Nolcha’s 7:30 Lineup: A Vast Array of Aesthetics

More on Nolcha Fashion Week, the 7:30 line-up of presentations. Remember, for general information on Nolcha Fashion Week, check out my original post in the link in this sentence. Also, for full designer collections, you can view all the looks by clicking here. Keep reading in this post to see collections from Leka, Lum, Studio 6th Sense and Nina Athanasiou.

Mariana Valentina

Mariana’s aesthetic is best described as “sensual fluidity.” I can see that is easily captivated int his collection. The silk pieces glided down the runway with such ease, grace and flow. The key for sensuality, it’s not overt sexuality, but rather the hint of sex appeal. This collection embodies all of this!

PBN_5860-s                                        PBN_5901-s

PBN_5837-s                                        PBN_5964-s


Architecture is the aesthetic or style Leka is known for, but I say with this collection, I see inspirations of The Black Swan and maybe how that interacts with the structure of some of these pieces. There were definitely some showstoppers.

PBN_6200                                PBN_6267

PBN_6329                             PBN_6187


Lace and small details help make Lum’s looks what they are. It’s her aesthetic and signature style and is very much a part of this collection. I love the Grecian details for some of the looks, as well as this shade of forest green. It’s hard to use this green and not think Christmas, but it works here-a great use of color.

PBN_6524                               PBN_6590

PBN_6620                                PBN_6644

Studio 6th Sense

This brand is all about the daring and edgy looks, while still maintaining a classic appeal. This was accomplished in this collection with the use of a classic spring floral print and classic silhouettes such as peplum. To add to the spring color story there was sunny yellow and peach color incorporated into some of the pieces, which was a nice touch. Finally, we hit that point of edginess and some sex appeal by use of another classic silhouette, in that of deep V-neck.

PBN_6867                                PBN_6884

PBN_6931                              PBN_6792

Nina Athanasiou

Nina’s aesthetic is retro meets science fiction, hard and soft infusions such as silks and leather. That is stuck to and embodied in this collection. The colors are also great here with a hunter and mint green and violet.

PBN_7100                             PBN_7229

PBN_7269                             PBN_7074

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