#MBFWSwim 2014 Part 4 — 1 Day Away!!


Here we are, last post, 1 day away from MBFW Swim 2014, and introducing the last batch of designers set to present their 2015 collections. Don’t forget to check out my previous posts — Day 2, Day 3, & Day 4. Again, here is the full list of designers and the entire schedule. But who is presenting on the last day — check out the designers, previous work images, & a little bit of brand information — ENJOY!!

SAUVAGE — July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

L426_grande                         Nina-Agdal-Sauvage-swimwear-12

Sauvage is a true family-owned business, all who work tirelessly, and with a passion for the apparel being created.

L422_2                         S415_grande

AGUACLARA SWIMWEAR — July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande


The team behind Aguaclara has not only great enthusiasm, but a clear vision to design custom-made swimwear.


AQUARELLA SWIMWEAR —  July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

4711.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4712.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

The Aquarella brand, it’s all about fun & fashionable swimwear with a little sophisticated sexiness on the side.

4709.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                3629.jpg_53_0_347.626865672_658

MIA MARCELLE — July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande


MIA Marcelle swimwear, designed in Napa Valley, made in the U.S.A., is a brand that reflects the Cali lifestyle — the elegance, beauty, sensual nature, and free-spirited, yet focused demeanor.


TOXIC SADIE SWIMWEAR — July 21st, 6 pm, Cabana Grande

TS1413_RAVISHING_pink1__38769.1400286365.220.330                TS1412 FIERCE black LOGO-LR        TS1411_white_Untamed__12827.1400304232.220.330

Toxic Sadie is a luxury swimwear line for fashion forward and style savvy women.

TS1407 t turq WEB

A.Z. ARAUJO — July 21st, 7 pm, Oasis

4424.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                             4431.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

The sexiness of Brazil + the chic modern presence of a NY consumer =’s A.Z. Araujo Designs.

4445.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                            4446.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

LILIANA MONTOYA SWIM —  July 21st, 8 pm, Cabana Grande


Rethink the boundaries of your imagination when it comes to swimwear, that’s what Montoya Swim has done!


MINIMALE ANIMALE — July 21st, 9 pm, Oasis

4774.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4777.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Yes, even swimwear can have a minimalistic quality and that’s what Minimale Animale is all about.

4781.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4786.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

INDAH — July 21st, 10 pm, Cabana Grande

4849.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                                4867.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480

Indah IS an enigma, beautiful, exotic, genius, made by hand, and created with love.

4873.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480                              4869.jpg_20_0_234.925373134_480




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