Fashion Law Symposium — Part 2

DSC01271So I did an intro post on Fordham Law School’s annual Fashion Law Symposium, thru the Fashion Law Institute. There were a great deal of captivating panel discussion, thus, my posts on this symposium are being done in multiple individual posts. So here is part 2, ENJOY!

Topic — Pulling the Plug: Fashion Companies, Dissolution, and Bankruptcy

Panelists —

I am sure this was an interesting discussion. I missed this one sadly, but I’m positive many found it valuable. It’s not the most fun part of fashion, but with some brands, some companies, it’s inevitable. So it’s good to know about areas such as dissolution and bankruptcy to best equip yourself for how best to wind down your company. It’s like they say in fashion, “one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.”


Fashion is a seasonal industry, continuously changing. Even if one season you have the best editorial press, it’s no guarantee for financial success. Examples — C. Wonder closing its green doors; Gap closing down its Piperlime division; Kate Spade getting rid of Kate Spade Saturday; and Reed Krakoff suspending operations. So questions that were discussed here — What are the strategic decisions involved when a fashion company considers bankruptcy? How can a fashion house or retailer keep the lights on during reorganization? And does outside investors’ growing involvement with the fashion industry increase the likelihood that an unsuccessful season or 2 will lead to pulling the plug?

Topic — Connectivity: Modeling and the Power of Social Media

Panelists —


I was vastly impressed with this panel discussion. I mean first of all, Coco Rocha, top supermodel was present! I was in awe to say the least. She is gorgeous and very well-spoken. But all in all, everyone did a great job here, and that’s important since this was such a huge topic. Basically, models are now more than just runway or editorial for magazines. They are individuals who now have put themselves out there, mainly being very active on social media. With that in mind, how have modeling agencies adapted their contracts and altered their lineups? How will FTC regulations affect models who advertise products thru their social media accounts? And how can models, agents, and attorneys work together to balance the competing challenges of legal compliance and furtherance of models’ careers thru the ever-evolving world of social media?

Models are now being looked at with a balance, audience connectivity versus commercial appeal. Then there comes the issues of endorsements, how this impacts a model’s identification, their branding.  And with endorsements comes the major issue of FTC compliance. We all recently heard about Lord & Taylor, 50 bloggers donning the same look, a major social media campaign. Everyone of course failed to mention the bloggers were not being paid, and this too can happen if models are promoting products. One has to make sure when promoting a brand or a product that this is made clear, a conspicuous disclosure.


Event Sponsors

Special thanks to CFDA, Diane von Furstenberg, Fordham Law School, Gemma Redux, The Judy & Dennis Kenny Foundation, Levi Strauss and Co., Louis Vuitton Malletier, MarkMonitor, Michael O’Malley, and Pentagram


Must Have Fashion Week Accessories

NYFW has come and gone. It was such a great time, so many amazingly talented designers presented. From RTW to stunning gowns, I saw it all! Some time yes has passed, but after some reflection and time, being able to peruse thru all of the various shows, I did want to put out this fun piece! I always enjoy seeing the many chic and fashionable accessories which complimented the various looks that graced the runways – handbags, jewelry, shoes, and more!

Upon my complete and full inspection, I’ve compiled my list of my “Must Have Fashion Week Accessories”! Enjoy!!



Anna Sui had it all, killer boots, fun outerwear hats, trendy jewelry, fun tights, and more — now these are ACCESSORIES!




Desigual is always a super fun show, high energy with graphic, bold looks. And the accessories aren’t too shabby either – fun headpieces, statement-making jewelry, and handbags galore!




Badgley Mischka coordinated well with a floral inspiration, making use of some amazing floral accessories – tights and hair accessories, as well as some stunning clutches.




Custo Barcelona made use of some edgy accessories, super cool & hip – tote handbags, boots, and eyewear!




The F/W collection for Leanne Marshall brought to life a tragic love story. The looks were breathtaking, accessorized very well. The hair pins, the shoes, the jewelry, made this show all the more intriguing.




The Libertine show is always a ball. The pieces, the accessories, are just so full of life, meaning the runway show is spirited & energetic.




So in love with every jewelry piece in Malan Breton’s show, women & menswear alike!




Rebecca Minkoff is of course known for making great accessories alongside her apparel pieces. She further demonstrated this point by styling her F/W presentation quite well.



J. Crew


J.Crew had it all – clutches, heels, jewelry, eyewear. So yes, had it all and everything was amazing!





Herve Leger was bringin’ out a super sexy side for this runway. The gladiator heels wee phenomenal. But so too are the fabulous clutches and handbags!




Very practical, yet fashionably chic handbags for the Diesel Black Gold runway presentation!


Katty Xiomara is all About Re-Evolution!


Nolcha Fashion Week is always a huge pleasure of mine to attend and write about when it comes to NYFW. It’s great seeing such talent from emerging, independent designers. So first up for my series of Nolcha posts, the amazing Katty Xiomara!



The Portuguese designer presented “Re-evolution” for F/W 2015. This line claims the right to be a female. It is designed for women who are confident in themselves and their style choices. Nature also played a huge inspiration for these pieces, especially in color choices, whether solid tones or bold prints.



Katty Xiomara’s signature is creating these dynamic, graphic prints. She works wonders with them as she utilizes them in lady-like collared dresses or fashionable separates. Not only were the prints enchanting here, but so too were the colors in general — mint green, maroon, peach, and navy blue.



Xiomara’s designs are crisp and clean with exquisite details. The designer featured geometric abstract embroidery on pockets and collars, offering an unexpected hint of luxury. I always look forward to Katty’s take on collared shirts and chic dresses. I’m always impressed and this season’s options certainly didn’t disappoint!



Hair for the show was courtesy of Indie Hair, while the bold makeup looks were provided by AOFMPro. The hair was pulled back in a low chignon. And for beauty, the makeup was exotic and wild, bright magenta eyes and vibrant peach lips.



Christina Milian was front row & center for the presentation! Also in attendance, Sydney Thomas of Nellyville, celeb stylist Derek Warburton, Miss D.C. Lizzy Olsen, Arthur Mandel, Kerry Bannigan, Elizabeth Flores, Alvester Martin, Paul Salagabo, & K’Nege.




Show sponsors — Indie Hair, Fogo de Chao, J.R. Ewing Private Reserve, LightSpeed, Don Q rum, Vegan Therapy, & SOLO (one step gel nails).

  • Show location — Pier 59 Studios, Chelsea Piers
  • PR — Amp3PR



Taoray Wang Goes for Round 2!


Taoray Wang is back at Lincoln Center, MBFW, for the 2nd time presenting during NYFW. She has a successful line in China, Broadcast:bo, but it’s great to see her continue to make an expansion into the states!

463584870.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000    463585476.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000

463585592.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000   463585610.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000

463585624.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000   463585668.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

Taoray Wang for F/W was all about chic, feminine RTW — some great pieces for modern women at work and burgeoning fashionistas alike. For the collection, she used a neutral color palette of grey, black, creme, navy, olive and burgundy to create a collection full of texture, structure, and silhouettes. Over-sized fur trim parkas were thrown over body con dresses, long coats were donned over long dresses. Structured wide legged crop pants had matching crop jackets with over-sized lapels, and boyfriend-esque motorcycle jackets were paired with skinny pants.

463587170.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928   463587204.jpg_401_0_2055.92537313_3696

463587228.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928   463587242.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

463587284.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928    463587290.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

Wang played with shapes and silhouettes in textured materials ranging from polyurethane coatings to natural wools. The lineup started off with a polished and refined hand: a gray plaid slim coat worn over a tailored yet feminine pantsuit. Wang continued with an array of great knits in chic neutrals, including sexy dresses and cozy turtlenecks, as well as terrific oversize coats and a minimal approach to evening wear. I’m a huge fan of polka dots though so those pieces were certainly some of my faves here!

463587296.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928   463587310.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

463588648.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000   463588662.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

463588950.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000   463588954.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

There were a lot of standout pieces here. I appreciated and was impressed by the versatility here. She made great use of a wide range of materials, really giving her type of woman lots of options. Again, I adored the polka dot pieces. The leather looks were also top notch. I love practicality in a collection, alongside of a spectacular runway show. And this is exactly what Taoray Wang delivered for the F/W 15 season.

463588960.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000   463589072.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

463589082.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000    463589098.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000

463589178.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000   463589192.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000

Celebs & special guests in attendance — Kate Nash, DJ Helena, Alexandra Mandelkorn, Ndey Buri, Jessica Minh Anh, Andrew Werner, J. Alexander.

463588266.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000    463588326.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000   463588412.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

463588462.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000   463588914.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000




Lupe Gajardo Brings out Long Lines!


Yes, yes! This is true. At Lupe Gajardo’s F/W 15 showing at MBFW, Lincoln Center, lines were quickly forming from invitees, right at the door, and still needing to print out tickets. But what was even more astounding was walking outside and seeing a line down Lincoln Center, passing Avery Fischer Hall, of fans hoping to just get in! It was definitely a site to see and the first time I’ve ever seen such lines in my many seasons of attending shows at Lincoln Center.

463727168.jpg_400_0_2047.31343284_3679   463727594.jpg_374_0_1910.71641791_3432

463727272.jpg_368_0_1883.67164179_3385   463726420.jpg_385_0_1971.41791045_3543


The inspiration here was themes of birds and the homeless to weave an intricate story of glamor. There were pieces that were a little more minimalistic in nature, more understated, such as LBDs, cable knit sweaters, or maxi tank dresses. But the more avant garde pieces, creative efforts, were what really amplified this collection. There was such fun and spirit seen in this show that I am very eager to see what Lupe has in store for the fashion masses next!

463727152.jpg_397_0_2029.98507463_3647   463727158.jpg_374_0_1914.74626866_3441

463727160.jpg_372_0_1904.23880597_3422    463727298.jpg_411_0_2104.43283582_3782


A lot of burlap (coffee/potato sack material) was used here, meaning the collection was very tan! But there were some pops of color in that of olive green, deep burgundy, and bright yellow. Color aside, the innovative use of materials was what truly stood out here — safety pins, feathers, of course burlap, and several types of denim.

463726894.jpg_400_0_2047.31343284_3679   463727064.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000

463727164.jpg_403_0_2056.13432836_3692   463727302.jpg_358_0_1831.13432836_3290


Take a closer look at some of the eye-catching details for this collection — the mish-mash of patchwork denim, feather adornments, clutches, and the many uses of safety pin detailings.

463726532.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000  463726812.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000  463727038.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

463727052.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000   463727128.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000   463727200.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000

463727202.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000   463727484.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000    463727494.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

463727546.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000     463727560.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

Lupe Gajardo’s distinguishing features are beauty; a sense of craft; a strong, confident silhouette; and the marriage of Latin American tradition with the avant-garde. But even more than that, it offers a fresh injection of Latin America’s energy, power and soul for the truly authentic, stylish and daring to experiment and feel. The underlying cultural inspiration is very much infused with this current F/W collection. The pieces are very unique, so bold, and truly showcase what an emerging and young talent Lupe is.

463726862.jpg_398_0_2034.56716418_3655     463726874.jpg_381_0_1948.1641791_3500

463727602.jpg_409_0_2090.79104478_3756   463727458.jpg_369_0_1886.91044776_3390

Show credits —



  • The makeup was provided by MAC and showed a very neutral look. A little shading was done under and around the eyes, but amplified with a bronze enhancer to create a slight smoky eye. And with a nice change from so many nude lips, here we have a lovely, light pink lip.


463727140.jpg_506_0_2025.25373134_3393     463727156.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

  • The hair was curled at the ends and then was undone a bit, and sprayed with TRESemme Dry Shampoo to give it texture, TRESemme Sea Salt Spray to further enhance the natural texture, then given volume with TRESemme Max The Volume. Some of the looks were pulled back with a burlap tie — very unique!



Celebs & special guests in attendance — Chris Avery Bennet, Gregori Lukas, Maria Czarkowski, Kanard Jackson, Dapper Afrika, Nicole Putz, Nicholas Gruber

463722920.jpg_487_0_2490.28358209_4474  463722996.jpg_471_0_2404.88059701_4319  463723108.jpg_470_0_2401.64179104_4314


463727604.jpg_397_0_2033.11940299_3654   463729154.jpg_430_0_1987.31343284_3478




Georgine Goes Back to the Psychedelic 60s


Georgine took us on a journey back in time for her F/W 15 NYFW presentation, held at Lincoln Center for MBFW. The collection was vibrant, brimming with psychedelic furs and funky prints.



The collection sets out to combine the intricate and the simplistic, all the while marrying classic and modern ideals, and blurring the lines between casual and formal wear. The specific inspiration for this collection was Weimar Cabaret in 1920s and 1930s Berlin, mod sensibility of 1960s British designers Ossie Clarke and Biba, and the bright paintings of Richard Lindner and Otto Dix. “I really love how they [Clarke and Biba] had that romantic yet modern sensibility and I wanted to update those things for today,” “There’s also a lot of art deco prints that always somehow come into my collection, very subconscious, but there they are.”



The colors and hues here was fresh and popping, whether as part of a bold print or use on furs. There was shiny mustard yellow, tangerine, navy blue, deep burgundy, and more. There were also touches of gold and gun-metal metallics. To enhance the feel of the early 20th century on suede, cashmere and silk, Ratelband’s team hand-painted garments for a rich, bold pop. “I knew I wanted to use velvet,” she said. “To me it can have an old world feeling and sometimes look dated, so I wanted to play with that. We came up with the idea to design a print, then put it on chiffon –so it’s more sexy, more lighter. And that’s how we came up with it, that’s color story is right there.”



A major aspect of this collection was vintage-vibe, psychedelic furs — wraps, trims, and more! The worked perfectly with this stylized 60s hip girl that Georgine was going for with the f/w 15 showing.



Georgine has always been dedicated to one simple, yet elusive concept: to create beautiful, chic clothing that every woman will feel great about wearing. And with this collection, the designer’s vision will live on!



Up close and personal with the wild details for this collection — pocket squares, fur clutches, leather gloves, and more!

463673946.jpg_324_0_1667.28358209_3000   463673970.jpg_401_0_2055.92537313_3696   463673978.jpg_394_0_2021.6119403_3635

For hair, obviously the  models are donning some the same short, black curly wig for show consistency. The leader for this show detail was Ric Pipino for Melville Pipino Salon. You can actually get this look by —

  1. Cut and style wig into strong angled shape; A bob that is short at the back and longer in front. Then flatten at the top, creating a wedge shape.
  2. Smooth curls using Alterna Haircare BAMBOO Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist.
  3. Spray with Alterna Haircare CAVIAR Perfect Texture Finishing Spray to perfect and hold the look.
  4. Shine and enhance the curl using Alterna Haircare BAMBOO Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Micromist.


Nails — Patricia Yankee, “Inspire”, matte base color with a metallic shiny deep “v” moon; almond inspired press ons.

But for makeup, it was all about a bold burgundy lip and smoky eye, courtesy of MAC Cosmetics — going for a beautiful and clean “Real Skin” look using Mac Water Weight Foundation, as well as Prep and Prime Powder, for the face.


For the eyes — Creating a edgier look for the eyes blending Deep Purple shade Midnight Well blending it wet under the eye using brushes #219 and #239 in a slight downward direction at outer corners. On the upper eye Deep Purple applied dry in a large shape all the way up to the inner brow and angling down through the crease to the outer corner of the eye. Finish with Extended Play Mascara and an pink/plum blush connecting the eye to the upper cheek bone (cusom color).

And for the lips — Retro Matte Liquid Lips in Oh Lady, with Plum pencil liner in a straight slightly pointed line.


Celebs & special guests in attendance — Kelly Bensimon, Diana Madison, Kelly Rutherford, LuAnne de Lesseps, Kristen Taekman, Sea Bensimon, Derek Warburton, Liv & Mim Nervo, Rachel Brosnahan, DJ Helena, Vanessa Marano, Diana Madiso.

463679312.jpg_571_0_2905.17910448_5213    463680460.jpg_612_0_3117.67164179_5596   463680690.jpg_630_0_3209.10447761_5760


463681020.jpg_559_0_2844.82089552_5105   463681658.jpg_587_0_2991.02985075_5369





Parkchoonmoo — Ahhhhh, All the Outerwear!!

463535306.jpg_5_0_2996_1994Simply put, it’s AMAZING! Demi Park presented her Fall/Winter 2015 collection, “un-bound,” for Parkchoonmoo at Lincoln Center on Feb. 15. Transparency was a major theme for the show as techno music played in the background.



The title of the collection was “un-bound”, meaning the looks were not to be limited, not to be bound by labels of any kind. The pieces were strong, very unique. Loose trousers were combined with high-low turtleneck tops and long furry coats that created an undefined silhouette.



The colors of the designs were mostly black, grey, ivory and cream with some touches of beige. See-through fabrics were also present in this season’s collection in both tops and bottoms. Another trend throughout the night were over-the-knee boots with a high platform in either white or black.




And of course my title to the piece was highlighting what I thought stood out the most here, which was all of the great outerwear. These were not just your everyday basic black or grey coats, the details made the jackets and coats pop. I also loved the use of mixed media, which too made the outerwear standout.



The details of this collection were intricate, yet somehow understated. All of the styling was right in line with simplistic minimalism, making the tiniest of details all the more noticeable. From the cowl-neck shrugs to the side handled purses, everything was on point and stunning!

463535080.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000    463535004.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000


The beauty look coordinated well with the looks — tucked in hair, with loose waves framing the face for hair. And with makeup, a white complexion, natural base foundation, heavy lined lower lid, nude lip.

463535608.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000   463535040.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000




Etxeberria Presents “Poets in NY”

463522914.jpg_6_0_3690_2456Etxeberria presented it’s F/W 2015 during MBFW at Lincoln Center. What a show with both women and menswear, fully dynamic, high quality pieces. Check out the details on the show below, entitled “Poets in NY”, as well as some great looks stemming from this collection.


Basque designer Roberto Lopez Etxeberria, by his own admission, was playing a “volumetric game” with his fall collection, with over-sized suits combining elements of tailored construction with a few twists and turns of zippers and furs and color blocking. With a color palette of basic black, white and gradations of grays with occasional explosions of furry red parkas, the designer worked wool and felt into over-sized suits, featuring zippers instead of buttons down the front of the jackets. The Neapolitan tailoring from the 1950’s, according to the designer, played an important role regarding the silhouettes and lengths.


Show credits —


The silhouette of the striped wool suits combined a basic block cut for the jacket with wide shoulders. But the pants, the designer said, in many cases, were influenced by the Japanese “hakama” pleated pant bound at the bottom, and worn by samurai warriors to protect their legs from brush when riding a horse. To the western eye the pants were reminiscent of motorcycle riding pants silhouette. But instead of heavy wool or leather, these pants were in soft wool. A series of more tailored suit jackets, which referenced pinstripes, slimmed the silhouette.


Several women walked in the show wearing the suits, but they were not tailored to the feminine form. The standout pieces included a flaming red fur parka was rocked Model Deandra Forrest. And the finale offering was a white fur and wool floor length gown definitely formed for the feminine frame.


The brand of course specializes in men’s fashion though and that was clearly seen from this presentation. Modern suits were offered for men. Casual looks to make a gent stand-out were too presented. And also, very practical for the f/w season, lots of great, unique outerwear.


Celebs & special guests in attendance — Momma Rose & Karrueche Tran, Nick & Sophie Simmons, Clare Galterio, Bera. Top male model Shaun Ross walked in the show.

463522956.jpg_500_0_2544.47761194_4566     463523072.jpg_557_0_2836.55223881_5091

463523190.jpg_580_0_2954.47761194_5303    463523682.jpg_491_0_2499.65671642_4486


For NYFW, KYE Dominates!


KYE for Fall 2015 had such a collegiate, sporty vibe — lots of plaid, for the ladies a school-girl style, and for men varsity sweaters and the like. I loved how the pieces were styled, such great hair, makeup, and accessories. A lot of the pieces had a metallic vibe, hints of shimmer and shine. And the outerwear was superb!


These looks of course hail from streetwear designer Kathleen Kye. Kathleen is actually a Concept Korea alum, which is a staple designer showcase for MBFW. With this being her debut solo show, this was a pretty impressive showing! She used casino-themed symbols and images in fun shapes and vibrant colors for her collection.


For men, the lineup included velour sweatshirts paired with leather pants; elongated cardigans that resembled playing cards; long trenches paired with a baseball jacket and jeans, and Dr. Martens shoes.


For women, tartan plaids and cowboy boots dominated the runway, shown with blazers and long studded skirts.


This was indeed a SHOW, from start to finish. The runway presentation was held at Chelsea Piers, Pier 59 Studios, home of many a great runway shows! The show featured music by The Misshapes, styling by Lysa Cooper, makeup by Dick Page for Shiseido, hair by Matthew Curtis for TRESemme and nails by Rose Velez-Miggins for Tat’z Nail’z. PR for the show — Peoples Revolution.


VIP attendees included 2 Chainz (Rapper), Leigh Lezark (The Misshapes), Nigel & Cristen Barker, and more.


And hold the phone here, I must have this handbag now!! Again, I love a show that focuses beyond the looks themselves. The details and styling has to match and coordinate with how great a given ensemble is and KYE has done that here!


When Shiseido‘s Artistic Director Dick Page created a makeup look for the KYE show at Fashion Week this year, he was heavily inspired by modern masstige with a fusion of a rock n’ roll redux. Page really enjoyed the blacks and reds in the collection, which inspired him to use the timeless black eyeliner and the classic red lip in this look he created. “I wanted the look to pick up on the graphic elements of the collection” says Page.


For the face, Page used the NEW Perfecting Stick Concealer ($25) followed by the Sheer and Perfect Foundation SPF 18 ($35). For the eyes, Page went with the Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil in Black ($20) which was applied in a solid line. He, then smudged and diffused the eyeliner with Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Caviar ($25). Then, Page applied and layered the Automatic Eyeliner in Black ($29) to finish the eye look.


Like the eyes, Page went with something striking for the lips. For the lips, Page went with red lips. He used Lacquer Rouge in Drama ($25) and Lacquer Rouge in Sanguine ($25). He mixed these two Shiseido essentials together. Page immediately blotted with a flat tissue to break down the color. Lastly, a bit of Lacquer Rouge in Drama ($25) was dabbed onto the bottom lip to complete the entire lip look.


The Best of NYFW Beauty

Season in, season out, designers present their collections for NYFW. What do we see? Well of course, tons of stunning looks, RTW to menswear to gowns. But what I always like to keep an eye out for are the other details to a runway show or collection presentation. And one such detail is the beauty look. That’s right, the makeup, hair, and nails! So I’ve perused thru tons of designer presentations, and here is my list for the top Beauty Looks from NYFW!


463287228.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000     463287374.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000

Some designers, when getting really creative with hair & makeup, tend to go over the top. But for me, the balance still has to be struck. It just can’t be all crazy, be all over the place, with no rhyme or reason. SAUNDER has perfectly struck that balance. Orlando Santiago for Mehron created such beauty here with this artistic makeup look — deep burgundy lip and white-out eyes. The hair look is just as great for me, voluminous, chic updo, a little crimp; it really works well to complete the beauty look. Hair look was courtesy of Nunzio Saviano.

And although not hair or makeup related, I would be remiss if I didn’t draw attention to these totally mesmerizing nails, such boldly dynamic nail art, courtesy of Patricia Yankee. This gal was all over Fashion Week, working unique magic from show to show. And she certainly was up to par here with these black gold trimmed nails, complete with a pearl adornment.



463871042.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000      463871654.jpg_452_0_2302.14925373_4132

Such understated beauty here, looks that I can’t ignore! The makeup look is so subtle, yet still bold. The slight cat-eye, leaving a hint of darkness is captivating — not over-the-top and paired perfectly with just a nude lip. The hair here is effortless, such free-flowing waves, creating such movement. I love it!

463876970.jpg_565_0_2445.59701493_4200    463877524.jpg_455_0_2009.62686567_3472




The makeup look here for Jenny Packham is such a bronzed, sunkist look, and it coordinates so well with the designer’s full on glam looks. The eye is heavily lined on the bottom, with a little metallic shimmer. To finish the look off, there is a slight bronzed cheek and subtle nude lip.


For hair, to match with the sunkist makeup look, there are beachy waves, delicate and enchanting. I’m not sure of the hair designer, but I know UNITE hair products were used to create the overall look.

463689908.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000    463689946.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

And another amazing nail look, light pink with jeweled embellishments, so pretty!!



Leanne Marshall told a love story thru the looks of her F/W 2015 collection. There were 4 parts to this and I love how she then wanted all of the beauty looks to further tell the different parts to this story. The hair & makeup went from pure and natural to deranged as this tragedy unfolded.

463796592.jpg_328_0_1671.28358209_3000   463799818.jpg_565_0_2644.40298507_4644

Let’s start with hair, which was all about the curly waves. The hair transitioned from slight curls to full on voluminous curls. As the love story raged on, so did the hair, which was all thanks to the Britt Dion hair team.


The makeup too aided int his story, going from innocent and pure to teary madness. There was such beauty in each makeup look that graced this runway. So kudos to Aveda team, led by Janell Geason.


And with more creative nail art, a uniquely blended shade from several Inglot shades, credit to Jami Zoglio.



463802602.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000     463802892.jpg_441_0_2253.53731343_4048

For F/W 2015, Anna Sui was inspired by the Vikings and she definitely brought that warrior spirit to her hair & makeup looks. If anyone could make face tattoos look pretty, it’s Pat McGrath. They weren’t on every look, as that would have been too excessive, but enough to captivate the audience. So McGrath was hard at work to create these face tats with Inuit-inspired markings, which were created using sticky tape (for perfect lines) and CoverGirl Brow and Eye Makers pencils.

For the other makeup looks, all of the show’s models got the graphic treatment on their eyes, with two straight pencil lines extending from the outer corners, along with the “golden, glowing skin” and “beautiful flushed cheeks” that McGrath used to prettify the edgy look. For a similarly rosy complexion, McGrath blended a mixture of CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in Rock n Rose and Clean Glow Bronzer in Spices on cheeks.

Hair stylist Garren’s contribution to the show was the “warrior-like” Viking girl hair he created, using R+Co products to bring out models’ natural texture (Rockaway Salt Spray to rough up straighter hair types; the not-yet-released Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray to weigh down curls).

463803600.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000      463803622.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000


463667134.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000   463667380.jpg_510_0_2606.41791045_4682

For men and women alike, the hair & makeup looks for J. Crew were 100% on point! Troi Ollivierre, the company’s beauty guru (and owner of an eponymous brand sold at the retailer), handles both hair and makeup for its runway shows and lookbook shoots. “We still wanted the girls to look fresh, but we were thinking of them coming back from skiing for this season,” Ollivierre explains.  “So, we kept a hint of color on the lips by applying my new lip stain in Tim. In order to make it more lived-in and natural, I applied it with a brush so it’s sheer and light.”

He perfected the skin with a mix of Laura Mercier primer and moisturizer, and then a sheer layer of foundation (a secret formula, according to the artist). After, he added the cult RMS Living Luminizer to the high planes of the face, corners of the eyes, and bridge of the nose for that J.Crew glow, enhancing the outer corners with a tiny bit of bronzer to add depth and warmth. As for the blush, he dabbed Stila’s Convertible Color in Lillium low on the apples of the cheeks using his fingers in quick, tapping motions “for an after-skiing look that’s very natural.”

463667398.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000    463667496.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000


463439290.jpg_497_0_2542.37313433_4568    463440332.jpg_489_0_2499.89552239_4491

Everything here for Mara Hoffman was AMAZING! The braided looks for hair were all so phenomenal, so great job to Thomas Osborn & Adriana Papaleo for Catwalk by Tigi.

I loved this golden, bronzed smoky eye, such a perfect combination with the sunkist cheek and lovely nude lip — wonderful work from Lottie of Maybelline NY.

And finally, beautiful nail art, courtesy of Alicia Torello for Zoya.

463440412.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928   463443854.jpg_521_0_2649.65671642_4754


463696284.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000   463696398.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

Pedro del Hierro Madrid went with a sultry, sexy fab beauty look for his model. Everything was full on glam and I am a fan! The hair was luscious, hint of waves, perfection! And for makeup, whereas other designers went towards focus on the eyes, we have focus here on the bold red lip!

463696412.jpg_309_0_1652.28358209_3000    463696420.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

Francesca Liberatore

463791490.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928    463791504.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

Jorge Luis for Cutler, Redken products — superhero braids they created that swept across the crown and draped down at the back. The look was at once collected and powerful but still flirty, with the braids adding an element of femininity.

Patricia Yankee — The team started by applying Pattie’s Support Base Coat, followed by creating a rounded, silver edged French manicure with Patricia Yankee Nail Lacquer Polish in Divinity. Pattie dished to us that in the theme of superheros, she decided to hole punch small stars out of Dashing Diva Color Effects Appliques. Stars were placed in the middle of the index fingernail and varied in color from blue or red depending on the model. The look was finished off with Patricia Yankee’s “Protect” Top Coat.


Fatima Thomas, Senior Artist for MAC, led the team to create the only look we witnessed this season without mascara (!!). Thomas told us that in terms of products and colors, the look was relatively minimalist – really only using colors for shaping and contouring purposes (enter: MAC Creme Colour Base, used to match and accentuate models’ natural skin tones), particularly around the eyes, which Thomas described as resulting in an “aerodynamic” feel. Not only did lashes go without mascara, but they were left untouched – aka no curling. Thomas emphasized that they didn’t want the lashes to make any noise – the look was all about the strength and shape of the eye.


Lupe Gajardo

463727484.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000   463727546.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

Lupe Gajardo had a huge line waiting to get in for the show. The hype was likely worth the wait, especially with such gorgeous hair & makeup to compliment innovative looks.

The makeup was provided by MAC and showed a very neutral look. A little shading was done under and around the eyes, but amplified with a bronze enhancer to create a slight smoky eye. And with a nice change from so many nude lips, here we have a lovely, light pink lip.

The hair was curled at the ends and then was undone a bit, and sprayed with TRESemme Dry Shampoo to give it texture, TRESemme Sea Salt Spray to further enhance the natural texture, then given volume with TRESemme Max The Volume.

463727548.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000     463727552.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000

Lela Rose

463684618.jpg_401_0_2055.92537313_3696   463684634.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

This hair look for Lela Rose, is a structured ponytail at its best. The texture is there, the volume is present, such great work!

The makeup is also quite impressive, with a bold, dark smoky cat eye, paired with an understated light pink nude lip. The detail on this eye is quite entrancing though, the shimmer, the shine, it is PERFECTION!

463684660.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928     463684714.jpg_401_0_2055.92537313_3696

Sherri Hill

463888820.jpg_314_0_1657.28358209_3000   463889610.jpg_492_0_2504.68656716_4495

Sherri Hill was a show I very much wanted to be at, but no such luck this season. Maybe next time! But not only were the looks here superbly stunning, the makeup & hair was top notch as well. The elegant, prom-like updos were enchanting. And I loved the feminine, gorgeous makeup look, the bronzed cheeks to the deep, smoky eye, and of course the bright pink lip. All very fun, girly, and flirty!

And it was great seeing Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty taking part in the show! No surprise in light of her recent collaboration with Sherri Hill.

463889626.jpg_545_0_2774.40298507_4979    463889634.jpg_546_0_2783.01492537_4996