And the PR Season 13 Winner is……

Yes, let’s just announce the spoiler right from the get-go! With a much-deserved win, the PR Season 13 winner was SEAN KELLY!! With blogging/recapping, it’s all about the discussion, so let’s get to that, and see how this season came to its conclusion.

From last week’s episode, we left off where the designers had previewed 3 pieces from their collections so that the judges could offer some feedback. Amanda needed a little more sophistication. Sean had to show he was more than just the one note of fringe. Kini needed to re-work a lot, youthfulness was the goal to achieve. And finally, Char had to scrap several looks, making sure her collection represented who she was as a designer and was cohesive.


Tim quickly came by to offer the designers the option of returning to Mood with an additional $300 to spend. Amanda was the only one who decided to hang back, having some extra fabrics already at her disposal. She didn’t want to lose any time! With some new fabrics and a rejuvenated focus, each designer was back to work finishing up their collections. Tim also came by again for a little more Tim-time.


He instructed Amanda to stop over-thinking so much. Kini scrapped his trench coat and already had many new youthful pieces to show Tim. And Tim definitely recognized the improvements! Tim & Sean discussed the fringe. He told Sean to take in what the judges said, namely Nina with lessening the number of fringed looks, but he further advised him to ultimately still own it. Tim was a bit confused on the new fabrics Char purchased. He reiterated what the judges had just told her, be who you are, don’t stray.


The guest judge for the finale was Emmy Rossum, a very talented actress from the Showtime hit show Shameless.. She did a wonderful job as the guest judge –lots of thoughtful critiques and words of wisdom. And just as all of the judges were, I too was impressed with the finale presentations. I’ve been reading comments that the finale was a bit lackluster, perhaps lacking in shock or wow moments. I 100% disagree and here’s why!


It can’t be helped that with this season there were 3 top notch designers who each could have easily won. The surprise factor was lacking because there wouldn’t have been much outrage had Kini or Amanda won. As long as the “ABC” (anyone but Char) remained in effect, the end result was going to be a bit predictable. I guess you could say underwhelming. But just because predictability or a general acceptance was on the rise, it doesn’t negate the designers’ outstanding work. Kini, Amanda, and Sean all had different designer POVs and really stuck to those aesthetics. Each did a fine job, and with so much greatness to choose from, it was hard to be so surprised over who won. But I would be much more disappointed had their only been 1 decent final presentation and if the winner had been so clear cut. I think there was a bit of surprise because even with narrowing down to Sean & Amanda, it was still up in the air over who might win. I think what was missing this season was diehard fans over 1 designer and what we saw was acceptance for a few instead.


Another type of comment I’ve come across was about a lack of dramatic flare with the various presentations; the pieces were maybe a bit too RTW. In this case, people have to recognize a runway presentation is only going to include a few showstopping gowns if that is what the designer specializes in, such as Monique Lhuillier or Carolina Herrera. But take attending a show for Rebecca Minkoff, Wildfox, or Desigual, what you are going to see are pieces much like we saw with this finale, looks that are more wearable, RTW. Taking in a presentation, you still have to be mindful of who the designer is. And to me, based off who these designers are, I think the presentations stayed true to that and there were still many highlights. Remember, highlights don’t always come in the packaging of bells & whistles, sometimes it’s in the details or the subtleties.

But getting back to the runway shows at hand, here are my thoughts based on the judges’ placements for this final 4, first up, the winner, Sean!


I’m definitely a fan of this collection and happy for Sean’s big win! He not only stuck to who he was a designer, but he also told a great story in that of the betrayal of Caesar. Each moment was perfectly encapsulated in the various looks, whether it was the betrayal in black or the bloodshed in bright orange. The looks were not over-the-top in dramatic flare or with volume, but rather, it was his understated and detailed work that was truly mesmerizing. From the perfect fit to the great movement, Sean truly did a fantastic job with this collection.


There were so many great pieces, so above and below are just a few of my faves. Yes, many of Sean’s looks worked with fringe, but it wasn’t as it if the fringe effect was the same from piece to piece. He definitely mixed it up with this design technique from fringe all over a floor-length dress to jumpsuits to just a dangling few strands draping down the back. It really created such great movement, very much catching the viewer’s eye as the pieces came down the runway


The draping also created for some lovely, flowing movement. I too loved  how regal and sophisticated these looks were. There was such a refined and elegant sophistication. Any woman would want to wear these pieces because of how luxe they looked, very high quality work.


Shout-out: Mary Kay beauty look, nude lip, shimmery silver eye. Still not a fan of the slicked back look, but it wasn’t too distracting!

Whether it was looks in black, white, or the burnt orange, this luxurious quality was maintained throughout. No piece felt lacking in this chic, sophisticated vibe.


A truly fascinating facet of Sean’s fringe detailing was when the fringe was done in 2 colors. The way it moved and mixed was a stunning and eye-catching detail!


The judges felt a look or 2 was not at the same level as the others. But clearly his innovative, fresh take, as well as creativity was enough for the judges to give him the win. They were able to envision his growth and potential. I’m not sure as we heard Zac say that the decision was so “crystal clear” between Sean & Amanda. But either winning would have been well deserved.


Amanda should certainly feel proud of herself for a job well done. She came back for redemption this season, a do-over, a 2nd chance. And while winning would have been the ultimate redemption, 2nd place is still a pretty decent result. To me, Amanda has the most clear design aesthetic and I think she really could have built this big brand she had mentioned upon winning. I really hope she can still make this happen and hopefully not winning will not deter her or keep her too far off track.


Her looks were all boho chic, effortless and easygoing. I think she heeded the judges’ advice. Her looks were not all hippie basic, they were modern and sophisticated for her aesthetic. Her work with color-blocking, use of prints, mixing of texture, such as with leather and suede, were all top-notch. This knit eye-print was probably my least favorite aspect of her collection, but when paired with a vest as seen below, it worked for me. So breaking up the full length knit dress was 100% the right decision!


The judges were not a fan of the look below, but I disagree. It again demonstrated Amanda’s ability to make her aesthetic work with a mix of fabrics and textures. It was the escalated level of the boho vibe the judges were wanting. It was more than just a long flowy maxi.


Amanda was right when she said there was just the right amount of color in her collection. If Sean was able to make use of only some burnt orange, than Amanda’s vibrant pops of bright blue and red are just as sufficient. Both of Amanda’s shades of blue looks were totally to die for. I WANT THEM BOTH NOW! It may not seem as if these looks were that extravagant, but this type of look can easily be dressed up or down. And when dressed up, it would create a wow factor.


Amanda really showed she could work with not only dresses, but just as well with separates. And again, the color blocking, missing of fabrics, specifically the work with leather, I was impressed.


I’m not sure what the pinpointed moment was with the decision between Amanda and Sean. I did feel as if they maybe were more in love with her jewelry perhaps, than her collection. Not that this is a bad thing, but PR is supposed to be about the garments. I thought they saw her more with a clear vision, focused brand, big future, but maybe not quite as fresh or innovative as they saw with Sean’s work. In any event, the judges had a hard decision here, quite tough, but I think they still thought a lot of Amanda’s work, as did I!


Next up, let’s discuss Kini’s practically re-worked collection. I mean for someone who had so much re-working, re-thinking to do over a 10-piece collection, and in less than 2 days to do it all in, this was pretty amazing considering the circumstances. I guess the point that lingered with the judges is they still had to point him somewhat in this direction so this likely counted him out for the win. I think Kini re-made only a few pieces, but the rest was just a matter of re-styling, re-pairing. He may still have a little way to go in the judges’ eyes, but I have 0 doubts he will get there!


Kini definitely gave us some flare with the volume and some more formal looks. Take for example this denim and neoprene mermaid gown below. To make denim feel so luxe, Kini clearly has a talent with this. I’m not the hugest fan of denim, but Kini is doing a great job on making me RE-THINK this opinion!


This flirty feminine frock below was probably my most fave of his pieces. It was super-cute and fun. I could see a ton of girls wanting to rock this look. And the point that will still be of such talk, such attention, is that it’s DENIM! The pleats, the volume, and the perfect execution all lend to the fact that Kini is still a top notch designer, despite his not winning PR.


Emmy pointed out a great note in that Kini did take direction well, both in terms of styling the looks and the beauty look with hair & make-up. He took it and was able to execute what was needed to make the necessary improvements to his collection. The high ponytail may have not worked universally for every look, but the Mary Kay beauty look was great, vast improvement from the way too dark smoky eye from last week!


I think the youthfulness vibe was always underlying with Kini’s pieces, it was just a matter of styling. His newer pieces did really amp that level up a few notches though. I’m still amazed at how great Kini’s quickly made leather shorts were, as seen above, far surpassing the shorts from Char’s graphic print piece, which she had way longer to work on. So all in all, job well done to Kini and I can’t wait to see more from him in the future!


And finally, we have Char to discuss. I still stick with my original notion in that she was not quite ready for her fashion week showing as a finalist. Even had she not made a top 4 finale, she would have still presented. But in terms of the prime-time viewing, compared to her fellow designers, the work, the design, the pieces were just not at the same level.


Take for example a few things we saw during the episode. She had to scrap just as many, if not more looks than Kini. On top of this, she was nowhere near Kini’s level of speedy sewing. Because of this, she ended up keeping a look that still had many fit and execution issues. Even up until pretty close to the start of the runway, she was still sewing, having model fittings, and the like. It just all showed in her final presentation she wasn’t quite ready.


I feel as if the judges knew what kind of designer Char is, but she might not know quite yet. That or she isn’t able to fully execute looks that are encompassed under her design aesthetic. There really was not any cohesion amongst these pieces. I’m not sure why Tim bothered saying there was. To me, everything was scatterbrained, a little all over the place. There were a few good pieces in the midst, but the lack of cohesion and poor execution really kept Char out of the running for the win.


And once again, here is what Sean has in store for him with this big win!

  • $100,000 from Red Robin to launch their business and the opportunity to design a fashion accessory for all Red Robin servers
  • a complete sewing and crafting studio from Brother International Corporation
  • a premiere entertainment center, courtesy of Samsung
  • a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine
  • a car from Lexus
  • from Mary Kay, an entire year’s worth of beauty products for their fashion shows and professional makeup artist services for their debut show
  • a shoe and accessory collection from ALDO to help enhance their upcoming runway shows
  • Best Western International will also provide the winner travel and hotel accommodations to fashion capitals and inspiring locations around the world
  • The winning model will also appear in the winner’s fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine.







Project Runway & the Road to the Finale….

So last week we learned there would be 4 finalists showing at NYFW. And even as this episode progressed, we knew there would be no eliminations. In the past, I feel as if for the episode before the finale, generally there is still some elimination at play. Most likely, it’s when the judges want to see a few pieces from 2 or 3 designers before making their final decision. It left my mind to wonder then the point of the episode, but I guess for the designers’ benefit, the episode format paid off.


Let’s backtrack a minute. Coming off of the last runway, the designers awaited their final instructions – 5 weeks to create a 10 look collection, with a $9000 budget. Dorothy Dowling, Senior VP of Marketing for Best Western, added an additional fun surprise. Since NYFW is a worldwide phenomenon, the designers were given the chance to travel before beginning their work. They were off to Rome for a little international inspiration.


Each designers collection could certainly benefit from this traveling, taking in the ancient city of Rome, its architecture, the history, and the culture. Tim was along for the ride too. They all hit “Rome’s greatest hits”, such as the Coliseum, The Roman Forum, and the Pantheon. Tim of course also fit in a little pre-Tim time!


Tim and the designers were then off to Valli, a high end fabric store in Rome. The designers were not obligated to purchase anything, but Tim wanted them to have the option to make use of some luxe Italian fabrics if they so chose to. Kini & Sean were not quite ready to commit, but Amanda and Char each bought 1 fabric, a brown silk and graphic print respectively.


Everyone was soon back home and working away. Tim began with Kini in Kapolei, Hawaii, with 2 weeks remaining before fashion week. It was logical to start with Kini, probably thinking he would have the most completed. Tim even began with a joke, if Kini already had 150 looks to show! Alas no!. He was working hard in his garage studio, but as we saw a few times over the season, he had hit a bit of designers block. His direction soon became clear, going back to denim, but making it luxe, while also working with structure.


Tim was then off to Detroit, Michigan to visit Char. Char was showing she wasn’t afraid of some color! The print she purchased in Rome, about a $1000 worth, was an underlying inspiration for colors to draw from. Next up, Amanda in Nashville. Amanda’s direction was art deco, but still sticking with a 60s/70s vibe – think bohemian mod! And then finally, with his studio workspace set up & all, Tim was back in NY visiting Sean in Williamsburg-Brooklyn. He was working on telling the story about the betrayal of Caesar, high & in charge to betrayal to bloodshed. And despite Nina’s wish of no fringe or more of a lack thereof, Sean was determined to keep the fringe!


The designers were soon back to NYC, enjoying a nice, new pad, also with some champagne & goodies. But of course, the celebration was short-lived and they were back to the workroom to continue work on their collections. Tim soon came by to alert the designers of a last minute preview session with the judges.


Each designer chose 3 looks to show and get some helpful feedback before their final presentations at MBFW, Lincoln Center. No guest judges or eliminations though, just feedback! They were only given 2 hours to pull everything together, model fittings, hair, & make-up to boot!


Amanda was for sure on the right track, in both my eyes and the judges’. She didn’t seem to have a lot finished when Tim initially visited, but she clearly busted out a great deal in those final 10 days. Tim advised her to stay away from fringe, GOOD CALL! He also said to keep an editing eye; she didn’t need all the bells & whistles. We also saw that on top of spectacular looks, she designed and had made some stunning jewelry. I agree with Zac to pair some more of that with her looks because I was impressed!


Amanda took a leap from her final piece from the last episode, the multi-colored maxi. Each of her looks shown and I’m sure the rest will definitely keep with the “Amanda aesthetic.” It’s all boho chic and an eclectic vintage vibe. I don’t doubt the cohesion or her vision as a designer. Everything was styled with such an ease and was effortlessly cool. She really makes clothes that any girl or woman would want to wear; and I’m one of them!

**The make-up & hair looks here worked, not so sure about the full on slicked back do from above, but sleek & straight as seen below, great job by Philip  B. hair. Also I think a more understated, natural Mary Kay beauty look worked too!**


I loved the shades of blue maxi. This was a look where the jewelry definitely escalated the piece, but I would be a fan with or without. Nina wanted to see if Amanda could amp the chicness factor up a bit, so keep the ethnic vibe, but not have everything be so hippie and long. Amanda seemed on board and was ready to pounce!


I think it was this lengthy knit she planned on shortening, or another full-length maxi. This should prove to be a wise idea. The print works better when broken up. I think as Amanda initially told Tim earlier in the episode, she might be on the road to her ultimate redemption, coming back and winning PR!


Sean was also on the right path, a fave for both myself and the judges’ preview. Tim had warned Sean previously, with the dreaded long Tim Gunn silence, that he was seeing 2 collections. There was a disconnect with the beginning and end of the Caesar betrayal story. The initial looks were just too RTW, too on the norm side, and didn’t quite match the level of the more dramatic pieces. With only about a week before the return to NYC, Sean scrapped 4 looks and was mainly ready to go for this preview.

**Love the nude Aldo sandal heels; also spot on beauty Mary Kay look, the bronzed cheek, light pink lip, and smoky eye! Side note, not the biggest fan of the slicked back, wet-do.**


There was definitely a simplistic, understated elegance with Sean’s preview pieces. The draping was gorgeous and I agree with the judges in how great the movement was with the pieces. Stark white, as seen above, was used to represent Caesar’s purest moments. I loved this piece and it was a top fave of the night for me. It was very Grecian goddess like, but without being so literal.


The fits were excellent and the fringe works too. The black fringed jumpsuit was also great, and it represents the betrayal period. I’m kind of on the fence on how much I would really want to see of fringe. I think it lends to Sean’s aesthetic, but I don’t think he needs it. I don’t see him using it so much as a crutch, but it’s a technique he works well with and it does escalate a given look. I feel I gravitate towards his pieces without it though and I can still see Sean in those pieces.


I’m intrigued to see what he will do with all of the fringe because Nina was still kind of over it. And finally we have the looks incorporating bright orange to represent the bloodshed. I would prefer the jumpsuit without fringe, but this fringed skirt works with the collared white shirt.


I for sure thought Kini would get similar feedback to that of Amanda & Sean. I was shocked his critique was seemingly the harshest of the night. Kini seemed a bit bored upon first arriving to the workroom, which goes to show you can never rest on your laurels! Execution and fit were certainly not Kini’s issues. The judges seemed more focus on how the looks were styled and were definitely not a fan of the pleated trench coat. I kind of agree. Kini’s last trench coat was so spectacular, I just don’t think this one was on that level.

**Another great Philip B. hair severely straight look! But I did agree with the judges, way too much eye make-up!**


This was my most fave Kini look. It really caught my eye, an intriguing top, such a great fit and luxe denim look for a pencil skirt. It was definitely a modern spin. I think maybe as a whole, I got where the judges were coming from with the looks being more mature, but I was a fan of this look and wouldn’t make too many changes. And I also love this royal blue Aldo handbag. If he wants to heed the judges advice, maybe a clutch would work better?? But I love the purse!


The pieces below would work find standalone, but maybe not the best paired together. I think it was Nina who said to pair this structured stark white top with maybe a pair of black leather leggings. I agree. Both the top and skirt had volume and structure. But again, each would work standalone if maybe paired with something a bit more form fitting, not so loose.


I definitely felt for Kini, but the judges offered some helpful advice. I know Kini came in with way more than 10 looks. And if anyone can whip up a new piece or 2 in such a short amount of time, it’s Kini! I think once he can pull everything together, take in what the judges said, I’m sure he can turn this around and still be a contender for the win.


I think Char also got some tough advice as Nina told her to scrap an entire look shown, the middle one above. I agreed. The fit here was horrible and it really didn’t seem like a Char-piece at all. I’m not sure how much cohesion her collection will have, but what little bit might be there, this look would certainly be out of place.

-project-ru5nway--seaWhen I think of Char, I think urban, street-style, some color, and certainly no fear of a graphic print. I think the print she used below, and I believe it was the one from Rome, was a great print for Char to use. But I don’t think the way she used it worked at all. The shorts were way too short and didn’t look like they fit at all. The over-sized top was fine, but the end result was a little too hoochie-ish for my taste.


I also totally got what the judges were saying about the looks going in a super sexy direction, yet her styling was the complete opposite — safe shoes, more formal-like up-do’s, etc. The striped look below was probably the best one of the 3, but that wasn’t saying much. And it certainly wasn’t a WOW piece at all. She may have had others in her collection, but I guess they weren’t ready quite yet for prime-time. She has a good amount of work to do, but unlike Kini, she may not be able to get it all done quite as quickly. We’ll see how well she can pull it off very soon!


So until the finale……


And the PR Season 13 Finalists Are…..

Well, no need for a drum roll on this decision since it was fairly obvious who the judges were sending to MBFW. In fact, the only real surprise was that the judges truly thought Char deserved yet another chance to prove herself, but I’ll discuss that topic in just a bit. Let’s first see what the challenges were this week that set the stage for which designers would make it to fashion week.


The designers had to face 2 challenges in order to make it to the finale. Tim, alongside Brian Bolain, Corporate Marketing Manager for Lexus, delivered the first set of challenge details. The designers got to ride around in a brand new Lexus, driver in tow, to hit the streets of NYC in order to find their inspiration. They were to create a street chic look that could be worn everyday of the week. The look had to be fashionable and progressive. The designers were taking in all of the city sights, the people, the architecture, graffiti, and more! Tim said this would be a 2-day challenge and he would meet them later at Mood to shop with their $200 budget. I think it was fairly obvious at that point there was more to the story here. Come on, 2 days for a street inspired look, no one was being fooled here!


So sure enough, as the designers made their way back to the workroom for day 2, they were greeted with more challenge details. They walked into the workroom to see 5 eliminated looks. Tim soon came in with the infamous button bag and more details. Each designer was to choose a losing look and reposition it to make it a winning look. Tim was clear — these 2 challenges were separate so there was no need for cohesion between the looks. They were also given an additional $100 Mood budget to purchase supplementary fabrics. Emily’s button was drawn first and she chose Samantha’s navy blue evening gown (from the Chopard challenge). Next up was Char, who chose Korina’s most recently eliminated look from the storage bidding wars challenge. Amanda then chose fäde‘s rain-way look. Kini selected Mitchell’s red carpet challenge dress, leaving Sean with no choice but Sandhya’s onesie from the American Girl doll challenge.


With only 1 day left and still 2 looks to complete, Tim also said the designers would have helpers to finish up their work. He said the helpers were there to only assist, not collaborate! And the assistants were none other than the creators of the losing looks just chosen. This is of course brings us to the drama of the episode where a very frustrated and upset Korina was not ready to be back in the workroom, let alone assist Char in her attempt to still make it to fashion week. I do wonder if another designer had chosen Korina’s look if she could have managed to stay. But she still very much had sour grapes and yes, a major attitude. However, regardless of her outward emotions, her elimination was a much harsher one than other designers and quite unprecedented with PR history.


She was eliminated on a group challenge where no bottom group was chosen. She was then pitted against the very designer she was being asked to assist this week. A designer who has been given way more chances to prove herself to the judges this season, yet she still somehow manages to be the recipient of even more PR lives; she’s like a PR catwoman! But really Char should be thankful Korina bowed out. Did she really want someone’s help who didn’t want to be there? So Char worked with Alexander, whose look BTW was not amongst the losing looks graveyard — I wonder why!?! If you went in order of elimination, his look should have been there.


It was soon time for model fittings and Tim-time. Tim reminded the designers the looks needed to stand out. Sean was having some major struggles trying to find a way to re-work Sandhya’s look. Understandable — way too much bubblegum pink! Emily was also struggling a bit on the re-worked look. She said her mind and heart wasn’t in it. She was way to wrapped up in her street inspired look with a hoodie she had been dying to make all season.


The guest judge this week was Shay Mitchell, the super-talented star of ABC Family’s hit drama Pretty Little Liars. Shay was a great choice for this week’s guest judge spot, with helping to decide which designers would go to fashion week. She always looks great on the red carpet and certainly made the rounds herself at NYFW — she was all over the place!


The judges didn’t name a winning designer this week. I’m not sure if the order they announced who was going to fashion week was indicative of anything. But for almost every designer who made it, the judges seemed to love one look, while not really being a fan of the other. Even though I feel it’s been almost meant to be for a Kini/Sean/Amanda finale, I do think each designer is very worthy of their final 3 spot. And no I didn’t forget to mention Char, I just don’t agree she was deserving of yet another chance to present as a finalist. She is for sure going to need a lot of more of her magical mist to beat any of the other 3 designers. And if she does, it would only be out of luck that Sean, Kini, or Amanda slip up and lose it for themselves. Even if you could pick a best look between her 2 dresses this week, it would in no way even compare to Sean, Amanda, or Kini’s best looks this week. But what would PR be this season without 1 hopefully last illogical decision. We better not see any of that on the finale! Ooooo, and also, what would this last runway have been without another popular trend on the season, more fringe! And with that, let’s discuss Sean’s looks first.


So Sean definitely hit a homerun this week with his street-inspired look, but I would label his re-worked garment as a total miss, 3 strikes and he’s out! Well not really out because his street chic look was totally amazing! It would be hard to imagine such a stark white look lasting an entire day on the streets of NYC, but you would certainly turn heads in this look. You could dress it up, dress it down, wear it to brunch, or a rockin’ rooftop soirée. The fit was great. And I loved the cutouts and ladylike collar.


And I think it was Nina who commended Sean for his job well done with hair & make-up. I actually want to give Sean a shout-out for his Aldo nude sandal heels, perfection, and more specifically for the Mary Kay beauty look — love the bold plum lip!



However, I can’t believe no judge bothered to comment on the miss for the accessories and beauty look here. If Nina wants to call out Amanda, I’m not sure what was blinding her vision in reprimanding Sean a bit for his choices with this look. This separates look was not great, but really nothing was redeemable here, the boots, the hair, or the make-up. Sean has worked wonders with fringe before, but the magic just wasn’t present this time. Sandhya couldn’t make this ghastly baby pink work and neither could Sean. But lucky for him, each designer seemed to have one miss this week so the judges were in a bit more of a forgiving mood.


In choosing a best street chic look, it would be a tie between Amanda and Sean. But if I had to choose a best overall designer for the week, judging both of the looks combined, I would pick Amanda. So first, let me do a love-fest over this color-blocked maxi. I mean it is totally to die for. It was very much Amanda. The colors she chose were brilliant. With other maxidresses there is a great deal to choose from with bright summery colors & prints. Amanda was smart to put a different spin on the color choices. I also think she did a great job with the placement of the colors, the cutout, and the draping of the back. I agree with the judges in that the look was sexy, but in a subtle way. I don’t think the accessory and beauty choices were worthy of a Nina reprimand, but as I said earlier, if she is going to be so snippy about one designer, she needs to do the same for all!


But I do love this maxi, beauty & accessories aside. I could see it clearly on the streets of NYC and not only would it turn heads, I think it would stop traffic! Amanda, you can make one for me and send it my way ASAP! I will find a NYC event to rock this look at for sure!



So I believe Heidi said this look was a little too much like what a club hostess would wear, but I guess still wearable at least. It was a bit too short, but I’m happy she decided to somehow still maintain fäde‘s work with his electric lines. It was a bit underwhelming compared to the 1st dress, but most of the re-worked looks fell by the wayside this week. I think it was because the designers had so much time to find inspiration with their street chic looks. They were all feeling so inspired for that 1st day of work. It was understandable they couldn’t all of a sudden find just as much passion, on top of less time to create, for an entire 2nd look. But just as with Sean, Amanda did so well with her other look, and in the judges’ eyes, all was forgiven!


Kini too was comparable in his work for the week, 1 standout and another that was so-so. However his standout look was from the re-worked challenge. He clearly did the best job in repositioning a losing look into a winning look!



Kini reworking Mitchell’s “very red” red carpet look into this boldly glam asymmetrical gown was sheer genius. And yes, that is pun intended since Kini made such a great choice in adding the detail of a sheer asymmetrical sleeve. The point of the original challenge was to create a red carpet look for Heidi and she would have totally been a best dressed in this number. Just as with all of Kini’s work, it was so well-made, very high quality. It was luxuriously superb and I’m always amazed by what Kini can do in such a short amount of time.

Also, Aldo accessories shout-out for this gorgeous nude clutch — love!!


Kini didn’t receive such high praise for his street chic look though. The problem with this look was editing. The pieces didn’t work together as a whole, but were certainly wearable as individual pieces. The judges, especially Heidi, went bananas over this navy trenchcoat. But paired with this structured denim skirt, it was all a bit too much. Shout-out though on all other counts, Aldo accessories, perfectly coordinating black heels & gold bracelets, Philip B. hair, gorgeous wavy hair, & Mary Kay beauty, with a natural, fresh make-up look.


Just as Amanda/Kini/Sean making the finale came as no surprise, neither did Emily’s elimination. You could see it coming all episode long, whether it was from her extreme love & desire to create this hoodie, or her admitted disregard for her re-worked look. The judges were not a fan of either look. Mary Kay beauty shout-out though — simple, natural makeup look


The judges also couldn’t come to any agreement over a look that Emily was truly passionate about. While Heidi seemed fine with the hoodie, Zac was clearly not a fan at all, thinking it was homeless-like. I think Emily found a great print here for the undergarments, but they were too PJ-like when used for both the top & bottom. I think maybe pairing this top with some jeans or leather leggings, it could have worked or been more acceptable for the judges. As far as the grey hoodie though, I mean this is what you would see for sure on the streets of NYC. I’m not sure if it would standout amongst the other pieces of outerwear gracing the streets of NY, but at least Emily stuck to who she was as a designer. And at least at this point, we knew who she was as a designer.



On the other hand, you could not see Emily at all in this re-worked look. And the problem was, Emily’s heart just wasn’t in it and she even said so herself. Adding an asymmetrical sleeve and a printed shortened skirt was not enough here. It all just read as too commercial, which is definitely not how I would label Emily’s work. Her designs are always a bit more unique, more one-of-a-kind. Aldo shout-out though, great choice of nude sandal heels. But with no judges in her corner this left Emily going home. Although if someone can explain to me how Emily wasn’t just as deserving of one 2nd chance, since Char was given like 4, please, go ahead, I’m listening!

According to my chart for how the season has gone, both of these ladies have had 2 high points, but 0 wins. They have had equal the same amount of bottom looks though. The only differences actually work against Char in that she was eliminated and had to save herself with a 1-hour “Save Me” challenge. I’m not seeing what Char has done that was so redeemable. At best, let them each have made their collection and had a face-off to see who would get the final 4th spot if the judges so desperately needed or wanted 4 finalists. I would be just as intrigued to see what Emily would come up with, as the judges are to see what Char will do with even more time!


So I admit, Sandhya got a very harsh critique from me over this season, but it was in part due to the unexplained, illogical judges’ love-fest over her work. Unfortunately, Char will now get some of that same harshness because the judges have been making “0” sense since last week! My comments in no way mean that Char wasn’t deserving of her time on the show or even the Tim Gunn save. I’ve loved many of her looks this season, but her work last week should have sent her home over Korina, and her looks this week, were not deserving of yet another chance in giving her a spot at NYFW. My whole point is to demonstrate the lack of logic with the judges’ decisions. In fact, I think she only got another chance from the judges so they could feel justified in sending Korina home over Char the week before.


Let’s start with the street chic look, which to me read total hoochie. She described this look as Soho?? Hardly! In fact, I’m not sure I would reference NYC in this look at all. The judges thought there was vision here, but yet again, as with many of Char’s looks, poor execution. They were 100% right in that there was too many petals on the skirt. They thought it needed editing, but I’m not quite sure what could have been done to save this look. All of the other designers found such clear vision and inspiration for their street chic looks. And even with Emily being eliminated, she clearly had a passion for what she was creating. I didn’t see that with Char. They all had a day and so I don’t understand why the judges gave such leniency to Char.



What’s even sadder is the complete disconnect between how Char attempted to re-work Korina’s look. I still don’t think Korina’s look was elimination-worthy. But for Char having not only so much fabric, but so many fabric options, and to then come up with a sad, simple black dress, really! Unlike her street chic look, I’m not sure what great idea would have developed with more time. But just like her under-developed street-inspired look, she yet again had execution issues.

And so just to reiterate, I don’t see how an entire competition has not been enough time for her. She’s had the same time constraints like every other designer and why she is deserving of any leniency is beyond me. The other eliminated designers I’m sure had great ideas that could have used more time to flourish. I’m sure somehow she won’t come in 4th place, but I wonder if another designer will lose it for themselves, or if the judges will attempt to justify their decision in sending her to fashion week. Can’t wait to see!

Project Runway, Definitely a SMH Kind of Season!

I wanted to opt for a cutesy or cliche title this week, like “Project Runway Meets Storage Wars”, or something like that. But by episode’s end, I just couldn’t. I’ve been livid & frustrated with this season since episode 1. There has been a lot of discussion about the season being more about the drama than the fashion. It’s been clear to me that the focus was more production-oriented than on the designers and their talent. So as a result of this, forgive me then if my recap is more focused on the edited drama we get to see! Also be warned, this vent-session, my soapbox, has only just begun as I’m still SMH!


But before getting to all of that, let’s set the backdrop and see what the designers had in store for their challenge this week. The designers woke up to a surprise Samsung tablet, watching Heidi teasing a bit with the challenge details. She was saying the key was to unlock creativity and imagination. The group was then off to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to meet Tim to find out more details They enter a huge warehouse and see Tim standing in front of 5 storage bins, the mind being left to wonder….

Screen shot 2014-10-04 at 2.08.58 PM

This was going to be another team challenge, pairings being Kini/Amanda, Char/Sean, & Korina/Emily. Each team was given $500 in order to bid on the various storage units. Other specifics, 2 day challenge, 2 looks, which had to be cohesive. Emily & Korina picked up 2 bins, the first for only a whopping $25! They would be able to make use of some upholstery from furniture and another bin, which had a variety of pieces, including an old wedding dress. Char & Sean also lucked out with 2 units, one that seemingly only had a long blue tablecloth and a couple of dressers. This left Amanda & Kini with sadly only 1 unit, not filled with really any fabric, just a bunch of kids’ toys and all things perfectly fitting for a playroom.


The designers were left with only 30 minutes to collect what they could use for their looks. Later, it was learned that the winner of the challenge would win a full year’s supply of hair care products & styling, all courtesy of Philip B. hair. The teams were off to work for Day 1 of this 2-day challenge. Kini and Amanda were very in sync, having a lot of fun popping soccer balls & what not! Emily & Korina also were working well, agreeing on their vision. It was Sean & Char who were having a little difficulty early on, Sean being worried about what Char was going to be able to accomplish on her own.


Day 2 began with a early Tim visit. The designers knew something was up! And of course, it was. He dropped the surprise that each team would be responsible for another cohesive look. In knowing they might need some fabric, a Mood trip was in order with a $100 budget. As both team members didn’t have to go, Sean, Amanda, & Korina decided to make the trip for their teams. Tim time came later in the day. He was not so sure about Emily’s use of a chair cushion as he thought it was clear it was in fact a cushion. He also had some doubts about Char’s look. But it was Amanda & Kini’s looks that Tim was most concerned with. He thought, wow, is this for a teenage hooker?!?


This left Amanda & Kini to rework a lot within their collection, and they did just that. I was vastly impressed by the turnaround so I give major props to them! Enough with the background, let’s get to this heated & tension-filled runway! This week’s guest judge was former PR winner, a huge success story from this show, probably one of the most successful, if not the most, yes, none other than Christian Siriano!


Let’s discuss first, the easiest pairing of the week, the designers who were in no danger of going home, the clear winning group — Kini & Amanda. This pair had the least amount to work with in their bins. They also had the least amount of fabric or even fabric-like items to choose from. They then suffered a harsh critique from Tim. All of this aside, they still managed to deliver a vibrant, colorful, creative, and fresh mini-collection.


**Side note, loved the Aldo jewelry here, perfectly coordinating jeweled bracelet & earcuffs. The 2 really worked well as a pair. Their pieces had a great story. With what little they had, they made it all work so well and really presented some strong pieces. This is their combined look above, Kini w/ the black full skirt and Amanda with the graphic top.


Above is Kini’s solo look. I’m actually not a fan of the look with the jacket. But hey, as you will see me say again later, if you don’t like a jacket just take it off! But the dress, made of soccer balls, was quite spectacular. I get the judges love-fest over it, but for me, this piece wasn’t so cohesive with the other looks, but standing alone, it was fine. I’m not sure the winner here was so clear-cut, but I’m happy for Kini and another win for him!


But Amanda for sure deserves some kudos as well. She was the lead on wanting this unit because of a psychedelic yetti painting. She created some great pieces for the runway and I loved both of her tops this week. Also, more shout-outs, love the many bangles from Aldo, the luscious curly waves from Philip. B. hair, & bold make-up look by Mary Kay, the cat-eye, slightly red lip.


Discussing everyone else is not quite as easy since the judges strayed from their traditional norm of a top, safe, & bottom group this week. It’s happened before, but whenever PR doesn’t stick to its traditional norms, I’m left to question why & SMH. PR is known for team challenges. Heck, they even had a full season dedicated to just working in teams. We’ve seen time and time again that a given team might have a weaker designer, but because the team had a higher score, that team was safe. The clear bottom team this week should have been Char & Sean, so again, with this not happening, just picking a bottom team, I do wonder why! It would have been so surprising were the bottom group to have been Emily & Korina over Char/Sean.


There was a lot to take in with these 3 pieces, a great deal going on, but it actually works! If you don’t like a cape or jacket, again, take it off. Guess what, there is still something  under that is creative and wearable. Many of these looks could be mixed & matched, very versatile. Who wouldn’t want a mini-collection with some options. In fact, having only 3 looks, for me, wouldn’t be enough at this point. So with this pairing, and even with Amanda/Kini, the outerwear could come off or be paired with another look. This combo look above of Emily & Korina I thought was great for their story. You could see it in any colder weather area, NYC, London, Paris, and more! Nina clearly had something up her butt with this collection and I’m not sure why. I question her take on fashion that she can’t separate the higher level of creativity and practicality in this collection versus that of Sean & Char. And Korina’s leather leggings here were great!

Shout-outs also to the chic updo by Philip B. hair & the Aldo accessories, boots & yes, even the hats! This is a runway show, give us a little drama and that means if you can amp it up with beauty accessories, do so! And again, questioning Nina, what was wrong with the red lip here, but it was okay the darker, somewhat red lip with Amanda & Kini?? The Mary Kay beauty look was great, less dramatic eye paired with a bold red lip works for me!


The judges have been so illogical and wonky with their critiques and resulting decision-making this season. I’ll get to that more later, but Emily was very much deserving of safety this week. I agreed with Tim earlier on, worried about the shoulders, but on the actual model, the issue didn’t seem as apparent. This was a great outerwear look, paired perfectly with fashionable, chic separates. I’m still not sure why this outerwear piece was so well received, but not the others in this collection. I guess that is just one of the many questions I’m left with after this episode.


So again, I feel very sure and fine in saying Sean & Char should have been in the bottom this week. I in no way felt Sean should have gone, which means, yes, Char would have been out of the two. What bothers me about this 1 hour “Save Me” Challenge, which we’ve seen on PR before, is that I don’t think we would have seen it had the judges just picked a bottom group, which is what they should have done. And yes, the judges loved Sean’s jacket, but he was also responsible for the not so impressive sheer mesh looks, and has fluctuated between the top & bottom all season. But again, I don’t think this 1-hour challenge would have happened between Sean & Char, and I think it was very much unfair to force it upon Korina & Char.

And were these 3 looks not too similar?? We all remember an earlier challenge this season where Hernan, Carrie, & Sandhya were slammed for creating 3 similar looks, hmmmm, and this wasn’t almost the same thing! Another reason, leaving me SMH!

pr13-rr-ep2-cs-f      pr13-rr-ep2-sg-f


In looking at one of Sean’s solo looks, I’m still just SMH as to how the judges just didn’t pick a bottom group. Think back to the fact that this pairing won 2 storage units, one of which Sean dubbed as the best of the bunch. There seemingly bare unit, in fact, ended up having more than what met the eye. Poor Alexander was eliminated last week, in part, because he had 2 days, a decent budget, and the judges weren’t impressed. Where was that train of thought for this group of pieces. I just don’t think there was enough here to justify 2 days worth of work. And yes, you could say fashion is not all about bells & whistles, sometimes more minimal looks work. But this is not simplicity at it’s best! And models not being able to walk down the runway, or at least struggling a great deal, really?? This isn’t enough to justify the judges being able to clearly distinguish between a safe group & a bottom one!! Come on Project Runway producers, if you are at least going to show your heavy hand, be a bit more discrete about it!


So as much as I am coming down on Sean & Char’s team, I do think Sean shouldn’t have gone home this week. Had Char’s one piece been a knockout, then it could justify sending Sean home since his lampshade gown was not great. But the judges gushed over his blue jacket so really, he would have never gone home over the 2. I’m not sure why there is so much love over this jacket. It’s not one of Sean’s stronger pieces for me.


Going back to Korina’s solo look, I again feel shout-outs are justified for another chic updo by Philip B. hair & the Aldo accessories, namely here, YES, the hat! But looking at the entire look, I don’t think, again, that the Korina/Emily pairing should have been the bottom group. And the groups & resulting elimination should have been judged as a whole team. But clearly the judges wanted to sing a different tune for some reason this week, and they singled out one designer from I guess 2 bottom teams — Korina & Char. I think back to bottom looks of PR seasons past and I’m not sure why this look would be in that realm. I’m not sure what was up with Nina this week because it was only her coming down so harshly on Korina. If the you don’t like the cape, fine, take it off, the look is still great. And Korina works with a signature Southwestern, cultural vibe. That is her aesthetic, one of her signatures. When all of a sudden on PR is it not okay to be who you are a designer. Amanda’s aesthetic is very boho-chic, 70’s throwback, and the judges don’t feel the need to chime in for her continued use of that signature; so why Korina?? Still SMH!


The 1-hour challenge I would give to Char. But I don’t think that was even needed. Comparing Char’s original challenge look to Korina, Char should have been eliminated. The reason I question the 1-hour challenge is unfortunately based off of Char being in the bottom 2. I’m not sure that she reads my blogs, so I mean no disrespect to her as a designer, but this is a competition show, and one must go home each week. I think PR should not continuously save someone. No designer should have that many chances and Char has had a few this season. Tim saved her. The Tim Gunn save is fine in my book, but at that point, why the judges would feel the need to offer her another chance, I mean really?? It makes no sense! Last week, with the whole Zippergate issue, Tim sort of stepped in to save her again. The judges might have had a whole different mindset looking at Char’s look come down the runway with a busted zipper. Another issue I had with the Char/Korina face-off is that in every other group, each designer had a solo look and took part in a combo look, all except Char.

So as much as I disagree with the 2nd twist this week, Korina & Char were then forced to face-off in a 1-hour “Save Me” challenge. Each lady had 1 hour to create a look of their choosing. They were to use the remaining fabrics leftover in the workroom. Also, they could make use of their partner from this week. Korina clearly let frustration takeover and she bit off more than she could chew.

Korina clearly was throwing some shade & an attitude, but I’m sorry, it was understandable in my book. Go back thru my comments for this episode, the judges stray off course, were not making any sense with their comments, and then have you to face off against a designer who has been given like 9 lives in the competition. I’d be pissed too!


Char’s 1-hour look was way better, but had the judges not played a bit of the favorite game, we wouldn’t have seen this look. I’ve mentioned my mind being left to wonder all throughout my post and here is what I think. Char & Emily have yet to win a challenge, whereas Korina has won twice. She could have been the dark horse to make it to the finale. I think the powers that be really want it to be Amanda, Kini, & Sean in the finale. I don’t have a problem with this, but at least let it happen fairly, naturally. Emily & Char, I wish y’all the best of luck in breaking thru this force-field, but basically reiterating what Sean said, I think it might be easier now to make one’s way to the finale facing off against Char. If the designers are saying it, again, it makes me wonder if someone else wanted things to go this way as well!


And yup, you got it, still SMH! This is a major Shame, shame for me with PR this week!


Project Runway Firsts this Week

There are 2 firsts worth mentioning — Zippergate & a really stern critique from Tim Gunn. Before getting to those specifics, let’s set the backdrop with this week’s challenge instructions. The episode was all about creating a makeover. Keeping a “make”over in mind, Tim Gunn had global makeup artist and Mary Kay makeup consultant Luis Casco alongside to further discuss the challenge details for the week.


The designers were off to Washington Square Park in search of a muse. They had to look for the average, everyday woman, not a model. Working with their client, the designers were to create a look that would give their muse a makeover. The prize for the winning designer/muse pairing was a feature for a Mary Kay ad in Marie Claire magazine. Finally, a challenge with an actual prize! Was this the first for the season??


They had 30 minutes to find someone and then 30 minutes to chat & sketch. It is NY, so at first we were seeing a great deal of “NOs”! Sean seemed to be having the most difficulty, but was finally able to locate a winner. It was then off to Mood to begin this 2-day challenge, with a $200 budget. Later in the 1st day, Luis Casco would make a consultation visit with each designer & muse to figure out a beauty look for the makeover.


Getting back to the workroom, an early focus was set on Kini, who was having another case of designer’s block. It started while at Mood and continued on as Day 1 endured. Luckily for Kini, this was a 2-day challenge and he had plenty of time to get back on track. It was Alexander who was out of luck this week and with the 2-day challenge not being of much help. His bad news was delivered on Day 2, not leaving much time to re-focus and re-work his look. This situation was also the 1st of two Project Runway firsts in this episode.


Tim time was certainly par for the course in most aspects. But when it came time for Tim’s talk with Alexander, it was definitely a PR first. Tim said this was one of the most “hideous garments he had ever seen.” This was quite shocking to me! Tim should be very honest in his critiques. But I can think of many other times such extreme words could have come out of his mouth. I 100% disagree that out of every PR look we’ve ever seen in the workroom and during Tim time that this was the most hideous! In fact, this statement even could have been uttered a couple of times this season!


Alexander’s major freakout moment was certainly warranted. But he soon shook it off and was back to work. He was not quite ready for model fitting time, but he was able to explain his new vision. Mostly we saw a lot of happy models during their fittings. There were some great pairings made, lots of fun interactions between the designers and their muses.


The morning of the runway brought us the 2nd PR first for the week, now being dubbed as “Zippergate”! The designers were running around with last minute adjustments and fine tuning as per norm. Somehow as Char’s model was getting dressed, the zipper popped all of the way off, leaving the model’s entire side exposed. The problem — it was time to go to the runway so the designer’s work time was up! We have seen plenty of times where Tim has had to give stern warnings about time running out. Tim said had this been any other week, with regular models, the dress would have been left as is. The model would have walked fully exposed on the side.

But this week, with non-models walking the runway, he didn’t feel it would be fair to this young lady as she was a guest. Char had an extra zipper she could easily put in so Tim presented to the other designers a question, if it would be okay if Char were given 10 extra minutes to insert the new zipper. Of course the other designers, being put right on the spot, in front of all of the models, said “Yes.” As soon as they got to the holding room though, they were all soon quick to question their decision. They knew it would have been awkward to have made a fuss in front of everyone. And they couldn’t take back their decision, but it was a question of fairness as all are given the same amount of time each week. It’s a PR mandate that when Tim says “Let’s go to the runway” that time is up! Char coming back to the holding room was certainly AWKWARD!


The judges also took notice that the runway started late. Heidi asked Tim about what was going on, but he requested to discuss it after the runway and initial critiques were given. Two lovely guest judges joined the panel this week, actress Michelle Monaghan and TV host/model Asha Leo. The top & bottom 3 seemed fairly obvious. But even with 3 clear looks for the bottom, it was still a bit difficult as all of the model muses seemed to love their makeover looks.

I did want to give a quick shout-out for Sean’s look, still sticking with the season of fringe! I thought he really listened to his muse Lelia. She is an actress and singer. This black fringed dress could work as an upscale performance look or at an industry premiere of some sort. She looked elegantly stunning. I loved the sheer neckline. It was as if Sean had channeled old Hollywood retro glam to create this delightful number.


I’m not sure why this look wasn’t given any top 3 consideration, especially since Emily’s look wasn’t unanimously loved for a top 3 spot. Also Mary Kay shout-out for Sean’s beauty look — great pop of red for a bold lip!

As mentioned, Emily’s flamenco styled look made the top 3. The judges at first seemed to not all be in agreement about this placement. But Emily’s muse, Julia, was certainly a fan! She may have even helped in changing a judges’ mind or 2 about this look. Emily & Julia had an instant connection over a French fashion designer Thierry Mugler. Their amazing bond led to this dramatic creation and it was clear Julia loved it!


The judges still thought it was a bit too costume-y. Many were not a fan of the ruffles, but thought the use of red was a great choice. However they did agree since Julia was so in love with the look that this was a positive. Nina said it was Emily’s best work so far this season. Shout-out for Emily’s Aldo shoes selection — perfection with these black heels.

Even with early onset designer’s block, Kini still managed to gain another top 3 placement. A full on jeans look is not my cup of tea. I’m not sure if I would wear this look, but it works for his model muse. Originally she was not a fan of a jean on jean look, but soon changed her tune.


There was still some mixed judges reviews. Most thought the look was cool, but maybe a bit too serious for a date night. I’m not sure where that train of thought was coming from. It’s not as if this look was super formal. In fact, it was fairly casual, which is quite fitting for date night. I wouldn’t see it being out of place at a regular, everyday restaurant or bar. Maybe the heels gave it some sort of escalated appeal, but the heels were for the runway. This look would work and be just fine with flats as well.

This left Korina rounding out the top 3 and being the clear winner for the week. Her model muse was Shelby, a ballerina. And in this look Korina created for her, she was definitely a bad-ass ballerina. Let’s first just dedicate a full on lovefest for how great this royal blue leather/houndstooth mix jacket is. I mean who would not want this jacket! The whole look was just so chic and really worked for Shelby!


But the greatness doesn’t just end with the jacket. When the jacket comes off, there is a super cute, feminine frock. It was a LBD with so many nice touches — razorback and crinkle pleats. Job well done Korina and very much well deserved win! Shout-outs also for Korina’s choices with Philip B. hair, super chic & sleek, & Mary Kay, another great bold red lip!

I hated seeing Amanda in the bottom 3, but she was having an off week. I knew she wasn’t in danger of going home and not all of the news was bad for the look. The judges didn’t think the length of the black leather vest worked with the dress, but all loved the vest nonetheless. Another great aspect with this look was just how much Amanda’s model muse Eva loved the look. The judges also agreed the direction was right, but the execution was off.


The dress was very short in the back and Nina mentioned the hem was off. Zac thought the look was a little outlet mall-ish. Shout-outs though for Mary Kay makeup look with a great smoky eye & Philip B. hair for luscious waves!

The bottom 2 was quite obvious. Being that it was Char & Alexander it does leave the mind to wonder how Zippergate impacted the results. Say for instance Char’s model had walked the runway fully exposed. Would she have gone home instead of Alexander with some clearer execution issues? My guess is no. The judges didn’t know about the zipper issue when placing Char in the bottom 3, but seemed to know about it before making their decision on sending Alexander home. They knew she was given 10 extra minutes to insert a new zipper, but the zipper wasn’t their issue.


The judges didn’t think Char paid much attention to who her client was. Her model muse is a pre-school teacher and this look didn’t seem quite fitting. Char mentioned her muse’s husband being a rock musician and her needing looks for his shows. But Nina was quick to pipe in that there is a way to look cool, look sexy, but still be sophisticated and appropriate. The judges also added in the fit was off, it was too short and had too much going on with the peplum jacket. I agree! I will say I love these sexy heels from Aldo, but not for this look. It kind of made her look a little hoochie-ish.

Ultimately, the judges had more issues with Alexander’s look and it being too plain, not matching of the $200 budget given. This left fan fave, designer Alexander, going home. He went a wrong direction this week and then ran out of time trying to re-work a new look. This new ensemble had some execution issues and was very blah. His model muse Marisa seemed to be okay with it, but the judges were not letting that impact their decision. They also learned about Tim’s harsh words and that Alexander had to start over.


The judges were also not a fan of this new look being so Spring-like, but with wintry, heavier fabrics. I wonder though had Alexander stuck with his original choice would he still have gone home? I get Tim was not a fan of the look. And yes, some of the shapes on his original piece did resemble amoebas. But the reason I ask is because at least there was something to his original piece; it might not have come off as so boring, too plain. Another PR mystery left unsolved!

Next week, it seems we are back to many types of challenges we’ve seen numerous times this season — unconventional & teams!







PR Recap Time — Rain Rain, Go Away….

Hah! No sense in finishing that song because for Project Runway, the truth is, the rain should never go away! On PR this week, the regular runway was out the door. And in its place we got to see the 1st ever PR RAINWAY! Rain was pouring as the models strutted down the runway and I loved it all — great designs and a great show!


Heidi & Tim were front and center this week to not only introduce this new rainway, but also this week’s challenge. The designers were to create avant garde looks, which of course had to withstand the rain. Fashion and technology were compared when discussing innovation being essential, being able to push the boundaries, such as with Samsung’s new Curved Ultra HD TV. As technology pushes the envelope so too should the designers. They were encouraged to be forward thinking, cutting edge — creating a look that would WOW from every angle.


The designers were more than happy for their 1st 2-day challenge this season and were joyously off to Mood with a $300 budget. Tim added that heavy duty construction items for structure and contours would be available for use in the workroom as supplementary materials. But before the designers were off, PR of course displayed some editing foreshadowing magic as we already knew fäde was struggling a bit in this challenge with designer’s block. It was nice to see that Amanda was there for him during a tough time just as he was there for her when she was having a rough week — love those PR friendships!pr13-ep8-episode10At Mood the designers were of course all bumpin’ into each other in the same section of the store — VINYL, thinking of that rain! They were soon back to the workroom to learn how this 2 day challenge would work, Tim coming later on the 1st day, and the models would be there on the 2nd day. Tim time of course saw some great words of wisdom — Kini to watch for gimicks, wonderment for if Sean’s effect would come thru. But my 2 faves were with Amanda and this is the season of the vagina! And for Alexander, April showers will bring May flowers!


The designers were able to un-wind just a bit for this week since it was a 2-day challenge. In between day 1 & 2, they were back to the Gotham Apartments to let loose a bit, enjoy some wine and food up on the rooftop! The morning of day 2 also allowed for some time to make calls to home, so those were a few nice moments to see from each of the designers.


Day 2 also brought about a new decision for Korina to change-up her look. It was then time for model fittings and Sean’s dye effect was still in question. But how great was it of Kini to offer some friendly advice!


The morning of the runway was typical, full of a bit of chaos — preparing for a new runway, last minute adjustments, some looks beginning to come apart, and yes, Sean was still worried if his magic moment would come thru without any issue.


Guest judge this week was Showtime’s Master of Sex actress Caitlin Fitzgerald. I totally forgot Caitlin was on Gossip Girl, which is a show that of course almost had fashion as its own character, thanks to the very talented costume designer Eric Daman. Ironically, Caitlin was “working” at a very upper level fashion position with W Magazine! But back to PR and this amazing runway presentation we got to witness, what a show! I’m still not clear on how the top 3 came about, but heck, that happens almost every week for me with PR.

The top 2 though, was abundantly clear. All 4 judges were singing the praises for both Kini and Sean. I’m happy Kini finally got his win, even if it was shared with Sean. I think Kini was just as much deserving, if not more.


Sean’s look was magical in its full blown, dye coming out moment. But the “before” was just a plain white dress, and the “after”, an abstract dye-stained result. The avant garde aspect was for sure in the exact moment the water hit the garment and made the dye start dripping out. So again, happy Kini got his win, but Sean for sure deserved his top placement kudos as well.


Sean definitely exemplified art coming to life this week and there was no doubt you could feel the magic of this moment. And the great aspect, you won’t get dye on you since there was an underlayer cover to protect your skin from the dye. It would be super fun to be out in the rain during a summer rainstorm and have all eyes on you as your dress was constantly changing. Shout-out also to Sean for picking some perfectly coordinating white heels to go with his look from Aldo shoes


But for me it was Kini who hit the homerun, not only a homerun, but knocking it out of the park. This look was head to toe stunning, a full on show, avant garde piece. Every detail was so well thought out and this was just such an eye-catching piece. I was right there with Zac and knowing that all faces would be lit up in seeing this black umbrella-inspired number. Some of the judges were not a fan of the hat, but I thought it was perfection for his runway presentation. The winning aspect for Kini was his look didn’t need the rain to come alive, it was just as vibrant and dynamic even if the rainway was not in existence. I have to also give a beauty shout-out for Kini’s Mary Kay make-up look, great shine on the complexion and I loved the bold red lip!


The third spot of the top was confusing for me though, with Sandhya getting it. The reason for confusion was not simply because I was unimpressed, but because of the judges commentary. There were some positive statements, but it seemed as if only Heidi was fully on board with this look. So I’m just not sure how with only 1 judges support, out of 4 judges, that she scored high enough to garner a top 3 placement. I didn’t realize a look of bright colors automatically means happy, which then equates to fashion. Nina was right on point in saying this look lacked sophistication, very circus-y and child-like. Sandhya told Tim she was able to edit extremely well, but I’m not sure where her editing eye was with this look. There were not only too many bright colors, but there was way too much going on. Come on judges, if you are really going to try & sell this as a top look, at least sound convincing yourself when you critique it! Because there were 3 other safe looks that probably had mixed reviews as well and certainly ones that were at least fashionable avant garde rather than looks more fit for an unconventional challenge. I mean it had pinwheels just thrown about all over the back right!


Speaking of safe looks, I was a fan of Alexander’s floral number. It looked great coming down the runway and purple was such a great color to mix in with this look. Also, he gets a Philip B. hair shout-out, great chic bun! And finally, a Mary Kay beauty shout-out!!  But I have a Sr. beauty consultant with Mary Kay on board this week to further detail this make-up look. Meet Lauren Barker and see what she had to say! And really so many of the looks made use of a bold eye this week, so the “Graphic Eye Tutorial” below is a great resource for this runway!

“Those models were gorgeous in our bold Mary Kay colors!  The ladies looked great in our Peacock Blue Mineral Eye Color, True Dimensions Lipstick in First Blush and Gel Eyeliner in Black just to name a few.  Want your own runway look?  Luis Casco gave us a glimpse at how to make the perfect Graphic Eye Look with a two-tone cat eye.  Follow these steps to get runway-ready! Liked what you saw on Project Runway?  Contact me to make your own perfect look.  Use our Virtual Makeover tool to discover what colors you will love!”



Shout-outs aside, let’s move onto the more unfortunate news — the bottom 3. Korina landed in the bottom this week, but of course was there ever any real concern?? She did have immunity, the last one! Clearly a last minute change-up didn’t work in her favor. I got what the judges were saying with how flimsy and unfinished this look was. I did however love her choice of Aldo strapped heels!!


Emily was filled with confidence all during this episode, but the judges ended up saying this look was not strong enough. The look was a bit more superhero than avant garde, but it did have potential. I think if she had focused more on structure and volume for the look, not so much added details with the shoulder pads and gloves, then the judges might have been more on board. Heidi was somewhat more favorable, but the rest of the judges were all about the look being so predictable and something they’ve seen before. Another great Aldo shoes look — love the black booties!


This left fäde as the one who went home. It didn’t come as much of a surprise. He just lost it this week and was uninspired. I have no doubts he is a great designer, but PR is a show that pushes you to be creative at the snap of a finger, needing something new for each challenge. He just hit a block as writers do all the time. Just as the judges said, it wasn’t strong, not enough for an avant garde challenge.

PR Designers Get to Meet Some Major Bling!!

So yes, courtesy of Chopard jewelry, the Project Runway designers were fortunate enough to select some immaculate pieces of jewelry to work with this week. Not exactly work with hands on because as we later saw, it was very much “lookie, but no touchie”! The Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, was with Tim to further explain this week’s challenge. Caroline would also serve as this week’s guest judge.


The challenge this week was to create an extravagant eveningwear look inspired by Chopard jewelry pieces. But not only would the jewelry serve as an inspiration, the looks would also incorporate the jewelry. Yes! This meant the models would get to don some very expensive and luxurious pieces of jewelry! Tim reminded the designers this was their moment to WOW the judges, pull out all the stops. Chopard is often seen on the red carpet so the designers had a great deal to live up to. Here are just a few examples of some looks incorporating Chopard that I’ve included on my Fashion Nexus Best Dressed lists!

1398798809_487230905_elizabeth-hurley-560_640   Chopard diamond earrings

Chopard earrings, ring, & bracelet     051414-cannes-red-carpet-7-567

The button bag was back this week. So No Sean, you didn’t get to pick what jewelry piece each designer would work with! Although really there were no bad options. Sean did get to pick first though and whether it was production’s hand in the mix or not, I’m glad Kini was able to choose second. He should have won last week so it only seemed fitting he chose toward the beginning of the bunch. Before heading off to Mood for this 1 day challenge, $250 budget, Tim came by the workroom for a couple of additional surprises.


First, Tim decided to make use of his one-time only Tim Gunn Save. So yes! Char was back in the game! Was the save a bit too soon? Perhaps. Regardless, it at least means that the designers know from hear on out, there are no second chances left. Each week you have to go big or go home. Heidi also announced this was the last week for immunity. So really, every week from here on out, the designers have no choice but to step it up!


The 2nd bit of news from Tim was a field trip to provide some additional inspiration for this week’s challenge. Everyone was off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take in the Charles James exhibit, which was of course the unveiling exhibit for this year’s 2014 Met Gala, aka Met Ball. Charles James was a major fashion designer in the 1950s; he is widely known for being America’s first couturier.


As the designers got back to the workroom, I was pleased to see that the drama of last week seemingly was no more. KUDOS ladies! But a new battle was rising………the battle of the navy blues that is. Both Sean and Samantha chose a navy blue fabric to work with this week. So of course the question was on both of their minds as to whose navy blue gown would come out on top.


Other workroom happenings this week as we breezed thru Tim-time and the model fittings — it seemed as if “Speedy Kini” was not around; Samantha was making her very 1st gown; and Amanda was really battling with the direction of her design.


The morning of the runway was full of the norm chaotic last-minute craziness. It was then time for the runway presentations where we saw that poor Nina had a bit of an ankle injury this week :(, complete with crutches and ankle boot!


The judges said this week, overall, they were impressed. And even when Heidi was announcing the winner and who would go home, she said again, how the designers had all really done a great job. This was not my sentiment at all. For me, I guess the bottom was a bit more shocking because I thought other designers could have ended up in the bottom just as easily. I’m not sure that all of the safe looks were executed perfectly, but it did seem that each of the bottom looks had some execution issues. So my assumption is that some of the safe looks I considered a bit of a yawn were likely safe because execution mistakes were either not present or not obvious.


Kini’s look was definitely one of mixed reviews. I knew he wouldn’t end up in the bottom 2! I’m not sure what it was with the white looks for the runway, but they didn’t seem to have a luxe feel to really match the jewels; this includes Char’s dress as well. I was surprised that the budget this week was only $250 being that the designers were working with such expensive pieces of jewelry. Perhaps if Kini had a larger budget he wouldn’t have chosen neoprene. Kini clearly had a design concept, and with a different fabric, or even in a different color, I think it would have paid off more. The bodice did have issues though! However I’m sure Kini can bounce back! Mary Kay shout-out: bold smoky bronzed eye!


Alexander also had a great design concept, but it was too much to execute well in such a short amount of time. One of Alexander’s biggest issues was that the neckline did hide this stunning ruby necklace. But also, the gown really just felt overworked. And the back was definitely worse than the front.


However from this angle, you can get a better view of my hair shout-out from Philip B. hairlove this chic bun! I also loved Alexander’s beauty look, so Mary Kay shout-out as well.


This left Samantha being eliminated this week. I don’t think this was the worst dress of the bunch. There were several dresses that were a bit of a snooze-fest, very basic. There were looks that also weren’t very red-carpet worthy, whereas at least Samantha’s gown could have worked on a red carpet. I think it could have used a necklace though! But in going with the judges bottom 2, it usually represents a designer who did too much and one who did too little. Generally, the designer who did too little goes home. But I loved Samantha kept her model’s hair down this week, Philip B hair shout-out for wavy tresses!


I got where the judges were coming from with this week’s top looks. They were clearly not looking for dresses that were a yawn. Rather, they rewarded risks! They wanted looks that could work on the red carpet, that lived up to the Chopard jewelry pieces being incorporated. Amanda’s look was definitely a risk. It paid off for all of the judges, minus Zac. This was clearly a look that would be loved or hated. It would end up on some best dressed lists, but perhaps for others, the worst dressed. I applauded Amanda for being different though and taking a risk. Safe designers take note! I loved the neckline for the jumpsuit and was pleased Amanda did pay attention to both pieces of her look. Finally, Aldo shout-out, a pair of heels I can see and that coordinate well with a look!


Sean’s strapless gown was not bad, but seeing it come down to him & Korina for the win, I am happy Korina received that honor. I’m not a huge fan of velvet. But the neckline with this necklace was also throwing me off. That sapphire necklace, while insanely gorgeous, I think is insanely difficult to make work with a look and not have it be too much. For this look, the Chopard jewelry all seemed a bit too much. But compared to the very safe looks from the other designers, Sean deserved to be in the top. His gown had such a great fit, and as he described, a very regal feel to it. The back was also quite stunning!


Korina really pulled out all of the stops this week, just as Tim said at the start of the episode. How risky was it to use an upholstery fabric and as Sean mentioned, not have it look like a couch! The long printed coat was soooooo Korina. It was bold and statement-making. She also did a lovely job with the black dress, showing that the look could work even without the coat. But really, the look paid such homage to the dramatic, dangling Chopard necklace. It certainly was the best matched look to any of the Chopard necklaces for this challenge. Korina took a risk; it deservedly paid off. She created something different and stuck true to her aesthetic. Great bold beauty look & shout-out also with Mary Kayfull details below!






Poor Heidi! — Places to Go, But Ahhhhh, Nothing to Wear!

So what’s the solution?? Duh! Just make it a PR challenge! This week, with the 2014 Emmy season quickly approaching, Heidi was in need of something to wear for the Creative Arts Emmy’s red carpet. She instructed the designers to keep with their POV, but to also keep her sense of style in mind. She wanted the unexpected, a fearless fashion forward look that would not put her on anyone’s worst dressed list! Lucky for Heidi she had 12 eager beaver designers ready and rearing! Well maybe not all 12 as we later saw!


Prior Heidi Klum Red Carpet Look — 2014 CFDA Awards — On My Best Dressed List!

A few of the designers were quick to worry as red carpet attire was not something they had made before. Before going to Mood with their $250 budget, Tim stopped in with some important reminders — Heidi has worn it all, solids, prints, varied necklines. And as was clearly demonstrated from Heidi’s red carpet dociet, she is not married to any particular look; her sense of style runs the gambit! Sketch-time still revealed many designers’ mix of emotions, but it was time for Mood so the designers could get started on this 1-day challenge!


Tim was still there at Mood to hand out more reminders, such as be careful with fabric choices and to get what you need now! How ironic right?!? It seemed as if the designers heeded to this warning, spending nearly all of their $250 budget! The designers were soon back to the workroom with Korina off to investigate what the other designers were doing. Many designers were soon flocking over to Kini’s work area as #SpeedyKini was still present and accounted for in the workroom!!


Tim-time was of course joined with the client this week, Heidi! The thunder noise effect we heard in the background, the looks of terror, all appropriate! And here are just a few of the words of wisdom from Heidi — “Don’t bore”; “I need the cleavage”‘ “I want the sex appeal”; “Don’t be Dynasty”‘ “No nap for Kini today”; “Let’s show some skin”; “Wake the babies up”; & “No tears”! Needless to say — a lot of “Make it Work” moments!


The designer struggles were very apparent, so Tim & Heidi came back to the workroom with some new challenge instructions. She offered the designers a chance to go back to Mood with an additional $100. Only seven designers went back, but it was Sandhya who knew that left 5 designers with a spare $100. So on top of close to $250 already spent, she now added another $432. Smart move, but as we later saw, it wasn’t a great pay off as she didn’t even make top 3 this week! Kind of interesting that designers who worked with nearly half of her budget somehow still landed in the top 3! As for the other designers who returned to Mood many were in the same boat, scared, having to start over, with time running out!


Emily brought up an interesting point in that this return trip to Mood, an additional budget, did seemingly give some designers a 2nd chance, an advantage perhaps? But the offer was made to all of the designers. As seen with the model fittings and later on with the runway, was the 2nd trip to Mood really an advantage?? The designers who ended up in the bottom this week — all Mood returnees. And many of the returnees had to start over, which didn’t leave them a whole lot of time.


The guest judge this week was Olympic gold medalist and 4 time World Cup skiing champ Lindsey Vonn. I’m not sure of the red carpet connection on this one, but she knew what she was talking about and gave some thoughtful critiques. Now with the morning of the runway, Tim noted progress. But after the runway presentation ended Heidi was still disappointed. I agree with Heidi. There were certainly some stunning looks. But I thought the bottom clearly represented the looks where mistakes were very much obvious. However, a lot of the safe looks still didn’t translate so well with this red carpet challenge — many were kind of a yawn, a little too basic. It was kind of on point that certain designers were “safe” this week as a lot of their looks were just that — SAFE!


The bottom looks were a lot easier to sum up this week. In fact, there isn’t much need to discuss each one separately. My critiques were very much in line with what the judges had to say. These bottom looks were very basic and still not even well executed. The looks all seemed very sloppy/messy and it was clear time was a factor. The mistakes were just all so glaringly obvious from uneven hem-lines to puckering at the seams — so much looked unfinished. And all of the designers seemed to know this. For all 3 of the designers, designing red carpet attire was unfamiliar territory, and so clearly fear took over. It was of course difficult to see 2 designers go!


With all of the designers on an equal playing field in terms of being in the bottom, I’m sure the judges took into consideration their prior work. Mitchell had been in the bottom only once, but I think what had hurt him here was he had yet to have a true shining moment in the judges’ eyes. They might have been unsure with his vision, his aesthetic.


Kristine was the 2nd designer given the axe this week, which was quite contradictory with my line of thinking for Mitchell. She too had been in the bottom, just last week in fact, but unlike Mitchell, she had been in the top — twice in fact counting the group challenge. It was likely planned to have a dual elimination this season, but I’m not sure this was the right week. And the judges did note a couple of positives with the look.


Korina was the 3rd designer in the bottom and escaped elimination this week. This was her 1st bottom appearance so that was probably her saving grace this week. I did have a few positives with Korina’s overall look though — lovely side-swept do courtesy of Philip B. hair; clean, natural, fresh Mary Kay beauty make-up look; & although not shoes, still courtesy of Aldo accessories, I thought the elegant, statement-making earrings were a nice touch!


The top looks this week were certainly a breath of fresh air and I 100% agreed with the judges — FINALLY!! I think Heidi could have rocked each of these looks, but based on the great press Sean’s dress has been receiving, I’m thinking Heidi’s gut instincts were right in naming him the winner this week. Other designers this week tried to make an expensive fabric do their work, and the same could have been said for a basic fringe dress. But Sean put his own modern twist on his ombre royal blue fringe dress. The color was 100% spot-on, PHENOMENAL! Many designers made use of an open back this week and Sean’s was very much top-notch and at the top of the bunch! The judges were right in that this dress would photograph beautifully and in so many ways. This was a great comeback for Sean and I’m happy for him, very well deserved!


Kini also deserves some major props this week, keeping on the “top looks” train! I’m sure he is very much ready for a win, but without that, I’m positive a job well done for 2 weeks now will be remembered. I always gravitate to bold colors or prints when I first create a best dressed list, to see if I have any faves. So Sean’s great use of color this week likely helped in his win. But my best dressed lists never fail to include an elegant black floor-length gown(s). And I’m sure Kini’s look would have made mine! This look was so chic, so sophisticated, and very fitting for the red carpet. Another gorgeous open back as well! What I also loved was that Kini listened to Heidi, while still staying true to his design aesthetic. And I very much agree with Nina in how this dress perfectly hugged the model, such a great fit! The little critique I have is that I didn’t think the look needed the lengthy necklace, but great call with the bold smoky eye provided by Mary Kay!!


Amanda topped the highest scoring looks this week. This is definitely a look that some are going to love and others just aren’t. As we even saw with the judges, Zac was not a fan of all the beading. But what I loved about seeing this look in the top — it was a risk. It was unexpected, but as we’ve seen from other risk-taking top looks this season, IT WAS NOT DIY or arts & craft!! This was a new side of Amanda, but it was still Amanda — just her aesthetic at an amplified level. I could very much see it on Heidi and on the red carpet. Another aspect I love about Amanda is she is a designer who each week truly thinks of the overall look. I’m always a fan of the added details. And so again this week, more Shout-outs for her fishtail braid, a breath of fresh air for red carpet hair stylings, courtesy of Philip B. hair; perfect make-up look, not just a standard smoky eye, but very nice touch with a tangerine/red lip from Mary Kay; and again, no shoe Shout-out & I don’t love the earrings with this look, but very on point with Aldo accessories, the gold statement-making bracelet.


More Accessories Shout-outs:

  • Alexander — chic side-swept waves by Philip B. hair, perfectly coordinated silver cuff from Aldo accessories; & stunning make-up beauty look from Mary Kay, subtle smoky eye & pop of pink lips!
  • Samantha — more lovely curled tresses, waviness to the max, courtesy of Philip B. hair!!


PR/Ep 4 — Let’s Remix this Business!

So this week’s episode started out as per norm — the challenge guessing game and what might be in store for the future! The one difference was by the end of the challenge reveal, I kind of wanted a burger!! I think Kini did as well!


The designers arrived at Red Robin to meet with Tim to receive their instructions for the week. Joining Tim was VP of Red Robin Brand Transformation Jason Rusk. Also joining this well-dressed duo were some not so well-dressed male models, sporting various classic and vintage tuxe styles. And yes, this includes the cheesy light blue number better known for being bad prom fashion!


This week the designers were to re-purpose and remix an array of men’s vintage suits to create a look for the modern woman. At first I think the designers were hoping this wasn’t a menswear challenge. But I think a few would have rather had that than this one! The male models’ suits were to serve as an inspiration for their look this week, but also the FABRIC!! The designers were to use the jacket and pants to transform a classic tuxe to a high fashion womenswear look. The suit fabric had to be prominent in the final look.


Now if some off-putting fabric was not enough of a twist this week, PR introduced a new spin on designers choosing what suit they would work with this week. Tim’s dreaded drawstring bag would probably be welcomed back now with open arms! Last week’s winner, Sandhya, not only got to choose first, but she then was allowed to choose each designers’ fabric. I don’t care who the winner was last week, but to me, this was a horrible idea and it certainly is not going to gain Sandhya any popularity. I do not believe any designer would have not used this opportunity for a bit of strategy. I also don’t believe based on this group of choices that anyone could predict what fabric a designer would want to use. Some of the tuxes were clearly better than others. I think PR should have just stuck with the traditional selection processes — either drawing names to see who would choose or even letting Sandhya choose the next designer to go, and so on and so forth. The drama would still remain the same as those unfortunate last few names selected would not get the luck of the draw! I question “Why this change” & “Why now”!


The designers did get to eat some tasty Red Robin cuisine while sketching, and then it was off to Mood to purchase $100 of supplemental fabric. Everyone was then back to the workroom to start this 1-day challenge. A few designers had some early on frustrations, and not just figuring out how to work with some of the horrific fabric choices! Amanda’s battle with her fabric was a bit different, a battle for health — lots of early on sneezing! We saw on UTG last season that allergic reactions to fabrics are possible!


Kristine and Korina’s issue came about because each decided to make a leather motorcycle jacket. I would be concerned about 2 similar looks walking the runway if I were on this show. Each week, not only are designers compared to every other look ever seen on PR, but also looks seen from designers outside of the PR realm. To go side by side with another designer just amplifies that situation. But the ladies decided to move on, keep working, and thought in the end, their jackets would be different enough.


During Tim time, he cautioned a few designers that their look needed to read high fashion. Alexander was concerned over his bottom placement last week, but knew he could spin it positively. And finally we learned a new nickname for Kini — “Speedy Kini.” I can’t believe he created what he did so quickly!


This week’s guest judge was recent Teen Choice Award recipient for “Female Web Sensation” and YouTube mogul Bethany Mota. As the runway began this week we also saw a workroom feud continue to spill over as the runway show progressed. Hernan seemed to take the most issue with Sandhya’s selection and so he made the point to call her out, again, “Bitch” specifically, and her response — the middle finger! I guess getting over it or being the bigger person was an unknown concept to both parties here!



So good news or bad news first?? Let’s start with the top first since good news is always better than bad news right! I am so proud of Alexander this week, just as Heidi said “from the bottom to the top”! Alexander’s suit was certainly not the worst of the bunch, classic white with black trim, but his look was still so phenomenal!! I loved it and just as Bethany offered, I would too so rock this look at an event! The look was chic. I loved the neckline, its structure. I thought even though the look showed some midriff that it would still work with more than just “size 2” women since the skirt wasn’t fitted.


Also, generally I am not a personal fan of asymmetry, but Alexander convinced me with this look so I thought that spoke volumes in my book! Also major props to every aspect of this look — perfect selection of the platform ankle-strapped black heels from Aldo; great decision for a bold cat-eye by Mary Kay; & an elegant braided up-do courtesy of Philip B. hair!!

I was 2 for 3 this week with my guesses for the top looks, Kini was of course in my top! I was disappointed for him that he didn’t get the win this week. As we’ve seen, immunity can be important in saving a designer for the next week to come. But now, a winning designer might get to play God by choosing other designers’ fate — ok, not that serious, but still selecting a designer’s fabric is pretty important! This look was so dynamic! I loved the structured shoulders & skirt. Also, the side cut-outs were 100% on point!


Kini had to make use of a not so off-putting pinstriped suit and his work was very impressive. As Nina pointed out, all the lines matched up and were so clean. I also appreciated the judges pointing out the many details of this look, such as the back pockets from the original suit, still in place on the back of this look — NICE TOUCH! I guess those up close judging critiques do pay off! Kini also made some great choices with his Aldo accessories — grey peep-toe booties & silver bracelets!

And topping off the highest scoring looks was Amanda. One reason this was an okay surprise for me was because at least 1 designer who was given a horrible suit, pink & burgundy floral, was able to turn it around. I didn’t love this look as much as the judges, but I think her creative transformation from the original suit was the added benefit that not only put her in the top 3, but also gave her the win. Going along the lines of how the judges are scoring and make decisions this season, it wasn’t so shocking! If others can win by being arsty/crafty/DIY, then Amanda winning this week shouldn’t be that surprising.


Amanda’s look was very much Amanda — 70s, boho-chic, and vintage. I’m not sure I could see Heidi in this, but I could see a Vanessa Hudgens or Nikki Reed rockin’ this look at Coachella or on the streets of LA. I give Amanda props for some great choices this week — luscious flowing waves from Philip B. hair and clean fresh make-up look by Mary Kay.

I was definitely interested to see how the bottom 3 would turn out this week. I thought several designers could have ended up there! But I can’t say that the 3 chosen were undeserving. I am glad that Kristine was the first saved though. It just made sense being that she did so well last week and it was her first time in the bottom as compared to Sean & Hernan, who were both making a 2nd appearance. One major positive, I loved Kristine’s choice to go with this sleek straight hair look with blunt bang courtesy of Philip B. hair!


But as far as the look, it was just hard to work with this off-putting burgundy tuxe. I think that jacket in almost any other color and especially another fabric would look super cool and edgy. The main issues with this look though were the pants. They just didn’t fit well at all and the use of organza was not the best of ideas!

I am still rooting for Sean, but was again surprised to find him in the bottom this week. I for sure thought he would bounce back! Hmmmm…..maybe next week! Just as with Kristine, Sean was working with not only a tough color, mustard yellow, but also a tough fabric, corduroy. Just as with his look last week, I saw some great elements and concepts, such as where he wanted to go with deconstruction. But again, the execution was not on point.


The overall end result for this look was just too basic, not very high fashion. I imagine it was Sean’s vision that ended up saving him this week over Hernan. But in terms of positives, Sean made great decisions when it came to lovely wavy tresses from Philip B. hair and a clean neutral beauty look by Mary Kay. I loved the black Aldo booties, just not for this look, but the golden jewelry accessories were very much on point!

So this means it was Hernan who was eliminated this week. I would have never guessed that someone who’s already shown at MBFW and has had celebs don his pieces would have gone home this early. I’ve seen his previous work and I’m a fan, but his design and talent was not translating on PR. I guess this show is not for every designer! So all 3 bottom looks had to make use of some pretty bad suit material. Hernan had a white polyester suit with beige/brown trim. All in all, his look was kind of basic this week. And I knew one of the judges was going to mention his use of the “V” over his model’s lady business!


And just as Tim and the judges mentioned, the vinyl fabric was not the best choice for a supplemental fabric. I still think Hernan can bounce back in the real world and I wish him the best of luck!

And there was one designer I wanted to give a shout-out to, and that is Korina! I loved her chic red (from her stark red suit!) look consisting of a peplum sleeveless leather top and slitted skirt. I thought the look had a great vibe, very edgy and cool.


But I also loved her choices for Aldo accessories, black sandal heels (great lightness to go with a more bold look) and silver bracelet. Her Mary Kay beauty look consisting of a slight smoky eye was also a great finishing touch!