PR — The Finale

So yes, finally getting around to blogging about the final eps of Project Runway and definitely just happy to get it over with at this point. I got behind on the episodes, but ultimately, I wasn’t feeling these final few shows of the season, all in all, quite disappointing. And the way everything ended up with the final 4, it certainly wasn’t making me jump to my computer to blog away. But as an avid PR fan, blog away, I must, and I did want to applaud one designer I was happy with this season — Kelly. She was my winner for the season. More on that later, but first, a bit on the episode before the finale (yep, definitely not dedicating 2 separate posts for this finale!).

pr14-ep13-episode15So of course as the almost finale began, it was clear Edmond would be saved, despite the edit attempts of it all being drawn out. Tim Gunn save used. The designers were headed home with 9k to create a 10 look collection. The Tim visit of course came sooner rather than later and the designers were quite eager.


Tim advised Ashley to keep her hand natural when designing and not to go too matronly. For Candice, he made sure to warn her about over-designing, to keep an editing eye. Kelly found a fan in Tim, but he asked that she make sure her looks had a luxe feel, not to go the cheap route. And finally, with Edmond, he was left with a lot of work to do as not much had been accomplished.


The designers were back to NY, Kelly feeling as if she was done, while Edmond still had 3 looks to complete and he was not even unpacking! Tim came by shortly after everyone had settled into the workroom. He told the designers they would present 3 looks to the judges for feedback. However, one of those looks had to be brand spankin’ new, created just in that 1 day. The designers were then headed to Mood with a budget of $250, which could be used in any way to enhance their collection. At Mood, we saw some zipper wars and Edmond somehow racking up a whopping $395, way over budget!! It was then again Tim-time.


Tim instructed Kelly to think of proportion and Ashley received this same critique. With Edmond, it was all about what to present to the judges. And with Candice, there was worry over cohesion. So at this point I would cut to the judges’ critique on the 3-look presentation, but I will save that for my final discussion on each collection. So instead, I will skip to the next segment right before the final collections were presented at Fashion Week. After the judges’ critiques, the designers had 2 days to get to work and many had lots of work to do, well…..according to the judges.


The final episode of the season began with Tim allowing the designers to hit up Mood once more. Tim himself would do the shopping. Ashley & Kelly only took part, with no objection from Candice or Edmond. Tim later went over the judges’ notes with each designer. Brian Bolain of Lexus popped in to let the designers know they could make use of 2 Lexus coops to arrive in style for their shows. Lots of last minute craziness was of course occurring in this episode. But as per usual, everything seemed to go off without a hitch. And the guest judge on the presentations of the final 4 was country music superstar Carrie Underwood.


So without further delay, let’s get to the most important part of the finale of PR — the fashion week presentations. Ashley won, but I am going to begin with my choice for the winner, Kelly!


After the judges’ initial critiques I was afraid Kelly would drastically change up her collection as Candice did and that would have been such a shame. Kelly is a really cool designer and this is a very hip collection. I am not sure I can rock all of Kelly’s looks, but they do make me kind of want to try. Kelly is all about experimentation and she very much makes me want to experiment with my own fashion choices.


Kelly was the designer who stayed most true to herself. She has such a clear vision. She has a type of girl and this girl will go and buy these pieces. She has a unique spirit and you can see that in her work. Her styling was also very spot on, just such great work on the accessories, the hair (Sally Beauty), and the makeup (Mary Kay) — it was all spectacular.


When it came down to the judges thoughts, early on, Nina was quick to quip that she couldn’t tell what garment was made in only a day, because what she saw, it was hard to tell. She also said that this didn’t feel like a collection that was 9k worth. How the judges could think this, but somehow feel as if their winner Ashley’s collection looked like 9k, mind boggling! Like seriously! I think the tip to amp up the styling was a good thought, but overall, Kelly was lacking in judges’ support and the producers when it would come to naming her as the winner. There were other plans in mind!


But overall I applaud Kelly for staying true to herself all season. She was a dark horse and coming in 2nd was a huge accomplishment for her. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this talented lady in the future!



I wish Candice had channeled some Kelly vibes when it came to her final presentation. I will still keep an eye out for Candice in the future, but her major downfall in this finale was listening to the judges in their initial critique. Her collection could have used some downplay, but taking out most, if not all of the drama, spice, and intrigue was a major mistake. She had some highlights still, but her moment felt much more blah without the full on Candice I’m sure we all wanted to see.


If the winner was always going to be Ashley, even if Candice had gone full on in her presentation, it wouldn’t have gotten her the win, but it would have made her way more memorable. Having seen what was there before, it just really made me want more. I really just wanted to see that big ole’ dress she made, hoop skirt and all walk the runway!


And I think the last minute changes led to some of what the judges later critiqued on, which was fit issues. I’m not sure what the judges were going on about with cohesion. I totally still saw Candice in what she presented. And had she done it the way she initially intended, I think the cohesive elements would have in fact been stronger.


I’m sure she will present again and I’m sure she will not let anyone hold her back this time! But another great bit of work here from the Mary Kay team, Sally Beauty squad, and Just Fab accessories!



Edmond, sadly, was the throwaway of the final 4. He started out so strong this season, but started to lag in the final few challenges. Tim Gunn had a save to use and thus he was saved. But based on this collection, it was not needed. The judges’ critiques early on were about ampin’ up the sexy vibe they had come to know from Edmond. But that was my biggest issue I had with his final pieces — where and who was Edmond??


I’m not sure based off these final pieces if I could pick an Edmond original out in the future. This collection left me wondering who he is as a designer. There were some pretty dresses here, but nothing inventive or too creative. In fact, the one piece I adored the most from Edmond, below, is the one I see as the least like him of the bunch.


More gorgeous work from Mary Kay, Sally Beauty and the Just Fab accessories!


This work reminded me of Edmond’s Just Fab challenge win — the sexy red dress. It was a gorgeous dress, so sexy, so wearable, but a bit of a snooze-fest in the way of being unique. Nothing really here knocked me out of my socks or was that intriguing. I wasn’t taking too many 2nd glances. I’m sure a lot of women would want to wear some of these dresses, but likely wouldn’t know who they were wearing. It wouldn’t me memorable enough for them to want repeat looks by the designer.



This leaves us with discussing the winner of Project Runway this season, Ashley. I have loved so many of Ashley’s looks this season. But as the season dwindled down, I became less and less of a fan. There always seemed to be so much drama and so many tears. I was kind of over it after a bit. And then came her final presentation — a first ever for PR, a plus size collection. I applaud the effort and I was happy she went for it, but to me, she came up sub-par.


I know I am not the only one to think this or to even say it, but Ashley won this season solely so PR could get the headline — “First plus-size designer wins PR.” It was all about the press and the headline because it surely wasn’t about these pieces. It was an okay collection, but there were so many fit issues and so many flaws. There were very few standouts. I was also unimpressed by the repetition — lots of crop tops and skirts — yawnnnnnn!


And the only way I think 9k was utilized on this collection was because of the headpieces. They were gorgeous and looked more thought out than some of pieces. But yes, we sure had to hear enough about them. I think Ashley missed out by not using any prints, but many of these pieces didn’t feel luxe to me. And I again point out the flaws — all of the shorts were so ill-fitting.


The color palette didn’t lend a hand in that department either, so many baby pinks and light teals, left the collection lacking in a rich, special quality. The exception is this look below, which was oddly enough the one she banged out in a day. The deep color was beautiful and the overall quality was heightened.


One other standout was the floral motif skirt below and it was a bit of a showpiece, but one of very few that looked like work was put into it and even some of that 9k.


I digress again, it seemed as if the end was predetermined — that a larger vision was in the midst. It’s happened before where the winner was a bit questionable and I’m sure it will happen again in the future. But for an overall disappointing season, I didn’t expect much here.


A final rant/note then on reunion episode, which of course was filled with some laughs, drama, and intriguing aspects. But of course the focus was back to the most drama-filled episode this season, we all know it, the “Mean Girls” episode. And yes, I use quotation marks because I questioned the episode back then and still question the big deal over it now. I loved that it was pointed out that the girls were all being judged, yet none of the guys got called out for not picking Ashley. I don’t care if they had a plan to not do so. If she was such a great designer, one whom everyone should have wanted to work with, how only the female cast should take the blame is beyond ridiculous. She didn’t lend much to the creative process and her look was pretty much crap that week. It was one of the worst ones, so she should have taken some heat on this. She had already gotten one free ride from the Hallmark challenge, so to see her put out another bad look on the runway was clearly an issue in my opinion. It seemed to me as if all of a sudden, just this episode, those few girls were dubbed as mean girls, no mention of this before and really there was no evidence of anything shown in the episode where these girls were badmouthing Ashley or treating her so poorly. If the drama was there, the producers would have shown more. It was such a stretch. And then poof, it was all soon forgotten. No more mean girls the rest of the season, yet somehow, in the reunion episode, it was all brought up again.

Very much ready at this point for All-stars, next season, anything to get true competitive juices flowing again!

2015 AMAs — Best Dressed

Definitely some stunning looks at the 2015 American Music Awards, and thus, here is my best dressed list. Enjoy!!

Danica McKellar


Danica is a shimmering goddess in this pink-a-licious look by Shalik USA.

Demi Lovato


Demi went old-school Hollywood glam in this long-sleeved, black Lorena Sarbu dress with gold embellishments and an open back.


Fifth Harmony


As per usual, the Fifth Harmony ladies looked super amazing, some super sexy, while others were ultra glam.

Camilla donned an asymmetrical black Gemy Maalouf dress with lace outlining on the trim of the bodice. Accessorizing her look were black BCBG Max Azria heels and Kendra Scott jewelry.

Dinah opted for a super luxe look, a black Phillip Plein gown, Shay jewelry, makeup by Clarissa Luna, and styling by Bobby Wesley.

Alicia Silverstone


Alicia, I mean wow, channeling all of that 90210 Clueless style by wearing a fully gold-sequined Christian Siriano gown, accessorizing with Eva Fehren and Logan Hollowell rings, and Casa Reale earrings.



I’ve seen this dress right on the runway and happy to now seeing it being rocked by someone as sexy and gorgeous as Ciara. She is wearing a strategically embellished dress by Reem Acra, plus black Stuart Weitzman sandals.


Bailee Madison


Bailee looked regal and refined, perhaps a bit surpassing her young age, but beautiful nonetheless in a long-sleeved, molten House of CB mini, paired with metallic, pointed-toe Steve Madden pumps.

Paula Abdul


Paula looked radiant and ravishing in this couture Charbel Zoe gown — love the sheer effect, lace details, and wow factor.

Various Stylings of J.Lo

J.Lo slayed as a host, but also with various looks she donned throughout the evening. For each of her looks, here are a few style details —


Mesmerizing sheer lace Charbel Zoe


Work of art like ombre A-line dress dripping in Swarovski crystals, courtesy of Michael Cinco, paired with bedazzled Christian Louboutin pumps, diamond and ruby Neil Lane rings.


Nude, cut-outs, and on point in Balmain.


Beautiful navy, caped Zuhair Murad

Wilmer Valderrama


Dapper and sexy, all black, by John Varvatos.

Happy Thanksgiving from Fashion Nexus!!


Thanksgiving and more of the fall season approaches this week. With that in mind, let’s get in the mindset with some fall, holiday inspired looks. So whether you are taking part in a momentous family dinner or out with friends this fall, get in the spirit and let these looks below inspire your Autumn season looks!



Charly Dress


Hedo Dress


Althea Skirt



Sleeveless Jacquard Midi Dress with Beaded Belt


Striped Jacquard Midi Skirt



Maximum Audacity Dress


Exultant Consultant Dress



Janelle Metallic Lace Dress


Savannah Sweater Dress



Antique Romance Look





Floral lace top


Velvet Tie-Side Tunic



Embroidered Mesh Top


Shaded Waves Top


Tailored Tapestry Skirt



Faye Button-Up Dress




From Fashion Nexus…..


2015 Victoria Secret Fashion Show

I can’t wait to watch the Victoria Secret fashion show when it airs in December, but with all of the images and details already out, I had to go ahead and share some of my fave looks! And what a special year 2015 is for VS, as it marks the 20th anniversary for the runway show — you read that right, the first show was in 1995.

Stars included first-timers Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. And let’s not forget about musical performances by The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding, and Selena Gomez.


image (5)

So without further delay, here are the looks that really caught my eye! Enjoy!

Joan Smalls

image (1)

Shanina Shaik

image (7)

Alessandra Ambrosio


Sui He


Gigi Hadid


Lily Aldridge

image (3)

Constance Jablonski


Alessandra Ambrosio

image (6)

Elsa Hosk


Behati Prinsloo


Cindy Bruna


Kendall Jenner



Adriana Lima


Candice Swanepoel

image (8)

Romee Strijd


PR Designers Go Red Carpet

So it’s that exciting time on PR, the final challenge before Fashion Week. And for this challenge, the designers traveled to the glamour capital of the world, LA, to create red carpet looks. LA and red carpets of course go hand in hand; it’s the city where the lights shine bright and the stars shine even brighter. The designers would visit L.A. to get inspired and also work there. So needless to say, the fight was on for the final 4.


Upon arrival, the designers met Tim by the Best Western hotel pool. He was alongside Tammy Lucas of Best Western. The winning designer for this challenge would receive 100 free room nights at any Best Western worldwide. The designers were off to sketch at a gorgeous home in the Hollywood Hills, a great vantage point for inspiration. Keltie Knight, The Insider correspondent, later met with the designers to encourage them to bring the drama, color, and to make sure they took risks. It was then off to Mood, the start of a 2-day challenge, with a budget of $400.


After Mood, the designers headed to their new workroom for this challenge at FIDM. Ashley was making multiple plans. Edmond was talking to his fabric, very unsure of his initial cut, while Kelly was unsure on the silhouette. As Day 2 began, Kelly was pressed for time and really needed Tim-time. With that, Tim encouraged Candice to remain flawless. He told Ashley to steer clear from over-designing. With Edmond, it was all about not being afraid — fear never conquers. And from the convo with Kelly, the direction led to that of a jumpsuit.


After Tim-time, Edmond knew it was time to cut. He stared his form down, but soon it was that time and he cut right on the form. While Edmond was in cutting woes, Kelly was on fit concern patrol. Ashley mentioned concern for Candice because she made a black dress. Although I’m 100% positive that almost every red carpet has a few black looks on the red carpet — GEEZ!


That was a wrap on the L.A. work and it was back to NYC for the runway show. Kelly’s fit concerns dwindled down and Ashley was in dire need of a strap. Edmond was on a rampage though, still shortening and cutting his look.


This week’s guest judge was Christian Siriano.


It was a bit on the safer side, but my fave look this week was Candice. The back of this dress is stunning. I could very much see it on the red carpet. Depending on the wearer, it might get more recognition, but this was certainly deserving for Candice to then go to Fashion Week.


Shout-out — Gorgeous, luxe beauty, both with Mary Kay makeup & Sally Beauty hair, also, such elegant accessory choices, JustFab, the earrings!

-project-runway--sea (3)

The judges however named Kelly as the winner. And I could see why. This was a very intriguing look. I didn’t love the fit of the top portion and not such a fan of the triangular cutout, but the vision here was superb. The textile print creation was far above & beyond what anyone else did.

I wasn’t totally in love with Ashley’s gown. She had a great concept and vision, but to me, it wasn’t well-executed and that took away from the runway wow factor. The strap and top portion was definitely off.


Shout-outs — So chic, both with the luxe makeup Mary Kay look & blown out, wavy do by Sally Beauty


Edmond for sure was the one to go on this challenge — hands down! It was so obvious. This print could have done all of the work here. And in almost any other silhouette, Edmond would have been A-okay. But for him to pick this silhouette, super short and wings, I was confused. The judges were far too kind here. He was out, but of course we all knew Tim Gunn would use his save come the next episode.

Shout-out — Another great Sally Beauty updo!

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PR Goes Avant Garde-ish?!?

The avant garde challenge is always a fave for PR, so did these designers live up to the hype?!? We shall soon find out, but first, let’s break down the details. This season there was a slight addition in that each designer could make use of 3D printing technology to incorporate into their avant garde looks. The designers met Tim to get their instructions.

pr14-ep11-episode1Tim was joined by Annie Shaw, Creative Director of 3D Systems. The designers would be taking NYC landmarks to life thru the use of the 3D printing technology. The NYC landmarks serving as the inspirations for this challenge were the various bridges of the East river — the Queensboro, Manhattan, and Brooklyn bridges. Kelly as the winner selected first and the button bag determined the fate for the other designers.

  • Kelly — Brooklyn
  • Candice — Queensboro
  • Merline — Queensboro
  • Edmond — Manhattan
  • Ashley — Manhattan


The winning designer this week would take home a Cube 3D printer with accessories. During the designers’ sketch time, they worked with a 3d modeling expert to assist in creating a 3D textile. After that, the designers were off to Mood with a budget of $200 to get them going on this 2-day challenge. Day 1 back in the workroom involved a great deal of planning and some watching of the 3D printer doing its work!


As day 2 commenced, the designers were all eager to finally see their 3D textiles. Ashley was quickly in worry mode, wondering if she did enough with pushing her creative bounds with the 3D technology. Later it was Tim-time. Tim was feeling Candice’s passion with her work, also being quite impressed with Edmond. Tim was very concerned though with Merline, wondering what her plan was. And with Kelly, he made sure to tell her let’s not do a Brooklyn bridge costume.


As the day winded down, Ashley was in more worry-mode, thinking of how best to make use of her 3D textiles. All while Merline and Kelly seemed to be having some interesting, amusing convos.


This week’s guest judge was former Spice Girl Mel B.


Shout-out — Love the dark, smoky beauty look, Mary Kay


Kelly was the much-deserved winner this week as her garment was the closest thing to actually being avant-garde. It definitely takes some getting used to, but the more I look at this, I have grown to like it.


I know Mel B. loved Candice’s gown as she offered to wear it. And I too am a fan. It’s definitely sculptural at the bottom, not really all that avant garde, but it is a superbly made, gorgeous gown. Candice too also used her 3d pieces the most creatively and she put the most thought into it. Other designers’ looks were too not avant garde, but they also then let the 3-d aspect fall to the wayside. So I appreciate Candice making an amazing look, but also being so creative with the 3-d printing.


The judges were correct here in noting a disconnect. But I love the polka dot under portion. I think that is very snazzy & chic. I’m again not sure this is at all avant garde and Ashley really didn’t make great use of the 3-D aspect, but I appreciate the work put forth and she put something down the runway that was still fashion forward and trendy.



Edmond’s look was another that was not avant garde. He was clever with the 3-D aspect, but overall, I was underwhelemd here. There was nothing too special here.


Sorry, but I’ve not been a huge Merline fan and after this look, it was definitely her time to go — a little overdue if you ask me. This look was poorly made and there was nothing innovative about it. And then in terms of her 3-D pieces, she created nothing imaginative and then she just placed them to the side of the bodice. There was no thought put forth here.



Best Dressed — 2015 CMA Awards

Nashville didn’t disappoint on the 2015 CMA red carpet — lots of glam and sparkle — what a fashionable night!

Kellie Pickler


Kellie looks full on elegant & glam in this deep-V midnight-blue Rubin Singer gown with Open Hearts by Jane Seymour earrings and a Leibish & Co. sapphire ring.

Danielle Bradbery

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

Danielle is fiercely rockin’ her Oglia-Loro black dress with a sheer, lace-embellished skirt. Her other look details include —

Cassadee Pope

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

Cassadee looked radiant in her sheer and golden lace gown by Jean Fares Couture. Her glam squad consisted of Neil Robison. And her stunning earrings were courtesy of Townsend Style.

Kimberly Perry


Kimberly was polished and chic in this all black Anthony Vaccarello dress with an asymmetrical sleeve and intriguing side details along the other side.

Kelsea Ballerini

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

Kelsea, such a beauty, and so beautiful in this champagne tulle-skirt Paolo Sebastian gown with an embellished bodice. To complete her look —

Trisha Yearwood

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

Not sure of the designer details here, but Trisha looks gorgeous in this fully embellished and sparkly fitted gown. Such a stunner!

Kelly Fairchild

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

Another look I’m going without designer details on, but I can’t help but be instantly intrigued with Kelly’s look in this sheer embellished look — golden magnificence!

Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina worked the red carpet in her fully embellished Theia gown — such great details and colors!


Maddie Marlow & Tae Dye

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

Maddie & Tae were golden perfection, both in similarly colored looks, Maddie in a shimmery golden, deep V-neck gown and Tae in a more muted palette, a shorter length dress with an embellished bodice.

Haley Orrantia


Designer details aside, these are some exquisite numbers this year at the CMAs, inclusive of Haley in this royal purple floral cinched waistline gown, so picturesque.

Carrie Underwood

I wasn’t so much of a fan of Carrie’s red carpet look, but her onstage numbers were by far superior. And huge thanks to Almay Cosmetics for providing her with such a stunning beauty look for the night’s festivities.

So above, we have a fresh off of the runway Leanne Marshall gown.

49th Annual CMA Awards - Show

Here, we have a red & pink Rani Zakhem dress, purple Guiseppe Zanotti heels, Anne Sisteron earrings, and a Le Vian ring.


And here, another superb Leanne Marshall gown — love the color!

Jana Kramer & Mike Caussin

49th CMA Awards - Arrivals

I am vastly impressed by how freaking amazing Jana looks, all while being pregnant of course!! I am just so in love with this navy custom Galia Lahav gown and some lovely jewelry by Sutra, Le Vian, and Brumani.


Luke Bryan & Caroline Boyer


Never a dull red carpet moment with these duo, always such a dynamic pair!!

Brett Eldredge

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

And what best dressed list is complete without a couple of handsome gents to make mention of. Firstly, Brett, who is looking quite dapper in his navy suit, great addition with the bowtie.

Dierks Bentley

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

We then have Dierks, so handsome in his black ensemble with a grey plaid undershirt, definitely a standout male look for the evening!


What’s Your Hair-O-Scope?!?


It is such a treat, when as a blogger, I’m approached to take part in fun topics. Madison Reed, a hair color company that has re-engineered permanent color to give women everywhere a healthier, high performance option at home, has invited Fashion Nexus to take part in discussing Hair-O-Scopes!!

DSC00899-684x1024    DSC00714-833x1024

Whether it’s our careers or our love lives, the twelve astrological signs give insight into our individual paths and personalities. Did you know that you can consult the constellations about your hair, too? Based on the traits of the different zodiac signs, Madison Reed has created a unique Hair-o-Scope. And of course the question on everyone’s mind will be, do I agree or disagree with what my sign says about my hair?!?


dsc00362   CKINrV8WcAAgD6G

So as a Virgo, I am characterized as hard-working & practical. So far, yes, 100% in agreement. I definitely consider myself a very hard worker. I always have so much going on and am rarely content with only 1 actual job. I am a legal recruiter, fashion blogger, online magazine editor, and of course, in between, I am always taking on other projects. And yes, practicality is what my life is all about.

11060012_10205574659341165_801276127240626617_n    1796068_10202465259688117_303230709_o-226x300

My good hair day is apparently sleek & classic. I would definitely at least say my good hair days are when it is frizz-free, but I wouldn’t disagree with sleek & classic. If my hair is looking sleek, it means I have taken the time to get up, straighten my hair, and really letting my long locks be shown. And in terms of classic hair approaches, yes, I do agree as I often style my hair straight, wavy, or up via ponytail or updo.

428888_2967952073185_892503961_n1   1711

My brilliant hair tip is to stay true to myself by sticking with a natural looking hue. I have always been a brunette. This has always been my base. I have made use of highlights before, but ultimately, I do agree that a dark brown color is my best color. I have toyed with the idea of maybe another hint of color, but definitely not sure if I am ready!

100_4758   131

More additional notes from my Madison Reed Hair-O-Scope — Even the virtuoso Virgo can use some guidance to gain peace of mind. I can amplify my perfectionist nature by keeping things simple, so my wisdom shines through.

100_5184   101

Embrace the concept of perfecting the little details by selecting a hue that’s close to your natural hair color with glints of complementary tones. Let your post-shower waves hang loose, even if just for one day to see how you like it. Discover the joy of unplanned beauty! And these are bits of advice I will certainly take with me on my next salon visit — glints of complementary tones & unplanned beauty!

20150716_184145-1-371x1024   20150509_1517571-576x1024

You can too find out about your Hair-O-Scope, but here are a few details on each sign on what your good hair day looks like —

  • Sagittarius — fashion forward & pretty
  • Gemini — fashionable & photo ready
  • Libra — fun & frizz free
  • Scorpio — free flowing & soft
  • Taurus — graceful & chic
  • Aries — sleek & controlled
  • Pisces — face framing & flattering
  • Leo — tousled & untamed
  • Aquarius — voluminous & flowing free
  • Cancer — soft & smooth
  • Capricorn — smooth & under control

11150529_10205525563313795_8395180391240812170_n   dmitry

So after checking your hair-o-scope, do you agree?!?

Here is another little bit of fun from Madison Reed, a quiz, which aides you in finding your perfect hair color!! With just 8 quick questions, you can see which Madison Reed colors are best for your hair. I definitely checked this out for myself, and I have received a range from warm browns such as Venezia or Messina brown to a Palermo or Positano black.

DSC00887-503x1024   DSC00844-709x1024

And here is one very fun aspect to this piece, a GIVEAWAY!! Yes, that is right, Fashion Nexus is getting back on track and doling about some free goodies. And what better goodies are there then hair products galore —

  • Rusk — Freezing spray, texture spray, & paste
  • Ecru — Luxe treatment shampoo, protective silk conditioner, sunlight styling spray
  • Oribe — shampoo, conditioner, & sculpting cream
  • Tresemme — keratin 7 day smooth treatment
  • Mirror & comb set


All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and let me know if you agree with your hair-o-scope! Make sure to include in your comment your full name & email so I can contact you if you are the winner!! The giveaway will end Sunday, November 25th.

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Hair-O-Scopes and my take on mine!!

dsc00365   dsc00188

PR Designers & PR Crew Combine!

PR sneaks in every season the challenge where the designers have to design for real women. And by that, it means there model for the week is not a model, but rather your everyday woman. This season was a bit more special in that the real woman makeover would be for members of the PR crew. This would also be a Sally Beauty challenge as Libby Bisanz and Gregory Patterson of Sally Beauty joined Tim to hand down the challenge details. So each designer would have their woman and was responsible for their own look —  no blame games! They were to create a look going from workday to runway extraordinary. And the sky was the limit in terms of the direction of the look.


Gregory was on board this week to work with each designer/woman team for their entire makeover effect — new cut & color. So with the details set forth, everyone began with excitement for this 2-day challenge and a budget of $200. The initial excitement soon faded though with Merline in jacket woes, Ashley in tears, and Swapnil back on the smoke train.


As day 2 began it was soon time for not just Tim-time, but also fittings. Tim was quite invested in this challenge because it is the PR crew. Tim advised Kelly she might need more. With Candice, he was seeing oatmeal. Did Edmond have a camel toe issue? But it was Swapnil who was again the center of attention. Tim was over the BS and then dropped the F bomb. While other designers were having issues with their looks, Swapnil was have issues with his look and really working with his model’s needs. Tim ended up telling everyone that they truly needed to rally and they could have another fitting. But even with the 2nd fitting, Swapnil was still having issues.


The morning of, Swapnil was still having troubles and as always, Merline was running around! Guest judges this week were the starts of Lifetime’s new show Unreal, Shiri Appleby & Constance Zimmer.


So my main issue this week, with this challenge, is that I only feel like 1 designer kind of stepped up to the plate here and that was the winner, Kelly. Last week was a disappointment and I don’t think these looks were much better. It seems as if too many designers as of late are resting on their laurels and not really pushing themselves. I know the heavy focus for this was put on Swapnil the past few weeks. But really, quite a few others have too been dropping the ball and I wouldn’t have put all of the heat on Swapnil.

Shout-out — Love the new Sally Beauty do, great job on a clean, natural makeup look by Mary Kay, also great accessories to the look, JustFab


I’m not sure if I could rock Kelly’s look for Ashleigh, but Ashleigh sure does. Kelly created a look that was great looking, but also what her client wanted. It was also still very much Kelly’s voice in the piece, which many other designers were looking.

Shout-outs — another great makeover look from both Sally Beauty & Mary Kay!


I guess a runner-up look this week was Merline’s 3-piece set for Katie. Although runner-up has a little meaning here since the rest were all very so-so. I think it was great Merline did create a jacket because outside of that she made a tank with a slit skirt, not much there! But really the jacket was ok, nothing to stellar. And ultimately, Katie never wanted a jacket. Merline found fortune in that everyone else kind of blew it this week, but I’m still not that impressed with her output this week.


I guess then in the standards of everyone else not stepping up, this meant too that Edmond was either safe or in the top 3, which is utterly odd with his creation for the week. It was just such a yawn and the raincoat and dress had such a disconnect. With Kelly being the winner this week, I see the standard as give your client what they want, make it be exciting, and it should represent your designer aesthetic. It seems as if Edmond pleased Desiree, but again, the look wasn’t exciting and I didn’t see Edmond in the look at all.


To start off the bottom 3, we can then move to Candice. At first glance I didn’t hate this, but upon closer inspection, the positives do start to fade. I do see what the judges are saying in that this kind of crosses a line. It’s not Candice’s best work, although Monique didn’t seem to mind. I think Candice just had a hard time thinking more RTW, just as the last challenge, but also maintaining her voice.


It was kind of clear that Swapnil was going out this week, but I think if the judges had sent 2 designers home, Ashley should have been in the mix. She has had some great looks this season, but she has also put down the runway some not so great ones. And when she is on the not so great line, it really is not great! The most disappointing aspect was this was Ashley’s challenge, among all of the others. She prides herself on designing for plus-sized, everyday women. But to see that this is what she created, it’s like really?? I believe Ashley tries to rely to much on prints, but what makes it worse is then the use of a print in an unimaginative silhouette, such as here, a fitted dress with peplum, woohoo! Poor Nicole!


So yes, this meant that Swapnil was out. My thinking on him is just that PR is not for him. I’ve seen his work pre-PR and it was super stunning. I’ve caught an eye at his decoy collection for the finale and it was too mesmerizing. This to me would never scream Swapnil. But I will say that Jennifer was quite a difficult client. I think any other designer who could have been paired with her would have run into some issues. I’m not sure she was getting the concept of “makeover”, or even that she wanted one. With a makeover, you should seek something special and really collaborate to fulfill a fantasy. Swapnil did get lost here and out of answers as to what Jennifer wanted. Such a shame, but I would be very intrigued to have seen what this girl would have been pleased with that would have been showstopping on a runway!