Best Dressed — 2017 Cannes

There are so many stunning looks that grace the red carpets and photocalls during the Cannes Film Festival. Here are my faves of the past weekend!

Coco Rocha

Andie MacDowell

  • a black Roberto Cavalli Couture black sheer gown embroidered with crystals, glass beads, black velvet tigers and flowers
  • at the premiere of The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Elle Fanning

  • a Gucci gown with a floral hemline and a deep plunging neckline
  • Tiffany & Co. jewelry
  • for the premiere of How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Wearing Dior

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

  • Ralph & Russo tiered red gown
  • screening of ‘120 Battements Par Minute’

Anna Schafer

Olga Kurylenko

Tallia Storm



Eva Longoria

Sara Sampaio

  • accessories of 31 carat diamond Chopard earrings for the Chopard Space party
  • Elie Saab gown

Lady Victoria Hervey

  • a nude tulle 3d Flames column dress embellished with Swarovski crystals & sequins by Khosla Jani
  • Neuhas earcuff
  • Styling by CLD

Jourdan Dunn

  • at the screening of The Killing of a Sacred Deer
  • Wearing an Elie Saab gown

Arya Hargate

Izabel Goulart

screening of The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Mary J. Blige

  • at the premiere of The Meyerowitz Stories
  • Reem Acra sheer and black long-sleeve gown

Isabeli Fontana

  • simple diamond Chopard choker made with over 19 carats of sapphires at the Chopard Space party
  • Elie Saab jumpsuit
  • L’Oreal Makeup


And the PR Season 13 Finalists Are…..

Well, no need for a drum roll on this decision since it was fairly obvious who the judges were sending to MBFW. In fact, the only real surprise was that the judges truly thought Char deserved yet another chance to prove herself, but I’ll discuss that topic in just a bit. Let’s first see what the challenges were this week that set the stage for which designers would make it to fashion week.


The designers had to face 2 challenges in order to make it to the finale. Tim, alongside Brian Bolain, Corporate Marketing Manager for Lexus, delivered the first set of challenge details. The designers got to ride around in a brand new Lexus, driver in tow, to hit the streets of NYC in order to find their inspiration. They were to create a street chic look that could be worn everyday of the week. The look had to be fashionable and progressive. The designers were taking in all of the city sights, the people, the architecture, graffiti, and more! Tim said this would be a 2-day challenge and he would meet them later at Mood to shop with their $200 budget. I think it was fairly obvious at that point there was more to the story here. Come on, 2 days for a street inspired look, no one was being fooled here!


So sure enough, as the designers made their way back to the workroom for day 2, they were greeted with more challenge details. They walked into the workroom to see 5 eliminated looks. Tim soon came in with the infamous button bag and more details. Each designer was to choose a losing look and reposition it to make it a winning look. Tim was clear — these 2 challenges were separate so there was no need for cohesion between the looks. They were also given an additional $100 Mood budget to purchase supplementary fabrics. Emily’s button was drawn first and she chose Samantha’s navy blue evening gown (from the Chopard challenge). Next up was Char, who chose Korina’s most recently eliminated look from the storage bidding wars challenge. Amanda then chose fäde‘s rain-way look. Kini selected Mitchell’s red carpet challenge dress, leaving Sean with no choice but Sandhya’s onesie from the American Girl doll challenge.


With only 1 day left and still 2 looks to complete, Tim also said the designers would have helpers to finish up their work. He said the helpers were there to only assist, not collaborate! And the assistants were none other than the creators of the losing looks just chosen. This is of course brings us to the drama of the episode where a very frustrated and upset Korina was not ready to be back in the workroom, let alone assist Char in her attempt to still make it to fashion week. I do wonder if another designer had chosen Korina’s look if she could have managed to stay. But she still very much had sour grapes and yes, a major attitude. However, regardless of her outward emotions, her elimination was a much harsher one than other designers and quite unprecedented with PR history.


She was eliminated on a group challenge where no bottom group was chosen. She was then pitted against the very designer she was being asked to assist this week. A designer who has been given way more chances to prove herself to the judges this season, yet she still somehow manages to be the recipient of even more PR lives; she’s like a PR catwoman! But really Char should be thankful Korina bowed out. Did she really want someone’s help who didn’t want to be there? So Char worked with Alexander, whose look BTW was not amongst the losing looks graveyard — I wonder why!?! If you went in order of elimination, his look should have been there.


It was soon time for model fittings and Tim-time. Tim reminded the designers the looks needed to stand out. Sean was having some major struggles trying to find a way to re-work Sandhya’s look. Understandable — way too much bubblegum pink! Emily was also struggling a bit on the re-worked look. She said her mind and heart wasn’t in it. She was way to wrapped up in her street inspired look with a hoodie she had been dying to make all season.


The guest judge this week was Shay Mitchell, the super-talented star of ABC Family’s hit drama Pretty Little Liars. Shay was a great choice for this week’s guest judge spot, with helping to decide which designers would go to fashion week. She always looks great on the red carpet and certainly made the rounds herself at NYFW — she was all over the place!


The judges didn’t name a winning designer this week. I’m not sure if the order they announced who was going to fashion week was indicative of anything. But for almost every designer who made it, the judges seemed to love one look, while not really being a fan of the other. Even though I feel it’s been almost meant to be for a Kini/Sean/Amanda finale, I do think each designer is very worthy of their final 3 spot. And no I didn’t forget to mention Char, I just don’t agree she was deserving of yet another chance to present as a finalist. She is for sure going to need a lot of more of her magical mist to beat any of the other 3 designers. And if she does, it would only be out of luck that Sean, Kini, or Amanda slip up and lose it for themselves. Even if you could pick a best look between her 2 dresses this week, it would in no way even compare to Sean, Amanda, or Kini’s best looks this week. But what would PR be this season without 1 hopefully last illogical decision. We better not see any of that on the finale! Ooooo, and also, what would this last runway have been without another popular trend on the season, more fringe! And with that, let’s discuss Sean’s looks first.


So Sean definitely hit a homerun this week with his street-inspired look, but I would label his re-worked garment as a total miss, 3 strikes and he’s out! Well not really out because his street chic look was totally amazing! It would be hard to imagine such a stark white look lasting an entire day on the streets of NYC, but you would certainly turn heads in this look. You could dress it up, dress it down, wear it to brunch, or a rockin’ rooftop soirée. The fit was great. And I loved the cutouts and ladylike collar.


And I think it was Nina who commended Sean for his job well done with hair & make-up. I actually want to give Sean a shout-out for his Aldo nude sandal heels, perfection, and more specifically for the Mary Kay beauty look — love the bold plum lip!



However, I can’t believe no judge bothered to comment on the miss for the accessories and beauty look here. If Nina wants to call out Amanda, I’m not sure what was blinding her vision in reprimanding Sean a bit for his choices with this look. This separates look was not great, but really nothing was redeemable here, the boots, the hair, or the make-up. Sean has worked wonders with fringe before, but the magic just wasn’t present this time. Sandhya couldn’t make this ghastly baby pink work and neither could Sean. But lucky for him, each designer seemed to have one miss this week so the judges were in a bit more of a forgiving mood.


In choosing a best street chic look, it would be a tie between Amanda and Sean. But if I had to choose a best overall designer for the week, judging both of the looks combined, I would pick Amanda. So first, let me do a love-fest over this color-blocked maxi. I mean it is totally to die for. It was very much Amanda. The colors she chose were brilliant. With other maxidresses there is a great deal to choose from with bright summery colors & prints. Amanda was smart to put a different spin on the color choices. I also think she did a great job with the placement of the colors, the cutout, and the draping of the back. I agree with the judges in that the look was sexy, but in a subtle way. I don’t think the accessory and beauty choices were worthy of a Nina reprimand, but as I said earlier, if she is going to be so snippy about one designer, she needs to do the same for all!


But I do love this maxi, beauty & accessories aside. I could see it clearly on the streets of NYC and not only would it turn heads, I think it would stop traffic! Amanda, you can make one for me and send it my way ASAP! I will find a NYC event to rock this look at for sure!



So I believe Heidi said this look was a little too much like what a club hostess would wear, but I guess still wearable at least. It was a bit too short, but I’m happy she decided to somehow still maintain fäde‘s work with his electric lines. It was a bit underwhelming compared to the 1st dress, but most of the re-worked looks fell by the wayside this week. I think it was because the designers had so much time to find inspiration with their street chic looks. They were all feeling so inspired for that 1st day of work. It was understandable they couldn’t all of a sudden find just as much passion, on top of less time to create, for an entire 2nd look. But just as with Sean, Amanda did so well with her other look, and in the judges’ eyes, all was forgiven!


Kini too was comparable in his work for the week, 1 standout and another that was so-so. However his standout look was from the re-worked challenge. He clearly did the best job in repositioning a losing look into a winning look!



Kini reworking Mitchell’s “very red” red carpet look into this boldly glam asymmetrical gown was sheer genius. And yes, that is pun intended since Kini made such a great choice in adding the detail of a sheer asymmetrical sleeve. The point of the original challenge was to create a red carpet look for Heidi and she would have totally been a best dressed in this number. Just as with all of Kini’s work, it was so well-made, very high quality. It was luxuriously superb and I’m always amazed by what Kini can do in such a short amount of time.

Also, Aldo accessories shout-out for this gorgeous nude clutch — love!!


Kini didn’t receive such high praise for his street chic look though. The problem with this look was editing. The pieces didn’t work together as a whole, but were certainly wearable as individual pieces. The judges, especially Heidi, went bananas over this navy trenchcoat. But paired with this structured denim skirt, it was all a bit too much. Shout-out though on all other counts, Aldo accessories, perfectly coordinating black heels & gold bracelets, Philip B. hair, gorgeous wavy hair, & Mary Kay beauty, with a natural, fresh make-up look.


Just as Amanda/Kini/Sean making the finale came as no surprise, neither did Emily’s elimination. You could see it coming all episode long, whether it was from her extreme love & desire to create this hoodie, or her admitted disregard for her re-worked look. The judges were not a fan of either look. Mary Kay beauty shout-out though — simple, natural makeup look


The judges also couldn’t come to any agreement over a look that Emily was truly passionate about. While Heidi seemed fine with the hoodie, Zac was clearly not a fan at all, thinking it was homeless-like. I think Emily found a great print here for the undergarments, but they were too PJ-like when used for both the top & bottom. I think maybe pairing this top with some jeans or leather leggings, it could have worked or been more acceptable for the judges. As far as the grey hoodie though, I mean this is what you would see for sure on the streets of NYC. I’m not sure if it would standout amongst the other pieces of outerwear gracing the streets of NY, but at least Emily stuck to who she was as a designer. And at least at this point, we knew who she was as a designer.



On the other hand, you could not see Emily at all in this re-worked look. And the problem was, Emily’s heart just wasn’t in it and she even said so herself. Adding an asymmetrical sleeve and a printed shortened skirt was not enough here. It all just read as too commercial, which is definitely not how I would label Emily’s work. Her designs are always a bit more unique, more one-of-a-kind. Aldo shout-out though, great choice of nude sandal heels. But with no judges in her corner this left Emily going home. Although if someone can explain to me how Emily wasn’t just as deserving of one 2nd chance, since Char was given like 4, please, go ahead, I’m listening!

According to my chart for how the season has gone, both of these ladies have had 2 high points, but 0 wins. They have had equal the same amount of bottom looks though. The only differences actually work against Char in that she was eliminated and had to save herself with a 1-hour “Save Me” challenge. I’m not seeing what Char has done that was so redeemable. At best, let them each have made their collection and had a face-off to see who would get the final 4th spot if the judges so desperately needed or wanted 4 finalists. I would be just as intrigued to see what Emily would come up with, as the judges are to see what Char will do with even more time!


So I admit, Sandhya got a very harsh critique from me over this season, but it was in part due to the unexplained, illogical judges’ love-fest over her work. Unfortunately, Char will now get some of that same harshness because the judges have been making “0” sense since last week! My comments in no way mean that Char wasn’t deserving of her time on the show or even the Tim Gunn save. I’ve loved many of her looks this season, but her work last week should have sent her home over Korina, and her looks this week, were not deserving of yet another chance in giving her a spot at NYFW. My whole point is to demonstrate the lack of logic with the judges’ decisions. In fact, I think she only got another chance from the judges so they could feel justified in sending Korina home over Char the week before.


Let’s start with the street chic look, which to me read total hoochie. She described this look as Soho?? Hardly! In fact, I’m not sure I would reference NYC in this look at all. The judges thought there was vision here, but yet again, as with many of Char’s looks, poor execution. They were 100% right in that there was too many petals on the skirt. They thought it needed editing, but I’m not quite sure what could have been done to save this look. All of the other designers found such clear vision and inspiration for their street chic looks. And even with Emily being eliminated, she clearly had a passion for what she was creating. I didn’t see that with Char. They all had a day and so I don’t understand why the judges gave such leniency to Char.



What’s even sadder is the complete disconnect between how Char attempted to re-work Korina’s look. I still don’t think Korina’s look was elimination-worthy. But for Char having not only so much fabric, but so many fabric options, and to then come up with a sad, simple black dress, really! Unlike her street chic look, I’m not sure what great idea would have developed with more time. But just like her under-developed street-inspired look, she yet again had execution issues.

And so just to reiterate, I don’t see how an entire competition has not been enough time for her. She’s had the same time constraints like every other designer and why she is deserving of any leniency is beyond me. The other eliminated designers I’m sure had great ideas that could have used more time to flourish. I’m sure somehow she won’t come in 4th place, but I wonder if another designer will lose it for themselves, or if the judges will attempt to justify their decision in sending her to fashion week. Can’t wait to see!

PR Designers Get to Meet Some Major Bling!!

So yes, courtesy of Chopard jewelry, the Project Runway designers were fortunate enough to select some immaculate pieces of jewelry to work with this week. Not exactly work with hands on because as we later saw, it was very much “lookie, but no touchie”! The Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, was with Tim to further explain this week’s challenge. Caroline would also serve as this week’s guest judge.


The challenge this week was to create an extravagant eveningwear look inspired by Chopard jewelry pieces. But not only would the jewelry serve as an inspiration, the looks would also incorporate the jewelry. Yes! This meant the models would get to don some very expensive and luxurious pieces of jewelry! Tim reminded the designers this was their moment to WOW the judges, pull out all the stops. Chopard is often seen on the red carpet so the designers had a great deal to live up to. Here are just a few examples of some looks incorporating Chopard that I’ve included on my Fashion Nexus Best Dressed lists!

1398798809_487230905_elizabeth-hurley-560_640   Chopard diamond earrings

Chopard earrings, ring, & bracelet     051414-cannes-red-carpet-7-567

The button bag was back this week. So No Sean, you didn’t get to pick what jewelry piece each designer would work with! Although really there were no bad options. Sean did get to pick first though and whether it was production’s hand in the mix or not, I’m glad Kini was able to choose second. He should have won last week so it only seemed fitting he chose toward the beginning of the bunch. Before heading off to Mood for this 1 day challenge, $250 budget, Tim came by the workroom for a couple of additional surprises.


First, Tim decided to make use of his one-time only Tim Gunn Save. So yes! Char was back in the game! Was the save a bit too soon? Perhaps. Regardless, it at least means that the designers know from hear on out, there are no second chances left. Each week you have to go big or go home. Heidi also announced this was the last week for immunity. So really, every week from here on out, the designers have no choice but to step it up!


The 2nd bit of news from Tim was a field trip to provide some additional inspiration for this week’s challenge. Everyone was off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take in the Charles James exhibit, which was of course the unveiling exhibit for this year’s 2014 Met Gala, aka Met Ball. Charles James was a major fashion designer in the 1950s; he is widely known for being America’s first couturier.


As the designers got back to the workroom, I was pleased to see that the drama of last week seemingly was no more. KUDOS ladies! But a new battle was rising………the battle of the navy blues that is. Both Sean and Samantha chose a navy blue fabric to work with this week. So of course the question was on both of their minds as to whose navy blue gown would come out on top.


Other workroom happenings this week as we breezed thru Tim-time and the model fittings — it seemed as if “Speedy Kini” was not around; Samantha was making her very 1st gown; and Amanda was really battling with the direction of her design.


The morning of the runway was full of the norm chaotic last-minute craziness. It was then time for the runway presentations where we saw that poor Nina had a bit of an ankle injury this week :(, complete with crutches and ankle boot!


The judges said this week, overall, they were impressed. And even when Heidi was announcing the winner and who would go home, she said again, how the designers had all really done a great job. This was not my sentiment at all. For me, I guess the bottom was a bit more shocking because I thought other designers could have ended up in the bottom just as easily. I’m not sure that all of the safe looks were executed perfectly, but it did seem that each of the bottom looks had some execution issues. So my assumption is that some of the safe looks I considered a bit of a yawn were likely safe because execution mistakes were either not present or not obvious.


Kini’s look was definitely one of mixed reviews. I knew he wouldn’t end up in the bottom 2! I’m not sure what it was with the white looks for the runway, but they didn’t seem to have a luxe feel to really match the jewels; this includes Char’s dress as well. I was surprised that the budget this week was only $250 being that the designers were working with such expensive pieces of jewelry. Perhaps if Kini had a larger budget he wouldn’t have chosen neoprene. Kini clearly had a design concept, and with a different fabric, or even in a different color, I think it would have paid off more. The bodice did have issues though! However I’m sure Kini can bounce back! Mary Kay shout-out: bold smoky bronzed eye!


Alexander also had a great design concept, but it was too much to execute well in such a short amount of time. One of Alexander’s biggest issues was that the neckline did hide this stunning ruby necklace. But also, the gown really just felt overworked. And the back was definitely worse than the front.


However from this angle, you can get a better view of my hair shout-out from Philip B. hairlove this chic bun! I also loved Alexander’s beauty look, so Mary Kay shout-out as well.


This left Samantha being eliminated this week. I don’t think this was the worst dress of the bunch. There were several dresses that were a bit of a snooze-fest, very basic. There were looks that also weren’t very red-carpet worthy, whereas at least Samantha’s gown could have worked on a red carpet. I think it could have used a necklace though! But in going with the judges bottom 2, it usually represents a designer who did too much and one who did too little. Generally, the designer who did too little goes home. But I loved Samantha kept her model’s hair down this week, Philip B hair shout-out for wavy tresses!


I got where the judges were coming from with this week’s top looks. They were clearly not looking for dresses that were a yawn. Rather, they rewarded risks! They wanted looks that could work on the red carpet, that lived up to the Chopard jewelry pieces being incorporated. Amanda’s look was definitely a risk. It paid off for all of the judges, minus Zac. This was clearly a look that would be loved or hated. It would end up on some best dressed lists, but perhaps for others, the worst dressed. I applauded Amanda for being different though and taking a risk. Safe designers take note! I loved the neckline for the jumpsuit and was pleased Amanda did pay attention to both pieces of her look. Finally, Aldo shout-out, a pair of heels I can see and that coordinate well with a look!


Sean’s strapless gown was not bad, but seeing it come down to him & Korina for the win, I am happy Korina received that honor. I’m not a huge fan of velvet. But the neckline with this necklace was also throwing me off. That sapphire necklace, while insanely gorgeous, I think is insanely difficult to make work with a look and not have it be too much. For this look, the Chopard jewelry all seemed a bit too much. But compared to the very safe looks from the other designers, Sean deserved to be in the top. His gown had such a great fit, and as he described, a very regal feel to it. The back was also quite stunning!


Korina really pulled out all of the stops this week, just as Tim said at the start of the episode. How risky was it to use an upholstery fabric and as Sean mentioned, not have it look like a couch! The long printed coat was soooooo Korina. It was bold and statement-making. She also did a lovely job with the black dress, showing that the look could work even without the coat. But really, the look paid such homage to the dramatic, dangling Chopard necklace. It certainly was the best matched look to any of the Chopard necklaces for this challenge. Korina took a risk; it deservedly paid off. She created something different and stuck true to her aesthetic. Great bold beauty look & shout-out also with Mary Kayfull details below!






2014 Cannes Film Festival — Top Looks

The Cannes Film Festival has been in full force for days now. Check out my picks for the best looks, enjoy!


Blake is making yet another appearance on one of my best dressed lists! At the Cannes, for the premier of Mr. Turner, he looked literally iridescent in this lace iridescent Chanel Couture creation. And in true matching accessory fashion, she is wearing shimmering white heels by Sophia Webster.

"Mr. Turner" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Great angle for a shot of the stunning pieces of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry Blake is donning, such as these flower-shaped earrings!

cate-blanchett-290  CATE BLANCHETT

Cate makes an odd combination of angelic and Greek goddess work and she does so in this gray Valentino gown with silver embroidery, feathered collar, and capped sleeves. I’m assuming her few pieces of jewelry are by Chopard as she was attending and presenting at the Chopard Trophy event.

Cate Blanchett

Cate is making high fashion marks all over the place while attending the Cannes festival so I had to showcase another look of hers for my best dressed list. While attending the Vanity Fair & Armani party she again looked quite angelic and sweet in this golden Giorgio Armani Prive dress with lace and embroidery details.



Ankle-cut dresses seem to be quite the tend on the Cannes red carpet and Paz’s embellished look certainly doesn’t disappoint. She looks slim, trim, & fit in this Elie Saab (part of the Spring 2014 collection) midi dress with beading and floral detailing at the bodice. She accessorized her look with Chopard diamonds and nude Christian Louboutin pumps.

051414-cannes-red-carpet-2-567Paz, like Cate, is quite deserving of a 2nd nod on my best dressed list. While at the Cannes Festival, stars are able to mix it up fashion-wise; they can go chic and minimal for their day looks, and then drastically switch it up for the night’s red carpet by going full on glam. Paz has done just that and so for her day look she rocks a simplistically minimalistic navy Zuhair Murad dress with lace detailing cut-outs down the side. For this look, she accessorized this time with magenta Christian Louboutins and fine Chanel jewelry.

jane-fonda-290      JANE FONDA

Fierce and on fire with a bold red ensemble is Jane, wearing a beaded Elie Saab look with a cinched waist, sheer sleeves, and decolletage. And her bold red choices continue with her accessories — rubellite drop earrings from Chopard’s Temptations Collection, red Jimmy Choo shoes, and a red & black Gucci clutch.

051414-cannes-red-carpet-7-567                             KENDALL JENNER

Kendall looks sleek, sophisticated, and seriously stylish in this black and white Chanel piece, which also boasts the ever-popular ankle-cut trend for the Cannes red carpet, but also 4 straps, and a printed raw-edged bodice. She paired with her look black Stuart Weitzman heels and a great deal of diamond Chopard jewelry — earrings, rings, and a cuff.


EVA LONGORIA — Eva is another lovely lady gracing my best dressed list twice for the Cannes Festival. For her 1st look, she is wearing an elegant fitted white Gabriela Cadena gown, with a train.


Just for a closer look, take a glance at Eva’s exquisite choices for jewelry all from Damiani.


051614-cannes-adds-5-567For Eva’s 2nd look, she went very lingerie-esque with a pale peach custom gown, again from Gabriela Cadena. This time though, she donned earrings from Martin Katz.




This is not the Cannes or the Billboards, but Elizabeth just looked too amazing in this crystal-embellished cascading blue gown by Elie Saab and from the designer’s Fall 2013 collection. Coordinated quite well with her look are Christian Louboutin navy sandal heels and diamond Piaget drop earrings.





Best Dressed List for the 2014 Golden Globes!!

Wow! So this best dressed list for the 2014 Golden Globes was a hard one to whittle down! There were a lot of great dresses, but I’m confident in my top picks for the evening and so I created a TOP 13! Plus, the lovely co-hosts of the evening, Amy Poehler & Tina Fey, really did showcase some great looks so check those pics out at the end of this piece. I also included a few dapper looking gentlemen and the wonderful designers who made them look so good. But after rummaging thru over 150 images, this is my BEST DRESSED list, ENJOY!!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


Kate is wearing a glamorous gunmetal metallic mermaid gown by Zuhair Murad with silver beading galore! Her elegant accessories include 7-carat black-and-white diamond earrings by Chopard and a black Edie Parker clutch. Her celeb hairstylist was Sascha Breuer who created this punk-inspired diva look.

155_2221_350                         naomi-watts-2-290

naomi-watts-3-290NAOMI WATTS & LIEV SCHREIBER: Just call Naomi & Liev the Tom Ford duo! Naomi’s Ford look is a haltered white gold shimmery gown with subtle sheer cutouts at the waist and going down the back. The neckline of the dress is embellished with a chunky gold necklace, which perfectly coordinates with her Bulgari accessories — a vintage serpent bracelet & gold python clutch. She also is wearing metallic silver Jimmy Choo sandal heels.

Liev’s Ford look is a classic black tuxe; how can you go wrong?!?

155_2130_350             LILY RABE

Lily looks stunning in this embroidered nude-colored ballgown, with sheer black overlay, from Georges Hobeika’s Spring 2014 collection. Her minimalist yet elegant jewelry is by Lorraine Schwartz.

155_2103_350   MADISON WALLS

I am not sure who Madison is wearing, but it doesn’t matter; she looks BEAUTIFUL! I love that she went for a bit of a traditional sparkling beaded gown, but what is perfection is the pop of turquoise color! I believe her earrings are Chelsea Girl–Turquoise Chandelier.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals                    71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsREESE WITHERSPOON: Reese went for a very minimal, yet chic look in this teal floor-length Calvin Klein number with a Y-back. The gown is custom silk crepe and she looks great. She accessorized her look with some lovely Harry Winston diamonds.

155_2062_350   NANCY O’DELL

What best dressed list would be complete without a bright pop of color like Nancy’s royal blue Marchesa hip-hugging gown. The low-cut neckline is just wonderful with great touches of floral embellishments. Her diamond jewelry also can’t go unnoticed — intricate cuff, earrings, etc — all by XIV Karats.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


There are so many great things to say about Michelle’s oyster stargazer fil coupe gold sequined/embroidered hi-lo gown by Oscar de la Renta. See! And that is just some of the descriptions. Everything perfectly coordinates — the muted gold Christian Louboutin heels and Bulgari jewelry (gold/pink flower earrings) included.



You have to give props to newcomers, especially when they looks as breathtaking as Sosie does. I love this taupe Rhea Costa gown with a lace bodice. She also knows how to accessorize with some lovely Neil Lane jewelry. Sosie is Miss Golden Globes 2014 and is the daughter of Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon.



Another stunning newcomer, from the Wolf of Wall Street is Margot Robbie. She looks very sexy in this plunging deep-V neckline, silk crepe Gucci gown. And that is not all to say about the gown; it’s embroidered with crystals and emeralds and also has an even sexier thigh-high slit. She decided to keep with an emerald theme by wearing emerald Christian Louboutin heels. She completed her look with some elegant Van Cleef jewelry.

155_2101_350        CARLY STEEL

Carly is another great look for me and yay since she just tweeted me all of the information I need to update my post! This stunning dress is by Sherri Hill. I love the flowing white bottom and even more the gold sequined sheer neckline. The shimmery white gold clutch by Aruna Seth and Dao Fournier jewelry are also the perfect accessories to complete the look!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


In keeping with some great looks with pops of color I had to include Taylor’s lingerie-inspired emerald green silk gown by Thakoon. She paired her sexy look with Chanel jewels, more specifically, the “Camellia Bouton” diamond bracelet and the “Mademoiselle Ruban” diamond ring.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


Black, white, florals, how can you go wrong? I love this floral column Reem Acra gown from their Fall 2013 collection. Zoisa looks great and even better with her gorgeous jewelry by Ofira & Lorraine Schwartz.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalscate-blanchett-3-290CATE BLANCHETT: Cate looks very classy in this black lace & tulle high-necked Armani Prive gown with an open back. The look is also perfectly completed with diamond jewelry by Chopard.



Amy had a few great looks for the evening and this was just one. She looks chic in this black asymmetrical bodice Stella McCartney with a midriff keyhole cutout. Her jewelry accessories are perfectly suiting — a Karla Welch for Jacob & Co. cuff and Jacob & Co. earrings.

tina-amy-1-350x700       tina-amy-2-350x700I wasn’t a fan of Tina’s red carpet entry look, but she won some fashion points back for her on-stage looks. My most fave was the silk Georgette deep V-neck burgundy gown with multi-crystal beading by Carolina Herrera. She paired the look with some elegant Cartier jewels. I’m not sure of the designer for the bustied red gown, but it still looks great, very Madonna a la “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And she continued her Cartier theme jewelry evening with this look as well.

Amy’s looks on-stage were also continued high-fashion. Her 1st look is a forest green Cady gown by Stella McCartney with encrusted lace panels down the side. She added matching chunky gold cuffs (including one by Karla Welch for Jacob & Co. I’m not sure of the 2nd look, but a classic black floor length gown with white edging and to top it all off, her gorgeous drop diamond chandelier earrings, she just looks so glamorous!


Jesse Tyler FergusonLeonardo DiCaprio in a classic black tuxe by Giorgio Armani. Also in Giorgio is Jesse Tyler Ferguson.