All About KARO Swimwear — Unique, Sexy, & Bold Swimsuits

It’s not summertime, but why not get into a warm mindset and at least dream since it’s so cold right now! And what’s the best way to do this? — taking a look at some amazing swimwear pieces from the unique brand — KARO Swimwear.

This brand is inspired by jewels, natural stones, pearls, and crystals. You can definitely see this inspiration come alive in each custom and handmade look. So a little while back, I wrote a snippet about the brand during its presentation for Nolcha Fashion Week. I’ve since talked with the phenomenally talented designer behind the brand, Kasia Roginska, and I knew I had to do a full piece. A few lines and images just wasn’t enough.

164600_616939921678080_242394559_n             Kasia-Roginska-Karo-Swimwear            page2-img1ksBefore we get to the various images, here is a brief background for Kasia. She was born in Krakow, Poland. As a child, sewing and fitting outfits for dolls was just the beginning of an emerging passion, which Kasia is now fully developing. After graduating from fashion design school, her family moved with her to the USA — CT. She took a break from fashion design, but it wasn’t long before her bottled creativity needed a bigger outlet. It was just this past January that the idea for KARO swimwear blossomed — SO EXCITING!!



The pieces are just so great because they are so different with the unique details of pearls, jewels, or crystals. Another great aspect of the pieces is that they certainly embody a confident and sexy woman. It’s so great how daring and risk-taking each piece is, whether it’s the cut or the bright color or bold print. And the stamp for KARO, what Kasia wants to have stand out, is that there’s also possibility of matching shoes and accessories. So as you look thru the images, take note of the handbags, totes or decorated high-heels and sandals!

DSC00161                                        DSC00159The various images are of KARO’s most recent Spring 2014 collection. The brand hasn’t even been on the scene a year and has already been presented three times so you will see images from Nolcha fashion week, Fashion Week Brooklyn, and the most recent fashion show for NYC Fashion Runway’s “Bikinis & Couture” at The Dream Hotel‘s Ph-D Lounge.

CORAL LACE: one piece w/ nude lining      image6

The deep-V neckline is decorated with strands of green dyed quartzite chips forming a fringe look and it’s hand-beaded.



This is a haltered applique suit with details of Swarovski crystals, purple flowers, and large imported turquoise rhinestone connectors.

PBN_2630-s                     CLEOPATRA                              PBN_2616-s

This is a two-piece suit with a large collar of chunky glass, metal, and jewels.

page1-img8-ks          MULTI-COLOR ANIMAL PRINT              PBN_2511-s

This is a purple, lime green, &  turquoise animal print 2 piece suit. The top has attached, a handmade purple amethyst crackle stoned nugget, two tiered necklaces. The bottoms are scrunched back with a two tiered layered belly necklace.

1374813_616929898345749_1879704688_n                     BUMBLEBEE                          imag2e

This is a one piece suit with black and yellow accents & a haltered top. It’s decorated with three large black rhinestone pieces, which are imported from Europe.


imag8eThis is a peach colored convertible bikini/monokini with detachable mid-piece. The bottoms are ruched and accented with beautiful leopard print flowers and Swarovski crystals.

1385532_616931268345612_933755052_n                                                                                      page1-img4-ks

kasia-roginska-198x300                 AMETHYST MONOKINI             1375702_616934948345244_219255341_n

This is a plunging amethyst satin suit with silver braided halter straps around the neck. The Brazilian cut bottoms are accented with silver tone jeweled flowers.



This is a beautiful, ultra feminine, sea foam lace suit with chunky freshwater white pearl layered necklace and scrunched bottoms.


Here we have a retro polka dot 2-piece suit with triangular cups and decorated with red Swarovski crystals and two large black rhinestone broaches.

PBN_2714-s                ZEBRA MONOKINI                         PBN_2695-s

This zebra print monokini is connected by semi-precious pink dyed stones.

1384394_616938575011548_1069781326_n                     WHITE SATIN ORCHID                 image1

This is a sensual white satin orchid suit with silver tone metal & green manmade stone connectors. Each artificial orchid has a purple freshwater pearl inside the blossom. The bottom is a Brazilian cut & scrunched and the top has triangular cups.

PBN_2658-s                    SNAKE SUIT                                      PBN_2660-s

Here we have a bold approach to beach attire — it’s a bandeau top with a snake connector, scrunched back bottoms with snake connector rings. The snake is detachable and can clip on in many ways or worn without!

NYC-Fashion-Runway-Karo-Swimwear1The pink blossom suit has black onyx stone accents on the straps and inside each flower. The connectors are rhinestone butterflies.

There are additional pieces to the Spring 2014 collection so make sure to take a look. But here are a few other pieces from the various shows that I liked!

imag4e                     image                        NYC-Fashion-Runway-Karo-Swimwear2I would like to also mention a special thanks to the various photographers who shared their images with Kasia:








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