Nicholas K — “Gaumy” — From Historical Photography to High-Fashion


Nicholas K recently showcased their bold & dramatic Fall/Winter 2014 collection during MBFW/NYFW. A couple of fun “1st facts” — this was the 1st show in Lincoln Center’s new venue, the Pavilion & Nicholas K was the 1st/opening show for MBFW; how cool!

Nick_K_2014_Look 45

This collection is of course brought to us by the sister/brother duo design team for Nicholas K, Nicholas & Christopher Kunz. The collection is entitled “Gaumy.” The inspiration is the famous photo series, “Men at Sea” by French photographer & filmmaker Jean Gaumy. The picture gives off a very specific vibe and that is what’s best encapsulated within this collection — darkness, coldness, & a mysterious world. Nicholas further explains the choices behind this inspirational series — “the documented voyages by Gaumy between 1984 and 1998 tell a story of struggles of deep-sea fisherman in a heroic tone. The visual aspect lets us appreciate the struggle between human and nature, mind, and body.”


PAR13162Naturally with a somewhat darker inspiration comes a darker color palette within the collection. Nicholas & Christopher wanted to make sure a sense of cold isolation & life at sea were conceptualized so they used navy Atlantic blues, midnight blacks, charcoal greys, warm burgundies, neutral creams, and an ocean abstract print.


Nick_K_2014_Look 12

Nick_K_2014_Look 17

Nick_K_2014_Look 23

Nick_K_2014_Look 44

There is a lot of variety not just with color in the collection, but also the silhouettes. They are slouchy yet sophisticated, lots of layers, & really encompassing the brand’s signature — ease with an edge. Further, the brand is known for their multi-functional knits and leathers. But the Kunz’s don’t just settle. Instead, they deliver new styles, double zippers, multiple pockets and mixed fabrics. Examples of this are with the cable knits with leather sleeves and denim detailings, sometimes worn with wide leg trousers or wrap around leggings.

Nick_K_2014_Look 10

Nick_K_2014_Look 13

Nick_K_2014_Look 18

Nick_K_2014_Look 29

Nick_K_2014_Look 43

The dynamic duo design team grew up in Arizona and still pursue active outdoor lifestyles. They look to this for inspiration, ways to dress outdoors, and for protections from the weather and/or the environment. With that, creamy handknit cable sweaters are worn with slouchy pants tucked into boots, or rolled up leather fisherman shorts over leggings, with high collar buckle jackets and quilted, hooded parkas. It’s all a perfect mixture & interplay of functional high-fashion!

Nick_K_2014_Look 4

Nick_K_2014_Look 7

Nick_K_2014_Look 9

Nick_K_2014_Look 25

Nick_K_2014_Look 31

And no collection is complete without the attention to detail! The collection is styled with handknit fisherman hats with leather straps and industrial fisherman boots with detailing such as nautical knots and handmade rope jewelry.

Nick_K_2014_Look 6

Nick_K_2014_Look 24

Nick_K_2014_Look 26

Nick_K_2014_Look 41

Nick_K_2014_Look 42

There were some VIP attendees who cheered the brand on — Ryan Star (Musician), Eric West (Actor), Tashiana Washington (Actress), Mary Ellen Mark (Legendary Photographer), Martin Bell (Director), & Shaun Ross (Model/Actor).

Ryan+Star+Front+Row+Nicholas+K+Show+4wf55nKA9Ujl     Tashiana+Washington+MBFW+Front+Row+Nicholas+olhu-a8Wg4Dl     Martin+Bell+Nicholas+K+Front+Row+Fall+2012+IJKKxoMuRq-lSHOUT – OUTS











Wildfox for Fall/Winter 2014 — Jane Austen, Florals, Romance & More

Wildfox_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week4WILDFOX‘s Creative Director Kimberley Gordon presented the label’s Fall 2014 collection,  Sense & Eccentricity, which was inspired by “Jane Austen, England and sisters.” This was the brand’s first runway show at New York Fashion Week. How EXCITING & WOW what a show! When you think about the collection, remember these inspirational words from Austen — “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

Kimberley+Gordon+Wildfox+Backstage+Mercedes+1fUuJtn54aOlWords that certainly come to mind with this collection are cozy, romantic, & dramatic. The looks are ones you might find yes, while lounging around at home. But you could also find it for streetwear casual chic style, out for the day with the girls (lunch, shopping) or really anywhere you want to invoke an easy breezy vibe.

Wildfox_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week6Romanticism comes about in the soft color tones & bright florals. There are certainly some bolder prints & colors, but also intermixed are soft greys, blush pinks, sky blues, nudes, & whites. No collection is complete without a little bit of drama. And for WILDFOX that includes the textual messages, the flowing long skirts, and the imaginative figures on some of the blouses, such as a swan or drummer.

Wildfox_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week2So what can be seen in this collection — gorgeous wooly knits, super-soft thermals, sets & separates, rich/dark/lavish colors, florals, fun prints, stand-out texts, & more! The brand listed it’s own stand-out styles, but here are some of mine!

Wildfox - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Wildfox - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014






The show featured music by Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis,  hair by Jorge Luis  for PRIVE, make up by Sarah Lucero for STILA, nails by INCOCO, location being Pier 59 Studios, set design by Andrea Huelseand Production & PR by People’s Revolution.

Wildfox_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week7VIP attendees included Nicky Hilton, Barron Hilton, Skylar Grey, Diane Guerrero (Orange is the New Black), Jackie Cruz (Orange is the New Black), Jasamine White-Gluz (Musician), and  Connor Hanwick (Musician, The Drums).

Nicky Hilton             Wildfox+Backstage+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+_aGvSRZ1QdCl          Skylar+Grey+Wildfox+Backstage+Mercedes+Benz+k7IsbUlXM5bl

natalie-suarez-natalie-off-duty-at-wildfox-fall-winter-2014-runway-show-nycWILDFOX also gives a shout-out to a few VIP Bloggers –Arielle Nachmani (Something Navy), Courtney Trop (Always Judging), Alexandra Spencer (4th and Bleeker), William Yan (William Yan), Aimee Song (Song of Style), Natalie Suarez (Natalie Off Duty), Danielle Bernstein (We Wore What), and Olivia Lopez (Lust for Life) and many more.

Wildfox_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week5Some background on the brand — it’s a Los Angeles-based women’s label founded in 2007, known for their iconic campaigns, dreamlike quality, and clothes that tell a story. There is also WILDFOX Kids, which launched in 2009, and is an adaptation of the women’s line.

Wildfox_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week3The brand can be found in retail boutiques nationwide including Ron Herman, Planet Blue, Akira, and Shopbop, along with select department stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.  Internationally, Wildfox is distributed in over 30 countries worldwide and can be found in such stores as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Matches, and TSUM.

Wildfox_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection_New_York_Fashion_Week1Featured press for the brand, some major highlights include — Sports Illustrated, NY Post, 17, US Weekly, Self, OK, Nylon, & more. Many celebs have worn the brand, such as — January Jones, Taylor Swift, Bella Thorne, Ashlee Simpson, Kylie Jenner, AJ Michalka, Aly Michalka, Vanessa Hudgens, Beyonce, Kaley Cuoco, Kate Hudson, Mila Kunis, Lily Collins, & more.














Fall 2014 by Bespoken — “Tailored Vandal”

DSC00261I was very excited to attend another presentation for BESPOKEN, as I attended one last September. BESPOKEN took part in the 2014 NY Menswear Day for NYFW, which was presented/hosted by Agentry PR & Cadillac. There was a lot to look at on this day and BESPOKEN certainly didn’t disappoint!

DSC00256The underlying basis or inspiration for this 2014 collection is “Downtown NY meets the London East End.” Think — late nights, dark alleys, banging on drums, cigarette butts, wheatpasted subways, wandering artists. The title of the collection is “Tailored Vandal.” It’s all a great take on menswear. And menswear for BESPOKEN is crafted from the finest materials & to the highest specifications.

2014.02.05_Bespoken0004-869x580The color palette for this collection is certainly fitting to the dark nightlife inspirations of NY & London. There is a good deal of black & grey, but in various shades and set upon different textiles and fabrics. A few other hues make some appearances though — burgundy/deeper red, navy blue, & hunter/olive green. The colors and hues really do remind me of what I think of with the various inspirations — concrete streets, dark night skies, and more.

2014.02.05_Bespoken0007-869x580Versatility in a collection is of utmost important and it certainly comes about when there are lots of separates and also a great mix textiles and fabrics. With BESPOKEN, there are suits, outerwear, and casual pieces. The suit might be a bit more traditional in a solid grey, or a bit more daring in a grey plaid. The outerwear varies from trenches to leather pieces to even hoodies. To add more to the mix of separates, there are some great knit sweaters and collared shirts.

2014.02.05_Bespoken0006-869x580BESPOKEN has done an outstanding job for this collection, aka “Tailored Vandal.” Here are just a few of the looks which caught my eye!
























UTG Teams’ Challenge: Well Who Expected That?!?

From the preview last week and ones shown throughout this past week, I’m sure everyone was thinking the same thing — Nick’s team was going to implode with some DRAMA! Surely this was the making of their looks being in the bottom. Well, half of that is true! Nick’s group, Oscar, Natalia, & Stephanie, certainly had some dramatic moments, but were not the bottom group. So how did this all unfold?

This week, once again, was the somewhat dreaded, but ever-entertaining team challenges, which PR is known for. Before beginning, we got to see a little more discussion between the designers and mentors about the whole Nick/Isabelle situation. I still don’t feel sorry at all for Isabelle and I don’t think Nick would do that to anyone else on his team. But it was nice that Nick still took some blame and apologized, very classy! Isabelle broke rules and for me, was disrespectful to the whole process so GOOD RIDDANCE!

Pool_at_Getty_Villa                                            imagesEveryone was then off to the immaculate Getty Villa, home to inspired costumes, architecture, art, structure, & much more! Special guest judge, Emmy nominated costume designer, and the costume designer for the recently released action film Pompeii, Wendy Partridge was alongside Tim Gunn to provide instructions for this week’s challenge. The surroundings and the movie were all to be utilized by the designers this week for inspirations. The teams were set based on mentors. Each team was to create a mini-collection of 3 cohesive looks. The designers were told to make wearable pieces, not costumes. The designers were then off to work.

UTG01-ep6-episode25Sketch-time showcased the beginning of a somewhat rough road ahead for Nick’s team. They were all over the place, while the 2 other teams were good to go! Nick thought his team needed “hands-on” Nick, ahhhhh! Things did not get better as the teams went shopping at Mood with their $500 budget. Nick’s team were all in major disagreements, while everyone else was working like they were BFFs!

The designers were all back in the workroom and Oscar/Natalia/Stephanie were still in argument-mode rather than full on work-mode. The mentors came in and before Nick & Tim could even get to the group, Tim could see things weren’t going well. The other groups were all still fine & dandy! I think Nick’s team could have benefited a bit more had he been less involved in the sketch time. It was clear a focus or vision was never agreed upon.

UTG01-ep6-episode3But when Tim & Nick arrived, this was the moment of change. With Tim’s guidance, Nick took a step back, leaving his team to figure out how to, that’s right, MAKE IT WORK! There was finally some calm communication and progress began to show. Nick was even caught off guard when he came by the next morning to see how well his team was doing. Now after watching all of the disastrous previews I then wondered which team was going to end up on the bottom.

UTG01-ep6-episode2The runway began and my questions soon were answered. I knew right off the bat that Anya’s team was in the bottom. The looks were just kind of boring, a little plain, but I did like Blake’s look; it was clearly the shining star! I was happy about that too since I knew he would be safe from elimination. His cloaked black look would have never been in the bottom on it’s own. I wasn’t sure the mini-collection was completely cohesive though.

UTG106-Blake-Smith-Look-FrontShout-outs: Love the Francesca’s heels & gold cuff; Very chic, fresh look from the Benefit Cosmetics Team

Nicholas having a boring & bottom look was no surprise, still wondering why Anya chose him over Brady! I was surprised by Shan’s creation though; it didn’t look anything like his style or aesthetic. I then wondered if somehow the judges would too save Nicholas over Shan, but I was certainly shocked to say the least when neither were eliminated. This makes me wonder if this show is going to be in as much love with Anya as PR was!! I think this was the wrong decision. Nicholas has been in the bottom countless times now and he’s not shown much improvement. Nor has he ever had a top look! Now I fear he will create something halfway decent next week and a less deserving designer will be sent home!


UTG106-Shan-Keith-Oliver-Look-FrontShout-outs: Lovely braided up-do by Blowpro & love the poppin pink lips from Benefit Cosmetics

Change of pace….

Let’s take a look at the safe team this week, aka the middle team — Mondo’s group — Asha, Sam, & Michelle. I kind of knew this would happen also. I could definitely see the Roman & architectural inspirations in these pieces. I thought it was very innovative and creative that the team created their own textile, a dyed-print. I didn’t mind it, but I knew it something one was either going to love or hate. And with such a large judging panel all it would take is one judge to low-ball with the scores and they would then be out of the running to win. Asha’s look to me was the weak link on the team. I just didn’t think her look was luxe-looking at all. It seemed a bit tortured.

UTG106-Asha-Daniels-Look-FrontShout-outs: Love the gold cuff from Francesca’s & another chic braided updo by the Blowpro team

Michelle hit another home-run for me this week. I love the haltered neckline & braided waistband. It was a very simplistically minimalistic look that was done beautifully; remember, it’s not always about bells & whistles! Sam also did a great job this week — Greek goddess coming from battle & kicking ass! The crop top & flowing printed skirt screamed SAM so I’m glad he is sticking to his aesthetic and showing growth.


Shout-outs:  Gorgeous gold tear-drop earrings from Francesca’s; love the strong & sophisticated structured ponytail from Blowpro;

UTG106-Sam-Donovan-Look-FrontShout-outs: Blowpro s certainly working the braided looks this week, another GREAT JOB!

And now to the winning team and we are left with that being Nick’s team. I never saw this coming, well….. until about halfway thru the episode. The pieces were just all so wearable and I think this factored into their win. I know I would have no problem wearing each and every single look here. The collection was so cohesive and as a resort collection it could take you from the beach to lunch/shopping to a nice dinner. What a great job by Oscar. I am so happy for his win! He sure is wracking up those $5k prizes! This white caped look was just so chic & sophisticated.

UTG106-Oscar-Garcia-Lopez-Winning-Look-FrontShout-outs: Amazing nude heels & dramatic earrings from Francesca’s; & of course, another lovely braided updo from Blowpro

The gals on Nick’s team of course stepped it up this week as well. Stephanie seems to be on a major comeback train and I’m eager to see how long she can keep it up! I love this shades of blue jumper, everything — the tye-dye effect, the buttoned-up neck, the sheer royal blue sleeves & back! And of course, Natalia did an awesome job this week as well. This was a great take on an evening dress, though not a full on gown! The free-flowing blue skirt was eye-catching and the sophisticated white bodice was just as beautiful, capped/structured sleeves & all!


Shout-outs:  Benefit Cosmetics did great with the make-up, love the blue eyeshadow! Blowpro with another beautiful braided updo; Francesca’s also working it this week, nude-strapped sandals & gold statement earrings

UTG106-Natalia-Fedner-Look-FrontShout-outs: Benefit Cosmetics with another stunning beauty look w/ statement-make blue eyeshadow; Francesca’s w/ more stunning gold jewelry — necklace & bracelets; & once more, w/ feeling, hahaha! Blowpro with another braided updo!

Desigual Cordially Invites You to Embrace the Love!

desigual-logoWhen Le Vida Es Chula (When life is beautiful), love is always in the air. This is a great motto to stand behind and to also be an inspirational story for this great Fall 2014 collection that is Desigual. Going along with the same note as “love”, this collection was inspired by the love of the hometown for the brand, Barcelona. Desigual decided to get back to the basics with a “personal collection that reflects the enduring optimism found there.” Further, “the collection reflects the metropolis’ overlooked curiosities & magic — & tempts them to fall in love again with the places & things they think they know, but have no more to offer than what lives in their minds.”


Circular print shift dress with transparent tulle yoke & trapezoidal bowler-style bag


Satin dress showing iconic organic rosette with two-toned carryall tote


Long-sleeved raglan shift dress in black crepe printed w/ over-sized lady face illustration

With inspirations such as a big city, a major metropolis, one might think architecture & structural elements. But for Desigual, with love comes levity & for this fall/winter season “it feels brighter & less baroque.” The brand took note of ports, the Gaudi buildings, but remember, the goal was to point out the city’s magic, its overlooked curiosities. This would mean for a building, you focus on the kaleidoscope feel and look at the faces of the city-dwellers.
Over-sized face on minimalistic neoprene silhouette with over-sized illustration in two-toned embossed anthracite
desigual007Mini-dress with sequined skirt & double-layered blouson top printed with 50s fashion figures
Boat-necked A-line dress in iridescent satin plaid Jacquard w/ gold appliques @ the pockets
Iconic kaleidoscope mandala cotton dress with sequin embellishments & a velvet bow at the waist
Desigual - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014With every collection and underlying inspirations there also comes a color palette/story. Desigual colors are always bright and fun and this season is no different. The looks are filled with popping violets, subtle navies, warm hunter greens, and bold burgundies. Of course there are also pops of some basics in black, white, gold, and red.
Geometric printed fit dress w/ mid-length sleeves, french pockets, high-waisted, & a slightly flared skirt
desigual009A-line Jacquard dress with contrasting colors and pockets @ the hip
Geometric African print in metals & earth tones on a long-sleeved, mid-calf, body-con dress
Desigual - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014
Silk asymmetrical maxi wrapdress with a layered left lapel & illustration of faces on a polka dot background, also with additional flowing silk strips of burgundy & fire-red @ hip
Colors and patterns are always a key focus, but one can’t overlook the textures and silhouettes within this collection. The pieces are draped & tailored into minimalist simplicity, which radiates positivity in sumptuous jacquard, tulle, & wool. Dresses are essential to the collection, in both form-fitting jersey mini-dresses and flowing maxi-dresses, which embody a 70’s style inspiration. I am such a sucker & fan for maxi dresses and the ones in this collection are to die for!!
Two-toned Jacquard A-line dress with silk turquoise shoulder details
Jacquard sporty bomber jacket w/ contrasting raglan sleeves & a geometric Jacquard patchwork dress
Dropped shoulder maxi dress in printed silk w/ artisan embroidery
Take a look also at the metallic festive-wear. The common trends & aesthetics are seen, but we are introduced to separates for the collection & some shimmering trousers! Very fun and of course festive!
Lightweight blouse w/ asymmetrical pop-art print of a lady’s face & polka dots, & trousers w/ galactic printed lame finish w/ a mandala printed sling bag
Hints of Mexican modernism, silk-blend top w/ a straight trouser in lame flora & fauna design
Long-sleeved, boat neck, short black jacket w/ hand-embroidered gold sequins, back of jacket & sleeves in gold lame, long black wide trousers in Jacquard w/ gold lame finish
Desigual - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014
Silk black maxi-dress with artisan embroidered gold sequins in baroque motifs
Then, don’t overlook the chic graphic coats. The coats & jackets are another aspect in the collection that is just spectacular, sophistication, but overlying the elements of fun in the collection.
Textured patchwork swing coat w/ a rabbit fur collar & one-of-a-kind jewel buttons
Hounds-tooth jacket with velvet flocking & black Punto-Roma shift dress w/ hounds-tooth circular appliques
Op-art over-sized polka dot Jacquard swing coat with full-length zipper

Desigual - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014Generally a show is packed with major celebs, but it’s a step above when the runway models are also celebs in their own rights. And who could be any better than Candice Swanepoel, famous Victoria’s Secret model, who opened & closed the show.

desigual001Mini A-line dress in matte stretch satin w/ pop-art floral print on top of large polka dots

Desigual - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014     Kaleidoscope grey/black/white toned wrap coat with over-sized collar & leather details

desigual079Minidress in brown & copper-tones w/ stretch tulle yoke, crystal details & golden embroidery

Desigual - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014      Short-sleeved golden lame structured dress with a lowered waist & pleated above-the-knee skirt

There were some high profile names in attendance for the show as well! Those in attendance included Karolina Kurkova (wearing a Desigual jacket), Siva Kaneswaran of “The Wanted”, Jill Zarin, Adrienne Bailon of a new talk show “The Real” (wearing a Desigual dress), Jackie Cruz & Vicky Jeudy (each wearing Desigual, dress & jacket) of “Orange is the New Black”, and Stassi Schroeder (wearing a Desigual dress) of “Vanderpump Rules.”

image002                   Desigual - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014                  Desigual - Front Row & Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Desigual - Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014                   Desigual - Front Row & Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014                  Desigual - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014A few other special shout-outs are for the gorgeous beauty looks with hair & make-up. The sometimes subtle, although other times dramatic make-up looks were created by M.A.C. Cosmetics team. The looks certainly were compatible with the overall vibe of the Desigual collection in that of a fun & fresh girl. The hair was styled by Danilo, the Pantene celebrity stylist & global ambassador. Great job for all of the flowing waves and curls!

desigual-cuAnd then, just for fun, here are a few more fave looks!


V-necklined maxi dress w/ geometric print against tuck pleat panels of black silk

desigual093Long-sleeved gauze dress w/ sequin embellishments on lace appliques, double layered back w/ large keyhole opening in top layer — Dani from ANTM!!


Ecru jacket w/ artisan embroidered gold sequins, back & sleeves in gold lame fabric, golden & bronze lame straight trousers

Sally Lapointe — Stunning Looks, Versatility to the Max!

“There’s a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out, but I’m too tough for him. I say, stay in there, I’m not going to let anybody see you. There’s a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out, but I pour whiskey on him & inhale cigarette smoke and the whores and the bartenders and the grocery clerks never know that he’s in there…..”  — Charles Bukowski

_ON_0454.450x675These are just a few poetic words Sally LaPointe shared in conjunction with the release of her Fall 2014 collection. My words and thoughts, though not quite as eloquent & free flowing, are just that the collection was quite stunning; it had so much to offer. The individual looks are pretty special, but so are some of the details for each look, you gotta love the attention to detail — the clutches, the jewelry, the hair, the make-up, the turtlenecks, the fur, lambskin, the textures, the fabrics, and updated peplum!

Sally-LaPointe-Fa1ll-2014           Sally-Lapointe-FW14-1208-263x395        Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014

lg_52f8f517-5708-4c5e-9e69-3f620af4b6c2                         Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014-03-600x375

Sally+Lapointe+Fall+2014+Details+w10mVmX3_Jpl        Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014-04-600x375As mentioned this collection offers variety, versatility to be more specific. There are options for layering and a lot of separates. There are various forms of fox fur & goat hairs sprinkled throughout the collection and you see it in various forms of silhouettes and articles of clothing — dresses, oversized turtleneck sweaters, turtleneck sweater tank tops, & outerwear. Many of the fur looks also bring some great pops of color into this collection with shades of blue, cognac/golds, & soft lavenders.


Ink Mohair double-breasted coat, ink ombre goat hair top, & steel blue silk wool Shantung trapeze skirt        _ON_0003.450x675Black cashmere wool & Silver Fox turtleneck sweater, & black lambskin & Viscose stretch crepe pencil skirt


Cognac cashmere wool & Golden Fox turtleneck sweater, & cognac lambskin pencil skirt             _ON_0099.450x675Cognac cashmere wool & Golden Fox sleeveless turtleneck sweater, & black double faced Georgette tuxedo trousers


Black Silver Fox & wool jacket, & black double faced Georgette skirted tuxedo trouser              _ON_0022.450x675Natural Arctic marble Frost Fox & wool jacket, ivory silk wool Shantung shell top, & ivory silk wool Shantung trapeze skirt

_ON_0182.450x675Ice Silver Fox jacket with hand beaded appliques & Ice wool trapeze dress

Thinking back to the words of Bukowski, the words bring a lovely & interesting aspect to this collection, and that is the Bluebird print. You see it in skirtform and in eveningwear. It brings more pops of color. And it definitely creates looks of chic elegance.


Black cashmere wool sleeveless turtleneck sweater & ivory silk wool Degrade skirt with Bluebird print            _ON_0373.450x675Black silk wool Degrade pleated bustier gown with Bluebird print

_ON_0387.450x675Black wool top & black silk wool Degrade trapeze skirt with Bluebird print

Another great element seen throughout this collection is an updated or more modern peplum — not at the waist and on a skirt, but the pleat being on the top or the bodice. The trend is seen in several different looks — paired with fitted pencil skirts, Georgette trousers, and even in eveningwear looks. I see that the pleats or peplum look even created a new and perfect LBD!


Ink duchess satin trapeze gown               _ON_0036.450x675Ivory silk wool Shantung pleated bustier & pocket trousers


Black viscose stretch crepe pleated top, gunmetal & black hand beaded organza & viscoce stretch crepe pencil skirt             _ON_0212.450x675Steel blue silk wool Shantung pleated bustier & pocket trousers


Black viscose stretch crepe pleated dress                 _ON_0343.450x675Ivory silk wool Shantung trapeze gown


Black silk wool Degrade pleated bustier dress          _ON_0122.450x675Black silk wool Degrade pleated bustier & trapeze skirt

There is a lot of great outerwear in this collection, sometimes with the fox fur, but there is nothing wrong with minimalism in a long wool coat. This is especially so when it tops off some great casual looks that give this collection even more versatility.


ce wool double-breasted coat w/ hand-beaded appliques, ivory lambskin bustier, & ivory double-faced Georgette trousers


ICamel wool double-breasted coat, black wool shell top, and citrine double-faced Georgette tuxedo trousers

_ON_0054.450x675Black wool & lambskin double-breasted coat w/ hand beaded appliques, black Silver Fox bustier, black double-faced wool jersey & lambskin pocket trousers

There are a few different vibes that this collection gives off, which is great when you want your collection to reach different women. Some of the pieces are just super sexy, but still in a reserved way — so super sexy, not super slutty!


Gunmetal & black hand-beaded organza top, & black double-faced wool jersey pocket trousers


Gunmetal & black hand-beaded organza dress

_ON_0316.450x675Black silk wool Degrade gown with hand-beaded appliques

There looks for more of NYC streetwear style or a casual vibe as well — oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, sweater tanks, & more!


_ON_0071.450x675There are some pretty bad-ass looks in this collection as well, looks that embody strength and a tough vibe. You can most see these characteristics in the structured outwear jackets.


Black Amazon Pirarucu fish skin bomber jacket, and black lambskin and viscose stretch crepe skirt.


Ivory Amazon Pirarucu fish skin bomber jacket & ivory double-faced Georgette tuxedo trouser


Gunmetal and black hand-beaded wool bomber jacket, and black double-faced Georgette skirted trousers


Ivory & aluminum lurex Chenille bomber jacket, black cashmere wool sleeveless turtleneck sweater, & black double-faced Georgette tuxedo trousers.

Before getting to my shout-outs for all who took part in this amazing show, check out some of the gorgeous images of the various beauty & hair looks for some of the looks!

Sally+Lapointe+Fall+2014+Details+xqrmVBOK1sBl                                      020814sally-lapointe-beauty-autumn-fall-winter-2014-nyfw8


GIO-DIEV-for-Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014-NYFW-show-1                                      GIO-DIEV-for-Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014-NYFW-show-3

GIO-DIEV-for-Sally-LaPointe-Fall-2014-NYFW-show-2LaPointe has done a tremendously great job with this collection. It will no doubt add to her continued success, from graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design to starting her own label in 2006. You can shop for Sally LaPointe pieces at many luxury boutiques and retailers, such as Bergdorfs. Here are just a few of her major successes & feats thus far:

Her featured press publications are also pretty acclaimed — NY Times, Interview, Nylon, WWD, Glamour, Elle, Flaunt, & Paper Mag.















Take the Journey with Antonio Azzuolo


antonio azzuolo in addition with many others took part in Agentry PR & Cadillac’s NY Menswear Day for NYFW. The brand’s fall/winter 2014 is the reflection of a journey — “the journey from one decade to another, from the cities visited and lived in to people we meet that inspire our being & work.” The journey doesn’t stop there, it’s ongoing. It spans from childhood to adulthood to the beyond. This collection represents a moving tribute to this entire journey and homage to its, the journey, life’s many players.

azzu8You will probably notice one difference between this presentation and the other menswear presentations I’ve covered — there are both men & women in the show. That is because antonio azzuolo embraces duality & a unisex vibe, with a lent focus to both masculine & feminine silhouettes and styles. But the duality aspect is not just about gender roles, it’s also about the past & future, classic & cutting edge, modernism & traditionalism.


The styles and silhouettes are certainly a unique take from what I’ve seen with other collections, very refreshing! The collection “celebrates the hybrid of luxury tailoring & downtown cool…Savile Row meets the Lower East Side. The brand is known for exactly what this collection encapsulates — NY street style, but thru a refined lens. He explores a youthful archetype, with a goal of building the fundamentals of a man’s wardrobe.

azzu11I’ve said it already, but there is clearly something different, unique, and refreshing with this collection. Yes, it’s for the fall/winter 2014 season and it sets in with a darker color palette and vibe. But with that and if it was just that, the collection would be a DUD and this just isn’t. I like the takes on layering, the textures, and the occasional, but warranted pops of color.

azzu5                                     azzu7Just a bit of background on a.a., Azzuolo attended Ryerson University in Toronto where he received a BAA in apparel design, specializing in men’s tailoring. He also won 1st place in the menswear category at the prestigious festival “Festival des Jeunes Stylistes de Hyeres.” Azzuolo has refined his skills by working with major brands such as Hermes and Ralph Lauren. He was also selected as a finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund & nominated for the FGI Men’s Apparel rising star award. Recently he was nominated for the CFDA Swarovski Menswear award.

azzu1The brand has also experienced a large and great variety of press Nylon, Details, Vogue Italia, WWD, Paper, Out, Interview, NY Times, Flaunt, GQ, and Esquire. And now, here are some of my fave pieces from this current collection:





















David Hart’s Classic & Tailored Looks for Autumn/Winter 2014-2015


David Hart was another fabulous designer presentation that took part of Agentry PR & Cadillac’s NY Menswear Day. Hart’s third showing during NYFW was this Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 collection presentation. The inspiration for the collection was the classic television series “The Twilight Zone” by Rod Serling, with the goal being to reflect an age where television was making its way into every home in America as the newest medium for disseminating information.

DSC00248Now I never watched the Twilight series so I can’t speak to that specifically, but I could certainly see a nod & throwback to classic TV and the wardrobe of that era with these suits. Suits with a full-on modern vibe go unbuttoned or no tie, but David Hart’s pieces are back to the complete look — 3-piece suits, cardigans, the tie, fully buttoned, scarfs, just attention to the details. I think this collection consistently sticks to Hart’s aesthetic in lending a a modern eye with a nostalgic twist.


Static textures run throughout the collection with the color palette inspired by contemporary photographer, Alex Prager, who is able to capture moods of tension, suspense, isolation and sadness in flat colorful imagery – creating a modern day version of film noir. The textures & colors of this collection really interplay quite beautifully, with softer moments in greys, tweeds, & charcoals to brighter moments of burgundies, shades of blue, & shades of green.

DSC00242There is a lot of versatility & style to this collection. The looks could grace a variety of venues and would work for a wide variety of men. There are full on amped looks with tuxes, but there are also some more casual looks. There is even the ability to do so many mix & match set-ups since most of the looks encompass so many separates.

DSC00327                                                           DSC00251David Hart is all about tailoring and since being with his own line, he has attracted some major celeb clientele, such as Andy Samberg and Daniele Radcliffe. Pieces of Hart’s previous collections can be found at top-tier retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and directly at

DSC00243There are so many looks, but here are just a few faves…


Sportcoat in gray Harris Tweed, Cardigan in Merino wool, cotton dress shirt, wool flannel trousers, & silk shantung tie


Sportscoat in red Donegal tweed, turtleneck in red Merino wool, & trousers in charcoal Gaberdine wool.


Tuxedo in black Mohair, cotton tuxedo shirt, English silk braces, & English silk bowtie


Tweed sportscoat, navy blue turtleneck, & grey trousers


Light blue printed turtleneck sweater & plaid trousers


Sportscoat in moss green Donegal tweed, chocolate wool flannel trousers, cotton dress shirt, raw English silk tie, & mustard Lambswool scarf


Electric Blue wool hopsack suit, cotton dress shirt, & raw silk tie


3-piece suit in bronze mohair, cotton dress shirt & raw silk tie


Emerald wool hopsack suit, cotton dress shirt, & raw silk tie


Irish Fisherman’s cardigan in chocolate Donegal wool yarn, Merino wool cardigan, bronze Mohair trousers, cotton dress shirt, & Irish cableknit scarf in grey Donegal wool


Irish Fisherman’s sweater in moss green Donegal wool yarn, gold Mohair trousers, & cotton dress shirt


Just to add, here is a bit of background on David Hart. At seventeen, he received the Fashion Group International Scholarship Award and moved to New York City to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  In 2004, he received his BFA in fashion design, with a specialization in evening wear and tailoring. Over the next seven years, while designing for Anna Sui, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren, Hart refined his skills. In 2009, Hart launched his independent neckwear line, David Hart & Co. He then debuted his first full ready-to-wear collection of menswear in 2013 under the label David Hart.












Bosideng’s Artsy-Inspired Collection for Fall/Winter 2014

02634b695badb48ca6bdcb4b8b8970ec                                     BSG

Here we have another menswear presentation for Agentry PR & Cadillac’s NY Menswear Day, Bosideng! For the Fall/Winter 2014 season, Bosideng presents an inspirational collection, with focus to the brand’s Chinese heritage merging with the lifestyle of the modern man. The initial inspiration for the collection was artist Liu Bolin, aka “The Invisible Man.” Bolin was made famous from camouflaging himself against modern cityscapes.

Liu-Bolin-Eli-Klein-AM-16                                     lb1Another inspiration for design director Amelia Pretious, was the film, “In the Mood for Love“, by director Kar Wai Wong. The focus was on the deep colors & sweeping/breathtaking scenery of Hong Kong. Inspiration also was derived from collaborations with Shanghai-based artist Chang Jinchao, which led to the surreal illustrations on the jersey knit tops.

DSC00281From the various themes & inspirations, Bosideng created a sophisticated, modern and wearable collection. Colors include a multitude of blues, interjected with the brand’s signature bright red, as well as whites, ecrus and greys. There is also a rich color palette of regal purple, Bordeaux, midnight navy and warm camel. Prints are bold, with a new camouflage used in reversible down jackets, along with quilted casualwear and vibrant prints from Liberty of London.





There is a lot of versatility within the collection and a variety of looks for the modern man from suits to casualwear to outerwear. Dinner suits are modern and youthful, while the printed shirts are meaningful and bold. Outerwear includes a bright mustard-colored rain mac and a down coat in grey with acid yellow overcheck and fox fur hood trim.

DSC00283This is certainly a collection where you can artistic lines of inspiration. The colors are bold & bright and will certainly standout for the fall/winter season where other looks might be in somber blacks, greys, or browns. Here are just a few of my fave looks….!


Wool burgundy varsity jacket with embroidered Chinese tiger, romantic Liberty print shirt, camouflage print sweatshirt, & drop crotch heather sweat pant


Grey and navy windowpane check double-breasted suit, navy check shirt, & wool and silk slim tie


Light grey deconstructed blazer with micro-to-macro intarsia knit & ice grey flannel trousers


Double-breasted black and white check two-piece suit & quilted cotton sweatshirt


Black and white micro-patterned three-piece suit, ‘Invisible Man’ t-shirt, & navy micro-collar shirt

BOSIDENG FW14_11Navy double-breasted peak-lapel overcoat, navy speckle sweatshirt, orange woven shirt, and moss green trousers


Reversible camouflage down jacket, blue wool check three-piece suit, & indigo eye-print shirt














Which UTG Designer Was a Designing Match for Zendaya!?!

This week was all about pop sensation Zendaya! She asked the designers to create a performance look for her. The winning look would be worn by her at one of her upcoming concerts. Zendaya & Tim reminded the designers that the look should not be constricting as Zendaya would have to dance. Also, the look needed to be one that would be just as eye-catching for anyone, no matter where they were seated, front or back row. So with that the designers were off for this 1-day challenge with their $150 budget for Mood!

zendaya-red-feathery-dressBefore getting to all of the big Isabelle/Nick drama, here were a few other tidbits I wanted to mention. Most of the mentor & Tim time with the designers went smoothly. We saw the extreme & daring look Oscar was going for and we got to hear the famous Tim Gunn catchphrase, “Just make it work!” Okay, let’s be real, most of the episode was pretty standard and the main focus was all about Isabelle!

If I’m not mistaken, she even began the episode in the confessional, talking about continuing to be stubborn. This was clearly what she did and it led to a disastrous episode! Tim & Nick also started out the episode with a discussion about Isabelle and even though others didn’t appear to be so Team Nick, I think Tim was. With the whole “shut-up” moment, so I’m not sure Isabelle used those exact words, but she could have asked Nick for a moment of silence a bit more politely. But really, it wasn’t her place. I know Nick is a chatterbox, but he is there to help and mentor his entire team, not just her. And no on else seemed to be bothered.

UTG01-ep5-episode15I know designers need some planning time, but just seeing Isabelle, casually sitting, sipping her tea, while the others were hard at work, just didn’t seem right. She clearly has time management issues and rather than doing some work, she was just sitting! We then saw her & Asha have a nice moment, which happened a few times in the episode. It’s clear from this she can discuss her work & process with someone, I’m just not sure why she wasn’t able to do this with Tim or Nick?

It was then to the standard for Isabelle, not finishing her work in a timely manner like every other designer, but this time things got a bit more CRAZY! So Tim came by and CLEARLY gave her the time warning. This is the same time reminder he always gives. So for Isabelle to later claim she didn’t understand is preposterous! She knows and again is just trying to break the rules and was always going to do this because she doesn’t have to face any consequences. Although being eliminated this week I guess was the ultimate consequence! Tim then came to Nick and told him she wasn’t listening. Nick then went to the sewing room to also remind Isabelle, again very clearly, that her model needed to be in the garment in less than 10 minutes and she was still hard at work sewing. She said Nick should have been more supporting and just to tell her when time was up. But that was actually what he was trying to do and again, she just wasn’t listening. Tim had to come back in and literally yank her model out of the room. Next up for Isabelle with the blame game was her broken finger, but that had nothing to do with why her look wasn’t finished on time; it was just another excuse.

UTG01-ep5-episode24Sticking with Isabelle drama let’s go ahead and discuss her look, which was in the bottom and was the eliminated look this week. This white & shimmering jumpsuit was just not great no matter which way you look at it. Isabelle can blame Nick, her finger, her mistakes, time, etc, but the truth is, this was not a great look regardless. I don’t think it would work in any way, shape, or form as a on-stage concert look. And as far as the comments from her & Nick, she threw down the gauntlet first and threw Nick under the bus. Nick also had other designers in the bottom and did he show a lack of support? No! So I’m not sure why they are so worried about that. There is a huge difference between the other designers and Isabelle. If he really wanted to throw her under the bus, he could have done so more than just saying there were some issues. He didn’t mention her rude comments or her being repeatedly told to stop working. So in fact, he was nice & held way back! On a positive note, the silver heels from Francesca’s & the chic up-do from Blowpro were eye-catching!

UTG01-ep5-episode11Moving on from that, here is a quick recap for the few designers who were in the middle this week –I loved Michelle’s look. I could totally see Zendaya rocking this on stage. It also seemed like she could really move & dance around on stage in this look. I felt as if other designers didn’t think about that aspect enough! Francesca’s shout-out, love the black open toed booties & silver cuff! Great job also by Benefit Cosmetics and the smoky eye! And another great high up-do from Blowpro!


Nicholas’ look was a bottom one for me. I’m not sure how it escaped the judges’ attention and I’m also not sure how Zendaya would dance in this? Also, just like most of his looks, it’s boring!! Still not sure why Anya chose him over Brady because Brady would have done great at this challenge! In fact, in an earlier post from this show I even said Brady’s aesthetic would work perfectly with Zendaya! Great side-swept do by Blowpro and another great cat smoky eye from Benefit Cosmetics!

UTG105-Nicholas-Komor-Look-FrontI also loved Sam’s look this week. The skirt could have been a bit longer, but other than that, this look was so fun and youthful. Zendaya could dance & jump around and just have so much fun in this look. Great job Blowpro with the long luscious hair & I love the shimmery pink lip from Benefit Cosmetics!


So these are the other 2 looks the judges had in the bottom. Stephanie’s faux leather crop top & pants were certainly deserving of this. The pants just didn’t fit well at all. And again, I’m not sure Zendaya moving & dancing was really thought about here. Also, it doesn’t seem to fit Zendaya’s style and youthfulness; it seems a bit more dated. Francesca’s shout-out, great heels though for this look!

UTG105-Stephanie-Ohnmacht-Look-FrontThe judges also made some critiques for Natalia’s look, but I did not agree! They said this was more of a back-up dancer look, but I thought it was fitting to Zendaya’s youthful and tomboyish side. There was also a compliment about the sandals, but Zendaya is not always in heels. When she competed on Dancing with the Stars, she was often in sneakers. Shout-outs, love the messy ponytail from Blowpro and the make-up is so fresh & clean here from Benefit Cosmetics.

UTG105-Natalie-Fedner-Look-FrontI guess there was more of a bottom 4, although sometimes it was hard to tell. The judges were definitely mixed with their reviews. Blake’s look was one of mixed reviews. I think it was a little plain for the stage and it kind of takes me back to J. Law’s Golden Globes Dior dress, with the belted straps. I don’t doubt Blake’s design capabilities though so I’m sure he will be back on track next week! Benefit Cosmetics really working the smoky cat eye this week!


I was worried Oscar was going on the ice skating route this week, but he certainly made his look not fall into that realm. I think it may be a little too mature for Zendaya, maybe in a few years when she is trying to break out of the Disney mold like Miley! But it certainly looked like an outfit many performers wear. They love the one-piece bodysuits such as this. It has shimmer & fringe, which works great with movement and to catch everyone’s attention. And how fitting that Francesca’s had the matching red open toed booties!


There was a clear top 2 though for this week and Shan was one. I think it’s great he was able to whip out this leather jacket so fat and it looks great, but I’m just not sure how well it fit the challenge. I think the fun printed leggings would work, but with a leather jacket, would Zendaya be able to dance & move freely? Love the Francesca’s black booties!!


And finally, this week’s winning look, Asha’s leather crop top & skirt with red flannel. I guess we saw this look worked on stage, from the preview clip they showed, but again, with this skirt & the leather material I did have my doubts on the dancing & moving aspect. But regardless, it was a great look and you could tell Zendaya was clearly over the moon for it! Shout-outs to all here — bold daring make-up look from Benefit Cosmetics, flowing locks curled to the extreme from Blowpro, & sexy black booties from Francesca’s.