The Dream Team’s Shining Stars v. The Drama Team’s….well, Drama!

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So it was so evident that this week was going to bring nothing but drama, especially with a challenge centered around unconventional materials and working so within teams of 3! But wow, who knew Sandro would come back, yikes! I will get to that later, so this week’s challenge was I guess in part sponsored by Lexus, great product placement! The Lexus could serve as an inspiration for the collection, but was not a requirement. The designers were placed in teams of 3 and were to make a luxurious and high-end mini collection of 3 looks. While each designer within the team was responsible for their own look, the team as a whole was responsible for cohesion and formation of a collection. The unconventional materials to make the garments were to be purchased from 2 of 3 places: a specialty food store; a vintage wallpaper shop; or, a combo homegoods/party supply store, Surprise Surprise. The suggested budget was $1500 and this was a 1 day challenge. Here are the team breakdowns and some thoughts as the show developed:


  • Kate, Jeremy, Karen: This team decided to visit Surprise and the food store. Their aim for the collection was modernizing the 1920s or a futuristic Gatsby.
  • Justin, Dom, Helen: This team visited the food store and wallpaper shop. Their theme was likely the most derived from the Lexus, very architectural, structured, clean lines, etc. Their big Tim Gunn lecture was that of a suggested $1500 budget, they only spent $600. That is such a wow factor! I think they could have at least gone to $1000.
  • Alexander, Miranda, Bradon: This team visited the wallpaper shop and Surprise. I wasn’t getting much from their theme, probably the most simplistic, but that isn’t really a horrible thing-white as a color, keeping the designs modern and chic.
  • Sue, Ken, Alexandria: Okay so the major drama really only came from this one team. But what do you expect when you put 2 of the biggest personalities in 1 boat! They were arguing even before they left to shop, arguing at checkout, arguing at the 2nd location and of course, arguing in the workroom. We finally got to see some direction for the collection-metallics, black, silver, I guess going with modern, chic, luxurious looks in black. The team went to Surprise and the wallpaper shop, even with a reluctant Ken. I think the team finally took a break from arguing when Tim came by, but then of course, he really let them have it. Sue’s issues of lack of knowledge on sewing and not knowing how to work a sewing machine came about again. Tim was upset the most with this group because they were using curtains, very little unconventional material. Ken was smirking and Tim called him out and his response, even before the runway was throwing Sue under the bus on her lack of sewing skills and that this was all she could really do. I could really write a whole post just about this team and their drama, but I guess that is all you really need to know-DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA, the whole time!

That is enough of that drama so now back to some more, Sandro’s return! Tim Gunn just waltzes in the workroom with Sandro. Remember, the guy who stormed out last week even though he was safe! He was very calm, very apologetic. He seemed genuine, but also recognizing he couldn’t genuinely handle his emotions, well more specifically temper. I don’t think he was going to win so I guess it works that no one went home last week and it allows someone else a chance to move further. So how did the top and bottom shape up this week!


Well there was only a winning team and losing team, leaving 2 teams safe. The judges got the top and bottom right. With the team of Justin, Dom and Helen being safe, I would say they were a bit lucky. I thought their collection was a bit drab and boring. It showed that they only spent $600. The other safe team was Alexander, Miranda and Bradon. Now as much as I loved Bradon’s immaculately gorgeous flowing white goddess gown, I was underwhelmed by Alexander and Mirandas’ pieces. Miranda’s deep V-neck minidress was at least not a crop top this week! It was a bit safe. I don’t care for Alexander’s over the top aesthetic and puffiness and bulgy effect always present. It was obvious though which team got it the most though and who just didn’t gel.

The winning team was very deservedly Kate, Jeremy and Karen; we will nickname them “The Dream Team.” All of their looks really embodied the challenge of being luxurious and high-end. Jeremy’s gorgeous knee-length fitted dress was a shining star and the glittered sides were spark-tacular! I was finally excited to see a great piece from Karen; it really was a standout. The dress had so much texture, a great fit and I sort of thought of a color-block effect, but just with different materials as was done here. Kate did another surprise piece, showing off her sexy and edgy side. Her short minidress was created so well and the deep V-neck was a great touch along with some sheer cut-outs on the side. It was hard to pick a winner, but again I 100% agree with the judges that Jeremy should have won.

pr12-ep5-episode27          Order of Looks: Kate, Sandra, Jeremy

Better picture, smaller, for Karen’s Look since above is of the back!                   pr12-rr-ep5-karen-f

The losing team of Sue, Alexandria and Ken was quite a different story. We already know to nickname this team, “The Drama Team.” As always and as the judges said, when a team doesn’t work well, it shows most in the work. Sue’s garment wasn’t finished when in the hallway about to go on the runway, yet magically appeared on the model for her to walk. We later find out the model sewed the top on in the bathroom! The dress just looked like a grey mini with some mesh thrown on top. Alexandria’s look was definitely sloppy, but it was at least more interesting with the draped effect of the skirt and somewhat structured neckline. I didn’t mind Kens’ dress. To me, it was the best one. It had a great fit in my opinion. There was just never a clear vision for this team. I will say Ken was very opinionated as always, but we all know from watching Alexandria’s private diary room confessions that she can be diva-like as well. I guess she can dish it, but can’t take it, or she would just rather stick to talking behind people’s backs. Drama aside, it was clear Sue, no matter what her method of sewing is, was not working. Her garment wasn’t complete. She even had help from her teammates. And yes, we know some of the work had to be started over, but that was because the team bought the most conventional materials, i.e. curtains, in an unconventional challenge. I think its clear teamwork is not in many of their futures. I do agree Sue’s piece was the weakest and she should have definitely gone. Hopefully, Ken can simmer down some and get back on track and I will still root for him. I would also like to keep a woman on my top list this season so hopefully Alexandria can also regroup and give Kate a run for her money!

pr12-ep5-episode25 Order of Looks: Sue, Ken, Alexandria

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