Bling Ring Feature: From Obsession & Completely Bypassing Delusion


The Bling Ring hit theaters this past weekend and tells the infamous tale of the crime spree of burglaries from the group known as the “Hollywood Hills Burglary Bunch.” I was surprised at how fairly packed the theater was, but there was a lot of laughter in some un-funny parts! In defense of the film, I think it was supposed to be shot the way it was with the camera angles and all, going for a realistic look. Also, in terms of the acting, these young actresses, notwithstanding Emma Watson, are all fairly new to movies so that aside, they were supposed to play vapid, narcissistic teens so the Valley-ish accent, totally appropriate.

All in all, I think the movie was pretty good. A few initial thoughts as I was watching:

  • My grandma always says to us, “Don’t forget, lock your doors.”-So these people have surveillance, but don’t lock their doors-ODD??
  • Ironic if these kids really did use stolen Louis Vuitton luggage to further steal more goods, including other LV luxury goods and used the luggage to store the stolen goods.
  • Finally, and the book Nancy Jo Sales I think got it right-the suspects really did wear their stolen Louboutins to court-really??

My whole point on featuring the Bling Ring and doing it for 2 separate posts is really the focal point it places on the fashion industry. There were a lot of elements at play in guiding these troubled teens-drugs, greed, peer pressure, self-esteem/wanting to fit in, etc. But it can’t be forgotten that these teens, especially alleged ringleader Rachel Lee, were obsessed with their victims. Although, you never hear anything about their love of these individuals for their acting, other jobs, good deeds or the like. It was always clear where there obsession centered-the love of their icon’s style and fashion sense.

shoes                                                              partying

The movie is laced with images of the stolen goods and the emphasis on labels and logos, as well  as calling out or namedropping of the brands-Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Birkin bags, Alexander McQueen, etc. In fact, in one of the scenes, Lee says “Let’s go to Rachel Bilsons’. I want some Chanel.” Obsession to these actresses and icons quickly led into delusion of a strong desire or need to have these luxury goods. Also stolen was expensive jewelry, shoes, dresses, lingerie, artwork, and the like. The way they went about it was that there was no fear of being caught or that it was okay since these celebrities had so much and their doors were unlocked. Although, there were homes where the breaking in came from unlocked windows or climbing in a doggie door. But they were all really open about it-talking about it openly at parties, discussing it with others who were not part of the group, taking pictures at clubs/parties all while wearing or holding the stolen goods.

Actor Israel Broussard, portraying Nick Krugo was ultimately the one who told the story of the operation, which led to the other arrests. He spoke of the girls doing this as wanting other girl’s goods and just being a part of the lifestyle. The film also would show the group out at the club, wearing their expensive stolen goods, using the stolen cash to buy table service and bottles. They were at clubs where celebrities attended, likely trying to get noticed. The film glazed over mention of future goals for some of the teens and it was modeling, acting or fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, FIDM.


Its just clear this group became way to obsessed with fashion and fashion icons and soon knew no limits with who they targeted, how they broke in, what they took or how often. News broke of the Audrina Patridge break-in, yet many more crime sprees occurred after the fact. As I mentioned in my law of fashion post on the Bling Ring, there are a lot fashion-related crimes and torts. To me, this is just another breed, very akin to when people counterfeit or purchase, replicate or rip-off and sell or infringe. Robbery is more clear-cut, but it all comes from the same place-that desire for more, the desire to own the big name brands, the want to have others notice you, to be in a fashion spotlight or just plain and simple, greed!

Make sure to check out my legal post in conjunction with this fashion feature piece as well!!


The Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch-The Legal Backdrop

So last week I did 2 featured retail posts, one for BaubleBar and the other for the ID Pop Shop at Chelsea Market. Therefore, this week, I am writing 2 legal posts-reminder of the one posted earlier this week, an Introduction to Laws Affording Protection to Fashion Designers. This post is going to discuss the legal background of the story of the infamous Hollywood Hills burglaries. The reason being is because the recent release of the film, The Bling Ring, which portrays how this whole story allegedly occurred. I wanted to do a post on this topic for my fashion blog because it would allow a bit of a legal analysis to a bit of a different realm versus that of trademark or copyright law. Another reason, is this burglary scheme was a major operation that occurred just recently and a lot of what was being stolen was name brand items from celebrities home. In researching this topic, I have seen that these teenagers believed their victims were fashion icons and the desire to own these major fashion pieces or items. I want to see how the movie conveys that aspect of this tale, but for now, as this is a more legal post, lets look at those facts.

The basic synopsis of this series of cases, is that a group of teenagers in California, burglarized the homes of several celebrities from the end of 2006 until mid-2009. Reports indicate that the total amount of burglarized goods was around $3 million. Over 50 homes were targeted, while much less than that were actually broken into, with Paris Hilton actually being one who was robbed several times. Other victims included Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox, and Lindsay Lohan.


This group was able to mastermind their burglaries with this plan- use of Google Maps to find their targeted homes and uses of the website and determining when the inhabitants would be away by researching their schedules through websites including Facebook and Twitter. Items being taken were a vast array of fashion brand clothing and jewelry. Some of the times it would be with breaking in, such as with Hilton’s home, the door was found to be unlocked. More specific items taken were a Rolex from Bloom and Louis Vuitton luggage from both he and Kerr. So how did arrests and convictions happen?

lvlug                                                         rolex

An anonymous informant tipped off about the Lohan burglary. One of the members of the goup’s face was captured on a surveillance camera. Prugo was the first to be arrested and later confessed with no plea deal struck. He informed the police of future targets and the past crimes. Two weeks later, police obtained search warrants to search the other members of this group’s homes. The other members were then arrested. So here are the members of this group, their involvement, and resulting convictions and information.

main group

Rachel Lee is the alleged ringleader of this group (not in photograph above). She was reported to have had a good upbringing and certainly wasn’t needing to steal clothes. However she likely did due to obsessions with these celebrities, reality TV and wanting to be on the same fashion level as her fashion icons. Lee did end up serving time, but after a little over a year was released on parole. She did make a plea of no contest to the burglaries. Charges of conspiracies to commit burglary and even involvements to other burglaries were dismissed.


Nick Prugo was one of Lee’s best friends, bonding over a love of fashion. Issues of drug addiction were at play with his role in the group and in some of the burglaries. He also pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 2 years in prison, but did not either serve his full sentence.


Alex Neiers-She was reported to have had trouble at home and even lived with Prugo for a short time. She also made a plea for residential burglary and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, additional three years of probation, as well as being ordered to pay $600,000 worth of restitution to Orlando Bloom. She was released after 30 days served and even spent same cell time when alleeged victim Lohan was also serving time!


Diana Tamayo-She also made a plea of no contest and was sentenced to 3 years probation and 60 days of community service.


Roy Lopez, Jr.-He was given three years of probation for also pleading no contest.

Courtney Ames-She was sentenced to three years of probation and two months of community service. Charges against her of conspiracy to commit burglary, burglary and receiving stolen property were dismissed.


Johnny Ajar-initially faced with ten felony charges — six counts possession for sale of a controlled substance, three counts possession of a firearm by a felon and one count possession of ammunition, plead not guilty to all of them. Later, however, he pleaded no contest for selling cocaine, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and one count of receiving stolen property. The stolen property charge referred to a Rolex watch owned by Orlando Bloom. Ajar was sentenced to three years in jail. He was released less than a year later.

I make a point to still post on this topic, even though dated because there is a re-visit to its relevancy with the movie release. I will post more on that aspect after I watch it. I do think there was a fashion obsession that drove a lot of this crime and I don’t see differences with other more typical crimes. Counterfeiting is major and in part for those who make because they want to make money. For those who purchase the goods, its that need to want to own the major labels, but not have to pay the major price! There are claims all the time of copying and replication, again because of that desire to be in the fashion industry and make money, but perhaps doing it at a portion of the cost. Fashion and the love of it is laced throughout this major crime spree and I look forward to seeing the tale on the big screen to how all that happened developed.

The Laws that Afford Fashion Designers Protection-Part 1: The Introduction

This is the start of a series on the various types of law that fashion designers have to protect their work/designs. This first post will be a brief overview of what legal protections are currently available and the required legal standards. I will briefly introduce trademark, patent and copyright as the major sources of law that governs the fashion world.


Trademark protection is what many designers will use to protect a word, symbol or phrase used to identify their merchandise. Courts have even extended, in some circumstances, protection beyond the word/symbol/phrase to that of aspects of a product, such as color. This is more commonly known as trade dress. So for example, Christian Louboutin is known for their red soles on the bottom of their shoes/heels and has recently acquired trademark protection for that aspect.

clHowever, trademark law only protects a designer’s mark from infringement if another company were to create a similar mark. The similarity would have to cause a likelihood of consumer confusion. Further, in order to bring an infringement suit, the designer would have to claim a valid common law right by being the first to use in commerce, or would have to be the first to register their mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Many designers face the issue of their designs being replicated, but trademark law would not cover this area. However, trademark law does assist with one major area, counterfeiting. The problem with counterfeiting litigation is ensuring that counterfeit production and sales actually cease. Its not to say a victory is not possible, but a fashion designer or house seeking protection needs to be able to name the company sending the shipments of counterfeit goods to be most effective.

Another major area of law that affords some protection to fashion designers is that of patent, more specifically design patents. A design patent protects the way a useful product looks, but does require that the article be “new, original and ornamental.” The legal standard is not an easy one to meet or else every designer could acquire one. There is also the issue of the timing involved in acquiring a patent as it could take up to a year or more. Fashion is all about what is in demand or trendy for a given season, so a designer would have to ask about the longevity of a given design and is the cost and time worth it? There is also an issue of actively protecting what has been patented. A court would have to find similarity in the product allegedly infringing a patented design. All in all, a design patent can be quite difficult to acquire and is not an automatic guarantee of protection depending on the scope of the issued patent.

Stella McCartney's recent design patent on this sheered cut-out polka dot dress

Stella McCartney‘s recent design patent on this sheered cut-out polka dot dress

Finally, there is the area of copyright law. Currently, copyright law does not afford the best protection for designers to disallow others to replicate their designs. There are 2 main reasons for this. One, is that copyright law requires originality; with fashion, it is difficult to create a design that is sufficiently original to prevent others from creating one that is strikingly similar. Generally in fashion, one is being derivative of a concept or design that has come before. The second copyright limitation is that a design would fall under the copyright category of a pictorial, graphic or sculptural work. Copyright protection is only granted for this area when a design incorporates features that can be identified separately from and are capable of existing independently from the utilitarian aspects of the article. Generally, when courts analyze cases involving copyright over clothing, its found that the garments are utilitarian by covering a wearer’s body. If however, the design can exist separately and does not lend to the utilitarian aspect of clothing then a grant of copyright protection is possible.

Recent accusation of Alice & Olivia (on right) copying design of Vena Cava (left)-likely would not qualify as copyright infringement

Recent accusation of Alice & Olivia (on right) copying design of Vena Cava (left)-likely would not qualify as copyright infringement

Successful copyright infringement for L.A. Printex (on right) against Aeropostale (on left)

Successful copyright infringement for L.A. Printex (on right) against Aeropostale (on left)

Just as in other areas, a designer would have to take necessary actions in order to protect their copyrighted works. Generally, making sure the work has been registered with the Copyright Office is of the utmost important. If there is a claim of infringement, then upon any cease and desist letters not working, legal action would have to be pursued.

There are a lot of possibilities that have been discussed for how fashion designers and the like can protect themselves and their work. My final piece in this series is to find out what current designers in the industry feel about the laws-are they sufficient, what more could be offered, or how would they like to see a law written to best protect their hard work? I am going to be reaching out to attain and analyze these responses, but in the meantime I will address each of these areas a bit more depth by looking at recent cases and discussing the application of the law and any issues that remain. So keep an eye out for the next piece in this series and that will be on trademark law!

Paul Mayer Attitudes: The Perfect Fitting Ballet Flat

store                              6

(photo credits to Paul Mayer Attitudes)

“Our shoes are modern classics. They’re an addiction. They are truly forever timeless.” Paul Mayer’s quote is a great depiction for his shoe collection. His collection encompasses a wide array of ballet flats with options of being dressy or casual, flat or with a small heel, and several style options-quilted comfort, animalistic, basic solids, bold solid colors, special occasions or trendy (such as with dots or lace effect). Mayer has spent the needed time to perfectly cultivate his collection and his many years of experience in the shoe industry has no doubt assisted with this task.


Mayer’s first line began in 1981, but he worked for many years in this industry prior to that launch. The inspiration for his 1st line came from those many years of hard work with amazing talents such as Charles Jourdan, Manolo Blahnik, Pancaldi and Walter Steiger. He has worked closely with shoe factories all over the world-Italy, Spain, Brazil, France and the U.S. Over the years he has also designed collections of handbags, light luggage and sleepwear. To learn more about Paul Mayer, click here.

Mayer describes his customer as any woman, from 8-98. Its women who want to invest in shoes that are high in quality, fashionable, comfortable and made to last-forever timeless. The shoes are feminine and chic. Sizes range from 5 to 12. The flats are also lightweight so they are easy to pack or carry with you if you are a woman such as myself who might prefer to change shoes instead of traveling in heels! But again, since the styles range from dressy to casual, they could easily be a great substitute to a work outfit instead of heels. All women know how uncomfortable heels can be so why not have a great pair of dressy flats or 2 that are still stylish, yet comfortable. Style and comfort with Mayer’s shoes are certainly attributable to the high level of detail and work crafted into each shoe.

1                           4                                      9

Mayer’s shoes are handmade in his own factory in Spain using the finest leathers and fabrics. Certain styles further offer for comfort, fit and flexibility the option of an adjustable drawstring to help create the perfect fit. The bottoms of the shoes also uniquely feature a lavender scented bottom that is perfect for making a suitcase, closet or handbag smell fresh. The collection retails from a range of $195-$300. Paul Mayer does have a boutique in NY at 1388 3rd Avenue. The boutique is hard to miss as its been designed to resemble the shoebox, so lots of pink with black trim! They can take orders on the phone as well, (212) 570-5900 and can ship nationwide. If you are not in NY and would rather see everything in person check out a full list of different boutiques in over 20 states-California, NC, SC, Virginia, NY, Florida and more! There are also 2 locations that allow for online purchases, Kemp’s Shoe Salon & Boutique and T. Georgiano’s Shoe Salon.


Again, Mayer has a lot to offer with style and selection. New styles and colors are produced each season, but signature colors are available year after year. If Mayer wasn’t already such a renaissance man, I must also add he writes as well. It was actually the news of a book launch event that led to my decision to feature his work on my blog. His recent book, Shoe Chic and Bottoms Up!, is the 2nd in a cookbook series, and features a lot of tasty drink recipes. So remember, if you need a great ballet flat that is comfortable and stylish, check out Paul Mayer’s collection now!

5                                     8                                   2

The Must Go-To Retail Spot this Weekend: Chelsea Market-ID Pop Shop

For one week during each month of the summer, Chelsea Market will be home to a pop-up of various vendors for “ID Pop Shop” It started last month in May and is back until this Sunday for June. If you are in NYC make sure to go visit Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue. Here are just some of the vendors I met today and pictures of some of the great items being sold!

100_4784100_4787      PasteUSA-Graphic T-Shirts and Swim Trunks

Jason Laurits is the designer for this brand and his pieces are just in time for summer. He works with silkscreening and the prints and images are really unique so for my guy friends, go visit and I’m sure you will find something great to wear!

100_4789     Judith Haas-Jewelry

This designer really has a lot of great pieces. As described on her website, they are very raw and handmade. There is a lot to chose from-bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. The finish can be in bronze, silver or gold so there is something for everyone.

100_4790    Corrente-handbags

These handbags are all made right in NY and are of the highest quality leather and other materials. There is everything from basics to great bold colors perfectly on trend for summertime. There is also a wide range of sizes to choose from.

100_4791     100_4792    Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry

I am so amazed by all the great vendors at this pop-up and certainly of great recognition are the pieces from this jewelry designer. I saw a lot of great color and variety with the many pendants, charms, etc to select from.

100_4795    Lumete Eyewear

Sunglasses are sure enough one accessory you can go without now that its summertime. Its also something you can never have too many of! Lumete offers great color and size selection. The styles are very much modern and chic. It was such a joy looking around at the different pieces.

100_4797   Elaine Arsenault-Handmade handbags

I had the hardest time choosing what picture I wanted to take to accompany this tag. There were some great classic pieces on the top shelf of a more basic color. Then there were some that caught my eye with a pop of color for the summer. I finally landed on the above selections with bold prints. Many sizes and clearly many styles so that is great for any shopper.

100_4798    Bhon Designs

This brand is created by sisters, Patty and Christine Yoon. I decided to photograph the above selections for some great color options. There was a lot of black and grey, but some very unique designs that could be a very special piece for any woman. The designs were very feminine and with given consideration to the everyday modern woman-great work!

100_4799   Desideri Design-Jewelry

Rings are probably my most favorite form of jewelry. Here, just like with every other vendor, there is so much to look at and choose from. There is some truly great thought and details given to each piece, no matter what the creation is. A lot of great color and great design-work, so I am very thankful to have stopped in today!

100_4800100_4803100_4804 100_4805     Pamela Barsky

Pamela likely has a miniature tote bag for every person. I would find it hard to believe that a shopper couldn’t pass this booth and not find a bag that is the epitome of their being! I had a great time reading all of the hilarious messages so there are literally just a tiny sample of what is there.

100_4806    Nature vs Future designs

I do get the brand name here, quality, eco-friendly materials, but not giving away the modern and fashion forward edge of the pieces. Take for instance the dress photographed above. This is a great color that can be worn year-round, the slit, the cut-outs, all on trend right now.

100_4807   Guru designs

Guru specializes in eco-friendly tunics, sandals and fine jewelry. Photographed above are just a few of the bold-colored tunics I saw. With it being summertime or if you are traveling, I think one could find some great pieces with this vendor/designer.

100_4808   Avalove-hand lithographed designs

The lithographed designs seen here were so moving and breathtaking. They are printed on a wide range of apparel form tees to maxi dresses. This is art coming to life in fashion-enjoy!

These are just some of the great vendors present. There are others, such as Iwona Ludyga. There is also more than just clothing and accessories so go check out and if you miss it, stay tuned for other upcoming dates!

Meeting Designers & Trunk Shows at Bergdorfs & Bendels, & More!!

I was planning on going to the X-Factor auditions today, however I chose to explore the city for my weekly event write-up instead. I had another full day of exploration as I went to meet designers and view trunk shows at both Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel. I also made it by 1 sample sale, nOir Jewelry. I was sad that the J.Crew sample sale line was way too long and that Rachel Zoes’ had just closed. Remember to check my Events page for full details on the many sample sales that are still ongoing or starting next week.

Before getting to all of the amazing events and fun I had today, I did make one pitstop. It was way too tempting to not stop by Abercrombie & Fitch as I was running around. I know their press has not been great, but the shirtless greeter was just way too pretty! And you can take pictures or get a free picture taken and printed right there, on the spot!


Going back to my other just as thrilling events for today, I first went to Bergdorfs. I was able to meet Rosanne Karmes, who founded Sydney Evan jewelry. She was there helping customers as they were browsing, shopping or wanting to create a custom-made pieces with unique beads. She was so pleasant and her daughter, Sydney was there as well, who is just as sweet. There were a lot exquisite pieces that range from bold colors to more classic pieces in white gold and gold. If you can’t make it by Bergdorfs, you can check out her collection and shop online.


My 2nd stop within Bergdorfs was to meet eyewear/sunglass designer Patty Perreira for Barton Perreira. She was doing a trunk show and the sunglasses were very trendy and cool. There are a lot of options to choose from so certainly get to Bergdorfs if you can or visit her site online to check out the various collections.


Next, I headed over to H. Bendels, where I met hair-wear accessory designer Yuya Takahashi for Pluie. This brand and collection have hit it big in Japan and I can see a market for the pieces here in the U.S. The inspiration was nature, a little more specific to the coast or water/nautical. The designs were of coral, starfish and the like. The pieces would certainly perfect any hair-do style. All in all, just very gorgeous. Check out more pieces online if you can!


Finally, I made my way to just the one sample sale, nOir Jewelry. I wish I had gone sooner so I could have gotten the word out about what amazing pieces they have. Unfortunately, today was the last day, but you can shop online and I am positive there are still some great deals.


I had a busy day and dropped off just as many cards as I accumulated today. For me, this equates to being a productive day and definitely a great substitute to attending the live X-Factor auditions!


Highlights of Fashion Nexus, Thus Far

Only a few weeks have passed since I launched Fashion Nexus. A lot of great content has been posted and I wanted to take a few moments today just to recap and revisit some of those pieces. Since Fashion Nexus’s inception, many new readers, from that of new Twitter followers or Facebook likes, have joined. I am thankful for a great start and looking forward to meeting more great people in the fashion industry and writing about those topics as well. I already have a lot great posts planned for next week so I hope everyone enjoys those!

One category for posts is that of “Featured Designers.” It has been such a great time to reach out to designers and be able to have the opportunity to interview them. So far, everyone has been so willing and I have enjoyed meeting and speaking with those I’ve met or contacted. I have quite a few lined up, but thus far I have interviewed 2 amazing women about their brands or companies they have founded. I first interviewed Kenley Collins, who has done so much since her time on Project Runway. Her drive and determination are so admirable. My next piece was on Jennifer Dixon and her new company La Senorita Jolie. This type of fashion business is just so innovative and really needed in the market right now. Please check out both of those pieces!



Being that I’m in law school and my blog is set to discuss both general fashion topics and fashion law issues, this blog post category is integral and important. I am working now on a piece involving the varying levels of protections available to those in the fashion realm so stay tuned for that tomorrow. Thus far, however, I am really proud of the pieces I have written on the Kardashian cosmetic line and accusations of trademark infringement. I was especially proud and very thankful to have acquired a great comment to accompany this piece.

Chroma-Makeup-Studio-black2-e1351694269693-150x150                                                             kromamakeup1

I have written 3 amazing finds for retail shopping. Some unfortunately only in NYC, but others have just as great online outlets or other state locations. BaubleBar was my most recent piece and its so ironic now that I’ve written the piece that I’m reading about celebrities wearing their pieces or all the amazing upcoming events. Another fun piece to write was about SlapBack in Brooklyn. The pieces available are just so fun and really bold and I am still seeing new additions to the boutique everyday! Finally there is the 1st piece, which was for Greene Street, a magnificently splendid consignment shop who is really pushing a great mantra to work alongside with their store, that of recycling fashion! Check out those pieces below!




Finally, just a mention for my Fashion Feature section, which started out with discussion about Sample Sales. This has crept into my Events page, which eventually will turn into a true running events page for all types of events going on in NYC. Currently, it is still all about the sample sales so definitely check that out while deals are still good! I did want to go back to the actual 1st fashion feature and the 1st blog post for Fashion Nexus. This was a piece I had written before I even came up with the idea of doing a blog. It was about the leading ladies of the film, Spring Breakers. The movie was good, but I was more caught up with all of the great fashion I was seeing from these ladies on the red carpet premieres for this film, that were going on all over the world! The ladies looked so fashion forward and deserved recognition for their bold choices!

Slide1         Slide1       Slide1    Slide1

I have some other great pages you can check out as well-About the blog, about me, pics with designers and my fashion diary! I hope thus far you have all enjoyed checking out my posts when you can. It’s been fun and I look forward to doing more!


Jennifer Dixon via La Senorita Jolie-Creating a New Market for the Business of Fashion

logo                                           jd

The fashion industry is the same as any other type of business, it changes, evolves and new markets come and go all the time. For those who are business savvy, this is known and is incorporated with current or new ventures. Jennifer Dixon is doing just that with her career in the fashion industry by starting La Senorita Jolie.

LSJ is an opportunity for fashion forward women to work in fashion, full-time or part-time. These women are given the opportunity to host parties or be stylists, and sell affordable, versatile, and still very fashion forward pieces. There is a selection of tops, accessories, totes and make-up that can lend to creating the basics for any woman’s wardrobe. In fact, there are even a few unisex pieces so men could participate in this as well!

maxi                                                                                        unisex

Jennifer saw a great opportunity here. Yes, women do like to dress up and have those special pieces in their wardrobe. But women also need the basics to incorporate; clothing that is, as Jennifer says, “easy to wear, easy to pack, easy to layer and easiest to fall in love with.” LSJ will bring in new pieces to the selection as seasons and trends come and go, but the essence of the pieces will always remain the same. The colors are basic and will go for any occasion. All in all, LSJ is about “simplicity, pretty things, and most importantly cherishing your beautiful life.”

dress                     color                             basic

LSJ is similar to companies such as Stella & Dot or J. Hillburn. It could even bare some semblance to companies such as Lia Sophia Jewelry, Pampered Chef or Mary Kay/Avon. The difference with LSJ is the selling of true casual-wear and doing so by affording fashion forward women the chance to get involved. One can just merely shop online for pieces. However, there are great and varied ranges of methods for how a woman could choose to pair with LSJ. It could just be hosting a trunk show, but women could also choose to be a pop-up stylist. The programs are very flexible and allow you as the entrepreneur to choose how active you want to be from receiving opportunities for free clothing, rewards and money. The “Styling vs Hosting” page provides a great breakdown of the differences for the types of involvement and also commissions that can be received. If you chose to be a stylist, there are different levels and types of sample kits that one could choose to purchase and work with.

Jennifer has acquired a lot of fashion and business experience over the past several years-more about Jennifer and LSJ. In 2006, she co-founded Hunter Dixon, a contemporary women’s line. It had been carried in over 200 boutiques nationwide, such as SAKS and Neiman Marcus. Jennifer lived in Europe for quite some time as well, which influences her style and creativity choices. Jennifer saw an opening in the fashion market for LSJ. Fused in this company is the passion she has for European trends, which offers sophistication and simplicity.

This is a company like no other. It was only recently launched in February of 2013. It is doing well so far and personally, I wish Jennifer and LSJ nothing but the best in the future. I know there is such a great opportunity here and I hope others see this as well. I look forward to seeing how LSJ develops and expands over time!

100_4748      longsleeve     tank       5.15_LSJ_lipgloss_grande       Dolmen_Short_Sleeve_LSJ_medium

BaubleBar + Godiva = A Perfect Shopping Experience!

Godiva Baubletini & Baublebar Shopping!

Godiva Baubletini & Baublebar Shopping!

Visit in person or online to learn more about BaubleBar now!! You can of course visit online and shop to find amazing pieces of jewelry. However, if you are in NYC, get to Soho, 131 Greene Street, ASAP. BaubleBar has set up a pop-up shop there thru August 13th. I guarantee you it will be one of the best shopping experiences you’ve ever had!

At the Soho pop-up, there is a great collection of jewelry to view, friendly sales associates, appetizers to snack on while shopping and even a chance to rest and chat with friends or fellow shoppers. The best part though is the connection BaubleBar has made with Godiva to set up a bar. So while you are shopping you can also sip on a free Godiva Baubletini made with Godiva liqeur.

100_4727        100_4730        100_4733         100_4732

A pleasurable shopping experience and welcoming atmosphere aside, its also important to give focus and recognition to the great BaubleBar products as well. BaubleBar offers exquisite jewelry of several types-necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. You can also shop by featured designers as well, such as Shameless, Paige Novick, Sarah Chloe, and Bing Bang. And remember you can shop online as well and filter out your search just as with any other online shopping site. There are different boutiques of jewelry, you can sort by price, you can look for certain colors or you can filter by types of metal-silver, gold, etc. There really is a lot to choose from and the great aspect is that you are buying quality and fashionable pieces, but at a reasonable price.

100_4734       100_4735         100_4736        100_4737

BaubleBar pieces can also be personalized with monograms, initials or the like. You can visit “The Fit Guide” page to learn more about lengths of the jewelry or information on ring sizes. Gift cards can also be purchased! There are great deals to find to further save upon future purchases so check that out here. BaubleBar headquarters is also in NYC and you can make  appointments to visit the Madison Avenue location as well. You can host events to showcase this amazing jewelry pieces as well. BaubleBar has so much going on and so much to offer with other pop-ups and events. The Soho pop-up also maintains a running calendar so make sure to visit that page as well!

I am excited to see more from this great company and I plan on visiting Soho again soon! But remember, if you are not in NYC, no worries, check them out online as well!! I hope you all enjoy!!

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No 1 Set Event-Sample Sale Journeys & More!!

Two days this week I have walked the streets of NYC as I was hopping from sample sale to sample sale. Thus, I did not attend any one set event this week to write about, but I did want to tell of my sample sale journeys as I saw some great deals and I did make a purchase or 2 myself!

First though, I must tell of a special find as I was out today. I had just left the sample sale for Mara Hoffman and I noticed the sign for EMc2. I knew immediately that this was the boutique for Emmett McCarthy, who was on  Project Runway a few seasons back. I loved him on that show and I thought, well I at least can stop by and drop off my card and maybe he would contact me. I was so surprised that he was there and we chatted for quite some time. It is always great making new friends while running around NYC!! I was also happy for some great goodies I found at his shop, Tim Gunn memorabilia, yay!!


So while most of the sample sales I am writing about will be over soon, I can make mention that Emmett is having a major sale himself running throughout the rest of June!! You should definitely make a point to stop by 240 Elizabeth Street if you are in that area!! He has pieces going for $50 and up. This would be a great time to find some truly unique pieces from a great talent.


As far as sample sales, I probably went to 10 on Wednesday and then about 4 today, Friday. A few have ended, but many are ending after this weekend. Of course there are several starting next week so do not fear! Please check out my Events page for all of those details! My point here is that if you like a brand, get to these sales because I guarantee you will find some great deals. I have not really experienced any long waits or lines. I did try a few things on today at Alice & Olivia’s sale and the dressing room area was a bit crowded. However, all of the fellow shoppers were very friendly and I tell you, when girls see sample sales and want to try stuff on, they really become open and not shy at all!! The staff at the events have also been great so that has been a plus as well.

My best find was of course on my 2nd go to for the Alice and Olivia sale. It has always been a dream of mine to own a dress from them and today I made that purchase! To get such a smoking hot leather dress, originally priced at $1000 for like a 1/10 of that price is CRAZY!! There were 2 locations, but now its down to just 1. The Soho spot will be open until Sunday and is located at 72 Greene Street. I say get there ASAP as prices have already been slashed once, but they have such a huge selection still so I can easily see another big slash happening! Nothing is over $200 from what I saw today.

100_4747  My gorgeous black & white diagonally striped leather mini, in love!!

Another great purchase I found was at Nanette Lepore. It was just a simple pair of black rainboots, but $30, wow! I also got a great Nanette Lepore tote with the purchase so that was an added plus. This sale unfortunately is over, but again there are so many coming up that there is still time!!


So its the sale and discount season and I urge NYC shoppers to get out there and find some great deals. The big ones for next week-J.Crew, nOir, Rachel Zoe, Cynthia Rowley, & more so again, visit my Events page.