PR, Ep. 2, Another Clear Winner!

For Project Runway’s 2nd episode, we not only had the traditional unconventional material challenge, but by the runway’s end, another clear winner had been announced. Before all that, let’s hash out the episode details.


The designers met Tim at Hallmark, alongside Amy Merchant, Director of Branding for Hallmark Signature. Amy explained that just as with fashion, cards too can be pieces of art with stories to tell! In that spirit and for this unconventional materials challenge, it was only natural that the Hallmark Signature greeting cards be the materials used for the designers’ looks. The designers ransacked the Hallmark store, very quickly with only 2 minutes to shop, as they looked for inspirations and card embellishments that would potentially assist in embellishing their own creations this week.


It was then time to head back to the workroom for this 1-day challenge. There was some sorting and even designer sharing of the greeting cards. Although Edmond wasn’t quite so keen on sharing his thoughts or vision for the challenge. He even hesitated in sharing his plan during the behind-the-scenes interview! There was no singing this week in the workroom, but there was a little drama with Swapnil and Blake. Okay boys, to your corners!


Next up, Tim-time. Overall, Tim was thrilled with the designers’ ambition, but he cautioned the designers to watch their time. He worried more with time for some, such as Amanda, while others, he was worried about too much muslin or looks being too busy. Model fittings then seemed quite rushed, with focus on tight fits and worry over shortness.


By night’s end, Amanda was still in struggle-mode, while others were over the glue gun burns! The morning of seemed just as chaotic, with Hanmiao not sure what direction her look was supposed to go on, Gabrielle’s dress not opening, and Amanda calling out a manatee penis! It was then time for the runway, and joining Nina, Heidi, and Zac this week as guest judge was actress and producer Ashley Tisdale.


This week the judges named a top 4 and only a bottom 2. However, being that the judges weren’t all in agreement about this top 4, or at least one of the looks, I think they should have and definitely could have named a bottom 3. I’m not sure it would have changed the results, but a couple of designers could have too used stern warnings.

-project-runw2ay--sea    -project-run1way--sea

Ashley definitely got a word of warning from Heidi. It seems as if she did the same thing that sent one designer home this week. If Ashley didn’t have immunity, would she have been in the bottom? Yes. Sent home? Who knows?!? But Joseph for sure could have easily landed in the bottom with this oddly shaped, boxy skirt.

-project-runway--sea    -project4-run3way--sea

Merline too could have been a bottom contender. This look was sloppy, very arts & crafty, and even a bit in shambles. Gabrielle’s look too seemed to have some workmanship issues, definitely a short look! I see the work and vision here though, but I think she got caught up in it. But compared to her grey bland look from last week, I was happy to see more creative vision here, even if the vision wasn’t fully realized. (Great JustFab heels though, shout-out!)

-proje6ct-runway--sea     -project-runw8ay--sea

Lindsey had a great start here as well, a vision, but I didn’t totally buy it. This look seemed a bit stiff, but I saw more here than the basic romper from last week so I’m hopeful. Jake’s look was a pretty, sparkly look, but not much more than a LBD. I wanted a little more here. This look just seemed a little safe. But I did love the fabulous JustFab accessories, metallic silver heels & a black clutch.

-project-run9way--sea    -project-run8way--sea

Candice had a little disco-ball fever with this metal-esque look. I thought it looked well-made for this type of challenge. Hanmiao too had an intriguing look. I thought the shape & fit was off, but the way she utilized the cards and organized them, it made her look very eye-catching.


Laurie was actually in my top. I loved this gold, shimmery frock. The top/bodice was exquisite. I thought it was fun, playful, and flirty! Keep up the good work Laurie!


But onto the judges’ top and to the clear winner of the week, Edmond. This bridal look was divinely elegant. It was as if art was coming down the runway. And way to help with pushing the brand Edmond; I’m sure Hallmark loved this! Heidi was right to point out so many great things about this ls look, such as the volume, proportions, and yes, even sexiness.


Shout-out for the nude heels, courtesy of JustFab. And Nina was 100% right here, this was such a special moment!


Blake may have been blunt earlier on in the episode, but going from last week to this look, it was massively impressive. Yes it was glitter mania. And you will either love it or hate it. But you have to look at this dress for what it is. It’s a fun party dress. You could rock it for a birthday, or even as Nina suggested, New Years. I’m sure you would stand out and sparkle all night!


I can see why Swapnil was in the top. I think both the top and the bottom here were phenomenal. However, I disagreed with the judges’ love of these 2 aspects as a combo deal. I felt such a disconnect. But I am head over heels about this crazy, cool floral embellished skirt.


Kelly rounded out the judges top 4. I still say a bottom 3 would have been better. But Kelly did do some great work here with this detailed crop top. The hoodie on the back, it was all just so stunning! I wasn’t crazed over the fringe skirt, but Kelly was another who took a big leap from the previous week’s look, so Kudos to her!


So in the bottom, only 2, Amanda and David. We all know Amanda was struggling with her skirt, meaning time was not on her side this week. The skirt was a little crazy, but I don’t think this look was as bad as the judges were going on about, especially in light of at least 2 other designers who I mentioned earlier, Merline & Joseph.


This top was pretty special. I’m not sure what was so special in certain other looks that kept them out of the bottom. But Amanda should have kept it more simple with the skirt. I’m glad she didn’t leave this week though!


Shout-out for this lovely side-swept updo, courtesy of Sally Beauty.


This left David going home. For almost any other challenge, I’m not sure the decision would be the same. But he really showed very little creativity with putting text on sparkled muslin. This is the same as when in the past judges have called out designers for using table cloth and shower curtains. The whole point is to use unconventional materials and David failed to do that.


I will give a shout-out though for David on all fronts — love the JustFab heels; Sally Beauty luscious waves; and natural, minimalist Mary Kay make-up look.

This might be one of the best bottom looks ever eliminated, but by not following the challenge guidelines, not thinking outside of the box, the judges could not ignore these facts.