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So my first couple of posts are up for Nolcha Fashion Week, introducing the fashion week event & continuing the countdown with even more designers set to present. There are a couple of more designers added to the line-up and I will get to them at the end of this post. But for now, let’s take an even closer look and get to know even better one of the designer brands presenting at NFW — Monstruosité.

Monstruosité was launched in 2010 by designer and creative director Dolly Donshey, with a clear vision and mission of being a high fashion millinery brand. The main focus was to look beyond the actual design, to bring the concepts to life by integrating music, art, and theatrical elements. Monstruosité pieces have such a keen eye to the details and are always pushing the boundaries by experimenting with the unexpected. The company releases two lines seasonally, a couture line of statement pieces especially created for celebrities, stylists, and fashionistas around the globe, and a ready-to-wear collection for the everyday woman to look both confident and sexy.

10347715_712676452101951_5682326755070216638_n                             MonstruositeDollyDonsheySpringSummer12-04


 Again, the creative eye and visionary talent behind Monstruosité is Dolly Donshey. Dolly studied the art of hat-making under renowned milliner Jan Wutkowski. As far as Dolly & Monstruosité being a part of Nolcha Fashion Week, here is what she has to say — “My team and I are so excited to be a part of Nolcha Fashion Week because this event truly embodies the energy and creativity of independent designers and gives us a platform to share our vision to the world.”

11499_584260734943524_359997391_n                                                    DSC_4675


There is a likely unknown, yet fun fact about Monstruosité that I’m sure you would be surprised to know — I certainly was! The concept for every collection is conceived and solidified within about & ONLY 15 minutes. WOW! It of course takes time to then bring the concept to life and full form, but rarely is there a deviation from the original concept or design plan. Make sure to check out all of the brand’s previous collections, from “Frostbite” to “Cycles” to “Lola.”  You can also check out and enjoy some fun fashion films about the brand. And there are also several categories you can shop from if you see some pieces you enjoy — “Statement”, “Casual”, “Matrimony”, “The Races”, & “On Sale” pieces. Or you can take part of a full one-on-one special process and place a “Custom Order.”

10533490_712643192105277_5393177550339994144_n                                             10418225_712672452102351_4453659391231972559_n


 Monstruosité has received quite a bit of featured press, from celebs such as Carmen Electra donning one of the brand’s creations to major features in publications such as Zink, Gothesque, Vogue, Coco, En Vie, & more! The brand truly does create some very unique pieces. It would be hard not to stand out as a major fashionista in a Monstruosité original. Make sure you keep fully updated with the brand thru social media — you can check out its Tumblr page, Like on Facebook, or Follow on Twitter.

10527298_712647932104803_5754021791608003694_n   _MG_06681796562_652458768123720_152828623_n


So remember, as Monstruosité would say, THOU SHALT BE MONSTROUS!!

And now, let’s check out 2 more designers who are in the line-up to present for Nolcha Fashion Week.

HAUPT                                                                                 haupt

Haupt speaks to a casual elegance, a designer brand focused on high quality and wearable shirts.

34613_orig                                                        1854234_orig

katty-xiomara-designer-profile                                        KATTY XIOMARA

The Katty Xiomara woman is Elegant, voluptuous, poetic, idyllic and romantic.

katty-xiomara-nolcha-fashion-week-doost-lace-skirt                                                                 PBN_0405-s-682x1024







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