PR Designers — Goin’ to the Chapel and……

Well that’s about it — no traditional wedding details for this week or these Project Runway designers! This week the challenge instructions began with very much a wedding-like set-up, complete with Tim Gunn and this week’s guest judge Dita Von Teese walking down the aisle. It was then that the designers learned for this week, they had to create an unconventional wedding dress. They were to throw out traditional wedding dress rules (white gowns!) and create an alternative wedding look. It was a “no rules” challenge, but the designers were reminded the look shouldn’t be a costume; it had to be believable for a bride. This was a very intriguing challenge for me as I just put together an entire posting about if another traditional wedding rule should be tossed to the side — should you, as a wedding guest, wear white to a wedding?!?


But that wasn’t it for the challenge! This week, the designers also learned they were going to work in a team of 2, with a mission to create a corresponding reception look. With it only being a 1-day challenge a team of 2 could certainly be needed, but of course for every designer I’m sure it wasn’t wanted! I was happy the button bag was back to make the decisions this week and not having a designer just make the pairings. But of course, if it was acceptable for Sandhya to have a magic wand over a weekly challenge, why not let Sean have a go at it this week??


This week’s pairings were fäde/Emily, Alexander/Samantha, Kini/Sean, Sandhya/Char, and Korina/Amanda. It seemed as though most of the groups were setting sail in Paradise, except for one — Korina/Amanda. Now I’m not sure where all of the drama came from this week with these 2 talented ladies, but I say, as Joey from Full House would — “Cut it Out”!

joey-gifWe later saw that Char was in on the tension as well. All we know is Korina “told” Amanda she was phony, Char agreed, and really just a bunch of hearsay ensued. It’s not an unbelievable story as we all know women on competitive reality shows are often catty and tend to not get along. But PR never bothered to elaborate or show any background to this drama — THANKS PR! The ladies have seemed fine up until this point so I’m hoping the drama blows over! I want the ladies back this way!! —


Luckily for Amanda this week, it was Super-fäde to the rescue. I enjoyed seeing how compassionate and sweet he was to Amanda. So at least there was a positive amongst the unnecessary drama! Getting back to the actual PR design competition, the designers were next off to Mood to make use of their $400 budget.


The workroom time was full of expected happenings this week — Tim-time words of wisdom and caution; questions on compatibility of a given group’s looks; and of course, as we approached the morning of the runway, there was a whole lot of running around. So many looks were nowhere near being finished! In fact, as Tim gave his final warning calls, a few designers were still fast away at sewing — CRAZY! Of course, “Speedy Kini” was present & accounted for this week so his look was not one experiencing such craziness, but he definitely had to come to the rescue for Sean’s look!


I was really concerned as to how this runway was going to turn out — Korina being so unsure of her design, and both Sandhya and Char barely finishing their super totally major full-on solid bold yellow looks! Joining the judging team of Nina/Heidi/Zac was already-mentioned Dita Von Teese and super-famous fashion blogger/designer Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad. So what did the judges have to say this week??


This week not only was traditional wedding attire thrown to the side, but so was the traditional top 3/bottom 3 categories for the designers’ looks. Basically what I saw was 1 safe look, 1 clear winning team, 1 clear bottom team, and 2 teams where the judges weren’t all on the same page. We saw that Korina kept changing her design this week, she was sewing until the last minute, she & Amanda weren’t always on the same page, and there was a point where we were left to wonder if there would be pants for the model to wear down the runway! With all of that said, it was Korina/Amanda who were left safe. I’m sure they both felt such a huge sigh of relief!


Coming in more towards the middle of the pack this week was Team Emily/fäde. Emily’s look, as seen above, was the one of this duo where the judges had more disagreement. Nina thought it was over-the-top goth, as did Chiara, but she at least thought it was editorial. Heidi didn’t mind it as an alt. bridal look. Surprisingly Dita was not a fan at all! I thought it might have been a bit over-the-top, maybe a little too much going on with the lace and cut-outs. But for a bride who wanted a darker ceremony, I think there was a market for this type of look. We all saw 27 Dresses right!


The judges were a bit more fond of fäde‘s look. And I have to say I totally was team fäde this week!


Heidi wanted more cleavage and Nina wanted more length, which were very differing critiques. But I was focused on just how amazing his innovative self-created pattern was this week. The lace and paint details were just so stunning, very eye-catching. The major problem for this team though was that the looks were not harmonious. I would not see the same woman wearing Emily’s look for her wedding and fäde‘s dress for the reception.


Team Alexander/Samantha were the next pairing, more so in the bottom 2, but there were some positives with Samantha’s critique. My positives are towards her look details this week — love the black platform Aldo shoes, luscious waves from Philip B. hair, & bold beauty look (dramatic eye, nude lip) from Mary Kay. Nina was not a fan of all of the embellishments, but this look should never have been considered for elimination and I’m happy it wasn’t. I’m not sure why the judges were throwing shade at the bottom portion of her dress, something about how it looked as if wine had been spilled on it. If I recall, a winning look this season looked as if it was an old-stained piece of drapery, yet a barely recognizable 2 shades of burgundy gets called out — Okay judges! Samantha’s dress was definitely wearable as a reception ensemble and I very much saw the connection to her partner’s look.


The judges had far more to say about Alexander’s bridal piece. They were not fans of it at all! It was dubbed as being over-designed, with way too much going on — all the lace, all the embellishments. For me, I wasn’t a total fan, but nowhere near the judges’ issues. I think less embellishments, maybe more spread out (to lessen the heavy feel of the bodice), and of course, let’s take out the obvious seam on the lower portion then this look might have been more acceptable. Alexander too gets a Mary Kay makeup shout-out since both he & Samantha made use of a bold eye and nude lip. I also loved his chic up-do courtesy of Philip B. hair. But none of the judges negativity even compared to that of the clear bottom team this week — Sandhya/Char.


The judges dubbed this team’s look as Big Bird and Tweety bird, quite fitting with the massive amounts of yellow used. Yellow is not as difficult of a color to use as everyone made it seem. In fact, Amber Tamblyn had a lovely yellow wedding look and we see yellow as a needed pop of color on red carpets all the time.


I could easily see women wanting yellow as an alt. wedding dress, but the problem with this team’s looks this week was not the color, it was the designs and resulting executions. Sandhya spent a great deal of time on a braided bodice and it really did look as if she tried to drape a bed-sheet for the bottom portion. If she wanted to work with a more detailed bodice, she perhaps shouldn’t have tried to execute a draped bottom, which is something she said she was unfamiliar with doing. PR is all about 1-day challenges, so get fancy with the top, keep the bottom simple or vice versa. But trying to put so much detailing into the top and taking on a new design technique for the bottom clearly spells out DISASTER! Sandhya can take this lesson and move on as Char was the one who was left eliminated this week.


I’m not sure what was going on with Char this week. I think Sandhya took a stronger hand with the design & shopping process this time since with her last group challenge she didn’t maintain herself as a designer in her group. So for this group challenge, I think it was Char who lost herself. The up-close judges viewing/critique certainly displayed a lot more that was wrong with this look. Char claimed to have run out of time, but Nina questioned where all her time went. Char just didn’t have a clear vision or concept, and it resulted in a poorly executed look, which we saw was a glaring issue for so many in last week’s challenge.

This left 1 group clearly being in the top this week — Kini/Sean. But it wasn’t without some strong judges’ opinions!


Sean’s look was great this week and he ended up with the win. But what really brought the judges to fully loving this look was the chic, sophisticated white top, which Kini made!! As great as Sean’s pants were, I thought it in no way compared to Kini’s immaculately designed bridal look. As Dita said, I would wear Kini’s look as a bride, but for Sean’s look, I could wear it on a Tuesday. But for Sean, lovely curled up-do by Philip B. hair and perfectly coordinated black sandal heels from Aldo. The guys worked well together, with Kini swooping in to save the day! And if this resulting look was Sean’s design concept then I think it very much worked as part of the team’s overall story and was deserving of some recognition. But it was just such a shame that Kini missed out on a win, Again!


This week’s decision was just another example of the judges not making sense with their logic. Both looks had great movement and were very chic. But Kini really kept the challenge in mind and was the only one to fully execute the harder of the 2 looks — the bridal garment!! It was important that Nina mentioned should Kini get the win because he deserved it or because he’s due for a win, was it just his turn? And I’m happy Heidi stood firm in that this look was fully deserving in it’s own right of the win. We saw at least 3 decent reception looks this week from Samantha, Amanda, and fäde. On the other hand, we only saw 1 fully believable bridal look. I thought that would have meant something. Kini’s look had flair, drama, and would certainly make any bride be the center of attention, even though not wearing white. I do not think it was over-designed or over-the-top. I really wish Kini was given his earned win this week!

Similarly to Sean’s hair look, Kini also gets a Philip B. hair shout-out. I also enjoyed his Mary Kay beauty look — it was very fresh, natural feeling.

Next week — “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”!! Can’t wait!!





Back to Back Best Dressed Lists — Up Now, the 2014 Emmys!!

That’s right! It’s been a major week for red carpets, first up with the 2014 MTV VMAs, and now, the 2014 Emmy Awards. It’s always exciting looking thru all of the images, coming across looks and accessories that are so phenomenal! And joining me again for this best dressed list, my fellow guest fashion/beauty blogger, Lexi Taylorbeautychatwithlexi.

I recently discovered her site and I’m still amazed that at 13 she is doing what I’m doing at 30! So her best dressed for the VMAs, again, was Miley Cyrus, with her best beauty look going to Beyonce. So who did this young eye pick for the Emmys??


(also Lexi’s Best Makeup/Beauty look!!)

“The Emmys are the biggest award show around so you have to bring your A game to the red carpet. Normally I would love an all black dress but I actually loved Natalie Dormers pop of color on her J Mendel dress. The orange made the dress stand out and compliment her skin tone beautifully. Not to mention her makeup was gorgeous. A natural flawless face with a light peachy lip color.

Now onto my Fashion Nexus picks!!

julianna-margulies-290          JULIANNA MARGULIES

Black gowns are a traditional and classic staple for most red carpets. Of course Julianna adds a bit of a twist with her black ombre, backless Narcisco Rodriguez gown. And very sublte, but she is donning 20 carats of diamonds borrowed from both FD Gallery and Hemmerle.


LIZZY CAPLAN      lizzy-caplan-495

Solid black and solid white looks are all over my best dressed list, and as per usual the colors were major trends for the Emmy’s red carpet. Lizzy was smart to just utilize both colors in her glamorous look, a black Donna Karan Atelier gown with a white back & train. The side cut-outs and haltered neckline were just added design details to ensure this was an A+ look! She also paired with this look a black Judith Leiber clutch.


And keeping with a more minimalistic look, she wore a few understated jewelry pieces from Neil Lane.


Lizzy’s makeup artist was Sabrina Bedrani, for Dior Beauty. With creating this beauty look, a main focus was to showcase Lizzy’s stunning eyes, thus we see a perfectly bronzed smoky eye. To achieve this modern cat-eye, Sabrina used the Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Cuir Cannage and Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow in Hypnotique for this bold beauty look.



Words can’t express how excited I was to find out who Andrea was wearing — none other than Under the Gunn designer, part of Team Nick Verreos, Natalia Fedner!! When looking thru red carpet images, the designer info is not always there. But as soon as I saw this stunning and luxurious black knit gown, I knew it had to be on my list, regardless if I ever found out who designed it! The neckline is breathtakingly gorgeous, the fit is great, and there is just no denying how beautiful Andrea looks.


Needless to say, I’m happy to know that it was Natalia and I’m so happy for her!! Matt also looked great in his classic black tuxe with a white tie.

Hair & make-up were done by Kate Hollinshead. The vibe for her beauty look was very 1940s, very subtle, clean, natural looking.

Here are some additional images of Andrea’s look provided from Natalia herself!! She knows she has a true fan with Fashion Nexus!!


Pictured above is a custom hand-crafted chain made for Andrea to match her dress.

Here are some additional exclusives on this look from the talented designer Natalia Fedner!! She said Andrea was a dream to work with and Matt was too a fan of this dress! The dress was made from 14 yards of black lurex silk chiffon fabric and 175 feet of real rhodium silver chain. It is lined with nude fabric.

The underlying theme for the overall look was giving Andrea a new take on a classic silhouette. Job well done!


169_3337_350       AMANDA CREW

This is a dress not to be missed and I’m glad I not only came across it, but I’m pleased to name it as one of my best dressed looks! Amanda is donning a white floor-length gown by Maz Azria Atelier with shimmery detailing around then neckline and down the sides, stopping at the waist. Perfectly coordinated with this look was this pearl clutch, oddly enough from Amanda Pearl!


Amanda’s jewelry pieces were from Neil Lane. And helping to achieve such a gorgeous beauty look was her pre-Emmy facial, at-home skincare products from Renee Rouleau.

PADMA LAKSHMI                169_3362_350

Keeping with white gowns as a trend for this Emmy’s red carpet, it’s a must to include Padma’s immaculate white couture gown by Ralph Rucci — great fit, shimmers down the back — What more could you ask for!?! This is simplistic minimalism at its best, inclusive of some very under-stated pieces of silver jewelry from Fred Leighton.

And just as stunning was Padma’s natural make-up look, courtesy of make-up artist Kathy Jeung.

169_3295_350    ANNA CHLUMSKY

Anna is the perfect segway to take me from my streak of white looks to the next lovely lady on my best dressed list, Heidi Klum, who is wearing Zac Posen, just as Anna is. Radiance abounds for sure in this bright white gown with a slight train and pleating detail at the bust and on the back.


Anna’s accessories choices provided some perfect pops of color — a gold Lanvin clutch and orange jeweled earrings from Stephen Russell. Her nails and beauty look (bold smoky eye & dark peach lip) were created by Michelle Toma Olson of Tini Beauty.

HEIDI KLUM                   169_3294_350

Heidi is wearing one of her fellow Project Runway judges looks, none other than Mr. Zac Posen. He described this custom design for Heidi as “effortless and vibrant.” It’s a much needed pop of coral color for this red carpet, with a cape and train that really amps up the overall design. For her nails, she went clean & clear, with help from Tom Bachik — nail technician.


Her luscious wavy tresses are courtesy of Christian Wood.


Her statement-making jewelry selections were from none other than Lorraine Schwartz, who is fast becoming the jewelry designer go to for red carpets! And finally, her sunkist beauty look was done by Linda Hay, make-up artist extraordinaire.



Alexandra is really working this shimmering nude Reem Acra gown with black floral detailing along the side. A fitted look that really is “a perfect fit”! Kudos to her talented stylist, Jenny Ricker!


Her awesome jewelry selections were from Neil Lane. And her long wavy locks were courtesy of Michael Long, gorgeous bold beauty look (daring red lip!) courtesy of Lottie S!

DEBRA MESSING    169_3301_350

There is something about Debra’s look that I can’t let go of, so with that, I must include it on my best dressed list! She is wearing Angel Sanchez. I’m just mesmerized by the intricacies of the sheer slivers all over this gown – immaculate work, design, & craftsmanship! To complete her look are some just as amazing accessories – a Judith Leiber clutch and diamond jewelry from Chopard.


Debra’s hair is always on its A game and there is no doubt Robert Vetica did a great job here. For her make-up look, Debra went with a bold eye, nude lip, and here is what her make-up artist Jeannia Robinette had to say — “She had a classic midnight long blue gown, so I wanted to do an intense smoky eye using midnight blues mixed with black in the lids. To add even more drama and definition she used Benefit Cosmetics — They’re Real Push-Up Liner and They’re Real Mascara.”



Wowzer! Uzo is full on glam in this boldly red mermaid gown by Christian Siriano. Fitting with the color red is a romantic sweetHEART neckline – PERFECTION!!


Uzo’s team did great work here — stylist Cristina Ehrlich; hair creator, from Identity Salon, Jamika Wilson (creating this tight twist with a slight quiff up top); and make-up artist Jessica Smalls, creating such a bold eye with help from Cargo Cosmetics!

169_3351_350    SARAH PAULSON

A lot of my best dressed looks are basic in nature, various spins on minimalism. But here is my truly avant garde pick for the night – Sarah in a red polka dotted Armani Prive look, with tulle flying around all over the place!


But all this tulle still can’t hide some lovely pieces of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE               169_3307_350

I don’t think I’ve ever had someone who’s been pregnant on my best dressed list. And it’s not about the size of a person. I really am just focusing on the garment at hand. I was immediately captivated by Hayden’s sparkling choice from Lorena Sarbu – all the shimmer, the plunging neckline, and just how stunning she looked – What a glow! Major props & congrats for this mommy-to-be!!

Her accessories were perfectly coordinated for this look — a shiny silver Judith Leiber clutch and lovely diamond & silver Fred Leighton jewels.


Celeb makeup artist and Neutrogena brand ambassador Amy Oresman can take credit for this bronzed beauty look of perfection. She describes the look as an inspiration being “a romantic smoky eye using mauves and metallics,” She used Neutrogena’s Stay-Put Plum on the lid, Forever Platinum in the crease, and Stay Golden to highlight under the brows. To define the Nashville star’s eyes, Oresman used Nourishing Eyeliner in Cosmic Black and finished with Healthy Volume Mascara in Carbon Black. And finally, her sophisticated up-do was by Clyde Haygood.

169_3416_350         DEREK HOUGH

Not sure of the suit designer here, but I can always get something from Just Jared!! So while Derek looks quite dapper & handsome in his classic tuxe and bowtie, he is certainly adding some shine with his Louis Leeman black dress shoes.



And lastly, a power couple, another dynamic duo on the red carpet, Lauren & Aaron. Lauren always looks phenomenal! I’m not sure who she is wearing, but her white gown with embellishments and sheer netting along the neckline and down the side, was just 1 white look I couldn’t leave out! So many white looks, a major trend of the night, so why not, right!

The Breaking Bad actor looked handsome in a black kid mohair tuxedo with velvet trim, white smoking silk shirt, black bow tie, and black lace-up shoes, all by Prada.









2014 MTV VMAs – Best of the Best for the Red Carpet

Creating Best Dressed lists are always super fun! But what makes this one even more fun, I’m adding in contributions from a fellow guest fashion/beauty blogger, Lexi Taylorbeautychatwithlexi. Why the excitement!?! Ummmmm how many of you bloggers out there are only 13!! That is ridiculously cool, such determination, ingenuity. Fashion Nexus is happy to have her picks included with mine for the 2014 MTV VMAs!!



“My favorite outfit from the VMA’s is from someone I thought I would never pick, Miley Cyrus. Miley’s outfit was surprisingly sleek for the red carpet. She was all dressed out in Alexandre Vauthier, from a black bandeau top to high waisted leather pants. This outfit describes my fashion style to a tee. Simple, black, and modern.”



“It’s a fresh faced glam look with the perfect brownish nude lip color. Absolutely love it!”

Lexi’s top beauty look is the perfect segway to my own Best Dressed list!!

beyonce-290                   BEYONCE

Beyonce had the award of the night, Video Vanguard, on top of an AMAZING closing performance. But for me, she clearly also had one of the best looks of the night. She looked elegantly glam in this black lace & beaded Nicolas Jebran floor-length gown.

beyonce-black-dress-vmas-2014-04Not that she needed the over-sized sparkle, but hey! Why not!?! It was her night so she rightfully chose to escalate her wow-factor with some gorgeous over-sized Lorraine Schwartz earrings.


Beyonce’s high style fashion continued on into the press room, where she could showcase her latest “Moonman”. Here she wore a fitted burgundy gown by Zuhair Murad, which also incorporated a sheer effect with paneling down the side and across the neckline. She again accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, earrings and a ring.


And just how cute is Blue Ivy – keeping great fashion all in the family!! She is wearing a metallic dress by Bonpoint.

167_3258_350           NINA DOBREV

Nina, again going the right way on the red carpet, added the perfect pop of color with her choice of this coral and black silk draped gown from the Zuhair Murad 2014 resort collection. The waistline was immaculately stunning – black leather cross detailing. She also coordinated perfectly with her accessory choices for the evening – black Jimmy Choo sandal heels, a teensy multi-colored Michael Nelson clutch, and David Yurman jewelry. For Nina’s hair, a chic high ponytail, LOVE!! — styled by Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon. To achieve height around the bangs, she put her hair in rollers and sprayed with Garnier Fructis Volumizing Anti-Humidity Hair Spray. Capri then gathered the hair into a high pony, wrapped a braided piece of hair around the elastic and curled the ends vertically.


LUCY HALE — Lucy gets 2 nods from me for this red carpet! First up, her look as she conducted live red carpet arrival interviews. She looked welcoming, fun, girly, and flirty in this strapless printed dress by Oscar de la Renta. She completed her look with jewelry from Vita Fede and Renee Sheppard (a pave diamond star cuff).


For Lucy’s 2nd Best Dressed ensemble, her red carpet arrival look, she stuck with black, but this time went with a floral print on this Zimmermann slit-cut midi skirt. Her black crop top was from Sachin & Babi.

And let’s not forget Lucy’s gorgeous beauty look, courtesy of celeb makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan. She applied darker shades from the Mark On the Dot Neutral Eye Color Compact on the outer corners and the lighter hues on the inner part. To define the eyes, Deenihan smudged a darker color on the bottom lash lines, applied waterproof eyeliner in black and finished with Mark Lash Act Mascara in Blackest Black.


She completed her fashionable prim & proper look with metallic Stuart Weitzman sandal heels, a Jimmy Choo clutch, and jewelry from both Graziela Gems (earrings) and EF Collection.

167_3226_350              KESHA

There were quite a few more formal looks on the red carpet this year, but Kesha struck the right amount of balance with not being too formal – VMAs are not the Grammys! She looked simply beautiful in this strapless white, jewel embellished gown by Johanna Johnson.

167_3249_350    HOLLAND RODEN

Red looks were certainly popular on the red carpet, but so to were white numbers. Holland went right in white! Her bright white Milly cut-out dress was so chic and she stunned in it. And silver accessories were definitely on point – silver mirror Rupert Sanderson pumps, shimmering silver Kotur clutch, and Tacori stud earrings.



I think I read that Cher was in a slight accident before arriving to the awards show. So to arrive after that kind of stress and drama, and to look so smokin’ hot, that’s well-deserved of a best dressed nod. She sizzled in this red leather mini by Ina Soltani. And of course, I’m happy she was okay and able to attend the event!

Jamie-Chung-2014-MTV-VMAsJAMIE CHUNG — Jamie also donned a red look for the evening, keeping up with that as a trend on the red carpet. Jamie’s red dress, a deeper red hue for an embellished bodycon mini, was paired perfectly with nude Stuart Weitzman sandal heels. She also had a fresh beauty look, spending time at the Calvin Klein lounge, makeup applied by Hung Vanngo — subtle eyes, pop of pink lip!


FIFTH HARMONY — Fifth Harmony is again gracing one of my best dressed lists and I will say it again – I always favor some looks in the group more than others, but the looks combined, as a whole, SCREAM BEST DRESSED!! There is always an underlying theme and each lady can then put in her own take or stylish viewpoint.

Camila went a bit more formal in a black Jad Ghandour dress with a thigh-high slit, complete with black gladiator heels by Givenchy.

Dinah went sexy chic with a BCBG Generation black crop top, paired perfectly with a white Misha Collection skirt, with black stripes, and then strappy Versace heels.

Normani chose a bodycon black and white Stella + Jamie dress with side cut-outs. She kept it simple with her heels, basic black Manolo Blahniks. Her stylist for this sexy look was @allantannexman. Beauty by Alexis of My Pure Finds created her chic makeup look. And for her new Aqua blue hair look, Cesar Ramirez of Cesar 4 Styles, Rayd Hair, and Patricia Morales.

Lauren covered chic sophistication with this fitted black Misha Collection dress. She too went for strappy heels, but hers were Jimmy Choo! She can give major kudos for her bold smoky eye to Allan Avendano. She too was styled by @allantannexman and her hair look of luscious waves was also by Patricia Morales.

And finally, Ally went total pop-star diva with a black fringed Nines jacket, shimmery gold Amen leggings, and black peep-toe booties from ShoeMint. Similar overall styling team, stylist — @allantannexman; more wavy locks by Patricia Morales; & golden beauty look by Allan Avendano & Beauty by Alexis of My Pure Finds.


BIANCA SANTOS — Bianca is a relative new-comer to the red carpet, or at least to my best dressed lists! But she definitely deserves a nod as she was “gold perfection” in this embellished Naeem Khan knee-length dress. Her silver dangling earrings are from One Jewelry.

167_3229_350     ASHLEY RICKARDS

Ashley I’ve seen on the red carpet several times, but I’m happy to finally have her on my best dressed list. There is no way this royal blue Stella + Jamie mini with side lace detailing was going to escape my attention! Great look! Here beauty look was a shimmered shine, natural look from the CK lounge, by Kayleen McAdamsCK One Color.


DYLAN O’BRIEN — Dylan gets my best dressed male celeb by leaps & bounds. Can we please go out on a date now, right! I mean he looks great in this all black look, looking even cooler with his black shades. Always a fan of Dylan’s comedic talent, but he is working those looks and his sense of style now – LOVE IT!!



Nick & Olivia are my best dressed duo or couple for the night. They are not matching, but oh well!! Each looks great and there was no need to coordinate. Olivia looks graceful and elegant in her black and white look, with a plunging neckline. And Nick is working some plaid with his jacket, very handsome and well put together look!


Top Suit Finds for #MenswearMonday!!

Menswear suits are definitely a type of fashion apparel that are on my mind! And no, not just because of the gorgeous male models often donning some amazing designer threads. But rather, many red carpets are on the way and I like to see what menswear suits stand out. Summer is ending, but it might be that one could still make use of a new suit for an end of summer wedding or cocktail event, where the look could still easily transition for early fall. Fashion Week is right around the corner and I’m very eager to see what’s in store for menswear in Spring/Summer 2015! With that all said, here are my top menswear brands for my Fashion Nexus readers to check out, more specifically my male readers! But hey, plenty of women out there love to help dress their man, so again, here are my top picks!

s8_Chambrey3pc_blue_916_v2                       BONOBOS

Bonobos is a men’s apparel brand focused on better-fitting clothes and a better-shopping experience. This focus leads to suits that deliver a great fit, high energy, and the best of the best when it comes to customer service. Take for example their extensive assistance page offering important and detailed information on fit & sizing guides! Launching just in 2007, the brand is now the largest apparel brand built via the web in the US. Partnering with Nordstrom has moved this brand past being solely online.


Bonobos has not only caught my attention, but that of many other larger and more recognizable publications —  “One of America’s Hottest Brands” by Advertising Age; “Best Men’s Pants” by New York Magazine; one of Inc. Magazine’s “20 Awesome Facebook Pages” and was awarded Crain’s “Best Places to Work in New York City”. The brand has received additional features in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, and Inc Magazine, with appearances on on Bloomberg TV, CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer, Fox, Reuters and The Today Show.


 Bonobos keeps up with top menswear trends and working towards providing more options for the brand’s customers by continually launching collections. Take for example, the brand’s recent launch of their Spring & Summer 2014 collections — men’s Seersucker and Cotton suits —  still providing a great-fitting and lightweight natural complement to whatever warm-weather events one might be attending — weddings, garden parties and mint juleps!


The suits are very dynamic, but Bonobos has even more to offer with that of pants, casual shirts, dress shirts, denim, sweaters, and even more basics when it comes to menswear apparel and accessories. Bonobos clearly has a lot to offer and its focus is right where it should be, on the customer!


13245334804_8e39270046_z         SEIZE SUR VINGT

Seize sur Vingt is a dynamic menswear brand, a true NYC born & raised menswear brand, with a very recent expansion now to the West coast. The plaids are simply eye-catching. The basics are still detailed to a tee. There is such high quality in each piece — very apparent, even at first glance.


This brand is certainly all about customization — made to measure and made to fit. Seize sur Vingt is not afraid to go beyond the basics, mix prints, and work with bold, statement-making colors. Check out the brand’s various new arrivals, men’s options, including accessories & shoes!


The brand has experienced a great deal of features, very well deserved — Departures Magazine, LA Times, & WWD. And also, celeb dressings with Paul Rudd, Adam Levine, Steven Yeun, Matt Berninger, & Ian Wheeler at the Grammys!



DAVID HART I was blown away by this brand’s presentation earlier this year for F/W 2014. So of course when it comes to top-notch suits, David Hart is a must to have on my list! His brand started out as a collection for only menswear accessories — luxury ties, bow ties, and pocket scarves. It was only last year that he debuted his first collection! And that impresses me all the more!

David Hart - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

David Hart describes his pieces as “confident yet approachable” and similarly I say the suits are bold, statement-making, while still being practical and wearable. There is definitely a vintage vibe, but no doubt a nod towards being very modern. Each collection offers not only more options for the brand’s menswear consumers, but it brings to the table something new and intriguing with each piece.


I know I’ve made a great find with a brand when it has received as much press as David Hart has — Details, GQ, Nylon Guys, Men’s Week, Scene, LA Times, Esquire, WWD, and more! He has also attracted some major celeb clientele, such as Andy Samberg & Daniele Radcliffe.


David Hart’s work is clearly that of a true talent, top-notch designer menswear suits. But there is still a great deal more to choose from when shopping — original brand staples such as bowties and ties, but now also socks and shirts. Needless to say, I’m very excited for Agentry PR’s NY Menswear Day for NYFW and to specifically see what David Hart has in store for Spring/Summer 2015!!

David Hart - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

x450-wide-burgundy-suit-for-men-with-subtle-sharkskin.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ZBBsvIaMmP   HANGRR

Hangrr — a custom menswear suits brand, all about simplicity, luxury, and accuracy. I admire a brand with such clear principles and goals — top-notch fit, unmatched value, and diligent customer service. It was great to read thru the customer reviews & testimonials!


The fit is maxed out a 100% guarantee — light as a feather German shoulder pads, perfect cut at the waist, superior comfort with inner linings, and more! Again the suits are custom and hand-finished with the finest of details, so also the highest assurances of quality are made! With Hangrr you will receive exclusive designs, true superiority, and fabric of the highest quality with the best of wool blends, quality linens & cottens.


There are a lot of options to peruse and consider, such as the various collections ranging from Business Suits to Wedding Tuxedos to Safari suits to Wedding Suits to Interview suits to Lounge/Dinner suits. You can also shop the basics, from custom suits to tuxedos to jackets to blazers. Hangrr is truly a great menswear find!!


x1407970104.1125966247.primary.original.jpg.pagespeed.ic.tRe9JuhAt2                INDOCHINO

Indochino is an online leader for custom menswear. Fit is very important to the brand, so much so that each suit is hand tailored by the brand and delivered; no outside tailoring is required. The brand is also about providing professionalism, affordability, sophistication, all while still being fashionable. Each suit is of the highest quality — superior fabrics & techniques.


This brand is certainly encompassing of basics in black & grey, but adds some great modern flare with pinstripes and blues. Basics aside, the brand also takes it’s spin on high-end menswear, classic and flashy tuxes! But purchases can also be made in apparel and accessories categories such as coats, pants, and shirts.


You can also make selections based off of collection categories, rather than item types — The Essentials (suits, shirts, signature style, black tie looks, and accessories)’ Fall 2014 with traditional hues and tones; Premium Italian shirts in various styles and colors; and suits for Weddings!


Poor Heidi! — Places to Go, But Ahhhhh, Nothing to Wear!

So what’s the solution?? Duh! Just make it a PR challenge! This week, with the 2014 Emmy season quickly approaching, Heidi was in need of something to wear for the Creative Arts Emmy’s red carpet. She instructed the designers to keep with their POV, but to also keep her sense of style in mind. She wanted the unexpected, a fearless fashion forward look that would not put her on anyone’s worst dressed list! Lucky for Heidi she had 12 eager beaver designers ready and rearing! Well maybe not all 12 as we later saw!


Prior Heidi Klum Red Carpet Look — 2014 CFDA Awards — On My Best Dressed List!

A few of the designers were quick to worry as red carpet attire was not something they had made before. Before going to Mood with their $250 budget, Tim stopped in with some important reminders — Heidi has worn it all, solids, prints, varied necklines. And as was clearly demonstrated from Heidi’s red carpet dociet, she is not married to any particular look; her sense of style runs the gambit! Sketch-time still revealed many designers’ mix of emotions, but it was time for Mood so the designers could get started on this 1-day challenge!


Tim was still there at Mood to hand out more reminders, such as be careful with fabric choices and to get what you need now! How ironic right?!? It seemed as if the designers heeded to this warning, spending nearly all of their $250 budget! The designers were soon back to the workroom with Korina off to investigate what the other designers were doing. Many designers were soon flocking over to Kini’s work area as #SpeedyKini was still present and accounted for in the workroom!!


Tim-time was of course joined with the client this week, Heidi! The thunder noise effect we heard in the background, the looks of terror, all appropriate! And here are just a few of the words of wisdom from Heidi — “Don’t bore”; “I need the cleavage”‘ “I want the sex appeal”; “Don’t be Dynasty”‘ “No nap for Kini today”; “Let’s show some skin”; “Wake the babies up”; & “No tears”! Needless to say — a lot of “Make it Work” moments!


The designer struggles were very apparent, so Tim & Heidi came back to the workroom with some new challenge instructions. She offered the designers a chance to go back to Mood with an additional $100. Only seven designers went back, but it was Sandhya who knew that left 5 designers with a spare $100. So on top of close to $250 already spent, she now added another $432. Smart move, but as we later saw, it wasn’t a great pay off as she didn’t even make top 3 this week! Kind of interesting that designers who worked with nearly half of her budget somehow still landed in the top 3! As for the other designers who returned to Mood many were in the same boat, scared, having to start over, with time running out!


Emily brought up an interesting point in that this return trip to Mood, an additional budget, did seemingly give some designers a 2nd chance, an advantage perhaps? But the offer was made to all of the designers. As seen with the model fittings and later on with the runway, was the 2nd trip to Mood really an advantage?? The designers who ended up in the bottom this week — all Mood returnees. And many of the returnees had to start over, which didn’t leave them a whole lot of time.


The guest judge this week was Olympic gold medalist and 4 time World Cup skiing champ Lindsey Vonn. I’m not sure of the red carpet connection on this one, but she knew what she was talking about and gave some thoughtful critiques. Now with the morning of the runway, Tim noted progress. But after the runway presentation ended Heidi was still disappointed. I agree with Heidi. There were certainly some stunning looks. But I thought the bottom clearly represented the looks where mistakes were very much obvious. However, a lot of the safe looks still didn’t translate so well with this red carpet challenge — many were kind of a yawn, a little too basic. It was kind of on point that certain designers were “safe” this week as a lot of their looks were just that — SAFE!


The bottom looks were a lot easier to sum up this week. In fact, there isn’t much need to discuss each one separately. My critiques were very much in line with what the judges had to say. These bottom looks were very basic and still not even well executed. The looks all seemed very sloppy/messy and it was clear time was a factor. The mistakes were just all so glaringly obvious from uneven hem-lines to puckering at the seams — so much looked unfinished. And all of the designers seemed to know this. For all 3 of the designers, designing red carpet attire was unfamiliar territory, and so clearly fear took over. It was of course difficult to see 2 designers go!


With all of the designers on an equal playing field in terms of being in the bottom, I’m sure the judges took into consideration their prior work. Mitchell had been in the bottom only once, but I think what had hurt him here was he had yet to have a true shining moment in the judges’ eyes. They might have been unsure with his vision, his aesthetic.


Kristine was the 2nd designer given the axe this week, which was quite contradictory with my line of thinking for Mitchell. She too had been in the bottom, just last week in fact, but unlike Mitchell, she had been in the top — twice in fact counting the group challenge. It was likely planned to have a dual elimination this season, but I’m not sure this was the right week. And the judges did note a couple of positives with the look.


Korina was the 3rd designer in the bottom and escaped elimination this week. This was her 1st bottom appearance so that was probably her saving grace this week. I did have a few positives with Korina’s overall look though — lovely side-swept do courtesy of Philip B. hair; clean, natural, fresh Mary Kay beauty make-up look; & although not shoes, still courtesy of Aldo accessories, I thought the elegant, statement-making earrings were a nice touch!


The top looks this week were certainly a breath of fresh air and I 100% agreed with the judges — FINALLY!! I think Heidi could have rocked each of these looks, but based on the great press Sean’s dress has been receiving, I’m thinking Heidi’s gut instincts were right in naming him the winner this week. Other designers this week tried to make an expensive fabric do their work, and the same could have been said for a basic fringe dress. But Sean put his own modern twist on his ombre royal blue fringe dress. The color was 100% spot-on, PHENOMENAL! Many designers made use of an open back this week and Sean’s was very much top-notch and at the top of the bunch! The judges were right in that this dress would photograph beautifully and in so many ways. This was a great comeback for Sean and I’m happy for him, very well deserved!


Kini also deserves some major props this week, keeping on the “top looks” train! I’m sure he is very much ready for a win, but without that, I’m positive a job well done for 2 weeks now will be remembered. I always gravitate to bold colors or prints when I first create a best dressed list, to see if I have any faves. So Sean’s great use of color this week likely helped in his win. But my best dressed lists never fail to include an elegant black floor-length gown(s). And I’m sure Kini’s look would have made mine! This look was so chic, so sophisticated, and very fitting for the red carpet. Another gorgeous open back as well! What I also loved was that Kini listened to Heidi, while still staying true to his design aesthetic. And I very much agree with Nina in how this dress perfectly hugged the model, such a great fit! The little critique I have is that I didn’t think the look needed the lengthy necklace, but great call with the bold smoky eye provided by Mary Kay!!


Amanda topped the highest scoring looks this week. This is definitely a look that some are going to love and others just aren’t. As we even saw with the judges, Zac was not a fan of all the beading. But what I loved about seeing this look in the top — it was a risk. It was unexpected, but as we’ve seen from other risk-taking top looks this season, IT WAS NOT DIY or arts & craft!! This was a new side of Amanda, but it was still Amanda — just her aesthetic at an amplified level. I could very much see it on Heidi and on the red carpet. Another aspect I love about Amanda is she is a designer who each week truly thinks of the overall look. I’m always a fan of the added details. And so again this week, more Shout-outs for her fishtail braid, a breath of fresh air for red carpet hair stylings, courtesy of Philip B. hair; perfect make-up look, not just a standard smoky eye, but very nice touch with a tangerine/red lip from Mary Kay; and again, no shoe Shout-out & I don’t love the earrings with this look, but very on point with Aldo accessories, the gold statement-making bracelet.


More Accessories Shout-outs:

  • Alexander — chic side-swept waves by Philip B. hair, perfectly coordinated silver cuff from Aldo accessories; & stunning make-up beauty look from Mary Kay, subtle smoky eye & pop of pink lips!
  • Samantha — more lovely curled tresses, waviness to the max, courtesy of Philip B. hair!!


PersJewel — THE Jewelry Brand for a Multitude of Personalized & Customized Jewelry Options!


PersJewel is definitely a brand that I recommend my Fashion Nexus readers should get to know! And let’s just go ahead and get to some great news that this brand has offered to my readers. For any purchases made, if you use the exclusive promo code “fashionnexus” you will receive 10% off your order(s)!! For jewelry of such high quality, so personalized, and already at great prices, this additional offer is very much an added bonus and a “Can’t Miss”!!


PersJewel certainly encompasses many amazing brand aspects, but one very important brand feature is the sheer volume of options the brand has to offer, including a separate UK-based website with all of the same jewelry items for purchase. When looking at what item you might want to purchase, there are tons of options across a vast array of categories — earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and yes, even choices for men! As you are creating a jewelry piece, you have even more available options to help customize your piece by selecting what materials are utilized — sterling silver, 18k gold-plated, 14k solid gold, and 18k gold. And finally, there are many styles one can choose from across the many collections put out by PersJewel!

PS2061           NEW ARRIVALS

PGP100006            BEST SELLERS

PYG14K_3020          CARRIE STYLE

PWG14K_1022           MONOGRAM PIECES





PS_2024 Name NecklaceSwarovski or Diamond options

It should come as no surprise that a family-owned business, with more than 15 years of jewelry manufacture experience, is able to create such stunning pieces and in a variety of options. The brand keeps up with jewelry trends, continuing to put out new pieces and offering even more innovative options for shoppers. The brand offers a full money back guarantee under their return policy and a guarantee of high quality, hand-made craftsmanship.

Hand Made Stamp Shows Original Handmade Artwork

PersJewel does more than just offering basic jewelry items for purchase. The brand is about full service for jewelry needs — a blog providing intriguing reads regarding jewelry; FAQs page; a jewelry sizing guide to ensure you have the correct ring size; and a chain length guide to guide your necklace purchases (child sizes in 14″ & 16″ and adult sizes in 18″, 20″, & 22″‘s).


There are really just such fun perks for shoppers as they peruse the PersJewel site, such as the “Name Necklace Preview”.


All purchases made are then carefully & beautifully wrapped for shipping. And there is even an option to include a greeting card with your order, with or without a personal message.


I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know PersJewel. And remember, you can use this special promo code “fashionnexus” to receive 10% off any purchases!



More on Nolcha Fashion Week — Oh This is Ladies’ Night!

Nolcha Fashion Week will for sure offer some amazing menswear fashion to view, as I wrote about last week, but just know, the ladies in the crowd will not be forgotten! There are definitely a few womens’ apparel designers we should take a closer look at and get to know! Women are very dynamic and can be even more dynamic when it comes to “What to Wear”! So whether you are in the mood to be bold with pops of color, go the sexy chic sophisticated route, or be super fun, flirty, & playful, these 3 dynamite womenswear brands are ones I recommend to check out — Sofía Arana, Rinat Brodach, & Katty Xiomara!






Sofía Arana



Brand founder and designer Sofía hails from Puerto Rico, which explains so much about her design aesthetic and resulting looks — full of bold color and pizzazz. I can fully understand her excitement to debut in NYC for this fall fashion week thru Nolcha!


Sofía Arana uses color very well with each of her looks, but what’s also eye-catching is her take on classic cuts & silhouettes — playing with the classic lines, taking a modern twist, and giving each look some true flare! In fact, Arana puts her own vision into the perfect words — developing “unique picturesque designs that respond to actual trends, while keeping the integrity and simplicity of the different silhouettes.” It’s so important for a designer to be true to themselves, but to also make clothes that are on trend so that women will buy them. I can’t imagine women not lining up to purchase Sofía Arana,


There is definitely a true signature style presence with this brand, again, put best in Arana’s own words — “Whimsical yet classy style for the young woman who appreciates casual elegance and a romantic vibe.” I see all of this throughout the various looks, and what woman wouldn’t want whimsy classy style, complete with elegance! Arana describes her inspirations as being from nature, art, and vintage. Again, all being completely present and seen within each look.


I am very excited to see what Arana presents at fashion week in a couple of weeks! I’m sure we are in for more amazing uses of color, intricate takes & twists on classic cuts/silhouettes, & more!




Rinat is another talented designer who is making a 1st appearance at fashion week for Nolcha! She has had a lifelong passion for fashion and being a designer so launching her brand in 2012 & now debuting at fashion week are I’m sure both dreams come true for this young talent! Rinat Brodach pieces are all about allowing a woman to feel both confident and sexy, it’s chic sophistication, but making sure sensuality is not bottled up on the inside!


Rinat is for sure a fan of draping and wants each piece to tell a story thru this technique. Draping also allows any woman wearing one of the brand’s pieces to stand out, look very stunning and be very eye-catching. The pieces are definitely high fashion and very much true to the original inspirations of art, people, and as Rinat states, “everything that moves.”


Make sure to check out more pieces from Rinat Brodach, but also some stunning and intricate accessories!


Katty-Xiomara    KATTY XIOMARA

And to round out this up close featurette for Nolcha, we have a repeat contender making another Nolcha presentation, Katty Xiomara. I was very happy to have covered Katty’s prior Nolcha presentation and am super excited to see what she has to present this go round! I know it will be more of the brand’s signature style — playfulness, fun, flirty, girly, and pieces that just make you smile!


The brand is certainly growing, and of course I am always intrigued to see more from Katty Xiomara. There is a lot that this brand represents, but oddly enough, I still see 1 clear vision and style — an “elegant, voluptuous, poetic, idyllic and romantic woman.” Artsy contours and small details bring out the playful side of the pieces. Sweetly ironic and sarcastic qualities bring out the flirty & fun aspect seen throughout the looks. It’s sensual and feminine, defined primarily by mixing patterns, textures, and colors.


While the Katty Xiomara woman certainly displays a fun side, this woman is still all about confidence, truly being able to show off an artsy hip vibe.





Creating that Perfect Look!!

And for reference, here is one of mine that I consider the “Perfect Look”, where everything comes together!! Take a look at my thoughts on how I put it all together, creating this look and some amazing details about specific individuals who deserve some major recognition here!


So first, you have to look at the occasion, the event, where is it that you are going? For me, in this instance, I was attending NYLS’s annual Barrister’s Ball aka “law school prom”! The event was held in NYC — Battery Gardens. I knew I needed something more on the formal side, something very special for my last year in law school and my 1st time attending a ball. I prefer shopping for more of a special event at an actual store or boutique. Online shopping is fine for the everyday, but with a need of a more custom look, the computer is not my go-to. Luckily for this specific event, I knew I had a one-of-a-kind designer to literally help with the creation of my perfect look!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Joyce Penas Pilarsky for JPP Daring Collections last year during Fashion Week, Fashion Week Brooklyn to be specific. Her spring collection runway presentation really caught my eye and it was even more of an honor to cover it for Fashion Nexus! Each of her looks to me represent being one-of-a-kind, unique, special, and so much more! Joyce was so very kind to offer to design and create for me a high-fashion, couture dress. I had a great time collaborating with Joyce on the look and I knew it would be just right for my event!


Joyce’s designs are all about the details, the embellishments, the intricate beading, the silhouettes. Her aesthetic is imaginative and sensual, creating sexy pieces of high fashion that showcase the art of being couture.


Check her page on Facebook for even more amazingly stunning examples!!


After you have your base for an overall look, and for me that is always the dress, the best place to start, it then becomes about the accessories. What I like to look at first is jewelry! You don’t want to over-accessorize, so I try to work towards that perfect balance. And so for this event, I knew I wanted at least 1 statement piece and mix it all in with some more understated pieces. Again, lucky for me, Joyce Pilarsky took part in providing the bold and statement making bracelet to really coordinate with this look!

dsc00451   Check out this custom, unique, Joyce Pilarsky bracelet — the intricacies, the details!


She also designed a statement necklace to go with the bracelet. It wasn’t needed for my overall look for my law school ball, but both pieces are very stunning, very worthy of some recognition!


pic6 Here is another great example of Joyce’s jewelry design work!

But for my overall look, I needed more than just the bracelet. However again, I knew I needed some more subtle pieces, yet still elegant!

dsc00452  Being that my hair was a chic up-do, I was very pleased to showcase my floral nOir jewelry studs. They were the perfect color, nude & brown mix, just the right amount of shine.


And to complete my jewelry selections, I chose a smaller diamond bow ring from American Eagle. It was just the right amount of needed sparkle to complete the jewelry I wanted for this look! Keeping with accessories, I also needed a clutch for the event. Sometimes a larger handbag might do, but for this event, a smaller clutch was the right call.

Francesca’s is a lovely boutique brand that not only has versatile apparel options, but a vast amount of accessories that can certainly provide a bit of luxe one might need for a more formal event. I was happy to have this mint green rectangular clutch on hand, courtesy of Francesca’s!

Accessories are not the last call for a look, sometimes it must extend to beauty. As you can see above, I created a bit of a fun nail regime for this look, rotating my nail color between Finger Paints color from Sally Beauty Supply, in gold, & butter LONDON in nude or yummy mummy!


Sometimes an event might call for more than an at-home do, a blow-out, special cut/color combo, etc. I have to say, as excited as I was about my couture look for the evening, I was equally as excited for my customized hair look — this bold, detailed up-do, all courtesy of Rosalinda Biddle! It took some time to create, but it was all well worth it! Rosalinda was so kind to collaborate with me on the concept. But what I loved about working with her was that I knew I could provide an idea and she could make it flourish!


Rosalinda is the hair stylist who can do it all — she can do elegant up-dos, she can create looks that are literally works of art!


She still works with more practical looks, but that will still scream high fashion, more than just your average everyday cut or blow-out!


She’s professional, and will do what she can to work with you and give you the look you want! If any of my Fashion Nexus readers would like the opportunity to work with such a talent, please contact me and I will make sure you are put in touch with Rosalinda!


So again, a few last details that complete my look and of course are always aspects of a look one should consider. Hair & nails are not all that say “beauty look”. For my make-up regime, I was so thankful for Revlon to create that perfect smoky eye, It Cosmetics to provide that needed shine, and Cover Girl, to create that perfect lip color shade!

And jewelry/handbags are not all that are needed for accessories. You of course need a shoe and for me, it was a dramatic heel, here courtesy of Lauren Conrad’s exclusive collection at Kohls. The blush pink was the perfect color to make this look pop! And finally, it was a bit nippy out so I wanted a little leg coverage and was very lucky to have some great go-to tights, my dark nude tights are xhilaration from Target.


So look complete, all aspect choices made. Sometimes you have those go-to wardrobe items that are right on hand. And if you don’t, maybe you have your go-to shops that you can easily visit. Giving time to make the choices you need always is an added benefit. Start with your base and work to coordinate from the bottom to the top. And with that, you can create your own PERFECT LOOK!

NY Model Management Legal Disputes — Double Play!!

NY Model Management is likely well known for its representation of models. But as of late, they might receive a new label – “Likely to Litigate.” Recently, the modeling agency initiated 2 lawsuits, both involving former employees soliciting NYMM models, thus creating a breach of contract over employment agreements that were in play. What is the likelihood of success for NYMM regarding this type of lawsuit? Let’s take a look at each case first!


On April 17th NY Models brought a lawsuit against Trump Models and a recent former employee, Lorraine Ospedales, a booking agent. The charge is for a breach of contract over an employment agreement between NYMM and Ospedales. The agency now alleges Ospedales has attempted to contact several NYMM models as soon as 30 days after termination.


With regard to Trump Models, the allegation is for aiding and abetting Ospedales’ wrongful actions, causing intentional interference with NYMM’s business contracts. Further, the agency alleges active encouragement on the part of Trump Models to solicit models. Repeated cease and desist letters were sent, but no response was received, and allegedly the attempts to solicit have continued. NYMM is seeking monetary relief (unspecified damages amount) and expedited discovery.

Originally, Page Six reported the story with a quote from the Trump Organization’s VP and General Counsel, Alan Garten – “These allegations are completely baseless and without merit. The agent didn’t even have an enforceable agreement [with NYMM], and even if she had, we haven’t done anything to violate it.” This suit was filed over 4 months ago, so my question is – where is Trump Models’ official Answer to the Complaint?? But clearly a lack of an answer didn’t stop NYMM from filing a 2nd similar lawsuit against another rival NY-based modeling agency.


This time, NYMM filed suit against Muse Model Management. Again, the agency is alleging a former booking agent, Jackie Sanchez (now working for Muse), breached her contract. Similarly, NY Models alleges that Sanchez approached models, whom she knew were under contract, to induce them to breach their contracts with NYMM and sign with Muse. Here NY Models is seeking half a million in damages.

As of now, this is what we know regarding NYMM’s employment agreement —

  • The agreement is set forth in an employee handbook.
  • Ospedales allegedly signed an “Acknowledgment of Receipt of the NYMM Employee Handbook.” I do not have access to the complaint against Sanchez, but it’s likely she signed an acknowledgment as well.
  • There seems to be no mention of a non-compete clause, just a non-solicitation provision, which states — employees who leave are not to solicit or take away, or attempt to do so, any clients, employees, or models of NYMM for a period of 6 months after termination of employment.
  • Ospedales resigned on March 14th, 2014. On this same day, NYMM emailed a reminder of this agreement. Again, I’m unsure if Sanchez received an email, but this might be common practice to send this type of email to former employees, so it’s very likely Sanchez was sent the same email reminder.
  • With regard to Trump Models, NYMM alleges they were aware of this agreement and it’s terms. The agency claims this type of agreement, a non-solicitation clause, is standard in the industry, meaning Trump Models would be aware of its existence. It’s unclear if with the suit against Sanchez, if Muse Models is also being included. But if this type of agreement is common in the industry, Muse would be aware of its existence as well.


Employment agreements are used in a wide variety of industries. Companies use them when hiring new employees. Generally these agreements cover 2 main provisions – a non-compete and a non-solicitation. A “non-compete” comes into effect when an employee leaves the company. It might limit where an employee can work in the future or even time periods for direct competitive work. But there are limits to the terms of these agreements, such as the limitations can’t be overbroad, overly burdensome, or injurious to the public. NY disfavors these types of restrictive covenants, including non-solicitation clauses, which is the provision at issue in the abovementioned lawsuits. The policy reasoning behind many states’ disfavor towards restrictive covenants is to show support of an individual’s right to pursue one’s profession or livelihood.

With regard to the NYMM lawsuits, we are seemingly dealing with issues arising from a non-solicitation clause only. In this instance, the employer is restraining an ex-employee from soliciting/contacting customers or employees of his or her former employer after employment has ended for up to a certain amount of time. However, Courts will look to the reasonableness of the provision to determine whether or not the it should be given effect. Courts will still scrutinize these provisions to ensure they are not overbroad in scope or too lengthy of a timeframe.

Models at Issue With NYMM v. Trump Models

tumblrlv4tbg9wOq1r2sog3o1500-150x150     veronicazoppolo-01-150x150 Christina Makowski & Veronica Zoppolo



Vanusa Savaris




In a recent NY caseBrown v. Brown, the court issued a stern warning to employers that they must carefully draft their restrictive covenants if they hope to obtain judicial enforcement; any sign of overreaching in the language of the restrictive covenant may serve to nullify the whole provision. The court is making it very clear that it will not “redline” these agreements — either be reasonable in the first instance or run the risk of getting nothing at all. What does this mean for NYMM?

If there are other portions to the NYMM employment agreement that could be construed as being unreasonable or overly burdensome, this means even the non-solicitation clause could be stricken. But what about the specific terms in the non-solicitation clause — “any agency clients or models” & “for a period of 6 months after employment”?


In OTG Management v. Konstantinidis, a non-solicitation clause prohibiting the solicitation of “any employee or customer” “for 2 years post employment” was upheld. The court specifically found there would be no unreasonable burden with regard to future employment for Konstantinidis. Similarly then, it could be said that for Ospedales or Sanchez, for an even more limited time of 6 months, that the non-solicitation clause is not overly burdensome or too broad, meaning it could be upheld.

Let’s take a look at a non-solicitation clause where a court found it to be unenforceable, Eyes of the World v. Boci. The provision called for a 1 year time frame, “following termination for any reason”, “to not provide Salon Services in NYC to any client of Eyes of the World for whom you provided services to during the last 12 months of employment.” The court found this clause to be overbroad, burdensome to the employee, and unreasonable in its limitation. But as compared to the NYMM clause, this provisions seems to also incorporate a non-compete, in restricting where one can work. NYMM’s provision makes no mention of where a former employee can work.

Employment contract

With regard to the terms provided in the NYMM complaint, it would seem that for only a non-solicitation clause that it would likely be upheld since it’s not overly burdensome or overbroad. But if other provisions of the employment agreement were not of this same nature or language, the court might conclude differently. In addition, even if the clause is deemed enforceable, there is still a matter of proving breach to the agreement. Fashion Nexus plans to keep an eye on the development of both of these lawsuits to see how additional facts that are brought into the light might impact my initial analysis!






PR/Ep 4 — Let’s Remix this Business!

So this week’s episode started out as per norm — the challenge guessing game and what might be in store for the future! The one difference was by the end of the challenge reveal, I kind of wanted a burger!! I think Kini did as well!


The designers arrived at Red Robin to meet with Tim to receive their instructions for the week. Joining Tim was VP of Red Robin Brand Transformation Jason Rusk. Also joining this well-dressed duo were some not so well-dressed male models, sporting various classic and vintage tuxe styles. And yes, this includes the cheesy light blue number better known for being bad prom fashion!


This week the designers were to re-purpose and remix an array of men’s vintage suits to create a look for the modern woman. At first I think the designers were hoping this wasn’t a menswear challenge. But I think a few would have rather had that than this one! The male models’ suits were to serve as an inspiration for their look this week, but also the FABRIC!! The designers were to use the jacket and pants to transform a classic tuxe to a high fashion womenswear look. The suit fabric had to be prominent in the final look.


Now if some off-putting fabric was not enough of a twist this week, PR introduced a new spin on designers choosing what suit they would work with this week. Tim’s dreaded drawstring bag would probably be welcomed back now with open arms! Last week’s winner, Sandhya, not only got to choose first, but she then was allowed to choose each designers’ fabric. I don’t care who the winner was last week, but to me, this was a horrible idea and it certainly is not going to gain Sandhya any popularity. I do not believe any designer would have not used this opportunity for a bit of strategy. I also don’t believe based on this group of choices that anyone could predict what fabric a designer would want to use. Some of the tuxes were clearly better than others. I think PR should have just stuck with the traditional selection processes — either drawing names to see who would choose or even letting Sandhya choose the next designer to go, and so on and so forth. The drama would still remain the same as those unfortunate last few names selected would not get the luck of the draw! I question “Why this change” & “Why now”!


The designers did get to eat some tasty Red Robin cuisine while sketching, and then it was off to Mood to purchase $100 of supplemental fabric. Everyone was then back to the workroom to start this 1-day challenge. A few designers had some early on frustrations, and not just figuring out how to work with some of the horrific fabric choices! Amanda’s battle with her fabric was a bit different, a battle for health — lots of early on sneezing! We saw on UTG last season that allergic reactions to fabrics are possible!


Kristine and Korina’s issue came about because each decided to make a leather motorcycle jacket. I would be concerned about 2 similar looks walking the runway if I were on this show. Each week, not only are designers compared to every other look ever seen on PR, but also looks seen from designers outside of the PR realm. To go side by side with another designer just amplifies that situation. But the ladies decided to move on, keep working, and thought in the end, their jackets would be different enough.


During Tim time, he cautioned a few designers that their look needed to read high fashion. Alexander was concerned over his bottom placement last week, but knew he could spin it positively. And finally we learned a new nickname for Kini — “Speedy Kini.” I can’t believe he created what he did so quickly!


This week’s guest judge was recent Teen Choice Award recipient for “Female Web Sensation” and YouTube mogul Bethany Mota. As the runway began this week we also saw a workroom feud continue to spill over as the runway show progressed. Hernan seemed to take the most issue with Sandhya’s selection and so he made the point to call her out, again, “Bitch” specifically, and her response — the middle finger! I guess getting over it or being the bigger person was an unknown concept to both parties here!



So good news or bad news first?? Let’s start with the top first since good news is always better than bad news right! I am so proud of Alexander this week, just as Heidi said “from the bottom to the top”! Alexander’s suit was certainly not the worst of the bunch, classic white with black trim, but his look was still so phenomenal!! I loved it and just as Bethany offered, I would too so rock this look at an event! The look was chic. I loved the neckline, its structure. I thought even though the look showed some midriff that it would still work with more than just “size 2” women since the skirt wasn’t fitted.


Also, generally I am not a personal fan of asymmetry, but Alexander convinced me with this look so I thought that spoke volumes in my book! Also major props to every aspect of this look — perfect selection of the platform ankle-strapped black heels from Aldo; great decision for a bold cat-eye by Mary Kay; & an elegant braided up-do courtesy of Philip B. hair!!

I was 2 for 3 this week with my guesses for the top looks, Kini was of course in my top! I was disappointed for him that he didn’t get the win this week. As we’ve seen, immunity can be important in saving a designer for the next week to come. But now, a winning designer might get to play God by choosing other designers’ fate — ok, not that serious, but still selecting a designer’s fabric is pretty important! This look was so dynamic! I loved the structured shoulders & skirt. Also, the side cut-outs were 100% on point!


Kini had to make use of a not so off-putting pinstriped suit and his work was very impressive. As Nina pointed out, all the lines matched up and were so clean. I also appreciated the judges pointing out the many details of this look, such as the back pockets from the original suit, still in place on the back of this look — NICE TOUCH! I guess those up close judging critiques do pay off! Kini also made some great choices with his Aldo accessories — grey peep-toe booties & silver bracelets!

And topping off the highest scoring looks was Amanda. One reason this was an okay surprise for me was because at least 1 designer who was given a horrible suit, pink & burgundy floral, was able to turn it around. I didn’t love this look as much as the judges, but I think her creative transformation from the original suit was the added benefit that not only put her in the top 3, but also gave her the win. Going along the lines of how the judges are scoring and make decisions this season, it wasn’t so shocking! If others can win by being arsty/crafty/DIY, then Amanda winning this week shouldn’t be that surprising.


Amanda’s look was very much Amanda — 70s, boho-chic, and vintage. I’m not sure I could see Heidi in this, but I could see a Vanessa Hudgens or Nikki Reed rockin’ this look at Coachella or on the streets of LA. I give Amanda props for some great choices this week — luscious flowing waves from Philip B. hair and clean fresh make-up look by Mary Kay.

I was definitely interested to see how the bottom 3 would turn out this week. I thought several designers could have ended up there! But I can’t say that the 3 chosen were undeserving. I am glad that Kristine was the first saved though. It just made sense being that she did so well last week and it was her first time in the bottom as compared to Sean & Hernan, who were both making a 2nd appearance. One major positive, I loved Kristine’s choice to go with this sleek straight hair look with blunt bang courtesy of Philip B. hair!


But as far as the look, it was just hard to work with this off-putting burgundy tuxe. I think that jacket in almost any other color and especially another fabric would look super cool and edgy. The main issues with this look though were the pants. They just didn’t fit well at all and the use of organza was not the best of ideas!

I am still rooting for Sean, but was again surprised to find him in the bottom this week. I for sure thought he would bounce back! Hmmmm…..maybe next week! Just as with Kristine, Sean was working with not only a tough color, mustard yellow, but also a tough fabric, corduroy. Just as with his look last week, I saw some great elements and concepts, such as where he wanted to go with deconstruction. But again, the execution was not on point.


The overall end result for this look was just too basic, not very high fashion. I imagine it was Sean’s vision that ended up saving him this week over Hernan. But in terms of positives, Sean made great decisions when it came to lovely wavy tresses from Philip B. hair and a clean neutral beauty look by Mary Kay. I loved the black Aldo booties, just not for this look, but the golden jewelry accessories were very much on point!

So this means it was Hernan who was eliminated this week. I would have never guessed that someone who’s already shown at MBFW and has had celebs don his pieces would have gone home this early. I’ve seen his previous work and I’m a fan, but his design and talent was not translating on PR. I guess this show is not for every designer! So all 3 bottom looks had to make use of some pretty bad suit material. Hernan had a white polyester suit with beige/brown trim. All in all, his look was kind of basic this week. And I knew one of the judges was going to mention his use of the “V” over his model’s lady business!


And just as Tim and the judges mentioned, the vinyl fabric was not the best choice for a supplemental fabric. I still think Hernan can bounce back in the real world and I wish him the best of luck!

And there was one designer I wanted to give a shout-out to, and that is Korina! I loved her chic red (from her stark red suit!) look consisting of a peplum sleeveless leather top and slitted skirt. I thought the look had a great vibe, very edgy and cool.


But I also loved her choices for Aldo accessories, black sandal heels (great lightness to go with a more bold look) and silver bracelet. Her Mary Kay beauty look consisting of a slight smoky eye was also a great finishing touch!