Nolcha Fashion Week Updates & Closer Looks – It’s Raining Men….swear



NFW will be here sooner than you think!! My COUNTDOWN has begun! Each week until this amazing showcase of talented designers ensues, Fashion Nexus will be here to provide updates and closer looks at the various designers presenting. Check out my various intro pieces thus far and get to know Monstruosite better!

But for this post, I’m so eager & excited to take a closer look at 4 phenomenal menswear brands presenting this year — Alberto Pants, Carl Gross, Codice, & Haupt. I’m sure more of you are just as excited! But first, there is one more designer to add to the overall line-up and here is that designer’s intro –













Oiselle is another designer brand who has shown with Nolcha before, showcasing looks not often seen on the runway, but which still deserve a spotlight! Oiselle is a feminine fierce athletic apparel brand for women who love to run and race.


Now onto some menswear, where the male models I’m sure will be the cherry on my sundae, the butter for my popcorn, :)!!! First up Haupt!


Haupt’s brand is very gracious for the opportunity to showcase their woven menswear shirts. And I have no doubt each piece will be top-notch since this a shirt-only company! The brand is based in Lippstadt, Germany and was established back in 1926 — that’s 88 years in the menswear business! It’s a small family-owned business, but with that, sole focus has been on the designs, the shirts — attention to each and every detail!


Haupt seeks to create beautiful and high quality shirts that are a marriage of both European and American styles. The pieces are not over-the-top or over-designed, but rather are practical and wearable. But even being a smaller, family-owned business, that doesn’t mean the brand doesn’t have some major clientele. Haupt is worn by many NFL players in fact!


Today, the company is run by the founder’s grandson, Georg Haupt. The design team consists of Birgit Glaser, who is known for having a great eye for color. And also, there is Bernd Schaefer, who has fit & modeling down. There is no surprise that the brand has such a balanced design thanks to this male/female dynamic duo. I can’t wait to see some amazing and well-crafted menswear pieces from the brand’s runway presentation!


Next up is Codice!


Pictured above is the talent behind this dynamic menswear brand, Giorgio Filippi. Codice is based in Reggio Emilia, Italy, but Giorgio is ready to showcase his work at none other than Nolcha Fashion week during NYFW! The brand is all about being contemporary, having a modern fit, and of course, being wearable. But Codice still keeps “Fashion” in mind, maintaining impeccable design!


So in thinking of the signature style of CODICE, know it’s the embodiment of a polished, sophisticated ease. The brand truly hallmarks that of Italian style in a clean, spare, yet never overly basic collection of knit tops, t-shirts, polos & fine gauge sweaters. Each design is very unique, with noticeable details, for which Codice pays a great deal of attention to.


Codice is presenting its Spring 2015 collection, which is inspired by all things vintage, but with a modern design aesthetic. I’m ready to see these polished and stylish menswear looks!


Now let’s take a look at Carl Gross!

Carl Gross is another German-based menswear brand, Hersbruck, Germany to be specific. The brand pushes for and seeks to find relaxed elegance. Each piece is all about fashion, comfort, and quality. Showing in NYC, at Nolcha Fashion Week, will mark the first US entry for the brand!


The brand is a specialist when it comes to jackets & suits. I can’t wait to see their latest collection, maybe even with looks for kids!!


And finally, we have Alberto Pants!


It must be that Germany is the country to go to for menswear. Of these 4 menswear brands, 3 of the 4 are based in Germany. And with Alberto, it’s specifically Monchengladbach, Germany. And just as with the other brands, Alberto has also been in the menswear business for quite some time, 1922, and is also a family-run company. The brand is legendary for its amazing fit!


In seeking to create this perfect fit, Alberto has a streamlined process of using high quality, exciting fabrics, attractive buttons, harmonious yarn colors, beautifully produced lining and great craftsmanship. And details are of the utmost importance when it comes to crafting the pants, yarn to fabric, wash to hardware. With inspiration for this upcoming collection the brand is happy to never have a lack of being inspired. The endless supply comes from traveling, walking the streets of various places.


The brand offers 4 categories from which their male clients can choose from — chino, slim, premium business jeans, and smart dressy. There is also an entire collection dedicated solely to golfwear. Alberto has also experienced quite a bit of featured press from major publications — Myself magazine, GQ, TM, InStyle, & more!






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