Faves of 2019

2019 & 2020 were whirlwinds of years for me personally. But I still took note of fashion moments I loved on various red carpets throughout 2019. It might take a few posts, but I am now set to share some of my faves, and then get onto 2020 looks and into 2021!


Attending the SAG awards



Attending the SAG Awards




At the iHeart Radio Awards


at the Isn’t It Romantic premiere


At the Grammy Awards


Attending the Save Venice Gala



at the Time 100 Gala; wearing Jason Wu


Attending the SAG Awards; Wearing Valentino


At the Grammy awards, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry


At the Dumbo premiere, Wearing Kelly NG


Game of Thrones premiere Wearing Iris van Herpen


Olivier Awards


Morning Show premiere


Angel Ball — wearing Iris van Herpen; Tyler Ellis Clutch


Frozen 2 premiere — Oscar de la Renta


Attending the Save Venice Gala

PRAS — All I Can Say is Hmmmmmmm???

Okay. That’s not true. I am a blogger. I have plenty more to say. So note, Project Runway All-Star designers, there is no need for this!

pras4-ep11-episode16And yes Isaac, this was my exact sentiment about this runway too. Your expression here is spot on!


The challenge this week was supposed to be all about bridesmaid dresses. There was only 1 dress this week that ready bridesmaid at all. Two others might have stood a chance, but poor execution issues overwhelmed those looks. And wait, we are watching PRAS right?? This is the point of the season where we are supposed to be watching the best of the best. But seeing so many mistakes, it’s really unforgiving at this point. I know the designers work under time constraints, but the mistakes being made this season, especially on this challenge, seem to be more from construction and fabric choices, not time. I’m not sure what was going on here, but hopefully the designers will do better next week!


But let’s backtrack a bit, the designers went to meet Georgina & Alyssa at the Marchesa showroom to receive their challenge details for the week. Keren Craig, co-founder of Marchesa, also joined Georgina & Alyssa. Alyssa announced she would be officiating a real wedding ceremony and it would be on the PR runway, a PR wedding first! The bride, Dana, was there as well for her final fitting, but a major issue, she didn’t have bridesmaid dresses yet. Cue designers, we need your help! The designers were to create a bridesmaid look that would please the bride and be suitable for events following the ceremony. All in all, the look would need versatility. There was also a huge prize at stake — the winning designer would receive Marchesa for Lenox glassware and chinaware, front row seats during NYFW for the Marchesa show, and a diamond ring from Marchesa’s new jewelry line, which will be exclusively sold at Macy’s. So the designers chatted with Dana for a bit and then were off to Mood with their budget of $150 to get started on this 1-day challenge.


Sonjia was a major focal point this week. She didn’t sketch out her look, so for most of the episode, as we’ve seen happen to her before, she was unsure of the direction for her outfit. She broke down in tears while eating dinner. Designer breakdowns are frequent for PR. The designers hit a breaking point, designer frustrations and exhaustion. I felt for her, but this was not the first week where she showed signs of struggle. The whole breakdown segment was a bit odd since it was over what we’ve repeatedly seen as her normal designer process. Anywho, let’s see what the other designers were up to, check out Zanna-time!


Joining Zanna was Edward Chapman, CEO for Marchesa. They reminded Dmitry to keep versatility in mind. For Helen, she needed to make the transition from business to bridal. Fabio needed to push himself more. But for all the designers, they needed to focus on execution & elegance, and of course to impress Georgina.


The designers were back to work. Fabio helped out Sonjia by giving her some fabric he wasn’t using. She was finally figuring out the direction for her look. It was soon time for the morning of the runway. Michelle was having some fit issues as she was dressing her bridesmaid. Everyone else was doing some last minute fine tuning. Surprisingly, the bride herself was not a guest judge this week. Instead, we had host of SYTYCD, Cat Deeley.

pras4-ep11-episode21Overall, the judges were disappointed this week. No one received a truly great critique. So even with Helen winning, it was sort of a best of the worst scenario. It was a safe dress, very lovely, but where was the WOW factor.


Actually, I didn’t think this read bridesmaid at all. Would I wear it? Yes. But I wouldn’t think bridesmaid if I was looking at this dress online or in a store. I think had it not been fit and flare, just a fitted look, it would have worked better.

Mary Kay shout-out, natural, fresh beauty look — lightly bronzed cheeks, soft, subtle lip, copper eye.


The judges thought the look was a bit on the older side, but for me, that was just the upper portion. I think there was a disconnect, the top read mature, but the bottom read youthful.


So Helen did an okay job this week, I just wish there was something more dazzling since it was the winning look. But there were some lovely aspects, the lace on the neckline, the slightly open back. I liked Dmitry’s look better, but with what the other designers put down the runway, Helen was the only other top 2 contender in my book. Chi hair care shout-out, gorgeous, stunning, up-do, love this braided look!


Sonjia was in the judges top, but I think the judges were way wrong about Dmitry’s dress this week, so I want to discuss him next. The judges seemed to think his look was not special, safe, and that they had seen it before. Really you could of said this about Helen’s look too. And in fact, they did say some of this for her dress. Yet she wins and Dmitry is chastised and put in the bottom. Okay judges, yea, that makes sense.

Mary Kay shout-out, beautiful! Pretty nude lip, great pop of navy blue color on the eye.


Was this Dmitry’s best work? Not at all. But was it deserving of Isaac’s major rant during the critiques? Laughably no! I’m glad that at least Isaac made a point to scold all, but to go over board about Dmitry’s look alone, especially in light of such poorer executed looks. I guess they really needed to make Dmitry have a bad week so the judges put on some major acting. But this viewer is not buying it. And no way does the rant/bad critique match this dress.


This dress read bridesmaid. I would wear it and could easily see it for a wedding. But it also had versatility. I could see this look being worn for other occasions. The sheer neckline was spectacular. There was such a regal, luxe quality about it. And yes, did it look similar to what the bride was wearing at the meeting. A little. There was only 2 similar aspects though, the color and the fact that he made use of a sheer neckline. Dmitry picked navy blue since it was in the bride’s color palette of choices. And with the sheer on the neckline, let’s calm down a bit there. This is a common design detail, so is everyone just copying everyone then?? The rest of the neckline was different. And if you then put the dresses side by side, every other aspect is different. But at least his dress wasn’t riddled with mistakes. Heck, the judges other top 2 pick even had a few, as Isaac & Georgina mentioned.


Sonjia’s look was not bridesmaid at all. It was definitely not safe and there was something intriguing about it. But to wear for bridesmaids, ummmmm, no. Perhaps a theme wedding, but not fitting next to a gorgeous, elegant Marchesa bridal gown. Sonjia focused on making her look sexy and with that, I kind of get a club-vibe.


This is not to say I wouldn’t wear it, but it just didn’t seem fitting for this occasion. But what I would do first here is nix the long-sleeves. I didn’t care for it with this dress.


The triangle back cut-out was a striking detail. But all the twisting details at the waist and it being belted, it was all a bit too much. I don’t think this belted aspect was needed.

Chi hair care shout-out, great top-knot bun!


Michelle was onto something here, but at the end of the day, she couldn’t execute it. There were so many mistakes, and really at this point in the game, that’s inexcusable. She still seemed to be excited about the dress as it came down the runway, which was baffling despite how sloppy this look was.


A designer should in no way, shape, or form be so excited about such a poorly executed look. It was so annoying listening to her all episode long about how she had this in the bag and she was so in love with her look. She definitely needed to be knocked off her high horse and is way overdue for a slice of humble pie. Heck, forget the slice, she should really eat the entire pie. I’m just not even sure if she got what the judges were saying though. I don’t see her taking critiques well.


There were some great details here. Even though I’m not a fan Michelle, I can still appreciate and see the good in her work. I really wish we could have seen this dress in a more resolved manner though. The sheer neckline and back were amazing. But the mistakes, I just can’t overlook with what Michelle was trying to do with this pattern. I can’t tell if I like it or if it looks too busy. Again, I wish we could have seen this without so many mistakes.


Fabio too had a great start, but execution got in the way. The lovely detailing on the shoulders was a great detail. But that is where the good ends here. The flaws really overwhelm this dress. But just like with Helen’s look, there was a disconnect here. The top & bottom didn’t seem to match vibe-wise. And overall, with this disconnect and so many mistakes, it took away from this dress reading bridesmaid.

Mary Kay shout-out, shimmery, bright beauty look — nude lip, lightly blush cheeks, & bold copper eye.


It’s so hard to get over the flaws here. It really makes the dress look cheap. Just as Georgina said, they couldn’t keep forgiving his shortcomings from week to week, and it was obviously time for him to go. But really the same mistakes being made over and over again prove that perhaps Fabio should have been eliminated weeks ago, giving someone else that 2nd chance. When a designer is saved over and over again, but doesn’t make a showing as to why they deserved their many 2nd chances, it kind of means the judges made the wrong decision.


QVC shout-out, love these bold metallic silver heels!

I will give Fabio one other nice comment, love this back, slightly open. But definitely not enough to save him this week and it was the right choice between he & Michelle.