Faves of 2019

2019 & 2020 were whirlwinds of years for me personally. But I still took note of fashion moments I loved on various red carpets throughout 2019. It might take a few posts, but I am now set to share some of my faves, and then get onto 2020 looks and into 2021!


Attending the SAG awards



Attending the SAG Awards




At the iHeart Radio Awards


at the Isn’t It Romantic premiere


At the Grammy Awards


Attending the Save Venice Gala



at the Time 100 Gala; wearing Jason Wu


Attending the SAG Awards; Wearing Valentino


At the Grammy awards, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry


At the Dumbo premiere, Wearing Kelly NG


Game of Thrones premiere Wearing Iris van Herpen


Olivier Awards


Morning Show premiere


Angel Ball — wearing Iris van Herpen; Tyler Ellis Clutch


Frozen 2 premiere — Oscar de la Renta


Attending the Save Venice Gala

The Best of NYFW Beauty

Season in, season out, designers present their collections for NYFW. What do we see? Well of course, tons of stunning looks, RTW to menswear to gowns. But what I always like to keep an eye out for are the other details to a runway show or collection presentation. And one such detail is the beauty look. That’s right, the makeup, hair, and nails! So I’ve perused thru tons of designer presentations, and here is my list for the top Beauty Looks from NYFW!


463287228.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000     463287374.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000

Some designers, when getting really creative with hair & makeup, tend to go over the top. But for me, the balance still has to be struck. It just can’t be all crazy, be all over the place, with no rhyme or reason. SAUNDER has perfectly struck that balance. Orlando Santiago for Mehron created such beauty here with this artistic makeup look — deep burgundy lip and white-out eyes. The hair look is just as great for me, voluminous, chic updo, a little crimp; it really works well to complete the beauty look. Hair look was courtesy of Nunzio Saviano.

And although not hair or makeup related, I would be remiss if I didn’t draw attention to these totally mesmerizing nails, such boldly dynamic nail art, courtesy of Patricia Yankee. This gal was all over Fashion Week, working unique magic from show to show. And she certainly was up to par here with these black gold trimmed nails, complete with a pearl adornment.



463871042.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000      463871654.jpg_452_0_2302.14925373_4132

Such understated beauty here, looks that I can’t ignore! The makeup look is so subtle, yet still bold. The slight cat-eye, leaving a hint of darkness is captivating — not over-the-top and paired perfectly with just a nude lip. The hair here is effortless, such free-flowing waves, creating such movement. I love it!

463876970.jpg_565_0_2445.59701493_4200    463877524.jpg_455_0_2009.62686567_3472




The makeup look here for Jenny Packham is such a bronzed, sunkist look, and it coordinates so well with the designer’s full on glam looks. The eye is heavily lined on the bottom, with a little metallic shimmer. To finish the look off, there is a slight bronzed cheek and subtle nude lip.


For hair, to match with the sunkist makeup look, there are beachy waves, delicate and enchanting. I’m not sure of the hair designer, but I know UNITE hair products were used to create the overall look.

463689908.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000    463689946.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

And another amazing nail look, light pink with jeweled embellishments, so pretty!!



Leanne Marshall told a love story thru the looks of her F/W 2015 collection. There were 4 parts to this and I love how she then wanted all of the beauty looks to further tell the different parts to this story. The hair & makeup went from pure and natural to deranged as this tragedy unfolded.

463796592.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000   463799818.jpg_565_0_2644.40298507_4644

Let’s start with hair, which was all about the curly waves. The hair transitioned from slight curls to full on voluminous curls. As the love story raged on, so did the hair, which was all thanks to the Britt Dion hair team.


The makeup too aided int his story, going from innocent and pure to teary madness. There was such beauty in each makeup look that graced this runway. So kudos to Aveda team, led by Janell Geason.


And with more creative nail art, a uniquely blended shade from several Inglot shades, credit to Jami Zoglio.



463802602.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000     463802892.jpg_441_0_2253.53731343_4048

For F/W 2015, Anna Sui was inspired by the Vikings and she definitely brought that warrior spirit to her hair & makeup looks. If anyone could make face tattoos look pretty, it’s Pat McGrath. They weren’t on every look, as that would have been too excessive, but enough to captivate the audience. So McGrath was hard at work to create these face tats with Inuit-inspired markings, which were created using sticky tape (for perfect lines) and CoverGirl Brow and Eye Makers pencils.

For the other makeup looks, all of the show’s models got the graphic treatment on their eyes, with two straight pencil lines extending from the outer corners, along with the “golden, glowing skin” and “beautiful flushed cheeks” that McGrath used to prettify the edgy look. For a similarly rosy complexion, McGrath blended a mixture of CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in Rock n Rose and Clean Glow Bronzer in Spices on cheeks.

Hair stylist Garren’s contribution to the show was the “warrior-like” Viking girl hair he created, using R+Co products to bring out models’ natural texture (Rockaway Salt Spray to rough up straighter hair types; the not-yet-released Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray to weigh down curls).

463803600.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000      463803622.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000


463667134.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000   463667380.jpg_510_0_2606.41791045_4682

For men and women alike, the hair & makeup looks for J. Crew were 100% on point! Troi Ollivierre, the company’s beauty guru (and owner of an eponymous brand sold at the retailer), handles both hair and makeup for its runway shows and lookbook shoots. “We still wanted the girls to look fresh, but we were thinking of them coming back from skiing for this season,” Ollivierre explains.  “So, we kept a hint of color on the lips by applying my new lip stain in Tim. In order to make it more lived-in and natural, I applied it with a brush so it’s sheer and light.”

He perfected the skin with a mix of Laura Mercier primer and moisturizer, and then a sheer layer of foundation (a secret formula, according to the artist). After, he added the cult RMS Living Luminizer to the high planes of the face, corners of the eyes, and bridge of the nose for that J.Crew glow, enhancing the outer corners with a tiny bit of bronzer to add depth and warmth. As for the blush, he dabbed Stila’s Convertible Color in Lillium low on the apples of the cheeks using his fingers in quick, tapping motions “for an after-skiing look that’s very natural.”

463667398.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000    463667496.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000


463439290.jpg_497_0_2542.37313433_4568    463440332.jpg_489_0_2499.89552239_4491

Everything here for Mara Hoffman was AMAZING! The braided looks for hair were all so phenomenal, so great job to Thomas Osborn & Adriana Papaleo for Catwalk by Tigi.

I loved this golden, bronzed smoky eye, such a perfect combination with the sunkist cheek and lovely nude lip — wonderful work from Lottie of Maybelline NY.

And finally, beautiful nail art, courtesy of Alicia Torello for Zoya.

463440412.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928   463443854.jpg_521_0_2649.65671642_4754


463696284.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000   463696398.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

Pedro del Hierro Madrid went with a sultry, sexy fab beauty look for his model. Everything was full on glam and I am a fan! The hair was luscious, hint of waves, perfection! And for makeup, whereas other designers went towards focus on the eyes, we have focus here on the bold red lip!

463696412.jpg_309_0_1652.28358209_3000    463696420.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

Francesca Liberatore

463791490.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928    463791504.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

Jorge Luis for Cutler, Redken products — superhero braids they created that swept across the crown and draped down at the back. The look was at once collected and powerful but still flirty, with the braids adding an element of femininity.

Patricia Yankee — The team started by applying Pattie’s Support Base Coat, followed by creating a rounded, silver edged French manicure with Patricia Yankee Nail Lacquer Polish in Divinity. Pattie dished to us that in the theme of superheros, she decided to hole punch small stars out of Dashing Diva Color Effects Appliques. Stars were placed in the middle of the index fingernail and varied in color from blue or red depending on the model. The look was finished off with Patricia Yankee’s “Protect” Top Coat.


Fatima Thomas, Senior Artist for MAC, led the team to create the only look we witnessed this season without mascara (!!). Thomas told us that in terms of products and colors, the look was relatively minimalist – really only using colors for shaping and contouring purposes (enter: MAC Creme Colour Base, used to match and accentuate models’ natural skin tones), particularly around the eyes, which Thomas described as resulting in an “aerodynamic” feel. Not only did lashes go without mascara, but they were left untouched – aka no curling. Thomas emphasized that they didn’t want the lashes to make any noise – the look was all about the strength and shape of the eye.


Lupe Gajardo

463727484.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000   463727546.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

Lupe Gajardo had a huge line waiting to get in for the show. The hype was likely worth the wait, especially with such gorgeous hair & makeup to compliment innovative looks.

The makeup was provided by MAC and showed a very neutral look. A little shading was done under and around the eyes, but amplified with a bronze enhancer to create a slight smoky eye. And with a nice change from so many nude lips, here we have a lovely, light pink lip.

The hair was curled at the ends and then was undone a bit, and sprayed with TRESemme Dry Shampoo to give it texture, TRESemme Sea Salt Spray to further enhance the natural texture, then given volume with TRESemme Max The Volume.

463727548.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000     463727552.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

Lela Rose

463684618.jpg_401_0_2055.92537313_3696   463684634.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

This hair look for Lela Rose, is a structured ponytail at its best. The texture is there, the volume is present, such great work!

The makeup is also quite impressive, with a bold, dark smoky cat eye, paired with an understated light pink nude lip. The detail on this eye is quite entrancing though, the shimmer, the shine, it is PERFECTION!

463684660.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928     463684714.jpg_401_0_2055.92537313_3696

Sherri Hill

463888820.jpg_314_0_1657.28358209_3000   463889610.jpg_492_0_2504.68656716_4495

Sherri Hill was a show I very much wanted to be at, but no such luck this season. Maybe next time! But not only were the looks here superbly stunning, the makeup & hair was top notch as well. The elegant, prom-like updos were enchanting. And I loved the feminine, gorgeous makeup look, the bronzed cheeks to the deep, smoky eye, and of course the bright pink lip. All very fun, girly, and flirty!

And it was great seeing Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty taking part in the show! No surprise in light of her recent collaboration with Sherri Hill.

463889626.jpg_545_0_2774.40298507_4979    463889634.jpg_546_0_2783.01492537_4996

All About neulook.com & Their Exclusive Beauty Line, Adrian London

Biovea is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and online retailer of high-end health and beauty products. The brand is also a friend of Fashion Nexus! It was such a pleasure introducing Biovea to my Fashion Nexus readers. I am now just as excited to make sure you all know about Biovea’s new beauty destination neulook.com, the site to take care of all of your beauty needs — skin care, makeup, hair, nails, bath & body, fragrance, organic & natural, and men’s products! neulook.com definitely caters to its customers, no matter their locale, so you can easily browse the site and shop in a vast array of languages.


As you become acquainted with neulook.com, keep in mind a very special offer for a 10% savings by using promo code “NEU10”. This is a HUGE plus since it’s certain you will find many classic brands you love and use often! The various categories available for purchase are Olay, Neutrogena, L’Oreal, Sally Hansen, CoverGirl, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Calvin Klein, Maybelline, and more! There is one specific line of products I urge you all to check out, an emerging skin care brand exclusively sold with neulook.com, Adrian London.


ADRIAN LONDON has one philosophy — that safe and natural products, using only the very purest extracts and most advanced botanicals, stimulate and accelerate the skin’s natural healing processes. ADRIAN LONDON products are paraben free, phthalate free, contain no sulfates, and are never animal tested. It’s great quality products, such as the ADRIAN LONDON line, that truly leave your skin feeling lightweight, fresh, healthy, and clean.


Through extensive research ADRIAN LONDON has been able to demonstrate the efficacy of its products, in particular the rejuvenation and restoration of over-stressed and dehydrated skin. The skin care line is quickly become a leader in the development of scientifically proven and innovative skin care products trusted by estheticians and other skincare professionals worldwide. The full range of products are extremely effective, luxurious and natural formulations. You can learn more about ADRIAN LONDON by visiting their site.


The entire line can be easily purchased directly off of neulook.com’s site, but here is a little additional information about the 4 categories of products and the types of available items sold under each category — cleanse & moisturize, anti-aging, suncare, and men’s products.


10297569_469110433224351_8348882986061573688_n    CLEANSE & MOISTURIZE

There are some great options here for all of your cleansing and moisturizing needs, including toners & exfoliators. Seen amongst this category of skin care products are therapeutic formulas making use of nourishing Rose Hip oil, lipid moisturizers to replenish the skin, and brightening gels for radiant skin renewal.

ANTI-AGING                        10314522_500848856717175_5067736659079548788_n

The anti-aging products are offered in options of serums, creams, or gels. Amongst the many products, here are just a few of the highlights! You can actively rejuvenate with antioxidant protection. For “Invigorating Brilliance” you can check out the soothing eye cucumber cream. For “Sheer Radiance” in treating dark spots and uneven skin tones there is a pigment correction gel. To tighten the skin, gain an instant face lift with Helix Aspersa, there is a “Miracle Lift” serum.

59b10f_a4a2d745288c436e9b7c721ad60cf9ea.png_srz_p_356_214_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz  SUNCARE

For suncare, you can make use of this moisturizing treatment cream with SPF 30. It offers daily protection, which softens the skin while it protects from UV rays.

MEN                                     59b10f_4e79873ee7a24574acc76b2db0c70035.png_srz_p_305_495_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz

For men, there is also a suncare treatment cream with SPF 30. The natural cleanser for men is oil reducing and offers “Complete Renewal”, lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The toner is a seaweed extract aftershave, offering calming relief by soothing skin and reducing irritation.

Speaking of the line of men’s products, there is an item, the Hydration Restore for Men, that is receiving rave reviews!


This is a men’s age-defying moisturizer that protects and softens skin while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is refreshed by the use of nourishing botanicals, vitamins, and minerals. Gentle and pure, HYDRATION RESTORE helps retain moisture, enrich the skin with an abundance of natural elements, and promote growth production to generate new cell growth. The moisturizer will leave your appearance looking and feeling younger, and more refreshed!

Some of the natural and effective ingredients utilized to work this magic are jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and seaweed extract. While it is marketed for men, women can use the product too! The month of “Movember” is coming up, and this product could come in quite handy as many men might be eagerly awaiting that next shave! A moisturizer that is therapeutic, softening, and nourishing to the skin, creating such radiance, is just the product needed come the end of Movember. But of course, shaving aside, it is a product a great deal of the male population would very much enjoy!


So enjoy browsing and learning about these phenomenal products. Make sure to Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter. From the many great reviews coming in, you will not be disappointed. As a fashion blogger, I must keep up with the latest trends, products, and fashion/beauty-related sites. And of course I want to make sure all of my fellow fashionistas are in the loop! ENJOY both ADRIAN LONDON and neulook.com!

Again, keep in mind this very special offer for a 10% savings by using promo code “NEU10”.


Best Dressed at the 2014 Oscars — Lots of Silver, Shimmer, & Sparkles!!

The 2014 Oscars were spectacular. And alongside a great show were also some superb red carpet looks. Let’s take a look at a few of my faves!



Naomi I feel will always be on my best dressed lists. She just knows how to pick stunning dresses & how to always look fabulous in them. And this short-sleeved beaded white gown by Calvin Klein 100% proves this. The back slit perfectly showcases her black CK sandal heels. A few more perfectly matching accessories are the exquisite diamond jewelry & metallic two-toned clutch from Bulgari.


naomi-watts-necklace             naomi-watts-bracelet               naomi-watts-bagACCESSORIES CLOSE-UP: Bulgari diamond necklace & diamond serpent-inspired bracelet; black & white geometric clutch


JESSICA BIELJessica looks so elegant & chic in this shimmery strapless Chanel Haute Couture gown, with a modest train. The shimmer continues with Jessica’s pick of diamond jewelry from Tiffany & Co., the Blue Book collection.

jessica-biel-earrings                                                 jessica-biel-bracelet2



Emerald-cut aquamarine and diamond Tiffany & Co. drop earrings set in platinum from the Blue Book Collection; Round- and marquee-diamond cluster Tiffany & Co. necklace; Emerald-cut aquamarine and diamond Tiffany & Co. bracelet from the Blue Book Collection; Round diamond Tiffany & Co. bracelet; round- and princess-cut diamond Tiffany & Co. platinum bracelet


JENNA DEWAN-TATUMThere were a lot of trends at the 2014 Oscars and Jenna seemed to fit the bill for one that is all over my best dressed list — soft hues with some shimmer — taupes, greys, off-white, etc! This Reem Acra gown is breathtaking, everything from the shimmery sheer bodice to the exaggerated skirt. Love it!

1393800296_maria-menounos-560_640                               maria-menounos-3-290MARIA MENOUNOSMaria is another who is often found on my best dressed lists and it’s because she has some great style. Take for instance, this sparkly silver capped sleeved gown with a fitted bodice & flowing train by Johanna Johnson. But Maria knows the look doesn’t stop with the gown; you have to complete it with some fabulous accessories. And here, she does just that with matching ashlyn’d clutch & subtle diamond jewelry — Jack Vartanian earrings, & Dove, Demarco, & Le Vian rings.


GIULIANA RANCICGiuliana looks like a princess in her off-white/grey Paolo Sebastian gown with a beaded bodice and taupe tulle skirt. And of course every princess needs a little extra frosting so she added some touches of diamond jewels from Forevermark.



Some might have thought Emma played it safe, but I disagree! This black & shimmered grey gown by Vera Wang was what I call simplicity at its finest, minimally chic. Not every gown needs bells & whistles to be stunning! Emma played up her look a bit with many accessories — Anita Ko ear cuff, Chanel bow ring, Repossi iliac custom rings, Bouchoron upper knuckle-ring, Solange hoop earrings & triple-side diamond rings, Jessica McCormack star hair pins, & a shiny silver Anya Hindmarch clutch.



AMY ADAMSAmy was another who went with a simple, yet elegant and exquisite look for the evening with her custom Gucci navy silk crepe tuxedo-inspired gown. Going with the trend of minimalism, are just a few touches of accessory sparkle, with that of Tiffany jewelry. We also can’t overlook this lovely up-do, which was styled by Renato Campora for Kerastase. The combo of Kerastase mousse, gel, & hairspray all went into creating this sculpted French twist.

amy-adams-earrings                                                 amy-adams-braceletACCESSORIES CLOSE-UP:Tiffany & Co. drop earrings featuring rhodochrosite, lapis, turquoise and diamond from Blue Book Collection; Yellow diamond Tiffany & Co. bracelet from the Blue Book Collection; Tiffany Metro diamond band rings

03c887b0-a26f-11e3-a16f-a394e4559bf0_JenniferGarner              JENNIFER GARNER

Jennifer went with a bit of old-school Hollywood glam in this silvery shimmered tiered fringe gown by Oscar de la Renta. The matching silver clutch was also by Oscar de la Renta. There is more silver, just a hint/peek, from the bottom of the gown and those are Brian Atwood platforms. Finally, for a few touches of silver & diamond jewelry, we can look to Forevermark for doing another wonderful job in completing this glamorous look.



Two Forevermark diamond bracelets; White gold and diamond Forevermark ring; Embellished Oscar de la Renta “Goa” clutch


TARA LIPINSKIYes, that is correct, Tara is on my best dressed list and yes, we are still at the Oscars, not the Olympics. Tara seems to be right at home on the red carpet & I’m sure my best dressed list is not the only one she made. How could she not in this flowing white & silver floral strapless gown by Rani Zakhem. I mean, it’s just amazing and it’s perfectly paired with a silvery shimmered Swarovski clutch.

158_2694_350361x5413MARGOT ROBBIEI started watching the Oscars before I looked at all of the red carpet photos and I kept wondering, where was Margot!! I now see why I kept missing her, no more blonde, now she’s a beautiful brunette — playing on my team now, lol!! But gorgeous locks aside, I have to say how much I adore this fitted black gown from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. It might appear to be a little laid back, but the shimmered bodice is a great detail, but so to is the wrap-around bow back detail. I love back details on a dress!!

oscars-charlize-theron-h724      CHARLIZE THERON

Charlize’s structured black Dior gown, with illusion straps, is dramatic risk-taking at it’s best, for me. The partially sheer train, the structured bodice, and the spot-on fit, are all fantastically on point for me. It’s also a dramatic detail to have sole focus on one major piece of jewelry, the 31-carat Harry Winston cluster diamond pendant, STUNNING! Charlize’s beauty look was the exact opposite and was not dramatic nor overdone, but rather subtle and conservative. Her make-up stylist Pati Dubroff for Dior Beauty did a beautiful job with I’m sure many Dior products, including the Dior addict fluid stick in Frisson.


ASHLEY WAGNERYes, still at the Oscars, not the Olympics, but how odd that 2 figure skaters are making my best dressed list, and Ashley is the other one! I guess being able to pick stylish outfits for figure skating lends a hand to picking stylish gowns for red carpet events! This is a lovely gold sequined look from Mark Bouwer. Hot red lip, side-swept locks with a hint of retro-glam, yea, Ashley seems right at home!


KELLY OSBOURNEKelly looks quite fitting in this ironically fitted white Badgley Mischka gown with golden shimmered overlay. The golden accessories continue & still look just as great with a Judith Leiber clutch and pieces from Solange for LoveGold.



I can’t lie! What actually caught my eye first with this look was the stunning Rau Wolf clutch, LOVE!! But I can’t overlook the just as stunning fitted black gown by Camilla Staerk, complete with a deep V-neck and diamond encrusted pendant. The other diamond touches are some wonderful pieces by Forevermark. Karen, great job my dear, you look lovely!!


ZAC EFRONI always try to include some dapper looking guys on my best dressed lists and so my 1st of 2 is Zac! He looks very handsome in his complete tuxe look, shirt & tie included, all by Calvin Klein. His shiny black dress shoes are from Johnson Murphy. And you can see just a peek from his 1967 rose gold vintage Rolex from Wanna Buy a Watch?

oscars-red-carpet-0686th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsMICHAEL B. JORDAN —  And last but not least, there is young Michael, who looks great in this black Givenchy tuxe & embellished dress shoes. We can also see a sneak of his matching Piaget watch. He alongside many of the ladies, went with some extra sparkle and is wearing Forevermark earrings & Gentleman Collection by Dave Thomas for Jason of Beverly Hills collar detail work.