Project Runway is now Big Brother, Expect the Unexpected

This week’s PR was full of twists, right down to the last minute. I’m not so sure they were all needed, but we know this season loves the dramatic flare so it wasn’t a surprise. Quickly, I do have another GIVEAWAY on my blog so check it out and Like Fashion Nexus on Facebook before Oct. 7th to enter!


So this week’s challenge was to help determine who was going to show during fashion week. The designers were off to the Sweetbriar Nature Center’s butterfly house to receive their challenge. L’Oreal‘s latest product is voluminous butterfly mascara so the designers were told makeup and nails would be integral to the overall look. The designers were to create an avant garde look inspired by butterflies. They were then off to Mood with a suggested budget to spend $500. I’m not even sure why there would be a suggested budget because this is the last challenge right? So I say, spend what you have left and it seems the designers did just that. We got to see as they handed over their GoBank debit cards the large amounts being spent, well over $500. I will look at this again when I discuss their avant garde looks; it really makes you think!


So this was a 2 day challenge and the designers were working hard. They came in on the 3rd day, the runway day, to a big surprise……..a new challenge. It’s not too surprising since in PR history, when the designers get 2 days on a challenge, they end up also doing an additional look somehow. But, this was a 1st in PR history. This would be a 2nd challenge entirely, so no relation to the avant garde look. The challenge was a Make it Work one. Each designer had to select a losing design look from this season and turn it into a winning look.

For me, as long as Bradon went to fashion week I really didn’t care who else went. That is who I am rooting for and I saw his final collection, and I believe he should win this season. So the first step was accomplished and he was the winner this week. It was quite evident that he was going as all of the judges loved both of his looks. Bradon spent $984 to create his avant garde cream look with tubing appliques. This was money well spent and it could easily sell for way more than this. Bradon took a risk on the make it work look and chose Sue’s placemat dress. So not only did he choose to work with unconventional materials, but really very little fabric to make the transformation. But he did a great job with the asymmetrical look in black; it was very chic. But Bradon was not the only one who the judges were totally smitten with this week.

Runway6                                                               Runway11

Dom also hit 2 homeruns this week in the judges’ eyes and I agree. She followed the challenge and created an amazing avant garde look of print craziness. I have to say it wasn’t until her jumpsuit was revealed that I really fell for this look. I’m not sure I could pull off those 2 pieces together, but I would totally wear them separately. Dom spent the least this week, $628, but really, could you tell?? Dom’s transformation look was Jeremy’s Belks look. She created a new, modern jacket with a boatneck blouse underneath, and a basic black pencil skirt. Again, I really didn’t love it until she revealed what was underneath, but overall she did great this week. She very much deserved to show at fashion week!

Runway1                                                             Runway7

I was confused though as to why the judges really needed to have all of the remaining 3 fight for the last spot. I still would have sent Justin home last week, but I thought he did great this week with both challenges. His avant garde look of a black cocoon like overcoat and a white frock underneath was stunning. He did this rope effect and it was just really cool. I thought, yes he spent the  most, $1167, but with proper finishes this dress and coat would sell for well more than that. He also did great with the transformed look. He picked his own dress and really created a refined and chic black dress. So I still don’t get why if the judges loved these 2 looks, and they did, why is he fighting with the other 2 for that final spot??

-project-runway--sea                                                            Runway9

I know when the judges looked up close they noticed some imperfections with his avant garde look, but really, is this that big of a deal? I mean his look was at least avant garde, whereas Helen and Alexandria’s looks were arguably not. Helen created a fitted tangerine gown with a rippling effect. This was not innovative and is something that can be seen from so many other designers. She spent $1057 on fabric, but there is no way that dress would go for more than $500. Alexandria’s look was a black fitted gown that had a shredding effect. To me, it looked very sloppy, as do most of her looks. But I think we finally saw why she has stuck around all season……HEIDI!! Heidi is clearly a fan and I think she was not ready to let her go and that is why we are stuck with this 3 way fight for the last spot. But does it make any sense that no other judge fought for her and no other designer selected her as a contender and yet now she might get to show?? I know guest judge Emmy Rossum liked her avant garde look, but she stopped defending her during final deliberations so it really was just Heidi. I just don’t get it and it’s not like these ladies transformed looks received higher praise.

-project-runway--sea                                                             Runway2

Helen selected Kate’s look from last week and I don’t see how she remained true to Kate’s original look. She took away the print on a print challenge?? And what did she do, oh, the same thing she did last week, a crop top and fitted skirt; what, is she channeling Miranda?? It was kind of boring as was her other look. We then turn to Alexandria’s transformed look and I will say, she did make the plaid pants, from Miranda’s former design,  look way better with the leather inserts on the side. But I didn’t care for the tank top or vest. I just think it was odd that judges couldn’t agree on either look for either of these 2 ladies, yet they are fighting for a last spot?

Runway10                                                                 Runway8

I’ve seen the final collections from all 3 and honestly, I don’t know who would get that last spot. I would say for sure no to Alexandria, but not if Heidi gets her way. The crowd loved Justin’s looks, but I thought Helen’s pieces were better. Justin just had too much white so it wasn’t as exciting for me. So I would be fine with either Justin or Helen. I guess we will see next week unless PR throws in another twist and allows both or all 3 to show!

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  1. We have similar views but express them differently. I like Alexandria more than you do. I’d like to see her as the third contender, but as long as Bradon or Dom wins, I am happy. Dom is very young, and she has handled the stress very well. Helen needs to grow up. The skirt and top she created from Kate’s look were EXACTLY the same shape as her look from last week. What’s up with that, and why don’t the judges notice? Alexandria is kind of a quiet, loner rebel. Anyway, my blog is finished, if you get the chance to compare; it might be fun. You did a nice job here, as usual. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, that 3rd spot for me is king of a moot point. I want Bradon to win. I’ve already seen all the collections so I don’t see how he doesn’t, but with this show, you never know! I’d still rather have Kate there because her collection was amazing, but I am definitely interested to see how the judges pick that 3rd spot!

      • Did you see the collections up close and personal, in NY? They are posted at Tom and Lorenzo’s blog, so I’ve seen them that way. I wasn’t bowled over by any of them, but I DISlike many of Helen’s looks. I don’t like those flaps that she calls mirror something. Mirror pleats? Especially the ones in the front that go up too high. Kate should not have been eliminated. I always thought the finals would be Bradon, Kate and one other person. Alexander until he put that stupid white cross on his print. Dom was consistently good. Many of her prints are bolder than what I’d go for, but many others like them, and she’s definitely talented. She’s young. She is grounded. It would be nice to have an African-American winner. So I wouldn’t cry if she won. But Bradon has been ahead of the pack all along.

        • I was at Lincoln Center so I watched them all walk the runway. I helped out with the PR team so I got to see the show. It was amazing! But yea, I did like Bradon and Kate’s collections. Justin used a lot of white so nothing really popped for me, but the audience loved his. Alexandria’s was very sportswear oriented so nothing that really stood out and made for a great show. I guess lots of wearable pieces, but I can’t remember anything really. Sadly, I don’t remember much from Dom’s collection either, but it’s been a few weeks so not sure what that means. But I do know that Bradon & Kate’s pieces I still somewhat remember.

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