Nolcha Recaps – A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

So wrapping up my recaps with Nolcha Fashion Week, let’s take a look at this catchall post. There are accessories to check out in the form of fashionable hats and some athletic or sportswear. But first, a little something for the men with Schuyler 4, a collective of menswear brands including: pants by Alberto, knitwear by Codice, shirts by Haupt, and sports jackets by Carl Gross!


Stylish casual suits, poppin’ pants, bold prints, and more, that is what the Schuyler 4 collective brought with this S/S 2015 runway presentation! With Alberto Pants, you aren’t going wrong with fit, so it’s great to see an addition of style added, such as with this vibrant floral print seen above. The brand has very much stuck true to its signature & vision — high quality, exciting fabrics, attractive buttons, harmonious yarn colors, beautifully produced lining and great craftsmanship.


Lots of menswear brands give you the basic, staple suit, which you need, but you are also going to want more relaxed or casual suit options as not every occasion calls for a suit & tie vibe. You will always need to start with your basic undershirt, and with that, there is no better than Haupt. Their shirts are understated & wearable designer shirts — high quality & casual elegance.


You might want a bit more pizzazz in your suited look, so Carl Gross is right there to again provide modern & fashionable twists for men with suits. This brand is also about a relaxed elegance, but also fashion, quality, & comfort. You are not going to go wrong with any of these looks!


There is a lot of versatility amongst these pieces, the ability to mix & match, go even more casual with a basic pair of chino shorts.


Another great aspect with versatility, is the ability with Schuyler 4 to add in layering with light to medium-weight outerwear. Codice is right on hand for the perfect knit to match modern pants and shirts. It’s contemporary “tops” with a modern fit, “fashion” but wearable.


There is a vibe to all of these pieces that would definitely catch my eye as a single female. I would see a fashionable man, who is able to dress well, pick out his own stylish clothes, and at the end of the day, look cool, be modern.


I love this leather jacket above. It is my most fave piece in this collective presentation!


Next up, let’s go back to Nolcha’s Ones to Watch series of presentations, and check out some bold, dramatic hats, custom millinery by Monstruosité.


Monstruosité is by Dolly Donshey, with a creation of pieces focusing on the traditional art of millinery with a modern unconventional twist. These pieces for this current runway presentation are so exquisite, immaculately conceived, & simply put, BREATHTAKING!


The details are what sells these pieces. YES! You will want to just don one of these as you walk down the streets of NYC, Paris, or London! There is nothing basic about these intricate hats, the colors, the clear inspiration, the passion!


The hats even blossom to full on pieces such as this lavender floral lace piece seen below — GORGEOUS!!


There is no way to not be captivated here. Donshey’s craftsmanship and quality work with the materials, carrying out her inspirational designs, it’s magical. I love this shades of blue moon design below, it’s high fashion at its best!


The element of art coming to life in these pieces is definitely present.


The various pieces adorned with flowers look amazing. The twist with the skulls incorporated is a great eye-catching twist. Donshey knows no creative boundary and that is a huge plus for her and putting out some highly unique, distinctive pieces!




And finally, touching on fashion of all types, let’s look at some comfy chic sports attire from Oiselle!


Oiselle made use of runners, not models for this runway presentation — BRILLIANT!! They stepped barefoot onto the catwalk, wearing sports bras and spandex, with ponytails and abdomens shredded & fully exposed. Instead of look books and go-sees, they were cast based on their portfolios of race times and medals. It was great to see such inspiring and real women donning these looks, truly conveying the pieces are made for the average, everyday woman, no just a model!


One woman was a 45-year-old doctor with three sons and a degree from Yale who had just run a 5 minute, 13 second mile. Another was Olympian Kara Goucher, 36. Leading the group down the runway was Lauren Fleshman, 33, an NCAA national 5-kilometer champion at Stanford.


Oiselle’s vision is to create practical feminine fierce athletic apparel for women who love to run and race. That is exactly what the brand has done with these pieces. Who says athleticwear can’t also be fashionable!


There is a range of styles & options with this collection. If you want the pops of color or more stylized pieces, there is that. But if simplicity is more your style, there are tons of options!


In addition to spandex, leggings, tanks, shorts, sports bras, there is also outerwear and accessories by way of warmers.



This brand is all about bold lines, high design with it’s pieces, creating fashion sportswear. The intricate line designs are a modern styling to basic activewear pieces. It’s great to be able to hit the gym in style, but also have practicality and function with what you are wearing!

Great job Oiselle!

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