All About Yumi Kim: Flower Power & Feminine Mystique

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If you are a young woman, looking for fashionable variety, such as modern prints, fun florals or even vintage silhouettes, then look no further than the Yumi Kim brand. To be quite honest, I do not own a floral printed garment myself, but after learning more about Yumi Kim and seeing all of these amazing options, I know now I really need to fill this gap in my wardrobe! There is a wide selection to shop from-tops, bottoms, dresses and jumpers. You can shop from YK classics, must-haves, best sellers, last chance, on sale, and new items. YK is fast approaching its 5-year mark, but I definitely see longevity and more success in their future!

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YK designer is Kim Phan. She always had a desire and passion for fashion and creative expression. Even at a young age, she was designing and revamping vintage clothing. She moved to NYC and launched Yumi Kim with no formal training, just her desire, motivation and creative impulses. The brand name is partially derived from one of the loves of her life, her Yorkie, Yumi. Inspirations for this brand are vintage silhouettes and accents, with touches of urban and modern feminine mystique. Phan is also a major fan of florals as patterns and incorporates them into many of her designs. Phan says, “Flowers are so girly and playful. They really accentuate the bright, fun mood I try to channel in my clothing, and makes every girl feel pretty”

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It was in the fall of 2008 that Phan opened her 1st flagship store on the lower east side of NY, 105 Stanton Street. Soon thereafter, she opened another location on the Upper east side, 1331 3rd Avenue. She fills her stores with a medley of her favorite accessory designers, and cool vintage finds, mixed with handpicked home gifts that accompany the entire Yumi Kim collection. Yumi Kim can be found on Hollywood’s hottest starlets and stylish girls worldwide. Yumi Kim can be found in Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, and premium boutiques across the country.

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There are a lot of new and great ventures coming for YK. Next year, Phan is launching a new line, Blessed Peacemakers. The company will also open some new locations. This fall, YK shoppers can expect more Fall florals. The prints will be in cool teals and warm golds to match the chilly fall breeze. As far as patterns, there will be mod-inspired geometric to aztec prints available.

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I really encourage you all to check out Yumi Kim online. Some interesting links to visit are as follows. Check out YK press, such as the brand being featured in Cosmopolitan and Glamour. With any questions there are a wide variety of forums, general contacts and social networks to check out. If you need help with sizes, check out the YK sizing chart. Finally, learn more about fashion, YK and Phan by checking out her blog.

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