Slater Zorn: You Can Dress in Style and Root for your Team!

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Attending sporting events, no matter the type, is an outing that so many people do all the time. It could be college or high school students showing their school spirit. It could be alums of an institution who will always root for their former school. It could be parents or grandparents who attend games and enjoy being a part of their families’ school life. A variety of people attend and there is also a variety of outlets-high schools, colleges, professional teams, or even local teams such as little league or traveling teams (those not affiliated with a school or institution). Most likely, at any of these types of events, no matter who you are, you want to support your team and wear their colors to demonstrate that. Slater Zorn is just the place to help out with this task. You can look through and shop for a variety of clothing and accessories available to both men and women.

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Slater Zorn is all about luxurious and high quality products that can help one to show their loyalty to a team. For women there are tops (white collars and sleeveless blouses with collars), sweaters (sleeveless, cardigans, V-necks in cashmere, zip capes, sleeveless vests, houndstooth jacket, turtleneck sweaters, crew neck sweaters, and more), dresses (tank dresses with a chevron print) and jewelry (collaborations with PONO by Joan Goodman for options of long resin link necklaces, shaded short resin link necklaces, bangles, and more). For men, there are stadium shirts with basic white and collars, khaki shorts, and sweater options (cable knit crew neck, striped sleeve with quarter zip, and houndstooth and 2-tone vests). There are also a variety of accessories, such as leather belts, ribbed scarves, striped scarves, striped socks, caps/toboggans, wristwarmers, and more. You can also find some great style ideas to help create your ensembles.

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A great aspect of many of these items is that they work both for game days to everyday. The looks are also very luxurious as they are made with high quality and durability to last beyond a single sporting season. Most of the fabrics used for these products are the very finest wools,  geelong, New Zealand merino or Scottish cashmere. The founder of Slater Zorn saw her own love and passion for sports and thus, grew this concept and brand.

Beth Wittig is the entrepreneur and designer for Slater Zorn. She really is an avid sports fan and was always excited for her children’s participation in the events. She, like many families, saw that attending sporting events was a regular outing for the family and found the inspiration for Slater Zorn. She says, “I wanted to dress in colors and clothes that supported my team, and I was determined to do it with style.” Slater Zorn was launched in December of 2012. The name is a combination of her and her husband’s mothers’ maiden names.

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This brand is truly an amazing concept and I know even in my own family, there are so many types of sporting events that all of the family attends. I have many friends who are also just avid sports fans, whether they are rooting for a fave professional team or for a previous college attended. One might worry about wearing the correct colors, or still finding an item that looks great. Slater Zorn is a great online boutique that can assist one in finding colors to show support for their team, and doing so all while looking stylish.

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