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Huge thanks to both Shanise Gibson and Vonecia Carswell for collaborating with Fashion Nexus on this post thru the sharing of some gorgeous images for these runway presentations. Shanise is an aspiring freelance photographer, born in Brooklyn, New York. Known for her constant love of being a “Free Spirit” & never passing by the word “Free” itself, she has taken in all knowledge given to her to soon make a name for herself in the world of photography. Vonecia is a multimedia journalist and photographer, from Florida, who has a passion for human interest stories.

So more on FWB, Night 1. Let’s see, there was high school student designers, kid designers, childrenswear, and even couture doggywear, which actually came down the runway on a separate night. You can check out more on Night 1 here, but so once again, these runway shows were all about eco-fashion. The various looks were eco-friendly, highly innovative. I have to say one aspect of the night that was truly fascinating was the level of talent with the 2 high schools presenting. So first up, let’s take a look at High School of Fashion Industries’ presentation.


I mean WOW! The level of talent here is just astounding. I was utterly impressed and captivated throughout the presentation, whether it was by this mesmerizing hooded white tulle gown with pearl embellishments or this full on feminine & flirty red flare skirt.


The pieces were all so well made, having a great luxe quality. I adored the various blouses with an olive green collar with a nude print around both shoulders. The prints made for such a delicate and ladylike quality that I really gravitated towards.


The looks did have such a soft, easy-going quality, but nonetheless still exuded strength and confidence. The young talent that designed these looks are sure to be names we hear from in the future. Great job High School of Fashion Industries!!


Next up, another talented bunch of high school design students at William H. Maxwell HS.


So for Maxwell High students, rain or at least a bit of wetness was on their mind. There were clear vinyl & plastic cover-ups and basic black one-pieces. It was great seeing a clear vision across a great number of silhouettes, such as hooded pieces to high-neckline looks. Some of the numbers were embellished along the edges, while others had a scaled print, likely screen-printed on the clear cover-up.


Each look was clearly part of the collection, the overall story, but still had it’s own unique detailing, such as this clever embellished pocket detail below.


This was a full on show and completing the runway presentation was even the necessary & needed clear umbrella!


If it wasn’t amazing enough as it was to see such young talent in high school aged students, the good news kept coming with even younger talent in that of young children creating kidswear pieces. So first up, let’s take a look at Spoke the Hub by City Kid Camp, Brooklyn Fashionistas Kids Camp.

These young tykes did such a great job showcasing their burgeoning talent. They really put on an exciting show and you just couldn’t help but smile!


It’s such a pleasure seeing young minds find a love, a passion, early on, and it’s great that they have a place to develop that talent.


Another talented bunch of young kids, Yadestiny Treasure Chest with Fit for Fashion.


These kids did such a great job repurposing, recycling looks to create some fun fashionable pieces for the runway!


The kids were grinning from ear to ear, as was the audience. And how could one not be smiling from seeing a job well done in what these children had created.


There were a lot of fun colors, making each piece filled with such delight and zeal. I could very much imagine these kids rockin’ their looks while at school or for a fun Saturday afternoon out.


Next up Anthony Rubio Designs with Canine Couture, as well as a women’s wear collection that coordinates with those created for the canines, and his men’s tie line he named Naughty Ties.


Nearly 10 years have gone by, Mr. Rubio is the most accomplished pet designer on the scene. Anthony Rubio has come full circle by creating fashion for dogs and once again for women. And these are some truly stunning and exquisite pieces, for both the ladies & the pups!


Anthony Rubio is not just about couture fashion with his pieces, but he has an affinity for animals, and for years has been very involved in educating the world about the benefits of pet adoption, control of pet population and pet rescue. Proceeds from the sales of his creations are donated to various animal rescue organizations to help keep these animals from being put down.


In his show Anthony included two special rescues to model couture. The rescues, a Shih-Tzu named Maya and a Chihuahua named Templeton, were brought in by the New York Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, a non-profit animal welfare organization that works with over 150 rescue groups and shelters to find homes for New York City’s homeless dogs and cats.


At the end of his show, Anthony presented a personal donation to Stephanie Mattera from the New York Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, who was there representing the organization. During his speech, Anthony stated, “While I mesmerized the audience with my creations I want to educate them about the importance to adopt and not shop for their next pet”.


There were looks for doggies of all sizes, small to medium to even very large dogs!

Additional Event Details

  • Executive Director – Abby Wallach
  • Creative Director/Producer – Rick Davy
  • Operations Director – Gregory Hutchinson
  • Media Director – Colleen Gwen Armstrong
  • Legal – Golding & Associates
  • Key Style Team – Erica Bradford & Christina Edwards
  • Models Casting Director – Jerry Jordan & John Thao
  • Beauty Team Coordinator – Tiffany Coates
  • Key Make-up – Kennetta Vaughn
  • Key Hair – Aisha Robley
  • House DJ – DJ Flyy Girl
  • Model Agency – BK Rebels

Additional event sponsors & information –

  • Scent the Runwaycreating luxurious scents for runways around the world, now you can expierience right at home
  • Klust CreativeBranding & Identity, Website Development, Internet Marketing & more.
  • Davelly Model ManagementWe are Fashion. We are Couture.
  • Hybrid Branding
  • Clique by RobleThe 1st fragrance recipe by Chef Roble Ali
  • Luevoan online platform that creates a direct channel between American and Canadian designers and shoppers announced a new partnership with FWB enabling guests the opportunity to reserve and shop new looks straight off the runway!



  • Splash PR Agency
  • Brooklyn Style, aka bk Style — Fashion Director for FWB
  • Green Livingbuild a better planet
  • City Point
  • Orange Peel SL
  • Beautiful Stranger– a vibrant community of lifestyle trendsetters sharing their personal style and insider secrets. Beautiful Stranger will provide visual content featuring fashion tastemakers and trendsetters attending the four-day FWB event and on the streets of Brooklyn. All in all, partnering with FWB to further engage its audience this season!







Again, huge thanks to Shanise Gibson & Vonecia Carswell for collaborating with Fashion Nexus on this post, and sharing their amazingly stunning images from FWB! Shanise also enjoys snapping away at conventions, festivals, concerts & whatever else catches her eye. And with Vonecia, over the past year, she has also photographed Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, Jersey City Fashion Week, Small Boutique Fashion Week and Africa Fashion Week. Definitely check out both of these talented ladies sites above to learn more about their work!

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