Taoray Wang Goes for Round 2!


Taoray Wang is back at Lincoln Center, MBFW, for the 2nd time presenting during NYFW. She has a successful line in China, Broadcast:bo, but it’s great to see her continue to make an expansion into the states!

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Taoray Wang for F/W was all about chic, feminine RTW — some great pieces for modern women at work and burgeoning fashionistas alike. For the collection, she used a neutral color palette of grey, black, creme, navy, olive and burgundy to create a collection full of texture, structure, and silhouettes. Over-sized fur trim parkas were thrown over body con dresses, long coats were donned over long dresses. Structured wide legged crop pants had matching crop jackets with over-sized lapels, and boyfriend-esque motorcycle jackets were paired with skinny pants.

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463587228.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928   463587242.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

463587284.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928    463587290.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

Wang played with shapes and silhouettes in textured materials ranging from polyurethane coatings to natural wools. The lineup started off with a polished and refined hand: a gray plaid slim coat worn over a tailored yet feminine pantsuit. Wang continued with an array of great knits in chic neutrals, including sexy dresses and cozy turtlenecks, as well as terrific oversize coats and a minimal approach to evening wear. I’m a huge fan of polka dots though so those pieces were certainly some of my faves here!

463587296.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928   463587310.jpg_537_0_2743.56716418_4928

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463588950.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000   463588954.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000

There were a lot of standout pieces here. I appreciated and was impressed by the versatility here. She made great use of a wide range of materials, really giving her type of woman lots of options. Again, I adored the polka dot pieces. The leather looks were also top notch. I love practicality in a collection, alongside of a spectacular runway show. And this is exactly what Taoray Wang delivered for the F/W 15 season.

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463589082.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000    463589098.jpg_325_0_1668.28358209_3000

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Celebs & special guests in attendance — Kate Nash, DJ Helena, Alexandra Mandelkorn, Ndey Buri, Jessica Minh Anh, Andrew Werner, J. Alexander.

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Check out “New Horizons” from Skingraft



Skingraft recently showcased its A/W 2015 collection for NYFW at MBFW, Lincoln Center, the Pavilion. It was such a pleasure attending a bold, energetic runway show. Skingraft never disappoints! The looks were daring, designed for a tenacious fashionista, a rugged man. It seems so simplistic, but all in all, this collection can be honestly described as bad-ass!





The collection is inspired by young nomads trekking thru the Peruvian mountains in search for new horizons. It is also inspired by the legends of alien activity around Peru. You can see both of these inspirations quite clear in the dark, multi-layered looks. The voluminous amounts of layering easily suggest a nomad’s travel.





The new collection explores ideas of ancient and complex geometric patterns and brutal statue-like silhouettes. Shearling, leather, silk, wool jersey, cashmere, and hand-woven tapestries equip the A/W 15 Skingraft nomad with a survivalist silhouette that remains soft and refined. There is a sea of staple colors in black and white, but also much needed pops of understated colors, navy blue and deep burgundy.





Skingraft always showcases some impressive looks. The brand’s signatures are ever-present. There are some great leather pieces here. The outerwear for both men and women are truly must-haves! Each ensemble was clearly well thought out, stylized, no detail left unnoticed. I will most definitely be keeping my eyes out for these pieces come this fall!





Celebs and special guests in attendance — Kofi Richmond, Che’Nelle, Kate Nash, Lizzy Plapinger, Whoopi, Shaun Ross, Fabolous, Jerzey Martin, J. Alexander, Sita Abellan, Bishop Nehru, Nick Simmons, Nini Fabi, DJ Helena, Nervo Sisters, Ivy Levan.

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463715460.jpg_902_0_3746.62686567_6353      463716630.jpg_700_0_3551.79104478_6369      463716546.jpg_863_0_3353.44776119_5562


463716196.jpg_668_0_3390.8358209_6081   463716104.jpg_697_0_3539.8358209_6349   463715438.jpg_725_0_3681.11940299_6602

463715816.jpg_725_0_3681.11940299_6602   463715910.jpg_752_0_3817.37313433_6846

Show credits —


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