Project Runway Showcases the Battles of the LBDs and Red Plaid Pants this Week

It was so odd how many similar themes were present this week with the designers. Two designers both selected a dark red plaid to make a pair of pants-Alexander and Miranda. Odd choices if you ask me. Another puzzling theme for this week was that the top 3 were all comprised of LBDs. If anything, this week showcases just how many trends and silhouettes are so common in today’s fashion world. So for a designer to make it they need to showcase what sets them apart!

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Back to PR, the designers got to visit shoe heaven this week by going to Marie Claire‘s fashion closet. Shoes are such an important fashion accessory, and I too, often coordinate and plan my outfits around what shoes I want to wear. This week’s challenge was fairly simple, pick a pair of shoes to serve as an inspiration for a look. The suggested budget was $200. Alexandria selected first while the rest had to buzz in first and correctly answer a fashion quiz question. This week’s guest judges were Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco and Marie Claire’s Editor-In-Chief Anne Fulenwider.

pr12-ep7-episode17                                                                 pr12-ep7-episode3

This is a pivotal point in the PR process. Its the halfway point. The Tim Gunn save was used so there is no longer any safety net for the designers. If you are out, you are out. This week’s runway was a bit perplexing for me. I even saw when the judges critiqued the top, it was not a full on lovefest. I thought many of the designs were basic this week and it truly were the shoes that stood out. However, I guess that could have been the point because you want the dress to compliment your amazing shoe, not overpower it. I didn’t really know who my top and bottom would have been, but overall, I agree with the judges’ decisions.

Top 3: Alexandria, Helen & Ken                                pr12-ep7-episode18        

pr12-ep7-episode20                                                                        pr12-ep7-episode22

Actually, I selected Ken as this week’s winner, but I am glad he was in the top 3 at least. He always showcases his ability to design sexy, chic and fitted garments. I too, loved the textured fabric he chose. It gave the piece a little something extra rather than just being a plain old LBD. Peplum is such a modern trend so it was great seeing that as well. This dress really did work with the black gladiator strapped heels. Helen’s sleek knee-length LBD with a black cape was the judges’ selection for the win this week. I am not sure if it worked best with the black bootie with a studded toe, but it was well constructed and had a great fit. I think keeping it basic worked for Helen this week so we will see if she can keep up the momentum. Alexandria rounded out the top 3 with her black LBD, which had lace detailing and cutouts, both of which are also dominating modern trends. The judges thought it was the perfect fit for the thigh-high gladiator sandals, but I thought it was, as Zac said, a bit pedestrian. However, it was clear that simple and chic won the day. The few other designers who pushed the boundaries and took some risks, likely ended up safe because with 5 on the judges’ panel, I am sure some liked a piece, while others did not.

Bottom 3: Jeremy, Bradon and Miranda                                    pr12-ep7-episode19

pr12-ep7-episode23                                                                   pr12-ep7-episode21

The judges certainly were in agreement about the bottom 3. When Jeremy designed his piece for this week, I could really see that concept working with the thigh-high black boots, with a gold chain down the side. The final product, however, didn’t work. The chiffon argyle sweater was not really flattering. I know it took a lot of work and time, but the pay off was not great. Jeremy’s looks are very hit or miss so it will be interesting to see if he can stick on the correct path for the duration of the show. Bradon was another designer who spent a lot of time on a technique, this week a boil effect, which too, didn’t yield a great final result. However, Bradon exhibited this pattern last week. He finds these great techniques and kind of puts the challenge aside. Bradon’s shoe selection was a pair of gold sequined leopard flats. I agree with Nina in that an A-line dress would have worked better. I am sure Bradon can bounce back as he was on the top several times. I was surprised from the judges’ comments that Bradon was the bottom 2 and not Jeremy, but there was no way sending someone home who was previously in the top over someone that’s never been there, Miranda, would make for a sound decision.

Miranda’s aesthetic really hasn’t come through for me this season. She often repeats failed silhouettes, like crop tops, pencil skits or jackets. I am not sure she has the range to make a great collection at this time. Her shoes were a basic pair of red patent leather flats. She and Alexander selected the same fabric and then both made pants. However, there were some differences in the style and fit. I am not sure whose really came out first on the runway, but Alexander’s look did seem chic, modern and luxurious. Mirandas’ just seemed to be almost the H&M version of a high-end look. It just wasn’t executed well. I am also not a fan of a polka dot and plaid print mix.

Excited to see the workout fun for next week and what the challenge will be!

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