Auburn Jewelry — The Sky’s the Limit!


And that’s the way it should be when it comes to customized jewelry. Auburn Jewelry is a custom jewelry brand I’ve come across from since launching Fashion Nexus. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one-on-one with the brand’s founder, Samantha Auburn Levine. Needless to say, I am IMPRESSED & am happy to share this wonderfully unique brand with the Fashion Nexus community!

Auburn Jewelry is a brand that offers exclusive lines of high-quality sterling silver, 14k gold, brass, copper, and enamel pieces. In addition, the brand offers a wide range of product categories from which one can choose to make a purchaseBracelets, Bridal, Charms, Cufflinks, Dog Breeds, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, & Initial Pendants — just to name a few. And when making your selections, REMEMBER, there are lots of colors to choose from as well — 18 to be specific! This includes “New Fall Colors” such as Burnt Orange and Chocolate Brown, and ” Brand Best Sellers” such as Hot Pink and Mint Green.

burnt-orange-270x270            Chocolate-brown-270x270             Hot-pink-270x270            Mint-Green1-270x270

Samantha is a true talent and visionary with each piece she creates, and of course, she strives to make customer satisfaction a top priority. That is why there are so many options when it comes to placing an order. And for those wishing to make an even more personalized statement of style, commissioned pieces are also available by request.


Samantha’s background has always included a passion for jewelry making. She started designing jewelry in 2001 at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY. She then went on to graduate in 2009 from Skidmore College, with a minor in Jewelry and Metals. Then in 2010, Samantha enrolled at a local metals studio, while also attending Western New England University School of Law in Springfield, Massachusetts. While attending law school, in 2012, Levine launched Auburn Jewelry. Since her 2013 graduation, Samantha has been designing and handcrafting jewelry full-time.

Fashion Nexus of course wishes Auburn Jewelry nothing but the best, including tons of success! But it appears the brand is already enjoying some success! Auburn Jewelry has experienced a great deal of featured press from both major publications and fashion blogs alike, including,, Stylebistro, Westchester Magazine, WAG Magazine, My Fashion Juice, Splash Magazine, Time Out NY, and being “Voted Best of New York for Style and Shopping from CBS New York.”

New-York-Shopping                           Screen-shot-2014-05-30-at-1.10.25-PM                  people

And now for the fun part, taking a look at some of the amazingly unique pieces within the many product categories from which a customer can create an order. But first, remember you can shop online or reach out to Auburn Jewelry thru their Contact page — contact form, telephone ((914) 215-1018), or email (

BAMBOO                                bamboo-circle-necklace-300x300Bamboo-cufflink1-300x300

sterling-planished-bracelet-300x300                       Untitled-1-300x300                             BRACELETS

BRIDAL & PACKAGES                Mr-Mrs-slider-pic-small-300x300            bridal-S-300x300

NS-heart-charm-300x300Anchor-charm-300x300      CHARMS

(this includes custom, initials, numbers, SPCA donations, U.S. States, & Zodiac signs)

CUFFLINKS                        Anchor-cufflinks-300x300                               sterling-Organic-cufflinks-300x300

Autism-Puzzle-Piece1-300x300                              Ballerina-400x400                CUSTOM OPTIONS

DOG BREEDS                         Chi-pendant-300x300                             poodle-300x300

sterling-planished-spiral-earrings-300x300                             sterling-squares-light-blue-300x300                                     EARRINGS

ELLE BY AUBURN                   bird-300x300                         Breat-cancer-ribbon1-300x300

bunny-300x300                 Gecko-300x300                             EXOTIC ANIMALS

INITIAL PENDANTS                                             Orange-J-400x400                               Hot-Pink-A-300x300

Brass-guitar-pick-keychain-300x300                                   Magic-hat-keychain-300x300                                       KEYCHAINS

MINIS                                     mini-gold-heart-300x300                            mini-hearts-copy-300x300

IMG_0838-300x300                          mono-jenna-300x300                                         MONOGRAMS

NECKLACES                             Brass-NY-300x300                            sterling-and-sterling-california-pendant-300x300

sterling-planished-circle-necklace-300x300                          Double-interlocking-sterling-ring-300x300                                    PLANISHED PIECES

RINGS                                                                                          Sterling-and-gold-stacking-rings-300x300

teal-dog-bone-SPCA1-300x300                           black-fish-featured-300x300                                      SPCA

STATE PENDANTS                                                                          sterling-and-enamel-Cape-cod-teal-pendant-300x300

red-key-300x300                                                                  VALENTINE’S DAY






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  3. Thank You For Linking Your Post to me I really like the pieces and will be making a purchase in the future!

    The Pretty Canary

    • You are most welcome! I’m very happy to have the capability back to link other bloggers & sites to my new wordpress blog site! Happy you enjoyed the piece and I know the jewelry designer here personally. I’m sure you will thoroughly enjoy any piece that you order!!

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