Project Runway Collections: The Best of the Rest

So I’m sure we all know the drill by now and if you don’t here it is. The final 3 or sometimes 4 contestants show during MBFW at Lincoln Center. But, this is open to the public and so to keep the final contestants a secret, other eliminated contestants still get to show. So this season on PR, we know the final contestants are Bradon, Dom, Justin and Alexandria. But, Helen, Kate, Jeremy and Alexander also showed collections. I decided why not show some of the highlights from each and rank them in order of my fave to least fave. Enjoy and also let me know your thoughts!

#1-Kate Pankoke                                     AGrYcCF

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Kate’s collection was so attuned with a woman’s needs. They represent staples I could see in any woman’s wardrobe, including mine! It was high fashion, but also had commercial appeal, basically a wearable collection. These are my favorite pieces, so lots of black and white, but she also had a pop of color, red. To me, it’s clear, Kate knows what women want and how to dress them to make them look confident, bold and sexy, but still classy.

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#2 Alexander Pope                                              YOfaH8G

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I loved Alexander’s use of this dark blue color; it was so mysterious and eerie as it worked with other colors, prints, and really the overall collection. I also thought many of his silhouettes were innovative and fashion forward. It was also evident, he knows how to put on a show and send down a showstopper. This 1st piece above, with the headpiece, it blasted open when the model hit the end of the runway. Great show!

#3 Jeremy Brandrick                                        H60SBRq

kcRDAL1              VnjAF7M            FyyYZLT

I will give props to Jeremy. He did make strong efforts to make his looks more modern and with sex appeal. I just don’t think he was all the way there quite yet. Personally, I didn’t find this as a major issue, but I could see the judges bringing it up from looking at some of the pieces in this collection. But I was very proud of how far Jeremy has come so I think that is admirable.


#4 Helen Castillo                           UWB52EV

DM9fo5S           lvOsZLl              MCSpG4S

Maybe the other designers stood out to me because who knows, maybe they had more time. I just don’t think some of her silhouettes were well thought out. I don’t think the print worked with the use of red. I was a bit underwhelmed.

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  1. Your description of Helen’s work is perfect with use of the word “silhouette.” That was her issue that she didn’t grasp. In one of my blogs I tried to describe her creative process but now I wonder if I gave her too much credit. When I looked back at some of her older entries, she had submitted capes several times. She was already making capes before her Monarch “cocoon” that had a ghastly shape. None of her capes or capelets were flattering at all due to their silhouettes. Rounded shoulders. No neck.

    • I liked her collection when I saw it come down the runway at MBFW, but I think I was caught up in the experience, so now taking a closer look, I just wasn’t impressed. Tim was right, those cuts on the dresses made it look like if you attached it, they would be diapers.

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