So I Produced a Fashion Show….


Photography by — Adam Lein & Shanise Gibson — So thankful to both of these talented photographers for all of these wonderful images captured from the show!


As a fashion blogger, I am always ecstatic about the many firsts I get to encounter. And here is another one — producing my very first fashion show! I thought it would be such a fun idea to put on a show for my birthday. Now it was a little belated, but I finally made it happen, just a short while after my actual birthday. And right from the very start of making plans for this show, I knew immediately one designer that had to be involved — Kasia Roginska of KARO Swimwear.


Model & Aspiring Actress, Alexis


Stunning model Jessica!!


Writer, Actress & Fashion Enthusiast Sade

KARO Swimwear was a brand I was introduced to very early on in my blogging days. I instantly fell in love with the various swimwear pieces as they were all super sexy, unique, and creative. Kasia has always been great to work with in the past and so I knew this would be such a fun collaboration in coordinating this show.


Amazingly talented Model, Erin


Model & Marketing Phenom Megan


There was quite a bit of preparation to pull the show off, but mostly, it was all enjoyable. And one aspect I loved was coordinating with these lovely ladies who modeled the various KARO pieces. Throughout the piece will be some information on these gorgeous ladies. But I truly have to extend a huge thanks to each of these women — it was such a pleasure to have them in the show and they really worked this runway!


Model — Tara



Such a great venue for the show, the immaculate Empire Hotel, very infamously featured on one of my all-time fave shows, Gossip Girl!


Model — Diana



Once again, Photography by — Adam Lein & Shanise Gibson 

All in all, this was an amazing experience taking part in fashion show production. I’m not sure I hit every aspect on this first go-round, but I feel as if it was an accomplished start. KARO was the perfect brand to feature and so many pieces came down the runway, I as well as the rest of the audience, were astonished. The models all looked beautiful and sexy. It was such a fulfilling and pleasing experience, and I can’t wait for show #2!!






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