Let’s not Forget the Last Day, Day 4, #MBFWSWIM 2014!!


I’ve written posts, summarizing my fave looks for Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3 presentations for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. So of course I can’t leave Day 4 hanging out in the cold! Remember, you can check out each designers full collection by checking out the MBFWSWIM’s Gallery page. But for now, let’s take a look at some of my fave pieces from each Day 4 designer’s showcase.


MIA Marcelle’s 2015 collection is one where almost every piece I love! And how could you not with the use of my fave color, bold royal blue, intricate details such as side cut-outs, and of course some amazing menswear pieces (male models) — love that for any runway!!

452493544.jpg_343_0_1686.28358209_3000                                       452493538.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452493506.jpg_350_0_1693.28358209_3000                                       452492868.jpg_346_0_1689.28358209_3000

452492740.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000                                        452492866.jpg_317_0_1660.28358209_3000

452492872.jpg_343_0_1686.28358209_3000                                        452492470.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000


Toxic Sadie swimwear has it all — eye-catching silhouettes, bold colors, very stylish pieces for any daring woman who wants to bring some drama to her beach or pool lifestyle!

photo_1406239521_783.jpg_491_0_1834.28358209_3000                                       photo_1406239522_675.jpg_330_0_1673.28358209_3000

photo_1406239523_548.jpg_372_0_1715.28358209_3000                                      photo_1406239525_569.jpg_393_0_1736.28358209_3000

photo_1406239526_728.jpg_434_0_1777.28358209_3000                                        photo_1406239521_478.jpg_330_0_1673.28358209_3000

AQUARELLA SWIMWEAR — Click here to view the entire collection

Ahhhhh! The intricacies of Aquarella’s swimwear collection for 2015 is just so mind-blowingly phenomenal — the prints, the cuts/silhouettes, and the bold hues.

photo_1406241656_453.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       photo_1406241646_806.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

photo_1406241584_868.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       photo_1406241645_632.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

photo_1406241588_847.jpg_354_0_1697.28358209_3000                                       photo_1406241589_681.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000


photo_1406242643_293.jpg_365_0_1708.28358209_3000                                      photo_1406242639_175.jpg_335_0_1678.28358209_3000

These are such special pieces Aguaclara Swimwear has designed & created — eye-catching silhouettes, and of course, a little, shimmer, shine, and sparkle!

photo_1406242613_855.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000                                       photo_1406242553_165.jpg_343_0_1686.28358209_3000

INDAH SWIMWEAR — Click here to view the entire collection

Indah Swimwear’s 2015 collection is filled to the brim with exotic appeal and vibrancy, looked to be a fun show as well!

452501202.jpg_406_0_1749.28358209_3000                                       452501214.jpg_323_0_1666.28358209_3000

452501244.jpg_465_0_1808.28358209_3000                                      452501424.jpg_317_0_1660.28358209_3000

452501520.jpg_359_0_1702.28358209_3000                                       452501588.jpg_447_0_1790.28358209_3000

MINIMALE ANIMALE — Click here to view the entire collection

Minimale Animale for 2015 has designed and created an out of this world collection & runway show, black & white pieces to the extreme!

452500430.jpg_314_0_1657.28358209_3000                                       452500442.jpg_321_0_1664.28358209_3000

452500946.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       452500960.jpg_331_0_1674.28358209_3000

452500432.jpg_313_0_1656.28358209_3000                                       452499218.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

LILIANA MONTOYA SWIM — To view the entire collection, click here

452495988.jpg_334_0_1677.28358209_3000                                        452497046.jpg_344_0_1687.28358209_3000

Basic & wearable swimwear, but still with eye-catching details & a luxe feel, that’s Liliana Montoya Swim for 2015!

452497058.jpg_338_0_1681.28358209_3000                                       452497144.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000


photo_1406239858_508.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       photo_1406239857_388.jpg_361_0_1704.28358209_3000

Sauvage has created some truly amazing pieces for 2015 — passionate-filled attention paid to even the tiniest of details.

photo_1406239855_595.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        photo_1406239855_590.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

A.Z. ARAUJO — To view the entire collection click here

452493678.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452493922.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

For A.Z. Araujo 2015 we have menswear, resortwear, intricate one-pieces, bikinis, & more, the brand has it all!

452493930.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       452494332.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000





Project Runway, Ep. 1 — Stunned, Shocked, & Speechless!!

**SIDE NOTE: Since PR is all about showing at NYFW, I have a free GIVEAWAY opportunity that is all about NYFW — 2 VIP Passes & a $3000 Visa Giftcard — Full details here!!


aka Dazed & Confused! Of course, as a blogger, we know I’m not speechless, but I’m certainly all of the other alliterative “S” adjectives I mentioned above, along with a few others in fact! Despite the shock value, it was still a great Project Runway premiere night. I enjoyed watching the full 2 and a 1/2 hours. I hadn’t watched the “meet the designer” videos on Lifetime’s website so I really enjoyed the intro episode prior to the Season 13 premiere. It was great seeing that so many designers had really persevered to get where they are today and to make it on PR, whether it was from repeat auditions or a “rags to stitches” tale. And just as I mentioned in my own introductory PR post, it was hard to tell who would leave during this 1st episode. I had some hunches, but this was just one of the many shockers I was in store for during this premiere!

pr13-ep1-episode12                                      pr13-ep1-episode13So of the 18 new designers, sadly, 3 were quickly eliminated. Each designer presented a few pieces to the firing squad, aka “the judges”, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, & Zac Posen. I’m assuming the designers presented their audition pieces, basically showcasing who they are as a designer. So my first shock of the night came from who went home right off the bat!


You could definitely tell there were some early judges’ faves. But personally, I was very surprised that both Emmanuel & Tim were cut. Maybe one, but both?? Heck, when I wrote my intro post, two of the six images I used were from them. I wouldn’t say I pegged them as potential winners, but something about their previous work did catch my eye! I wasn’t quite as shocked by Nzinga’s elimination, but I still applaud a designer who has a clear POV; it just wasn’t the judges’ POV.

pr13-ep1-episode8                   pr13-ep1-episode5                   pr13-ep1-episode9But we are still very early on in the PR process and that is how the PR cookie crumbles — each week, one designer must go. We just started this season off a bit differently, with 4 gone by the 1st episode’s end. But as we bidded adieu to three designers, one was “welcomed” to the fold. America casted their votes for the Runway Redemption candidates, Ken Laurence (Season 12), Alexander Pope (Season 12), and Amanda Valentine (Season 11). I’m generally not a fan of mixing new cast members with old ones, and this is for any competitive reality show. But I always considered Season 11 a bit unfair; it was very different than every other season. And I think if the designers weren’t forced to work in groups the entire season and further, were not eliminated based on those groupings, the season might have turned out differently. So just as I rooted for Katelyn Pankoke to come back last season, my choice this year was Amanda Valentine, and it was for the same reason. So I was very happy Amanda was the one chosen! With 16 designers ready to go, it was time for them to get their 1st challenge!

The designers were to create one piece this week that would give the judges a glimpse of what their Spring 2015 collection might look like. There was of course a huge twist though, “a trunk of doom!” Each designer was given a trunk with 5 fabric options, not likely their 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd choices! The designers didn’t have the same fabrics so they were left to just create or get to bartering! I think the other designers didn’t want to give the vet much help though, so it seemed as if Amanda wasn’t able to play the trade-game. And as per PR usual, the challenge only allowed for one day so the designers were off to quickly work! Tim was also back to his norm PR mentor status, giving a great mix of helpful advice.

pr13-ep1-episode15                       pr13-ep1-episode23Back in the workroom we were already seeing a few gossip sessions going on, mainly Mitchell & Korina — highly doubt they will be the only ones though! Mitchell redeemed himself somewhat, very nice of him to help out Sandhya when he finished his look. There were very interesting moments during the model fittings this week — many designers not ready and making some determinations as to what could be hanging out a little (side-boob, etc.)! The most stress and time management issues came from Angela & Sandhya this week, but no worries, no naked models went down the runway! Sooner rather than later it was time for the runway show. Heidi announced the Tim Gunn save would be back this season and that the prize package this year was over $300K. The judges were joined this week by Emmy award winning “Modern Family” actress Julie Bowen. With so many designers presenting this week, it had to be tough naming a top and bottom 3. It was no surprise that this was where even more shockers came to fruition.


There were certainly a lot of safe looks this week. Many will have to step it up — I will hold off on names for now! But two looks I thought stood out and I was surprised weren’t given any top contention, were Korina’s tomato red look & Sean’s chic knee-length dress, pure minimalism at its best. I guess that is what happens though when you have 4 different judges scoring 16 designers!

pr13-rr-ep1-sk-f     PR1301-Korina-Emmerich-1-900x1350The bottom 3 wasn’t so surprising, but because of its unpredictability with so many designers, I was going to be shocked no matter who went home. Angela’s 2-piece look certainly had some mistakes, but I saw some other mistakes go down the runway too. There was a lot going on in this look, and with how much airtime she got this week, you could definitely see her bottom 3 placement coming! But I wouldn’t peg her as a repeat offender quite yet. I think she can bounce back!


Mitchell was another bottom 3 placement I wasn’t so surprised by. Tim wasn’t a fan of this look either. I think he mixed his fabric choices well, but the look was very basic, definitely not a show-stopper. It also seemed very “junior” and for this show, that is not what the judges are looking for.


The big surprise of the bottom 3 was not Jefferson’s placement, but that he went home. I was not a fan of his prior work because I’m not a fan of drop crotch pants. The main issue with this look was exactly what Nina said — proportions, mainly, the shorts were toooooooo short! I don’t think he should have gone home though. But Heidi seemed to not dislike Mitchell’s look quite as much as the others so I’m guessing Heidi had the final say-so on this one!


While the bottom was not so jaw-dropping, the top 3 was a completely different story. I, like pretty much every other designer, thought Sandhya was for sure in the bottom. I didn’t think she would go home, but to find out she was in the top, needless to say I was stunned. However, later finding out she was the night’s winner, I kind of went from shocked to disappointed. In certain PR seasons, the judges hang onto a fave (Patricia Michaels, Anya Ayoung-Chee, Alexandria von Bromssen). America is not always on the same page! I’m hoping Sandhya is not that token fave this season that will get by with work such as this just because the judges have drank some crazy Kool-aid and are in a love-fest! The judges said Angela’s look had far too much going on, well what the heck do they think this is — frayed edges, capped sleeves, dyes, prints, etc. Based off of Sandhya’s prior work, I also don’t think anything in her collection would look like this. And also, with this floral curtain-like print, the dye, the color chosen, it just looks like a stained old piece of drapery. I am still completely baffled by this decision, but that’s PR for you!


I think based on the task at hand and with who the judges picked for the top 3, Char should have won. This looked like a piece Char would actually have in her collection and it also read “Spring!”


But Amanda too had a very chic and well put together look. If this is the new Amanda aesthetic, I can’t wait to see more. I’m not sure if it screamed “Spring”, but I could see it being in Amanda’s wheelhouse. And I disagree with Julie on the use of the pattern. A basic top and pants would have been a yawner! But the print made the pants pop and I was also impressed by the great fit they had.


And finally, just like my UTG posts, I will name a stand-out for Aldo accessories, Mary-Kay beauty looks, and Philip B. hair looks!

pr13-rr-ep1-fzg-f     For my stand-out Aldo accessories look, I pick  fäde zu grau — statement jewelry pieces (bracelet & necklace), but not over-the-top or overshadowing the look, & simple, elegant black heels. I also think he did a great job of intermixing his printed fabrics for the skirt portion of his dress.

pr13-rr-ep1-hl-f    For my standout Philip B. hair & Mary Kay make-up look, it’s one in the same — Hernan Lander — chic ponytail & clean, fresh beauty look/

Project Runway Season 13 — Intro, Let’s Go!!


Yes!! I’m so excited that Project Runway, Season 13, is back on Lifetime, kicking off later today. I always look forward to blogging about PR and the amazing interactions I have with fellow PR fans. But before the 1st episode tonight, I thought I would put together a little introductory post. First up, let’s discuss the “Runway Redemption”!

PR decided to bring back the “Runway Redemption” twist from last season, which gives a previous designer the chance to get back in the workroom. One change for this year is that with the return of a previous designer, it will make for a total of 19 total designers competing. But in reality there is 1 final audition for this group of designers and 3 will not make the final cut. Last year’s recipient, Katelyn Pankoke, and her chance for runway redemption, was a bit more full-proof. But this year, with 3 designers being cut so quickly, will a full runway redemption happen??


My prediction is yes, since the 3 who are competing for the runway redemption are already familiar with the PR process. The 3 designers who competed for America’s votes were Ken Laurence (Season 12), Alexander Pope (Season 12), and Amanda Valentine (Season 11). Kate also took part in Season 11, you know, the one with all of the forced team competitions. That season to me always seemed a bit unfair. I still contend it would have ended differently had the designers not been eliminated based on the bottom group. There were always a couple of designers in the higher scoring group who were only saved because they were in the top group. Because of that, I rooted for Kate to have a real shot at the title and so with that, I also rooted for Amanda. But it’s anyone’s guess and I imagine whomever America chose will be a force to be reckoned with during Season 13!

Another major PR twist is also returning — the Tim Gunn Save! Justin LeBlanc received the save last season so I wonder who, if anyone, might be awarded the save this year. Also in store this season is the ever-famous and popular accessories wall and this year’s sponsor is ALDO. No Michael Kors again, but everyone else is back as per norm — Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, & Tim. In addition, there will be some huge guest judges joining “Project Runway” this season — Emmy award winning “Modern Family” actress Julie Bowen, Golden Globe winner Elisabeth Moss from “Mad Men,” Shay Mitchell from hit series “Pretty Little Liars,” Olympic gold medalist downhill skier Lindsey Vonn, entertainer Dita Von Teese, fashion designer Christian Siriano, British television personality and renowned photographer Amanda de Cadenet, and YouTube celebrity Bethany Mota.

Aldo Yorkdale-174                                        Aldo Yorkdale-339

I thought about going thru each designer’s past work, picking a few faves, who might go home first, etc. But really, 18 designers are just way too many to go thru. And then 3 are going home in the 1st episode!! It’s just way too hard to predict at this point, but I did put together some initial thoughts for each designer. In addition, I’ve selected a few fave pieces of previous work from a few of the designers, so here goes —

  • Alexander Knox — I see Alexander likes to play with volume and is a little more on the avant garde side. Will timing be his downfall? Can he create RTW?
  • Angela Sum — Angela clearly has done bridal & already had some runway experience. This should be a huge advantage for her in this process.
  • Carrie Sleutskaya — A designer who creates both womenswear & menswear — huge plus!
  • Char Glover — A little lacking in past work examples compared to other designers so will this impact her longevity in the competition??
  • Emily Payne — Designs with comfort & wearability, but can she design at a higher level of fashion??
  • Emmanuel Tobias — Looks for men, looks for women — I’m seeing someone who can definitely put on a show! Early fave, maybe so!

pr13-as-pastwork2                                      (Angela Sum)

(Emmanuel Tobias)                                           pr13-et-pastwork8

  • fäde zu grau — A streetwear/urban designer, very different, I wonder how he will fare in the competition.
  • Hernan Lander — He has presented during NYFW/MBFW. I’ve even been invited to his shows, but was not able to attend to see his work firsthand. But I expect he can go far in this competition. He’s already had celebs wear his pieces too — Rumer Willis??
  • Jefferson Musanda — I see he can create his designs, but he might have to step it up for PR — peplum & drop crotch pants won’t be enough for the win. So can Jefferson push it to the max?!?
  • Korina Emmerich — We know Nina loves a good jacket and/or coat — will these 2 be Fashion Besties!
  • Kini Zamora — He seems to have a great range so it should translate nicely on PR.
  • Kristine Guico — She’s not afraid of bold prints or daring silhouettes, but will the judges be fans?


(Korina Emmerich)                                      pr13-ke-pastwork1

  • Mitchell Perry — Another designer with a wide range, but will his POV come across clearly to the judges?
  • Nzinga Knight — On the other hand, a designer with a clear POV, but will the judges love it?
  • Samantha Plasencia — Editorial, made for print, also some looks for men, another who should be ready and raring to go for this grueling PR process.
  • Sandhya Garg — A woman who can design for women, but another one I could see who may need to step it up for this design competition, push the boundaries more.
  • Sean Kelly — 1st designer of this bunch who designs for men, but I didn’t see any pieces for women, yikes!
  • Tim Navarro — A lot of versatile designers in this bunch, including Tim, who design for both men & women, handles on separates — should make for an interesting season!

pr13-sp-pastwork3                           (Samantha Plasencia)

(Tim Navarro)                                                       pr13-tn-pastwork5

And of course, we can’t forget PR’s major prize package —

  • $100,000 from Red Robin to launch their business and the opportunity to design a fashion accessory for all the Red Robin servers — NOT SURE ON THIS PRIZE STILL, NO CAPSULE COLLECTION OR DIRECT WAY TO GET A DESIGNER’S 1ST PIECES TO CONSUMERS & FANS??
  • a complete sewing and crafting studio from Brother International Corporation
  • a premiere entertainment center, courtesy of Samsung
  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine
  • a car from Lexus
  • from Mary Kay, an entire year’s worth of beauty products for their fashion shows and professional makeup artist services for their debut show
  • a shoe and accessory collection from ALDO to help enhance their upcoming runway shows
  • Best Western International will also provide the winner travel and hotel accommodations to fashion capitals and inspiring locations around the world — IS THERE A BEST WESTERN THEN IN MILAN, PARIS, GUESS SO!
  • The winning model will also appear in the winner’s fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine.




What Did Day 3 Look Like At #MBFWSWIM 2014?!?


Four full days were set for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, each day with even more in store! There were over 50 designers who showcased their 2015 collections in Miami Beach over this past weekend. You can check out each designers full collection by checking out the MBFWSWIM’s Gallery page. But for now, let’s take a look at some of my fave pieces from each Day 3 designer’s showcase.


WOW — No denying Luli Fama’s presentation was the runway party to be at — dancers, bright colors/hues, bold/exotic prints, head to toe looks, intricate cuts, & more!

452443786.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452444594.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

452480000.jpg_308_0_1651.28358209_3000                                        452443864.jpg_354_0_1697.28358209_3000

452443740.jpg_394_0_1737.28358209_3000                                      452443700.jpg_334_0_1677.28358209_3000

452443746.jpg_274_0_1617.28358209_3000                                       452443636.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

SUBOO — Click here to view the entire collection

Suboo is the swimwear brand with a great deal to offer — daring one-pieces, innovative bikinis, and trendy jackets as cover-ups.

452444956.jpg_417_0_1760.28358209_3000                                        452444946.jpg_324_0_1667.28358209_3000

452444922.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                      452444790.jpg_353_0_1696.28358209_3000

452444954.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452444908.jpg_352_0_1695.28358209_3000

452444920.jpg_396_0_1739.28358209_3000                                        452444772.jpg_411_0_1754.28358209_3000


For 2015, check out Profile & Blush by Gottex, and the brand’s signature work with a great mix of basics & fun prints.

Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+Swim+2015+Official+972ks8MFWmWl                           20140721152801138768

Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+Swim+2015+Official+kbJuVazwBc_l          thumb_BFA_9701_1163315


CAFFE SWIMWEAR — Click here to view the entire collection

Caffe Swimwear has some great prints in store for 2015, with use in different cuts & silhouettes. And of course, there are some “Can’t Miss” solids, all in bold blues, sunkist oranges, & sunshine yellows.

452439752.jpg_497_0_1840.28358209_3000                                        452439744.jpg_403_0_1746.28358209_3000

452439882.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000                                         452439894.jpg_308_0_1651.28358209_3000

452440280.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000                                         452440256.jpg_401_0_1744.28358209_3000

6 SHORE ROAD BY POOJA — Click here to view the entire collection

Playful silhouettes, edgy cuts, exotic prints, & more, that is 6 Shore Road. The brand has so much to offer with the basics in swimwear, but also great options for beach cover-ups.

452464916.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       452464898.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452464890.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000                                     452463406.jpg_331_0_1674.28358209_3000

452463068.jpg_446_0_1789.28358209_3000                                          452464816.jpg_357_0_1700.28358209_3000



Out of this world swimwear, just use your imagination with Jankele Swimwear.

Jacqueline+Popovic+Jankele+Presentation+Mercedes+XMtghmfZAril                                  Jankele-Miami-Swim-Week-2015


No surprise that a brand like Gottex, who has been in the swimwear business for over 50 years, can put out pieces such as these eye-catching prints & silhouettes.

452439562.jpg_435_0_1778.28358209_3000                                       452439564.jpg_389_0_1732.28358209_3000

452439596.jpg_324_0_1667.28358209_3000                                       452439610.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452439576.jpg_402_0_1745.28358209_3000                                         452439460.jpg_336_0_1679.28358209_3000

BELUSSO — Click here to view the entire collection

Belusso is presenting the brand’s signature style of a luxe & laid-back lifestyle at its best for 2015 — metallic silvers, exotic prints, & soothing, sunset prints.

452441986.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       452442242.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452441336.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452441862.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

452441268.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                         452441176.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

MEEGAN ELIZABETH HAWAII — Click here to view the entire collection

452443094.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000                                        452443370.jpg_339_0_1682.28358209_3000

Beachwear, seeing the essence of an Hawaiian lifestyle, that is what you find with Meegan Elizabeth Hawaii for 2015!

452443358.jpg_401_0_1744.28358209_3000                                        452443152.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000




#MBFWSWIM 2014 — Day 2 Presentations


Looking at the various designers for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim makes me very excited about the swimwear to come for 2015! Miami Beach was definitely the place to be this past weekend. Over 50 designers presented their 2015 collections and you can view any designer’s full collection by checking out the MBFWSWIM’s Gallery page. But for now, let’s take a look at some of my fave pieces from each Day 2 designer’s showcase.

MAAJI SWIMWEAR — Click here to view the entire collection

Maaji’s runway presentation was I’m sure a “Can’t Miss” — pieces for both men & women (so basically great looking models workin’ it on the catwalk!), trendy pieces, bold prints, & looks that just scream “fun”! How can you beat that?!?

452400582.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       452400822.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452400938.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452400948.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452401254.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452401820.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452401088.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452401822.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

MARA HOFFMAN — Click here to view the entire collection

If you are in need of daring, bold, dramatic, or statement-making prints for your swimwear needs, I’m sure you instantly think of Mara Hoffman’s swimwear pieces.

452398820.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       452398862.jpg_345_0_1688.28358209_3000

452398960.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000                                     452399028.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452399252.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                         452399304.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

CM CIA.MARITIMA — Click here to view the entire collection

Cia.Maritima, a brand with pieces where it’s hard to deny true passion, love, and inspiration, a very celebratory & inspired line.

452403748.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452403894.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452403910.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452405356.jpg_469_0_1812.28358209_3000

452405008.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                        452405006.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000


It’s hard to imagine how intricate design fits into minimalism, but Mikoh has struck that creative balance — simplistically chic & minimal swimwear, but eye-catching intricacies to be found in each piece!

452396316.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000                                       452396342.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452396458.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000                                     452396468.jpg_364_0_1707.28358209_3000

452396474.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                    452396480.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000


L*Space’s presentation was head to toe, a full-on and spectacular swimwear presentation — knits, bikinis, one-pieces, cover-ups, pearl jewelry accessories, & more! Everything was just thought of so creatively, even the tiniest of details.

452395430.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                         452395548.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452396106.jpg_316_0_1659.28358209_3000                                      452396128.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452396174.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                       452396186.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

RIP CURL — Click here to view the full collection

Rip Curl is the brand that perfectly infuses trendy swimwear with that of activewear or sportswear, and does so quite amazingly with this 2015 runway presentation.

452398230.jpg_317_0_1660.28358209_3000                                      452398538.jpg_507_0_1850.28358209_3000

452399152.jpg_467_0_1810.28358209_3000                                     452399142.jpg_302_0_1645.28358209_3000

452399070.jpg_390_0_1733.28358209_3000                                       452398678.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000


Caitlin Kelly’s work for 2015 is just immaculate — stunning prints, gorgeous silhouettes, & bold color choices!!

452403388.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                    452403394.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452403398.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                     452403514.jpg_422_0_1765.28358209_3000

452403496.jpg_366_0_1709.28358209_3000                                       452403498.jpg_359_0_1702.28358209_3000





Day 1 Runway Presentations for MBFW Swim 2014!!


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim is ongoing & I’m ecstatic to be looking thru each designers’ 2015 collections — ahhhh, if only I could have been there, Miami Beach, in person! If you are just as excited as I am, but are also unable to be there in person, you can keep up with everything online thru MBFWSWIM’s Live Social page. And to view any designer’s full collection, you can check out the MBFWSWIM’s Gallery page. But for now, let’s take a look at some of my fave pieces from each Day 1 designer’s showcase.

WILDFOX SWIMFor backstage & front row photos click here

This is a collection that you just have to peruse & enjoy altogether and for yourself. Each piece is different, bold, stunning, and unique, but most importantly, it becomes an instant fave! These are just the type of fun, flirty, and statement-making pieces you would want to be in for a fab day at the beach.

452361122.jpg_578_0_2701.28358209_4742                               452361164.jpg_507_0_2713.56716418_4928

452361214.jpg_311_0_2410.10447761_4688                                 452361224.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

452361846.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928                                452361874.jpg_558_0_2721.58208955_4832

452361988.jpg_520_0_2670.14925373_4802                                    452361962.jpg_548_0_2636.35820896_4664

WE ARE HANDSOMEBackstage & Front Row Images

The dynamic husband & wife duo have done it again — innovative and imaginative designs for some bold swimwear choices. Each piece looks great and offers something new, very eye-catching.

452362868.jpg_490_0_1833.28358209_3000                                 452362718.jpg_383_0_1726.28358209_3000

452362820.jpg_305_0_1648.28358209_3000                                   452362848.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

452362756.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000                                   452362878.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

POKO PANO — Click here to check out the full presentation!

It was very hard choosing a few Poko Pano faves from this 2015 collection — lots of great choices!! I enjoyed the collection’s unique appeal, from dramatic silhouettes to bold prints.

452354120.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928                               452354142.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

452355468.jpg_329_0_1672.28358209_3000                                452355408.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

452353910.jpg_466_0_2523.01492537_4594                                    452354128.jpg_443_0_2628.52238806_4881


I’m not sure if with Beach Bunny Swimwear if I’m going to the actual beach, or maybe instead, a concert. But one thing I know for sure — you can’t deny these looks are sexy, kick-ass, hot, rockin’, and would definitely grab the attention of every passer-by or onlooker at your chosen destination.

452365036.jpg_532_0_2477.97014925_4346                                   452365042.jpg_524_0_2617.73134328_4676

452365964.jpg_358_0_1701.28358209_3000                                   452366138.jpg_498_0_2529.94029851_4538

452366224.jpg_365_0_1708.28358209_3000                                     452366428.jpg_358_0_1701.28358209_3000

CLOVER CANYON — Click here to view the full collection

What an inspired collection?!? Clover Canyon is generally all about imaginative journeys and you can definitely see how this collection represents the brand’s mantra; it really sticks to the Clover Canyon aesthetic, all the while offering even more options for the brand’s customers.

452360628.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000                                 452360572.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000

452360576.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000                                  452360598.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000

452360912.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000                                  452360898.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000

FRANKIE’S BIKINIS — Click here to view the full collection


When I think of Frankie’s Bikinis, I think chic minimalism, but with a twist. The pieces are wearable and stick to the basics of what swimwear should be, but there are intricate details that really set the brand apart.

452358212.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928                                  452358190.jpg_522_0_2688.71641791_4839


Finding the perfect bikini or 1-piece for your fun day at the beach or the pool is of course essential, but so is finding the perfect cover-up. Sinesia Karol is the brand that can help with both of those needs!

452363840.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000                                   452363852.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000

452363902.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000                                    452363916.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000

452363962.jpg_511_0_2579.65671642_4620                                     452363928.jpg_329_0_1672.28358209_3000

Dolores Cortés

Dolores_Cortes_Swimwear_Summer__Collection      Dolores+Cortes+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+7t6H__KDU3Fl

Dolores Cortés‘ 2015 presentation looks to be a celebration of fun, a non-stop party. There are some intriguing fabric manipulations and cuts — very innovative.








Auburn Jewelry — The Sky’s the Limit!


And that’s the way it should be when it comes to customized jewelry. Auburn Jewelry is a custom jewelry brand I’ve come across from since launching Fashion Nexus. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one-on-one with the brand’s founder, Samantha Auburn Levine. Needless to say, I am IMPRESSED & am happy to share this wonderfully unique brand with the Fashion Nexus community!

Auburn Jewelry is a brand that offers exclusive lines of high-quality sterling silver, 14k gold, brass, copper, and enamel pieces. In addition, the brand offers a wide range of product categories from which one can choose to make a purchaseBracelets, Bridal, Charms, Cufflinks, Dog Breeds, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, & Initial Pendants — just to name a few. And when making your selections, REMEMBER, there are lots of colors to choose from as well — 18 to be specific! This includes “New Fall Colors” such as Burnt Orange and Chocolate Brown, and ” Brand Best Sellers” such as Hot Pink and Mint Green.

burnt-orange-270x270            Chocolate-brown-270x270             Hot-pink-270x270            Mint-Green1-270x270

Samantha is a true talent and visionary with each piece she creates, and of course, she strives to make customer satisfaction a top priority. That is why there are so many options when it comes to placing an order. And for those wishing to make an even more personalized statement of style, commissioned pieces are also available by request.


Samantha’s background has always included a passion for jewelry making. She started designing jewelry in 2001 at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY. She then went on to graduate in 2009 from Skidmore College, with a minor in Jewelry and Metals. Then in 2010, Samantha enrolled at a local metals studio, while also attending Western New England University School of Law in Springfield, Massachusetts. While attending law school, in 2012, Levine launched Auburn Jewelry. Since her 2013 graduation, Samantha has been designing and handcrafting jewelry full-time.

Fashion Nexus of course wishes Auburn Jewelry nothing but the best, including tons of success! But it appears the brand is already enjoying some success! Auburn Jewelry has experienced a great deal of featured press from both major publications and fashion blogs alike, including Seventeen.com, People.com, Stylebistro, Westchester Magazine, WAG Magazine, My Fashion Juice, Splash Magazine, Time Out NY, and being “Voted Best of New York for Style and Shopping from CBS New York.”

New-York-Shopping                           Screen-shot-2014-05-30-at-1.10.25-PM                  people

And now for the fun part, taking a look at some of the amazingly unique pieces within the many product categories from which a customer can create an order. But first, remember you can shop online or reach out to Auburn Jewelry thru their Contact page — contact form, telephone ((914) 215-1018), or email (sam@auburn-jewelry.com).

BAMBOO                                bamboo-circle-necklace-300x300Bamboo-cufflink1-300x300

sterling-planished-bracelet-300x300                       Untitled-1-300x300                             BRACELETS

BRIDAL & PACKAGES                Mr-Mrs-slider-pic-small-300x300            bridal-S-300x300

NS-heart-charm-300x300Anchor-charm-300x300      CHARMS

(this includes custom, initials, numbers, SPCA donations, U.S. States, & Zodiac signs)

CUFFLINKS                        Anchor-cufflinks-300x300                               sterling-Organic-cufflinks-300x300

Autism-Puzzle-Piece1-300x300                              Ballerina-400x400                CUSTOM OPTIONS

DOG BREEDS                         Chi-pendant-300x300                             poodle-300x300

sterling-planished-spiral-earrings-300x300                             sterling-squares-light-blue-300x300                                     EARRINGS

ELLE BY AUBURN                   bird-300x300                         Breat-cancer-ribbon1-300x300

bunny-300x300                 Gecko-300x300                             EXOTIC ANIMALS

INITIAL PENDANTS                                             Orange-J-400x400                               Hot-Pink-A-300x300

Brass-guitar-pick-keychain-300x300                                   Magic-hat-keychain-300x300                                       KEYCHAINS

MINIS                                     mini-gold-heart-300x300                            mini-hearts-copy-300x300

IMG_0838-300x300                          mono-jenna-300x300                                         MONOGRAMS

NECKLACES                             Brass-NY-300x300                            sterling-and-sterling-california-pendant-300x300

sterling-planished-circle-necklace-300x300                          Double-interlocking-sterling-ring-300x300                                    PLANISHED PIECES

RINGS                                                                                          Sterling-and-gold-stacking-rings-300x300

teal-dog-bone-SPCA1-300x300                           black-fish-featured-300x300                                      SPCA

STATE PENDANTS                                                                          sterling-and-enamel-Cape-cod-teal-pendant-300x300

red-key-300x300                                                                  VALENTINE’S DAY






An Up Close Look at Monstruosité & More on Nolcha Fashion Week



So my first couple of posts are up for Nolcha Fashion Week, introducing the fashion week event & continuing the countdown with even more designers set to present. There are a couple of more designers added to the line-up and I will get to them at the end of this post. But for now, let’s take an even closer look and get to know even better one of the designer brands presenting at NFW — Monstruosité.


Monstruosité was launched in 2010 by designer and creative director Dolly Donshey, with a clear vision and mission of being a high fashion millinery brand. The main focus was to look beyond the actual design, to bring the concepts to life by integrating music, art, and theatrical elements. Monstruosité pieces have such a keen eye to the details and are always pushing the boundaries by experimenting with the unexpected. The company releases two lines seasonally, a couture line of statement pieces especially created for celebrities, stylists, and fashionistas around the globe, and a ready-to-wear collection for the everyday woman to look both confident and sexy.

10347715_712676452101951_5682326755070216638_n                             MonstruositeDollyDonsheySpringSummer12-04


 Again, the creative eye and visionary talent behind Monstruosité is Dolly Donshey. Dolly studied the art of hat-making under renowned milliner Jan Wutkowski. As far as Dolly & Monstruosité being a part of Nolcha Fashion Week, here is what she has to say — “My team and I are so excited to be a part of Nolcha Fashion Week because this event truly embodies the energy and creativity of independent designers and gives us a platform to share our vision to the world.”

11499_584260734943524_359997391_n                                                    DSC_4675


There is a likely unknown, yet fun fact about Monstruosité that I’m sure you would be surprised to know — I certainly was! The concept for every collection is conceived and solidified within about & ONLY 15 minutes. WOW! It of course takes time to then bring the concept to life and full form, but rarely is there a deviation from the original concept or design plan. Make sure to check out all of the brand’s previous collections, from “Frostbite” to “Cycles” to “Lola.”  You can also check out and enjoy some fun fashion films about the brand. And there are also several categories you can shop from if you see some pieces you enjoy — “Statement”, “Casual”, “Matrimony”, “The Races”, & “On Sale” pieces. Or you can take part of a full one-on-one special process and place a “Custom Order.”

10533490_712643192105277_5393177550339994144_n                                             10418225_712672452102351_4453659391231972559_n


 Monstruosité has received quite a bit of featured press, from celebs such as Carmen Electra donning one of the brand’s creations to major features in publications such as Zink, Gothesque, Vogue, Coco, En Vie, & more! The brand truly does create some very unique pieces. It would be hard not to stand out as a major fashionista in a Monstruosité original. Make sure you keep fully updated with the brand thru social media — you can check out its Tumblr page, Like on Facebook, or Follow on Twitter.

10527298_712647932104803_5754021791608003694_n   _MG_06681796562_652458768123720_152828623_n


So remember, as Monstruosité would say, THOU SHALT BE MONSTROUS!!

And now, let’s check out 2 more designers who are in the line-up to present for Nolcha Fashion Week.

HAUPT                                                                                 haupt

Haupt speaks to a casual elegance, a designer brand focused on high quality and wearable shirts.

34613_orig                                                        1854234_orig

katty-xiomara-designer-profile                                        KATTY XIOMARA

The Katty Xiomara woman is Elegant, voluptuous, poetic, idyllic and romantic.

katty-xiomara-nolcha-fashion-week-doost-lace-skirt                                                                 PBN_0405-s-682x1024







#MBFWSwim 2014 Part 4 — 1 Day Away!!


Here we are, last post, 1 day away from MBFW Swim 2014, and introducing the last batch of designers set to present their 2015 collections. Don’t forget to check out my previous posts — Day 2, Day 3, & Day 4. Again, here is the full list of designers and the entire schedule. But who is presenting on the last day — check out the designers, previous work images, & a little bit of brand information — ENJOY!!

SAUVAGE — July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

L426_grande                         Nina-Agdal-Sauvage-swimwear-12

Sauvage is a true family-owned business, all who work tirelessly, and with a passion for the apparel being created.

L422_2                         S415_grande

AGUACLARA SWIMWEAR — July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande


The team behind Aguaclara has not only great enthusiasm, but a clear vision to design custom-made swimwear.


AQUARELLA SWIMWEAR —  July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

4711.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4712.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

The Aquarella brand, it’s all about fun & fashionable swimwear with a little sophisticated sexiness on the side.

4709.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                3629.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

MIA MARCELLE — July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande


MIA Marcelle swimwear, designed in Napa Valley, made in the U.S.A., is a brand that reflects the Cali lifestyle — the elegance, beauty, sensual nature, and free-spirited, yet focused demeanor.


TOXIC SADIE SWIMWEAR — July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

TS1413_RAVISHING_pink1__38769.1400286365.220.330                TS1412 FIERCE black LOGO-LR        TS1411_white_Untamed__12827.1400304232.220.330

Toxic Sadie is a luxury swimwear line for fashion forward and style savvy women.

TS1407 t turq WEB

A.Z. ARAUJO — July 21st, 7 pm, Oasis

4424.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4431.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

The sexiness of Brazil + the chic modern presence of a NY consumer =’s A.Z. Araujo Designs.

4445.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4446.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

LILIANA MONTOYA SWIM —  July 21st, 8 pm, Cabana Grande


Rethink the boundaries of your imagination when it comes to swimwear, that’s what Montoya Swim has done!


MINIMALE ANIMALE — July 21st, 9 pm, Oasis

4774.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4777.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Yes, even swimwear can have a minimalistic quality and that’s what Minimale Animale is all about.

4781.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4786.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

INDAH — July 21st, 10 pm, Cabana Grande

4849.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                4867.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Indah IS an enigma, beautiful, exotic, genius, made by hand, and created with love.

4873.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4869.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480




MBFW Swim 2014 Part 3 — Even More Designers Set to Present!


So Day 2 & Day 3 posts, with designer information and images, are up regarding MBFW Swim. Again, here is the full list of designers and the entire schedule. But what about Day 4 — let’s check out those designers, their past work, & a little bit of brand information!

PROFILE & BLUSH BY GOTTEX — July 20th, 5 pm, Raleigh Pool

13856408844                           13713675490

Profile & Blush — made for you, as consumers, to enjoy! The brand invites you to find the perfect fit, basically, to have fun with the pieces by mixing & matching.

13713146427                              13713117186

GOTTEX — July 20th, 5:30 pm, Raleigh Pool

4467.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4466.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

When you think Gottex, think iconic, quality, fashionable, & glamorous — it has been that way since the brand’s inception — 1956, over 50 years in this business!

4468.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4458.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

CAFFE SWIMWEAR — July 20th, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

4541.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4540.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Caffe Swimwear is the Perfect Blend, from the exquisite use of luxurious materials, to the sexy & undeniably chic style, and finally to the flattering fit provided by each swimwear piece.

4545.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4537.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

BELUSSO — July 20th, 7 pm, Oasis

If you are into a laid-back, luxe lifestyle, then Belusso is the brand for you with an uncompromising fit, use of luxurious fabrics, & the ability to marry current fashion trends to resort-wear.


MEEGAN ELIZABETH HAWAII — July 20th, 7:30 pm, Penthouse

neu01mFanFsv4xRC2VewTL67c50kJYj1ka3pyTBa3I_large                    Meegan-51_647f1f8c-f778-4d78-b6c5-8327bfb159a1_large

A specialization in versatility, limited edition swimwear, & free-flowing island beachwear — that’s Meegan Elizabeth Hawaii!


LULI FAMA — July 20th, 8 pm, Cabana Grande

4522.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4523.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

So what is Luli Fama known for — a universally flattering fit, immaculate designs, eclectic mix of vibrant hues, bold prints — just to a name a few.

4524.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4530.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

SUBOO — July 20th, 9 pm, Oasis

3480.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658                            3481.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

Suboo swimwear & cover-ups are all about a masterful construction, while still maintaining wearability. You will find within this brand — fusing clean lines, signature prints, and bold colors.

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JANKELE — July 20th, 9:30 pm, Penthouse


Jankele transcends the code of a physical existence; it goes beyond the belief of what is ordinary.


6 SHORE ROAD BY POOJA — July 20th, 10 pm Cabana Grande

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6 Shore Road is a playful brand, but still with subtle edgy silhouettes — the pieces can be worn from dusk til dawn!

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