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It is 2023! So much craziness has gone on since creating this blog back in 2013! That makes it at the 10 year mark that my fashion blog, Fashion Nexus, has been up and running!! Wow! Ten years has sure gone by quite fast. Below, check out how Fashion Nexus all came about.

The desire to create my blog began while I was enrolled in a law school course, Fashion Law IP Jobtrack. I began writing articles pertaining to legal issues in fashion. I sought out collaborations with other fashion publications with regard to my fashion law writing. I then began writing articles on general fashion topics. At the start of summer, in 2013, I decided to do more with writing, networking, researching, learning, etc. within the fashion industry. Thus, I decided to create my own fashion blog, where I can write about any fashion topic I want.

DSC00031It was so hard picking a name! I wanted a name that encompassed both a passion for fashion in general, but also my legal studies and background. I came up with Fashion Nexus really from the get go, but thought, it couldn’t be that easy. And so I kept brainstorming. This all proved pointless/fruitless because nothing else seemed fitting. “Nexus” isn’t a legal term, but it does mean a connection or a link. I thought it best encapsulated the connection of the various topics I want to discuss for my blog.

The following are some examples of the categories I write about:

This blog is really just something fun for me to do, but that I truly hope to learn from as well. I look forward to reaching as many people as I can through my blog!

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