You Will be Charmed, I’m Sure, by Erin Fetherston!


After seasons of showcases, Erin Fetherston returned to the runway to present her S/S 2015 collection. The Erin Fetherston girl is sophisticated, girly, refined, elegant, & polished. And hey! I am one of them! I would literally wear every outfit that Fetherston has ever put out and of course, specifically what came down the runway for S/S 2015 I was amazed by this presentation at Lincoln Center for MBFW! A great deal was seen, such as crisp whites and playful citrus-colored lace filling the runway with dark satin juxtaposing gorgeously.




The collection, entitled “Moonlight and Roses,” epitomized feminine fashion with floral and butterfly prints. What I most enjoy about Erin’s work is that you know the Fetherston girl and you want to be the Fetherston girl. The looks are so effortless and chic, and stay so true to her signature aesthetic. But there is no doubt that her work is still modern and what women today want to wear. Much of the show kept in line with many recent trends including high-waisted skirts, satin shorts and dark, sheer fabrics.



To add texture to a collection filled with smooth pieces, lace was a prominent feature, most notably showing up in a multitude of crop tops.



For inspiration with this collection, Fetherston offered, “I was looking at old videos of my shows, and feeling nostalgia for how beautiful things are in motion,” she said backstage at Lincoln Center. “I wanted to see the models bring them to life again.” It was the right time for a runway revival, given that nearly every piece aligned perfectly with Fetherston’s own aesthetic. A green-and-pink rose motif was inspired by 1960s botanical prints from her grandmother’s personal collection.


The “maxi” silhouette was key this season, but little shorts were a big story, too. They were done in black satin and paired with a rose-print tunic, or with a crop top in lime-colored metallic jacquard.


So glad some “Charmed I’m Sure” pieces lingered from the F/W 2014 season!!



This butterfly print was girly, fun, and cute-sy, definitely one of my fave aspects of this collection. Of course, there really were so many to choose from!

While many looks were cut close to the body, there were pieces with more volume. An organza tiered minidress, for instance, was almost trapeze-like, with black and silver metallic stripes.


For hair, the look was inspired by a young Kate Moos. The hair look of sleek & stylish buns, created by the team from Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa, was quite intricate, yet had such a chic, simplistic ease. Woody Michleb, Red Door Spa Creative Director and National Training Director for Hair Style, and Amy Michleb, Red Door Spa National Training Director for Hair Color, were the lead stylists backstage at Erin’s show.


Moving on with the beauty looks, the nails were another lovely aspect. Since the collection was so feminine, manicurist Gina Edwards used KISS Products to create a classic, girly nail. The nail was crisp — a bright white — in a classic oval shape. A thin gold stripe at the tip made it even more chic and fashion forward.


With her ability to create a fresh, innovative look from what are largely expected springtime staple trends, Fetherston’s collection provided an airy yet elegant look regardless of the coast.

Special Guests in Attendance included —

455204614.jpg_373_0_1978.2238806_3585        Cory Kennedy, model

AndrewAndrew, DJs         455204636.jpg_364_0_1707.28358209_3000

455205314.jpg_360_0_1703.28358209_3000      Olivia Somerlyn, actress


actresses Willow Shields, Lilla Crawford, Serinda Swan, & Cassie Scerbo

455205350.jpg_349_0_1692.28358209_3000     singer Ariana DiLorenzo


Andrew Bevin of Teen Vogue & Maxwell Losgar

455206600.jpg_455_0_1798.28358209_3000      Luigi Bianco


Scott Lipps & Gabe Saporta


Once again, unbelievable collection, filled with so many looks to instantly fall in love with. These are such refined an polished looks, very chic, and for the young, modern, trendy woman.


I’m Charmed, I’m Sure, just as I hope you all are!



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