what else could have worked, but again, it was just incorporated in a way that didn’t work. I wonder if the dress didn’t have all of the starburst pleats maybe it would have looked better. But either way, both prints didn’t work in the look. However the next logical thing would have been to have looked back at the designer’s body of work. And hands down, Kate’s body of work was stronger. So with 3 other designers, Justin, Alexander and Alexandria, all with poor looks and weaker bodies of work as compared to Kate, I just don’t see how Kate went home!

pr12-ep11-episode20   Kate’s look

pr12-ep11-episode18   Alexander’s look

Very disappointed, but I am pulling for Bradon now and he better be in that final 3 because I saw his collection and with Kate gone now, he should 100% win Project Runway this season!


Nolcha’s 7:30 Lineup: A Vast Array of Aesthetics

More on Nolcha Fashion Week, the 7:30 line-up of presentations. Remember, for general information on Nolcha Fashion Week, check out my original post in the link in this sentence. Also, for full designer collections, you can view all the looks by clicking here. Keep reading in this post to see collections from Leka, Lum, Studio 6th Sense and Nina Athanasiou.

Mariana Valentina

Mariana’s aesthetic is best described as “sensual fluidity.” I can see that is easily captivated int his collection. The silk pieces glided down the runway with such ease, grace and flow. The key for sensuality, it’s not overt sexuality, but rather the hint of sex appeal. This collection embodies all of this!

PBN_5860-s                                        PBN_5901-s

PBN_5837-s                                        PBN_5964-s


Architecture is the aesthetic or style Leka is known for, but I say with this collection, I see inspirations of The Black Swan and maybe how that interacts with the structure of some of these pieces. There were definitely some showstoppers.

PBN_6200                                PBN_6267

PBN_6329                             PBN_6187


Lace and small details help make Lum’s looks what they are. It’s her aesthetic and signature style and is very much a part of this collection. I love the Grecian details for some of the looks, as well as this shade of forest green. It’s hard to use this green and not think Christmas, but it works here-a great use of color.

PBN_6524                               PBN_6590

PBN_6620                                PBN_6644

Studio 6th Sense

This brand is all about the daring and edgy looks, while still maintaining a classic appeal. This was accomplished in this collection with the use of a classic spring floral print and classic silhouettes such as peplum. To add to the spring color story there was sunny yellow and peach color incorporated into some of the pieces, which was a nice touch. Finally, we hit that point of edginess and some sex appeal by use of another classic silhouette, in that of deep V-neck.

PBN_6867                                PBN_6884

PBN_6931                              PBN_6792

Nina Athanasiou

Nina’s aesthetic is retro meets science fiction, hard and soft infusions such as silks and leather. That is stuck to and embodied in this collection. The colors are also great here with a hunter and mint green and violet.

PBN_7100                             PBN_7229

PBN_7269                             PBN_7074

Nolcha’s 4:30 Line-up: Pieces that are Chic, Classic & Casual

More about Nolcha Fashion Week at this link! This post is for the presentations that were shown at 4:30. Keep reading to check out collections from Bela Criacao, Claire Farwell London, Stacie May & Magdalena Adriane. To view pictures of each designers’ full collection, click here.

Tess Johnson

Tess showcased an ease and lightness for the Spring, lots of white, silver, grey and stone. With print imagery of wolf faces and mountains, it was a very all still very true to he aesthetic of hard and soft, glamour and chic looks.

PBN_3733-s                                    PBN_3815-s

PBN_3835-s                                PBN_3871-s

Bela Criacao

Bela’s collection is full of some great staples for any woman’s wardrobe-LBDs, white dresses, maxi dresses, dresses w/ lace detail and so on and so forth. I literally typed this up before reading her own words for her aesthetic-“A collection of staples designed to seamlessly fit into a woman’s wardrobe and take her from day to night.”

PBN_3984-s                               PBN_4046-s

PBN_4188-s                                  PBN_4212

Claire Farwell London

Such a great collection, lace details, pops of color with bright red and basics in black. Claire seeks to design and create practical pieces, that which is comfortable for women, while still being elegant and timeless. She has done just that and it’s so impressive that she fit right in with the models and walked her own look (last picture). Kelly Rutherford was also in attendance for her presentation.

PBN_4255-s                            PBN_4279-s

PBN_4431-s                             PBN_4441-s

Stacie May

Stacie May is about looks that are unique, that can be wearable art for women. She has created some great pieces for Spring 2014 and I see movement from the pieces, great lines, just a great flow to the outfits.

PBN_4607-s                            PBN_4642-s

PBN_4722-s                          PBN_4570-s

Magdalena Adriane

This brand is all about elegance and couture and is very much seen in this collection. There are some classic silhouettes seen and great go-to’s in your basic colors of black, nude and white. Throughout the whole collection though is some menswear suits and bold colors of blue and red.

PBN_5134-s                           PBN_5154-s

PBN_5224-s                            PBN_5333-s

Red Carpet Standouts for the 2013 Emmy’s

So what we have below is my top 10 ladies, and my fave guy and couple who wowed on the red carpet for the 2013 Emmy’s. Enjoy!

rexusa-1699889dt   Rose Byrne; Photo credit Stewart Cook

Rose is donning a fitted, blush, mid-riff baring Calvin Klein gown and looks AMAZING! I could not pull off a mid-riff baring look, but if you can, I say do it. Sometimes cutout exposures are too big, but this is just the perfect amount to balance the sex appeal and ladylike elegance. Tiffany & Co. diamond jewelry and the metallic Jimmy Choo Mini Tube clutch are also not too overstated and work well to compliment the overall look.

rexusa-1699889bf   Christina Hendricks; Photo Credit Stewart Cook

Christina looks stunning in this black, hip-hugging, Christian Siriano floor-length gown. She proves, basic black, with touches of details, such as the lace cap sleeves, can really do the trick to make you standout! It also doesn’t hurt to accessorize your look up; I love this black Edie Parker clutch, great addition!

rexusa-1699889el  Taylor Schilling; Photo Credit Stewart Cook

As an opposite to stunning in black, so too can one stun in another basic, white. Taylor looks elegant in this floor-length, open-backed gown by Thakoon. Minimalist all around, wavy hair, not too overdone with the makeup and light accessories to create this overall refreshing look! Her earrings are by Neil Lane.

rexusa-1699903mg   Elizabeth Moss; Photo credit Stewart Cook

And if you can’t choose between black or white, heck, just combine them as Elizabeth did in this shimmering strapless gown by Andrew Gn. You don’t have to re-invent the red carpet wheel to standout. I love the elegant up-do and the accessories such as the matching shimmery black Rauwolf clutch top the whole look off. The jewelry is vintage Neil Lane.

main.original.466x530     Tina Fey; Photo credit Who What Wear

I saw a lot of royal blue on the red carpet, but Fey stood out to me in this floor-length, fitted Narcisco Rodriguez gown. Flash and glitz do not always make the statement, sometimes it’s understated elegance that takes the day. Tina chose to maintain a minimalist aesthetic by also accessorizing with gorgeous Fred Leighton jewelry.

8ce9567a-ebca-40a3-86a8-00de7ed4d600_MalinAckeman   Malin Ackerman; photo credit Getty

And yes, I know a lot of my looks are not showy, but there is room for the fun and flare and Malin does that for me in this Marchesa gown with an elongated train. The overall look is complimented well with elegant Neil Lane jewelry and a metallic gray clutch.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals   Ireland Baldwin; photo credit Just Jared

Ireland was a surprise to me for the night. I haven’t seen her on the red carpet a lot, but clearly a lack of experience in that department didn’t hurt her. She looks outstanding in this nude, shimmery gown by Amanda Wakely Atelier, which also has some shimmery fringe around the bodice.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals   Guiliana Rancic; photo credit Just Jared

Guiliana’s Mikael D strapless mermaid gown, in pale blue, has just the right amount of glitz and glam, and of course dramatic flare. Not that more sparkle was needed, but a dab doesn’t hurt so her jewelry to top the look off was by Forevermark.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals   Maria Menounos; photo credit Just Jared

The hosts are grabbing my attention just as much as the actors being honored! Maria looks stunning in this fitted strapless navy blue gown by Zac Posen. She tops the look off with a silver Daniel Swarovski clutch and statement jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz.

padma-lakshmi-at-the-emmys  Padma Lakshmi; photo credit Hollywod Gossip

Yes so this is apparently a barely there, extremely light blue fitted floor-length gown by KAUFMANFRANCO with a sheer cutout at the side. The bold and gold statement jewelry, an arm cuff and drop earrings, by Robert Lee Morris, compliments the look quite nicely.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals  Dylan McDermott & Shasi Wells; photo credit Just Jared

Dylan & Shasi win for my fave red carpet couple. Dylan is looking quite dapper in his black tuxe. And Shasi is glowing in her nude Rhea Costa mermaid gown.

zachary-quinto-sarah-paulson-emmy-awards-2013-03   Zachary Quinto; photo credit Just Jared

My fave guy on the red carpet was by far Zachary! A classic black and white tuxedo is nice, but sometimes you do want something different and I like the black and gray combo here.

Nolcha Fashion Week’s 1:30 Shows Are the Whole Spectrum: Activewear, Casualwear, Chicwear & Swimwear

This post is about the 1:30 lineup for Nolcha Fashion Week. Remember, you can read all about Nolcha in the earlier post I wrote about the venue for emerging fashion designers. First up is Oiselle. For each designers full collection, you can click here and look at all of the runway pics! Keep reading to learn and view pics for The Vanity Project, INTREPID by Ao’c & KARO Swimwear.

Oiselle is known for flattering shorts, fun graphics and scrumptious fabrics. Famous supermodel, Christy Turlington was in attendance at this show. Here are some of the highlights of Oiselle’s spring 2014 collection. There are great spring colors of yellow and blue. There are also some powerful messages on some of the pieces.

PBN_1549-s                                  PBN_1661-s

PBN_1693-s                                PBN_1707-s

PBN_1756-s                             PBN_1799-s

Next up is The Vanity Project, created by designers Omri Bojko and Jason Sochol. This is their 2nd time at Nolcha showcasing their easygoing and comfortable style. And the dynamic duo did just that with their Spring 2014 showing, great messages, great classic and comfy silhouettes and always a plus, pieces for both women and men.

PBN_1959-s                               PBN_2044-s

PBN_2067-s                               PBN_2078-s

PBN_2023-s                                 PBN_2103-s

Next up is INTREPID by Ao’c, whose style aesthetic and mantra is to be classy and chic, but still with a twist and innovation. Jennie Garth from Beverly Hills 90210 was in appearance during this presentation. There were a lot of soft tones of nudes, white, stone/grey and shades of burgundy to take the INTREPID woman on her spring journey.

PBN_2218-s                             PBN_2250-s

PBN_2477-s     Not just attendance, but walking in the show! J. Garth

PBN_2389-s                         PBN_2443-s

PBN_2404-s                          PBN_2300-s

Finally, for this 1:30 time slot is KARO swimwear. Her aesthetic is bold and daring, not just ordinary swimsuits, but works of art. There are definitely some daring pieces here, enjoy!

PBN_2573-s                             PBN_2630-s

PBN_2743-s                            PBN_2751-s

PBN_2640-s                           PBN_2547-s

Danilo Gabrielli’s Spring 2014 Collection, A Dream Come True for 2!

PBN_7878-s                                 PBN_7939-s

Danilo Gabrielli was just one of many talented designers who showcased their Spring 2014 collections during Nolcha Fashion Week, also during NYFW. Here is my post on more fun details about Nolcha Fashion Week. Danilo showed solo at the 9:30 time frame, which was great since he had a larger collection to showcase, but also another special highlight for the evening.

PBN_7965-s                              PBN_7986-s

Gabrielli granted the 10,000th wish for Make-A-Wish Metro NY. The wish was for a 13-year old girl, named Katherine. Her wish was to be a fashion designer and she was able to achieve this goal. She worked alongside Gabrielli and sent 2 dresses down the runway-DREAM COME TRUE!


Danilo’s show was also attended by major celebs such as Coco Rocha, who was also wearing Danilo Gabrielli, and Jeannie Mai of the Style Network. This is his 5th showing during Nolcha Fashion Week. His aesthetic is very classic and structured, but with an edgy and modern twist. So how did this manifest in his Spring 2014 collection.

PBN_8189-s                                   PBN_8006-s

I’ve scattered throughout my post and below some of my favorite pieces. I want to emphasize some because Danilo is a true talent. There was a lot of greatness in this collection. Each captivated and mesmerized in a new way, whether it was the bright blue as a color, the romantic and elegant use of a white floral print or even the stunning way a simple pair of black or plaid trousers fit. Enjoy! To view Danilo’s full collection, click here.

PBN_7650-s                             PBN_8117-s

PBN_7665-s                           PBN_7686-s

PBN_7709-s                              PBN_7759-s

PBN_7832-s                         PBN_7859-s

PBN_7806-s                          PBN_8101-s

PBN_8140-s                            PBN_8205-s


All About Nolcha Fashion Week for Spring 2014

100_5180                   100_5171

During NYFW there is more than just MBFW or shows at Lincoln Center. There are tons of designers who present collections and one such amazing venue to do that is through Nolcha Fashion Week at Chelsea Piers Studios. Nolcha is NY’s leading showcase for independent fashion designers. Nolcha has a 6 year history of the shows and this year was stepped up in a major way from February. I am very eager to see more come next February! Check out more about Nolcha Fashion Week by clicking here. The designer to check out below is Katty Xiomara.

100_5174                            100_5178

Nolcha Fashion week is sponsored in part by Rusk, but there are also other important sponsors who are set up and showcasing their latest products. Sponsors this fall included Biovea, Homanz, American Airlines, Subway, Popmarket, Grande Lash M.D., My Fashion Database, SmartWater, Don Q rum, Magnifico Giornata, AOF Makeup Pro, Monster and Boutiika. Check out my pictures throughout this post of the great set-ups some of the sponsors had. Learn more about the Sponsors and to view their websites here.

100_5176                100_5177

There were a lot of celebs at this current year’s shows, including Kelly Rutherford, Coco Rocha, Christy Turlington, Jennie Garth, Mel B., and Ashlee White and Casey Cohen from Princesses: Long Island and more. There were 2 time frames for shows which only had 1 designer, so here is the information about one of those designers and highlights from her collections!

100_5184                        1184801_756606507835_1277304735_n

Katty Xiomara showed during the 11 am time slot. The Katty Xiomara woman is very poetic, elegantic, a bit whimsy and romantic. This is quite evident from this spring 2014 presentation, which is full of idyllic prints and light colored tones for the spring. There were so many pieces shown and here are a few that caught my eye! For all pictures click here.

PBN_0431-s                       PBN_0484-s

PBN_0742-s                     PBN_0786-s

PBN_0796-s              PBN_0809-s

PBN_0841-s               PBN_0916-s

PBN_0945-s             PBN_0345-s

PBN_0362-s           PBN_0426-s

PBN_0518-s            PBN_0573-s

PBN_0874-s          PBN_0937-s

C. Siriano for Spring 2014, A Glamorous and Worldy Woman

CS SS14 Runway 38    Floral organza strapless pearl trumpet gown with petal applique

Christian Siriano‘s show, I assumed was spectacular, but was not one in which I was able to attend. I am still a big fan of his work though so I am glad to offer my perspective on the images and press releases from the Siriano team.

CS SS14 Runway 1   Floral brocade cropped collarless blazer & pleated short w/ eyelet oxford blouse

Christian Siriano’s spring 2014 collection is inspired by a recent trip of his to Isla Mujeres, “Island of Women.” While being authentic to the Mexican culture, it is still very modern and appealing to a woman, no matter if she is in America, Europe or wherever. Siriano wishes for his collection to celebrate both a woman’s youthfulness and her feminine form. As you can see below, he was joined by celebs during his runway presentation, such as Selma Blair.

Christian Siriano Headshot (Brad Walsh Credit)                                  Selma Blair

The inspiration goes right to the heart of Siriano’s collection, from the colors to the prints to the silhouettes. All of this evolved from the architecture and landscapes he witnessed, from the tropical colors of homes and buildings to intricate crafts and handmade textiles to the bright blue waters of the Caribbean coast. There is of course more that lent to the foundation for silhouettes such as picturesque color-blocked streets, stonework and even the grass fused with the backdrop of the palm huts.

CS SS14 Runway 37        Floral organza deep V-neck rose pink gown with floral applique

As stunning as the colors and silhouettes are, so to were the prints used. Creative sparks flew from the ever-present dahlia, which lead to the recreation of a repeating floral pattern. There are other vibrant prints with raffia textiles and soft elegant organzas. “This collection, like the stimuli of the island, is dramatic and powerful in the lightest way possible.”

CS SS14 Runway 36     Floral Organza overlay light green gown with petal applique

This is a great collection, really, I am just posting a lot of pictures throughout so they will not all have the descriptions, but there is just so much to showcase, so many different color or print stories that represent this collection. There will also be a print or color I love and then there are so many silhouettes that it works with so really, I hope you all enjoy this collection as much as I do!

CS SS14 Runway 24                                     CS SS14 Runway 21

Special Credits

  • Hair-Anthony Cole, Sebastian Professional
  • Make-up: Polly Osmond, Hourglass Cosmetics
  • Shoes: Payless
  • Nails-Red Carpet Manicure

Here are a few other of my fave pieces from the collection! Just so this post is not so long, not all pictures will have descriptions, but there are just so many great looks!

CS SS14 Runway 4   Sheath Dress w/ Floral brocade paneling

CS SS14 Runway 8    Tangerine crepe sheath dress with flounce overlay

CS SS14 Runway 9   Yellow strapless crepe sheath dress with flounce overlay

CS SS14 Runway 13   Patchwork raffia cropped vest & sheath dress

CS SS14 Runway 15   Black & white zig zag cropped cape & striped sheath dress

CS SS14 Runway 17   Sheer black organza long-sleeved tie waist blouse, black & white zig zag crop top w/ striped A-line skirt

CS SS14 Runway 25    Paillette Column gown in metallic pink

CS SS14 Runway 26   Paillette duster jacket, organza sleeveless tie waist blouse & crepe column skirt

CS SS14 Runway 28   Floral organza strapless gown

CS SS14 Runway 30   Floral organza wing sheath dress

CS SS14 Runway 6                                   CS SS14 Runway 3

CS SS14 Runway 12                             CS SS14 Runway 18

CS SS14 Runway 19                      CS SS14 Runway 20

CS SS14 Runway 31                    CS SS14 Runway 32

CS SS14 Runway 34                  CS SS14 Runway 35

Emerson’s Spring Garden Party is More Than Just Tea & Crumpets

Emerson’s driving theme for their Spring 2014 collection is a “Punk Rock Garden Party.” And just to clarify that is Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan, as the inspired designer behind this amazing collection. This is Jackie’s 5th occurrence during MBFW and from what I see, I’m sure we will see more from her for many years to come. The exact scene imagined for this collection was that “a group of punk rock kids crashed a private garden on the UES where the Ramones were playing a secret show.” This can only be described as a clash of 2 worlds, punk and classic elegance. The Emerson girl, as described by Jackie, is bold and daring, a leader, not a follower. This collection’s pieces will hold true to this mantra no matter if you attend a spring garden party or enjoy decide to just grab some after-dinner cocktails or brunch with the gals.

Emerson_Look2_SS14                                    Emerson_look26_ss14                Emerson_Look25_SS14

The collection is full of fun prints and bright, bold colors. There are 3 custom designed prints, Garden Gate, Allium Flower Field and Painted Hounds Tooth. There is also a vast array of styles and silhouettes in this collection-moto jackets, shift dress, straight leg pants with contrast side panels, bomber jackets, floor-length gowns, and more. We see some stunning purple laser-cut leather in several pieces (seen above) called “Ivy Leaves.”

Emerson_Look8_SS14                                          Emerson_look29_ss14               Emerson_Look11_SS14

I want to discuss the color and prints again because they really are spot on for spring. Yes, there are floral prints, very literal, but they are combined with the abstract picture of a “gate.”. The colors include the always basic, but needed staples of black and white, and then the more bold spring selections of purple, fuchsia, sky blue, green and yellow.

Emerson_Look9_SS14                                         Emerson_look28_ss14          Emerson_Look18_SS14

Overall, I like this collection. It’s very bold, a lot of women could wear these pieces, it’s very feminine, fun and flirty. Here are some of my other fave pieces from this collection!

Emerson_look27_ss14                                          Emerson_Look24_SS14        Emerson_Look16_SS14

Emerson_Look15_SS14                                          Emerson_Look1_SS14          Emerson_Look20_SS14

Fashion Shenzhen, Collection #2: Denghao is Exotic and Sexy

Fashion Shenzhen is a debut for the fashion capital of China, Shenzhen, to allow 2 of their elite designers to showcase collections during MBFW. This piece is about Denghao’s collection, which is full of colorful knits and silk that are both eye-catching and provocative. The colors were all so bold and very rich, which will add some great pops of color and prints for the Spring. Speaking of prints, wow were there some great ones in this collection.

Fashion Shenzhen RTW Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week September 2013

Here are some of my favorite looks!

Fashion Shenzhen RTW Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week September 2013  Knitted fabric, qipao, in invory pink, handmade silk embroidered thread & red rose

Fashion Shenzhen RTW Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week September 2013  Deep v-neck black & green knitted jacquard dress; original Matisse & flower design

Fashion Shenzhen RTW Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week September 2013  Original design of color dyeing camellia & Matisse cashew pattern, pearl white bodice & red in the skirted portion

Fashion Shenzhen RTW Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week September 2013  Golden baroque church printed design for a long evening dress

Fashion Shenzhen RTW Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week September 2013  Embroidered and beaded blue collar of a small knitted shawl with golden baroque church printed design dress with dyed fabrics & pink pore textures.

Fashion Shenzhen RTW Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week September 2013  Blue and green peacock knitted fishtail dress with original floral designs

Fashion Shenzhen RTW Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week September 2013  Knitted dress with full skirt of spring green color with original lace detail, floral appliques, embroidery and beading.