Project Runway’s Perfect Formula for Surprises & DRAMA!!


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So back to Project Runway, just what is this perfect formula?? Its when Project Runway makes their already dramatic unconventional challenge also a team challenge! This week, the designers were not only paired into teams of 2, but were also off to Coney Island to play some carnival games. Sounds fun right? Well yes, but the prizes won for the games were the unconventional materials this week for the challenge. Now, there was also a part about giving out Yoplait samples, having those sampling to provide descriptive words about the yogurt and then designers would choose 3 words for their garment’s inspiration. I am not so sure about this part since it was barely mentioned on the runway and I’ not sure any garment evoked inspiration from yogurt descriptions, but nevertheless, that was the entire challenge. So who were the pairings that brought out some surprises this week and who brought out the drama!?

Judges’ Bottom 2 This Week: Timothy/Miranda (Timothy eliminated); Alexander/Justin

timothy                                                         -project-runway--sea

This season has a lot of big personalities so really any pairing could have had some DIVA moments. However, it was surprising that quite a few were actually nice and many teams worked very well. Kate and Helen are 2 strong ladies, but combined that determination and used it for a greater advantage since their dress was immaculate. Kate said she imagined as if they could have been sorority sisters, although, I think you might find cattiness there so probably not the best metaphor, but it was great to see their professional efforts. Ken and Alexandria are 2 others with strong personalities this season, but ended up working so well with their respective partners, Jeremy and Dom. So while a few had no issues partner-wise, there was still some drama in store!

Two teams took the prize on being most dramatic, Sue and Sandro, and Miranda and Tim. Sue pretty much caved to Sandro’s diva ways, which we can see really implode in next week’s preview, but the 2 most crazed were Timothy and Miranda. It was a clear predominant storyline for this episode and the 2 already knew each other before this show so its so odd that they were paired together?? I find both at fault here. Timothy of course with his inexperience really shining thru again and instead of rants on sustainability this week, we got unicorns instead. Miranda however showed she was just as difficult as instead of trying to work it out with Timothy, she really went the unprofessional route instead-yelling and whining both behind his back and right in front of him. All in all, neither showed a great team effort and it was really evident with disconnected pieces. So what did this mean for their future on the show?

Sandro/Sue’s piece, barely escaping the bottom 2 in my opinion!


This week, there was just a bottom 2. Personally, I had Sandro/Sue and Alexander/Justin in my bottom. Timothy and Miranda were in the judges’ bottom and Timothy went home, which I wasn’t sad necessarily since he hasn’t shown 1 strong piece yet, but I’m not so sure this week’s particular piece was the worst one. I think Sandro/Sue should feel lucky because their flared and fringed look was boring in style and tacky in color. I was surprised that Justin was in the bottom, but I think this was all Alexander, because I remember those hideous puffy sleeves last week! This look really just had too much going on-peplum, fringe, vests and more! However, as I’ve said before, in Project Runway fashion, when its too much versus too little, too little always goes home. That was Miranda and Timothy’s look. It was quite boring. I actually thought the yellow vest saved the dress from the off-putting petal right smack dab in the middle. So even though this wasn’t my bottom and who I would have sent home, I was fine with this decision. The top designers this week though did really stand out and it was clear who got this challenge and who didn’t.

Judges’ Top 2: Kate/Helen (Helen as winner); Dom & Alexandria

kate                                                               dom

I actually had Jeremy and Ken in my top 2 because the blue metallic pants they did were smokin’! Their whole look was so polished so if there had been a Top 3, the judges would have been crazy to have not included them. But even though I didn’t put Dom and Alexandria in my top 2, I was glad they were up there. Their garment was so unique and full of animation. It really had character and I’ve not seen anything ever like that from this show before so it was a nice change of pace. The winners, with Kate and Helen were certainly well deserved. I was so surprised that Kate gave Helen the win, but I think it showed how gracious she can be and I can see much more confidence in her this season. I’m sure she wanted Helen to feel some security for next week. Their structured red sombrero mini was just so spot on and barely looked like it was made from sombreros. Congrats to them for their win!

Honorable Mention from Me: Ken & Jeremy’s Look!


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  1. Once again, I’m way obsessed with project runway. So eager to know if next week’s tears are a made-up sort of thing, or whether something truly awful has happened. This season seems a bit fixed, drama based on editing & not enough of the design process for me. Something about Kate just bugs me. How come she can “grow” as a designer when others are ridiculed and told “this is not a student show?” Just seems silly.

    • I am obsessed as well! There has been a lot more on the drama side this season?? I do really like some of the designers so I am just glad its not the teams format from last year!

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