All About Project Runway All-Stars, Season 3!


It was so great blogging about this most recent season of PR that I couldn’t resist also blogging about the all-stars season. I wrote an intro piece as well for the past regular season, picking early frontrunners and all; I was 1 for 3 :(. This time, I think I will just stick to my personal rank of fave to least fave, current bios and some recent design images. Let’s get started!

Irina Shabayeva                                   B0rwcCF                         Season 6 Winner

Since her time on PR, Irina has cultivated breathtaking bridal collections. She has also been busy designing for celebs such as Carrie Underwood and Selena Gomez.

carrie-underwood-irina-shabayeva                                         pras3-irina-portfolio28

peoples choice awards 14 060111                                                                   pras3-irina-portfolio23

Melissa Fleis                                   rdQYLF3                          Season 10 finalist

Melissa grew so much during her last stint on PR. I can’t wait to see what she brings this time around! She’s created a few collections since her time on PR. Also, she’s had a fair share of press from several publications such as Coterie & Refinery 29.

pras3-melissa-work00             pras3-melissa-work02             M_FLEIS__W0A2575_YELLOW_DC_3

Christopher Palu                                              seNBorB                  Season 10 Finalist

Chris was amazing the 1st time around on PR so I’m sure we are in for some great designs this time too!

68214_517802324905502_1445129759_n                              375874_504582969560771_1443336605_n

486661_504582732894128_92918263_n                                                   564077_504582689560799_581508148_n

Seth Aaron Henderson                                             KGpZeA9                 Season 7 Winner

Seth Aaron has definitely kept busy since his big win on PR, lots of press and several fashion week collections. I even see some expansion into menswear, as well as Seth Aaron touch for womenswear.

pras3-seth-work20              pras3-seth-work19               pras3-seth-work10

Viktor Luna                                                  P34gmgm                                Season 9 Finalist

Viktor took his moving works of art while on PR and has created some wonderful pieces since then. I see that Carly Rae Jespen and Keri Hilson have worn his pieces, so congrats to Viktor!

photo_23-234x362                                              photo_1_2-406x406pras3-viktor-work7                                                                   pras3-viktor-work5

Jeffrey Sebelia                                                                4070_original                         Season 3 Winner

Well Jeffrey already impressed me so much on PR, way back when, but wait, he is designing for kids now!! How Cute!

pras3-jeffrey-work20                 pras3-jeffrey-work16           pras3-jeffrey-work9

pras3-jeffrey-work8              pras3-jeffrey-work3          pras3-jeffrey-work13

Mychael Knight                                                Vls5IGl                                   Season 4 Finalist

Read all about Mychael here! Lots of work to report, celebs such as Jennifer Hudson and 112 have donned his looks. I just remember Mychael being on PR and all of his looks were always so cool and sexy. So I can’t wait to see where his design work is at now!

pras3-mychael-work3                   pras3-mychael-work7              pras3-mychael-work1

Ari South                                        ac60c603-a1c7-44e8-84b5-8d9cb35c148d_project-runway-all-stars-andy-ari        Season 8 Finalist

Yes, you see this right! It’s one thing to report how a designer has grown with their work, but Ari clearly changed and grew in other ways too! I can’t wait to see how Ari works this time around!

pras3-ari-work1                   pras3-ari-work2         pras3-ari-work13

Daniel Esquivel                                                      hdofZPl                              Season 11

pras3-daniel-work1                 pras3-daniel-work2        pras3-daniel-work3

Korto Momolu                                                  M4c2jyC                                     Season 5

pras3-korto-work4               pras3-korto-work6                    pras3-korto-work3

Elena Slivnyak                                                             Hyn5Glk                   Season 10

pras3-elena-work1                  pras3-elena-work2              pras3-elena-work3

The host this season is Alyssa Milano who will I guess also be judging or at least on that panel. Zanna Roberts Rassi will be the mentor or the Tim Gunn of PR. Each week, the two remaining judges, Isaac Mizrahi & Georgina Chapman, will be joined by a guest judge.

Also this season, just as with the current PR season, there is another big prize package, worth almost $1 million!!

  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire and a position at the magazine as Contributing Editor for one year
  • Next Generation technology and office space from HP and Intel to help grow their business and bring their creative vision to life
  • a year’s supply of resource® Natural Spring Water and an all-expenses paid, luxurious trip for two to South East Asia courtesy of resource® Water
  • professional hair styling and photography for all of the designer’s upcoming fashion shows throughout the year, courtesy of Alterna Haircare-Wow, this is pretty awesome!!
  • from Mary Kay, an entire year’s worth of beauty products for their fashion shows as well as professional makeup artist services for their debut show-Another wow prize!
  • a cash prize of $150,000
  • complete custom sewing studio to launch the winning line from Brother Sewing and Embroidery

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