Joyce Pilarsky & Her Wearable Floral Art Empire

Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-002              Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-014              Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-025             Fashion Week Brooklyn has come and gone. But for Fashion Nexus, there is still time to share and write about some of the amazing talent who presented during FWB. One designer, a true visionary, who certainly stood out, was none other than Joyce Pilarsky. There is no way that the stunning floral creations she sent down the runway were forgettable!

Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-005                  Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-018                Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-022

This Spring 2014 collection of course showcased some amazing floral motifs, but also utilized a lot of great and bold colors-lime green, orange, lavender and more! Each piece truly had it’s own story. The individual elements really came together so well for each overall look. The silhouettes were both modern and innovative. I enjoyed the use of asymmetry and cut-outs. I felt as if each look that came down was like a fun present I was getting to unwrap with my eyes-looking at all of the intricate details, seeing how well the piece looked from all angles and finding additional surprises for each look with the lovely jewelry that accompanied it.

Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-028    Photo Credit for All Spring 2014 Images-Shawn Punch

I look forward to seeing more from this artistic innovator, creator and designer. Joyce hails from the Philippines, but it was such a pleasure being able to see her couture designs while attending FWB. I’m sure we have all heard of the “Renaissance Man”, well Joyce can have the title of “Renaissance Woman.” She is not only a designer, but she also sings, writes, models, and was a former beauty queen. Joyce of course loves wearing her own creations, which is such a joy to see. I like that the way she describes her pieces. Those descriptions are exactly what the pieces represent-sexy but sophisticated looks for confident women. While daring, they really are looks you can have such fun with. It’s of course fun to wear wearable art, right!

Joyce Pilarsky Spring Summer 2014-033                                                                                 pilarski-199x300

Joyce has been very busy developing her brand and presenting her bold collections. In 2010, she presented her jewelry collection in collaboration with Fashion Designer John Guarnes in Philippine Fashion Week 2010. In 2011, she presented her Holiday collection at the Philippine Fashion Week and in October that year she presented her summer collections. In 2012, global fashion show organizer and model Jessica Minh Anh picked Filipino designer Joyce Penas Pilarsky to join other creative fashion houses from USA, UAE, France, Austria, Spain, Poland, Malaysia, and Vietnam at the International J Summer Fashion Show on the 30th of July, 2012, on the Seine, Paris. She also presented last year at FWB so it was great that she decided to come back this year!

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The posts higher up are her looks from the Spring 2014 show, but mixed throughout are past creations of hers from other collections. It’s clear she has developed an aesthetic, her own voice, what she wants to represent and where she sees herself in the fashion realm. It was such a true pleasure being able to meet and speak with her while at FWB. She radiates such positive energy and she was such a joy to be around. Make sure to keep up with Joyce-contact information; Twitter.

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