It’s Now Perfectly Clear Right? Heidi Leads the Charge for Project Runway!

I think I knew all episode that this battle for one final 3rd spot would be a moot point. I knew the judges would not pick just one. I knew this partly because I was very sure Heidi was still not ready to let Alexandria go and yes, I was right! But more on that later. First, a quick Fashion Nexus Giveaway note as always! Below is my current weekly giveaway, Pretty Polly natural tights, a Belk Teddy Bear and dark teal snakeskin lipstick case. So make sure you like Fashion Nexus on Facebook to enter! But now, back to PR!


So we start off with the traditional challenge setup, but of course there were a couple of new twists as this season clearly loved doing. Each designer gets a $9,000 budget and must create a 10-look collection for Spring 2014. The first twist was that one look must be an unconventional material look, so nothing that is similar to fabric! We later learn that for whomever shows in the finale, they must also face another new challenge. A Tide spokesperson introduced the challenge and it stems from their partnership with the CFDA. Each designer is to create one new look from a washable fabric or something that can be put in the washing machine. This challenge is “Washable Fashion.” I think this is very interesting because I know with the very few extremely nice and high fashion pieces I own, maintenance can be difficult. So the concept of high fashion and also being able to wash it with your other clothes, GENIUS! I can’t wait to see this incorporation. I did attend MBFW for the PR finale, but I was not aware of this aspect so I’m excited to see which looks met this challenge.


So this episode is mostly about the battle for who else will show with Bradon and Dom. But first, here is my recap on what we saw from the earlier stages of Bradon and Dom’s collections. Tim went to visit Dom in Philly. It was great to see she was still working a regular job while working on her collection. Some people have to do this to make ends meet! Her inspiration stemmed from one of her fave movies, “Bladerunner”, and is all about retrofuturism. She created a lot of watercolor/ink drawings which she had produced as her fabric. Retrofuturism is all about angular lines meeting curved lines. Her unconventional look will be made from metal holders.

Bradon’s course was very different. So as Tim saw in LA, while on his visit, Bradon’s inspiration was upstate NY and their long hard winters. It was all about capturing the feeling of flowers pushing up and thru the snow, a clash of nature so to speak. It’s the feeling of bright springtime and yes the vibrancy of florals, but cast against the icy and metallic frost of snow. This was a great collection and in my opinion, should still be the winning collection!

Quick side note, what in the world happened to make Tim Gunn experience such a bad fall. Poor guy, with his immaculate face scarred by such awful cuts! This was not evident when I saw him at MBFW so I’m glad he had a speedy recovery!

So let’s start with the bad news first for the final 3. It was Helen who was the only one eliminated this week. We start with Tim’s visit to her in Union City, NJ. Her inspiration was clairvoyance, knowing the unknown. Like Dom, she too created a print from a digital image of her boyfriend’s eye, which she too used as a fabric throughout her collection. She then took this softer print and infused it with the bold and aggressive red for her other fabric choice. We didn’t get to see much from her unconventional look, which was shower mats, but it really turned out nicely from what I saw. But seeing the three pieces she sent down the runway this week, I completely agree with the judges sending her home. The collection I just don’t think had the required level of polished construction and if these 3 looks had this issue, I’m certain all of her looks did as well. This wasn’t as evident from where I was sitting during MBFW, but was very evident this week. I thought the silhouettes weren’t that innovative and the fits were also unflattering. Just overall, as the judges said, not well executed.

-project-runway--sea4              -project-runway--sea1               -project-runway--sea2

Now onto some still frustrating news for me with that of ALEXANDRIA! I just do not get Heidi’s obsession with this lady. I will say, I felt badly for her this week as it was clear Helen had Dom’s support and Justin had Bradons’, but really Alexandria had no one. But all of that aside, this collection was very boring to me and did not doing anything to stand out when I saw it walk the runway. First, taking a look back from Tim’s visit to San Mateo, CA for their visit. The inspiration is supposed to be about edginess, strength and being modern. It was her take on a neo-nomadic punk look, an urban warrior. She mixed prints with solids and there was a lot of mixing of pieces, lots of layering. I will admit her looks did have a lot of detail, but this is not something you can see unless you are on the front row. It’s also hard to see when the model takes her quick trip down the runway. The collection simply put, didn’t pop! If you are doing a collection that is understated, you still need something to capture the attention, perhaps a bold print or color. But all we saw from Alexandria was black, white, stone gray and nude. As I mentioned earlier, I knew 2 designers were not going home this week, but it’s clear that Alexandria has 1 major fan and that has been her saving grace this season, Heidi. There is no way Alexandria will win unless Heidi somehow makes that happen. I promise, Alexandria’s collection is not much more than what was seen this week. For her to win, would be a true PR travesty! It’s not that her clothes were that bad, but they were not show-worthy and I don’t think they deserve the win this season!

-project-runway--sea3                 -project-runway--sea7                  -project-runway--sea5

Finally, the good news from this week, the shining beacon of hope, Justin made it through and was by far the one of this group who deserved it the most. I still don’t see why he had to fight for a spot from last week, but it was evident he had to show. Tim’s visit to Justin in Raleigh, NC allowed us to see his early work with the 3d printing, some of which took over 100 hours to create from what really looked like a vending machine! Also, his unconventional look, a test tube gown, wow! But it wasn’t until I saw his 3 looks walk the runway and heard his inspirational story for this collection that it all resonated for me. A collection showcasing his journey of being deaf to hearing for the 1st time after 18 years, it was very inspiring and such a great story. Justin too had some issues to overcome with the use of a lot of white and more sportswear oriented pieces, like Alexandria, which could easily translate as boring! But he overcame these issues. He used a bold print. He amped up the looks with bold hair and make-up. I’m still not sure if he has enough to win. I was impressed, but I will say, there is a lot of white. But luckily for him, he also has great details, which really are still easy to see-cutouts, 3d appliques and more!

-project-runway--sea8               -project-runway--sea6             -project-runway--sea9

I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds next week, who will win?? What are your predictions? Remember, if you like what you are reading on Fashion Nexus, like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter.

0 thoughts on “It’s Now Perfectly Clear Right? Heidi Leads the Charge for Project Runway!

  1. Completely disagree with you about Alexandria. Hers was my favorite collection at Lincoln Center, it looked expensive and cool. I love, love, love her Camp Couture kids, too! I think the right call was made here.

    • I didn’t 100% hate her collection. It was not the worst one at MBFW. But, just like last week, Nina & Zac were not on Team Alexandria and despite that she gets to fight for that 3rd spot and now gets to show. I’m just saying it’s all Heidi making that decision and I think that is the reason she is still around. When she’s been in the bottom, it’s like Heidi who saved her. When she has escaped being in the bottom, all it takes is one more decent score and your safe. Again, I think Heidi. I do like the work she does with the kids and I admire that. But yea, I just wasn’t a fan of her collection. I don’t see her winning over Nina or Zac so I don’t think she could pull out the win unless Heidi makes it happen.

  2. I think you are on point with Heidi and Alexandria. Throughout this season she has created some questionable designs, and clearly even though the other two judges dislike them, Heidi loves them. It clearly shows that Heidi’s vote always overrules. Perhaps it is not necessarily a bad thing but why have other judges if their opinion does not count. I can hope that this does not continue. Neither Alexanderia’s nor Helen’s show that much inspiration. Alexandria’s garments were all the same, slight variations but all the same. Poor Helen’s fabrics clashed and there was no cohesion. Justin’s garments were well thought out, his inspiration was genius and he earned a place on the runway. I can’t wait to see more of Dom and Bradon’s garments. Both are clearly wonderful designers. Who will win? I think it will be Dom, unless of course Heidi has her way, and we all know who will win then.

    • Well I saw all of the collections at Lincoln Center. My personal vote would be for Bradon to win. I loved so many of his pieces. I saw high fashion and commercial appeal. I don’t remember Dom’s collection as well. Justin had the crowd. I just know so many other designers didn’t get all of these 2nd chances and I think Alexandria has had many. So yea, I don’t get the process this season. I don’t recall it being so obvious before, but unless Heidi dictates the winner, I just don’t see Alexandria winning.

      • In seasons past, it would be Nina who generally ruled the runway decisions. Heidi has gained more confidence and influence, especially now with MK gone. Also recall that Heidi was the ONLY one sticking up for Mondo over Gretchen in Season 8, easily the worst finale decision in the entire run of PR.

        I was at Lincoln Center too and isn’t it funny how two people can see the same thing differently? I really disliked Bradon’s use of that rose-gold fabric, it was a bit too shiny and appeared cheap to my eye. His theme of “crocuses” was weak and carried out far too literally. To me, Alexandria’s opening alternative materials look made out of the phone book pages was a stunner, matched only by Justin’s test tube finale.

        Personally I think Dom has this one in the bag, especially after seeing the critiques from the last two weeks. Her collection wasn’t my favorite, but it’s her time.

        • I need to look back at Doms again because honestly, I just can’t remember. I remember one look and that was only because from the back of it, you could see the model’s butt and for me that was like what is going on here? Was that intentional or I’m not sure! But yea, Bradon’s collection was floral, which obviously a literal for spring. But I probably went to about 20 other spring shows and I think most of them had some sort of floral motif so I can’t call him out for it! But I think that is why they have a few different viewpoints on the judging panel so it gives everyone a fair shot. I mean Justin really had the crowd. Where I was sitting, almost every look that came down received applause. That could easily sway the judges. But I think you are right, with Bradon, they will either love it or hate it. So it really is up to what they think at that moment and I can no longer predict! And yes, Mondo’s season was a crazy one lol!

  3. I totally agree with you about Heidi’s obsession with Alexandra it drove me crazy, especially the last 4 weeks…
    Why did Heidi’s bias over ride the common sense & objective views of the other judges?!? She didn’t even persuade them… just ignored them!!!
    Alexandra should have been off weeks ago!!!
    Her designs are BORING!!! Her arrogance is totally inappropriate, her tears disingenuous and her bashing of Dom is more than annoying!!!!
    Give her a piece of humble pie!!!!

    • I noticed her arrogance from the get go, but that is not uncommon for this show by any means! There was then 1 week, early on, I thought maybe I could become a fan. But then the next week, she was back to badmouthing, overconfidence and her work, at least for me, started going downhill. I just think she got way too many chances over the course of the season. And all it took for that to happen was getting a bit higher of a mark to keep her safe or someone presenting their bias. It’s just not my style, lots of drop-crotch or draped pants and what not.

      This may make me sound so bad and don’t get me wrong, I love her work with the kids. It’s her one redeemable quality, but then I see how she is with the other designers and I don’t get how she works well with kids?? But my question, I think she said in the last episode, for work on some jewelry and then work on the unconventional garment, that the camp kids helped. Now in the grand scheme of things, who knows how much, was it more trouble than it was worth or really, it’s such a great experience for these kids. But if I’m not mistaken, past designers were questioned if they received help and that help had to be compensated. Just saying, because none of the other designers had helping hands. Don’t hate me though, just a question!

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