PR All-Stars: Can This Be Any More Predictable!?!

The name of the game for PRAS this season is PREDICTABILITY. My bigger issue is that the designers actually seem to be on board with this theme too. Each week, the eliminated designer seems to be all “rainbows and sunshine” about their exit. It’s as if they’ve all signed a contract, which gives them a chance to be on the show again, gain some exposure, a little relevancy. And in return they act their part for a few weeks. However, all but one knows their not truly in the running for the win. Okay, so maybe 2, Dmitry & Sonjia, since they are constantly in the top.


But Jay leaving this week was written in stone, call it signed, sealed, and delivered. Anyone else in the bottom 3 leaving would have cured my predictability doubts, even Fabio despite the fact he is constantly in the bottom. However, it was all predictability this week, Jay out and Sonjia with another win.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.17.19 PM

But enough venting for the moment, let’s get to the challenge details for the week. Lisa Robertson, program host of QVC, joined Alyssa to deliver the details. This week was all about RTW and fashion forward looks. Each designer was to create 2 looks, a separates (RTW) ensemble, and the other, a fashion forward look that related to the RTW one. Lisa also informed the designers that the winning design, with the separates piece, that it would be manufactured and sold as a part of QVC’s Jilly line. Everyone was then off to Mood to quickly work away for this 1-day challenge with a $300 budget for both looks.


It’s insane that with so much to do and only 1 day to do everything in that the designers had to stop just to watch the PRAS judges ring the closing bell at NASDAQ. They seemed fine with it, but I think a few could have used this extra time! But back in the workroom, both Helen & Sonjia struggled with their initial directions. All while Jay had so many thoughts & looks busting out all over the place — not really grasping his separates look could only include 2 pieces.


Next up, Zanna-time. She urged everyone to focus on the difference between art & commerce. This episode was of course supposed to be all about the business of fashion. Zanna could instantly tell Sonjia hadn’t sketched. It seemed it wasn’t until model fittings that Sonjia found her true direction. Dmitry was having some lack of fabric issues. This week definitely made clear some designer tensions. It seems Dmitry & Fabio have always been in a little head to head competition. But now we have a Sonjia versus Helen battle going on. And Michelle seems to throw shade at everyone so I guess that means it’s Michelle versus the workroom. So funny how she thought Helen should focus on her own work this week, yet how many comments does she constantly have for everyone each week!


It was soon time for the morning of the runway. Jay scrapped his RTW look and decided to make 2 new pieces in 2 hours! Crazy! And we saw some more tense vibes between Sonjia & Helen. This week, the guest judges were Lisa Robertson and top Hollywood stylist George Kotsiopoulos.


Sonjia being in the top and this week’s winner came as no surprise. She had the most positive review from the judges. In fact, they specifically said she was the only one who nailed the RTW challenge. Being that the big prize this week was centered around QVC and RTW, it was a “duh moment” that Sonjia would win. I’m not sure if I would really peg this as RTW. The lace blouse is great and I believe many women could and would want to wear this. I’m not as positive about the geometric cut-out skirt.


And this fashion forward look was not Sonjia’s finest work. I believe it was Georgina who took most issue with this cowl-neck dress, saying it was riddled with mistakes and looked heavy. I agree. Her RTW piece was stronger. But this needed more work!


The pieces did connect. I’m just not so head over heels with these square cutouts. Sonjia took awhile to find her direction this week and I think she lucked out here with her win. She played it too safe and her being in the top made sense, just not sure about the win.


Helen was near the win this week and it was definitely good TV with the dramatic back and forths between her & Sonjia. I thought Helen’s work though was more deserving of the win. I’m not sure if I agreed with George. I think many women could wear this RTW piece. And I think it was way more RTW than Sonjia’s. I think more women would want to and could wear this. It seemed way more commercial.


QVC shout-outs for both looks, loving these awesome heels!

My biggest criticism for Helen was maybe her fashion forward looked lacked a bit of umpf. It’s a great black dress, but I’m not sure how fashion forward it is. But don’t get me wrong, I would wear it in a heartbeat. For Helen not doing RTW and being more of an eveningwear designer, I think she did well with these 2 pieces.


Both looks had class and elegance. They were simplicity at its best, but great attention to detail. Michelle claimed to know all about what women want, but I think Helen made it clear she knew way more!


Dmitry was the final member of the top 3. The judges seemed unclear about which look was fashion forward. I could see that, at least with the jacket here for Dmitry’s RTW ensemble. But a bit of an edgy back cut-out jacket does not alone make the entire look fashion forward. He’s paired it with a basic pencil skirt and made use of some lace applique. Lace is all the rage nowadays, very commercial and I think it makes perfect sense for RTW. I wish though Dmitry had made a blouse instead of the jacket. I think it would have worked better. But the pairing of the jacket with this skirt, something was off for me. It was a bit too much.


Another QVC shout-out, lovin’ these black killer heels too!

Lace overboard here! There could have been a bit more coverage, but how often nowadays are we seeing sheer effects or high slits. Dmitry likely knows this and knows not all women have an issue with it. He also played again with asymmetry, making this look one-shoulder, which is all the rage on the red carpet right now, at the height of awards season.


Chi hair-care shout-out, love this this chic high ponytail!

Dmitry’s looks definitely had a connective thread. I think he too knows what women want and how to dress women who want to feel sexy, and look confident.


I hate to say this, but it pleased me so much to see Michelle in the bottom 3 this week. We are nearing the end of the season and it’s time to start picking who I would want to see win and who I wouldn’t want to see win. Michelle is the latter for me. I’m over her know it all attitude. She claimed to know what women would want to wear. She knew the end goal was to sell on QVC with her RTW look. Yet she goes for this ghastly printed fabric?? It literally makes no sense. Prints can be great, but are very hard to wear. I could see going with a print for maybe the top or the bottom, but then to do it for both, puh-lease! This is not a look that a wide variety of women would want to wear and if Michelle doesn’t see that, something is wrong!


And then what was with this pj-esque dress. I just don’t get out anyone could be so excited over this look. I’m glad the judges were not fooled. I don’t see her being eliminated next week, but I can always hope right!


Michelle & Fabio I believe have a similar problem, They both like to design too much for what they like and would want to wear. They have clear visions and aesthetics, but I don’t think they grasp a mass appeal!

Mary Kay shout-out, love this bold beauty look, dreamy smoky eyes, dramatic burgundy lip, and bronzed cheeks!


Fabio was extremely close to being eliminated this week. Although since it was time in Jay’s predictability contract to be out, he really had nothing to worry about! But I felt as if Isaac was over his artsy, conceptual vibe. Despite his multiple bottom 3 appearances, I guess the majority of the judges still felt as if they wanted to see more art than design. Fabio probably has the clearest designer aesthetic of all the remaining designers. I don’t care for it and it’s definitely not QVC. Unless he does something drastic next week, my guess is he is next out. Especially after hearing Isaac’s deservedly parting words this week. If Fabio lands in the bottom again, outside of another designer sending an unfinished garment or naked model down the runway, Isaac would not allow Fabio to receive yet another chance.


And not sure what universe this tye-dye arts & crafts project could be deemed fashion forward. This was not the challenge to make your own print. Fabio not seeing that, big problem. But the bigger problem is Fabio thought he did some grand thing by splattering paint on white fabric. It wasn’t. It’s tye-dye. I’m sure he had a grander concept, but again, 1 day, 2 looks, this was not the time for going to over the top with art & being conceptual.


His “fashion forward” look actually reminded me of his final collection for his original stint on PR. I was not a fan of that, nor this. Fabio clearly can’t separate being conceptual and wanting to be artistic from what each week’s given challenges are. We shall see if he can pull a rabbit out of his cap next week!


Even if it was time in Jay’s contract, haha, not letting that go, maybe that would explain these crazy pants! I mean, what other explanation could there be! Jay did himself no favors here. I can’t give much kudos to a basic grey tank top so we are left to focus on the pants. That does nothing to help Jay with not being eliminated. Love the QVC accessories though! Also, Chi hair care shout-out, superbly straight & great hair!

But really, these pants on QVC, mass appeal, no way!


And then Jay actually says he has never worked with red??? Hmmmm, doubt that! But if it were true, why would you choose that color then. I’ve heard designers say I don’t do RTW, couture, avant garde, unconventional, but a color?? Come on Jay. And then this look was definitely not without some execution issues.


Great Mary Kay beauty looks!

But just not enough to overcome some not so great looks. Jay clearly spent way to much time on the back and forth with the RTW and kind of let both looks go downhill. Even Georgina said it was as if he had given up — hmmm, makes the mind wonder right!






PR All-Star Designers Roll the Dice


This week on Project Runway All-Stars, the stakes were high as the designers rolled the dice, taking on a fashion gamble. The gamble being it was the roll of the dice that would set-up each designer’s challenge details for the week. One dice encompassed fabric, the other for what occasion the designers would be creating for. So the runway became a gambling table and each designer made their rolls.


The order of the rolls truly made no difference this week, but Fabio having won last week took his turn first. Then each designer unnecessarily chose who would roll next, leaving Dmitry to go last. Here is what everyone was set to create for the week —

  • Fabio — Masquerade Ball look, made of denim
  • Sonjia — Bachelorette Party look, made of brocade
  • Samantha — Awards Ceremony outfit, made of brocade
  • Michelle — Gallery Opening piece, made of lace
  • Justin — Gallery Opening look, made of silk
  • Helen — Another Awards Ceremony ensemble, made of brocade, unofficial fashion face-off with Samantha
  • Gunnar — Masquerade Ball look, made of brocade
  • Jay — Sunday Brunch outfit, made of denim
  • Dmitry — Gallery Opening piece, made of velvet


After sketch-time, the designers were off to Mood with a budget of $150. There were lots of brocade looks this week and also a few fabric concerns. Dmitry was quite unhappy with having to work with velvet. I wholeheartedly understand, not a fan of velvet myself! Everyone was then back to the workroom to begin this 1-day challenge. Work began with a little bit of fun & play at the QVC accessory wall, but that quickly faded this week as some claws started to come out!


I found only 2 aspects of this episode intriguing or interesting. The results ended up being predictable, but I was interested to see how the judges would formulate the top & bottom 3. But the other intriguing aspect was seeing some drama this week. Hey, now I would rather an episode be great because there was a bunch of truly phenomenal looks that graced the runway. But that didn’t happen in this episode so I was only left to enjoy some drama!

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.16.28 PM

First up, there was Sonjia v. most of the designers. Apparently the fabric she wanted to work with was not a brocade. Now Sonjia said it was in the brocade section. And all we saw was the designers voicing their opinions and Sonjia ending up changing her fabric choice. I’m sure the powers that be somehow behind the scenes confirmed that the fabric she initially wanted to use was not brocade. Although just like last week with some Sonjia fabric drama, I’m not sure what all the fuss was about. Neither of her selections this week were worthy of such attention.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.16.31 PM

The other bit of dramatic tension this week was Helen v. Jay. Helen went over to Jay to offer him some friendly advice, saying his Sunday Brunch look was more akin to that of a club or party girl look. He took offense, overreacting a bit, ending up call her a Beee-yatch! Now on one hand, I agree with Helen in the sense that Jay’s look did not read Sunday Brunch. But waiting to call him out in front of everyone, especially his model, probably not the best timing. Also, this is a competition, if Jay wants to shoot himself in the foot, at this point, let him. And then with Jay, overreaction, but did we really expect anything less. I guarantee the same thing would have happened with pretty much any other designer v. designer scenario. Actually, at least Jay said his response back to her face. Many of the other designers probably would have just saved their reaction for their private sessions, not having the guts to be so vocal and upfront with their response.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.25.11 PM

Oddly enough, way less dramatic, was Zanna-time! She added some incentive for the designers, what good that did I’m not sure. But the winning look this week would be worn by Alyssa in an upcoming feature for Marie Claire. She urged the designers to forget about the hands they were dealt and to push forward, to be super creative.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 5.16.52 PM

The judges panel was finally lessened to only 4 judges this week, also seeing a return of Georgina who has been missing for quite a few episodes. The guest judge for the panel was CFDA winner Michael Bastian.


The top & bottom for the week pretty much made sense. But as I mentioned earlier, I was intrigued to see how the top & bottom would develop. There easily could have been a few switch-ups and I wouldn’t have been surprised. But let’s look at the top 3 first, although it seemed more like a top 2!


Sonjia was the winner of the week. I’m not sure I see this as the best look for Alyssa in Marie Claire. But she did just what she was supposed to this week, she designed a sexy look for a Bachelorette Party, made of brocade. This gold fabric to me was quite hideous, in fact, I agreed with Justin; it looked cheap. But somehow, Sonjia actually made this work. I think a different fabric choice would have still been leaps & bounds better with this design, but making it work, where others designers simply did not, this was what led to her win.



Mary Kay shout-out, love this bold red lip & cat eye! The look was sexy and fun. There was a bit of shimmer giving the outfit a special touch, but I still think Sonjia could have pushed a bit more. This was not her strongest win, but deserved in my book because other designers this week simply failed to step up their game.

Chi Hair Care shout-out, love this fishtail braid!


Michelle rounded out what I’m only calling a top 2. She could have won, but making the hip area bigger, way wrong move! Only working with lace had to be hard; it’s very sheer. But Michelle worked wonders with layering. And what was even more great about her work this week was that she took some odd color choices and really paired them together to create a very eye-catching piece.


But as I said, the bigger hip area was the wrong move. I think a more fitted look, maybe even a little shorter would have hit the mark, making Michelle more of a contender for the win. I also think this type of look would be way more fitting for Alyssa in Marie Claire. But with the design choices made, Alyssa must have not been so in love with it. She embraced the fashion gamble this week though, whereas other designers did not, so kudos to her for that.


The judges then placed Helen in the “top 3”, although from their critique it didn’t sound so lovey-dovey to me. This look was not all bad, but it wasn’t all good. I agreed with Georgina, it had way to much going on. The 2-piece aspect just didn’t work with the slit and the neckline. So not only did she have too much going on, but the elements didn’t work well together.


A few edits though and Helen too, just like Michelle, could have hit a home-run. She also did a great job with sticking to her challenge details. She had a difficult fabric choice and made it work for not only her look, but the event at hand, an awards ceremony.


Mary Kay beauty shout-out, gorgeous shimmery eye and subtle red lip. But ultimately, what didn’t work for me here was how all of the elements came together; it just made the look less luxe.


Justin lucked out having been in the bottom 3, but not the bottom 2. Just as with Helen though, the look wasn’t all bad, but did have quite a few things wrong with it. The dress was too short. I didn’t quite see it being such a grand design concept for a gallery opening. The sleeves also didn’t pair well with his choice of neckline. And I agreed with the judges, the proportion seemed off.


But the look did have some positives, which is why Justin deservedly was not in the bottom 2. I really liked this print — it was very Justin. The back was gorgeous. And I commend his starting off points. Had the look been longer, drop the sleeves, keep the neckline, BAM! Justin would have already been way better off.

Another Mary Kay Beaut Shout-out — Lots of great, bold red lips this week!


Fabio ended up in the bottom 2 this week, which was quite a shocker coming off of his win last week. I didn’t think his dress was deserving of such harsh criticism, but I think the judges took some serious offense to his choices for the week. He didn’t embrace working with denim. He chose a fabric that barely even resembled denim. His styling was also way off this week, perhaps a bit too much, the grey eye, the pearl necklaces as a head wrap.


Isaac took the most offense with Fabio’s work this week, ultimately feeling like Fabio dropped the ball. This part I agree with though. Even had Fabio not been in the bottom, he was only aiming for the safe-zone. He won’t win this season with that attitude so hopefully next week, he steps it back up.


This left Gunnar rounding out the bottom 3, and ultimately going home this week. This was not a huge surprise. The past few weeks he’s struggled with executing his design concepts. He has some great ideas, but PRAS was not the place for him to allow those ideas to flourish.


There was just way too much wrong here for him to escape elimination again. The fit was way off. The bodice had no structure to it, very unflattering. He selected some interesting fabric choices and had an intriguing idea, but again, he was not able to execute it. Sad to still see him go though. Gunnar seems like such a great person and I don’t doubt his talent. But time restraints are clearly not his friend!









This is Still Project Runway All-Stars, Right??

So I’ve made the argument before that PR shouldn’t have an All-stars every year. It kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. But if they are going to do this, they should really remember the definition of the term All-Star: best of the best; a star performer or in this case designer. I don’t know in what universe what transpired this week makes any logical sense. It just doesn’t, plain & simple. But like I’ve thought all along, I think this season has already been carved out for someone. I feel all during PRAS season 1, we knew Mondo was going to win. And then the same thing for season 2. I felt pretty certain Anthony Ryan was a shoe-in; it came as no surprise. What are your thoughts?? Who do you think I’m thinking of!?!



And before we get to the individual image critiques, I want to share some images I quickly discovered in all of 5 minutes. Pictures of what you say?? White dresses, that yes, could go bridal, but were nonetheless stunning on the red carpet. That whole quip this week about white dresses not being on the red carpet was crap. I guaran-frickin-tee, these judges probably loved many of these dresses I’m showcasing, but I guess to find an excuse to get out a front-runner, it was an easy go to!

kate-hudson-white-plunging-back-gown-at-SAG-awards-celeb-red-carpet-fashion                                                             article-2320672-19A6E054000005DC-749_634x865More on that later! So the designers were whisked off this week, by helicopter no less, to QVC‘s headquarters in Westchester, PA. The challenge was delivered this week by QVC program host Lisa Robertson, who also served as a guest judge this week. The instructions were to create a stunning and glamorous red carpet gown. The winning look would be worn by Lisa for QVC’s star-studded gala broadcast for the Oscars. The designers were told the dress needed to be very versatile — had to walk well for the red carpet, ability to stand/sit with ease, look good on TV for the live broadcast & photograph well. Also, the winning look this week would have a version sold on QVC later on, probably after the Oscars broadcast I think.

Snow-White-Celebs                                                                 GGThe designers sketched away, right at home, in Isaac’s studio at QVC. He also stopped in for a visit and told the designers to “Go for it!” & “Pull out all the stops!” The designers were then off to Mood with a $300 budget. This was a 1 day challenge so yes it was filled with freakouts, mainly by Elena as per usual. PRAS also aired a personal share moment from Viktor this week. He apparently has told only his partner, not even his family, but on a show aired to millions, he comes out that he is HIV+. I applaud Viktor for his courage, but I’m not sure where this came from, very left field. Mondo had a similar touching moment during his season, but it seemed to be more in place when it all happened. I’m not sure if PR was trying to repeat that moment, but it was a bit confusing for it to come out now.

The guest judges this week, along with Lisa, were Mondo Guerra (PRAS 1 winner) and talented actress Elizabeth Moss. Zanna made sure to really push some buttons this week when she told the designers that she wasn’t seeing all-star quality this week and I sort of agree. This was an odd week and I didn’t see a clear top and bottom. I had only one designer I clearly placed in the top, my winner and then one I clearly placed in the bottom and who I think should have gone home. Everyone else just sort of drifted in the middle because there were both good and bad elements to each look.

pras03-ep7-episode1Let’s start with Irina and let me get a bit more venting out of the way, haha! Irina’s look was not a winning piece this week, but should not have been the look that sent her home. I was rooting for her so I’m very upset she’s gone. As you can see throughout this post, white dresses are often on the red carpet. And her mermaid gown was more off-white if you ask me. Yes, it ripped. I think the walking aspect was a bit difficult this week. She didn’t quite meet the mark all the way, but still in no way think should she have gone home. Gowns are hard to do in 1 day and this was something, done right with time, that could easily be worn on the red carpet and be on many’s best dressed list. You wouldn’t have to say “change the color and material to make it work”, which I think Alyssa said to do in order to make Viktor’s work more appealing. Why not just change the entire design? But I was surprised Irina even came back on PR. I don’t think she needs this show, whereas other designers might!


I will move to Elena next, since I had issue with her scale-like gown, but I don’t think she should have been in the running to go home. I will say, at least Irina stuck up for her gown, whereas Elena couldn’t muster any support. Her gown was different, it was a risk. I applauded those efforts. The details were great, but I don’t think they photographed well. I also think the shape was off-putting and it needed to be a bit longer. But other than that, it was at least something different, something unique.


Next up, let’s look at Seth Aaron. I always look at Buddy TV. They do a slideshow and rank their looks. As I’ve said and they agreed, Irina shouldn’t have gone home. But they had Seth in the bottom two?? I had a hard time ranking this week, but I think Seth’s look was fitting there or definitely bottom 3. It wasn’t a bad look, but it just wasn’t glam enough for the red carpet. It looked comfortable, easy to walk-in, but hey, Lisa still wants to fit in with the rest of the glamorous A-list celebs while at the Oscars and this dress wouldn’t have done the trick.


Speaking of a lack of glam, let’s look at the winner this week, Korto. This look, while also not horrible, just didn’t translate to Oscar red carpet. I mean, red carpets happen for so many events. Maybe this could have worked for a movie premiere or charity event. But this is for the Oscars and this look is going to fade away that night, guarantee! Adding a sparkly belt doesn’t make this a glamorous red carpet dress. I love that she went for that bold tangerine color and I wish somehow the top could have been just as bold. But the taupe mixed with tangerine just didn’t work.

-project-runway-al3l-So my winner would have been Chris. It could have used a tweak here or there, but this dress worked for the Oscars red carpet. It was a gown, floor length & tulled out to the  max and was stunning. I think the model looked like she was walking just fine. It also had the leather details, which did modernize the look. I also loved the navy blue color and think it would have been most fitting for the night. Lisa would have looked great in this, much more so than Kortos’. Maybe QVC was more about selling the winning look than the gala?? I could see Korto’s being easier to sell than Chris’. But why, because Chris’s gown is just that special and really would only work for a few special situations. Korto’s gown I think has more commercial appeal so that was probably the driving force this week.


So that leaves Viktor, who for me, should have gone home. That olive green color was ghastly. I typed in olive green on google for the red carpet and very few images showed up. The color just doesn’t work. I’ve shared those images as well. But I typed in just green and yes, a few more appeared. But that was more of a forest green or emerald green, something more bold or bright. Color aside, this look also had too much going on, wings, ruffles, etc. I was not a fan. This was the losing look this week, Viktor’s confession aside. I hope that had nothing to do with his staying, but I just don’t see how if someone were Irina’s look and someone wore this one, that Irina’s look would come off worse.

-project-runway-all-No sense, but oh well, onto next week. I’m rooting for Chris now, let’s go!


celebrities-white-dresses-at-met-costume-institute-gala-red-carpet-trend                                     2010-sag-awards-red-carpet-dresses-white-500x436

2010-Emmy-red-carpet-dresses-white-500x415AND YES, SOME, IF NOT MANY OF THESE ARE A BIT BRIDAL AS WELL!











PRAS Designers Are all About Some Cocktails — Cheers!

So this week, the designers were toyed with just a little! They were all so excited, as I would be too, because they were going to Jay-Z‘s hot NYC club, 40/40. It was supposed to be all about fun and enjoying a relaxing night. But hey, this is All-Stars, so haha, the joke was on them! Although, at least they got to enjoy 1 drink, even if it was for their challenge this week.

pras03-ep3-episode10                                 pras03-ep3-episode2Alyssa was of course at the club to hand down the designers’ marching orders for this week. There was a list of cocktail beverages and each designer would choose one. This cocktail would serve as the inspiration for, drumroll please, a cocktail dress! The designers could take inspiration from the ingredients, the mixing process, the color, etc. They sketched at the club, but then were off to Mood with only a $100 budget for their 1 day challenge. Wow, kind of rough!

pras03-ep3-episode6                                        pras03-ep3-episode8Speaking of rough, let’s talk about the cocktail selection process. Mychael got to choose first since he won last week. But then, he and every other designer had to choose who to toast to, meaning who would go next. I definitely think strategy took part in this as Seth Aaron and Irina were the final 2 standing. But I don’t know how necessary that was. It wasn’t as if any drink would really not work as an inspiration. Hold on because there is a bit more roughness the designers had to endure.

pras03-ep3-episode5                                         pras03-ep3-episode7Zanna time of course consisted of her firm words of encouragement and wisdom. But this time she also added a twist for this week, no pun intended. No cocktail dress can go without a little garnish right? Of course not! So each designer had to now make an accessory to go with their cocktail dress. They could use their own fabric, another designers or somehow make something work from the QVC wall.

One other little side note from this week — what was with all of the references to copying or designer imitation this week? It was all a bit odd. Jeffrey said Korto’s look was a bit like Isaac’s resort collection from a few years back. Elena made a quip about Viktor’s dress being similar to Alexander McQueen. But maybe she was too quick with that quip since the judges referenced I think Balenciaga when critiquing her piece. I wonder what everyone else thought about this or if it even registered. Let me know!

pras03-ep3-episode15But now onto the top & bottom. This week, the judges were joined by the accessories queen, Rebecca Minkoff and renown interior designer Nate Berkus. I wasn’t entirely on board with the judges this week, but I can see their logic. I think one big surprise for me was that Irina was not in the top. I loved her shimmery gold cocktail dress, inspired by the Strawberry Fields concoction. It certainly looked luxe to me, nowhere near the $100s she spent. So how did the judges pick their winning look this week?

-project-runway-a5ll-                                                                            Strawberry-FieldsI wasn’t sure if the judges would really like Christopher’s “The Rose” inspired dress, but I’m glad they did. Alyssa handed down another twist during deliberations and said she would wear the winning look. When this happened I thought, well that means Chris is out of the running to win, but she decided to wear 2 top looks? I think he should have won this week, but I will settle for top 3!

-project-runway-al6l-                                                                   top_gwen_roseViktor actually won this week with his “Tiger Eyes” inspired look, which was a bit shocking to me. One because how did the judges tire from their Elena kool-aid, haha! I for sure thought since she was in the top again that she would win. Plus, it didn’t seem as if the judges were all in agreement over Viktor’s look, but regardless, he won. I didn’t get it because it was a bit sloppy looking to me around the hem and the slit, but he did do a divine job with the cutouts.

-project-runway-al4l-Speaking of cutouts, Elena also created a quite fetching “Sardinia” inspired cutout dress. It was well constructed and chic. The seaming detail was also eye-catching. It wasn’t a surprise she ended up on top. I thought I remembered hearing the designers talk about color as an inspiration. I didn’t see that with most of the looks. But inspiration doesn’t have to be  literal. This worked well for some of the designers. But not so much for others since I think the bottom designers went a bit more for literal inspirations.

-project-runway-al7l-                                                                  imagesKorto’s Summer-inspired cocktail dress was first up for the bottom. She went with a green and yellow print to show inspiration from her cocktail. The judges quickly took her out of the elimination running however. There focus for who to send home was on the other 2 in the bottom — Jeffrey and Melissa.

-project-runway-all3-I wasn’t sure if Melissa would get a 3rd chance. Even though she’s been in the bottom a lot, there was still a wearability factor for her pieces. Whereas Jeffrey’s dresses, who also has been in the bottom twice now, didn’t have that capability. His Le Exotique  inspired dress this week was just very dated. With a lower budget, he really should have paid more attention to his fabric choice.

-project-runway-all1-But it was Melissa’s Sunset-inspired cocktail dress that was tossed aside this week. I would have voted Jeffrey out, personally, but the judges, I guess, were out of chances for Melissa this week.

-project-runway-al2l-                                                                                jamaican_sunsetExcited for next week, can’t wait! Remember, keep up with Fashion Nexus by liking on Facebook! By liking, you are entered into the amazing giveaways I will have going on. This week’s giveaway can be seen below!