Nicholas K — “Gaumy” — From Historical Photography to High-Fashion


Nicholas K recently showcased their bold & dramatic Fall/Winter 2014 collection during MBFW/NYFW. A couple of fun “1st facts” — this was the 1st show in Lincoln Center’s new venue, the Pavilion & Nicholas K was the 1st/opening show for MBFW; how cool!

Nick_K_2014_Look 45

This collection is of course brought to us by the sister/brother duo design team for Nicholas K, Nicholas & Christopher Kunz. The collection is entitled “Gaumy.” The inspiration is the famous photo series, “Men at Sea” by French photographer & filmmaker Jean Gaumy. The picture gives off a very specific vibe and that is what’s best encapsulated within this collection — darkness, coldness, & a mysterious world. Nicholas further explains the choices behind this inspirational series — “the documented voyages by Gaumy between 1984 and 1998 tell a story of struggles of deep-sea fisherman in a heroic tone. The visual aspect lets us appreciate the struggle between human and nature, mind, and body.”


PAR13162Naturally with a somewhat darker inspiration comes a darker color palette within the collection. Nicholas & Christopher wanted to make sure a sense of cold isolation & life at sea were conceptualized so they used navy Atlantic blues, midnight blacks, charcoal greys, warm burgundies, neutral creams, and an ocean abstract print.


Nick_K_2014_Look 12

Nick_K_2014_Look 17

Nick_K_2014_Look 23

Nick_K_2014_Look 44

There is a lot of variety not just with color in the collection, but also the silhouettes. They are slouchy yet sophisticated, lots of layers, & really encompassing the brand’s signature — ease with an edge. Further, the brand is known for their multi-functional knits and leathers. But the Kunz’s don’t just settle. Instead, they deliver new styles, double zippers, multiple pockets and mixed fabrics. Examples of this are with the cable knits with leather sleeves and denim detailings, sometimes worn with wide leg trousers or wrap around leggings.

Nick_K_2014_Look 10

Nick_K_2014_Look 13

Nick_K_2014_Look 18

Nick_K_2014_Look 29

Nick_K_2014_Look 43

The dynamic duo design team grew up in Arizona and still pursue active outdoor lifestyles. They look to this for inspiration, ways to dress outdoors, and for protections from the weather and/or the environment. With that, creamy handknit cable sweaters are worn with slouchy pants tucked into boots, or rolled up leather fisherman shorts over leggings, with high collar buckle jackets and quilted, hooded parkas. It’s all a perfect mixture & interplay of functional high-fashion!

Nick_K_2014_Look 4

Nick_K_2014_Look 7

Nick_K_2014_Look 9

Nick_K_2014_Look 25

Nick_K_2014_Look 31

And no collection is complete without the attention to detail! The collection is styled with handknit fisherman hats with leather straps and industrial fisherman boots with detailing such as nautical knots and handmade rope jewelry.

Nick_K_2014_Look 6

Nick_K_2014_Look 24

Nick_K_2014_Look 26

Nick_K_2014_Look 41

Nick_K_2014_Look 42

There were some VIP attendees who cheered the brand on — Ryan Star (Musician), Eric West (Actor), Tashiana Washington (Actress), Mary Ellen Mark (Legendary Photographer), Martin Bell (Director), & Shaun Ross (Model/Actor).

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