What’s Hot for Swim in Summer 2014!

Twice a year, many flock to NYC to enjoy previews for upcoming designers and their collections. September is right around the corner for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week so here is a post to get everyone warmed up! NYC is not the only location who gets host fun fashion festivities. Miami also hosts fashion week for swimwear, which was recently conducted in mid-July. Designers came to showcase their collections for Summer 2014. I have looked thru most every collection and summer 2014 is going to look great when it comes to swim and beach wear! If you want to learn more about Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim, click here. If you want to see the full list of designers and schedule, click here.

Here is my list of designers and collections that I enjoyed the most!

Beach Bunny Swimwear

h-623_w-367            h-623_w-366         h-623_w-363     h-623_w-360

Beach Bunny really had everything I enjoy about a swimwear collection, all in all, creating something for everyone and creating options. There was basics, such as a traditional yet always trendy white bikini. There was pops of great colors that work great for swimwear such as tangerine and sherbert orange, or light pinks. I also enjoyed this great print of a kaleidoscope mixture of colors. I also like to see the daring, something bold and a little different, which Beach Bunny did with leather-like infusion and suspenders. Finally, there was the pushing of the envelope and working towards making the cuts or styles look different.

h-623_w-361         h-623_w-362          h-623_w-364         h-623_w-365

Dolores Cortes


So again with what I like, its options, seeing something different/being bold, color, prints and the special touches. Dolores Cortes has done just that. There is a lot of great color here with turquoise, yellow and bright pinks! The floral prints are also immaculately gorgeous. I love that there is also some great pieces to use as cover-ups that I also see easily transitioning to pieces that can be worn either on or off the beach-maxis and long skirts. The lines created and cuts or styles all look great here and really eye-catching.


Nicolita Bikinis

h-623_w-360                                  h-623_w-362                         h-623_w-365

Nicolita hit the mark spot on for some great basic swimwear pieces and bikinis that scream FUN! I love the V-shaped and polka dot pieces. I love the teal and baby pink with colors.

h-623_w-361                      h-623_w-363                         h-623_w-364

ViX Paula Hermanny

h-623_w-360     h-623_w-362      h-623_w-361       h-623_w-364

The difference I saw with the ViX collection was the focus wasn’t just to swimsuits. It was an equal focus to both swimsuits and tunics/maxi dresses. More so than a swimwear or beachwear collection I thought almost more resortwear, but nevertheless it was refreshing and great. The colors and prints were not as light and playful as other collections so I was intrigued by this take with some darker colors/prints. Navy blues and purples really looked great in this collection.

h-623_w-363     h-623_w-365       h-623_w-367      h-623_w-366

Zingara Swimwear

h-623_w-360        h-623_w-362        h-623_w-363       h-623_w-366

First off, I love the sheer tangerine/red cover-up, so cute! I also love the floral black and white print and its a great twist to a basic piece. The floral mix with leopard is also great and the lighter shade of green, maybe olive green looks great as the back drop. Overall, just a lot of great prints, cuts, styles and again, pops of color in yellow and orange, love it!

h-623_w-367      h-623_w-365        h-623_w-364h-623_w-361

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